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What's your ideal type when it comes to men? That when you see it on/in a guy you just go "fuck yes".

A guy who makes me talk about one subject for hours and I just continue talking and I have that inner voice being like “omg you’ve been talking a long time about this” but you look at the guy and he’s just looking st you and smiling and like, he obviously wants you to continue because he loves your passion.

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Superlatives, politicians style. Go! Most Handsome Male, Most Beautiful Female, Most Likely To Succeed, Most Talented, Best Eyes, Best Smile, Most Confident, Best Hair, Biggest Brainiac, Class Clown, Best Body, Best Dressed, Best Advice Giver, Kookiest, Sweetest, Most Adventurous, Biggest Nerd, Biggest Flirt, Best Laugh, Most Quotable, Most Respectful

Most Beautiful Female - @the-real-karen-santorum !!!!!!!
Most Likely To Succeed - @the-real-mike-pence YOU WILL BE A WONDERFUL PRESIDENT
Most Talented - @the-real-mike-pence 
Best Eyes - @the-real-karen-santorum  OBVIOUSLY!!!!
Best Smile - @the-real-karen-santorum 
Most Confident - @the-real-paul-ryan 
Best Hair - @the-real-marcorubio 
Biggest Brainiac - @the-real-ben-carson
Class Clown -  @the-real-bernie-sanders
Best Body - @the-real-karen-santorum 
Best Dressed - @the-real-hillary-clinton
Best Advice Giver - @the-real-ben-carson 
Kookiest - @the-real-bernie-sanders
Sweetest - @the-real-william-clinton 
Most Adventurous - @the-real-hillary-clinton 
Biggest Nerd -  @the-real-bernie-sanders
Biggest Flirt - @the-real-william-clinton
Best Laugh -  @real-rand-paul
Most Quotable -  @the-real-mike-pence 
Most Respectful - @the-real-ben-carson 

and then they paint each others nails and come up with wild theories about why Zarkon is such a grump until Hunk bursts in looking for his missing headband

he does agree that space IKEA constantly failing to give Zarkon enough screws to properly assemble his space furniture is a plausible explanation also where do you even find this stuff Lance? and don’t try telling me it came with your lion 

(idk i just wanted to draw something cute. i hc that lance really enjoys pampering people since it reminds him of his family, and keith didn’t get pampered at all growing up but he finds that he really likes it, even if he initially only agreed because he didn’t want lance to look so sad and homesick)

Chef the whale shark loves to cook and specialises in seafood. Chef is a little clumsy with the knife, but with every dish she gets a little better.

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This makes so much sense to me personality-wise?

Ransom’s so high strung and Nursey values chill; even though they occasionally share eyerolls over White Nonsense, Nursey honestly wants to be more like Holster–smiling, obviously enjoying himself, confident in his weird interests and strident in his niche opinions. Ransom cares too obviously for Nursey’s comfort.

Dex sees Ransom having a panic attack under a table and crawls in beside him, knees tucked up to his chest.  Ransom looks at him. “If I don’t ace this class my parents will be so disappointed in me.”

“Bro,” Dex says, and offers him a fist to bump.

calfreezy - yoga challenge

REQUESTED:  “ Could you do a Calfreezy x reader story where they’re both youtubers and do the yoga challenge and their fans ship them?”

“Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel!”

Cal’s loud voice boomed throughout the apartment, alerting me to the fact he had started recording. I watched him make his introduction patiently from the floor where I sat cross legged.

“Today I am making a video that’s quite popular as of now, you may have seen Simon and Cal do it and I’m pretty sure even Zoella has done it at some point - it’s the yoga challenge!”

“Woooo!” I cheered. Cal smiled down at me.

“Obviously I won’t be doing this by myself, incase you couldn’t already tell by the high pitched giggles I have someone here to join me, do you wanna introduce yourself?”

Pouting, I pinched his leg before jumping up.

“My giggle is not high pitched! But hi everyone!”

He laughed as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I smiled and waved at the camera.

“Yep so I have Y/n here with me today, you guys know who she is, you’ve seen her before but her links will be in the description nonetheless.”

“Damn straight they will,” I interrupted.

“Shut it you. Anyway, Y/n has actually done yoga before so I’m hoping I have a lot to learn - would you say you’re a pro?”

His blue eyes looked down at me. My mind was focused on the fact that his arm was still around my shoulder; I couldn’t help but stutter slightly as his long fingers stroked the exposed skin of my shoulder, where my tank top did not cover.

“A pro,” I repeated, realising I had not yet responded. “Well I wouldn’t go that far. But I’m very flexible!”

“Well that’s always good to know,” Cal looked up at the camera and I heard Harry laugh softly from behind it. “Well all of the positions have been chosen by none other than the wroetoshaw, and neither I nor Y/n have actually had a chance to see them yet, so here we go!”

