and so everything that bucky went through all of that torture at hydra seemed to him like it meant nothing

CLF: Pas du Tout K

A/N: Including this part, I believe there are six parts left! I cannot believe I’m almost done, good God.

WARNINGS: Fainting, use of magic, a heart to heart, SMUT (do not read if under 18), a OUAT reference.



TRACKS: In My Veins by Andrew Belle and I’ll Be Seeing You (Music Box Version)

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6. 13. And 29 (in the same one) with Steve

6. How can you be so resentful?
13. Please just back the fuck off.
29. She did the unthinkable and escaped. - Steve

It had been 2 years since you had been taken by HYDRA, you’d been taken during a mission with your team and since then objected to torture, experimentation and painful beatings, yet they never made that final move, they never killed you, they never put you out of your misery. Before HYDRA you had been a star agent of SHIELD, dating none other than Captain America, the nation’s sweetheart, yet that had all crumbled down very quickly with your capture. No one had come for you during the time you had been locked up, and you didn’t expect anyone too now. Listening to the sounds that emanated from the labs down the hall you heard shots ringing out and the clanging of metal against bone. You’d move if you could, try and escape or even hide yourself. Instead you stayed slumped against the wall of your cell, waiting for whoever was infiltrating the base to come and kill you, you’d easily be mistaken for just another HYDRA agent, and you didn’t have the energy to fight, not anymore.

The fighting seemed to go on forever, with the occasional explosion rocking the walls of the base. You could hear heavy footsteps heading towards your cell, two people if you were guessing. You’d resigned yourself to death, nothing could be worse than how you’d been living for the last two years, nothing. As the cell door was busted open two figures stood in the doorway, scanning the room, one with what seemed to be a metal arm. “If your going to kill me, you might as well get it over with.” You croaked out, shifting slightly in your spot. “Y/N?” A familiar voice whispered, stepping out of the shadows. You eyes straight away flickering over their familiar features. “Stevie…” You sobbed quietly, eyes locked onto his. Steve quickly rushed to your side, scooping you up into his arms. You’d spent the last few years slowly beginning to hate this man, yet he was the only one you wanted to see. But why wasn’t he here sooner? As that question flooded through your mind the sharp pain from Steve moving you, shot through your body, causing you to scream out in pain,before everything going black.

When Steve got you back to the base you were immediately admitted to the hospital ward, he couldn’t be happier to have to home, safe, however your reaction when you woke was not one he was expecting. “Please just back the fuck off.” You yelled as Steve begged you to let him in. Ever since you’d woken up in the tower’s hospital all you could see were flashes of memories, flashes of being told how no one cared, especially not your soldier who left you there for dead. As the nurse entered your room you immediately started shaking your head, “No I don’t want to see him, you can’t let him in.” You whimpered, clenching your fists in your sheets. “Don’t worry Miss Y/L/N, it is not the Captain.” She nodded solemnly, motioning for your visitor to come in. 

You recognised him immediately as the man that had been with Steve when you had been rescued, he had a metal arm and long brown hair. “Who…who are you?” You said, trying to sound strong, but your voice catching in your throat. “Y/N, right?” Their gruff voice rang out as they took a seat next to your bed. Nodding you sat up slightly, taking in more of his features, the slightly crooked nose that looked like it had been broken multiple times and never reset properly, the dimpled chin and his grey blue eyes. “James Barnes.” He smiled slightly, patting your hand on the bed with his human hand. “But my friends call me Bucky.” He smirked slightly. “We’re not friends.” You said, furrowing your brow in confusion. “No…not yet.” He nodded, looking out the window. “What exactly did you want Mr Barnes?” You asked, pulling your arms across your chest. “I had a question for you.” He smiled slightly. “Fire away.” You murmured, picking the skin around your nails. “Why did you react the way you did? How can you be so resentful?” He asked, confusion clouding his eyes. Looking away you felt the tears begin to trail down your cheeks. “When I was first taken by HYDRA, they told me no one would come for me, I told them they were wrong, that I had someone who would always find me, that would never give up.” You whispered, wiping the tears from your cheeks. “As time went on, they told me that no one cared, that I was nobody, and I started to believe them, I started to hate him for not coming for me. That was two years ago.” You carried on, staring aimlessly out the hospital window. “Everyday they’d remind me that he didn’t love me enough to come find me, that he’d given up on me in an instant. And I believed them.” You sobbed, turning your gaze back to the man with the metal arm, who just nodded sadly and left your room.

