and so charismatic!

Nobody asked, but here are my favorite to less favorite signs

Just bc I can’t sleep and I don’t feel like shutting up tonight so here we go

1. Pisces- Pisces are fun as shit and all around good people. They’re funny as shit and they’re sensitive to others, but not to the point where they let others walk all over them, which I really admire. Every Pisces I met has just been so …iconic. They get shit for “flip flopping” with their emotions but to be honest I think the deepest thinkers are the ones who are constantly battling their emotions/thoughts-not knowing what is certain and what isn’t.Also the best human being alive (Rihanna) is a Pisces and I don’t think that’s a coincidence

2. Libra- (I’m biased bc I’m a libra too) but I have never met a libra I didn’t love. Libras are so charismatic and kind to others but not in a fake way but in a way where they really want those around them to be happy (when the group is happy, a libra is happy) they’re also extremely balanced and always weighing the goods and bads of every situation. They are the neutrals of everything and always trying to help solve conflicts. They love justice and are always trying to do the right thing. They get shit for being flirty but if you can’t handle your partner harmlessly flirting w someone else then that’s more of a personal issue than a libra issue !!

3. Leo- Leos are FUCKING CRAZY !!!!!! I’ve never met anyone funnier than a Leo omg. So wild. They’re so fun to be around like your life is instantly brightened by a leo…. they’re the type to slash all 4 wheels of ur ex’s car if they cheat. They get shit for being selfish/self absorbed but that’s what makes them so fiesty/funny and also confident….people are just threatened by that

4. Aries-omg where do I begin w Aries …….. they’re so strong. You can’t fuck w an Aries. They will end your life in one minute. They truly don’t let anyone walk over them. They’re still so funny and charming and if you have an Aries by your side you are set for L I F E. they are the definition of ride or dies. But tbh I love Aries but sometimes they can be so fake like they just create fights for the fun of it bc they love the rush of fighting others/also they love to be in control at all times so they can come off so stubborn and childish ……like an Aries on a good day is the best thing but an Aries on a bad day is sooooo fucking annoying ….like they really do think they’re better than everyone else…Mariah Carey is the EPITOME of an Aries too omg

5. Virgos- omg virgos are so fucking sweet !!!! They truly have the best hearts and the purest intentions out of all the signs. They are so generous and putting others before themselves. They’re like that mother figure n when something bad happens to you or you’re stressed about life you wanna go straight to a virgo. But they’re soooo self sacrificing they just end up sabotaging themselves …like they let people walk all over them and they know it and they just cry about it instead of standing up for themselves. I love virgos but I can’t be around them to long bc it aggravates me to see them so spineless and also it makes me so sad for them !!!!

6. Taurus- taurus’ to me are like a less intense Virgo. Theyre so sweet and kind and have such big hearts as well but they are more honest and communicative with their feelings so if they think you’re walking all over them they’re gonna call you out. I love Taurus’ they’re so cute but tbh I’ve only met a few so I haven’t met enough to make too many judgements on them.

7. Cancers- everyone hates cancers but I love them lmfaooooo I think it’s funny how emotional they are but also I admire how emotional m/vulnerable they allow themselves to be !!!! They are truly so in touch with themselves and their emotions and honestly ….mood ! If you wanna cry bc someone talked to you in a weird tone and you thought it was passive aggressive then do you

8. Scorpios- everyone also hates Scorpios but (as I’ve said) I have a legit thing for them lmfaoooooo, they’re so sexy n mysterious and they’re like that boy that you wanna fix emotionally bc he’s so damaged and you want to earn his trust ……but yeah Scorpios are fucking crazy lmfaooooo you will never meet a sign so angry/jealous/possessive/paranoid as a scorpio

9. Sagittarius- sagittariuss annoy me idk. I feel like they’re the definition of chaotic neutral/ every Sagittarius I’ve met has been a serial dater and place all their worth in whoever they’re dating and that just annoys me…… idk that’s all I think about them……Taylor swift must be a Sagittarius

10. Gemini- I don’t have to say why, you all already know. They’re scary……truly capable of terrible things

11. Capricorns- I fucking hate capricorns. They’re such trash people. They have no hearts they’re the human equivalent of a corporate machine ….I made a post about this already so if u want my reasoning read that

Me: All I ever wanted in a boy group was that they all sang beautifully, could all dance, write their own songs, were all uniquely handsome, each have individualized personalities and styles that make them stand out in their own special way, and have the best teamwork and synergy.

Monsta X: Hi


astroquestions  asked:

what kind of vibes do the moon signs give you?

