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February 24, 2014

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Got to BelieveThe Last 10 Nights

Chichay and Alex

Desperate and Pathetic. Maybe Alex was right, maybe she honestly think she has to fight for Ryan. That she has the right to fight for him. That she’d rather look like a fool than lose him without a fight. Maybe she feels she has a chance of winning this fight, after all, she has Julianna on her side!… Whatever it is, she has every reason to believe so. Ryan is still Ryan. This Ryan would still go back with his mother to Singapore. This Ryan would live a life his mother designed for himthat is, if Christina’s love won’t convince Ryan, that Ryan’s heart, too belongs to Chichay!

This somehow make Chichay look lame and weak when it comes to “fighting” for Joaquin. I beg to disagree, though. While Alex has nothing to lose, Chichay always has somethingor someone to lose

Let’s walk down the memory lane… remember that time she had to choose between her scholarship over her friendship with Joaquin?… she chose Joaquin and had to lose her scholarship!… Then came a time she had to choose between her family and Joaquin, with a broken heart, she chose her family!… the bravest, but probably the most heart breaking decision she had to do was when she had to choose between JoaquinAND Joaquin’s life! She had no choice. It was a losing battle. It was a choice between Himor his life. if she kept him, he’d die. If she chose his life, Joaquin would be taken from her. She chose for him to live!

Alex didn’t know that. Ryan, not even Joaquin knew that. But Betchay does… and so did Julianna! 

Now, Chichay, too, is desperately fighting for her love!… with time running out on hershe is doing her best to help him rememberhis pasttheir past! … and hopefully get a chance to make him understand why she did what she did!

Betchay and Jaime

These two may have been separated- as friends, by the quarrel between their families, but they still share the same feeling about Chichay and Joaquin’s love. The only difference now is that Jaime is more supportive of his ex-wife, while Betchay is braver to oppose her husband. So, what gives? People change. It could be the condition they were in… or time changed the way they see things… They do share one thing here, though, to let the truth be known! And wisely, so, because only then can they all move on… if Joaquin remembers, it would still be his decision to stay … or not!

Julianna and Chito

The scapegoat and the… goat?! This is so funny. Because if there are two people who are against the relationship of Chichay and Joaquin, it would be these two! Chito, not because he dislike Joaquin per se, but for feeling shameful, believing it was him who caused Joaquin a miserable life. And as if to add insult to injury, Joaquin is now suffering from amnesia… how cruel could that be?! All these misfortunes because he pulled a trigger one New Year’s Eve!… And let’s not forget, Joaquin is the son of Betchay’s first great love- Jaime, who is successful, professional, not to mention, good looking. In short, nothing like him! Julianna, of course, won’t allow the daughter of Betchay to end up with her son! Betchay, the one great love of Jaime! To lose one man to Betchay is enough. To lose another, is too much! She would stop at nothing to keep Joaquin from Chichay. Even if that mean she would sacrifice Joaquin’s loveto sacrifice the truth for a lie she has been guardingto sacrifice one man’s freedom, for her own!

Ryan and Christina

It must be very amusing for Ryan to learn so many things about himself through the eyes of this girl, who claim to be the ex-girlfriend he once loved. 

From Malaya… to the mansion… the peryahan… and back to the mansion. 

Ryan: “… hindi na sila naniniwala sa magic, ikaw naniniwala ka pa rin ba sa magic?” This was the old Joaquin who didn’t believe in the magic dust… or in magic. The old Joaquin who only knows life as is. No fanfare. No fun. Just life.

Christina: “Muntik ng hindi, pero ngayon naniniwala na ulit ako” This morning, she already gave up on Joaquin.. on their love. But spending the whole day with him… she has to believe in magic, again. Here, now, with Joaquin, inside the box… nothing is impossible.

Ryan: “Iba ka, at iba ako…” How can she be so full of hope? When he’s ready to give up. 

Christina: “Maniwala ka lang, konti na lang maaalala mo na lahat” Joaquin once believed… as a young boy… then again, as a young man… there is nothing impossible if one would only believe.

Ryan: “Eh panu kung di na nga talaga ako makaka-alala? Pano kung nasayang lang ang isang buong araw, instead of me, fixing my relationship with Alex? Eh andito ako, wasting my time sa isang bagay na malamang di na babalik? It’s been a long day, bumalik na muna tayo sa mansyon at magpahinga na muna tayo.” What if all of these are in vain? What if Ryan is just chasing his own tail as his mother once said? What if he will never remember his past and his life is in Singapore… with Alex? The girl he promised to spend his future with? 

That must have hurt a lot. Hearing Ryan spoke of getting back with Alex. After spending the whole day with her… he still think of her. Maybe he’s right? There is no use to what she’s trying to do? No. As long as he is willing to knowlearn more about his pastspend time with hershe won’t stop believing! She can’t stop believing!

Back at the mansion, Chichay started feeding Ryan with more information, again… 

Christina: “… eto ang CR nyoah pero hindi lang to basta CRmemorable tong CR na to… ” He has to hear this one. He has to hear how she crept into his room and hid in his comfort room… and how he caught here there… 

Ryan: “Christina, pwede bang bukas na lang yan? Ano na ko eh, information overload na ko eh.” She’s not yet tired?! And more stories?! Ang daldal!

Christina: “Uhm, okay…” Looking a little disappointed. Maybe embarrassed.

Ryan: “Kahit bukas, umagang-umaga, kung gusto mo, magsimula na tayo…” Oops, didn’t want to hurt her there… need to assure her, he’s still interested in everything she would say.

Christina: “Okay… Good night!… Sweet dreams!” Ang kulit!

It takes trust for Ryan to spend the day with Christina. Total trust for Chichay to sleep with a Ryan in one roomThere must be hope for these two!… who, although, back to being the master and the servant, as evident on how they address each other, there was an undeniable friendship… unspoken respect… and unmissable affection…

Was Ryan scared of the dark or was he really concerned for Chichay? LOL

Miss Tampipi, wala akong balak” was his sarcastic answer when she hesitantly went into the house to show him his room! So, what are you doing, Ryan? Lovingly watching Christina as she sleeps? Tenderly removing her hair off her face… like in the olden days?… and are you trying to kiss her?… 

Has Ryan started remembering?… or is it just Ryan, revealing his true feelings?… Is it the old Joaquin emerging from, expressing himself through Ryan?… or is this a Ryan who is now ready to acknowledge his love for Christina… with or without his memory?… whatever!… or whoever this young man is, who is content in gazing at the sleeping Chichay is obviously happy being this close to herpleased with herglad to have spent one day with herat peace that she is sleeping, right next to himdelighted to know that she loves him! @}—