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Privileged (17/?)

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“*yn* and her four friends plus Murphy continue on their journey to find and save the rest of the delinquents. When they lose one of their own, tensions between *yn* and Finn reach boiling point. *yn* reunites with one of her closest friends.” 

Warnings: death, violence, swearing, fluff, slight angst 

Notes: Based on 2x04 “Many Happy Returns” of The 100.

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“How do we even know if this map is right?” Murphy piped up. 

“I’m just saying, we’ve been walking for two days and there’s no sign of them.” He continued when his question was met with silence.

“Just be quiet Murphy.” Monroe snapped irritably before *yn* could even open her mouth to tell him off. The group had lost what little spirit that they originally had a long time ago, around the time that Murphy had begun to complain every hour like clock work to be precise. 

“I’m just making the point-”

“Shut up.” *yn* cut him off as she came to a sudden halt and jerked her head around. “Oh what now-”

“Shh.” She snapped, shooting him a silencing glare before turning her attention back to her surroundings. The rest of the group came to a halt and they once again fell into a tense silence, all of them shooting *yn* confused glances.

“Do you hear that?” She murmured quietly. The rest of them strained their ears at her words. There was a pause when nothing but birds chirping entered their ears until they all heard something coming up ahead. 


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EXO | When Their GF is Shipped With Another Member

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Can you please do the request “When Their GF is Shipped With Another Member” for EXO? thanks<3

You work at SM and after your relationship was outed they were asked questions about you and after that because of how they described you or what questions they had answered or even your clothing style in pictures when you had been caught together out and about fans had began to ship you when another member *Yes the same preface for the Got7 one*

Recently after the interview where Minseok was asked about you people had been starting to ship you with Jongdae; and though he wasn’t really one to get jealous…annoyance would start to arise.

“Yeah…hi guys, remember me? Y/N is dating me not him.”

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Though he probably wouldn’t be completely concerned by the fact that you were being shipped with Sehun after a while of hashtags and even fan art of you two he would begin to let the stress get to him.

“Are you okay?” you questioned.

“My brain is going to explode with all these…OH MY GOD WHO WROTE A SMUT FANFIC OF YOU TWO?”

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“What’s with the face?” you questioned as you saw Yixing making faces at his phone.

“The fans found your Instagram and they’ve been commenting on the photos that you’re makeup is always…’on fleek’,” he replied.

“So why are you making a face like you smelled something horrible?” you asked, crossing your arms.

“Because they’re also saying that you should date someone fashionably fierce like Tao….I can be fierce to,” he said before trying to be a fierce face.

“So fierce honey….so fierce.”

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He’s most likely to make a joke out of the whole situation when you start getting shipped with Jongin.

“Hey Y/N, here comes your boyfriend,” Baek joked, as Jongin walked into the living room of the dorm.

“It’s not that funny, Baek….” you said.

“It kinda is actually,” he said, “Look…look…look at this photoshopped picture.”

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Jongdae is also likely to make jokes to try and lighten the mood of the situation. “Well at least it’s Minseok….”

“What do you mean ‘at least it’s Minseok’?” you questioned.

“He’s the only acceptable choice for you to be shipped with besides me…anyone else and I might have to start questioning people.”

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This cinnamon bun might get a little self conscious at the fact that you were being shipped with Kris. He might start internally questioning why the fans might think you two would look better together and start to over think the situation.

“Channie, I got food, are you hungry?” you asked, walking into your apartment only to receive no response, “Channie?”

“Hmm?” he questioned, staring at his phone with a pained look on his face.

“Would you give me that,” you said as you took his phone away from him, “Now you listen to me Park Chanyeol, I don’t care what the fans say…the only man I love and have ever truly loved is you and no fan based shipping is going to change that, got it?”

He looked at you a small frown still on his face. “I love you too…and I got it.”

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He was actually trying to answer fan questions on live TV when he first saw anything about you being shipped with Yixing. “D.O. what do you think about the recent outbreak of hashtags #Y/N&Lay?”

He froze, the smile disappearing from his face. What did he think about it? He didn’t know what to think about it, this was the first time he was actually hearing about it. But he was definitely going to be doing some digging later.

“I find it rather amusing actually….” he started, trying to come up with a lie.

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“They shipped you with Luhan?” Jongin questioned, when you warned him that after his interview the fans had let their imaginations run wild.

“Yeah…for some reason they think I would look good with Luhan and I just wanted to warn you that-” 

“This is not…that…no….you would not look good with Luhan,” he said, giving a disgusted look.

Even the squad disagrees with the ship

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“What??” he questioned.

“Did you know that I was shipped with Baek?” you questioned.

“You most certainly are not shipped with him,” he said before taking your phone from your hands, “Let me see that….#Y/N&Baekhyun, what in the world? Seriously, someone came up with fan art in less than five hours?”

“Can I have my phone back?” you questioned.

“Someone just tweeted that they found your instagram and you have ‘amazingly cute photos of you and the other members of EXO at the beach SQUEAL you should see her and Baek.’“

“Would you give me my phone,” you said snatching it back, “At least they don’t have access to my private photos.”

“You kept those?” he questioned.

“Of course…I have my own ship to worry about.”

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He would probably find the whole thing of you being shipped with Suho weird and he would try and over think it. “But he’s like the mom of the group….how does that even happen when I’m me…”

“It’s just the fans being the fans,” you replied.

“But….” he started.

“Let it go Luhan.”

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If you were shipped with anyone but him he would probably be annoyed about it and you would hear about it. “I go on TV, they ask about the person I’ve been seen with, I tell them that it’s my girlfriend and we’ve been dating for a year and we’re in a happy and stable relationship and next thing I know she’s being shipped with half the members.”

“Are you still-”

“Like how in the world did you manage to get shipped with Tao????” he questioned.

“Hard work and perseverance,” you said, starting to get annoyed that you were going to be late to dinner due to his griping.

“…………….Now I can understand you getting shipped with Sehun with your sassy ass….”

“Oh my god, can we go to dinner!”