I strolled over to the laptop balancing on the arm of the sofa. Cal filled the filming space with small conversation as I browsed through the photos - some I was familiar with, some seemingly impossible. 

“We’ll start with this one,” I called and Cal nodded. 

“Where do you want me?”

“Just standing up straight,” I continued to observe the photo in order to memorise the position. “It looks like you just have to hold me above your head.”

“That seems simple enough.” Cal shrugged, and I noticed Harry and Lux exchange a look behind the camera. 

I stood in front of Cal, the height difference more prominent than ever. He held out his arms and I leant back into them, instantly being lifted off the ground. One of his hands gripped firmly on my thigh, the other on the centre of my back. We held this for a couple of seconds before he placed me back on the ground.

“Well that was simple, what next?”

“Well, this is where it gets a bit more difficult.” My fingers tapped the laptop, scrolling through the many screenshots of poses. “I need you lying down.”

“Lying down?” he repeated, eyebrows furrowed and I nodded. 

“Yeah, lying down. And then I’m going to balance on top of you.”

“On top, right.”

He scratched the back of his neck, glancing at Lux before lying down on his back. I placed one leg on either side of his crotch before bending and placing my hands firmly on his thighs, causing him to squirm slightly. He cleared his throat. 

“I’m not gonna lie Y/n I don’t really know where to look right now.”

A laugh fell from my lips.

“Try not to get too excited, Cal.”

“Believe me I’m trying,” he responded under his breath, and I silently questioned whether or not I was supposed to hear it. I kicked my legs. Eventually I reached the final position, performing a hand stand on top of Cal. 

“I did it! I actually did it!”


“Thanks, man.”

As I attempted to graciously get down Cal squirmed again, causing me to lose grip. I reached out my hand in order to stop me falling and grabbed on to the first thing within distance - not, at this moment, realising I had just so happened to have grabbed onto his crotch.

“Jesus Y/n!” He groaned and I withdrew my hand, my jaw dropping. Lux and Harry erupted into fits of laughter from where they sat on the sofa, and I bit my lip at the camera. 


“You know what, I think that’s a great place to end this video,” Cal stood, keeping place behind me. “Thank you guys for watching-”

“You did two positions!”

“Shut up Harry, thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you next time bye!”

Cal ended the video and I gave him a questioning look.

“Cal. That was two poses. How are you gonna make a whole video out of that?”

He shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck. “I just won’t edit it. It’ll be like one massive bloopers video since the positions took us so long anyway.”

He left the room to go and upload the footage and I sat down on the sofa next to Harry. We engaged in conversation for a while, mainly consisting of him teasing me about Cal. Truth be told I liked him. We hadn’t known eachother all that long - only a year, when I’d met him through the sidemen - but I had developed feelings for him quickly. Nobody knew this, but Harry’s suspicions were soon growing.

Lux re entered the room and I hit Harry’s arm, signalling for him to shut up.

“Alright Cal? Y/n and I are just talking about how she’s gonna fuck Freezy.”


“Oh really, Y/n? It’s funny you should say that actually. Read the comments on the video.”

“It’s uploaded already?” I asked as Lux flopped down on the sofa next to me, handing me his phone. I began scrolling through comments.


“Go on, read them out I wanna hear!” Harry exclaimed, and I mentally cursed.

“Top comment: ‘Who’s betting he cut the camera off to fuck her?’ That already has one thousand likes?”

Both boys laughed.

“Second comment - I’ve never seen so much sexual tension in one ten minute video. The next four comments just say shit about us being in a secret relationship.”

“Keep reading,” Lux assured me.

“’Who wants to bet the next video we see of these two is a boyfriend girlfriend tag? This is like Zalfie all over again.’ Then someone just replied saying ‘they 100% are already fucking’…”

“There are some nice ones too!” Freezy interjected as he entered the room. I jumped. “The fans are shipping it, hardcore.”

“But…we’re not even in a relationship?”

All three boys exchanged a look.

Only Us (Part Three)

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Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1550

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk

Part 1  Part 2 

Can’t afford that, can’t afford that. I thought my fingers brushing the soft fabric on the shirts. I stare at the one shirt that caught my eye. $25.99. Fat chance. I pushed it away pulling my purse closer to me.

“Can I help you with anything?” A girl smiled at me obviously a worker at the store.

“No thank you. I’m just looking.” I smiled before a crash sounded outside the store somewhere in the mall. “What was that?” My gaze shot to the shop worker who held a confused look in her eyes.

“I’m not sure.” She replied as I took a step forward determined to walk out of the store. “I really don’t think you should go out there.” I shook my head taking another step.

“I’ll be fine.” I told her walking into the mall that had groan quiet. I paused for a moment before walking down the hall looking into the shops desperate to see anyone. It was late at night the mall was almost closed so not a lot of people where here in the first place. A hand caught my arm pulling into their chest.

“Don’t move.” I heard a growl and I swallowed as I felt a blade press against my throat. Really? Again? I thought. A figure came walking toward me.

