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Part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! I'm dying, please! Save me 😩

I am so so so sorry for keeping you guys waiting for like a million years. And I also want to thank everyone who sent in ideas, love you guys <3 It’s quite long by the way

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The bags were heavy with Smirnoff ice and cheap vodka, the only thing on his mind was getting drunk and hoping she would too, but looking up he stopped in his tracks, the car door was wide open, even from a distance he could tell the car was empty.Running over he looked around but she was gone, ‘someone must of taken her’ the first thought that ran through his head. Unable to fathom the idea that she would willingly leave him. Getting in the driver’s seat his hands were shaking as he tried to start the car “Fuck”, finally getting the engine to roar he pulled out and started driving in search of you

You hid at every passing car hoping Dylann wouldn’t drive past by. After hours of walking the sky slowly darkened and you didn’t have to hide anymore the darkness concealed you, but your eyes were adjusted and you could make out everything. Your legs were tired buckling occasionally till your legs gave out and your knees scraped against the concrete as you collapsed onto the sidewalk trying to catch your breath, although you couldn’t see it you could feel the blood oozing from your cut up knees so you sat down leaning against some building. Looking around, you didn’t know where you were before but now you definitely didn’t know where the fuck you were. Your eyes started to burn with tears, you were lost, why did you even leave. You felt like you were going crazy you wanted to escape and you did but another part of you wanted to go back to him, back to Dylann, your head hurt just from the thought. But you had to keep going, getting on your hands and knees you crawled your body to tired to stand. Slowly moving your muscles still ached but you had to looking up ahead you couldn’t believe it, you saw his car parked in front of some bar and your heart started to race. Maybe it wasn’t his you moved closer, you needed to make sure. Now in front of the car you used it to stand up, and your heart fluttered, it was his car and you were so tired you sat on the hood leaning back the cool metal soothing your aching muscles. You couldn’t escape Dylann he would find you sooner or later that’s what you told yourself to justify coming back and not because you missed him.

He asked various people, drunk and sober, if they had seen her, describing her appearance to almost everyone in the bar but no one had seen her, he sighed and walked out shaking his head in frustration where could she be. And looking up there she was laying back on the hood of his hyundai her hair a mess, cheeks red, and eyes closed, relief washed over his body and then anger as he stomped over and slammed his palm against the hood

“Where the fuck have you been” your eyes shot open as you sat up now face to face with Dylann his brows furrowed “Huh” you tried to think of something to say but his blue eyes stared into you making you look down letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and your voice came out weak “I..I…I” he grabbed your chin and made you look him “You what” he waited for you to reply but when you didn’t respond he let out a sigh “Just get in the fucking car” he ripped open the door and you willingly got in. Getting in the driver’s seat he didn’t even put on his seat belt before slamming on the gas, forcing you back into the seat.

He was speeding and swerving driving erratically down the empty rode you gripped the armrest as he drove off the road and into a nearby field, driving so far off  you couldn’t see the road anymore. Suddenly he slammed on the break causing you to lurch forward before you knew it Dylann was already out of the car on your side dragging you out of the car by your arms before tossing you down where you scraped your palms on twigs and rocks. You let your head hang down as you tried to gather your thoughts, looking back up you fell back as you were met with the end of his gun. Your wide eyes stared up at him in confusion but her only stepped closer his heavy boots crunching the ground beneath him with each step till he was literally standing over you his feet on either side of your waist before he slowly squatted down all his weight resting on your chest. You were surprised to see tears in his eyes “You left me” you opened your mouth to speak but no words came out “You fucking left after what I’ve done for you, and now, now you’re gonna get it” you could feel the cool tip of the gun against your forehead, it contrasted to the burning tears running down your cheeks, this was it, after all the complying and listening to him, you were going to die,just the thought made a ragged sob tear through your chest almost a scream, but you had no-one to blame but yourself , it was all your fault for coming back to him. But you couldn’t help it for some twisted reason your mind and body ached to go back to him, he made you feel safe which was ironic considering he was now looking at you with amusement in his blue eyes smiling as you cowered away from the gun he pointed at you “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” the tears were hot, burning your face as they ran down your cheeks “Don’t please I’m sorry I’ll never leave again” he stepped closer to you “I don’t believe you” the words left your lips before you could even think “But I came back, I came back for you, Dylann”

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Poe with 37, 40, 92, and 93 please

37: “ Dance with me! ”

40: “ Will you marry me? ”

92: “ Are you drunk? ”

93: “ Are you high? ”

Poe insisted you come with him to the party. He claimed that you “hide in your dark depressing dorm room for too long” and needed some “good ol’ college partying”. You refused, but he kept bothering you about it. You knew that he’d continue to annoy you if you continued to say no. So you agreed. So here you were nursing a bottle of Smirnoff ice being a complete wallflower. The house was starting to get really hot and the music was making your head pound. You wanted to get out of here.

“Y/N! There you are! My besterestest friend!” Poe slurred. 

You held your hands out to balance him, “Are you drunk?”

Poe hiccuped, “Whaaat? Noooo. I’ve only had, uh, this many drinks!” He held up both hands showing ten fingers.

You sighed, “You’re drunk, Poe.”

He waved your comment off, “Nah!” He grabbed your hand and started pulling you towards the crowd of sweaty, dancing people, “Dance with me!”

“Poe, I really don’t-”

“One dance. That’s all. Pleeeaaaase?” Poe held his hands together and gave you his best puppy eyed expression.

You sighed, “Fine.”


The fast upbeat music faded and turned into a slow love jam. Poe pulled you close and held you by the hips. Your own hands rested on his shoulders. Poe was just staring at you. You looked at him curiously, “What?”

“Will you marry me?” 

You chuckled, “Are you high?”

Poe shrugged, “High on love, maybe.”

“Sure you are, buddy.”

“No, it’s true, Y/N. I love you.”

You said nothing back to him and sighed. You hoped that his feelings were true. You just wished it hadn’t come out when Poe was drunk.

  • Eva: Why do people call people lightweights as if it’s a bad thing? You paid 200kr to get drunk I paid 50 sorry you’re sad
  • Chris: Okay but i’m not picking your dumb ass up off the bar floor after a jello shot and a smirnoff ice while you’re crying like a bitch. It’s 21.30 we just got here get up