and so are my emotions

I have a feeling this scene will cause the big fight in 2x13 because maggie hates Valentine’s Day and it looks like alex is surprising her at her apartment. Maybe they’ll argue and maggie will walk out, only to realise the mistake she made which leads her to surprising alex at the end of the episode with the dress scene.

this is going to be mushy as hell but I just wanted to say that I am so utterly in love with Aaron and Robert, I am in love with their relationship, I am in love with their love, I am in love with the way Emmerdale love them, and I am in love with the way ED give them so much screen time. I am in love with their devotion to them as a couple and I’m in love with the way the show loves and appreciates us fans.

us fans

I am in love with this fandom, the Robron fandom, I am in love with the talent and the writing and the art and the meta and the way we can all freak out together and celebrate this story and this ship and this wedding.

I am in love with the journey we have been on over the last two years, whether you have been here from the start or before the start or after the start, I am in love with the fact that you’re here, that we’re all here, and that we’re all doing this together.

I am in love the fact that somehow we have made it. we are getting a wedding. Robron are getting a wedding. tomorrow. 

I am in love with how blessed we are that we’re not only getting a wedding, but we are getting so much promo, interviews, spoilers, articles, so much airtime, so that this feels like a huge event on a level that is huge not just for us fans

and I am in love with the future we have ahead - that Robron have ahead - because even though it’s going to be dark and heartbreaking at times, the show has such a devotion to this couple, which is why they are giving them these storylines.

and I am in love with that. because so many people have their faves get pushed to the wayside with nothing to do for months, and we don’t have that.

I am in love with how lucky we are, even if sometimes we don’t feel like it, we truly, truly are.

we have been given a real, genuine gift. this….what we have, it is rare, it doesn’t happen all the time, and we are very very lucky to be a part of it.

and I am just in love with all of it. even the shitty parts. because nothing is perfect, and nothing ever will be.

but I am in love with the fact that this is as perfect as anything possibly can be, and that our ship….our boys…..they’re going to be a messed up, imperfect little family in just a few days.

and they’re going to have a messed-up, imperfect little wedding.

and it is going to be beautiful.

and I know this is cheesy, but I am in love with that. I am in love with them. and while I know it’s not always going to be easy, I don’t think any of us really want easy.

I think we want messed up. with them. forever.

Season 12 feels

Me watching season 11:

Oh my Chuck. The pain. The feels. What are they doing to me.

I know, I’ll make myself feel better and imagine an AU, maybe where…

Mary is alive.

Sam and Dean aren’t mad at each other but supportive and working as a team.

Sam gets to be the one to kill the bad guy.

Cas is told and really believes he is part of the family.

Dean calls Cas devastatingly handsome and Cas tells him he loves him, cries a little and shows real human emotion.

Cas also tells Sam he loves him and is his family.

Crowley is kind of a good guy and part of the team while still being, heck, Crowley.

Ditto Rowena.

The colt is back.

Oh don’t be daft this is way too far fetched!

Me now: a flailing pile of human emotion.

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you guys, cherish your friends. especially your best friends. cherish the ones who know just the right things to say even when they don’t realize it and cherish the ones who will stay up with you late into the night even though they’re tired just because you’re upset and need someone to talk to. count your blessings ♥


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)