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Name: marianne

Nickname: i don’t really have an official nickname i have one friend who calls me marie sometimes but that’s it

Gender: female

Star sign: virgo

Height: 165 cm so 5′4 i think

Sexual orientation: bisexual, i’ve been thinking about it a lot these past few months and it’s the first time i’m saying it “to someone” which makes me so damn emotional but yeah. i am❤

(woh feels like i’ve dropped a bomb, anyway)

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Fav colour: idk blue i guess but like pretty blue, i don’t really care i don’t have a favorite color i just like pretty colors you know

Fav animal: i’m not really an animal person? i mean i like them and everything, i have a cat but i’m not like heey i love animals idk yeah, but cats i guess

Average hours of sleep: around seven during school week and on weekends ten hours i think

Cat or dog person: definitely cat even though i like dogs you know, i just like cats way more

Favorite fictional person: man how am i even supposed to answer this?? i love so many but i think the one i’ve loved the most is james cook from skins? he really reminded me of this boy i used to be in love with and as soon as he first appeared i knew i was REALLY gonna love him and i did/i do… but idk if he really is my favorite bc there are so many characters i love, i just think he’s the one who’s had the biggest effect on me and continues to have the biggest effect on me because of his similarities with this person i knew (okay i rambled SO MUCH i’m sorry)

#of blankets I sleep with: one but it’s like a thick one idk the english word for it and then i have a small one

Fav singer/band: i used to be the biggest directioner but now i just listen to random stuff, i love bea miller though!! okay so yeah bea miller

Dream trip: right now i’m dying to go back to oslo, i went there with my class and left two weeks ago and ugh it was so great plus i got to visit and “live” in the city in which one of my favorites series is filmed and now sometimes i recognize place i’ve been to in gifs, videos, etc of skam and it makes me SO EMOTIONAL so yeah i just wanna go back there:(

Dream job: wah i have no idea which is kind of becoming a problem

When was your blog created: i created my main @rileysbleh around three years ago and my skam blog @eskvilde on december 31st

current # of followers: 157 on @rileysbleh and 264 on @eskvilde lmao i’m lonely (but friendly ;) ok stop)

What made you create a tumblr: i don’t really know why i created it in the first place? i guess i was just signing up on all these social medias you know like twitter, tumblr and okay i think that’s it but yeah i guess i just thought it was cool to have tumblr. but i wasn’t active from 2013 to last year (why am i even telling you this this isn’t the question)

i’m SORRY for talking so much lmao i’m just so used to rambling on twitter and in real life, i talk way too much that’s just who i am

French Slang Masterpost


Slt (Salut) = Hello
Bcp (Beaucoup) = A lot
Dsl (Désolé) = Sorry
Stp (S’il te plait) = Please
Dac (D’accord) = Okay
Qd (Quand) = When 
Qqch (Quelque chose) = Something
Qqn (quelqu’un) = Somebody

Internet words 

Mdr (Mort de rire) = Lol
Ptdr (Pété de rire) = Lmao
Vdm (Vie de merde) = Fuck my life
Tg (T’as gueule) = Shut up
BG (Beau gosse) = Hot guy 
Tkt (T’inquiête) = Don’t worry

Common sayings 

Bref = In short
Ouais = Yeah
Putain, Merde = Shit
C’est de la merde = It’s crap    
Ça craint = It sucks        
Ça me soûle = It’s annoying me 
C’est relou (C’est lourd) = It sucks 
C’est ouf (C’est fou) = It’s crazy
C’est trop cool = It’s awesome
C’est le bordel = It’s a mess
Je suis claqué = I’m exhausted              
Je me casse = I’m getting out of here  
Je m’en fou = I don’t care        
Tu rigoles = You’re jocking      
Tu te fous de ma gueule = You’re kidding me 
Tu fais quoi? = What’s up?
Laisse tomber = Just forget it
Fais gaffe = Be careful                
Péter un plomb = Going crazy                
Avoir la flemme de faire quelque chose = To be too lazy to do something

Unformal verbs

Bouffer = To eat
Taffer = To work
Roupiller, Pioncer = To sleep
Kiffer = To have a crush on someone
Etre vénère (Etre énervé) = To be annoyed
Se marrer = To laugh

Unformal nouns

Un mec = A guy            
Une meuf = A girl        
Un pote = A friend      
Une bagnole = A car                    
Une baraque = A house            
Un pieu = A bed            
Un bouquin = A book
Une clope = A cigarette                       
Le fric, le blé, le thune, l’oseille, le pognon = Money  
Un flic, un keuf = A cop              
Un gosse, un gamin = A kid      
Un boulot, un taf, un job = A job          
La fac = University        
Le bahut = High school

The above phrases/words can be used in almost every informal situation, but don’t use them in your essays or in any kind of normal writing!

i love rugby


Ikuta Shrine by Red Cathedral
Via Flickr:
Kobe city, Japan Timelapse video “Finding the Light of Night” from Osaka (+ Kobe & Kyoto):


Calm sunrise 130912 F9058 by Pete Huu
Via Flickr:
Explore 150119 #2 P0848 Taken with Samyang 8mm fisheye


Mt.Fuji and sea of clouds by peaceful-jp-scenery (busy)
Via Flickr:
Mt.Fuji over the tea farm 高山・茶畑からの富士山 from my hometown… After the rain, misty Fuji can be seen probability in this autumn. 珍しく地元ネタです。 この時期、雨上がりの朝には高確率で霧が現れます。 雲海の富士山として人気のスポットです。 [16:9 trimming] Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka city, Japan