“What did she say Buck?” Steve asked his friend as he exited your room, hoping for any kind of answer that would let him know what was going on in that head of yours. “She’s been through a lot Steve, she feels as if you abandoned her.” Bucky sighed, running his metal hand through his hair and grimacing at his own words. “They said she was dead Buck, what was I meant to do?” Steve sighed, rubbing a hand down his face. “But she doesn’t know that, give her time.” Bucky says, patting his shoulder, “She did the unthinkable and escaped. Alive.” Bucky reassures his friend, “She’ll come around.” He said with a small grin before leaving Steve alone, staring through the one way mirror in your room. 

Blast From The Past: Part 14

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: Angst (as per usual)

A/N: Sorry if the Russian is wrong, I just used google translate. I’m not great at writing from another characters POV, and it’s my first time writing from Nat’s. I usually see Nat conveyed as someone who has complete control over every emotion, and while I agree that’s probably what she’s like, I tried to illustrate that this news affected her so much that she couldn’t help it. If it sucks, I’m sorry! 

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1 // Part 13

“How?” you intended to angrily shout, but your voice only came out in a strangled whisper

At 15 you watched your father die on that roof top. You held his dead body and mourned. You couldn’t comprehend how he was standing in front of you, 40 years later.

He cocks an eyebrow at you, “I thought you would’ve figured it out by now,” he sighs when the confused expression doesn’t leave your features, “Well, I always did expect more from you,”

“I watched you die,” you whisper,

“No, you didn’t. You watched what I wanted you to. I set up the whole thing. The boy that shot me, he was a young recruit,”

“Why?” you surprise yourself when you yell at your father, “Why would you do that to me? I was 15!”

“I needed to give you motivation. I was grooming you for Hydra, but you needed that…” he clicked his fingers looking for the right words, “You needed an extra push. To become exceptional,”

“You faked your death so that I would become a Winter Soldier?!” you could feel your anger threatening to boil over.

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I Feel It Too

Summary: When (Y/N) loses her ability to feel, after being experimented on, she wonders if she is ever going to be able to feel again.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Mentions of torture

Words: 2,255

A/N: This took me forever. I really enjoyed it though. I hope you enjoy it also. Send me any requests/feedback here.

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Me For You PART 2

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Bucky’s rifle sat on the ground harmlessly before they released Y/N’s restraints, the HYDRA agents moved back as the brunette rushed forward to her, they were wary of the sheer amount of explosives on him and that if his thumb so much as twitched they would be nothing but a hole in the ground. The deal was struck – her for him.

He pulled her gently up from the reclined chair and held her to his chest, furious at what they’d done to her and heartbroken that it was his fault. Her once pale blue cami top and shorts were dyed crimson and there were so many holes and tears in it he was surprised it still held to her, she was shaking hard and he pulled away just enough to help her cradle her broken arm against her chest, he pressed kisses to the burns from the taser on her shoulders, ‘I’m sorry…this is all my fault. If I weren’t so selfish…if I hadn’t needed you so damn much. This is gonna get better, I’m gonna make it better, I promise.’ His hands moved down over her ribs, well aware to keep his thumb on the button, they had bruised her and made her bleed but he felt no broken ribs and as discreetly as he could he stroked his hand over her stomach, catching her gaze in a meaningful stare until she let out a shaky sob and shook her head, falling into his chest once more.
Bucky was relieved by her silent answer and continued his silent check of her, more cuts, more bruises and burns but the worst of the damage on her legs seemed to be the swollen and broken ankle – she would live.

'Don’t do this, Bucky… Please. Please don’t. You’ve come so far…we were normal and happy! Please don’t do this – not for me…please!’ Her words were jumbled and weak, her gasping sobs distorting her pleas but he had to steel himself to her pain and anguish, harden his heart so that she could get out of this. 'Bucky!’ Her fingers fisted into the back of his hair as if trying to keep him from ever leaving and her face buried into his neck, still begging him not to sacrifice himself. He had a chance without her, he could meet another girl, he could fall in love again. If he came back to HYDRA – willingly – he was throwing out years of healing and progress. What if they couldn’t get him back again?
'You’ve gotta have a better plan…I can’t leave you here! I won’t! You can’t make me – I’d rather die with you!’ Y/N knew how pathetic it sounded, how melodramatic and clichéd it was but she meant it, she wouldn’t bear the guilt of leaving him here and she knew it would kill her slowly.

