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ok this is something I've been thinking of for a while, Ron always felt like he was overlooked compared to his siblings and Harry. But he's the only one in the family to have his friends over the summer, which is a huge deal when you think how poor they are.

I’ve never thought of it this way, but it’s so true. 

He knows by the time he’s twelve that his parents work their asses off to put food on the table for him and his siblings, and it’s so hard for him to get up the courage to ask. He’s a Gryffindor, though, and his best friend needs him. 

Molly answers his quiet question with, of course you can bring him, dear, do you want to invite him for August? and grips his shoulder lovingly. He feels, for a wild second, so special, only the second of his brothers ever to bring someone home.

Ron leaves knowing that her brain must be whirring with how she’s going to provide for another child for an entire month, and feels a little guilty about it. The bars on Harry’s window, though, and the look on Harry’s face when Molly immediately begins to feed him and ask after his wellbeing, make it worth it, though. 

Another go; C.H.

A/N: I’m not sure what this is. i’ve been in a blue mood recently and I think it shows in my writing. But still; car smut. Enjoy.

I wasn’t sure if I were willing on giving this another go. There was something about an ex that made them obligated to stay in the past and remain there. Sometimes you deal with them and their problems, but moreover they stay hidden in a small box in the back of your brain. Of course, this had been all on me, suggesting we remained friends.

He had been one of my best friends and that first kiss had been a horrible mistake. That’s what I say now. Back then it had been on my mind for some while. Calum and I had this sexual tension from the beginning of our friendship that never faded, although we remained dormant to do anything about it. Eventually I must admit those few months with Calum had been the best of my life and I doubt anything or anyone will ever come near the passion and wanton I had with Calum. Not only had I had my best friend by my side, but I hadn’t felt so loved in forever.

I don’t even remember why we broke up to begin with. We argued, a lot. Most of the times it was stupid, avoidable things that would fuel his or my anger. It would almost always end that same day though, I made sure we never went to bed while fighting, because even though we were lovers, he was my best friend first. I remember keeping my head high while being among friends and completely crashing as soon as my front door slowly shut. It was something I did to spare Calum of having to deal with our girl friends throwing him filthy looks and to make sure the guys didn’t take pity on me. The first time we went out and assured everyone we could do this I ended up bawling on the floor, back against the front door of my apartment.

I had slept in said spot, and gone to work with red, puffy eyes and mascara in unknown places. My co-worker, wanting to be a good friend, phoned my then ex-boyfriend to tell him that I wasn’t feeling well. Try to explain you’re completely fine when your tears from last night are still glued to your face. Calum was reluctant at first, of course. Who is their right mind comes to console their ex on the breakup they were both involved in. But as I said, Calum was my best friend and that always came first.

It was the first time I had my best friend again since the break-up. He pulled me close, held me and I just cried. I stained his shirt, I told him how horrible I felt and that I honestly believed this was a mistake. That was a few months ago. We both thought it would be better if we remained friends. We both believed the sexual tension we experienced was something that would fade over time, even though this all started because we couldn’t control our animalistic behaviour.  

The fact that he is hovering mere centimetres from me and I am about to close that gap, states the opposite. His eyes are fluttering from my eyes to my lips. His fingers slowly tapping on the hood of his car, awaiting my next move.

I want to, but I shouldn’t. I’m contemplating this too much but our friendship was already on a silken thread and this might rupture it completely. I open my mouth to speak, but I have nothing wise to say. It’s not that I have many decisions to make other than question my moral standards. I want this, I want him. It’s always been him. I lean in the short distance that remained and seal our lips together. My fingertips brush over his neck to cup his jaw, pressing my upper body against Calum’s.

He groans into my mouth as his hands wind around my waist. Without any effort, Calum pulls my body onto his lap and leans down against the windshield of his recently bought slick black car. I feel shivers run up and down my spine which I can’t place. Calum had driven us up the cliff to a secluded area which overlooked the city. If this were a date, it would be my vision of perfection.

Instead, I’m sloppily kissing my best friend, hands groping underneath shirts while we’re out in the open. His fingers brush along my exposed thigh and I visibly shiver, breaking our kiss. “Take this to the back seat?” Calum mumbles, his gaze lowered to my breasts before he gazes up at me. I bite my lip, contemplating his offer. We’re fucked anyway. I push my groin against Calum’s hardening bulge as an unspoken answer to his question.

Calum groans loudly as his fingers dig into my bum and he lifts me, jumping off the hood. Without any trouble, he guides us to the backseat of his car, closing the door behind himself. “What are we doing?” I breathe, my fingers already unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt. Calum slides closer, his head disappear in the crook of my neck as he passionately kisses and licks. “Something I’ve been fantasizing about for months now.”

Calum’s answer goes straight to my core and I moan as I throw my leg over his hips, drawing him into me as I press his back down against the leather of the backseat. My dress rises on my hips as Calum’s hands wander, his lips back to caressing the skin on my neck.

My fingers trail over Calum’s smooth, exposed chest and up along his neck to cup his jaw in my frail hands. Calum’s hot breath hits my face as he enjoys every caress of his skin with his eyes closed. “I - I missed you.” Calum mumbles and it stings, so I try to ignore it and focus on making him, making myself feel good, in this moment. Of course, I had missed him too, but it was a somewhat mutual decision that we couldn’t do this any longer. I had tried to crawl back on that decision almost immediately.

I’m fumbling with the zipper of his jeans while he unzips the back of my dress and skilfully bares my chest for his wandering gaze, bunching my dress near my hips. Calum’s boxer short clad erection rubs again my dampened, clothed core which sends me crashing into him. I’m pressing my lips against his with such force he hums in pleasure, his fingertips digging into my thighs the more passionate our exchange becomes.

I feel him cup my breast, a rough squeeze following before his large hand cups my neck and chin, separating our lips for some well-deserved air. “Calum, I -” I stumble over my words as my eyes drift closed when his attention focuses back on my neck, all the while his hands are kneading my bum roughly. “Yes baby?”

“Now.” I was never one with a broad vocabulary, but Calum knew and understood my one syllable mumbles. He knew my body like no one else and as I lay writhing underneath him, he knew exactly where to touch to drive me insanely wild.

His mind clicks and he pushes his jeans as far down as possible with me on top. As soon as I feel the skin on skin contact a loud moan leaves my lips. Calum’s hands and arms wind around my waist, pulling me closer as he enters me.

I start swaying my hips back and forth, making figure eights as I let my hands roam wherever they please. My head is hidden in the crook of Calum’s neck, avoiding eye contact as I sink my teeth into his tender flesh.

Calum groans loudly, his fingers leaving marks on my thighs as he starts guiding me in a faster pace. I can feel he is nearing his release as he starts moving along. I can feel myself nearing again as I grind down more, searching for friction I know Calum would gladly give.

His hand disappears between our molten bodies and he lazily rubs along my clit, but it’s enough to spiral me over the edge. I’m a moaning mess against his neck, fingernails digging into the back.

He chases his own relief in stutters and when he finally finishes, a thick tension fills the air as our heavy breathing makes room for silence. I keep my face hidden in his sweaty neck and savour his scent and taste. Damn I miss him.

“God, I needed that.” Calum’s laughs as he peeks one eye open. I grant him with the tiniest of grins as I lift myself off him, a loud sigh leaving my lips. I think I love Calum.

“You know I love you, right?” Calum’s hand squeezes my knee reassuringly as he glances in my direction. I feel my eyes widen as I recall saying the last few thoughts out loud. Calum’s lazy smiles indicates otherwise and I mumble in return. “Yeah, love you too.” Calum starts redressing himself and I follow suit, keeping completely silent while doing so. His words warm my heart. Although I think we don’t mean the same thing.

