and smacked it down on there


Even: no, Isak

Isak: oh, c'mon…please? We’ll be super careful!

Even: no

Isak: but Eviiii….

Even: do you even hear yourself?? You are not teaching our one year old daughter how to skateboard!

Isak: but think about how cool she would look!!

Even: Jonas, please smack skome sense into this idiot.

Jonas: ja, I’m staying out of this…

Isak: our skater-baby. *cooing at the cute, smiling bundle sittig in his lap*

Even: omg, I can’t believe I agreed to have a child with you…*turns and starts walking down the hallway “seriously, a grown man…can’t be left alone for a minute…”

Isak: *leaning down to rub their daughters nose with his own* your father is no fun sometimes…

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Spock/Uhura 8,13,15?

8: sunbathing

Spock wears a black shirt, cuffs pulled down to his wrists.

Sand scatters over the fabric, a brush of it along his forearm where she touched, grains clinging to his shoulder.  When she wipes them away, far more are left behind.

“Come swimming,” she says, but he sits well away from the water’s edge, a padd balanced on his knee.

She squeezes sunscreen into her palm, the bottle a smacking squirt of noise.

Long fingers spread the lotion over her shoulder blades.  

When she smooths a dab over her collarbone and down, he leans forward.  “Do you require further assistance?”

He lets her bury his feet.

Later, she floats in the water and watches him there, halfway up the beach.

Her perfect mound around his ankles is undisturbed.

She shades the sun with her book held above her.  Beyond it, the sky is a blistering blue.

“You have forty seven minutes until you will incur sun damage to your skin.”

She turns a page.  “Noted.”

In the afternoon light, she kisses his nose.

“You have freckles,” she tells him.

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Someone tried to call medic ugly today. I stood up and smacked him across the face and said out loud. "Call daddy medic ugly again and I will break ur neck." Then I realized I said daddy medic. And sat back down.


Takin’ an L

Stark silence from a legend.

Unnerving as it was, Guzma did not allow it to get to him.

As Pokemon were knocked out, he perceived on.

And as he saw the possibilities of winning fade farther and farther into the distance—

…It did not feel real. But not in the sense of a trainer’s soul facing crushing defeat; rather, it was surreal to even be there in the first place.

Guzma had grown up watching the tournaments held in faraway regions as a child, eyes glued to the television as the giants of Kanto and Johto rumbled. Nothing like that was readily available in Alola. Before the bug type specialist aspired to be a trial captain, his greatest dream was to be good enough to participate in one of those huge tournaments, to step out onto a stadium and hear the crowd cheer his name as he smacked down his opponents.

Here he was.

He made it.

He made it to round two.

It was invigorating. He felt more alive than he had in years.

Even though he was losing, he was in Unova, living his childhood dream

That was better than he had ever thought he would be able to accomplish. Years of growing up being told that his choices in Pokemon were pathetic, stupid, weak—but here he was, standing against greatest trainer to have ever come out of Kanto. A living legend. Someone that Guzma had looked up to and wished to be great as when he was still in a cradle of innocence.


The buzzer goes off, showing Red move forward on the bracket as Guzma drops out, right next to Ingo, the opponent he had battled in order to advance on and fight Red. And though the people who showed up to support him rush to the Calavera’s side in anticipation of a broken spirit—it was the opposite.

[ ☠ ] — “…That was so fuckin’ awesome…” Guzma grins, fists balling as he exhales sharply in excitement.

“I battled Red.”

‘Boss ! ! ! I saw ya out there ! ! ! What was it like?!?’

‘Ya did great boss man, good shit reppin’ SKULL like that’

‘What’re you gonna do now though?!’

Guzma snickers as he listens to his grunts talk to him; a small group had joined together to share their funds in order to travel to Unova and watch the tournament, to see a glimpse of their boss’s battling. Stretching his arms out, pats the Ultra Ball on his waist, pulling it off of his belt.

Ya did great, buddy… Rest up now— …—Oh shit, righ’!” The gangster looks over.

“Guess I’m stickin’ around as a spectator! Ain’t gonna miss this for the life’a me! Catch y’all later.”

With that, the walks away, still holding Golisopod’s ball close to him.

“…They cheered for us, didn’t they? Twice actually.Yesterday an’ t’day.

                                  Never thought people’d be rootin’ for us.”

Guzma would be sure to treat his entire team to celebration, to congratulate them on participating in their first REAL tournament.

“—Y’know what I learned?” He talks out loud, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he looks up at the skyscrapers stretching upwards into the clouds.

“… I’m gonna get better than I already am…

I can’t wait t’get home an’ tell everyone… ! ! ! !