Bucky’s left hand rested at the base of her neck, pushing her off of him and looking down at her, his expression torn between anger and heartbreak, he told her, 'Me for You.’

'W-wha -’

'That’s the plan. Me for you.’ There was no clever plot behind the scenes, he hadn’t thought ahead to contact anyone before barrelling into the base like a vengeful spirit. He had come here solely on impulse and anger. 'Allow me the dignity of my choice, Y/N.’

It had felt like he’d slapped her, his words washing over her like frozen waves and everything washed away – the fear, the pain, everything. She leaned forward and wrapped her broken body around his as best she could, her tears falling silently onto his skin, ’…I…I love you, Buck…’

His lips lingered on her temple, his voice thick as he held back his own tears, 'Love you more, Doe.’


He chose the HYDRA agent to take her, a young man strong enough to carry her but seemingly new enough to the cause to not have that cruel streak running through him yet. Bucky couldn’t take her out of the room, not without losing his suicide advantage of taking out high level officers and equipment, his bottom lip bled as he bit into it, her screaming of his name all but ripping his heart to shreds until it felt like physical pain.
He stood like a statue for hours, waiting silently until the satellite phone he had demanded began to ring, he answered it with his left hand, holding the right up as a warning when one of the agents moved, 'Steve… I know…Yeah, shut up and just listen. Get her to the emergency room – call the fucking army if you have to but you keep her safe.’ He listened to his friend for a long minute, he could hear Y/N crying on the other end and he grimaced at the sound, she had told Steve about his stupid plan and the blonde was trying to help him but he didn’t need that – he needed her to be alright. 'Just shut up!’ Bucky snapped and there was silence on the other end, 'I need to know she’s going to be alright – call back when you know.’

The female agent huffed in his general direction when he hung up, 'You’re stalling.’

'I’m being careful.’ He glared back at her and motioned for her to sit back down, 'I made a mistake in thinking you people would leave me alone so now I’m crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s – might as well enjoy having a will of my own while it lasts.’
Another hour passed and the phone went off again, 'Talk.’ His stern expression fell almost immediately at the news, if he had been alone he would have wept in relief, he would have maybe of smiled but he wasn’t alone. He had to be as strong as he could in the circumstance, 'Thank god… Keep her safe, Steve. I can’t tell you that… No. …I know and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I’m gonna do… Just…Don’t do anything stupid til I get back.’
Bucky crushed the phone in his hand and pulled the wire from the detonator, dropping the tiny device and falling to his knees in defeat.

'Ready to comply…’


The Avenger’s took it in turns to guard Y/N, half of them searched for Bucky whilst the other half guarded the hospital she was in, Vision had just left her when Sam walked in with a tired sigh. 'How you feeling?’

'Like I got tortured by HYDRA and lost the love of my life…’

Y/N had been mostly unresponsive in the last week, she didn’t know all of the Avenger’s personally but she knew they were trying to help one of their own. She hated having a guard on her at all hours and progressively she got quieter and angrier at the world. 'He’s been sighted.’

Sam’s words had her sitting up, ignoring the pain from the sudden move with nothing but a wince, 'Bucky?! You’ve found him?!’ Was it going to be that easy? She had been plagued with thoughts of what might have happened to him after speaking with Steve, had they tortured him too? Did they strap him down and wipe him? It was agony not knowing what had happened to him and the guilt that he’d done it for her was worse. 'I need to know, it’s killing me that he’s not here!’ Y/N could feel tears building in her eyes again, how many times had she cried already?

'Europe. Quinjet is already en-route and if he’s there you’ll get him back.’ He eased her back on the bed, careful not to put pressure on her battered body, 'You’re not going to heal if you keep worrying like this and then he’s going to go Winter Soldier on my ass.’ He rubbed her uninjured arm soothingly, 'Vision said you need more hydration and that you aren’t eating enough, I’m going to get you some food and henpeck you until you’re so full it hurts.’