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for a prompt! santa monica by everclear

Nice, get some everclear in the mix! Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Look,” I say, “it’s not you, it’s me. I think I’m just heading in a different direction right now. I can’t let our relationship hold me back anymore.”

Light, fastest man on Earth, superhero extraordinaire, stops struggling against his bonds to stare at me. “Did you kidnap me to…break up with me?”

My heart skips a beat. “No! I mean, we’re not even, like, dating so I’m not. Obviously.” I adjust my rubber gloves nervously, tucking my lab coat more securely into them. “Just, um, letting you know that you don’t need to save the day anymore. From me at least.” I laugh and stop abruptly, face flushing. My laugh is off putting, so I hear.

Light speed kicks the chair I’ve tied him to and grimaces when it doesn’t break.

“It’s titanium,” I say, shoving my hands into my coat’s pockets. “I’ll let you go, just wanted to tell you goodbye, I guess. We, uh, probably won’t be seeing each other again.”

“Are you dying?” he asks, strangely alarmed. He lowers his voice. “Or is someone threatening you?” His eyes narrow. “Is it Technomaniac? Because he’s from Texas, this isn’t even his turf, I can contact the heroes down there to come get him–”

“I’m not being threatened,” I blurt out. He’d kick another villain out of LA for me? Why? “I just, it’s time for me to move on, that’s all. I, well…”

“You are dying,” Light says, face horrified. “Oh my god, and I threw you through that window last week!”

“I’m not dying!” I throw my hands up in the air. “I’m quitting being a villain!”

The words ring in the empty lab. All of my equipment has already been disposed of, the experiments, everything. I’m ready for a new start, totally and completely.

“You’re…quitting.” Light seems unable to comprehend it. “Like, quitting quitting? Or taking a break? Or maybe you mean rebranding, I hear that’s popular these days–”

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Silent Jealousy

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Baron Corbin x You

I watched from the corner of the hallway as I saw Baron talk to Alexa Bliss which sounded creepy but I couldn’t help it when I saw my boyfriend talking to her, a girl that has been trying to get with Baron since forever. I was known as the shy girl in the company even though I wasn’t as shy once you got to know me which attracted Baron and me together since we are almost the same type of person.  Baron and I have been dating for about six months now which isn’t long but probably is one of my most successful relationship I’ve ever had. He makes me feel at my absolute best and loved however sometimes I feel deeply insecure especially when Baron talks to girls more specifically beautiful, single girls. As I was watching him and Alexa I could feel my anxiety cloud my mind and begin to overthink the situation. I tried to shake away the horrible thoughts in my mind but they couldn’t seem to go away so I decided to head back to the hotel not caring if I left Baron behind.

               I laid on the hotel bed aimlessly going through my phone till I hear the hotel room door slam which causes me to jump and almost fall off the bed. Baron walks in, slamming his bag on the ground then crossing his arms across his chest.

“Why did you leave me at the arena today?” he asks getting closer to me. I sit up on the bed and answer,” I was tired so I decided to come back here and take a nap.” I start playing with the fabric till a warm, soft hand is placed on top of it. I look up into Baron’s brown eyes which were filled with anger and hurt.

“(Y/N) tell me the truth.” I look away from him and stare at the blanket again. I couldn’t tell him the truth he will think I’m some crazy girlfriend who is trying to control him. I stayed silent which made him angrier as he got up from the bed and started to pace in front of the bed.

“Well?” he asks with an annoyed tone in his face. I continued to stay silent.

“Fine, you don’t want to tell then I am going to stay with someone else till you figure out if you want this relationship or not.” That’s the last he says and he slams the door behind him. Once the door was completely closed I started to sob wishing I would just stop saying silent.


               I didn’t sleep all night as I thought about Baron and how I just ruined the best relationship I’ve ever had because I was too scared to tell him I was jealous. I slowly moved out of bed and got ready as I was already dreading this day as I knew the thing between Baron and I was over. I lied to him straight to his face so he would never want me back. As I was about to leave there was a knock on my door. I open it to see the one who caused all this even though she doesn’t know that Alexa Bliss.

“What do you want Alexa?”

“Oh, I just wanted to let you know that Baron came to me last night saying you guys had a fight but don’t worry I made him pretty happy afterward, though. So, you don’t have to worry about you and Baron getting back together because he is with now. Okay?” That all she says and walks away from my room. I slam my door and fall onto the bed face first as tears ran down my face. I was right, this day was going to awful.

               I sat in the hotel room at all not wanting to see Baron and Alexa together which would bring sickness to my stomach every time I thought about it. I was watching Law and Order: SVU when a heavy banging on my door started. I groaned and got up from the bed and opening the door to see…



“Baron, what are you doing here?

“I came here to make sure you were okay. Your not picking up any one’s calls or texts. I was worried.”

“You don’t need to be worrying about me. You have Alexa to worry about.”

He gave me confused look,” What are you talking about? What does Alexa have to do with any of this?”

I rolled my eyes and laid back on the bed. I heard the door close and see Baron had come into the room.

“(Y/N) please tell me what’s wrong?

I rub my hands down my face and say,” What’s wrong?!? Oh, I don’t know maybe that you got a new girlfriend right after our fight last night especially with a girl you know I hated!”

“What the hell are you talking about?!”

“I’m talking about how you went to Alexa’s room last night, hooked up and now you two are together!”

“Who told you that?!”

“Your new girlfriend, Baron!”


I stay silent as I try to catch my breath from all the yelling. We both stared at each as we were trying to digest the new information that was yelled out during the argument. Baron sat next to me on the bed and grabbed my hand,” (Y/N) I never hooked up with Alexa last night plus I wasn’t even in her room  last night”

“Then why did she come to me this morning and told me you guys were together?”

He shakes his head,” I have no idea why she would do it. But please don’t tell me you believe her.”

I look into his deep brown eyes to see nothing but sadness and hope. I smile and squeeze his hand,” I did believe her at first but not anymore.”

He smiles back and asks,” So are you going to tell me what was wrong with you last night? You can tell I don’t care what it is.”

I sighed and decided to put my big girl panties on and tell him. “I was jealous Baron. Of you and Alexa. I thought you and her were better together so I got scared and insecure. I’m sorry,” I say with my head down and tears forming in my eyes. I heard Baron chuckled which caused me to turn my head quickly towards him.

“What is so funny, Baron?”

He laughs and says,” There was no need for to be jealous of Alexa, baby. She used to be a friend. Anyways, l love you and no one or anything is going to change that. Baby, if you ever feel insecure or jealous just come talk to me don’t hide it from me. You can talk to me about anything, okay?”

I nod my head and hug him,” I love you too.” I felt him smile against my neck as he places small kisses across it which makes me giggle. I feel him smile wider as he pulls us towards the bed with me laying my head on his chest. There was no place I rather be than in Baron’s arms with my heart pumping out of my chest.

X-Files Fic: D’un Nouvel Oeil, Chapter Nine and Epilogue

Previous chapters: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

A/N: IT’S DONE!!!  And I think, at long last, I’m ready to finally let this universe go.  Lots and lots of thanks to my favorite cheerleaders @mldrgrl, @crossedbeams, and @kateyes224, who kept encouraging me to focus and get this finished!

POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNING: This chapter deals with the events of the real-life massacre at Oradour-Sur-Glane, and as such, contains a good deal of violence.


“No, Mulder.  Absolutely not.”

“Scully, it’s the only way.”  He’s pleading with her, begging, almost, but she remains firm.

“I am not running away, Mulder.  I can’t leave my cafe.  I’m telling you now, I won’t do it.”

