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Star De Cinéma

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I’m so happy I found some how does fanfic B.O.B 😆Soooo I have a request with Eugene Roe. The reader is his southern sweetheart and she is a theatre actress. I know is very vague but I thought it would give more wiggle room for writing😊 - @gondorgirl01

You had started your career in theatre when you were only a teenager, originally you had wanted to be a movie star but soon found out about your love for live theatre and that’s where it took you. You had met Eugene in 1938, he had been dragged along to watch a show you were in y his family and ended up loving your performance, when he came to compliment you after the show the two of you got to talking and soon entered a relationship.

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{idea from otpprompts}

Connor does not do emotions. Seriously. Even when he was younger, he never was much of a crier, and he definitely didn’t know how to deal with other people crying. So when he woke up in the middle of the night to Oliver quietly sniffing beside him, tears streaming down his face, he had no idea what to do.

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