He sent her a playful wink and headed out of the private room. She laid back on the pillows with a wince, everything still hurt, especially her heart and their was a nagging feeling in her that said she didn’t deserve to feel better until Bucky was home. She needed him to be safe by her side. Suddenly the lights went out and the room’s door made an odd clunk as the deadlock was set off, she sat up in a panic and grabbed the call button, clicking it again and again but nothing in the room would light up, 'No…not again, not again!’ The wires and monitors that had attached to her started to come off one by one, her desperate hand tearing them off as best she could, she heard yelling from the other side of the door, regretting that they had put her in such a fortified room on the top floors – she screamed as the window shattered and something large rolled in.

It was the night she was taken all over again and she tried to curl up into herself for protection.

She expected rough hands, a gun to her head or even the shocking pain of a taser but nothing happened, the banging from the other side of the door was louder and she could hear her name being yelled. 'Get up.’

Her eyes shot open as she recognised the voice, tears fell down her cheeks as she looked up slowly, 'Bucky?’ The figure stood still as a statue, tall and dark but she could see his face, bruised and his expression blank, 'Baby… you came back. Oh god, Bucky I was so terrified! I thou -!’

'Get. Up.’ Bucky tore the covers from her body and reached for her arm – pausing when he realised her wrist and hand were heavily bandaged, his eyes scanned coldly along her body, taking stock of the injuries and bandages. Realising she wasn’t going to be walking anywhere he made to pick her up.

'Bucky!’ She’d realised that this wasn’t him, that this was the man she’d only ever heard about and yet she couldn’t find herself to be frightened of him – it was still her Bucky. He was in there and he promised her that he would never hurt her, ’…Do you know me?’ She asked him hesitantly, reaching for his arm and gripping onto the leather, 'Why are you here…?’
Bucky didn’t answer her, he picked her up in his arms and headed for the window. Y/N couldn’t fight him, didn’t want to fight him but she needed him to answer her. 'Where are we going?!’

He was straddling the windowsill, his hands busying themselves with his own harness and then something was wrapping around her middle and then her thighs, 'Back to base.’ He said and made sure her harness was secured to his before reaching for the line he had come down on, 'People are usually grateful for a rescue mission.’

Rescue mission?

Is that what they told him? Is that how they justified this kidnap to him? Bucky didn’t know who she was and if he knew who he was she knew he would be sick at himself, she knew he would rather die than take her to HYDRA. Some part of her found a twisted comfort that he thought he was saving her. His hand pressed her head into his chest and she thought she heard him murmur to not be frightened before she felt him step off the window and dangle them along side the building.


It was terrifying how easily he took her, he had gotten to the roof and into a chopper before her guards had even realised she was out of the room. She had watched silently as War Machine and Falcon flew after the helicopter, Bucky’s hand covering her mouth as they sit huddled in the shadows, he had then abseiled down the other side of the building and hot wired a car – his bike no use to him. She should have fought him, she should have made it harder and as the city began to thin and turn into the open road Y/N turned in the passenger seat, reaching for his right hand on the gearstick. 'Bucky…’

'That’s not my name.’ He swatted her hand away with a flick of his wrist and turned the car down a side road. She had never seen him so cold, Bucky was known for zoning out and sitting with a blank stare at times, not like this though. This wasn’t blank, it was calculating and so focussed it would have been frightening.

'James Buchanan Barnes. Born march tenth nineteen seventeen.’ He didn’t blink and she kept going, 'Five years ago you broke away from HYDRA, you lived in Romania for two years before you were framed for blowing up a UN building. We met six months after your name was cleared and we’ve been together for three years…we live together, Bucky.’ She saw a muscle in his jaw tick and knew she was getting through to him somehow, 'I love you, Buck.’

His foot slammed down on the break, arm shooting out to stop her from shooting forward in the seat, the tires screeched as he manoeuvred the vehicle off of the road and into the shadows, turning the headlights off he waited silently. Two cars shot by and he attempted to start the car but she grabbed his hand, 'Bucky! Please…look at me and tell me you know me!’