“I know you love your cafe, Scully, but what are we going to tell people when your pregnancy starts to show?”

“I don’t need to say anything.  It’s no one’s business but my own.”  She drops an armload of dirty dishes into the sink, splashing soapy water everywhere.  They’re locking up the cafe for the night, but the argument is one that’s been going on since long before closing time.

“That might be true, but people are going to make assumptions,” says Mulder, rolling up his sleeves and getting to work on the dishes.  "And knowing you’re carrying my child is going to make you into a target for Spender.  Not to mention, he’ll do everything he can to use you against me.“  

"He’s not necessarily going to know it’s your child,” Scully protests feebly, retrieving a tray of meat from the refrigerator and transferring it to the butcher’s block.  She selects a knife from the block and begins hacking at the meat with unnecessary force.  Mulder doesn’t even dignify her latest rebuttal with a response; instead, he shakes his head and sighs, returning his attention to the sink of dirty dishes.

She knows, somewhere in her mind, that she’s being irrational.  Absolutely no one, in Mulder’s regiment or in the village, is going to have even the slightest doubt that she’s pregnant with Mulder’s child.  And she knows that it’s going to put him in an awkward place, that his commanders are going to use her condition to try to suss out his level of devotion to her.  Leaving before she begins to show would be the safest course of action for all three of them.

As much as she knows it’s what they have to do… the thought of abandoning her home, leaving her beloved Cafe Pequod, the continued success of which she’s poured her entire heart and soul into for five years (not to mention the years her mother had invested into the place before that) is unspeakably painful.  A part of her has been hoping- not realistically, she knows- that the Allied invasion will come and the war will be over before her belly begins to protrude.  If that were to happen, Maggie would be free to come home, to resume her life on the farm, and things could continue just as they once had- with the welcome addition of Mulder, of course.

But Scully is already nearly three months along.  Her belly is still flat, but that could change at any time, and even if the invasion were to happen tomorrow, the chances of the war being over before her pregnancy becomes obvious are slim to none.  She’s overheard enough from the men eating in the cafe to know that plenty of them are still convinced that their victory is assured regardless of what happens, and as long as they have that confidence, they’ll fight hard.

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Jealous - Henry Mills

“Henry, you’re being a fool.” “Of course, now is my fault”
he said frustrated.

You and Henry have been in a relationship since a couple of months, at the beginning it was a little hard, Regina didn’t want no girl near from her son, and having The Evil Queen as jealous mother from you boyfriend is something dangerous. But everything went worst since they returned from the Underworld and a special guest came with them. That guest was no other than Peter Pan, you knew him well, when you were a child he used to come visit you and he turned into your best friend.

Seeing he again was the best thing ever, you had so much to tell him you two spend so much tie together, fact that get Henry jealous every time, obviously he denied that, but you knew it. And it was stupid, Peter was like an old brother to you, and you were just like his little sister, nothing more.

“I’ve never said that it was your fault, just that you’re overreacting.” “I’m not overreacting, (Y/N). You have not spent time with me since we return, and it has been like a month. I think that prefer him over me.” He said and you laugh, it was so good seen him jealous. “Oh great, now you’re making fun out of me”

You still were laughing when you walk near to him and kiss him in a sweet kiss, he tried to resist, but he ended but grabbing your hips and pushing you even more near to him. When the kiss finished, you hugged him.

“For what it was that?” he asked you smiling “Because I love you, even when you’re jealous. Peter is my best friend since I was little; he played with me and listened every time I needed someone to talk with. But Henry, you are my boyfriend. You are the only person who can make me smile when I’m blue, or make me like pop music. You are my hero. And actually I like when you get jealous.” You said laughing.

Henry just kissed you, that were what he needed to hear, he had always being crushed in you and that was what he needed to realize that you were crushed in him to. When he let you go, he looked into your eyes and replied you: “I’m not jealous”.

Promise Me: Part 1 (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

None of the words in this are in Spanish, I just made the title in Spanish for lack of a better title, haha sorry. But anyway, this is the beginning to this storyline, if you like it then I’ll post more. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Edit: So I changed the title from Prométeme to Promise Me cause i didn’t like it. Hope you enjoy, okay bye :)

Part 1 | Part 2

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: Just cursing


Your sister Phillipa had been playing Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton for a couple of months now, but you had never had a chance to see her perform, since you had been in hitchhiking all throughout Europe. However, today you had the opportunity to finally see her show. It was quite possibly the best thing you’d ever seen, mostly because your sister did an amazing job. You’d always loved seeing your Philli perform, and you’d never been happier than you were watching her do what she loved.

Afterwards, you met up with her backstage and waited while she talked with a few of her cast-mates. You waited for her to finish a few feet away, and you felt someone walk behind you and accidently bumped into you, causing you to fall on the people around you. You had turned to ream out the person who had just pushed you, but their face stopped you from doing that as he wore an embarrassed smile.

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Any good writing blogs?

*stretches out*

*get’s comfortable*

*clears throat*

“Let’s begin”

okay so there is:

@thesmutofthemendes (best smut blog ever!) @ihaveabadreputation @illumeshawn @teen-mendes @shawnstilinski @shawnskeds @lovethatmendeskid @mend-es @nike-shawn @mercyimagines @wordsandshawn @raineshawn @purebeanshawn @muffin–daddy

I haven’t read some of the works of these writers yet because school is killing me but they seem great and I plan to you know when I’m on break in three months or something


Request: An older Jaime Reyes and a female reader having their first kiss. And the scarab keeps arguing in his head about “procreating”. So the reader ends up kissing the scarab too and calms them both down.

Word Count: 721

Pairing: Jaime Reyes x reader

A/N: sorry it took so long to write. I hope you guys like it. Sorry for any errors. I would love feedback.

Italic - Scarab

Y/N’s P.O.V

Jaime and I have been dating for a few weeks now, and you guys were taking things slow because this is your guys first relationship. You were happy that you guys were taking things slow, but sometimes you want him move things along like having your first kiss.

We just got back from your date, and now cuddling on the couch watching a movie on Netflix. About half way through the movie I look up and see Jaime, and he look like he was having a conversation with the scarab. Yes, I do know about him being Blue Beetle. He told you about a couple of days after he asked you out because he didn’t want to keep secrets from you. He didn’t know that I was looking at him, but he look like he was having a very serious conservation with the scarab.

Jaime’s P.O.V

I was just cuddling with my girlfriend, Y/N, then the Scarab just wants to ruin moment. “You need to make the first move Jaime your mate is getting impatient.” Scarab said. “Why do I need at make a move we are just fine right now. We said that we are going to take things slow and that is what I am going to do” I said. “By the body language that your mate has been sending you for the past few days and at dinner tonight, you need to make the first move” Scarab said.

I sigh out of annoyance and got Y/N’s attention, but it already look like she was staring at me. “Are you okay.” she said in such a caring voice. “I am fine, it’s just the Scarab he has been bugging me for the past few day.” I said. “How about I help you take your mind off of it.”she said leaning close to me. The next thing I know Y/N is kissing me. It is the best kiss that I have ever had. Even though it is my first kiss, it was still the best. Things started to heated up quickly, and now I am on top of her making out and I am starting to get hard.

“Great now that she made the first move and your testosterone level is rising, you can now begin the mating ritual. Your mate is ovulating now, so you have to do it now or you have to wait until month. Now she is at the peck, you should start now so by 9:00 a.m. she will be impregnated. You need to procreate.” Scarab said. Once Scarab said that I back away as quickly “no no no!!!” was all I could say while back away. “What do you mean no. Your mate has great genes to pass down to you kids.” Scarab said. “What is wrong Jaime, I am that bad.” Y/N said. “I don’t what kids! I am not ready” I said!

