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Silent Jealousy

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Baron Corbin x You

I watched from the corner of the hallway as I saw Baron talk to Alexa Bliss which sounded creepy but I couldn’t help it when I saw my boyfriend talking to her, a girl that has been trying to get with Baron since forever. I was known as the shy girl in the company even though I wasn’t as shy once you got to know me which attracted Baron and me together since we are almost the same type of person.  Baron and I have been dating for about six months now which isn’t long but probably is one of my most successful relationship I’ve ever had. He makes me feel at my absolute best and loved however sometimes I feel deeply insecure especially when Baron talks to girls more specifically beautiful, single girls. As I was watching him and Alexa I could feel my anxiety cloud my mind and begin to overthink the situation. I tried to shake away the horrible thoughts in my mind but they couldn’t seem to go away so I decided to head back to the hotel not caring if I left Baron behind.

               I laid on the hotel bed aimlessly going through my phone till I hear the hotel room door slam which causes me to jump and almost fall off the bed. Baron walks in, slamming his bag on the ground then crossing his arms across his chest.

“Why did you leave me at the arena today?” he asks getting closer to me. I sit up on the bed and answer,” I was tired so I decided to come back here and take a nap.” I start playing with the fabric till a warm, soft hand is placed on top of it. I look up into Baron’s brown eyes which were filled with anger and hurt.

“(Y/N) tell me the truth.” I look away from him and stare at the blanket again. I couldn’t tell him the truth he will think I’m some crazy girlfriend who is trying to control him. I stayed silent which made him angrier as he got up from the bed and started to pace in front of the bed.

“Well?” he asks with an annoyed tone in his face. I continued to stay silent.

“Fine, you don’t want to tell then I am going to stay with someone else till you figure out if you want this relationship or not.” That’s the last he says and he slams the door behind him. Once the door was completely closed I started to sob wishing I would just stop saying silent.


               I didn’t sleep all night as I thought about Baron and how I just ruined the best relationship I’ve ever had because I was too scared to tell him I was jealous. I slowly moved out of bed and got ready as I was already dreading this day as I knew the thing between Baron and I was over. I lied to him straight to his face so he would never want me back. As I was about to leave there was a knock on my door. I open it to see the one who caused all this even though she doesn’t know that Alexa Bliss.

“What do you want Alexa?”

“Oh, I just wanted to let you know that Baron came to me last night saying you guys had a fight but don’t worry I made him pretty happy afterward, though. So, you don’t have to worry about you and Baron getting back together because he is with now. Okay?” That all she says and walks away from my room. I slam my door and fall onto the bed face first as tears ran down my face. I was right, this day was going to awful.

               I sat in the hotel room at all not wanting to see Baron and Alexa together which would bring sickness to my stomach every time I thought about it. I was watching Law and Order: SVU when a heavy banging on my door started. I groaned and got up from the bed and opening the door to see…



“Baron, what are you doing here?

“I came here to make sure you were okay. Your not picking up any one’s calls or texts. I was worried.”

“You don’t need to be worrying about me. You have Alexa to worry about.”

He gave me confused look,” What are you talking about? What does Alexa have to do with any of this?”

I rolled my eyes and laid back on the bed. I heard the door close and see Baron had come into the room.

“(Y/N) please tell me what’s wrong?

I rub my hands down my face and say,” What’s wrong?!? Oh, I don’t know maybe that you got a new girlfriend right after our fight last night especially with a girl you know I hated!”

“What the hell are you talking about?!”

“I’m talking about how you went to Alexa’s room last night, hooked up and now you two are together!”

“Who told you that?!”

“Your new girlfriend, Baron!”


I stay silent as I try to catch my breath from all the yelling. We both stared at each as we were trying to digest the new information that was yelled out during the argument. Baron sat next to me on the bed and grabbed my hand,” (Y/N) I never hooked up with Alexa last night plus I wasn’t even in her room  last night”

“Then why did she come to me this morning and told me you guys were together?”

He shakes his head,” I have no idea why she would do it. But please don’t tell me you believe her.”

I look into his deep brown eyes to see nothing but sadness and hope. I smile and squeeze his hand,” I did believe her at first but not anymore.”

He smiles back and asks,” So are you going to tell me what was wrong with you last night? You can tell I don’t care what it is.”

I sighed and decided to put my big girl panties on and tell him. “I was jealous Baron. Of you and Alexa. I thought you and her were better together so I got scared and insecure. I’m sorry,” I say with my head down and tears forming in my eyes. I heard Baron chuckled which caused me to turn my head quickly towards him.

“What is so funny, Baron?”

He laughs and says,” There was no need for to be jealous of Alexa, baby. She used to be a friend. Anyways, l love you and no one or anything is going to change that. Baby, if you ever feel insecure or jealous just come talk to me don’t hide it from me. You can talk to me about anything, okay?”

I nod my head and hug him,” I love you too.” I felt him smile against my neck as he places small kisses across it which makes me giggle. I feel him smile wider as he pulls us towards the bed with me laying my head on his chest. There was no place I rather be than in Baron’s arms with my heart pumping out of my chest.

Full Of Surprises

Requested by @belleorleslie, I hope you like it babe!! This is my first imagine on this blog guys so don’t be too harsh!


