and smirnoff ice

Things we know for certain from the Charlottesville White Mediocrity March at the University of Virginia.

1) None of those men has ever given a woman an orgasm.

2) Someone in that photo absolutely pregamed with Doritos and Smirnoff Ice.

3) None of them understand the irony of calling Black Lives Matter a racist, terrorist organization as they march WITH TORCHES.

4) 43% of those hairlines started receding in 11th grade and they are very bitter about it.

5) Half of those polos come from K-Mart. The other half from Vineyard Vines.

6) 51% of the participants think college is just free for Black people who decide they want to go.

7) 93% of them are very excited to get drunk and cheer on their football & basketball teams full of Black men.

8) 37% of them have big plans to go work in the family business after college.

9) 19% of them have Skoal somewhere on their person.

10) A different 19% of them would never associate with white trash but are making an exception.

11) At least a quarter of them have a III or IV after their name and are nicknamed “Skippy” or “Kip” to avoid confusion with Dad & Grandpa.

12) 12% of them logged into Grindr to see what other masc 4 masc wm only profile they could find nearby for after the march.

13) 28% of them still think sushi is exotic.

14) 60% of them solve problems with “My father will hear about this…”

15) 30% of them solve problems with “Round up Bubba and the boys…”

16) 10% of them have never solved a problem and vent their frustrations in comment sections.

17) 43% of them will marry a girl who went to UVA to find a husband and will stop working after she’s had her first baby.

18) 100% of them have said “If black people would just…” to preface their brand new way to solve racism that no one has ever said before.

19) There are at least seven varieties and colors of New Balance sneakers and Sperrys boat shoes just out of frame.

20) 87% of them substitute “burrito burrito” somewhere in the lyrics to “Despacito.”

What kind of spineless weakling am I where I drink three Smirnoff Ice’s and wake up the next day with a headache that’s driving me to tears? Natural selection can’t find my ass fast enough.

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Part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5, part 5 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! I'm dying, please! Save me 😩

I am so so so sorry for keeping you guys waiting for like a million years. And I also want to thank everyone who sent in ideas, love you guys <3 It’s quite long by the way

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The bags were heavy with Smirnoff ice and cheap vodka, the only thing on his mind was getting drunk and hoping she would too, but looking up he stopped in his tracks, the car door was wide open, even from a distance he could tell the car was empty.Running over he looked around but she was gone, ‘someone must of taken her’ the first thought that ran through his head. Unable to fathom the idea that she would willingly leave him. Getting in the driver’s seat his hands were shaking as he tried to start the car “Fuck”, finally getting the engine to roar he pulled out and started driving in search of you

You hid at every passing car hoping Dylann wouldn’t drive past by. After hours of walking the sky slowly darkened and you didn’t have to hide anymore the darkness concealed you, but your eyes were adjusted and you could make out everything. Your legs were tired buckling occasionally till your legs gave out and your knees scraped against the concrete as you collapsed onto the sidewalk trying to catch your breath, although you couldn’t see it you could feel the blood oozing from your cut up knees so you sat down leaning against some building. Looking around, you didn’t know where you were before but now you definitely didn’t know where the fuck you were. Your eyes started to burn with tears, you were lost, why did you even leave. You felt like you were going crazy you wanted to escape and you did but another part of you wanted to go back to him, back to Dylann, your head hurt just from the thought. But you had to keep going, getting on your hands and knees you crawled your body to tired to stand. Slowly moving your muscles still ached but you had to looking up ahead you couldn’t believe it, you saw his car parked in front of some bar and your heart started to race. Maybe it wasn’t his you moved closer, you needed to make sure. Now in front of the car you used it to stand up, and your heart fluttered, it was his car and you were so tired you sat on the hood leaning back the cool metal soothing your aching muscles. You couldn’t escape Dylann he would find you sooner or later that’s what you told yourself to justify coming back and not because you missed him.

He asked various people, drunk and sober, if they had seen her, describing her appearance to almost everyone in the bar but no one had seen her, he sighed and walked out shaking his head in frustration where could she be. And looking up there she was laying back on the hood of his hyundai her hair a mess, cheeks red, and eyes closed, relief washed over his body and then anger as he stomped over and slammed his palm against the hood

“Where the fuck have you been” your eyes shot open as you sat up now face to face with Dylann his brows furrowed “Huh” you tried to think of something to say but his blue eyes stared into you making you look down letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and your voice came out weak “I..I…I” he grabbed your chin and made you look him “You what” he waited for you to reply but when you didn’t respond he let out a sigh “Just get in the fucking car” he ripped open the door and you willingly got in. Getting in the driver’s seat he didn’t even put on his seat belt before slamming on the gas, forcing you back into the seat.

