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recovery ▪ noun [s or u] ▪ /rɪˈkʌv.ər.i/

  1.  the process of getting back something lost, especially health, ability, possessions, etc.
  2.  the act or process of getting better; improvement.


Demon!Michael - Halloween AU Series

lexi-suval said: Can I request a demon Michael smut? Is that possible? 🙈 if not, that’s okay:)

i’m so scared to post this because a lot of other blogs have written demon!5sos, and i don’t want it to seem as if i’m copying them because i wouldn’t ever do that… if anything sounds similar to another blogs it is purely coincidence and i’m so sorry if it does - but i have not stolen anything x

Luke - Calum - Ashton

PART TWO - masterlist


This wasn’t going to work, obviously. It was just another stupid fake thing you had read online. You defeatedly sat on the edge of the pavement, head resting in your hands.You shivered at the bite of the freezing night air, and began to  subconsciously fiddle with your boot laces.

With your best friend in the hospital, comatose for over a month, you had begin to panic. She was all you had left, the only thing worth fighting for. You had lost faith in doctors and had blindly turned to the supernatural for help. And that is how you ended up on the side of a dark country road, having buried a box of ridiculously random items at the center of the cross section. Nothing had immediately happened, and you had almost given up, but remained at the site, a glimmer of hope telling you to stay.

Eventually you got up and tossed the cumbersome shovel in the trunk of your car, slamming the boot shut and then jumping back in surprise at the stranger who had appeared silently, and now wore a slightly amused look on his battered face.

“Alright?” He nodded at you, still vaguely entertained at the shock you got from him.

“Yes.” You clenched your jaw, something seemed off about the man who stood in front you.

“What’d you call me for, babe?” He looked at you as if you should have told him something by now, craning his neck forward slightly.

“You’re a demon?” You asked, baffled that this idea had worked.

“Sure, if you like,” He brushed off your question swiftly, “What did you call me for?” He repeated, more impatiently this time.

“My friend, she’s in a coma. I’m exchanging my soul, for her to wake up tomorrow and live a long, healthy life.” You specified deliberately, assuming that these supernatural beings would find any way to shortcut a deal.

“I can do that.” The man stepped closer to you, now under the dim light of a streetlamp, you could see his features better.

His seemingly bleached hair stuck up in all directions, however dark blood stains were streaked through the white tufts. His eyes glinted under the spotlight, unnaturally dark and glimmering with mischief. His cheek was bruised and several shallow cuts were hidden under stubble that surrounded his square jaw. He wore a torn white shirt and ripped black skinny jeans, but an oddly clean black trench coat over his shabby attire.

“No tricks.” You firmly said, standing tall, refusing to be intimidated by the man towering above you.

“Tell me who she is.” He said, ignoring your previous statement, but then silencing you when you opened your mouth to answer him. He approached you cautiously, showing you that he was unarmed with both hands in the air.

He reached out and cupped your cheek, your whole body stiffened at the contact of his icy hand. He closed his eyes and exhaled loudly. You felt strange, dizzy, as if you were floating. Random flashes of distant memories reemerged in your brain, making you gasp as you reminisced your childhood.

“Wow, you guys were close.” The man stepped away from you, seemingly in awe of your relationship with your best friend. The flashbacks instantly stopped.

“What did you just do?” You asked, holding your head as it ached faintly.

“You wouldn’t understand,” The man pointed to his head and then to yours, “We’re connected now. I can see who this girl is and can hold up my end of the bargain.” He said nonchalantly, you shrugged his attitude off, he probably does this hundreds of times a day, to him it was no big deal.

“How long until you come back for me, Michael?” You said his name without thinking, Michael nodded once and tapped his forehead, reiterating that you were linked now, somehow allowing you to know his name.

“I like you, so I’m gonna go easy on you. 7 years.”

“8?” You desperately negotiated, wanting all the time you could get.

“Fine. On one condition.” His lips curled into a smirk.

“What do I have to do?” You sighed.

“Me,” Your eyes widened at his outrageous proposition and you began to shake your head in disagreement, “Or we could shorten our little deal to 5 years?” Michael reacted instantly to your doubts, pushing you into the deal.