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Seeing or hearing about the fact that you were shipped with Chanyeol would probably annoy him because he would’ve have talked about how close you two were in the recent interview.

“I don’t really know how to express my potato….” he said after reading the comments on twitter.

“Um…babe I think you meant-”

“I know what I meant and I meant what I said!”

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// it’s your girl cae over here dying from writers block, hello hello

V and Saeran not added because I didn’t know what to make for theirs I ran out of ideas ;((

{ Valentine’s Day Special }


- He may be talented, but making chocolate was some sort of chemistry. It takes so long too? Why?

- He tries his best though, totally has a “ kiss the cook ” apron on.

- There wasn’t much time until you got back from work; so he tried to make chocolate covered cherries. He watched youtube videos, he really wanted it to look nice.. And they do turn out nice! Only problem? He didn’t use wax paper. Little shits stuck to the bottom of the paper towels and.. Yeah. Not very appealing.

- Mentally freaking out while trying to peel bits of paper off of the bottoms.. But it’s not working the best.

- “ Zen? I’m home! ”
SHIT he jumps and drops the pan with a huge crash

- You walk in at the perfect moment– Zens shocked expression and chocolates littering the floor. It’s a movie perfect scene, you can’t help but burst out in laughter. To which Zen grumbles about with a red face.

- ” What’s all this? ” You singsong, setting your things down on the countertop as you help your boyfriend pick up the mess.

- “ Ah.. I was going to surprise you but– Turns out ”chocolatier” Isn’t something i’m able to put on my resume..”


- He’d been reading up about making sweets, he’s not one for chocolate but he knows how you love them so.

- Had Jaehee order the ingredients and tools, he started before you even woke up. Sadly, the smell of burnt cocoa was too strong to hide. It smelt horrible.. Who knew something so sweet could smell so awful. When you wake up it’s the first thing you ask about– And he’s honest, He tried and failed badly so he ordered you a giant box of assortments instead. But you refused to leave it at that, you tug on his arm to get him to leave his chair– His nose was stuck in a book, but he put it down to see what you wanted so badly.

- You grab two aprons, pulling one around yourself and placing the other on your husband. You didn’t really know how to make it, but since Jumin read up he knew. Instructs and helps along the way, the manual work of cooking and keeping careful eye on the chocolate was your job. Last time he left it unstirred for too long, causing it to burn.

- The duo you two make is amazing, but he clings to you every chance he gets. His arms wrapped around your waist and his chin resting on your head or shoulder, watching you mix and stir away. You grumble at how hard it is to move around with him stuck to you like glue– But his kisses make up for it.


- He’s skilled at cooking, so it should be easy breezy. Reads some online articles before setting on a movie for you to pay attention to, claiming he has something to work on before you two settle in for the evening. Your last surprise, one out of many for the day.

- He gets to work quickly, mixing and stirring away. He was trying to make white chocolates, but the honey he added as sweetener made them.. sort of yellow. Adds a bit of pink food coloring to help it look more appealing– Thankfully it works well. He sets everything down carefully on wax paper before placing it in the freezer.

- He figures a two or three hour movie would be enough time– How about Titanic? But that movie makes him sob like a baby so maybe not. Whatever you decide he’s happy with, except horror movies. Too scary.

- Finally you both settle on a eighties musical, after lots of snuggles and quiet comments about the acting– He rushes over to the freezer when the movies over to check on his surprise. Everything looked nice.. But they kind of; Well, flattened. No longer circles, more like.. tiny splats of pink. He’s so disappointed, you join him unable to take the suspense. The sight of him so torn over this pan of pink was hilarious, you couldn’t help but giggle.

- He blushes, obviously flustered and upset that his chocolate didn’t turn out the way he wanted. But you think the act is so sweet regardless, plus it tastes amazing. You just.. have to eat it in chip form.


- She knew how much you loved sweets, so the night before valentines she sneaks away to the cafe to make you something special for tomorrow. It had everything she needed there, cook books as well. How hard could it be?

- She wanted to go traditional– Milk chocolates, simple yet delicate. She’s adorable in her little pink apron, she tries her hardest to make everything look nice and beautiful. She drizzled chocolate in the shape of a heart as well.

- She decides to head back home for the night and get them tomorrow after your date, it would be a nice surprise.

- After everything’s done and you both are heading home, she chimes on how she needs to pick something up from the cafe– bringing you along with her. Inside, she excitedly pulls out the chocolate. But the heart kind of spread.. It looks sort of bumpy and uneven. She’s disappointed, but you’re quick to shush her– Breaking off a small piece and putting it in your mouth. It melts instantly, causing you to moan. And her to blush.

- It was sweet of her, you said how grateful you were for the gesture before giving her a small kiss– the taste of the chocolate stuck to your tongue. Even though it didn’t turn out like she wanted, it was still nice to snack on for the night.


- God 707 can do anything he sets his mind to! He watches ONE youtube video and thinks he’s ready. Singing loudly in the kitchen while you’re in the other room, talking to him through a door so it could be a ’ surprise ’

- Wants to make dark chocolate ;) and he actually does a pretty good job? Surprising since he didn’t do much research. But he cant wait four hours for it to freeze. So honestly he just throws it in two bowls and eats the batter, even suggests using it as dip for honey buddha chips. He tried it and pretended to have a revelation because of how good it was.

- Proceeds to grab a finger full and smear it on your face, to which you do the same to him as payback. He claims you look ’ just too sweet ’ and chases you around the house with a face full of chocolate, claiming he has to clean you up. Except with his tongue, when he captures you he proceeds to pretend you’re some kind of lollipop despite your pleas, Saeran walks in to Saeyoung licking chocolate off your face and immediately shuts the door screaming.