Request-Hi! Can I have a scenario where the reader likes Issac (and he likes her too) but neither of them know it and eventually the pack tries to get them together (or smth)? I loved your other blog btw! 💗


I never really understood the concept of loving someone, getting to know someone on such a personal and deep level that you knew everything about them, how one person could make you a blubbering idiot or could make you lose every thought in your head. I don’t think saying that I didn’t understand it, is completely true. I’ve seen it happen to some of my best friends, so I understood it, but I didn’t think I could ever be like that. Three months ago that made no sense to me, loving someone with every fiber of your being sounded like something right out of a Disney movie, but three months ago I didn’t know Isaac Lahey. I moved to Beacon Hills, the beginning of my sophomore year, same time as Allison did, but Isaac got here three months ago, and as soon as I saw him, I felt all bubbly and nervous inside. As I leaned against the wall of lockers and looked over as Isaac and Scott talking to each other, I wondered, if I felt this way now only developing a massive crush on him, what would I feel like if I was in love with him. A locker being slammed shut, broke me from my thoughts and brought me face to face with Stiles.
“(Y/N)! I have been talking to you for the past five minutes, what planet are you even on?” He asked, while turning around to see what my eyes were so focused on instead of him. He sighed once he was Isaac standing at his locker down the hallway and then looked back at me.
“Planet Lahey. I should have known.” He said causing me to blush and nudge Stiles’ shoulder as we walked to our next class. Out of all the friends I have made here, Stiles was my best. We laughed the hardest together, we usually fell on the same side on pack issues and he is the only one who knows about my crush on Isaac. The others have dropped hints and exchanged looks but nothing was said about it until I told Stiles one night during one of his non stop question rambles.
“I just don’t get it, I’ve never been like this before. ” I said as we turned the corner on the way to Chemistry, causing stiles to shrug and pull on this backpack straps. Stiles knew the feeling better than anyone so whenever we did talk about it, he tried his best to keep it light, knowing that I feared rejection and heartache above anything we have faced before.
“It’s simple Chemistry.” He said pointing to the sign on the door, walking into the class backwards and laughing which in turn made me laugh. Once we got into class I saw that were only two seats open, strange seeing as usually a few people skip out on Chemistry. One seat next to Isaac and one seat next to Scott. Allison and Lydia were sitting behind Scott with smiles spread across all three of their faces. Stiles looked at me before running over to seat next to Scott, nearly falling on the way and smiled along with the others.
“I hate all of you.” I whispered before I sat next to Isaac, who just looked up at me with and smiled slightly before looking back down at his notebook. Great, I’m sitting next to a werewolf who is learning how to control himself, along with his abilities, like listening to heartbeats, including mine which is currently racing. Just calm down and he won’t hear it, I mean what are the chances that he is even listening in the first place?
“Hey are you okay? Your heart is racing, you usually do great in Chemistry.” He asked causing my eyes to widen and look down at my nails.
“I-um-I’m fine. I just don’t think I did the homework last night.” Who am I kidding, of course I did the homework. Nice save (Y/N), nice save.
“Lucky for you, Scott forced me to do the homework last night. He said it’s important to keep your grades up or it raises a ton of suspicion. Here, look at it, copy it. I know you will return the favor.” He said, causing me smile as he slid the paper across the black, marble counter.
“Thank you.” I said just above a whisper, our hands touched just for a second as I took the paper over to my side of the table, causing the butterflies in my stomach to come alive once again. Even if all his answers were wrong, is still looked at them, copied them in the back of my notebook and handed them back to him. It wasn’t a romantic gesture, something any of the pack members would have done for me but coming from him it felt like more than that.
For the rest of the day, every chance the pack got, they would push me into Isaac, or leave the seat next to him empty for me to sit in. It was like they were forcing me to talk to him, to interact with him. Stiles and I made plans for tonight and I went home on cloud nine. My crush on Isaac wasn’t going anywhere but I’m pretty sure that I could get use to the feeling. When my doorbell rang at eight, I hopped off the couch, and ran over to the front door, expecting to see Stiles, but instead I saw Isaac, walking away from my front door.
“Oh, hi. I thought you were Stiles.” I said causing him to turn around and chuckle slighting with his hands in his pockets. Even though I was beginning to get a handle on the whole crush thing, the butterflies were still going insane in my stomach.
“I don’t really think we look alike.” He said causing me to open my front door more and move to the side for him to come in. He just shook his head at me and I looked at him with a strange expression. He looked almost sick to his stomach, nervous, he looked like what my insides felt like.
“Isaac? Are you okay?” I asked, grabbing a jacket the coat rack by front door, closing it behind me and walking out into the chilly Autumn air. He just chuckled and shrugged slightly. He looked at me while a small smile and then looked up at the sky filled with tiny little stars. I hadn’t seen him like this before, out of it, not composed or calm. I don’t know what came over me but I just wanted to make sure he was alright, to help him in any way that I could.
“Talk to me.” I said walking over to him, grabbing his arm and pulling him over to my front stairs and sitting down with him. I knew something was wrong, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I looked at him only to see him staring at the stars once again. My butterflies were gone but instead was replaced by a pain in my chest. It was psychically hurting me to see him like this.
“Today was a setup, in Chemistry. Tonight is one too, Stiles isn’t coming over.” He said, causing me to sigh and nod quietly.
“I know, trust me I know and I’m sorry.” I said, playing with my hands, and looking at them as if they were the most interesting things in the world.
“Wait, why are you sorry? I should be the one saying sorry.” Isaac asked, sending me into a wave of confusion. I looked up at him, not realizing how close were until I could feel his breath on mine, our eyes meeting each other’s for a second before he looked away from me and towards the ground.
“(Y/N) they did that because of me. You haven’t figured it out yet?” He asked causing me to shake my head, earning a sigh from the boy next to me.
*Isaac’s Point Of View- at his locker before Chemistry.*
Today is the day, I have to tell her. I have to man up and just tell her. (Y/N) seems nice enough, from the few conversations we had, not to just laugh right in my face. Oh god there, she is…with Stiles, again. Are they always together? Do they even know what it’s like to be apart? I wondered as I opened my locker. I could feel my heartbeat beginning to rise as the jealousy begin to boil up.
“Isaac, dude your heart.” Scott said, blocking my view of (Y/N) and Stiles. I just nodded, taking a few deep breaths and trying my best to stay calm.
“Think of your anchor. You have one, I don’t know what it is, but you have one. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have been able to stay as human as you did on your first full moon. Think of your anchor.” He said, causing me to nod once again and close my eyes. I tried to think of the first time I saw her, sitting on the school steps, on a Saturday, my first day in town. I was on a walk, to get away from my dad, trying to get my mind off of him and think of anything else. I didn’t except to see the most beautiful girl sitting there, wind in her hair, small smile on her lips, listening to music and tapping her foot to the beat. She looked at me, smiled slightly and shot me a small wave. I smiled at the memory, opened my eyes and felt my heartbeat return to normal.
“Wow, that was pretty fast. What is your anchor? Or who?” Scott asked, causing me to take one more deep breath, grab my books, and shut my locker.
“(Y/N) is.”
*Your Point Of View-back on the steps*
“We ran through three classrooms to get to Chemistry before you and Stiles so Scott could talk to Allison and Lydia about what had just happened. I thought I would be a mess talking to you today but I guess, because you are my anchor, it kept me unbelievably calm. I didn’t have a freak out until I got home, I felt humiliated that they did that, and then when I found out about their plan for tonight I knew I had to get here before Stiles fake cancelled on you. You don’t have to say anything, I just needed you to know, I mean you wouldn’t want to be with a monster like me.” He said, finishing his explanation of his view of what happened today. They weren’t doing it so I would admit my feelings, they were doing all of it to get me to see that Isaac had a thing for me too. God, could I be more blind?
“You aren’t a monster. You are the farthest thing from it.” I whispered, taking his hand in mine, causing his eyes to meet mine once again. I knew he meant that the werewolf in him was a monster, as well as the mental damage his father had done to him, but he wasn’t a monster, he was Isaac.
“I like you too Isaac. I bet you didn’t think that was what you were going to hear when you came here tonight huh?” He asked, looking down at our intertwined hands, then back up at me with a breath filled chuckle.
“God, no but I’m glad I was wrong about what I thought I was going to hear.” He whispered before he rested his forehead on mine and we sat there, hand in hand, smiles on our faces, heart beats steady with one another’s. This day is just full of surprises.