He was speeding and swerving driving erratically down the empty rode you gripped the armrest as he drove off the road and into a nearby field, driving so far off  you couldn’t see the road anymore. Suddenly he slammed on the break causing you to lurch forward before you knew it Dylann was already out of the car on your side dragging you out of the car by your arms before tossing you down where you scraped your palms on twigs and rocks. You let your head hang down as you tried to gather your thoughts, looking back up you fell back as you were met with the end of his gun. Your wide eyes stared up at him in confusion but her only stepped closer his heavy boots crunching the ground beneath him with each step till he was literally standing over you his feet on either side of your waist before he slowly squatted down all his weight resting on your chest. You were surprised to see tears in his eyes “You left me” you opened your mouth to speak but no words came out “You fucking left after what I’ve done for you, and now, now you’re gonna get it” you could feel the cool tip of the gun against your forehead, it contrasted to the burning tears running down your cheeks, this was it, after all the complying and listening to him, you were going to die,just the thought made a ragged sob tear through your chest almost a scream, but you had no-one to blame but yourself , it was all your fault for coming back to him. But you couldn’t help it for some twisted reason your mind and body ached to go back to him, he made you feel safe which was ironic considering he was now looking at you with amusement in his blue eyes smiling as you cowered away from the gun he pointed at you “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” the tears were hot, burning your face as they ran down your cheeks “Don’t please I’m sorry I’ll never leave again” he stepped closer to you “I don’t believe you” the words left your lips before you could even think “But I came back, I came back for you, Dylann”

whatta man  -  jun || pt.2 (M)

summary; plain jane + makeover by amazing best friend + whole new you + bad kid = a cliché falling in love story at a party??

genre; hmmmmmmmm teen party angst, wait for the next chapter though ;)))

content warning: mature themes, swearing (then again this is me we’re talking about) 

pt . 1//pt . 2//pt . 3//pt . 4

“Jun, you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m cool. Just…thinking about stuff that’s all…”

“Alright, come down, I think Seungkwan and the others are here.”

“Nah, just let me have–”

“Jun I will throw a bottle at your head.”

“I’m getting down, I;m getting down, chill Kim.”

And there you were. Standing outside Mingyu’s house, you felt a sense of adrenaline, mixed with fear rush inside of you. Damn you were shook. You didn’t really want to go inside but those butterflies in your stomach were telling you something else. The party didn’t start until like 7, but you could already smell the immense amount of alcohol coming from the house. Just…how many bottles of alcohol was there? A lot. Those butterflies were multiplying and at an alarming rate. You heart started to beat faster, and your cheeks became a profound shade of bright red. You, Seungkwan, Soonyoung and Seokmin began making the way up to the house via the path, with those butterflies becoming bigger and bigger by the minute. You had to stop for a second, to really ask yourself if this was all worth it. Just to get his attention and to just run with it? To see if he would go for you again…just for you to say no? Just to see if he really does….care for you in a way that not many people get to see? It was a mix of emotions but….ultimately you weren’t going to let your friends– and Jun, down. You were going to go in there, have fun, see more friends and get slightly tipsy to the point where you accidentally spill out your feelings for Jun. Wait…..that’s not right.

“Hm? Y/n you coming?”

“Huh? Oh sorry, I kind of just blanked out for a minute.”

“You feeling good? Maybe Seokmin should of got the Grey Goose after all, huh?”

“I’m fine, Soonyoung.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, just point me in the direction of the alcohol!”

You cheered, walking with Soonyoung to the front door. Something came over you- that sense of fear? Gone. It was wiped out from your memory, and I don’t think the alcohol had anything to do with it. It was just your way of saying; good-bye plain y/n, hello new me! And it was such an uplifting feeling that you got, it made you quite excited for this party. The four of you ended up at the door, you being the one to carry in the other bottle of Smirnoff. Seokmin brought two bottles….when he could have gotten Grey Goose instead, but he said that he didn’t have enough. 1+1=5??  One knock, two knocks, three. The door slowly opened, and the large puppy-like Mingyu was on the other, side, a s large smile emerging on his face. Who else was on the other side? Jun. He just got down from the roof, and sat down on the couch with a beer in his free hand, while the other was checking his phone. His eyebrows raised at a couple of posts he had seen, but his eyebrows raised fully when he heard your velvet voice. He quickly placed his phone and drink down on the table beside the couch, running into the kitchen. 