Aries Moon- Outgoing, self-reliant, has an assertive vibe, I always sense bravery from them in someway.

Taurus Moon- Approachable, many show their stubborn side clearly, determined, you can sense their stability.

Gemini Moon- I always sense liveliness from them, even fixed Suns have clear flexibility, always looking out for a mental connection.

Cancer Moon- Has a reserved aura, their strong imagination shows, they have a deepness you don’t see until you get to know them. Has a slight charm via their emotionally appealing yet mysterious vibe.

Leo Moon- Impressive and confident. Can have a playful vibe, competitive side is sometimes obvious. Insecurities can sometimes show.

Virgo Moon- Has a high-strung but caring vibe. Talkative and investigative. There is a practical sense about them. Is blunt.

Libra Moon- Has charm and quirks I easily notice, could be because I have this Moon too. Cooperative side is easy to see. Can act very friendly, rarely seen alone, typically appears artistic or really into a hobby or maybe social issue.

Scorpio Moon- Reserved aura, sooo many secrets and emotions hiding, their passions surprise others, and is highly involved with tight-nit groups and clubs.

Sagittarius Moon- Spontaneous and optimistic vibe. You can’t hold these people back or control them. Makes friends easily. Explores thoughts and ideas.

Capricorn Moon- Their energy can sometimes hide behind the Sun and Rising. Can have an emotionally cautious vibe. Evidence of a practical mind will show the more you interact with them.

Aquarius Moon- So friendly and charismatic that their aloof side can catch others off guard. Has unusual ideas and their independence is obvious.

Pisces Moon- Lives in their own world, energy really hides behind the Sun, shows sympathy regularly, is adaptable, and is perceptive.

Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?

scorpio is very wrapped up in their own world, they have unconscious agreements they must fulfil, but this can leave the people in their life hanging on the borderline, wondering and wilting, but it seems so worth the torment because the scorpio is so tempting and charismatic. they manage to transport you to wonderlands that illuminate pockets of new nerves in your heart. scorpio love is like no other 

reynesofcastamere  asked:

Okay, so I realize that we've only seen snippets, characters are complex, developer intent changes, etc, etc. Buuuut....Canon pre-Reaper Reyes seems like a relatively chill dude? Like,THIS is the guy that was supposed to be the hardass "ends justify the means" and "stick to the mission at all costs" type? o_O Would love to know your take on this.

This is like 99.99% speculation and personal projecting, but I’m fond of the idea that Young Gabe was extremely hard working, gruff, bad with people, edgy on purpose, and young Jack was more chill, friendly, charismatic, motivational. So through the amount of time they spend together Jack helps pull Gabe out of his shell, muscles him into working on his social skills so he’s got less of a wall up. He’s got his own friends and life and he’s fun at parties, but he’s still a gruff, intimidating guy with super high standards so he can be tough to work with because he’s a hardass who’s better than everyone at everything.

Jack and Gabe have like a good cop bad cop dynamic for the Omnic Crisis, Gabe is calling the shots but Jack is the approachable go-between that people aren’t afraid is going to bark at them for messing up. When the Omnic Crisis ends the powers that be are like “hey, Jack a good upstanding ‘’’’’’’All American’’’’’’’ guy, he photographs well, he looks good on posters, he’s good at making all our weird special snowflake superheroes get along and work together, he knows how to tactfully navigate conversations with important people without offending them, let’s put him in charge of Overwatch!”

Gabe is pissed because he did the heavy lifting and now he’s not getting the glory, Jack is pissed because he ALSO wants Gabe to get the glory. He doesn’t want to be in charge, he wants to be the Fun Uncle who helps the kids get along with Rules Dad. But now he IS Rules Dad. He can’t be The Fun One anymore because now everything he does matters and everyone in the world is waiting to pick apart every descision he makes and backseat drive all his mistakes. So Jack starts turning into the stressed hardass because he’s juggling so many plates and playing politics with everyone. 

Meanwhile Gabe is realizing a lifetime of Trying The Hardest didn’t really matter, because it still didn’t get him the job he wanted. He’s kind of salty, but also realizing from what it’s doing to Jack that he probably dodged a bullet because he would not have the tact to deal with all the political niceties. So in his own sardonic way, he kind of turns into “the fun one” because he doesn’t have the spotlight on him and can be as sarcastic and back-sassy as he wants without worrying about what it could “do to his career”. He throws a lot of jabs about Jack getting all the glory, but at the same time he enjoys getting to chill for the first time in his life. He doesn’t want Jack’s job or resent Jack for having it now that he’s seen how all the chips fell, but there’s always going to be that little part of him that can’t stop picking that scab and bringing it up when Jack is stressed out or fucking up. Gabe probably thinks of it as pushing Jack to do better and live up to the standards he expected for Overwatch when he was in charge, but for Jack it’s more like rubbing salt in the wound.