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Omg I was at the la concert in your jongtae gif๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ And it wasn't a ping pong ball. It was a napkin that jong was wiping down his sweat with๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Tae starting speaking in English and Key was like wtf and went over to smack him and then jjong like threw his wadded up sweat-napkin at him lolololol

Anonymous said: in la, jonghyun didn’t throw a ping pong ball at taemin; he threw a rolled up napkin ^^

lol so that what happened xDD i will edit it then :) thank you for telling me :)

the angriest ive ever been in my entire life was when i was a sophomore in high school and the school’s first gsa was getting started and the day the posters for the first meeting went up people started tearing them down, stomping on them, crumpling them up, tearing them to pieces, talking shit left and right, starting anti-gay people facebook pages, etc, etc until there was nothing left and all the gay kids had been properly fucking terrorized. i was fucking LIVID. so i gathered some people together before classes to go print out more flyers and we posted them everywhere (with a lot more tape so they’d be harder to get off) and i remember so vividly using almost a whole roll of tape to tape a flyer smack dab in the middle of the administrators office door as a fuck you akshdjdh

Tom Phillips sat down with Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin earlier this evening because they couldn’t be in the same room to conduct and interview. It aired on Talking Smack. 

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Hi, I was wondering if you could do prompt #5 #12 and #19 with Mafia!Romano? Do you do AUs? And sorry that's a lot of prompts

Mafia Romano is my shit. I’m going to do a separate thing for each so it won’t be so long. And I can do AUs sometimes.

🔹People always told me that you were the bad guy🔹

It was a snowy night. Maybe the snow was what brought you out of bed. You were careful as to not wake your dad as you crept down the stairs and into the night.

Even with it cold, you walked into town. Your thick nightgown billowed around your ankles. In the quiet, you sat down on a bench.

It didn’t take long until shouts came from an alleyway down the road. Quietly, you snuck up towards the sound.

Men fought each other violently. It was three on one. The one that was being smacked around seemed to be your dad’s right hand man.

Suddenly, he fell. You jumped out from the corner. “Stop!” Each of the attackers looked at you.

“That’s Cappello’s kid!” They crept up on you. “We could get a big ransom for your pretty head,” one crooned.

One lunged for you as you backed away. You took off running. They followed closely behind. You hit a patch of ice in the road and fell.

“Stop, Ragazzi!” someone yelled. Each froze and looked at the ground. Lovino Vargas strutted up to the men. “Leave the poor kid alone.” They muttered a response before stalking off. “Sorry about them.” Lovino helped you up.

You hesitantly took his hand. “Let me walk you home so you get there safe.” You had no choice but to let him lead you home. “Does your father know that you’re out this late?”

“No.” He didn’t say anything until you were at the gate. “Thank you for walking me home.” He may have lead the most terrifying Mafia group in the region, but he no less of a gentleman.

“No problem.”

He began to walk away. “Wait. People have always told me that you’re the bad guy, but you aren’t.

Lovino chuckled. "It’s that way sometimes isn’t it? Then he walked off into the night.

so let me get this straight...

The Smackdown Tag team championship? Not defended. The smack down Women’s championship? Pre-cooked. The cruiserweight championship (which is basically a smackdown property because 205 live is filmed after smack down.) Precooked. Sami Zayn, Braun, Dolph and the battle royal? Precooked. Luke Harper? Not even on the show. The IC title match? Barely promoted. (i missed one week and that was the week the match was made official nothing this week with them nor two weeks ago)

The disrespect shown to smack down and the harder workers is hard to over look. smack down has 4 main card matches to Raw’s 6 and who else gets on the show? Pitbull and his friends for the pre-planned bathroom break and probably the Rock burying someone on the active roster.

You can do Better WWE.


Gene Demby explains the Overton Window

“[Trevor] Noah isn’t wrong that compromise and good-faith are necessary for functional politics. But. There’s this idea in media studies called the Overton Window. Basically, the MSM defines the universe of legitimacy in public discourse. The news media covers/gives voice to lay inside the realm of legitimacy; the stuff it downlplays/ignores is on the fringes/unacceptable.

People of all ideological stripes try to expand and move the Overton window; the Civil Rights Movement did this exceptionally well.
Illegitimate ideas–and noxious/dangerous ones–creep into the universe of legit via the language of controversy and debate. This is how a lot of the mainstreaming of the so-called “alt-right” is already happening: 

“Let’s put these noxious ideas up for discussion!”

“Let’s debate them and smack down those janky ideas with superior facts and logic!”

And those ideas up for debate tend to be things like whether Muslims are inherently violent or Black people possess lower native intelligence.
And slowly, the Overton Window shifts. And suddenly, the humanity of entire groups is a subject of legitimate, mainstream debate. And then so do the policy ideas that correct the “problems” presented by those groups. It doesn’t happen all at once. And it starts small, like having people on your show to debate whether Islam = terrorism or BLM = The KKK. This is the problem presented by treating Tomi Lahren as a person whose views are worth fighting about/engaging. And more broadly, it’s the danger presented by supposed “alt-right” thinking given official legitimacy by the White House. These notions will become just another set of seemingly partisan positions to be argued about, pro/con style on CNN.”



Went and saw Beauty and the Beast, and I just had to share my experience because it was so pure?