Y/N’s P.O.V

‘Why was he thinking about kids? I just thought he thought I was bad at kissing, then he starts talking about kids. I know things were heating up, but he was not getting sex from me. I don’t want kids right now, I am too young to be having kids. Why was he thinking about ki- ohh it was the Scarab.’ you thought.

Jaime looks at me like he was worried about what I am going to say next. “It is ok. I know you were talking to the Scarab.” I said. “Oh ok good because the Scarab said that you were worried.” he said. “I was because out of nowhere you were talking about kids, but then I realize you were talking with the Scarab. And don’t worry we don’t need rush into anything we have plenty of time.” I said after I kiss Jaime on the cheek.

Then he let out another sigh. “What is he saying now.” I said. “ He is just going on how perfect you are and that I should like you go.” he said while blushing. You thought that maybe the Scarab was jealous because he was not getting any attention, so you lifted Jaime’s shirt and the Scasb. Then all you hear is Jaime purring. After that you guys go back to the movie.

Dally Imagine: I Could Make An Exception.

request: Being Dally’s girl and telling him that you’re moving away

The reason you chose a guy like Dallas Winston is so you would never get attached. You were not someone who wanted a serious relationship because you had big dreams of getting out of Tulsa- you wanted to get an education and then become an actress. For you getting serious with someone would just give you a reason to make you feel like you had to stay. Still you wanted someone you could hang around with and have a good time and know that nothing more would ever come from it. That’s why Dally was perfect. Or so you thought.

From the beginning of your relationship you both made it clear that it was nothing serious but a couple of months in you found yourself feeling something more for him. You felt what you thought was love. It was a scary thought but you knew you had to tell Dally despite the fact that you figured he would break it off with you. That thought made you sad but you knew if he did break up with you it was for the best.

When you told him he was oddly fine with it. He stared at you for a long time before saying “I don’t know what I feel.. I just know that what I’ feeling I’ve never felt for anyone before.”

And that was it. Even though he never actually could say the words to you you loved each other and you knew it. And suddenly your dreams to leave Tulsa weren’t so important. That was the future. That was your junior year of high school and the future came a lot faster than you thought because those two years past by in an instant.

Your plan was to go to the local community college. The only other school you applied to had been your dream school, in New York City, and you knew it was a long shot to get in there. They wait listed you and so you made plans to stay in the area- stay with Dally.

That was until August right before school was about to start up again. They had someone drop out and a spot opened up for you- full scholarship if you joined their theater program. It was perfect. You accepted and we’re ready to leave in a week for the big city until realization fell over you. You were going to New York but Dally was here. You knew you had to tell him so after procrastinating the inevitable for about a day and ignoring his calls you finally went to go find him.

You found him messing around the DX with his friends and he grinned when he saw you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders he leaned forward to kiss you softly. “Hey, doll. Where’ve you been?” he asked before he saw the look on his face. His smile fell a bit and you looked away. He got that you wanted to talk so he said goodbye to his friends and silently took your hand so you two could walk to Buck’s.

When you got up to his room you sat on his bad looking nervous while he sat beside you and lit a cigarette.

“Just be straight with me, doll. Whatever it is just say it okay?” he said and you quickly blurted out what it was.

“I’m moving to New York..”

“Oh..” Dally said with a nod.

“That’s all you have to say?” you whisper with frown.

“No..” Dally sighed. “I just meant oh.. because I thought it was something worse than that.”

“Me moving to New York isn’t bad news for you? Dally, I’m leaving Tulsa..”

“I know, Y/N. And that’s what you’ve always wanted to do right? All you’ve ever talked about is getting out of this place so I’ve always known it would happen eventually.” he explained but you were just confused and a little annoyed.

“Are you even upset? Dall, I’m heartbroken about this.”

“Well of course I’m upset, Y/N! But there ain’t much I can do about that is there?” He snapped and stood up. “Jeez..”

You stood up too and went over to him. “Maybe you could come with me.. Maybe we could.. we could-”

“Look, doll, I promised myself I’d never live in New York City again… I just can’t.” you looked down sadly and you felt his lips on your forehead kissing it lightly as he took your hands into his. He wasn’t one for tender moments but he would do it if it meant comforting you. “But I think I could make an exception for you and visit.” he whispered.

“Dall.. I don’t think we’d last very long with me so far away.” your voice breaks as you try not to cry. He pulls you close to his chest and you hug him back.

“Well.. Jeez, Y/N, we can make it work. I ain’t gonna cheat on you while you’re gone. Because.. y'know.. I love you..” he mumbled out quietly and your heart nearly stopped. You always knew he loved you. He always found ways to show it. But hearing the actual words finally coming out of his mouth made you feel like you had never felt before.

“I love you too..” you breathed out as the tears finally started to fall from your eyes.

“And besides..” Dally said as he pulled away from the embrace so he could wipe the tears from your cheek. “I’ll spend most of the time I’m not visiting you in the cooler so it won’t be any different to if you were here.”

You laughed a bit at that and shook your head. “Try not to do anything to stupid while I’m not here to stop you okay?”

“Whatever you say, doll.” he said and leaned forward to kiss you softly.

You weren’t sure what would happen with you two once you actually moved away but you knew that right there in that moment you could stay with Dally forever and be the happiest girl alive.


I’m not submitting this not because I think many people will take the time to read this, I’m doing it as kind of an outlet.

The screenshots aren’t the last messages received, they’re from the last real heart-to-heart my mom and I had about 5 months before she died.

This last time we ever talked was on her 45th birthday.

Here comes the long part, bear with me…
- In September of 2013, my 20 year old self thought it would be a genius idea to move 2400 miles from home.
- In October of 2013, my mom became sick and went into the hospital. This was the beginning of about 14 every long months in the hospital/some type of medical facility.
- In November of 2013, I flew home and surprised her just in time for her birthday. That was the last time I ever saw her alive, but we still talked nearly everyday. She was my best friend.
- In October of 2014 I didn’t hear from her for three or so weeks. She had told me that she was having issues with her cell phone and she still had that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ attitude, so I didn’t think much of it.
- On November 12th 2014, her 45th birthday, I finally got ahold of her. The conversation started with me wishing her a happy birthday and giving her a hard time about getting old, and ended with her telling me that she was being moved to hospice.
I was in complete shock, I had no idea it had gotten that bad. She still tried to reassure me that everything would be okay, that it was just to let her body rest and time to heal. As I was bawling, I remember telling her “I’m not stupid, I know what hospice is!”, but she still tried to tell me it was going to be okay.
- She was moved to hospice a few days later and I booked my flight home. Due to prior obligations that I had no way of getting out of, my flight wasn’t for a few more days.
- In the really early hours of November 21st 2014, at the age of 21, I received the call that my mom and best friend had died. She signed a DNR and ended up dying of cardiac arrest, and I wasn’t there. She was alone.

I completely changed the moment that I received that call, not necessarily for the better. My life has been a complete disaster since.
I carry so much guilt and anger. Not towards her, but life and myself. She was my best friend, there are so many things that she is supposed to be here for. So many things that a daughter needs her mother for and I will never get to experience that. I feel very lost amd alone.

It’s been about 2 years and 5 months, the hardest and loneliest 2 years and 5 months of my life.

Falling - Jake x MC Endless Summer Fanfic

[A little note: I did it. I conquered my fear of doing an endless summer fanfic. There’s just so many about this pairing already and I wasn’t sure if I could ever do them justice. Originally, I was going to submit this for choicescreates but decided better of it because that quote has got me thinking and thinking. Hope it’s enjoyable!]