Bucky huffed angrily, he turned his hand and caught hers, twisting it back at an awkward angle until she yelped in pain, his eyes were cold as he glared into hers, 'I don’t know you. I don’t know who the hell Bucky is… Just shut up.’ Releasing her hand he started the car and started driving back the way he came.
The ride was silent for over an hour, the scenery flashing by at a dizzying pace for her, the drugs in her system were wearing thin, making her feel her injuries more keenly and her stomach ached from lack of food. She heard it grumble and closed her eyes, only to hear another rumble and ignore it once more, the third time she realised it wasn’t her stomach but his voice, turning her head a little sluggishly she caught a glint of blue as he side glanced her. 'There’s a bar in my pocket.’

Of course there was, Bucky always had a protein bar in his pockets or in his bag or hidden around the house. It made her smile weakly that he was still doing it despite not seeming to know who he was. It was still Bucky’s foundation she was seeing, only now there was someone else layered on top. She reached into his pocket, dodging the knives and guns – not an unfamiliar sight – and caught the edge of the bar, pulling it half way out and then pushing it back in. 'I’m allergic to nuts but thanks…’ He might not have remembered her allergy but he was still kind, deep down in his core he was still kind.
Another half an hour passed and finally he stopped at an airfield in the middle of nowhere. He got out of the car and walked around to her side, opening the door he reached in to pick her up before carrying her effortlessly toward a small cargo plane. Four men were waiting for him and he stopped whilst they removed his weapons and ordered him to get in. He set her down and sat opposite after ensuring she was strapped in for the take off.


She had nodded off somewhere after take off and several miles over the ocean, only to be woken when she felt a stranger’s hand tugging on her arm. Y/N let out a startled gasp as her eyes flew open and she tore her arm away from the strange man and the needle he was holding. 'What are you doing?!’

'Painkillers.’ The agent said as if it should be obvious.

'I don’t want them…’ He snatched up her arm again and she pulled hard enough to make herself hurt all over, 'Leave me alone!’ As if by magic the agent backed off and she didn’t need to look over at Bucky to feel his cold stare, she shivered once but not from his glare, just the cold of being at high altitude in only lounge pants and a tank top, her skin prickled and she rubbed her shoulder to soothe it. 'Please don’t let them inject me with anything, if I’m your mission…’ And she had heard Bucky talk about how the mission used to be everything, 'Then you need to keep me safe from harm right? You’re rescuing me… They don’t know what the hospital gave me and what if it makes me worse?’

He stared hard at her for a long minute, then he stood up and walked toward the front of the plane, pulling a blanket from one of the compartments and snatching a few supplies she couldn’t see until he came back and sat beside her. The brunette draped the blanket over her shoulders and opened a bottle of water before handing it to her, 'Can you eat this?’ She leaned over to read the packaging and then nodded to him, he opened it for her and sat back.
She knew he was only opening and closing her food and drink because of her broken hand, secretly she hoped it was because he remembered doing for her just because he liked to make her feel special, she didn’t want to believe this wasn’t her Bucky. Y/N leaned against his side, noticing how he tensed but ignoring it as she rested her eyes, 'I’m not Bucky.’

’…Not yet.’


So the reaction to the last chapter was everything I could’ve hoped for. Everyone who hadn’t figured it out was properly surprised. Hopefully, this chapter has a bit more exposition for you guys. The people who enjoyed the last chapter were @petertheparanoidpoltergeist@procrastinatingvirgo, @arabella-loves-coffee, and @sxnali. 

Oh my gosh! No! No! No!

OMG I KNEW IT, I sense it from the last part that Steve’s date was Bobby! Damn! This part was so intense, definitely keep going with the new techniques, it adds more weight and realism to the writing

I took a break from my SAT studying and just discovered Civil War so I’m a little late BUT WOW IT IS AMAZING I LOVE IT!!! (also it reminds me of Mulan aka my fave disney movie)

Civil War (Part 7)

Part 6

Bucky felt Steve’s hands pull him back and the expression he was met with felt worse than any nightmare ever could. Your face was filled with a myriad of emotions. Confusion, disgust, and worst of all, fear. He could feel the tentacles wrapping themselves around his throat…

Steve dragged Bucky to the corridor, throwing him into his room and shutting the door.
“I don’t often get mad at you,” he began, “so I’m going to try not to. You tell me what you think is going on, and I will tell you why you’re wrong.”