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Requested by bearbearthehero

“Barry this is [Y/N]” Bruce said introducing you to one of your new team mates. You nodded and shook Barry’s kind of sweaty hand.

“Ah hey” Barry said giving you a sort of awkward smile. Obviously he wasn’t so good at this whole meeting new people thing, but on the other hand neither were you so who were you to judge?


“So ah you’re a super hero too huh?”.

“Guess so…”.

“Well ah you seem cool” Barry continued rubbing the back of his neck. You couldn’t help but chuckle at this. You had to admit his awkwardness was kind of adorable.
“Sorry I’m kind of weird. I don’t have many friends”.

“Clearly” you joked nudging him lightly “guess I’ll have to be your first one”.



Robert’s smiles…Notice the difference?Of him smiling when thinking about his future with Aaron in it,and his future without Aaron in it 🙂😢😭

Something’s off Robert’s face last night.There’s no more lights in his eyes or face when he smiles.He’s obviously a walking dead.It’s like watching a body without a soul,a living whole without a better half.

He is at a crossroads apparently.Didn’t know which way to take???

Being honest and losing Aaron in a flash,or lie/hiding the truth and risk losing him in the near future for good?Either way he’ll still gonna lose Aaron.

Difference being…if he choose to be honest,there’s probably a chance that Aaron might forgive him even if it’ll take years.But if he choose to lie/keeping it a secret,there’s no more second chances for him,but at least he’ll have time.Time to be with Aaron,to kiss him,to touch him,to sleep with him and wake up next to him,for however long that is.Before all hell breaks loose.Before Aaron being pried away from his grasp for good.

Ask yourself,if you’re in his place,which way would you take?

  • “’cos if I lost you Aaron, I couldn’t handle it”
  • “I nearly lost you twice now, I can’t do it again
  • “It’s because I can’t see my future without him in it”

consider: the first time bitty wore short shorts and a tank in front of jack

it wasn’t on purpose, not at all, he’s just thrown on some clothes and wandered out to make his boyfriend something good-but-within-his-nutrition-plan to have on his off day.

jack’s taking advantage of the fact that he doesn’t actually have to get up to keep his head literally under the covers, not asleep (his body clock doesn’t allow it) but not confronting the day because no

but eventually the smell of something drags him up, and the bed doesn’t feel right without bitty there, despite bitty not actually having stayed over very much at all, and he meanders into the kitchen, tripping over a pair of socks in the hall, thinking, inanely, god he loves this boy

and he gets to the end of the hall, and just. stops. mouth hanging open in the most unflattering way because he hasn’t fully woken up yet, and now his brain is even further away from online

because all he sees is skin, and so so much of it. pale and inviting and his as bitty dances around, headphones in

and bitty turns, plate in hand, startles a little when he sees jack, and smiles all soft and inviting

and then he realises jacks not responding, pulls out his headphones with his little finger and a bit of clever plate acrobatics, all “Jack, honey?”

and jack’s only response is a somewhat strangled “uhh”

Imagine Chirrut poking fun at everyone in the rebel base in regards to he and Baze referring to the other Rogue One members as siblings.


“Why did you call pilot Rook ‘little brother’?” A medic asks one day, after Chirrut brings Bodhi to the medbay while affectionately scolding him for ignoring a burn.

“Because he is,” Chirrut responds simply, smiling.

The medic, having obviously expected some sort of explanation for it being a nickname, pauses and looks between Chirrut’s light complexion and Bodhi’s dark one.

“You don’t really…look related though?” The rebel tries, and Chirrut straightens up as if in shock.

“What do you mean?” he asks, “Baze always says we’re alike.”

With surprise, confusion, and maybe mild alarm, the medic looks at Baze. He’s scowling, arms crossed, and he barely glances at them. Bodhi is very much staring at the floor trying to hide a mix of amusement and embarrassment. The medic doesn’t realize Baze’s scowl is meant for Chirrut’s teasing and Bodhi just looks uncomfortable, so their alarm increases.

They end up mumbling something about how Chirrut and Bodhi really do look alike after all, they just didn’t notice, and they flee the medbay as soon as they can.

And Baze rolls his eyes, because really there was no need to be difficult about it, but a week later he ends up doing the exact same thing when someone asks why he calls Jyn his little sister.

“Because she is,” he says, and pointedly ignores Chirrut beaming at him.

A snippet of “Riposte”

(I’m hoping to have this done and posted by tomorrow, but I found that posting little bits here helps me keep on track and not get distracted by watching 4.09 fifty more times instead of finishing it!)

Silver huffs a little, though he’s obviously pleased, smiling and flushed.  “You could have killed me twenty times.”

“More like fifty,” Flint corrects, both dry and accurate.  “But you’re unlikely to be facing too many trained swordsmen next week.  And if you do find yourself meeting someone with officer’s bars on the battlefield, please, for the love of god, disengage.”

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