and so did cuba

i mean im an adult, i guess, if that’s the word for it. a lot of things i used to care about i just say “Fuck It” and let go. 

but it’s incredible to me that there’s still so many passages to my soul. how just a group of teenagers looking at me and laughing makes my teeth hurt. how someone’s comment sends me back to high school bullying. how i am constantly asking myself are they even really my friends? 

i don’t know. i never throw myself birthday parties because my worst nightmare would be that nobody shows. i just wonder if there’s ever a time that your last insecurities let go. i’ve only ever found that kind of freedom at the honey lips of tequila. i want to be brave at two pm on a sunday. i want to actually not care what they say. i want to be the kind of witch that laughs through the burning.

i don’t know. i hope i’m learning.

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Hi there! I've only recently started following your blog, but I love your art so much! Since I'm not too great at drawing I wish I could draw like you ;^; Anyways, I also wanted to request (if not too difficult) if you could draw the Tomato Gang? I don't really mind what colour palate you use, just as long as it's the Tomato Gang, ty~

I hope you don’t mind it’s not digital ;7; Sorry this took so long by the way, but I’m really happy to hear you like my art <333 

I was tagged by @taka-chan to spell my url with songs.

W - What about us (Within Temptation feat. Tarja Turunen)

O - On and on (Arch Enemy)

R - Ruthless deed (Gazette)

L - The ladder (Motionless In White)

D - Departure (Deluhi)

O - Owari to mirai (Girugamesh)

F - Further (VNV Nation)

Y - The young and the hopeless (Good Charlotte)

U - Up and away (Down Below)

U - Uns gehört die Nacht (Blutengel)

I don’t know if someone was tagged. If you did it just ignore it. So I tag @suzuki-sai, @cuba-libre, @venomous-spider-lily, @thegazette5, @my-sun-kai, @before-i-decay-, @beautifulderangement

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"Socialism works so well..." Did you consider Cuba sucks because of US embargo and not just cuz da socialisms be bad?

Oh so Cuba sucks because capitalists didn’t do capitalism with them? Really? This is where you want to take this argument about socialism? Take a moment to consider before continuing.

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