“Okay, okay.” You submitted, “For 8 years. We kiss on it, right?”

“Exactly right babe.” He stepped closer to you, pulling your hips to press against his, and locking your lips in an intense kiss.

The kiss was the strangest, most intense and oddly satisfying thing you had ever experienced. Michael’s lips were freezing but his tongue was warm, his mouth left yours occasionally to nip harshly at your bottom lip. You felt his stubble graze your cheeks almost painfully but found yourself pining for more once he had drawn away from you.

“What’s next?” You said, dazed and slightly out of breath.

“I come back for your body, whenever I want. And after 8 years, I come back for your soul.” The whites of his eyes flickered black, the colour melting into the darkness of his irises, a grin displaying his white teeth.

With that, Michael disappeared into thin air, leaving nothing but a shiver running down your spine.


I know chances of you seeing this on your hectic dash are slim to none, but I’m gonna try anyways. So 4 years ago I reconnected with my high school crush. I had just ended a horrible 4 month marriage to a man that as it turns out, I didn’t know at all. Then Ryan stepped in. I wasn’t looking to ever be in a serious relationship ever again. But he kept trying and he never gave up on me. He was patient and we were the best of friends and I could see he was beginning to heal my broken heart. Just as we were really connecting people started talking. You see, where we lived in NC, people aren’t to accepting of interracial couples. That’s where “love story” and “ours” came into play. Your music has helped me move on from earth shattering loss “cold as you” and “last kiss” and now you were helping me to see that it didn’t matter what other people thought about our love. It was ours to keep and for no one else to judge. I’m so thankful I followed that advice in your music because here we are 4 years later with our amazing marriage and amazing, full of personality baby boy Kingston! So thank you Taylor for getting me here! We owe you!

We love you!
Neesy, Ryan and Kingston

Listening to a tøp song for the first time:

5 seconds in: I don’t know, I’m not sure if I like this

The first chorus: well its different, but it sounds cool

The end of the 2nd verse: I really like the lyrics, Tyler is a genius

Beginning of the last chorus: and listen to those drums, get it Spooky!



Dusk / Dawn

I haven’t posted a lot of sentimental stuff on Tumblr in a while, which is something I regret a bit because my blog used to be something really important to me and a place where I felt like I could share things in greater detail and thought than I can on other social networking sites. So here’s my shot at getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve had the best summer of my life this year. I met Jacki at the beginning of May and haven’t looked back since. Her ability to put up with me is unmatched by anyone and the love, compassion, and kindness she shows to me is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. We’ve had so many adventures this summer and have shared so many special experiences together–many of which I plan to keep just between us. I’m unfathomably grateful for each and every memory we’ve made together in the short time we’ve known each other.

A month or so a go, I received some very vague instructions on how to get to a “secret” camping spot up in Big Cottonwood Canyon, which is somewhere I’ve ventured in many times both with and without Jacki. Yesterday evening, Jacki and I decided this was our chance to find this spot and spend the night there. We backpacked for a while and after fearing that we may have missed the spot where we were supposed to go, we finally found a small, hidden trail which took us right to the spot we were looking for. The photos in this set are from the first few minutes of our arrival, which was right around the time the sun was setting, and then waking up this morning around sunrise. 

To whoever reads this, it will probably be just a few decent pictures to look over, some words, and something to never think about again, which is completely fine. But to me, this will serve as yet another reminder of how incredible this summer was. This was just a quick journey into the mountains for a night and wasn’t some extravagant trip together; however, it means so much more than that. To me, this quick camping trip was the seal on our book of memories for the summer of 2015. It was the final page that will set the scene for our transition into a new season together where we’ll face new adventures, trials and challenges, and tribulations. 