” I can never catch a break in this house, I swear. ”

the nights are always cold and the fires are always warm and alex sits close to john, close enough that they brush against each other but far enough that no one would be suspicious.

fires spread in a line, dotted across the sand. they’re vulnerable here, out in the open - but the fires distract from the camp in the trees, and that is how they justify them. few men balk at being assigned to keep watch by the fires. no one has been killed beside one yet, and it’s warmer than a tent. other men, soldiers not assigned to watch, warm themselves beside fires of their own before going off to sleep, and the shore lights up at night, a string of fires not unlike precious gems threaded together.

and here, beside their own fire, alex can laugh with john and drown in his voice. the sky wheels above them, and their toes are freezing despite their heavy stockings, and they smell horrible after so much time spent tramping through mud and rain, but it’s a clear night and the ocean air fills their lungs and in this moment they’re invincible.

one by one, the fires die out. alex can hear sand being kicked over the closer ones. as each jewel winks out, he draws closer to john, and before long the only fires left, the ones manned by other soldiers on watch, are so far away they couldn’t possibly see much of anything from that distance.

alex takes a chance. he seizes john by the cravat, kisses his lips firmly, and then settles back and takes john’s hand.

the fire dances in John’s eyes. “what was that for?” he asks. the corners of his mouth curl upward.

and alex smiles, settles closer against the chill, and says, “just because i can.”

me: [sleeps for like 11 hours every day, barely eats, hasn’t showered in a week, hasn’t left the house in even longer, can barely muster the energy to leave her bedroom]
me: wow i haven’t had a depressive episode in a while

Forever and Always

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Another night ended with the sound of slammed doors. 

The sound making me nauseated. Once again I would be sleeping at a friends house.
No longer feeling welcomed by him. No longer feeling wanted.

Four months ago, I lost my job. I was heart broken. Not only did I love that job with all of my heart, but without it I could not stay in Korea.
I didn’t know what to do. I made just enough to live and sustain myself. If I was able to work there just three more months, I would have a received a raise. But the world was obviously not working in my favor. 

My boyfriend was the wonderful and amazingly talented rapper and producer: Zico. We had been dating for two years and our relationship was perfect. He was my other half and I was his.
We were having a movie night at his place the night I told him everything. He sat with his back resting against the arm of the sofa, legs splayed out along the couch with me in his lap, legs resting the same way, my upper body resting along his. He had both arms wrapped around my waist. I could feel him breathing on my neck as I told him the situation.
I explained to him that with the money I had saved, I could only afford to stay in Korea for two more months, so I would be moving back home to the states soon.
It was quiet for a while after I finished. Every tick that the clock made making me even more anxious for his response.
After a few minutes he finally spoke.
“Why don’t you move in here?” I could feel him looking at me without even turning around. His pupils burning holes into my skull. We had talked about moving in together before, but I always rejected the offer, not wanting to move in with someone I wasn’t married to. This just was not a step I was ready for.
“What about my dog?”  I felt him shrug. “I don’t care, bring him too” “But you don’t even like him” “You love him so I love him” He was acting as if this was a no brainer. I couldn’t afford to live on my own so I should live with him. Simple. But it was not that simple to me. Moving in with him scared me to death. Were we ready?
Zico could feel my insecurities raging within me. “Look, I know you have your worries, but this could work. We’ve been together for two years now. Most couples move in with each other way sooner than that”
“Yeah and they end up breaking up too”
“But not us, we’re different than them”
“How so, babe?”
“Because not only is our love strong and unbreakable but we already have our life planned. Look, we said married by 28 and kids by 30. Would it be so bad to just move in with each other now. We already know we will always be together, forever and always.”
 The room was filled with silence. I didn’t know how to reply. After waiting a few more moments, he spoke again.
“Babe, I know you’re scared. But you shouldn’t be. You know I want you here anyway. I love it when you stay over and I’m always wishing it was permanent. My apartment is a great for the two of us anyway and with your dog being here that makes it a little more homey don’t you think?”
His voice was filled with hope and it was breaking my heart. I did want this. I imagined what life would be like living with him all the time. But I always imagined we were married.

After a couple days of going back and forth on the topic, we decided I would move in. I said only for six months, but he said for a year. We agreed to re-visit the topic after six months though. This would give me time to find a new job, save money and move into a new place of my own.

The first two months of living with Zico was better than what I ever imagined. We were more in love than ever and I started to think that moving in with him was a great decision and I probably should have done it sooner. Zico would always say “our home” instead “my home” and it always gave me a bubbly feeling inside. It took me a while to get used to, and if I ever called it “his home” he would immediately correct me to “our home” adding a sweet peck to my cheek.

It wasn’t until month three rolled around that things started going down hill. Everything he did bothered me. He was annoying me and I was noticing habits that would make me cringe. He would complain that I nagged and then nag me about nagging. He was dirty and had a horrible diet. His farts smelled so bad and he always left the toilet seat up. He came home late all the time and when he got undressed he would leave a trail of his dirty clothes along the floor. We would argue over stupid shit. But every time we argued, they got worse and worse.
The first few arguments ended with “I’m sorry” and “I love you” and “I never want to fight like this again” followed by hot and sweaty passionate sex. 
As the arguing continued, they started to end with a mutual understanding that we forgave each other. Just moving on and forgetting it happened.
With each increasing fight, I was feeling more and more like a burden in his home. I felt like a roach that he couldn’t get rid of, or was too nice to kick out.
It wasn’t until our first blow out fight that I decided not to sleep there. The fight was so stupid I can’t even remember what it was about. It kept escalating and escalating, neither us wanting to back down. It wasn’t until he threw a picture across the room, it shattering against the wall, that we both settled down and came to out senses. I looked at him with shock and utter disbelief. I have never in the two years that we had dated seen him this angry. He looked back at me with sorrow in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything. He just raked his hands through his hair with a sigh and walked to the bedroom, quietly shutting the door.
Once my shock wore off, I grabbed the broom and the dust pan and decided to clean up the mess. When I made my way to the area, I noticed that the picture he threw was a picture of us. It was from the first day I moved in. Boxes were everywhere and we were sweaty. We had just gotten the last box in his apartment. Zico was so excited after he finally shut the door.
“Family photo!” He said. He quickly picked up my dog, threw one arm around me and counted to three. When he finally said three, he kissed my cheek causing me to laugh and snapped the photo. 