Maceration P1

I feel like there’s a lot of uncertainty that floats around maceration, and that’s okay! It isn’t for everyone, and it’s honestly kind of disgusting.

It doesn’t have to be though! The solution; Dont do it. @blackbackedjackal Has an excellent Rot Pot Review, and you should check that out before you even consider maceration.

I’m not saying that Maceraiton is horrible and no one should ever do it. It’s just a very extra way to clean bones if you aren’t in the right conditions. If you don’t have to do it, it’s best to seek other methods.

I live in Arizona, so temperatures get like 115-120 degrees during the summer, and around 80-85 degrees during non summer, non winter months. Those are optimal conditions for maceration, since the heat constantly promotes bacteria. I was capable of putting an entire coyotes body, minus the guts, into maceration during the beginning of summer. It only took a week to be rotted down to straight bones.

You can macerate in temperatures of around 80 degrees. When the water starts to get colder, like 75 degrees and down, it’ll slow down a bit. When you’re hitting 70 and below then you get grave wax build up, and bacteria stops being active.

Mr.Pibb is a prime example of bad maceration. I put him in to rot in October of 2015. Temperatures were probably 80 degrees, and then it went down quickly when November and December hit. His maceration water was changed maybe twice? Despite the heat coming back around in April of 2016, He didn’t macerate down for several more months. I pulled Pibb out either in September or early October of 2016. It took him nearly an entire year to rot down because of bad temperatures.

If you’re doing natural maceration, you need to be prepared to deal with long maceration, live somewhere with hot temps, or just not give a shit.

Here are some alternatives!

Again, I refer you to Jackals Rot Pot Review

You can also do a heated maceration set up, which in uncomplicated terms is a bucket with an aquarium heater. Also crock pots!