This summer has truly been life-altering in the best way I can imagine. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

thinking of thomas proposing to newt fucks me up!!!! so much!!!!!!!!!!! like can you imagine

  • thomas spending months thoroughly preparing for the proposal bc he wants newt to have the best proposal in the world
  • thomas secretly making plans to visit newt’s family to receive their blessing bc he wants to make sure they’re on board
  • thomas spending hours to set up pretty lanterns and fairy lights in the backyard they used to rendevouz ever since they were 7 years old
  • thomas’s breath hitching when newt arrives later that night bc holy shit that’s his future husband walking towards him under the starry sky
  • thomas making small jokes in the beginning to calm his nerves and newt chuckling softly like????? “tommy what is all this??”
  • thomas stumbling on his words bc honestly he’s tearing up and this pushes newt to the verge of crying too bc they love each other so so much???
  • “newt, god i - i love you so much. i can’t put in words how much you make me happy and how you make feel me like god sent an angel on earth just for me.”
  • “you’ve turned my life upside down, you know? any day i spend with you is my favourite day. my life didn’t start with you in it, newt, but i want it to end with you by my side. will you - will you marry me?”
  • !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! END ME ???!!!

Dating with purpose

I’ve recently proposed to my girlfriend of 4 years and 8 months to be precise who’s now my fiancé as I write this. It’s the best feeling ever and up until now it still hasn’t sunk in properly. I understand we still have a long way to go as this is just the beginning but it’s good to know that we are on the right path.

By no means I am throwing “shade” or pointing fingers at any anybody. so please keep scrolling… if you’re easily offended.

As a Child of God, I have and will always strive to set and be an example to my generation. That’s the least I can do to contribute to the kingdom of God.

We are living in a generation whereby people are so used to doing the wrong thing that doing the right thing is not longer considered normal or cool.

We date for the sake of dating because we don’t want feel left out.

It’s about time that our generation takes a look at itself and actually realizes that it’s time to grow up.

Don’t date a guy or girl out of loneliness.

Date with a purpose because a girlfriend is a potential wife and a relationship is a potential marriage.

Small recap on yesterday

I will write a longer more in depth reflection in a few days.

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster and an amazing learning experience. While I was in the best shape I have ever been, I was no where near the level of conditioning that the majority of the girls in my classes were. So initially I let that get me down. But than I realized,that I never did this for a trophy in the first place. I did this for myself. To show what I could accomplish. I am so proud of myself and that I did not give up when it got tough. This is only the beginning.
I did decide yesterday that I was not going to compete at the end of the month. But then I remembered that I don’t give up on my goals. And I set out to compete in two shows in one month and I am going to do it!
Night of The Champions, In Spokane washington, October 24 :-)

Let’s see what I can do in two weeks 💕💪🏻

“The Kid”

“Proper story’s supposed to start at the beginning.  Ain’t so simple with this one.  Now here’s a kid whose whole world got all twisted, leaving him stranded on a rock in the sky.”

Bastion fanart I did for miq’s bday a while ago.

Happy birthday again miq!!! (like two months later… I don’t think I’ll ever stop wishing you happy birthday. this is like what, the 10th time?)

You’re the best and I love you very very much!



Steve/Bucky Warrior!AU

Bucky and Steve are both boxers, but a couple of months ago Bucky suffered from a severe blow to the head and ever since doesn’t remember who he is or that he was once best friends and more with Steve. All Bucky knows is that he’s good at fighting and can at least make a living out of it. So he does.

In the beginning, Steve tried everything to make him remember, to make him see who he was and always will be in his eyes, but all attempts failed and even drove them apart in the end. Steve realised that he did more damage than good and backed away, though never too far as he still kept an eye on Bucky and his actions. He could never fully let go.

Steve never stopped fighting nor did Bucky as they both went their seperate ways. ‘Till one day they both walked the same path that lead to a bigger game. A mixed martial arts tournament with the top 16 fighters of the world where the winner takes it all; 5 million dollars. 

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'Supernatural' actor Misha Collins wants you to join the world's biggest scavenger hunt
Have any interesting plans this summer? Now you do!
By Sandra Gonzalez

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES) wants to make this year’s event the best yet, but that’s no easy feat for an event that has already set seven Guinness World Records and even had a mountain on Mars named after it.