I felt tears well up seeing the memory shattered on the floor and decided that I shouldn’t stay there that night.
After I cleaned up the mess, I put on my shoes and left. Not even packing a bag. I’ll just come back tomorrow when he’s not home.
As soon as I got to the elevator, I called my best friend Stephanie.
“Hey y/n! what’s up?”
“Is it ok if I stay with you tonight?”
I heard her sigh, her and Zico weren’t the best of friends
“What did that bastard do now?” I returned the sigh, even though I was mad at him, I hated when she talked about him like this.
“We just had a fight, not a big deal. We just need some space”
“Well of course you can stay. You can always stay here y/n”

I didn’t know this would be the start of my spending my time there every night. Desperately trying to avoid Zico. Not wanting another fight.

It had been two weeks and Zico and I barely spoke, whenever we did, I would sense his attitude and hurry up and leave before it escalated.
It wasn’t until the third week later that I really saw him. I was at his place gathering more clothes. Stephanie decided that we should go out tonight.
“All you do is mope around, work, and search for apartments. Lets take a break from that today” I protested but of course she could not let it go. I had to return to Zico’s to get clothes to go out in and gather more make-up. I decided to just get ready there and meet Stephanie are the bar. I was in the bathroom connected to Zico’s bedroom. Leaning over the sink trying to make myself look presentable for a night at the bar.
“Oh, you decided to come home today” It wasn’t a question, just a snarky remark. A remark which scared the shit out of me because I didn’t even know he was home. Did he just get here or has he been here? I thought to myself.
“Yeah, I’m about to leave actually” I said while applying my lipstick.
“Where are you going?” His voice was laced with attitude, but I could tell he was trying to hold back.
“To a bar, performer, club place”
“With who?”
“Just you two?”
All these questions were starting to annoy me, but I kept calm. I’m not here to argue.
“Really? Y'all aren’t meeting anyone else?”

I raised my eyebrow, “Nope” I finally dared to steal a glance at him and almost choked. He was leaning against the dresser by the door, arms crossed, cat eyes staring straight through me. Never wavering. He was watching my every move. He looked so sexy right now too, if we weren’t fighting I’d probably pounce on him. He was dressed in all black with a snapback on. He must have just came from some event.
“Are you coming home after this?” He asked, voice still laced with attitude.
“Actually, I might stay with Stephanie again” I started fixing my hair. Desperately trying to hurry and leave. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife. I heard him let a deep sigh. One of those over exaggerated sighs.
“So when are you moving out” This also wasn’t a question but another snarky remark. Although I knew he’d ask soon, I was still shocked. I slowly turned to look at him, setting down the oil I was about to place on my curls. He was in the same position, still staring at me. Eyes dark and challenging me.
“Well when do you want me out by Zico?” Another exaggerated sigh left his lips. I watched him roll his eyes and drop his arms by his waist. He shifted his weight and looked at me again.
“I’m asking because you obviously don’t want to be here, so just let me know y/n” My eyes widened. I never said I didn’t want to be here, it just felt like he didn’t want me here.
“That’s not true Zico”
“Then why aren’t you ever home?”
“Because we argue all the time and-“
“So what! Couples argue y/n”
With every word his voice rose. No longer being able to contain his anger. He was right, couples did argue, but do they argue like this. All the time?
“Cancel your plans with Stephanie” it was more of a demand than anything.
“What? No, we already made these plans” I saw his face soften for a second, but only a second.
He folded his arms over his chest again.
“You said you want to be here, then stay. Cancel your plans and show me you want to be here”
“So we can what, argue? Because couples argue
I clearly hurt him. I could see it in his demeanor, but he’d never say it. Always trying to play it off. He knew I was mocking him. Why am I such a horrible girlfriend?
“So I’m just supposed to spend another night here alone? Sitting on the couch every night looking stupid, waiting up for you to never show up. Me and that damn dog just staring at each other, telling him ‘yeah I miss her too buddy but she needs space’. I’m talking to a damn dog y/n. A fucking dog, because you don’t ever want to come home and why! Because we fucking argue and that gives you every right to just quit on us. To walk out and not even try to make it work! You’re so fucking stubborn and selfish, you hate when things get hard don’t you and I do too. But do you see me walking out every fucking chance we disagree? Fuck no, because I love you and I’ll fight to make things work y/n!”
I could feel tears starting to form. My voice was getting caught in my throat. He wasn’t just angry this time, but incredibly hurt and it was all my fault.
“It’s not that I don’t want it to work, just this is your place and whenever we fight-“
“Bullshit! I made it clear before you ever set a bag in here that once you were here this was your place too! Never once did I say it wasn’t, even when I was mad at and you got on my nerves, this place is still yours too! Everything here is yours. I don’t care about who paid for what and all that shit, what’s mine is yours and you know that so don’t try to feed me that bullshit y/n it’s not going to work!”
He hadn’t moved from his spot by the dresser and I hadn’t moved from my spot either.
I couldn’t say anything without crying so I just stayed silent. Looking at the floor, my body filled with shame. How come I didn’t know he was hurting like this?
He sighed and started aggressively rubbing his temples. He was no longer looking at me, but staring at the floor.

“God y/n” he finally spoke “If you are cheating on me, just let me know now pleaseMy eyes almost shot out my head. CHEATING. I know we’ve been on the rough end of the relationship but I would never cheat!

“What the hell, Zico. I would never cheat on you!” Being accused of such a thing crushed me. I know we fight but I still love him.
I head sniffle, he was still looking at the floor. Was he crying?
“You’re never home, do you even love me anymore?” His voice had dropped to a whisper. Breathy and barely audible. At that moment my heart completely shattered. I hated myself for causing him to feel this way because of my own issues. I felt like I was burdening him and in return made him feel unloved. 

I made my way over to him, tears spilling over my cheeks. I grabbed both of his cheeks to get him to look up at me. His eyes were puffy and red and tears kept falling.