You can do beetle cleaning! Be smart with your beetles though, do your research, ask questions.

Maceration is gross, but you can definitely do it if you want. I’ll be making a part two of this to show how I personally do maceration if you truly are a masochist like I am.

Four Months

Four months is finally here! Sorry it took me so long, I’ve been so busy with uni I have only just had the time. Thank you all so much for being super supportive and, as always, any comments will be greatly appreciated. 

I also had to say the BIGGEST thank you for 300 followers! I can’t even begin to express how grateful and humbled I am to know that 300 of you read my word, so thank you sooooo much for that my beautiful little cupcakes <3 <3 <3

Superhero Big Brother - One Month - Two Months - Three Months


Amelia was sat with Edwards, looking at their patient’s scans and evaluating the best approach for him. Amelia’s hands were instinctively placed protectively on her stomach, which was beginning to show ever so slightly. It mainly looked like she had just had too many burritos for lunch, but that didn’t stop her from getting excited at the sight of her bulging belly.

“I really think that a neuroendoscopy will be the best approach here. See if you look here, we can get to the ventricle quite easily from there, and bam! We’ve got the tumor.”

“Simple as that? God, it’s so amazing how you can just figure that out so quickly.”

“What can I say? I’m pretty amazing!” Amelia joked, flicking through the iPad she had in her hand to get a better view of the scans. “You’ll have to get used to this, Edwards. I’m not going to be around for a while soon, and I’m going to need you to hold the fort until I get back.”

Stephanie’s eyes grew with worry. Where was her amazing mentor going, and how long was she going for? She couldn’t possibly leave Steph with a different mentor, right?

“Wait..? What do you mean? Where are you going?”

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Dating with purpose

I’ve recently proposed to my girlfriend of 4 years and 8 months to be precise who’s now my fiancé as I write this. It’s the best feeling ever and up until now it still hasn’t sunk in properly. I understand we still have a long way to go as this is just the beginning but it’s good to know that we are on the right path.

By no means I am throwing “shade” or pointing fingers at any anybody. so please keep scrolling… if you’re easily offended.

As a Child of God, I have and will always strive to set and be an example to my generation. That’s the least I can do to contribute to the kingdom of God.

We are living in a generation whereby people are so used to doing the wrong thing that doing the right thing is not longer considered normal or cool.

We date for the sake of dating because we don’t want feel left out.

It’s about time that our generation takes a look at itself and actually realizes that it’s time to grow up.

Don’t date a guy or girl out of loneliness.

Date with a purpose because a girlfriend is a potential wife and a relationship is a potential marriage.

anyastudies  asked:

yooo arc notebook crew!! man i bought it last month after seeing emmastudies with it and honestly its the best purchase i've ever made ???? i love it so much holy shit i regret not having known about in the beginning of the year

I AM OBSESSED WITH MINE. Like, legit, they are life changing. I’d give up coffee before I gave up my arc notebook. 

Dear Charlie,

Hey Charlie, look who’s here again! I wrote to you about 4 months ago and omg, so much has changed since then…

First of all: yes, I left my old city behind and now I’m 500km from “him”.

The fact that I’ve changed of city permanently is the main theme of why I’m here reporting all this, I never thought my life could get to that point, but anyway, let’s begin:

December 15, 2016 - The day I sayed goodbye to a chapter (or several) of my story. It was a dreadful day. I’ll never forget the face of the best friend I’ve ever had by saying “goodbye” in the form of “See you soon, I hope”, these words coming out of your mouth and your eyes with a silent request saying “stay, please” scare me every day. I can not deny that I feel selfish for having left him for such reasons that will come to light soon and I can not help but say that every day (without exception) I miss him, the funny comments with me, the ideas exchanged , The jokes, the worst demonstrations of love and affection (haha), the attention he gave me, his embraces and everything that a true friendship can provide. We still talk almost every day, on the one hand, it’s good, because we managed to maintain a stable friendship, but a nostalgia increases more and more and I tell you with absolute certainty of the world Charlie:  miss someone can destroy a person.

Coming back a few days before:

December 11, 2016 - To this day I do not know how to handle this day. Oh Charlie, it still hurts so much, so much so that the scars will never be forgotten and / or erased. That day I said goodbye to the one who I gave my love without ever asking for anything in return, from the one that was the reason because I left that city. I still remember perfectly how anxious and nervous I was to find him, I remember how I felt when I gave the last hug and I exchanged the last words with him, I remember that we spent countless seconds hugged and wow Charlie, I still feeling his perfume and I still feel the same way I felt when he let me go: totally destroyed and lost. I miss him so much that suffocates me in some days, I miss his smile, our private jokes, his touches, his voice (I still hear it in my dreams), I miss especially his eyes and his look Indecipherable under me. He bewildered me.

No doubt missing is what I’m really feeling these days and it’s not easy at all.

I am still trying to adapt to the new college and the new routine, but it is being harder than I imagined, but I have to be firm since it was all my own choice.

