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Just curious, what don't you like about couple-ish?

let me keep this somewhat short b/c this is something i’ve gone into before. three main reasons.

  • the plot was poorly constructed and only referenced when convenient.
    • in the very beginning there was a several month time skip in which some form of animosity was formed between dee and rachel. however like i just said it was a time skip that wasn’t even clearly presented, so they just hated each other b/c the script said they did.
    • there was the threat of rachel being deported but that threat that led to their fake online relationship was contrived at best and again only referenced when the plot really needed it. otherwise it basically did not exist.
    • not to mention the fact that their first vlog was the most fake looking relationship i’d ever seen. i know its supposed to look that way (i guess) but how am i supposed to believe their channel “blew up” when they did such a poor job pretending to even like each other in their initial vlog.
  • the acting was horrid 4/5 times.
    • sharon’s accent was not good, ok.
    • kaitlyn isn’t an actor who commands attention when they’re on screen (and neither is sharon to be fair) so i tuned out very easily. (admittedly that might just be a personal thing but this is also a list of reasons why i dont particularly care for this show) they’re not a strong actor and in scenes with just them and sharon i found myself paying attention to the setting rather than what they were actually doing.
    • however mercedes was the most fun to watch on screen followed by whoever ed’s actor is. watching sharon and mercedes together was somewhat fun mainly b/c of mercedes. and i was looking forward to watching them develop romantically from the beginning. but that was throw away for my next point.
  • the relationship “development” between dee and rachel was one of the most forced romantic relationships i’ve ever watched.
    • aside from some magic™ happening when they kissed, the actual development of their relationship was poorly constructed being that dee was unreasonably rude to rachel 90% of the time. every time they would start to be cordial, some bullshit would happen that would take them back ten steps. but suddenly at the end there was some… random sexual tension™ that led into what happened at the very end. 
    • i could not understand why or how they were supposed to like each other from how the series developed their “relationship”

tldr; i found everything about it to be poorly constructed at best.

Life Update

Sarah (Avaruu) and I are getting ready to leave in a few days to a new beginning.

Long story short, I got offered an amazing job opportunity in San Antonio, Texas. I will be working as a career services coordinator with a potential promotion upgrade to assistant director of career services after a six month period. Better pay, amazing benefits, and my new boss is incredibly sweet! I haven’t even started working there yet and she has been messaging me the past few days with such positive remarks.

Truly, this is the best blessing I could have ever received, especially at a time where I was feeling extremely low because I’m so burnt out at my current job.

Since I started working as a property manager in storage, it has been hell. The first few months were okay, but then people started to identify how much I am capable of and used the fuck out of me. As an example, I wrote all of the new procedural guides and training manuals for my company, yet someone else took credit for all my hardwork because it was suppose to be their duty to do it. Being the nice person that I am, I just let it go. I let it go because I was intimidated, fearful, and uncertain of what would happen if I said no.

And as many of you know, I find it hard to say no and push out shitty people because I hate leaving others suffering and the work not being done. That’s just not me; I want things to run smoothly.

On top of that, I also assumed the role of an area manager without the official title or pay. I started to take care of 11 stores, 15 employees, writing schedules, doing payroll, training, and so on. If you can name it, I was the one doing it. I did have a network of a couple of people who helped me that I could rely on, but mostly everyone came to me to solve the issues because I knew what had to be done, I knew what corporate wanted, and I wanted to prove myself as an employee that I can handle a much higher level of management.

The downside of all this experience is that my hard work resulted in being taken advantage of more. I probably clocked 50+ hours a week because I worked the overtime so someone could have a day off, I was put in charge of things with no support from corporate office (but they wanted me to do it ???), and credit for my efforts were being robbed of me.

And just to add on to everything else, I lived on property and this resulted in being stalked, harassed, break ins, and so much more. A male mover took a liking to me and started stalking me aggressively. I have nowhere to go and it compromised so much of my safety as well as Sarah’s. We also had people who were drugged out breaking in on the property and knocking on our windows/door. I had tenants approach me when I am carrying in groceries on my day off to do things for them. It was just such a hassle to live onsite, but it was also a living nightmare.

I haven’t even touched the surface of all the bullshit we’ve lived through in the last two years, but one thing I do not regret is coming to Asheville to be with Sarah. Although we are not dating anymore (and haven’t for awhile), she and I are so close that we are basically just one butt. This move is going to be great for the two of us.

Some people are going to be like EW TEXAS, GROSS. Yeah, Texas has some shitty aspects to it, but living in Asheville is horrid. Asheville is beautiful to look at, but we get taxed for just breathing and this area is severely underpaid for the huge housing prices. Seriously, a one bedroom here is over $900 a month without anything special and usually in a poopy part of time; whereas in San Antonio, we are going to be upgrading into a luxury 2 bedroom apartment with every feature you could ever want for just over $1,100. All we pay is our internet and electricity.

Shit, I didn’t expect to write this much, but I probably needed to vent after everything here. I am so excited, so is Sarah. We made this random ass trip to San Antonio last week to land my dream job and everything else has just perfectly fallen into place.

Life is good, I just can’t wait until next Sunday when we official get to call San Antonio home.

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I'm terrible at sending tumblr asks so I'm only sending this message now, really I should've sent this months ago because you are incredible. itsb is one of the best fics I have ever read, every single chapter is an absolute delight. I'm just rereading ch13 now in anticipation of 14, and god I can't even begin to describe how much I love this. and I can't believe the next chapter is 30K+, you are an angel, our very own nephilim. so excited to read the new chapter, keep up the amazing work! <3

gaaahhhhhhhhhh this is too much, you’re too sweet!!!!!! i hope 14 didn’t disappoint!!!!! **hugs** ♡ xx

RULES: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Hello. I was tagged by the adorable @merthuranddrarrymyparadise who ships the best pairing ever (drarry can you hear me?). Thanks cutie <3 

Relationship status: I’ve been in a (kinda) relationship for a month now. I have some sort of a commitment phobia, so I’m used to just hating this situation and to wanting to end it as soon as it begins… I enjoy the freedom of being single! But this time I want to put some effort, because it also feels very good to have someone who loves you and shows it… 

Favourite colour: Hell of a question! I would say black, grey and green. 

Pets: A cute dog; Amiral; He’s getting very old and I love him so much. Otherwise I wish I could have a snake. 

Cats or dogs: Dogs. Cats are evil.  

Coke or Pepsi: None. I don’t drink those shitty things! 

Chapstick or lipstick:  Lipstick! Apart from it I never wear make-up… But I confess I never leave the house without one strong red on my lips. 

Last song I listened to: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots; I just can’t stop listening to it… 

First TV show: If it’s about my favourite TV show, I definitely can’t limite myself to saying only one… Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Vicious, Outlander and How To Get Away With Murder. If it’s about the first TV show I watched: probably NCIS or Bones

First fandom: Harry Potter (aka drarry). Always Harry Potter: the first one; the best one; the one I’ll never leave; the one who lives forever; the one who gives me orgasms; the one who crushes me; the ONE… 

Hobbies: Writing, running, travelling, reading, watching Tv shows, adventuring, getting tattooed, listening to music, Harry Potter, hiking, drarry, drawing… 

I’d like to tag: @drarryruinedme @allthedrarry @stuckwith-harry @yaasdrarry @drarryking @themalfoymanner @baz-call-me-simon @fuck-me-drarry @pretentious-git 

And instead of “Coke or Pepsi”, tell me what’s your favourite book(s) (apart from Harry Potter). 

And instead of “Cats or dogs”, tell me what’s your animal totem

Love xx