“Who else is here?”

“Jun but thats– wait…where did he go?”

“Is he not here?”

“He was…but I’ll find him in a minute, you guys just get comfy or something.”

You, Seungkwan, Soonyoung and Seokmin scattered into the house, with Soonyoung and Seokmin sitting in the front room, and you and Seungkwan looking for a place to put the bottle down. 

“Mingyu?? Where do we put the drinks?”


“Thank you!”

Of course, this kind of escape plan that Jun had going for him…didn’t really work out in the end. Escaping to the kitchen? To where all the booze is? Knowing that’s exactly where Seungkwan will head first? Knowing that you might have brought a bottle for the party? Wait, too late. You noticed Jun in the kitchen, observing the different drinks. Seungkwan saw him too- I mean, it’s not hard to spot him. Yeah, he was pretty tall to be fair. Placing your bottle of of Smirnoff on the table, you looked up to him with those innocent yet…slightly suggestive eyes you have. 

“Lot of drinks here, don’t you think Jun?”

“Yeah…I’m going to drink them all.”

“No you’re not!”

Mingyu shouted from the other room, hearing Jun mention that little proposal he made for himself. The two of you laughed at Mingyu’s reaction, giving grins to each other. His smile was so pretty, and it gave you amazing flashbacks of seeing that smile before. You remember when your relationship with jun was fun, full of smiles and not having this irresistible urge to finally say yes to getting in his trousers. Wait….you finally admit it. You kind of wanted to get with him. But…you thought about how this could backfire on you so badly…things could be said…that didn’t mean anything. empty words with little to none meaning. You also….admitted to yourself before that you….actually had a crush on Jun. You remember when you first said it to yourself. It was in science, and he had just passed your classroom to get to his. He was only walking in the corridor, but he looked so breathtakingly beautiful. You wondered how he wasn’t a model yet or anything. He had this natural beauty and essence that nobody could match. Not even Mingyu or Wonwoo, who you kind of also…had a thing for, but that was a while ago. 

“Y/n, I actually like what you’re wearing tonight, it’s different to what you would usually wear, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but you have Seungkwan to thank for this. He just came to mine and just said ‘here put this on!’ and the rest is history.”

“Nice. You want a drink or something?”

“I’m fine for now, thanks Jun.”

As you said those words, you happen to notice that Seungkwan came over, linking his arm with yours. You turned to him, with a slightly confused look on your face. 

“Y/n, I need to talk with you for a minute.”

“Oh sure, I’ll see you round Jun.”

“See you.”

He had quite a glad smile on his face. He was glad that he actually had a proper conversation with you, even though it was short. As you left, your skirt swished from side to side, revealing a little bit more than you intended, leading Jun to his wild imagination. He bit his lip a little, a smirk and a small chuckle evolving quickly after. So Seungkwan; he brought you out into the front room, by the stairs. 

“You…didn’t happen to change anything about what you were wearing…right?”

Fuck. How’d he know? How?! You sighed and shook your head, giving Seungkwan one of your innocent smiles. Seungkwan knew something was up. He definitely knew.

“Alright, I believe you…but you know what colours go really well together?”

“Hm? What two colours?”

“Black and pink.”

Bingo. A bright red haze settled along your cheeks, with a wink being received from Seungkwan. What a sneak. But…again…how did he know? As the hours passed, more and more people flooded in. But…as you looked around, you happened to noticed that you were only one of the few girls actually at the party. Most of the other girls in your friendship group were actually out of the city on a little girls holiday that you couldn’t attend for various reasons. You sighed, walking into the kitchen. You…also lost Seungkwan, Soonyoung and Seokmin in the midsts of the party. You made a space for yourself on the counter, moving the drinks along to the side. You sat on the counter, grabbing yourself the nearest drink; which happened to be Smirnoff Ice. It tasted like a lemon ruski…but weaker. But Mike’s Hard Lemonade will be the weakest.Ha, take that Americans. You had a couple drink, like Malibu, Pimms, Smirnoff and Apple Sours too, and you had to admit, you were slightly tipsy. You could tell that people were already gone, and it was only 10:30pm. You knew because of the fact that they were daring each other to kick one person in the balls over and over again. In the midst of that mess you would call a college football team? Jun. He wasn’t the one for physical violence, but he stayed over then because it was pretty funny seeing people getting punched or kicked in the dick so many times.

“Jun, why don’t you punch someone?”