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REAPER- Bucky Barnes X Reader


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: The reader is Bucky’s fiancé from the war times and gets devasted when they tell the reader that he died.  The reader uses their powers over time to get revenge for the family they were about to have.

Featuring: Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers. With mentions of Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson and Nick Fury.

Word count: 2376


(a/n: I just watched Alice through the looking glass and had the concept of time from there and the whole reaper thing was from my friend Kyle again. I’m open for requests just so you guys know. Let me know what you think about this one, because I’m kinda thinking if I should make a part 2 of this. )

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You stare into the photograph in your hand. Your next victim. You spot him walking alone in the streets of New York and thought that this would be the perfect time to attack. In less than one minute your victim was dead. His time on this earth was simply done.

You are one of the world’s deadliest assassins. The Reaper, they call you. Why? Well you have killed more than thousands in your life time and your method never fails. You have the power to project weapons and you choose to use a scythe to live up to your name. Well the weapon is just a prop because you also have the power over time and you use this power to kill your victims. With a snap of your fingers, your victim’s time is over and they just fall to the ground.  Your powers over time itself is the very reason you haven’t aged in 50 years. You’ve been alive since the war times and it was because of an incident during those times when you decided to use your powers to kill.


It was one of those days that you are free of any missions, so you decide to visit an old friend of yours. You enter her room and you see her lying on the bed, weak. Well that’s what happens when you grow old. You asked her so many times if she wanted to prolong her life with the use of your powers, but she always says that she has no regrets with her life and wants you to live yours as well. No Powers, just aging like a normal person. Well you are not normal, you’re simply, unique.

“Hello Peggy! It’s been a while.” You say as you walk into her room.

“(Y/N)! You’re alive?! And you’re so young!” She says and you smile and sit beside her.

“Yes, my dear and you could be too! I can help you! I can turn back time and make you, well, you again! All you have to do is say so!” You say as you hold her hand and look at her in the eyes.

“I know, but I’ve lived a happy life and you should too! Just- Steve? You’re here? And alive?!” she says abruptly when Steve Rogers walks in.

“Hello Peggy! (y/n)?!” He says with a smile.

“I-I should get going.” You say and start to leave when Steve grabs your arm.

“Actually I think I need to talk to you.” He says and you look at him with a death glare. “It’s about Bucky.” He says and your look softens.

“W-what? What about Bucky? Steve, he’s dead! He’s been dead for years now and I couldn’t do anything about it.” You say as your voice cracks.

“I don’t think he is. I-I saw him.” He said in a serious tone.

“You’re joking. You couldn’t have seen him Steve! I saw how Hydra killed him! And how are you sure that you are not just imagining things!?” You say trying to calm yourself down.

“I’m sure I wasn’t. Come with me and I’ll explain everything. Let’s talk this through but for now I need to talk to Peggy.” He said and you start to walk out of the room.

“Fine. I’ll wait outside.”

After Steve explained everything, the Winter Soldier, HYDRA, everything else, you start to feel tears run down your face. Everything was a mess but you started piecing the story together. You ask Steve to leave you alone for a while and you just sit there having flash backs of everything that happened in the past.

“Be careful out there okay? I don’t want to lose you.” You say as you kiss your fiancé before he leaves for his mission.

“I will. Don’t worry about it alright? I’ll be back just in time for our wedding. It’s a promise, doll!” He says and kisses your forehead.

“Just be careful. I won’t be there to turn back time to save you! I really wish I could but with your child in me they wouldn’t let me go.” You say as you roll your eyes. You’ve been pregnant for three months already and you never really knew that you were until you almost had a miscarriage in your last mission.

“Don’t worry too much! I will come back for you! I love you! Both of you!” he said as he placed a hand on your belly and proceeds to pull you into a last hug before he leaves, not knowing when he’ll come back.


It has been a few months and you have already given birth to a baby boy. Bucky still hasn’t returned and it’s only a few days before your wedding. You were freaking out because he should have been back days ago. Your thoughts were interrupted when all of a sudden Peggy knocks on your door.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry. It was Hydra they-“Peggy says as you shot her a look asking what she meant. “He’s gone.” With those words your face drops and you feel a bubbling rage in you.