With a little more than a month until the mayhem begins, Supernatural actor and GISHWHES host Misha Collins is staging the organization’s first registration telethon, in hopes of recruiting more participants than ever.

The telethon will be live streamed on Saturday, and those who tune will catch a rare glimpse inside GISHWHES HQ so viewers can see exactly what happens there on a daily basis.

Fans of the weeklong event, now in its fifth year, probably already know that what happens there is the creation of scavenger hunts with directives such as “make Maxi Pad art” and “get a picture of a Stormtrooper cleaning a pool next to a sunbather enjoying a cocktail.” It may not be your average office.

“I guess my goal would be for it to keep growing like this until all beings of all species are participating.”

“As you know, we at GISHWHES have long held that transparency is one of the biggest pitfalls of an open-market democracy,” Collins tells Mashable. “We have a long-standing corporate culture of shady backroom dealings, unsavory business practices. Our employees consume excessive amounts of hard candy. These are things we do not wish to expose the outside world to. However, we just finished a pretty sweet remodel and we just had to show off our new digs.”

The live telethon will feature special guests and performances, crazy art projects, and a look at the office’s “dessert-related disciplinary action.”

Collins admits that open access to his office space could also risk leaks of his plans for world domination. “Hence the ball gag,” he says. “Sorry, gag order. Hence the gag order.”

Collins hopes the telethon will motivate more people to join next month’s global collaborative scavenger hunt, which in recent years has gained massive momentum, attracting thousands of participants from more than 100 countries, according to the organization.

“The thing that is amazing to me about GISHWHES participants is that the vast majority of them come back each year,” Collins says. “GISHWHES causes people to lose sleep, to cover their friends in butter, build strange contraptions, go on road trips, persuade NASA to do bizarre things… It’s exhausting, difficult and humiliating, and yet the people who survive it end up making friends; they come back wanting more. And since the vast majority of GISHWHES participants return the following year, and since they recruit their friends, we have been growing almost exponentially each year. I guess my goal would be for it to keep growing like this until all beings of all species are participating.”

SEE ALSO: ‘Supernatural’ just masterfully paid off a storyline 8 seasons in the making

While Collins and Co. are still hammering out the details of the GISHWHES 2016, which takes place from July 30 to Aug. 6, he says this year’s challenges will “run the gamut.”

“There will be simple items that encourage couch surfing, and slightly more complex items that change the course of the upcoming American elections,” Collins says.

Proceeds from GISHWHES support Collins’ charity, Random Acts, which recently broke ground on a free high school in Nicaragua and recruited Supernatural fans to form a crisis support network.

The GISHWHES telethon is scheduled to live stream on Collins’ Facebook page Saturday at 9 a.m. PT.

it's a wrap

While it’s super strange and mildly uncomfortable to be heading home from work today for the first time in 3 months without the lingering feeling of “where am I meeting Marcie and Jen downtown on set” or “which contact will have details about tomorrow’s shoot”, I’m also satisfied and content and ready to begin processing my summer of 2015.

This was the most incredible ride ever, and I love you all and I’m so grateful for you all, and I’m so happy that what we would’ve been doing anyway, on location, can be shared with this community. This fandom is fucking incredible and I’m so honoured to call many of you friends.

We’ve been through so much together, and may the next 4 months leading up to the premiere be filled with the best promotional material, interviews and gillovny speculation and fuckery imaginable.

The Taming of the Shrew

          In some ways being with the Clave was a lot like being in the Circle. Unarmed and watched, there was that difference, but the meetings were pretty much the same, planning at war rooms, pouring over maps and laying out strategies.  The Clave stormed Chernobyl on his second day there, his directions leading them on as Alec himself sat blind at Lydia’s office, answering to pointed questions and refraining from offering his commentary unless it was specifically asked for.

They will be waiting for something, but not this.

          He had betrayed the Circle and ran away with Jace, true, but even so no one would expect a Lightwood to actually defect to the Clave. To give it all up as he did. It was the best chance the Clave had in months, years- Ever since the beginning of this very war and Alec listened carefully for any mention of his parents’ names, bracing himself for the worst.