“I still love you Zico, I will always love you. I guess I just let my own insecurities take over. I didn’t want to hurt you, I just didn’t want to fight. With every fight I felt more and more un-welcomed here and it’s not because of you, but my own issues. I promise I’ll work on them. I swear I will. I want us to work Zico I love you so much” My confession was real and genuine and he felt it. He leaned down and kissed my lips sweetly. A feeling that I hadn’t felt in over a month.
I pulled away and quickly walked back to the counter to grab my phone.
“What are you doing?” He asked, voice laced with hurt, scared of my answer.
“Texting Stephanie and telling her that I can’t make it tonight” I saw him smile for the first time in a month. His dorky smile that always lit up the room. I smiled back, completely happy that I could see our relationship turning for the better.
“You want another movie night?” he asked, eyes lit up with happiness. I quickly nodded my head. Movie nights with him were the best. “I’ll go pick the movie, hurry and text Stephanie”
I hurried and sent the message and ran to meet Zico on the couch. We sat in our normal position and right before he pressed play, he turned my head towards him and kissed me deeply. “I love you, forever and always” he said while resting his forehead against mine.
“I love you too, forever and always”

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Archangel Uriel 4/25/17

so there was this mega strong spirit that was trying to contact one of my coven members thru me for whatever reason, but i was ignoring him on accident (kinda on purpose, but rip) so he sent me this horrible smell of burning rubber to force me to pay attention. i still ignored it bc i was in the middle of a conversation, so Michael and Raphael manifested as red cardinals (which they do every time they need to get my attention) and flew by my window super fast to try to get me to talk to the spirit.

i STILL ignored it bc i was in the MIDDLE OF A CONVERSATION, so they flew by my window again along with another bird and i got this strong smell of burning peppermint alongside the burning rubber???? (and then i also have been seeing chipmunks ever since i got home so idk if theres any correlation but i haven’t seen them any other time except now so rip honestly) it was super weird though bc the smells just kept popping up and leaving right after which was an indicator that it wasn’t a physical thing happening.

i acknowledged everything that i was smelling but was curious as to who the peppermint was bc that was new. after wondering abt it the ending “-iel” popped into my head so i immediately thought archangel. after finally conversing with the spirit, i looked into the different archangels and once i saw Uriel, the peppermint smell came back so guess who has met another archangel!! this gal.
whats even cooler is that he is associated with fire so that could explain the burning smell (the other spirit is associated with fire too so yea)

but yea okay nice hi Uriel lol. im not exactly sure what he’s here for, but we’ll see i guess lol

Peanut Gallery

Rosalie Hale imagine requested by anon. “Could you do a imagine. Where the reader is a shapeshifter who imprints on Rosalie. They try to stay away from the cullens because they are scared of what Rosalie’s and the pack’s reaction would be. Eventually somebody confronts the reader about it.” Hope you like it!

This was one of the many reasons why sharing a collective mind with a bunch of biased teenage boys made your blood boil. It wasn’t that they wouldn’t understand (though that was about as likely as rain in northern Washington), it was more so out of protective instinct that the intermingling of thought must be prevented. Swearing-off phasing was easier said than done; your anger had to be controlled on an almost obscene level; driving, of course, was an impossibility. You were suddenly very gung-ho and namaste about every minor infraction that would usually drive the fur through your flesh and the fangs from your jaw. Of course, it didn’t help that Paul fuckin’ Lahote was taking advantage of your newfound inner peace; if he so much as crunched another chip in your vicinity, no amount of unconditional love for the object of your affection would be able to contain the pent-up rage that man elicited. On the bright side, the nature-bent force that drew you into this situation did help in your quest to remain unconnected to the pack’s mind: your heartstrings strummed only for her, only for her… the tune, the very melody she stroked from your soul made the ordeal simpler, somehow. You had someone to protect. This was not a new scenario for you.

You would cope as long as Sam allowed; no amount of resolve could counter an Alpha’s thundering command, regardless of foundation. Well, there was one instance you believe you’d be able to resist, but luckily for you, the events you feared would never come to be: Sam’s absolute control could not battle absolute tribal law. He would have to shove his God-complex for the time being, and you would remain human until you were forced to change. Even if Sam drew the line in the sand, you’d always have Jacob’s pack to fall back on. At least they were determined to defend the… the… God, why’d it have to be her? Anyone else would have been less complicated. They could have been an infant, they could have been halfway across the world. Hell, it could have been a member of the pack and your world would flow somewhat seamlessly. Now that your mind was tied to theirs, and your heart to hers, you felt as though you were plucking at strings, unraveling the natural order of your world. If it had been Claire, that much was understandable. Quil had it easy. All he had to do was wait a few years and waltz along his merry way, half-mad in love with his imprint. Sam was on cloud nine. The love of his life was set to become his wife. Paul and Rachel, Jared and Kim, they were all walking through parks, blissed-out entirely. No, but you couldn’t have it easy. You had to imprint on the enemy. You had to defy nature more than you already did (because exploding into an enormous, fever-blooded wolf was about as far from natural as you dared to explore) and imprint on, out of every bloodsucker in the area, the woman who likely loathed us the most.

It had to be Rosalie Hale.

Not only was she rumoured to be the single most heart-wrenchingly beautiful creature to ever grace the wretched town of Forks with her presence, she happened to guzzle elk blood every week or so to sustain her festering immortality. It was about as unnatural as it could get, but lo and behold, here you were to complicate things even further. It wasn’t supposed to happen. You were on your side of the line, she was on hers. All it took was a split second, and she had you molded to the diamond-hard inside of her palm. You could only be thankful that you were the only one phased at that moment; every once and a while, you took advantage of your frozen female body and claimed menstruation was rendering education pointless. If you hadn’t been faking agonizing cramps, you would have never been so far from La Push… at the same time, if you had remained in school with Embry, Jake, and Quil, you would have likely stumbled upon Rosalie while connected to the pack’s mind. You weren’t ready for that firestorm. You were hardly ready to imprint, and yet fate threw you to the sharks, just as it had with your first violent shift from bipedal member of society to lumbering shadow in the forest. You couldn’t phase, couldn’t venture too far from the reservation without fearing her striking face popping into view, either through your mind’s eye or from her proximity, the mere thought of which sent ghostly shivers down your spine. Nothing could have prepared you for what you saw in the woods. The blood covered her lips like gloss, her eyes were blown with vibrant butterscotch and thirst, her teeth were gleaming with crimson… and yet she was beautiful. It wasn’t in her claw-like fingers, nor was it in her defensive stance. It was in her soul, glowing like a dying ember within her chest, projecting an uncharacteristic warmth in your direction. It was in the glimmer her eyes held, it was in the sunlight adorning her golden hair. Your world froze in that moment. You disregarded the carcass at her feet, the blood coating her mouth. You saw only her. Thank God your facial features differed when you were a wolf; she would’ve seen right through you.