[Summary: Falling for someone is complicated - especially since it isn’t something taught but rather an experience learned, bringing people together. For MC it’s the sudden awareness that she’s fallen so deeply for Jake McKenzie that she’s afraid of what happens when she finally reaches the bottom].


That’s something they don’t teach us while growing up. Instead, they teach us not to cry over spilled milk. How important it is to be nice to strangers and to look both ways before crossing the street. But they don’t teach us about this. One of the scariest lessons in life. Falling. Falling so deeply that there isn’t any chance of even grabbing the ledge in time to stop yourself from tumbling down. A fall so steep that there is no choice but submitting, claiming it right before it consumes our souls. No. They don’t teach us that. And they certainly don’t teach us how to survive the fall.

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accio-the-force  asked:

Please tell me you're going to do another team challenge like EvB over our super sized hiatus?! I'm sure that was a crazy amount of work for all of you (and would totally get it if you're not), but it was seriously my favorite fandom thing ever, so I have my fingers crossed! You guys are the best *hugs*

Hi darling! Hope you don’t mind I post this publicly - I just wanted to let everyone know.

Yes, Engineering vs. Biochem will return this year! 

I have started planning it already and I will be releasing details about it at the end of the month/beginning of June. I learned a lot from last year, and I’m going to actually be around this summer, so I’m hoping for an even more successful time :D I have a lot of fun activities and events planned to keep FS shippers going for the hiatus. I know there’s lots of painful canon things to deal with, but we’ll also make sure to have a lot of happy, fluff times too.

Part 1 - prelude

Well, uh, @cherrychidorii has had her b-day (like fifty years ago sorry about that -.-) and so this is your very special gift! (which I spent another fifty years on and isn’t even finished yet asdfghjkl) But yeah, again happy belated birthday girl! I hope you like this and, as you know, there’s definitely more to come!

Title: Best idea EVER (lol I’ll come up with a better title later aka. when it’s not 3am)

Pairings: SasuSaku

Prompt: Fakedating!AU yeeey!

Rated: T (lol idk but it’ll probably be T sooner or later)

Warning(s): idiocy and bad ideas

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, only this fanfic is mine.

“Are you actually serious about this?” Sakura folded her hands in front of her face, looking at the man sitting opposite her who was staring angrily into a cup of coffee. She raised a delicate eyebrow, silently amused. How had she fallen for this man again?

“I know it’s probably not the best idea, bu-”

“No, it’s not,” Sakura snorted, earning a glare from her companion. She just rolled her eyes, smiling.

“-but it still has potential to work,” he finished.

“You’re the one studying to be an investigator, you tell me,” Sakura shrugged, taking a sip of her latte. “Though this is stuff people did in high school or in anime. You sure Naruto hasn’t been watching too many TV dramas with Hinata again?”

Sasuke opened his mouth to retort, but stopped, frowning. Naruto had watched a lot of TV lately. “Look, I already knew it was a stupid idea, alright?” He grunted, looking off to the side. “But I just don’t know what else to do. You of all people should know how Emi can be.”

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Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 49: A Way Out

Sam Winchester x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Running into Benny had been the best thing to ever happen to you. Not just because he saved your ass, but because he helped you, in so many ways. He was sweet, with his southern drawl, keeping you company through the never ending nights. He kept your mind off of things, like the fact that this was going to go on forever, that you would never see Sam again. He kept you moving, hoping that you would someday find your way out, and back to Sam.

At night the two of you would sit around in the dark, talking about anything and everything to pass the time. Benny had lived a crazy, magical life, and he wasn’t shy about sharing any of it. There had been many nights you couldn’t stop laughing at one of his stories. That was okay with you, because it kept the negative thoughts at bay.

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Full Of Surprises

Requested by @belleorleslie, I hope you like it babe!! This is my first imagine on this blog guys so don’t be too harsh!


Request-Hi! Can I have a scenario where the reader likes Issac (and he likes her too) but neither of them know it and eventually the pack tries to get them together (or smth)? I loved your other blog btw! 💗