Going back to previous issues however bringing to today: he is dating and really liking this girl for what it seems to me and I am totally destroyed with all this, okay that something will never happen between us again, but it is painful to see him with another person, very painful. We have not talked too much lately, just a few messages exchanged within the whatsapp group with our friends, I do not think that’s enough, but I have not had the guts to talk to him “"alone”“ since I’ve exposed my feelings to him. I do not know how I’m able to survive all these painful feelings, but I try to hold on to Charlie, because I need to see him again yet, I need to have his touch, see his smile, watch his eyes and hear his voice for at least five minutes, but I need it again.

All the love as always,

G xx




That little guy filled me with so many strength to face my exams and artblocks and everything along with my OCs and Zephyrtale and God do I love him dearly!! He’s been the best thing ever for me lately omg AND I LIKE LEGIT DID THIS PICTURE A MONTH AGO TO GET IT READY BECAUSE I EXPECTED TO BE EXHAUSTED FROM MY EXAMS AND I WANTED TO DO SOMETHING-

Here begins the Sketch Day Party!! (suggested by the lovely @farsidejr ) OKAY IM ACTUALLY GONNA NAP A BIT BEFORE THAT SORRY BUT IM REALLY TIRED HHHRHHHHHH see you later guys, will reblog and celebrate along <333

Dialogue prompt #5

Deamus + “You’re the only one I want.”

If you missed it: Dialogue prompt #4 - Wofstar


Seamus was packing things into a suitcase as quickly as he could. Before his roommate Dean came home. He was so very exhausted of all of this. It hurt too much to be here right now. He needed to sort himself out and move on.

He knew moving in with Dean after school ended was a mistake. Having him around 24/7 with his typewriter being the only distraction wasn’t working for him. Every domestic scene he had ever imagined with him danced in his eyes every morning, and he was so stupid thinking they would somehow come true. Seamus knew better than to let the lovesick side of himself get the best of him.

A month into their new life together, Dean decided to begin seeing Ginny Weasley. It would’ve been so much easier to hate her, it would’ve been easier if she had been rude, self absorbed and dull. But no, she played professional quidditch for a living and everything came alive around her, as if she were the human embodiment of Mother Earth. She adored and encouraged Seamus’ writing.

He couldn’t. Because he was sure that he was meant to be with Dean, that he was his soulmate, ever since he was fourteen. He knew then it was all rubbish, but he felt it so strongly he thought it must’ve been true. The writer and the artist, together forever. Since when had Seamus believed in fairy tales?

His head pounded every time Ginny would come over for dinner, and Dean would be so loving towards her. He would always be holding her hand, kissing her on the cheek, or his hand on her leg. Dean couldn’t help himself; when he loved, he loved with all that he was. He didn’t want anyone to be deprived of it.

Seamus was going to miss movie nights in a fort of blankets and popcorn stuck in between the cushions. And football nights, when Dean would get so riled up and get crisps all over the carpet. Quiet nights talking about life and its mysteries, slightly buzzed. His feelings would never see the light of day. Those were all going to become Ginny’s memories.

I don’t wanna be your friend, I just wanna be your lover. No matter how it ends, no matter how it starts…

Bloody fitting, Seamus thought to himself as those words flowed into his ears from his headphones.

He finished packing and made his way to the front door. Rotten luck made it so that Dean was coming in, paint splattered all over his clothes. A dot of yellow paint was on his nose.

“Seamus? Where are you going?” Dean asked, holding a hand out to Seamus’ upper arm as he passed.

“To my parents’ for a while,” Seamus said. He was tired of lying to him. “I can’t focus here, it’s a bit suffocating.” he attempted a chuckle, but it came out as a whimper.

“I’ve known you practically all my life, Finnigan. I’m not letting you leave until you tell me the truth.”

Seamus let go of his suitcase, placing it gently on the floor. Why the hell not, he was going away anyway, what did it matter now? Seamus had let it all rot and fester inside of him for years. Perhaps it would do him good.

“Fine, you wanna know what’s wrong?” He let his palm slap against the table. “I can’t do this anymore. Pretend I’m fine being friends.”

Dean blinked several times, trying to comprehend what Seamus was saying. “What? Are you saying you don’t want to be friends anymore? Whatever I did, I’m sorry - I can make it up -”

Seamus laughed. He wiped at his eyes, glad that the insanity covered his sadness and exhaustion. “That’s the thing - you didn’t do anything. It’s all me. I did this to myself.”

“Seamus, you’re not making any sense, mate.”

“None of this makes any sense!” Seamus yelled, letting eight years of frustration, hidden glances, and repressed feelings go. They collided against Dean, everything he had wanted to say.

“See, the problem is I have enough friends, Dean,” he got closer to him, throwing caution to the wind.  “And I don’t want you to be one of them. I want more,”

Dean’s dark eyes scanned his, and Seamus thought that maybe he saw the story, mapped out on his face. He saw the pain in his eyes and his quivering fingers, begging to touch him.

“And don’t you dare say I’ll find someone else,” Tears were prickling his eyes and he feared that crying would make him lose his momentum. “Because for me, you’re it. You’re the only one I want.

That was it. Seamus felt so light he could float up on the ceiling. There was nothing else to hide, the weight of the secret was gone.

“But I know you’re in love with Weasley,” Seamus spat bitterly. “Now the house is perfectly empty for you to start your perfect little family.”