Before you ran, you’d heard her murmur something to whoever was with her at the time, a face you never saw (so blinded by her glory as you had been), a scent overpowered by her own. Something about the way you smelled, actually. It wasn’t malicious, as you had expected, but her words reverberated around your skull as loudly as if she’d insulted you: “That one doesn’t smell quite so horrible, does it?” How simple, how unassuming it was. You didn’t reek to her, just as she didn’t reek to you. The burn was still there, of course, like sticking your face in a snowbank and pumping propane gas through what breathable air you found within. It was just… different. You’d smelled Edward, of course, but you hadn’t been around long enough to have caught sight of Rosalie. What little you knew of a vampire’s scent was potent enough to cause your face to wrinkle, your fingers to clamp your nostrils closed. Even then, you could taste it like the fumes of frozen vomit in the air. But Rosalie smelled… as much as you hated to admit it, she smelled good. Incredible, actually. Mouthwatering was an appropriate word. She was lilacs and honey and something like cherries but too nippy to fit the fruit. She was the slow burn of white wine and the exhilarating scent of wind through a well-tended garden, morphing the aromas of two distinctly different flowers until they were one. It was appalling to think that your genetic coding had let this one slip through without the same effect. You were designed to kill the likes of her, but now… now, that was out of the question. It wasn’t even spoken, wasn’t even thought of. Rosalie was everything. You would die for her. Damn your instincts. Damn your wolfy instincts straight to Hell.

“What about your instincts?” You head spun to face the intruder standing in the doorway of your bedroom, his hands tucked inside the pockets of his cut denim, his bronze chest radiating heat even you could feel. Seth’s eyebrows perked, his lips poised in a humour-filled smirk. Damn it, Jacob must have sent him back. You had no idea he was running with Sam again. These are the kind of thing you pick up on when you phase regularly. You, on the oother hand, had effectively cut communication out of your life. You stumbled for ground, for words, for an explanation, but you came up dry. You had no idea you’d been so far immersed in your thoughts that you’d let slip a few key phrases into your speech. Seth propelled himself away from the wall, chuckling to himself. “Sam sent me to check on you. You missed last night’s border patrol. He’s pissed, Y/n.” You ducked your eyes, feeling the warmth of your blood in your cheeks slow-cook your skin.. Actually, given your temperature, that was a very real possibility. This whole imprinting ordeal was bad for your health. “He’s outside now, Y/n. Being pissed.” Seth, seeing you had no intention of moving from atop your bedspread, leaned closer to your face, his eyes wide. “Hello, Y/n? Sam’s literally outside your house, and he’s pissed. I haven’t seen him this irritated since Jake bolted. Hands shaking and everything. You’ve got to get out there, man.” You sighed, lowering your face into your hands, feeling your cheeks glow in the darkness your palms provided. When you spoke, your voice was muffled by your skin.

“I can’t go, Seth,” you admitted. The young wolf began to negotiate, the severity of his father figure’s command plain and clear in his eyes, but you weren’t going to let him raise enough Hell to bring Sam barging in. You tore your hands from your face, locking him in your sights. “God, Seth, I literally can’t go!” Seth raised his hands in warning, his eyes glued to your own. You hadn’t realized how much you were trembling, how your fingers had balled into fists. The poor kid thought you were going to tear him apart. You calmed your breathing, watching the seismic shaking of your hands slow to a minimal vibration your stress levels wouldn’t allow to fade. You inhaled slowly, preparing yourself for whatever mud-and-sticks explanation you could supply. “Look, Seth, I can’t phase right now. I’m dealing with… girl stuff.” Seth scoffed, rolling his eyes in frustration.

“C’mon, Y/n, Leah tried pulling that on me months ago. Wolves don’t do… that sort of thing, anymore. Were you not in Leah’s head when she first phased? Were we not in yours? Cut the crap,” his tone wasn’t threatening, merely truthful. You’d hoped the thought of girl trouble would be enough to frighten him off. There would be no way out of this. You’d have to give him some botched rendition of the truth to send him on his way.

“Okay, that’s the thing. I can’t… have you in my head, not now. Something happened, and I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want you knowing, I don’t want Jared or Paul giving me shit, I don’t need Sam locking me down. I just want my thoughts to be mine. Can’t you tell Sam that I need my space? I’m sure he gets it. I mean, he let you run off with Jake. When the Hell did you get back?” Seth tilted his head, grinning.

“Yesterday. The Cullen’s have things under control with Nessie. She’s absolutely incredible. When Jacob isn’t with her, it’s Alice, or it’s Esme, or it’s Rosalie-” You flinched visibly at the sound of her name, wings fluttering against your rib cage. Seth paused, his eyes dissecting your every move. “Y/n, what happened? Why can’t you phase?”

God, you were really trapped now.

“Seth, I…” your throat closed up, worse than when Sam placed you under the gag order, worse than when you had to try to explain your absences to your mother, worse than when your friends confronted you about your lack of communication. Fortunately (and unfortunately), Seth was perceptive enough to understand your anguish, his eyes widening in shock.