He was just about to answer, but his tongue was caught back in his mouth when he noticed you drinking by yourself in the counter. You happened to catch his eyes looking at you, in response you quickly looked away, another one of those infamous blushes returning to your delicate skin.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!”

“Nah, I’m fine, I’ll just get myself a drink.”

He announced, making his way through the roughhousing crowd of alcoholic cowards, kicking every person they could find. You didn’t notice this before, but everytime you were in the area, he seemed to be scanning you up and down, especially the special areas, which…in time…made you a little bit more open and ready to take the golden question. But your answer was still up for debate- either you take the plunge into the deep and go down into the murky depths of Jun, or you stay in the shallow end, making sure that your heart wouldn’t be broken if anything were to escalate. You favoured your heart over your sexual urges, even though you weren’t strangers with the amazing sensation of your hand being down your underwear sometimes. But… were curious as to what it would be like to fuck Jun. You had your friend who had the pleasure or receiving a pleasurable experience from Jun once before, and she mentioned that he was pretty good. Before he was able to get over to you and the drinks, he was stopped by Mingyu, who happened to notice you sitting on the counter too.

“Hey, you going over to Y/n?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You going to ask her about…you know…”

“Oh, that thing? I’ll ask her when I have the chance.”

“Go get’em, tiger.”

“You’re so gone.”

“And you’re gonna get her.”

“Whatever you say, Mingyu. Now…go kick someone in the balls or something.”

“You got it.”

Ah, Mingyu. Such a supportive friend, but a bad influence, under the influence. Flowing back into the crowd, Mingyu was gone like a flash. And so, Jun’s perilous journey to the drinks came to an end. You watched him make his way over, pouring himself a drink. Just a Smirnoff Ice, just like you. You also watched him as he stood next to you, looking to the game of truth or dare being played, seeing the two girls in the middle kiss for what seemed to be the 30th time. Of course, he had no objection to it. As he glanced at the game, you took in what he was wearing; sleeveless shirt, jeans and sneakers. The shirt was tucked in at the front, and had a small emblem of an alien on the front. The jeans were nothing new too, just his regular black jeans. Same went for the sneakers too. That was Jun’s style, well, just anything that showed off his arms. Those were his…best features. The gun show, is what he would call it, when he was showing off to people. Of course, you’ve seen that show so many times, you’ve copied him jokingly and knew every line he was going to say. It was the same when you were talking about your favourite book for the 35th time that day. With joking to that level, why weren’t you two as close? …Like ‘best friend level’ close? Maybe you kept him away…just to be safe. Yeah, that was the reason. You kept him away to save yourself from heartbreak if anything didn’t work out. 

“You going to play? Or are you just too busy looking at me?”

You snapped out of that daydream to meet Jun’s eyes, one eyebrow raised with a smirk attached. You shook your head a little, giving another innocent smile to him.

“Nah, truth or dare isn’t really my thing.”

“Fair enough.”

You weren’t lying, it really wasn’t your thing. Until a couple minutes later, when the person in front of you moved, and the bottle was pointing to you. Right in your direction. And the person to take full advantage of this sticky situation that you were in? Jun. God…damn it. You sighed, folding your arms, seeing Jun step ahead to be in front of you. Up close and personal. You felt your cheeks glowing again, staring straight into his eyes.

“You were saying?”

Fuck it.

“Right, give me your best shot.”

It was for one night only, and it wasn’t like he was going to ask–

“Alright, what type of panties are you wearing?”

Your heart stopped for a second, gazing into his eyes, as you crossed your legs. You surely thought that, nah, he can’t be serious. But of course, this is Jun we’re talking about. Yeah, he’s a goofball sometimes, and jokes about a fuck ton, but when it comes to the subject of putting his pee pee into something and giving it pleasure, AKA fucking the living daylights out of someone, then he’s downright serious. Fuck. 

“What if I don’t answer?”

“Then you have to get a dare.”

“Hm….should I tell you the colour of my panties….or tease you and take the dare…? I’ll take the dare, actually.”

You awaited the dare, taking a peek at his slowly dropping face- that soon turned into another lip bite and a sultry glare in your direction. Ha, this was actually pretty fun. Maybe you could do this more often.

“Down your bottle!”

“This? Piece of cake.”