Now it was Dean’s turn to be angry. “What are you going on about? Before I bumped into you with your whole life packed in a bag, I was going to say that we split up,”

The anger that had inflated in Seamus chest went down. His mind was just one loud siren, making it impossible for him to think. He didn’t know what to do now. “What?”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, we split up a few hours ago and then I decided to go and paint a bit. You know it’s easier for me to think things out when I’m making art,” he swallowed, looking to a potted plant by the kitchen window. “She’s in love with someone else.”

Seamus decided to fill a glass with water and gulp it down. It didn’t make any sense! “Do you want to sit down and talk about it? Spill the tea?”

Dean was still exasperated at him, but his spirit lifted at the joke.  “Why yes Seamus, I would. If you won’t yell at me if I did?” he breathed out, pushing the negativity away. “Anyway, yeah. She met a girl named Luna while she was out at the farm market,”

“Oh my god, Dean, I’m -”

He lifted a hand up to stop him. “Save it. We talked it out and I’ve realized a few things,”

Seamus sat down slowly, intrigued, eyebrow raised. “Yeah? And what might that be?”

Dean smiled. “Well, she fell in love with someone else, and I realized i’ve been in love with someone else all along,”

Seamus choked on his water. “Who?”

“You’re a bit thick, aren’t you? My paint fumes must’ve messed with you.”

Seamus couldn’t help but get angry again; he was sensitive from the hectic chaos of feelings constantly revolving around the flat. “What, no -”

“It’s you, idiot,” Dean answered affectionately. Seamus’ thoughts were mere blurs as they ran from one corner of his mind to the other. The siren increased in volume. “Frankly, it’s always been you. It took me a while to see it, s’all.”

Seamus smile broke  free, he couldn’t help himself. He could breathe again. “You’re a bit thick, aren’t you?”

Dean punched him playfully, and suddenly it turned into a full on wrestling match in the living room. And Seamus thought that it would all start with a kiss. He was truly a hopeless romantic. Dean pinned him down against the carpet. His mouth was mere seconds from Seamus’

“Oh and by the way,” he smiled, and Seamus felt his spirit rise from his body. He had died and gone to heaven. “You’re sleeping in my room from now on,”

thinking of thomas proposing to newt fucks me up!!!! so much!!!!!!!!!!! like can you imagine

  • thomas spending months thoroughly preparing for the proposal bc he wants newt to have the best proposal in the world
  • thomas secretly making plans to visit newt’s family to receive their blessing bc he wants to make sure they’re on board
  • thomas spending hours to set up pretty lanterns and fairy lights in the backyard they used to rendevouz ever since they were 7 years old
  • thomas’s breath hitching when newt arrives later that night bc holy shit that’s his future husband walking towards him under the starry sky
  • thomas making small jokes in the beginning to calm his nerves and newt chuckling softly like????? “tommy what is all this??”
  • thomas stumbling on his words bc honestly he’s tearing up and this pushes newt to the verge of crying too bc they love each other so so much???
  • “newt, god i - i love you so much. i can’t put in words how much you make me happy and how you make feel me like god sent an angel on earth just for me.”
  • “you’ve turned my life upside down, you know? any day i spend with you is my favourite day. my life didn’t start with you in it, newt, but i want it to end with you by my side. will you - will you marry me?”
  • !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! END ME ???!!!

we’ve been together for 10 months today. holy fuck. i can’t even form words to even begin this. i love you so much. these past 10 months by far have been the best 10 months in my life. you have stood by me since day one, through all my ups and downs, through rain and shine, and youre still here. you have seen and helped me grow, you have seen me at my absolute worst, and at my best. and still, you are here. i have never met anyone has beautiful as you. inside and out. you are the most caring, most open minded person i have ever met. and i am beyond lucky to have found you. i am grateful that you are in my life. i dont know what i’d do or where i’d be without you. you are the best thing that has happened to me. thank you for these 10 months. thank you for not giving up on me when i have given up on myself multiple times, over and over again. you are my pride and joy. i love you with everything that i have. happy 10 months my beautiful baby💜 @sheyearnsfortheocean

The Right One

To celebrate Leo Fitz’s upcoming birthday, @teamengineering has decided to create a series of fanworks in honor of everyone’s favorite engineer! We’ll post one a day from now through August 19th. You can find the others here!
Rated G. Academy era, canon-compliant.

All told, birthday presents are important signifiers of the status of interpersonal relationships. At least, according to the article Jemma had found online and memorized back at the beginning of July.

Since Fitz was her best friend and the first non-relative for whom she had ever purchased a present, she was determined to find him the perfect gift. Much of her ability to do research on what he might like to receive was stymied early on in the month, as they were both at home visiting their respective families, and she’d thought it would have been rather too telling to start listing potential ideas over email. But upon their return to campus, she became so distracted by the new project he proposed – an aerosol bomb of sorts – that she lost track of the passing time entirely.

This is why, when she hadn’t found the right gift by the time August 6th rolled around, Jemma began to panic.