“H-how could this happen?! H-he can’t be! He promised me he’d be back! He couldn’t be dead!” You say as you accidentally make time stop. You just sit there crying for what seemed like days for you but for everyone else, not a single second passed.


You were on your way back to your home town to start over again with your son, until your vehicle was ambushed by Hydra agents and shots were fired everywhere. It all happened so fast that you couldn’t do anything when you realized that the bullet went straight through you and the child in your arms. You woke up a few days later in a Hydra facility where they told you that your son has passed and you started to lose control of yourself. Your once calm and composed self, was gone.

“Ahhh, Ms. (y/l/n). You are finally awake.” A man wearing goggles and a lab coat says as he enters the room where you are held captive.

“Let me go you fucking bastard! I’ve already lost everything! What more do you want from me?!” You scream as tears stream down your face.

“Your powers, my dear. With your powers Hydra would be able to win this war. Submit your loyalty to us or else.” He says as he slowly walks towards you.

“Or else what? There is nothing you could do to me anymore. You killed my son and my fiancé. What’s left for you to take? Might as well kill me.” You spit out with rage evident in your voice.

“Or else, we’ll let you witness his death! Bring him in now!” the man orders and the door opens revealing Bucky tied down and with Hydra agents pointing guns at him.

“(Y/n)?! No! Whatever you do don’t listen to them! Arghh!!” He says as he was abruptly shocked with Taser gun.

“Bucky!” you scream as they shock him one more time.

“Your choice, (y/n). Your loyalty for his life. You could start over again, the both of you. Just submit your loyalty to Hydra!” the man in the lab coat says as he orders his men to keep torturing Bucky.

“No! I will never join your side!” You say as they continue to torture your beloved fiancé. You feel tears streaming down your face once more as you see how much pain he’s been in.

“Fine. Your choice. Kill him!” The man says as the agents proceed to point the guns at Bucky.

“NO!” you scream as a scythe appears from your hands. You were as shocked as everyone else but you quickly came back from your shock and used the weapon to break you free.

“Stop her now!” with these words the agents had you cornered. They each pulled the triggers on their guns and you stopped time just before the bullets were on their way to hit you.

You ran towards Bucky and made time resume. You help Bucky stand up since he was very weak from all the torturing. As he stood up a bullet went straight through him causing him to fall down once more.

“Shit! No! Not again!” You scream as you hold Bucky close. You make time stop once more, with only you and Bucky aware that time has stopped.

“It’s okay. Just go! Save yourself.” He said as he coughed blood.

“No! I can still turn back time to save you James! I can-“You say but he cuts you off

“And what? Risk getting both of us killed? Listen to me, get out of here while you still can.” He says as he weakly cups your face with his hand.

“I’m not going to leave you, James! Not again. We’re still going to get married, have a family, just like we dreamed! I was so looking forward to being called Mrs. Barnes, and I am not going to let that dream die Bucky! I am not leaving you!” As those words came out, you unconsciously make time resume itself.

“To me, doll, you already are Mrs. Barnes.” He says as another bullet hits him. “I love you.”

He slowly died in your arms and what happened next was a blur. You remember anger filling your veins and revenge fueling your will. You summon your scythe once more and proceed to slice the throats of every Hydra agent in the room. You were sure they were still alive so you used your time powers to end their lives for good. You left the facility covered in blood and tears. You wandered around aimlessly, looking for a new purpose in life when you came across your assassination institute. From then on you decided to take revenge for what Hydra has done.


You wipe your tears after that painful flashback of everything that had happened. You walk outside to find Steve and tell him that you’re joining him to look for the Winter Soldier and stop Hydra’s plans. You were introduced to Nick Fury and his team mates Natasha and Sam.

You were all sent to stop Hydra and save the world. Your job was to assist Sam and Steve with whatever they were assigned on doing. You were with Steve and he only had to do one last thing and the job was done. Suddenly, he attacked. The Winter Soldier. He shot Steve and he fell off the platform.

“STEVE!” you shout and suddenly the Winter Soldier turns to you. “You did not just do that Bucky!”

“Who’s Bucky? I was sent here to kill you. Both of you!” He says and it was like he shot you in your heart. What once was sweet words are now threats of violence.