“No way,” he breathed, backing up a few steps, his hands on the sides of his face, fingertips running through his shorn hair. “No way, no way! Holy… Y/n, did you imprint on someone?” You closed your eyes, your face sinking into your hands. Seth crowed, laughing noiselessly, more exhales than chuckles, really, his hands falling limply to his sides. “You imprinted, you totally imprinted! Who is it? Who’s the guy?” You clenched your jaw, staring up into his eager eyes with a tad more irritation than you intended. He backpedaled. “Or girl, you know, that’s cool with me. Well… come on, who is it?” You shook your head with slow, heavy acceptance. You’d have to face the pack sooner or later. It may even protect her in the future. They couldn’t touch her as long as they knew. Even the pro’s of imprinting sounded like cons when you were faced with imagining Sam’s reaction.

“It’s Rosalie Hale,” you sighed, wincing internally as you spoke her name. Like claws through your heart, it was. Seth guffawed, a sound more shocked than amused, his eyes popping out of his skull. His mouth remained open, wordless, his hands running once more through his hair. We flinched together when the the screen of my front door slammed shut, followed by Sam’s heavy footsteps. You cursed under your breath, wishing you hadn’t been graced with bionic hearing. Seth practically fell to the side as Sam stormed into the room, his lips a hardened, thin line. He jabbed a finger in your direction, cutting into you with his voice.

“You. Outside. Now.” You had to obey his command. You followed him onto your lawn, out of view of the rest of the town, so shrouded in wood as you were. You reluctantly phased, disregarding your clothing as you did so, your mind exploding with familiar, if unwanted, commentary, as scraps of cotton fluttered to the ground around you.

“Oh, she’s done it now,” came Jared’s voice, his paws padding against moss, his howling laughter echoing through the forest as he abandoned his prey.

“Way to go, Y/n!” Embry barked, his smirk visible even in his thoughts.

“Yeah, welcome to the club, kid.” Quil was always the team player.

“At least now we know it isn’t about producing offspring,” followed Colin’s quip, his smaller limbs pushing past his limits to find the rest of the pack. From Seth, only one phrase.

“I knew this would happen, I knew this would happen, I knew this would happen!”

daft-punk-trash  asked:

(Reversal AU) Guy takes a little longer to get used to being human than Thomas does. He has some sensory issues, and he is slow to learn how to speak (the latter of which is totally not inspired by that comic by liroux...)

I feel like Guy would be sensitive to sound for a while. Because he can’t just turn off his audio receptors, he has ears. Smell also. Bad smells would be horrible. So there would always be candles everywhere. And if they were in public I think Guy would have one of those scented necklaces, like peppermint or coffee.
Thank you for this! I enjoyed it🌱

Hoseok Scenario: Waiting For You.

Request: so ou are Hobi’s gf and he invite you to the house, but the same day BTS had a photoshoot or fansing but he thought he would come house early, but then he text you and said that he has to stay longer but told you where you can find the keys and to wait for him, and then you enter and because you didn’t have anything to do you clean the whole house (it’s a completely mess) and then fall sleep on the couch, and they found you there (Thank you girls)

Genre: Fluff.

You should have expected something like this to happen, in all honesty you understood but your boyfriend could sometimes get too excited with new plans and forget that he really didn’t have much control about his schedule whatsoever.

Last night you’d asked him over the phone if he was sure, completely sure that he was finishing everything by six in the afternoon as he was telling you, and Hoseok had vehemently agreed. You shook your head, feeling a little smile crawling its way to your lips, you couldn’t even get mad at him and you doubted anyone in the vast expanse of the universe could, it was twenty minutes past six and of course Hoseok wrote you to apologize because he was still stuck in the photoshoot they had scheduled for that day. He’d said he was sorry like a million times by now and you were sure he would have said it a million times more if he wasn’t busy.

Hoseok had told you to wait for him at the dorm because he had to stay longer than planned, and you had no problem at all since you’d been there before and felt comfortable. You read again his message to make sure you were searching in the correct place for the hidden keys.

-Aha! - you smiled triumphantly when your finally found them, now you could get inside and wait for your boyfriend comfortably, maybe snuggling inside his bed; you giggled to that thought because you were definitely doing that, maybe his lingering perfume on the bed sheets would make you miss him a little less and make the waiting short.

Opening the door with that thought in mind you were still smiling, but the smile changed and made a way for a surprised expression to take all over your face. You took in the state of the living room and it was catastrophic to say the least. It was normal for a house with seven boys living in it to be a little messy, to find things haphazardly laying around, but this was another level of disaster.

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Look, I don’t even know, okay. It kinda started with this ask. But then it spiraled with @armsbendback ‘s suggestion. And now it’s strangely part fluffy, part grumpy, part doggy-style, and part birthday. 


I think it could be funny if he was trying to do nice things for his SO all day, like buying what he thinks are her favorite flowers but he gets it wrong, attempting to bake a cake and ruining it and finally conceding that the one think he can do is fuck her right and he still messes up? Maybe it’s her birthday idk. This is probably way too cutesy for Nevada but I think he does have that side.

You were utterly exhausted, barely able to drag your feet home from the subway. Having to work a twelve hour shift on your birthday was bad enough, but it seemed as if all of your patients had conspired today to be as awful as possible. Your scrubs were covered in spit, and blood, and various other bodily fluids that you would rather not think about at the moment. And all you wanted was a shower; a nice, hot, scalding shower to wash the stench of sick humans off you.

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bakaotakudesu  asked:

I love your haikyuu fics and I was hoping that maybe you can write a short fic about drunk bokuakakurotsuki especially drunk kaashi and tsukki HAHAHA And btw Follow Rivers broke me so much. I don't one sad Bo anymore huhu

“My life is a goddamn Seinfield episode.”

“Nineties reference.” Bokuto raises his hand, “That’s a shot.”

Tsukishima spits, “Fuck.”  

“F-word!” Kuroo raises his hand too, like an Wacky Inflatable Tube Man,  “Shot!”


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KaraMel Fanfic #4

Title: Someone Who Belongs With Her

Prompt: Kara confronts Mon-El about the kiss they shared while he was dying.

Also posted on AO3.

“Well, I’m not that surprised that he tried to kiss you. You’re a pretty good kisser.” A laugh bubbled up from Kara’s chest as she heard Mon-El’s comment, ready to respond with a clever come back, when she suddenly stopped as she realized what he’d said.