They were spending the afternoon in the library, getting in a little light reading for their first semester of holographic engineering in the fall, but she wasn’t able to concentrate a whit. Her mind kept spinning through the horrible scenarios where she didn’t think of something in the next five days and had to attempt to lie about where her present was. The very thought nearly put an actual grimace on her face. Knowing Fitz much better than she did when they’d first met eleven months ago, she was fairly certain he wouldn’t decide that he hated her again just because she’d gotten him a less-than-ideal present. That would be, she decided as she squinted at her best friend over her textbook, the worst case scenario.

What kind of birthday present did one get for a notoriously finicky engineering prodigy with a fondness for food, gadgets, monkeys, and, as far as Jemma could determine, not much else?

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days blend to months but sometimes only weeks. i read a lot of beautiful things that make me want to write about sunsets and cheap wine and that feeling you get when people you love love you back but i am too quickly reminded that my voice sounds more like thick cherry cough syrup than the wind whispering through any meadow. i am so clunky. tongue thick from the words i never said. words perfectly packaged with a tidy red bow in my head become shredded newspaper wrappings on the floor in front of me. i do my best to fit the pieces back together but i only ever make things worse forming words never written on the pages to begin with. frustrated with the fact that nothing comes out clearly i shove my mess under the bed and let it rot there. ink fades and corners curl. coffee stains from blissful mornings grow mold and mildew. days blend to years but sometimes only months. i clean out the trash lurking beneath my mattress forgetting it once held such beautiful things.
The Taming of the Shrew

          In some ways being with the Clave was a lot like being in the Circle. Unarmed and watched, there was that difference, but the meetings were pretty much the same, planning at war rooms, pouring over maps and laying out strategies.  The Clave stormed Chernobyl on his second day there, his directions leading them on as Alec himself sat blind at Lydia’s office, answering to pointed questions and refraining from offering his commentary unless it was specifically asked for.

They will be waiting for something, but not this.

          He had betrayed the Circle and ran away with Jace, true, but even so no one would expect a Lightwood to actually defect to the Clave. To give it all up as he did. It was the best chance the Clave had in months, years- Ever since the beginning of this very war and Alec listened carefully for any mention of his parents’ names, bracing himself for the worst.

          Maryse Lightwood killed two shadowhunters from the Clave before getting away. Alec had a hard time holding back a smirk as he heard, it was his mother after all, and with his betrayal pounding at their very door Maryse and Robert would be working extra hard, proving themselves.

          As Alec suspected, the surprise attack was hardly enough to bring down the Circle of Raziel, though it did put a dent in it’s structure. Without the labs it would be nearly impossible to make forsakens, he had assured Lydia, and having the base compromised would push them into their backup plan. The Morning Star ship was meant to sail only once they had the Mortal Cup, but it was clearly the best option without Chernobyl.

“They’ll be untrackable in the water, but all that was planned goes out the window,” Alec concluded, it was bound to make them sloppy

          Lydia nearly smiled herself as the reports proved him true: The Circle retreated towards the Pripyat river.   

          After that he was allowed to call his sister. Isabelle’s voice was a mixture of worry and anger on the phone and Alec could only imagine what it looked like to her. His request for her to stay awake, their very home under attack, Izzy’s hurt tone as she put it all together, It was you… 

“I’m sorry,” Alec pleaded, and he meant it“I had no choice.”

“Все для него,” it wasn’t a question. “I hope he is worth it.”

           And Alec really had no right to ask, but he still did, if not for himself for the fact that no matter how angry Isabelle was, how right she was to hate right then, she was still good. Better than he would ever be. “Join me,” he said instead, and silence was the only answer he got for the longest time, “I made a deal. They will have you, if you want, no charges.” 

          Isabelle might never have been anywhere near the Clave before, but she knew her brother, knew him enough to imagine exactly how much he had to have given up to be able to make her such an offer. If she said no, this would be the last time she would ever hear of him, unless they were to meet in battle and that thought alone was enough to make up her mind. Even if the proposition had already been tempting, the idea of being on a different side than Alec, of seeing him in a fight-


          His sigh of relief was audible even through the phone. After that it was more planning, a meeting point and another armed escort, Lydia promised to go get his sister personally. Alec didn’t trust her, not with his life, but he trusted her to keep her word; if nothing else, to assure his continuous cooperation. The success of their first mission wasn’t lost on him. 

          Izzy came in that night and Alec finally felt like he could breathe a little easier for the first time since he had left Ukraine. The rest of his week was a bit of a blur. Lydia was incessant in her interrogations and by the end of it Alec was sure he had told her everything there was to know about the inner workings of the Circle. Her office was covered in maps, blueprints, anything he could remember really. It felt like he spent more time there than anywhere else in the Institute. 

          An armed guard followed him absolutely everywhere, which really consisted of his assigned room, Izzy’s, Lydia’s office and the bathroom. He didn’t really feel like exploring much, the nasty looks he got whenever someone crossed his path didn’t do much in terms of helping with that. They either looked scared of angry and it made Alec wonder if the guard was actually there for everyone else’s benefit or his own. Just in case someone snapped.

          So Alec didn’t wander and that meant he also hardly saw Jace. The whole reason for him to end up at the Institute in the first place and all he got being there were glimpses. He knew where Jace’s room was by then ( four doors down his corridor, to the left ) but he didn’t dare got there, not while there was still a guard following him around. The fact Jace hadn’t come to see him was also telling. Either the blond didn’t want to call attention to their connection anymore than it was already done or he simply didn’t want to see him, Alec respected both, so he kept to himself. 