Then when he gets Reaper’d he’s just a pissed off man-on-a-mission who doesn’t need to worry about playing nice with others and social nuance at all anymore, so it’s all Reyes dry humour plus his skill and ambition plus his lifelong dream of wearing The Most Over-The-Top Goth Kid Sleeveless Black Trenchcoat ensemble and throwing shotguns at people. Reaper is Gabriel Reyes coming back from the dead with no fucks to give and ALL OF THE fucks to give simultaneously.

Now I’m not gonna say “this is how I think Blizzard is going to make it happen when they actually drop the lore” because that would make me a goddamn clairvoyant to predict that much backstory. I’m just sayin’ that if I was on the writing staff that’s probably how I’d pitch their relationship dynamic because it meshes with a lot of the established lore bits they’ve already dropped like  “Gabe was in charge of Overwatch for the Omnic Crisis”, “Jack got promoted ahead of Gabe because he ‘brought out the best in people”, “Jack and Gabe continued to work together reasonably well despite this for another 20 years until [mystery event] happened”, “Gabe is an edgelord who condescendingly slow claps at people and talks like a smarmy tryhard theatre kid”, and “Gabe is also fun at parties and says quippy things when everyone else is stressed out about serious political problems”

This is why I'm the charismatic one

(So me and a few other friends were doing a Fallout-4 scenario, and the rest had died leaving me, a raider with max charisma, my friend (we’ll call him Morgan), a vault dweller with max intelligence and the DM. We were searching for the Institute but we were attacked and robbed. We did all this with a six sided die)

DM: You arrive at the Institute, with no weapons or protection. What do you do?

Morgan: I commit suicide.

Me: Wait what?

DM: Ok but you have to roll a six, or you’re stuck in the game

*Morgan proceeds to roll a six*

DM: OH MY GOD- fine whatever, you’re dead now,
*he turns to me*
DM: what do you want to do

Me: I try to befriend the Institute

*rolls a 6*

Morgan: I want to convince Ryan to join me from beyond the grave

*rolls a 3*

DM: You consider his offer, before deciding against

Me: I roll to shoot the DM

*rolls a 5*

DM: you do realise i’m just like, a voice in your head right

Me: oh shit

DM: You proceed to shoot yourself in the head, dying instantly

Morgan: are you serious Ryan




When the colours turn grey and the lights all fade
to black again
We’re in over our heads
But somehow we make it back again
Water so deep,
How do we breath
How do we climb?
So we stay in this mess,
This beautiful mess tonight

What I admire about each MBTI type

There’s so much more to each type that I could write, especially those that I know better but here are just little things that stood out the most to me - the things that might seem so normal to these particular types but really are their own works of art - ENFP

INFP - the fact that you’re prepared to understand the true motives as well as the fact that you’re willing to share your own
INFJ - your ability to truly heal people
INTP - your ability to simply get things and the fact that you are prepared to discuss many topics in depth
INTJ - the combination of being calm, intellectual and not shallow (which is you) is super attractive to me
ISFP - your ability to create wonderful artistic pieces with such detail
ISFJ - your kindness, having someone that cares so much is a wonderful feeling that those that know you have the privilege to have
ISTP - your ability to notice things that so many don’t
ISTJ - the fact that you actually do the not-so-pleasing things that need to be done in order to achieve the desired thing
ENFP - the ability to be real with people yet take their feelings in consideration
ENFJ - your ability to communicate with just about anyone with such ease and make the conversation so natural and oftentimes very sweet
ENTP - your ability to think outside the box and the fact that people can have the most interesting conversations with you
ENTJ - your ability to be very calm and intellectual, being so charismatic even in situations that would make others feel nerve-wracking
ESFP - your ability to create a very relaxing atmosphere, making it practically impossible for others to be negative around you
ESFJ - your ability to make people feel so much better, to lift their moods so easily when they’re feeling down
ESTP - your ability to bring people together and make sure no one feels excluded
ESTJ - your honesty and determination to do things you truly believe are important, your achievements are inspiring, you just always take action when it’s necessary

harry is genuinely so fucking charismatic.. the jokes and songs aside, he was purely magnetic to watch in that whole segment. through the screen, through a pre recorded video, he was engaging and bright and funny and emotive and just so.. present. he is a fucking star ✨