          Maryse Lightwood killed two shadowhunters from the Clave before getting away. Alec had a hard time holding back a smirk as he heard, it was his mother after all, and with his betrayal pounding at their very door Maryse and Robert would be working extra hard, proving themselves.

          As Alec suspected, the surprise attack was hardly enough to bring down the Circle of Raziel, though it did put a dent in it’s structure. Without the labs it would be nearly impossible to make forsakens, he had assured Lydia, and having the base compromised would push them into their backup plan. The Morning Star ship was meant to sail only once they had the Mortal Cup, but it was clearly the best option without Chernobyl.

“They’ll be untrackable in the water, but all that was planned goes out the window,” Alec concluded, it was bound to make them sloppy

          Lydia nearly smiled herself as the reports proved him true: The Circle retreated towards the Pripyat river.   

          After that he was allowed to call his sister. Isabelle’s voice was a mixture of worry and anger on the phone and Alec could only imagine what it looked like to her. His request for her to stay awake, their very home under attack, Izzy’s hurt tone as she put it all together, It was you… 

“I’m sorry,” Alec pleaded, and he meant it“I had no choice.”

“Все для него,” it wasn’t a question. “I hope he is worth it.”

           And Alec really had no right to ask, but he still did, if not for himself for the fact that no matter how angry Isabelle was, how right she was to hate right then, she was still good. Better than he would ever be. “Join me,” he said instead, and silence was the only answer he got for the longest time, “I made a deal. They will have you, if you want, no charges.” 

          Isabelle might never have been anywhere near the Clave before, but she knew her brother, knew him enough to imagine exactly how much he had to have given up to be able to make her such an offer. If she said no, this would be the last time she would ever hear of him, unless they were to meet in battle and that thought alone was enough to make up her mind. Even if the proposition had already been tempting, the idea of being on a different side than Alec, of seeing him in a fight-


          His sigh of relief was audible even through the phone. After that it was more planning, a meeting point and another armed escort, Lydia promised to go get his sister personally. Alec didn’t trust her, not with his life, but he trusted her to keep her word; if nothing else, to assure his continuous cooperation. The success of their first mission wasn’t lost on him. 

          Izzy came in that night and Alec finally felt like he could breathe a little easier for the first time since he had left Ukraine. The rest of his week was a bit of a blur. Lydia was incessant in her interrogations and by the end of it Alec was sure he had told her everything there was to know about the inner workings of the Circle. Her office was covered in maps, blueprints, anything he could remember really. It felt like he spent more time there than anywhere else in the Institute. 

          An armed guard followed him absolutely everywhere, which really consisted of his assigned room, Izzy’s, Lydia’s office and the bathroom. He didn’t really feel like exploring much, the nasty looks he got whenever someone crossed his path didn’t do much in terms of helping with that. They either looked scared of angry and it made Alec wonder if the guard was actually there for everyone else’s benefit or his own. Just in case someone snapped.

          So Alec didn’t wander and that meant he also hardly saw Jace. The whole reason for him to end up at the Institute in the first place and all he got being there were glimpses. He knew where Jace’s room was by then ( four doors down his corridor, to the left ) but he didn’t dare got there, not while there was still a guard following him around. The fact Jace hadn’t come to see him was also telling. Either the blond didn’t want to call attention to their connection anymore than it was already done or he simply didn’t want to see him, Alec respected both, so he kept to himself. 

          Jace knew where to find him.

          At the end of the second week the guard was relieved from door duty at night, Alec was allowed to lock his room from the inside - not that ha hadn’t been doing so every night with a rune already. Still the small liberty was all the invitation he needed to venture down the hall and all the way to Jace’s bedroom once the corridors were empty. Screw space, he’d waited long enough.

          Bare feet padded quietly across the floor, a silencing rune in place just in case. The door wasn’t locked, and Alec made a mental note of pointing out the imprudence in that before closing it once more and stalking in. He felt awkward in the borrowed clothes that were nothing like gear, sweatpants and a snug black t-shirt, nothing like himself as he approached Jace’s bed. The darkness made it impossible to actually analyze the room, but Alec could still make out the shape under the covers enough to reach for his shoulder. 