          Jace knew where to find him.

          At the end of the second week the guard was relieved from door duty at night, Alec was allowed to lock his room from the inside - not that ha hadn’t been doing so every night with a rune already. Still the small liberty was all the invitation he needed to venture down the hall and all the way to Jace’s bedroom once the corridors were empty. Screw space, he’d waited long enough.

          Bare feet padded quietly across the floor, a silencing rune in place just in case. The door wasn’t locked, and Alec made a mental note of pointing out the imprudence in that before closing it once more and stalking in. He felt awkward in the borrowed clothes that were nothing like gear, sweatpants and a snug black t-shirt, nothing like himself as he approached Jace’s bed. The darkness made it impossible to actually analyze the room, but Alec could still make out the shape under the covers enough to reach for his shoulder. 


This is beyond amazing!!

I can’t even put into words how unbelievable this is for me. To have over 5000 of you following my little blog is beyond comprehension.

I really appreciate every single one of you. Thank you all so much for liking/reblogging my posts and for all the lovely messages I’ve ever gotten. Thank you if you’ve been following me since the beginning or if you’ve just started following me.

I have made some amazing friends in the last 8 months or so, you guys know who you are and you mean the world to me. I haven’t had the easiest time personally the last few years & this blog & you lovely people have made things so much nicer. You make me very happy on a daily basis and for this I am always grateful. <3

Thank you & I love you all a lot.

(Might do a giveaway soon as well… ;D)


I know chances of you seeing this on your hectic dash are slim to none, but I’m gonna try anyways. So 4 years ago I reconnected with my high school crush. I had just ended a horrible 4 month marriage to a man that as it turns out, I didn’t know at all. Then Ryan stepped in. I wasn’t looking to ever be in a serious relationship ever again. But he kept trying and he never gave up on me. He was patient and we were the best of friends and I could see he was beginning to heal my broken heart. Just as we were really connecting people started talking. You see, where we lived in NC, people aren’t to accepting of interracial couples. That’s where “love story” and “ours” came into play. Your music has helped me move on from earth shattering loss “cold as you” and “last kiss” and now you were helping me to see that it didn’t matter what other people thought about our love. It was ours to keep and for no one else to judge. I’m so thankful I followed that advice in your music because here we are 4 years later with our amazing marriage and amazing, full of personality baby boy Kingston! So thank you Taylor for getting me here! We owe you!

We love you!
Neesy, Ryan and Kingston

Listening to a tøp song for the first time:

5 seconds in: I don’t know, I’m not sure if I like this

The first chorus: well its different, but it sounds cool

The end of the 2nd verse: I really like the lyrics, Tyler is a genius

Beginning of the last chorus: and listen to those drums, get it Spooky!



Dusk / Dawn

I haven’t posted a lot of sentimental stuff on Tumblr in a while, which is something I regret a bit because my blog used to be something really important to me and a place where I felt like I could share things in greater detail and thought than I can on other social networking sites. So here’s my shot at getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve had the best summer of my life this year. I met Jacki at the beginning of May and haven’t looked back since. Her ability to put up with me is unmatched by anyone and the love, compassion, and kindness she shows to me is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. We’ve had so many adventures this summer and have shared so many special experiences together–many of which I plan to keep just between us. I’m unfathomably grateful for each and every memory we’ve made together in the short time we’ve known each other.

A month or so a go, I received some very vague instructions on how to get to a “secret” camping spot up in Big Cottonwood Canyon, which is somewhere I’ve ventured in many times both with and without Jacki. Yesterday evening, Jacki and I decided this was our chance to find this spot and spend the night there. We backpacked for a while and after fearing that we may have missed the spot where we were supposed to go, we finally found a small, hidden trail which took us right to the spot we were looking for. The photos in this set are from the first few minutes of our arrival, which was right around the time the sun was setting, and then waking up this morning around sunrise. 

To whoever reads this, it will probably be just a few decent pictures to look over, some words, and something to never think about again, which is completely fine. But to me, this will serve as yet another reminder of how incredible this summer was. This was just a quick journey into the mountains for a night and wasn’t some extravagant trip together; however, it means so much more than that. To me, this quick camping trip was the seal on our book of memories for the summer of 2015. It was the final page that will set the scene for our transition into a new season together where we’ll face new adventures, trials and challenges, and tribulations. 

This summer has truly been life-altering in the best way I can imagine. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Small recap on yesterday

I will write a longer more in depth reflection in a few days.

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster and an amazing learning experience. While I was in the best shape I have ever been, I was no where near the level of conditioning that the majority of the girls in my classes were. So initially I let that get me down. But than I realized,that I never did this for a trophy in the first place. I did this for myself. To show what I could accomplish. I am so proud of myself and that I did not give up when it got tough. This is only the beginning.
I did decide yesterday that I was not going to compete at the end of the month. But then I remembered that I don’t give up on my goals. And I set out to compete in two shows in one month and I am going to do it!
Night of The Champions, In Spokane washington, October 24 :-)

Let’s see what I can do in two weeks 💕💪🏻