You said, moving your hair out the way, tipping your head back. This was the time where Jun was properly taking a gander at you doing the dare. You placed the bottle up to your lips, taking down the sweet, cold and tangy beverage. A little trail slowly diverted from your lips, going down your jaw, slithering down your neck, into your shirt. You finished, but realised that the droplet was travelling down into your bra, curtailing at your breast. You didn’t care though. At all. Wait…why did you take the dare again? Oh yeah, to tease Jun. And what you did there, is also considered teasing to him. The way your neck was presented to him, was like a blank canvas. Just like the rest of your delicious body. He couldn’t wait to get you in a room, with just the two of you, just alone. It was just the waiting game. If you said yes to his proposal. You opened your eyes again, taking a slow and deep breath, just to get it back to normal. You then looked to Jun, who had his eyes glued to you, a little lick of his lips just as you gazed back. 

“You like that or something…?”

“I can’t say no…so yeah.”

Phase two of your secret plan for the night- to tease him to the point of him not giving a rat’s ass and just asking you to go back to his for the night. You were sick and tired of the suspense that he was giving you, and you were just tired of waiting for him. So…you just teased him. This was so unlike your character though…you were just the plain jane of the group of friends you called family. You weren’t open to them about ANYTHING. And somehow, with the right amount of alcohol and with the right pair of fishnets on, you felt like you were a whole different person. Your new image was a bad girl. Not a good girl. You were flirty with anything. You would think that you could use whipped cream as a…sort of stimuli. But you guess that pizza and the stringy cheese worked well. You took one bite, and let the cheese string out, before, putting it into your mouth, head back, open wide. You also happened to have an ice cream cone given to you, since the others were raiding the freezer. You had a vanilla cone, and the immediate thought you had, was;

“Tease. Him. Again. Do. It.”

And so you did. One lick, and the ice cream was falling from your mouth, as it melted from being in contact with your warm body. It melted all the way from your mouth, down to your jaw, then down your neck. You could see that Jun was watching.

“Hm? Oh, you want to lick it off?”

You teased, giving him a wink. And his mind just imploded on itself. You opened your mouth again to give it a lick, but had enough of the cone, so you gave it to another luck soul. You didn’t notice that there was still ice cream on your lips, so you gave him a sexual gaze as you licked the cold cream off your lips. And…just like that, Jun’s mouth was open wide- in shock. He…didn’t know there was this side to you. He knew you were the shy one in the group- of course. There was that one time where he saw you out and called your name but you quickly scurried away back into the book store. Overall, he liked this side to you. You had 8 tries at making Jun flustered and interested, and all those times, you succeeded. Good on you, Y/n. Then, that rush of pure lust, that one critical ingredient to his sexual drive, that kicked in. Big time. He got off from the counter, walked to the position he was in before, but this time, he was placed nicely in between your legs. His hands brushed up your thighs, pulling you in closer to him. Bingo.

“Hey….so this party is getting kind of boring….wanna go back to mine?”

“Hm….depends….you got anything to do at your place?”

“I have something in mind that we can do.”

“Really? The offer is tempting…”

“Come on, you know you want to..”

With every sentence he whispered, he came closer to you, that one hand behind you getting acquainted with the clasps of your bra already. You didn’t know this but Jun is actually pretty good at unclasping bras, no matter how hard you find it to be. You debated again in your mind for the next minute, giving him the same smirks and libidinous smiles you’ve been giving him for the last 30 minutes. A small chuckle came out of Jun, before he turned around, looking as if he was going to walk away. You then panicked–wait, he was actually walking away? You didn’t plan for this. Shit. Out of panic and just general instinct, you placed both your hands on his shoulders, pulling him back. 

“Hey, just let me tell Seungkwan that I don’t need a ride home then.”

“I’ll wait outside for you.”

He whispered in your ear, with the party being too loud for you two to just talk normally. He got out of your way, as you jumped down to quickly grab your phone, and to try and find Seungkwan. But, Jun…he couldn’t wait to have your body so close to his. Just as a taster, his hand reached down to your ass, firmly grabbing one of the cheeks. You turn around and give him another wink and another spicy smile. On his way out, Jun just so happened to find Mingyu, giving him the ok sign with his hand.

“You’re going home already?”

“Yep, I want you to guess who with though..”

“Y/n isn’t on the counter…wait is it Y/n?”


“Y/n said yes?”

“Well, what can I say? She couldn’t resist.”

“Correction; she’s getting brave, she’s trying new things. Like you. Have fun out there.”

“Got it captain.”

The two did their handshake like always, and Jun walked out of Mingyu’s house, strolled down the path, waiting for you outside. Meanwhile, you were looking for Seungkwan, when, oh- Mingyu. he might know where Seungkwan is. 

“Hey Mingyu? Do you know where Seungkwan is??”