So, like, I get into the theater, find myself a nice spot smack dab midscreen, which is WAY EASIER without thirty people traipsing in behind you in a group, lemme tell you, and I’m just sitting there, by my lonesome, scrolling tumblr and watching whatever weird stuff they’ve got on screen, and a family comes to sit in my row, which was the only empty one not right in front of the screen. Sat down what I thought was a seat away from me until I saw a little girl in an adorable ass red dress climbing over mom and dad to sit next to me. 

Totally fine. I was just off of center and they got to sit right in the middle of the screen, and when she finally gets settled this little girl looks up at me, with a soda half her size in one hand, and somehow both popcorn and candy in her tiny little lap, and she stage whispers to her mom:

“She’s by herself!”

Mom looks embarrassed, but I smile and wave off the apology. 

I go back to my phone, only to realize someone is tugging at my sleeve. Little girl looks up at me, all wide eyes and curiosity, and holds out a napkin filled with popcorn and chocolate. Like, I remember being a kid, and I remember how important candy and popcorn at the theater are, and I think she thought she was saving my life by offering this sustenance.

I almost fucking cried guys, kids are the best.

So I take it and thank her and let her talk my ear off for a few minutes until she needs a drink because she has been talking SO MUCH her mouth is dry. This kid is going places, guys, I’m telling you right now, because she picked up that cup the size of her torso like a champ and angled the straw just right and continued to try to talk to me around her gulps.

While this is happening, on the other side of me another mom and daughter sat down, and, turns out, the girls know each other. I’m guessing, based on the gumption of Red Dress, that they probably met in the lobby before they went into the theater. 

Girl number 2, I’ll call her Princess Dress, because it was a fantastic dress and when I told her so she proceeded to point to every princess along the neck and name them and give me their Stats, proceeds to have a conversation across me with Red Dress.

Both sets of parents were looking like they wanted to bury their heads in their hands, but I was having a blast.

Anyway, eventually lights go down, we get into the movie, and for the most part Red and Princess were content, although every so often Red made sure to pass me a handful of sticky half-melted chocolate. 

Watching a live action version of a movie that I watched for the first time when I was their age was a fuckin’ trip, man. Like. I got super emotional over things I didn’t expect to, and during the wolf scenes I was actually mildly distressed, because Princess was gripping the hand rest so hard on my right I thought she was gonna break it. Any scene I laughed or snorted at got a peal of laughter from my two new best friends, so hopefully no one has to go home and explain why I nearly snorted out my drink during “Be Our Guest” when they went for a visual gag for “After all miss, this is France!”.

During the ballroom scene, Red turned to her mom and whispered “The Beast is handsome!” and it took so much for me not to lean over and whisper back “Girl same.”

But my favorite, MY VERY FAVORITE part of this whole experience was when Gaston shot the Beast - FOR THE THIRD TIME HOLY HELL I KNEW IT WAS DARK BUT GODDAMN THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE ISN’T IT - Red patted my arm because yeah, okay, I was maybe crying a little, look, I know what happens but the movie made me feel things okay. Anyway, she like, pushes herself up in her seat and leans in close and she goes “It’s okay. He’s gonna be okay.”

The point is, children are so pure, and everyone should always watch movies with strangers.

just cow chop things
  • shit dude
  • “what up it’s ya boy”
  • any and all problems are solved with fire
  • vaping
  • joe is sweet and perfect and pure
  • mishka interrupts a gameplay
  • treVOR
  • someone is smacked in the balls devastatingly hard
  • someone threatens to throw themselves down the stairs
  • poop
  • poop filling the basement 
  • the video is directed away from chaos so aleks can try and sell merch
  • holes in walls
  • someone vomits
  • Brett Hundley, professional voice of reason™
  • someone makes an asian joke
  • aron responds to said asian joke with “that’s fucked up”
  • “maAAN”
  • james employs his fake southern accent
  • the wheelchair™
  • james repeats something several times
  • trevor does the weed thing
  • shiiiiiiiit
  • close-ups of nothing 
  • joe photoshopping james’s dog’s head onto human female’s bodies so they can get married
  • dog is put where dog should not be
  • “dude, it’s my fUCKING TINY WIENER”
  • ollos
  • james hating the hover board 
  • james using the hover board in every video
  • “this cis straight white male privilege”
  • the old lady with inhaler decal
  • wrestlers
  • aleks riding around on a hover board with a hot pocket: “try this pop tart”
  • brett getting something shoved up his ass and just going “wow”

I need to stop drawing and coloring while I’m super sleepy. Everything is funnier in that state ahahhaha.

Why is Pidge upset? Lance tried to squish one of the alien furballs to see if they squeaked. Pidge not amused. Guess which one Lance tried to squish.

The little aliens that Pidge encounters are so cute, I wonder if one is going to tag along with Pidge for fun. The way I drew them makes it seem someone stuck them in a washer and put too much fabric softener (and some look paranoid too lmao).

Please don’t edit or repost. :D