and smile for the camera

FFXV Imagine: Brighten Your Day

Imagine Prompto sending you random photos to brighten your day

You never know when your phone will buzz with a new text message with a photo attachment from your boyfriend, Prompto, but you’ve come to really appreciate it whenever they do. Prompto always texts you at random times after coming across something that he thinks would make you smile, always making sure to snap a quick photo with his camera and then sending it your way with simple but considerate words.

He’s sent you a photo of a sunflower once with the comment, “Hope this sunflower brings you warmth!”

He’s sent you a photo of several puppies with the comment, “They’re almost as cute as you!”

He’s sent you a photo of a large oak tree with the comment, “Do your best today!”

He’s sent you a photo of sunset-tinted clouds with the comment, “Thinking of you!”

Your face lights up almost right away when your phone vibrates with a new text from Prompto, and you open it with enthusiasm. A large smile spreads across your features when you open up the photo attachment. These types of photos were always your favourites. It’s a photo of your boyfriend taking a selfie with a large and goofy grin on his lips. Included with the attachment is a single sentence that makes your heart flutter: “I love you! ♥”


anonymous asked:

These beards have got to learn that if you need to get pap pics and act like they’re invading your privacy DONT LOOK AT THE CAMERAS!

lol antis can’t find excuses this time. she’s looking at the camera AND smiling so she wasn’t mad at all 

bosselimitchell  asked:

slow burn/fake date/enemies to lovers with Eli, Furia, Ang for Meryl and Colin please!

put 3 characters in my inbox and I’ll tell you who I’d slow burn/fake date/enemies to lovers with

They both managed to agree on: 

  • fake dating Eli (smile to the cameras/audience but as soon as they’re out of sight they’re exchanging barbed words and possibly even punches) 
  • enemies to lovers with Ang (neither is on the best of terms with her, but they’d rather give another chance to her than Eli)
  • slow burn with Furia (which is what Meryl’s secretly hoping is what’s actually happening between them).

The Donald Duck Weekly’s Instagram posted this on Father’s Day and honestly if you’re not following this account you’re missing out.

Now excuse me while I just… lie here on the floor, consumed with duck feelings.