I never really understood the concept of loving someone, getting to know someone on such a personal and deep level that you knew everything about them, how one person could make you a blubbering idiot or could make you lose every thought in your head. I don’t think saying that I didn’t understand it, is completely true. I’ve seen it happen to some of my best friends, so I understood it, but I didn’t think I could ever be like that. Three months ago that made no sense to me, loving someone with every fiber of your being sounded like something right out of a Disney movie, but three months ago I didn’t know Isaac Lahey. I moved to Beacon Hills, the beginning of my sophomore year, same time as Allison did, but Isaac got here three months ago, and as soon as I saw him, I felt all bubbly and nervous inside. As I leaned against the wall of lockers and looked over as Isaac and Scott talking to each other, I wondered, if I felt this way now only developing a massive crush on him, what would I feel like if I was in love with him. A locker being slammed shut, broke me from my thoughts and brought me face to face with Stiles.
“(Y/N)! I have been talking to you for the past five minutes, what planet are you even on?” He asked, while turning around to see what my eyes were so focused on instead of him. He sighed once he was Isaac standing at his locker down the hallway and then looked back at me.
“Planet Lahey. I should have known.” He said causing me to blush and nudge Stiles’ shoulder as we walked to our next class. Out of all the friends I have made here, Stiles was my best. We laughed the hardest together, we usually fell on the same side on pack issues and he is the only one who knows about my crush on Isaac. The others have dropped hints and exchanged looks but nothing was said about it until I told Stiles one night during one of his non stop question rambles.
“I just don’t get it, I’ve never been like this before. ” I said as we turned the corner on the way to Chemistry, causing stiles to shrug and pull on this backpack straps. Stiles knew the feeling better than anyone so whenever we did talk about it, he tried his best to keep it light, knowing that I feared rejection and heartache above anything we have faced before.
“It’s simple Chemistry.” He said pointing to the sign on the door, walking into the class backwards and laughing which in turn made me laugh. Once we got into class I saw that were only two seats open, strange seeing as usually a few people skip out on Chemistry. One seat next to Isaac and one seat next to Scott. Allison and Lydia were sitting behind Scott with smiles spread across all three of their faces. Stiles looked at me before running over to seat next to Scott, nearly falling on the way and smiled along with the others.
“I hate all of you.” I whispered before I sat next to Isaac, who just looked up at me with and smiled slightly before looking back down at his notebook. Great, I’m sitting next to a werewolf who is learning how to control himself, along with his abilities, like listening to heartbeats, including mine which is currently racing. Just calm down and he won’t hear it, I mean what are the chances that he is even listening in the first place?
“Hey are you okay? Your heart is racing, you usually do great in Chemistry.” He asked causing my eyes to widen and look down at my nails.
“I-um-I’m fine. I just don’t think I did the homework last night.” Who am I kidding, of course I did the homework. Nice save (Y/N), nice save.
“Lucky for you, Scott forced me to do the homework last night. He said it’s important to keep your grades up or it raises a ton of suspicion. Here, look at it, copy it. I know you will return the favor.” He said, causing me smile as he slid the paper across the black, marble counter.
“Thank you.” I said just above a whisper, our hands touched just for a second as I took the paper over to my side of the table, causing the butterflies in my stomach to come alive once again. Even if all his answers were wrong, is still looked at them, copied them in the back of my notebook and handed them back to him. It wasn’t a romantic gesture, something any of the pack members would have done for me but coming from him it felt like more than that.
For the rest of the day, every chance the pack got, they would push me into Isaac, or leave the seat next to him empty for me to sit in. It was like they were forcing me to talk to him, to interact with him. Stiles and I made plans for tonight and I went home on cloud nine. My crush on Isaac wasn’t going anywhere but I’m pretty sure that I could get use to the feeling. When my doorbell rang at eight, I hopped off the couch, and ran over to the front door, expecting to see Stiles, but instead I saw Isaac, walking away from my front door.
“Oh, hi. I thought you were Stiles.” I said causing him to turn around and chuckle slighting with his hands in his pockets. Even though I was beginning to get a handle on the whole crush thing, the butterflies were still going insane in my stomach.
“I don’t really think we look alike.” He said causing me to open my front door more and move to the side for him to come in. He just shook his head at me and I looked at him with a strange expression. He looked almost sick to his stomach, nervous, he looked like what my insides felt like.
“Isaac? Are you okay?” I asked, grabbing a jacket the coat rack by front door, closing it behind me and walking out into the chilly Autumn air. He just chuckled and shrugged slightly. He looked at me while a small smile and then looked up at the sky filled with tiny little stars. I hadn’t seen him like this before, out of it, not composed or calm. I don’t know what came over me but I just wanted to make sure he was alright, to help him in any way that I could.
“Talk to me.” I said walking over to him, grabbing his arm and pulling him over to my front stairs and sitting down with him. I knew something was wrong, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I looked at him only to see him staring at the stars once again. My butterflies were gone but instead was replaced by a pain in my chest. It was psychically hurting me to see him like this.
“Today was a setup, in Chemistry. Tonight is one too, Stiles isn’t coming over.” He said, causing me to sigh and nod quietly.
“I know, trust me I know and I’m sorry.” I said, playing with my hands, and looking at them as if they were the most interesting things in the world.
“Wait, why are you sorry? I should be the one saying sorry.” Isaac asked, sending me into a wave of confusion. I looked up at him, not realizing how close were until I could feel his breath on mine, our eyes meeting each other’s for a second before he looked away from me and towards the ground.
“(Y/N) they did that because of me. You haven’t figured it out yet?” He asked causing me to shake my head, earning a sigh from the boy next to me.
*Isaac’s Point Of View- at his locker before Chemistry.*
Today is the day, I have to tell her. I have to man up and just tell her. (Y/N) seems nice enough, from the few conversations we had, not to just laugh right in my face. Oh god there, she is…with Stiles, again. Are they always together? Do they even know what it’s like to be apart? I wondered as I opened my locker. I could feel my heartbeat beginning to rise as the jealousy begin to boil up.
“Isaac, dude your heart.” Scott said, blocking my view of (Y/N) and Stiles. I just nodded, taking a few deep breaths and trying my best to stay calm.
“Think of your anchor. You have one, I don’t know what it is, but you have one. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have been able to stay as human as you did on your first full moon. Think of your anchor.” He said, causing me to nod once again and close my eyes. I tried to think of the first time I saw her, sitting on the school steps, on a Saturday, my first day in town. I was on a walk, to get away from my dad, trying to get my mind off of him and think of anything else. I didn’t except to see the most beautiful girl sitting there, wind in her hair, small smile on her lips, listening to music and tapping her foot to the beat. She looked at me, smiled slightly and shot me a small wave. I smiled at the memory, opened my eyes and felt my heartbeat return to normal.
“Wow, that was pretty fast. What is your anchor? Or who?” Scott asked, causing me to take one more deep breath, grab my books, and shut my locker.
“(Y/N) is.”
*Your Point Of View-back on the steps*
“We ran through three classrooms to get to Chemistry before you and Stiles so Scott could talk to Allison and Lydia about what had just happened. I thought I would be a mess talking to you today but I guess, because you are my anchor, it kept me unbelievably calm. I didn’t have a freak out until I got home, I felt humiliated that they did that, and then when I found out about their plan for tonight I knew I had to get here before Stiles fake cancelled on you. You don’t have to say anything, I just needed you to know, I mean you wouldn’t want to be with a monster like me.” He said, finishing his explanation of his view of what happened today. They weren’t doing it so I would admit my feelings, they were doing all of it to get me to see that Isaac had a thing for me too. God, could I be more blind?
“You aren’t a monster. You are the farthest thing from it.” I whispered, taking his hand in mine, causing his eyes to meet mine once again. I knew he meant that the werewolf in him was a monster, as well as the mental damage his father had done to him, but he wasn’t a monster, he was Isaac.
“I like you too Isaac. I bet you didn’t think that was what you were going to hear when you came here tonight huh?” He asked, looking down at our intertwined hands, then back up at me with a breath filled chuckle.
“God, no but I’m glad I was wrong about what I thought I was going to hear.” He whispered before he rested his forehead on mine and we sat there, hand in hand, smiles on our faces, heart beats steady with one another’s. This day is just full of surprises.

Biggest Fan (Lewis Request)

“Ready babe?” You ask Lewis, your boyfriend, as you park the car outside of the Sidemen house.
This is where you would be meeting the majority of the Sidemen FC team and start the drive to the stadium.
“Yesss” He grins and hops out of the car, opening your door for you.
“Vikk!” You hear Simon yell, “Your brother’s here!!”
“Because that hasn’t got old” Lewis jokes under his breath.
You chuckle and follow him up to the door and walk inside.
“And the girlfriend that’s way to good for him” Simon, also known as your twin brother, calls once again.
“Shut up asshole” You roll your eyes and hit his arm.
“Oww” He fakes his pain and nudges you back.
“I swear you two can’t even be in the same room!” Josh jokes as he walks down the stairs.
“She started it!” Simon retorts immaturely.
“How are we the same age?” You question and the boys laugh.
“Shut up (y/n)” your brother murmurs and you again, hit him.
~~~Time Skip~~~
After the journey to Southampton and a night on the hotel, you’re all ready to head to the stadium and the buzz is already high. The boys are all very excited to play and you were more than happy to be watching in the seats.
“Nervous?” You ask Lewis when he seems surprisingly quiet.
“Its a lot of pressure” He chuckles and squeezes your hand.
“Just don’t run into any fences or goal posts or anything that might cause you harm” You comment jokingly.
“You get far too much influence from your brother” He shakes his head.
“I have taught her well” Simon chuckles and clasps your shoulder.
You laugh and continue talking to everyone, squeezing Lewis’ hand whenever you felt him getting nervous again or when he would start to jiggle his knee.
The journey ended soon and you all headed into the stadium to meet the rest of the players.
“Hey guys” You smile when you see The YouTube Allstars.
“The competition has arrived!” Weller gasps and goes to give you a hug.
“There’s my sister” Cal jokes, a reference to how many times people had confused him and Simon.
“hellooo" You grin and go over to greet everyone else.
You split from all of them when they head to the changing rooms and go to find your seat in the box closest to the match where all friends and family would be sat.
“It’s King Crawford!” You cheer when you see Elliot.
“Hey (y/n)” He smiles and gives you a hug, “So is Lewis nervous?” He asks you as you shuffle through to your seats.
“Seems to be. He’s more excited I think” You nod, “You’ll be on the pitch next year anyway”
“That’s the dream” He chuckles.
“I’ll put in a good word for you” you nudge his arm and take a few photos of the empty pitch.
As fans start to pour in, many of them recognise you so you hurry down from your seat to go and meet as many of them as you could.
As you are just waving them off and waiting for them to all sit down as requested. You notice all of the boys begin to make their way out.
Simon comes out with his hood stupidly tight around his head and he makes you laugh as he had done ever since you were babies.
“Good luck bro!” You grin and he winks and runs off, you knew he had been waiting for this day for months and were so proud that he was actually the captain.
From the corner of your eye you saw the black shirt and the number 19 and knew it was Lewis.
He jogged over to you and gave you a hug.
“Go play your best babe” You smile, “You’re gonna be great”
He grins and kisses you quickly, much to the joy of the entire crowd.
Soon, he is running off again and it is you that feels nervous for him when you back to your seat.
~~~Time Skip~~~
The team had played amazingly. They won 7-2 and had some brilliant goals. Your favourite being Simon easily scoring from the half way line.
They are rushed off from the pitch due to the surge of fans and security comes to guide the people in the box into the safety of the tunnel.
You wave goodbye to everyone and head into the loud buzz to find everyone.
Your brother runs over to you and lifts you up, spinning you around in joy.
“That was amazing!” You exclaim and he jumps up and down, shaking you around.
“Someone’s a bit excited” Josh chuckles when he walks past the pair of you.
“That was-” You begin again when he drops you but soon notice Lewis down the other end.
“Go see him” Simon pushes you over and you jog to see your boyfriend
When he catches your eye he wraps you into a big hug.
“You were great babe” You nod and kiss him.
“I could hear you from the other end of the pitch” he laughs, “my biggest fan”