So this happened last night

I just

Originally posted by metalliton

Wow, um, I’m absolutely speechless. I can’t believe I’m finally here, it’s been truly incredible these past month. Under the cut are some people that have made my time here so much more entertaining, and I’m glad to be able to call my friends.

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I don’t know what else to say but thankyou! I love every single one of you guys too the moon and back. I have had this blog for 2 ½ years and in the beginning I was a 1D/hipster/i reblog whatever i want blog and then about 6 months ago I changed it into a youtubers blog and it was one of my best descions ever. I have met so many lovely people who I would call some of my closest friends. I love you all :) x I am very sorry to those who I have forgotten, I love everyone x Ignore the pic it took me 5 seconds and I needed something  (Bold is people I love a lot)

Firstly, I want to thank troyelikesboys troyeboyish whatstroyler for being 3 of the most lovely, kind, friendly people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and you may think I am an absolute weirdo (i am) I love you guys to bits x 

And all you fabulous people x adorablezoe alfiesugg alohachummy angelictroye awchummy ayetroyler blahtroyler bubblelester cheekyzoellaa danteasers emzoella flannelhowell fuckyeszoella happylittlezalfie hella-zoella lessamazingphil londonhowell mintynugget narcusfeels ohmyeffingtroyler pastelzoella peace-out-little-munchkins queenzoella schoee sluttylittlepill sluttytroye smilingoakley suggftsivan sunshinelester suptroyler theinternetsquad tripodsandmarshmallows troyeisnotonfire troyler-feels troylerfivever troylerkiss troylerslayever troylersmissingselfie troylerthough troylertime tsivey typicalbeth ughtroylerrr versa-tilly whoistroyeanyway youtube-feels youtube-nuggets youtubers-ugh zalfle zalphie zoellahelbig zxlfie z-o-e-l-l-a

And finally, of course, the reason I run this blog, all the youtubers that I watch that I am too tired to tag I love you all xx

🚨🎉 YAYYYY it’s my birthday and mcr day !!! So here are the results for my first ever/birthday promo !! 🎉🚨

To begin, I cannot thank you all enough for entering. I can’t believe my first promo recieved as many entries as it did! I appreciate each and every one of you and I’m sorry I couldn’t choose you all as winners. Since posting this promo about a month ago I have gained over 500 followers. This dumb website and shitty band mean so much to me. Thank you to all of my followers for joining me on this wild ride.

soooo…. in no particular order ‼️

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Again, thank you all so much. You all win a follow and my friendship if you don’t already have it.
Happy National MCR Day, happy 14th birthday to Bullets, and happy 17th birthday to me/anyone else out there with a birthday today !!!

days blend to months but sometimes only weeks. i read a lot of beautiful things that make me want to write about sunsets and cheap wine and that feeling you get when people you love love you back but i am too quickly reminded that my voice sounds more like thick cherry cough syrup than the wind whispering through any meadow. i am so clunky. tongue thick from the words i never said. words perfectly packaged with a tidy red bow in my head become shredded newspaper wrappings on the floor in front of me. i do my best to fit the pieces back together but i only ever make things worse forming words never written on the pages to begin with. frustrated with the fact that nothing comes out clearly i shove my mess under the bed and let it rot there. ink fades and corners curl. coffee stains from blissful mornings grow mold and mildew. days blend to years but sometimes only months. i clean out the trash lurking beneath my mattress forgetting it once held such beautiful things.
Naruhina Month, Day One: Anniversary


pairing: naruhina

words :655

notes: just something cute i wrote for the beginning of the best month ever!

Hinata opened the door of her house, rubbing her hands together. It was cold this time of year, but thankfully it hadn’t snowed yet. She had only been gone for a couple of hours, but the house seemed empty. The lights weren’t on, the living room was empty, and she couldn’t hear anything either.

Hinata knew that Naruto was home, since his jacket was hung up on the hook. She only knew he was home because she felt it when trying to put up her own.

“Naruto? Where are you?” She yelled from the front door, being cautious just in case something was wrong.

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