and so cliche california with my posts


Well, today was a good day. Nothing spectacular event wise, but I am happy with how it all went down. I weighed 188 this morning. Yup. I’ll just leave that nugget of information for you right there.

Getting dressed in the morning is quite the struggle lately, as I literally lay in bed pondering what item of clothing, which actually fits me, I haven’t worn in the past few days. Today’s lucky winner was this ensemble, complete with a bloody big smile. Cheeeeeeeeeeese!!

At work I avoided these CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS just hanging out in the kitchen. As I’ve noted before my office is a gold mine of sweet, sweet temptations, but today I fought the treats, and I won (woot!).

For lunch I ate my leftover dinner from last night (chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, topped with half a can of Campbell’s broccoli soup. It was “hmm hmm good.”), and an apple and a slice of cheese for my afternoon snack.

I worked until six (and let it be known, I LOVE the project I’m currently working on… so much so 5pm and weekends are inconveniences to the project. Yea… I know!!), but at 6pm I pulled myself away, and headed north to meet my friend for a walk (we walked for 1.5 hours!), and then ate dinner out at Jack Astor’s (a cliche, terrible-for-your-calorie-wise restaurant.)  I ordered the world’s most over priced mundane “California Chicken Salad” (it was $18!), but despite the insane cost (vs a $12 hamburger & fries), I was happy with my good decision to eat healthy.

And now I am home, and here I am. Telling my boyfriend my blog about my day about nothing. Oh, the exciting life I lead!! Ha! But really…. those skinny photos of mine I posted last night really motivated me.  I kept popping in and looking at them, and was honestly so shocked that was ME, and when I found myself in the kitchen getting water, yet secretly eying the cookies, I walked away thinking, “I did it once, I can do it again!”

(Also, thank you sooooo much for all the support from yesterday’s post. You guys are the best. Thank you. xo)