The conversation had actually started pretty normally. They were at the DEO headquarters, getting ready for training with a punching bag designed for Kara’s strength, as Mon-El brought up what had happened the previous night in the alien bar.

“Who was that guy?” he asked, to which Kara responded with a scoff. That guy Mon-El was talking about was the alien—Kara didn’t know which planet he was from—that literally drooled all over her as she ordered drinks for herself and Mon-El. He was dead drunk, a beer in his hand, and not to mention he smelled so horribly of alcohol that Kara had barely held in the contents of her dinner. If he wasn’t that drunk, he would actually be quite attractive, but no good look could make up for that smell.

“You mean that jerk drunk off his ass that tried to kiss me before he even introduced himself?” Kara asked as Mon-El landed a punch on the punching bag, his strength shaking it. A smile pulled Mon-El’s lips.

“You didn’t seem to mind it,” he teased her, yet somehow Kara could see the tension in Mon-El’s shoulders. Attributing it to the weariness, she ignored it.

“There’s a difference between not minding it and trying to be nice. And you saw me banging his head against the counter.” Mon-El’s smile turned to a grin with her words as he glanced at him, stopping for a second.

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Cure Autism!

I started a post on the topic of the cure of autism. Being autistic, my brain decided other things were more interesting so I left it in drafts and went off to do other things. I came back to tumblr and read a bunch of shit from relatives of us nonverbal autistics that said that since we cannot talk we’d rather be dead. 

They don’t allow their nonverbal autistic relatives to use computers because they might break them, they don’t teach their nonverbal autistics to use sign because it is too heartbreaking to take the time when they don’t see any progress in weeks of work. 

They can’t handle seeing their nonverbal autistic pee themselves and not care about it. As if a bit of sterile yellow liquid on our bodies should freak us out the way it does you.

We don’t care that our beds reek of urine. So horrible - but not as bad as the smell of that shit you spray on your bodies when you get out of the shower.

We scream and wiggle and kick and punch when we are touched. We must be suffering and would be better off dead. That we only want to be touched when we want to be touched - pft. Only people care who touches them, not autistics. Autistics should let anyone touch them any time, right?

When I tell you that you are wrong you ignore me because your autistic relative that you refuse to allow to communicate doesn’t tell you what I am telling you. Your relative that you don’t look at because she freaks out when you try to force her to look back. The one that can’t communicate because it was too hard to teach her. The one that you want to hug but won’t because she might pee on you so you leave her alone in a crib and then say she can’t communicate. That relative.

Yeah. Those. Us.

Guess what? We have minds. We have brains. We think. We want to live.

But not with you.

We are here. There is no cure - you have to love us as we are. Stop lying to yourselves and to us and start living. Work with us or admit you failed as a person.

Here is the text of my first attempt at refuting the cure myth:

“There is a recurring topic at this time of year about a “cure” for autism.
No, I am NOT against the idea of removing my disabilities from me.

The problem with the “cure” talk is that it is intentionally framed by groups like Autism Speaks as a possibility. That autism is a disease, like pneumonia, that might some day be cured with antibiotics or extra-special-vitamins, or, their preferred method, killing the fetuses that might develop it.

Autism is not a disease. It is not caused by an outside force, chemical, micro-organism, or event, nor a breakdown of the body’s natural defenses. It is not “inherited” in the popular understanding of the term.

One important point to start from. Normal is not a goal, it is merely a word that means “what is experienced by more than half the population”. It is not a dirty word. We are not normal. We are not representative of more than half the population. Get over it.

Autism is a difference in the way the brain develops from what is considered a normal brain. We have the same brain structure. All the parts are in the same places. There are some studies that HINT (but do not show conclusively) that some early pruning of neurons that happens in normal brains does not happen in ours.

I have been a crash test dummy for about 25 years. Brain scanned so often if my head doesn’t get inside an fMRI machine it starts having withdrawal symptoms.

The conclusion - none. There is nothing beyond our brains react differently.”

Yeah, I am not a happy person. Because you told me I am not a person.

anonymous asked:

Any college HC with Jily?

  • James was in the known fraternity on campus, captain of the football team, all around jock
  • Lily was working for the school paper, one of her first big projects was to write about the football team’s life, who they were off the field
  • She expected James to be this huge dick but when she met him he was the biggest dork who fumbled over his words trying to talk to her
  • “A paper? On me? Like my life outside football? Will this be like an interview? I’m so horrible with interviews – oh fuck I probably smell gross right now, you see I’ve been practicing football. Oh of course you already know that, you were watching me. Wait fuck you were watching me. Shit I can say I’m way better than what you seen, I only tripped because Sirius was sending me stupid faces to distract me and just so we’re clear here I’m not dating Sirius even though everyone thinks we are, not gay at all, not that I have a problem with gay people though. I mean my best friend is the gayest person I know and fuck I’m just rambling here”
  • Lily could only laugh loudly when James finally shut up, after that she changed her mind about James being a possibly huge cocky football player
  • James found out Lily blushed a pretty nice red whenever he complimented her writing, it was the one thing she was beyond passionate about
  • The first time Lily came to James’s room in the frat house everyone burst out with “So you’re Lily”
  • And she found stacks of comic books in James’s room, the one thing besides football that he was obsessed with
  • After her paper about the football players life was done, neither James or Lily could find it in themselves to stop hanging around with each other
  • They didn’t kiss until a year after becoming friends
  • Lily made it quite obvious she wanted to kiss James months before they did but James was an oblivious idiot
  • So one night while she was listening to James ramble on about one of his comic books she just came out and said it “I’d like to kiss you”
  • “You – what? Like lip on lip? I’d like that too, I’ve liked you for awhile. You’re pretty and funny and really fucking pretty -” She cut him off before he spent an hour on telling her how pretty he thought she was
  • They soon became the power couple, the couple everyone was talking about
  • “They’re just so cute” “The way James looks at Lily when she isn’t looking at him” “They’re so in love with each other”