“No, but…I gotta say this, get ready.”

“Get ready…wait you know?!”

“Little birdie told me.”

“That little bird is Jun, isn’t it?”

“Yeah….oh there’s Seungkwan!”

Decoy. You looked over to where Mingyu was pointing, and found him, but you also happened to notice Mingyu running back upstairs. Pussy. You made your way through the crowd, tapping Seungkwan on the shoulder.

“Seungkwan! Can I talk to you outside?”


It was pretty loud in the house, so the only possible way to talk was to shout. Nice. You led Seungkwan outside, where Jun was waiting. He was…slowly adding things up. They way you led him outside, the way that it looked like you were leaving early, and now the fact that Jun was waiting outside, and how his face lit up when he saw you…..yeah he figured out you were gonna fuck Jun. Really hard. 

“You’re gonna get laid?!”

“Yeah, you’ve done it before at one of Jun’s parties, haven’t you?”


“I rest my case. jun will drop me home, don’t worry.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, he’s a nice guy. If he’s nice enough to fuck me then he’s nice enough to take me home as well.”

“That the first time I’ve ever heard you say that in the amount of time that we’ve known each other. My baby is growing up!”

I forgot to mention that Seungkwan is a mother figure when he’s drunk. So thats a thing! He pulled you in for a hug, before placing his head on top of yours, with your wrapping your arms around him. You sighed before letting a little giggle come out of your mouth.

“Now, you go bone that dude! I’ll make sure he takes you home.”

You nodded and gave Seungkwan the thumbs up, before running down the path to meet up with Jun. You saw Seungkwan go back into the party, but with a different…aura. It was a protective aura. Slightly drunk Seungkwan + you + the fact that you were going to bang Jun + the protective aura that was now floating around him + mama boo mode + Soonyoung and Seokmin = Jun you better take y/n home after you two shag. Just minutes after you two left the party, Jun already had his arm around you, leading you to him home. But just then- he got a text message from a new group chat.

[11:30 PM] From SooHam🐹: WEN JUNHUI!1!!!!!11



Jun made the face that read; oh my god they’re overreacting but I get it they’re protective as fuck over you yeah I’ll walk her home dw. But I wasn’t kidding about that equation. It’s not the best maths, but it leaves Jun alive for you. Speaking of you…you liked the moment. The moment? Yes, Just you and Jun, under the moonlight. The breeze was just right, and it was like a scene right out of a romantic comedy- the romance being the moment and what’s about to go down in Jun’s pants, and the comedy being the morning after. You realised, that this moment won’t last forever. No matter what happens, you and Jun will always be friends, and that’s how it will stay. You two won’t be a thing, and life will go on, just like before. You were just lucky you were chosen. Wait–



“Why did you choose me? Was it because of the teasing? Or were you thinking of doing this before you came over?”

You stopped, seeing him walk on in the road. He then stopped, giving you an honest and confused look, then giving you on of the more confessional and embarrassed smiles.

“I kind of planned for it to be you all this time…”

“You did? That’s…a little creepy to be honest…but it’s cute too.”

“How? I thought you said it was creepy.”

“Well it shows that you thought of me. I’m glad you chose me tonight.”

You said, giving him one of the sweeter smiles, the dusting of blush coming back to your cheeks. He smiled back to you, taking your hand and continued walking back to his place. Then, the real fun could begin. You weren’t going to lie when you said you were pretty nervous about this, but you were willing to make an effort for Jun. As I said, the only contact you’ve had near you when you were pretty excited in your panties and you were drenched to your core, was your own hand. You heart was beating like a drum, you were kind of worried that he would hear it. You would of thought that you would have been a lot calmer than this, but oh no. The amount of energy this guy has when it comes to sex is amazing, he just needs to rest a while then he’s back to humping and fucking you until you’re…well…dead. Not dead, but just…until you’re all out, and until the point of maximum pleasure for both of you. Then you can die peacefully. Yeah he’s about to give you a run for your money. 

  • Eva: Why do people call people lightweights as if it’s a bad thing? You paid 200kr to get drunk I paid 50 sorry you’re sad
  • Chris: Okay but i’m not picking your dumb ass up off the bar floor after a jello shot and a smirnoff ice while you’re crying like a bitch. It’s 21.30 we just got here get up

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Zeus is not a burly man with a beard. He's a manscaped teenager that drinks smirnoff ice and wears a snapback. That's how much of a douche he is.

Zeus is kinda like that douchey kid who thinks he’s better than everyone else cause he was rich