My New Everlark Story

The Lines That Blur.

Set In Australia.

Pairing: Katniss/Peeta

Rated: E

Chapters: 5

Summary: When Katniss and her friends go to see snow for the first time, they get a lot more than they bargained for.


Chapter One.

Katniss Everdeen, and her two friends, Madge and Annie, arrive at the small town of Mansfield, two and a half hours out of Melbourne, just as the sun was rising. The three girls have come across from Perth to spend two months in the snow. They’ve not long graduated university, and their friend Delly Cartwright, invited them to come stay at her dads bed and breakfast in Mansfield, just under an hour away from Mt Buller Ski Resort.

Of course they’re not spending all their time in the snow. They have a two week stay in Melbourne booked before they fly home. So essentially they have six weeks in the snow and six weeks to spend with Delly. Delly spent a year in Perth, studying at UWA with the others, she lived with Madge and her family for that time. In that year her father remarried, after losing her mother to breast cancer, only thirteen months before.

Delly hates and loathes everything about the new Mrs Cartwright. She has always said, the best thing the woman ever did was give her a baby sister. Only after a couple of days, Katniss was beginning to understand Delly’s hatred for the woman. She’s rude, obnoxious and down right nasty. Where her father welcomed the girls with a warm and hospitable demeanour, Stella Cratwright was aloof and indifferent. Causing Katniss’ skin to prickle with goosebumps of the creepy kind.

However, as awful as she is -or rather was- she certainly didn’t deserve to be murdered. And that’s were this story really begins.

On the fourth morning, they had all been woken by a high pitched scream. They all ran to the source of the sound, and were met by a very ashen and shaken cleaner. Mr Cartwright peered into the room, only to see the the lifeless body of his wife, Stella Cartwright. She was apparently the third woman to be found dead, in less than two weeks, in similar circumstances. A serial killer apparently is on the loose, in the otherwise sleepy town.

Enter Senior detective Sergeant Abernathy, of the Victorian homicide division, and his two detective Sergeants O'dair and Mellark. SDS Abernathy was greasy, grumpy, blunt and likely a functioning alcoholic, but Katniss can’t be sure. The two sergeants are two of the hottest guys Katniss has ever seen. DS O'dair is possibly the most gorgeous man that has walked this earth. Bronze hair, sparkling green eyes and a smile that could charm anything in a skirt.

DS Mellark though, is the one that sets Katniss’ heart racing. Soft blonde curls, eyes as blue as the ocean, and although she’s sure his smile has won many girls hearts, it’s shyer and more discerning than O'dairs. She’s certain that the way her eyes roam over him from top to bottom, is probably illegal and so many kinds of wrong, but everything about him is intoxicating, from the one rebel curl that constantly falls in his eyes, to the way his suit pants hug his ass.

With the first fourty eight hours being so critical in catching the person responsible, DSS Abernathy and his two sergeants set about questioning everyone. The B&B is a revolving door of more cops, forensic investigators and medical examiners. Mr Cartwright was a mess, Delly was indifferent and her baby sister was too young to know what was going on. Katniss, Annie and Madge did their very best to comfort the family.

The cops set up shop in one of the larger rooms of the bed and breakfast. The whole place was considered a crime scene, so there was tape set up to cordon off the area. No one was allowed to leave, and by the end of the day the other guests, and Katniss and her friends were starting to feel like hostages. The scene around them was morbid and chaotic, as their holiday had turned into a nightmare.

Today Delly was suppose to take them up to the snow for their first snow board lesson. Growing up in Perth, Australia, they had never seen snow before. Poor Delly couldn’t apologise enough, even with the other three girls telling her constantly that it’s not her fault.

“I’m so sorry guys.” Delly apologised for the hundredth time.

A profiler came from Melbourne just after lunch, and a more brash person you will never meet. Johanna Mason came barreling into Mansfield like a cyclone. She didn’t seem to be much older than Katniss and her friends, but she was smart and dressed to kill. Katniss couldn’t quite figure out if she like the short woman or not. She was very suspicious of everyone, including the three girls from Perth.

What Katniss did know was, that in the few hours, since the homicide detectives had arrived, she has become quite smitten with one DS Mellark. She steals glances at him every now and then, when he’s wandering around. She ogles him from a distance, and gets so caught up in the blue of his eyes, or the way his suits seems to accentuate his body. Or his straight white teeth that are exposed, every time he smiles.

He’s caught her watching too, and she flushes with embarrassment everytime he sends her a knowing smile. Not that he’s egotistical about it, more flattered than anything, she thinks. And she thinks maybe that he is watching her too, but she can’t be sure, because she never keeps her eyes trained on him long enough to find out, completely mortified that he has caught her checking him out.

She learns his first name quite by accident, when her and Madge were walking through the dining room of the B&B. Peeta. Such an odd name, but it suits him perfectly. Again she thinks, it’s probably somewhat inappropriate to be thinking about him the way she is. By the time Stella Cartwrights body is taken away in the coroners car, Katniss feels she should be sitting in a confessional booth, confessing her sinful thoughts, despite not being religious.

The fourty eight hour mark passes and the detectives are no closer to having a suspect. From the snippets of conversation she overhears, Katniss surmises that despite all the victims being murdered in the same way, the killer seems to be erratic and likely female. It’s not often you hear of female serial killers, but considering the common denominator between the victims -they’ve all been younger wives of much older men- Johanna seems to think it’s a vengeful ex-wife or lover.

By the fourth day since the murder, the town was getting restless. They wanted answers and someone to blame for three of their own being taken from them. So DSS Abernathy called a meeting at the town hall, to try an placate the townsfolk. He assured them they were doing everything in their power to catch the person responsible. He gives advice to everyone as to what to watch out for, and if they suspect anyone, to call them on a number he provides.

His words seem to calm everyone down, despite the plethora of questions the community throw at him. Katniss is quite surprised that he has remained as calm and professional as he has been, considering he’s such a surly bastard most of the time. He finishes out the meeting by telling everyone to go about their normal business and to stay calm and vigilant. Then he, O'dair, Johanna and Peeta leave the room.

The next day DSS Abernathy heads back to Melbourne, leaving the other three to mingle with the community to try and get close to them. Katniss notices that the three of them relax, almost as soon as Abernathy’s car pulls out of the B&B. She’s also very aware of Peetas eyes on her more now, that the older man had gone. However other than the questioning the first day they were here, Peeta hasn’t uttered one word to any of them.