“Oh. Then you’re in luck. Let’s face off! Assassin to assassin!” and as those words fall out of your mouth you summon your Scythe.

“With pleasure! And I’ll kill him next! I’ll just use you to kill some time.” He says and fires a gun in your direction.

“Funny thing about that, James, I am time! And you can’t kill time! You should know that!” You say as you dodge the bullet and run towards him hitting him with your scythe.

“Stop talking and just fight me.” He says as he shoots his gun at you again. But you stop time just before he pulls the trigger. You slowly walk towards him. You sigh and cup his face with your free hand.

“James. I thought you were dead. After what they did you, I’m going to make them pay.” You say and walk past him and stop just behind him. You make time resume itself and Bucky is clearly confused.

“How did you-“ You cut him off by disarming him. You point your scythe at him, close enough not to make him move.

“Honey, you do not challenge the reaper! Even if you are my fiancé I won’t go that easy on you!” Your laugh filled the silence and he tried to move but you shoved your scythe closer to his throat. “Move and I’ll kill you!”

“(Y/n)! Don’t!” Steve screams.

“Of course I won’t you idiot! I haven’t seen my fiancé, who I thought was dead, for years and you expect me to kill him?! Honestly Steve, I’m an assassin but I’m still in love with this idiot over here!” You say and Bucky saw this as an opening and tackled you to the ground.

“What are you saying? Who the fuck is this James and why do you keep calling me your fiancé?” He says as he pinned you down with his metal arm.

“You don’t remember anything do you James? The torture they must have put you in. You seriously don’t remember me? (Y/n). You and I were going to get married. We had a son. But Hydra destroyed everything and left me with nothing. I thought you were dead, Bucky. I thought you died that day.” You say as tears stream down your face.

“(Y-y/n)?” He says as you gently place a hand on his face.

“You do remember me, right?” You say as you stare into his eyes to see if there’s any sign of the old Bucky.

“No. But all I remember is that I have to kill you.” You drop your scythe and tears flow down from eyes once more.

“Do it. You’ve already killed me once, when you died in my arms. What’s one more time? At least I’d finally be with my son.” You laugh and this gets him caught off guard. You stop time once more, except for you and Steve.

“Steve, do me a favor and save the world for me? I’ve killed so many people as a form of revenge. Now it’s my time to go. “You say and make time resume itself.

“Bucky, don’t do it!” Steve screams and runs towards the two of you.

“I love you.” You say as you pull Bucky in for a kiss and with that you hear a gunshot. The darkness slowly consumes you as you hear Bucky saying your name. You smile to yourself thinking that it shouldn’t have ended this way. It wasn’t going to end this way.


Ma'am (Part Three)

Requested by anonymous: Could you do like a third part to ma'am and their life now?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Rating: T

Word count: 2.1k

Warnings: stupid Steve fluff, some swears, nightmares, cynicism, anxiety, negative thoughts, Steve probably makes it better (as usual)

A/N: I’ve grown quite fond of this series. It’s like a small child to me, I think. Anyway, Steve Rogers is the greatest and that is all. Enjoy!

Sleep had always been something constant. It was the one place you could escape your reality of a life in an organization that you subconsciously loved and hated with every fiber of your being. It was the one place where you could be someone else, be anyone else. You could do anything, be anyone. The sky wasn’t the limit; neither was the confines of this universe. In dreams, you could create as many realities in your mind as you’d like. You were able to visit them at all times.

The tough part was facing reality, the very reason why we dream in the first place. We dream to rid ourselves from the confines of the life we are currently living, and the time whilst we sleep is the only time that we can really start all over, be someone else.

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Here’s that weird soulmark stucky au I promised.  It’s also on ao3.

Until Some Other Day

He smiled when he saw Steve’s mark for the first time.  

Smiled as he turned to ice and flame.  

Whatever had been forced through his veins back on that table had burned just like this.  He had survived it, and he’d survive this too.  He’d find a way to be happy for Steve.  And as for Steve’s shiny new potential soulmate …

No.  He’d never find it in himself to be happy for her.  Acceptance was the best he would ever be able to manage, and that was going to take some work.

Nobody ever said soulmarks were fair.

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