But that all changes by the end of the first week, and the girls have all gone to a local pub to hopefully get drunk, and forget about everything that has happened this week. They’re a couple of hours in, and well on their way to being more than a little tipsy, when Annie nudges Katniss with her elbow, trying to get her attention. When Katniss looks up, Annie is nodding in the direction of the bar.

Her eyes follow her gesture, and a small gasp leaves her mouth at the sight of Peeta, DS O'dair and Johanna Mason in everyday clothes, ordering drinks at the bar. She supposes cops need down time too, but with the freshness of the case and the urgency to stop the killer, Katniss just assumed that they worked day and night. Peeta wore black jeans and a long sleeved navy blue shirt and Katniss couldn’t help but notice, how it bought out the blue in his eyes.

Even from this distance she can see them sparkling. The barman hands over three beers and before Katniss could react, Peeta had turned and had somehow picked her out in the crowd. A smile forms on his lips and Katniss can feel the heat taking over her cheeks. She watches as he says something to the others, and the handsome O'dair and the brash Mason, turn their heads towards them as well.

Suddenly panic starts to set in, as Peeta makes his way towards their table, the other two following behind. She hears Delly mumble something under her breath, as Katniss nervously plays with a strand of hair, that has fallen out from under her beanie. She takes a long draw of her beer, her eyes drifting to the floor, to hide the redness that has taken over her cheeks. She can’t control the desire that courses through her, when he comes to a stop just to her left.

“Miss Cartwright.” He greets towards Delly, although Katniss can feel his eyes trained on her. “It’s nice to see you out and about with your friends, given the circumstances.”

“Hello Sergeant Mellark. We couldn’t stand being cooped up in that place anymore. Plus Katniss, Annie and Madge are only here for a little while.”

“Aah, that’s right, you girls are from Perth right?” It’s DS O'dair.

They all nod and Katniss still feels uneasy under Peeta’s gaze.

“So what brings you all here?” Johanna asks.

“We know Delly from UNI. She studied for a year with us. She invited us all over for a holiday and show us the snow, but…well considering what has happened….” Madge trails off, her voice disheartened.

“So any idea when we can actually leave Mansfield so I can show my friends Mt Buller?” Delly asks, her eyes drifting between the three of them.

The three detectives answer with shakes of their heads.

“Sorry ladies, we can’t talk about it.” Peeta answers.

Delly rolls her eyes. Katniss can feel the pubs patrons eyes on their table. It must be strange to see Delly, the victims step daughter, interacting with the police, who she is sure has questioned probably every person in here. Katniss thinks it’s somewhat inappropriate for them to be speaking to the cops, but she hasn’t been able to find her voice to relay her opinion, momentarily stunned by how good one DS Peeta Mellark looks. Again, probably all kinds of wrong, she thinks.

It’s Annie that speaks instead, asking the question that had just been on Katniss’ mind.

“Should you guys even be talking to us? Aren’t we all still suspects?”

Katniss watches the reaction of all three detectives. Johanna’s face stays impassive, O'dair’s eyes have gone a little wide and Peeta is scratching at the back of his head.

“Ah no….you’ve all been cleared.” Peeta answers, shaking his head.

“So why are we still being kept here like hostages then?” Delly asks, a glint of anger in her eyes.

Katniss notices that all three of them look a little uncomfortable.

“Miss Cartwright….” O'dair starts. “You have to understand that we are trying to solve a murder here and just make sure no one else gets hurt. We can’t do that if you leave.”

“It’s not like we fit the criteria of the victims, we certainly haven’t been involved with any older married men lately.” Her voice full of spite for her dead step mother.

All three detectives eyes go wide and their brows are creased, as they try to understand how Delly knows so much about the case.

“How….How do you know about that?” Johanna questions.

Again Delly rolls her eyes before setting Johanna with a knowing look.

“I live here, Mansfield isn’t a big place. it wasn’t hard to put two and two together.”

Not to mention the fact that she had studied criminal law.

“And just how upset were you, that your dad married someone so much younger than him?” She questions again and it’s starting to feel like they’re interrogating her.

Katniss watches as Delly narrows her eyes at the brash woman standing next to her. Her, Annie and Madge have stood silently still through the whole thing, too afraid to say anything.

“Not enough to kill her if that’s what you’re suggesting?”

She turns to the other three and nods her head in the direction of the door.

“Cmon girls, we don’t have to answer any of their question, not without a lawyer present.”

The three girls follow Delly, but not before Katniss hears Peeta scolding Johanna.

“Way to go Jo!” He growls.

Katniss throws a quick look over her shoulder, and is surprised to see Peeta looking straight back at her, while O'dair and Johanna whisper angrily between each other. Their eyes connect for what seems like forever, when his soften a little. Then she is certain she sees what looks like apology in his eyes, and the sincerity almost has her gasping. She quickly turns her head back, and picks up her pace to catch up with the others, who are nearly out the door.


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Jungkook Scenario: King of the Court.

Request: may I please have a scenario where Jungkook’s s/o is fangirling over anime characters and Kookie gets jealous and tries to get his jagis attention by acting like said character? (fluffy ending please?)

Genre: Fluff / Romance. 

As the sound of the whistle announced the end of the game you clapped and cheered, almost making the popcorn that was placed on the sofa to fall down, Jungkook grabbing it just before it slipped, you didn’t even notice. 
-Oh my god! Did you see that?- you asked excitedly, but you didn’t let your boyfriend speak as you continued. -It was amazing, he is the best-
Jungkook nodded. -He’s good-
You turned your head to him and shook it. -No, no, he’s more than good, Kageyama Tobio is the best volleyball player ever-

Jungkook huffed, not believing how he could have fallen into the trap of watching Haikyuu with you again. The first time you have ever watched the anime was with him a couple of months ago, and since the beginning your eyes focused of Kageyama, the talented setter of Karasuno High. It didn’t bother him, Jungkook wouldn’t let his ego fall so hard to be bothered just by an anime character. 

-He’s alright-

-Oh babe you don’t understand- you said smiling, looking at Kageyama’s face on the TV, you had pressed pause to speak and not miss anything. -Kageyama is just too much, I mean, I can’t even tell you-

-Oikawa is better though- he said calmly making you gasp.

-Of course not, Kageyama is way better, he’s more talented, he has more potential and besides, he’s hotter-

-You are such a fangirl-

You clapped again. -I am!- you exclaimed proudly. -For Kageyama I am-
Jungkook couldn’t help the scowl that was forming on his face. -What about me? I’m talented too-

You giggled light heartedly. -Oh Kook, you’re amazing, but Kageyama is different-

He slid closer to you. -I remember you were my fan when we met, I was even your favorite in the group- Jungkook let that out smugly, you knew as well as he did that it was true.

-Yes babe, but Kageyema is just…- you closed your eyes and sighed dreamily. -He’s the best-

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I am going to take this moment to brag a little bit. I am so incredibly proud of myself for graduating today. High school has been a really rough time for me start to finish. Getting pregnant made this year 10x harder. There were so many times when I wanted to give up and get my GED. And there were plenty of days I just didn’t get out of bed. But I pushed through and I made it to the end, with good grades! I kept telling myself I had to graduate for my baby and that’s what I did. I know that one day my baby will know that I did everything I could to make sure he or she got the best start in life and that they will be proud of my accomplishments. Now baby, this is to you: In only two months (hoping you stay in there that long) I’ll be holding you in my arms. No matter what anyone might think or say, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. There is nothing I want more in this entire world than to be your mom. Today marked the end of one chapter of my life, but I’m not sad. Because you are the beginning of the rest of my life. I love you so much and everything I do is for you. I hope that one day you know how much I truly love you and that I would do anything for you. Xoxo, Mommy