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This is for @uncannycookie since I asked if they wanted anything and they requested something about Mob going with Teruki to get his ears pierced, so here it is!

But then I also found I wanted to do the entire scene and I didn’t have time to draw it all so… I wrote fanfiction for the first time in my entire life. Writing is very much not my forte so I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes. I just thought it was a cute fluffy scene. Ummm, I hope you like it! *screaming over writing*

“You didn’t have to come you know,” Teruki said as he opened the door, a bell gently chiming above them. “It’s going to be fairly quick to get done.” He held the door open for Mob before shutting it behind them, leaving behind a crisp Autumn day and becoming encased in the warm, dark interior of the shop.

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As it’s Friday - just take that gif out of context and image John is on his knees between Sherlock and that wall, Sherlock staring down on him, wide-eyed, overwhelmed, only slightly canting his hips, his abdominal muscles quivering as he pushes just a little bit deeper into hot, wet heat, desperately trying to restrain himself and not to choke John. And the noises they’d both make…

Sorry, I got carried away. I only find this shot rather suggestive.

gif by @halloawhatisthis

I'm Yours (NSFW)

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Imagine: Newt gets jealous of all the male attention you had gotten on a night out, becoming frustrated he shows you who knows you best. 

Author’s Note: Okay, real talk, if you were in a relationship with Newt I think he would be confident and cocky as fuck. Anyhow, tell me what ya liked, what ya didn’t. Cheers legends, also 1,500 of you guys actually like me so that’s questionable. Also this is the first smut I’ve ever written so don’t be mean, I don’t think it’s that great but I wanna hear what you think!

Word Count: 1483

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altean!lance/princess diaries/canon divergence au where lance is discovered to have altean genes after getting into a tiff with the druids

at first he’s a little shocked at the white/silver hair and sudden markings but he takes it surprisingly well and thinks it makes him look rather dashing not to mention it’s a great way to have something in common worth allura

but allura is way too excited because she and coran aren’t the only alteans in the universe anymore and maybe this means there might be others who’s genes are deeply buried like lance

she decides that she will give lance the title of prince (pidge: oh god he’s gonna be insufferable now) and train him as a diplomat when visiting would-be allies and what better way for the planets to trust team voltron if they see that not only are the alteans alive but one of them is a royal AND a paladin and just allura gets straight to work

at first lance loves it bc he gets personal attention from allura but the more they work together the more he starts to get bored and frustrated and slightly overwhelmed by all the etiquette lessons and history lessons and communication trainings all that on top of regular paladin training and lance starts to feel a cold sweat whenever he hears the princess call out his name

he does his best to hide somewhere in the castle away from bossy princesses and no nonsense captains who doesn’t think lance should cut back on combat practice and just breathe

and don’t get him wrong, learning to be diplomat is kind of fun because he’s learning and cultures he probably would have never even knew existed but the whole prince thing was staying to get to him

he starts to think what if he isn’t worthy of holding that title? he’s just a boy from cuba who just so happened to have an altean ancestor somewhere in his lineage and he starts to spiral from the stress

and that’s where Keith find him, in a dark corner of the castle, a grand room that looks like it hasn’t been used even before the altean war

he carefully sits down next to lance and lance doesn’t even care, he’s too busy moping

and Keith tries to joke around with him, get him out of his funk but lance ain’t having it, curls further into his little ball

Keith looks around, desperate to try to help bc well, the guy looks like he needs a break, even he can see lance was getting overworked. which is when he sees something vaguely familiar. a box with speaker like mechanisms set up beside it. he pushes a button and suddenly the lights turn on and strange, instrumental music starts to play

lance groans a little, already thinking of allura trying to show him altean dances and he sees himself messing up badly and having to practice for hours veggie allura was satisfied. he was exhausted just thinning about it.

keith rolled his eyes and held out his hand, telling him he’d show him some ballroom steps

lance really wants to ask but decides not to look a gift in the horse’s mouth and let him be led

keith tells him to relax and not to look down at his feet since it’s considered rude, lance blushes and tells him fine but don’t get mad if keiths feet turn black and blue in the morning

they’re forced to look into each others eyes and just….try to keep their racing hearts quiet which is why keith asks leave why he thinks he’d be bad at dancing

lance shrugs and his gaze tapers off to the side, which keith totally regrets now, and tells him honestly he feels like he’s done nothing but mess up in all of the prince lessons and nothing seems to make princess allura happy and he can’t help but think maybe he shouldn’t take this title after all. just because he’s part altean, doesn’t mean he can be a prince

and that’s when keith stops moving and forces lance to look at him and say “listen. you’re right, sometimes you mess up but you always give it 110% and when you focus you can become an expert at anything. you’re great at making people trust you because of your own trusting nature. you keep calm in difficult situations and would never leave a fellow team mate behind. you’re a quick thinker, adaptable, charming. lance, you’re not a prince because you’re part altean. you’re a prince because….you’re lance.”

and then lance kisses him and they tell allura to stop trying to be so formal and perfect and try creating new traditions and keith becomes the first part galra prince since he marries prince lance and they live happily ever after the end

they’re watching the graduate bc simon just wouldn’t shut up about it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚ ✧

for @raphaelsantiaghoe who bickered about me not drawing them in sweatpants at school for over 2 months now

Mad Science

Finally, it was done. 8 years of research, months of preparation, and a menagerie of deceased mice, but at last he held in his hand the formula that he had sought for most of his adult life. Dr. Walker felt an incredible excitement building within him as he inspected the tiny vial. He was so close to realizing his dream that he could almost taste it, taking all his willpower to stop himself from downing the vial’s contents right then and there. No, mad scientist he may be, however he was not so mad as to administer a still as of yet unproven cocktail to himself without any kind of human testing.

Unfortunately for him, this formula was being done off the books, without any knowledge of the university, so he couldn’t just announce his findings to the world and start human trials. Jon also knew he couldn’t simply spike someone’s drink with the formula to observe the results. If it proved toxic he’d have to hide a body, a subject he had skipped in his mad scientist studies and had no idea how to handle. If it proved effective, the unwitting dupe would likely be largely upset at the outcome, and he wasn’t so sure he would be able to remove all evidence that would lead back to him anyway. He would have to find a guinea pig that was as enthused about his results as he was, but also willing to sacrifice some safety to achieve his goal.

Fortunately, the internet was a vast place, and home to many, many diverse interests.

Mikey was sauntering home after morning classes. The fall leaves were just beginning to turn red and brown, and he was already feeling slightly overwhelmed as assignments piled up at the beginning of his sophomore year. Things like cooking and eating healthy had long since gone out the window, as the freshly punched notches on his belt could attest. However, Mikey wasn’t exactly distressed at these developments, and he made his way back to his dorm already salivating at the thought of a frozen pizza lunch. Maybe even two pizzas, he thought, giving his small belly a pat.

Finally reaching his dorm, he kicked off his shoes, gave a courteous hello to his dorm-mates, dropped off his pack in his room, then made his way to the shared kitchen to pop the tops on two frozen pizzas. Safely set to bake for 20 minutes, he made his way back to his room to sit down, check his email, and surf the usual sites. Homework could wait until after lunch.

He’d always loved food. He’d always loved eating, but more than that, Mikey wanted to grow, to become huge, the biggest he could ever be. Growing up in a very health-conscious household had meant there’d never really been the opportunity to truly pig out. Now that Mikey had left the nest, he was going to make the most of his new-found freedom and eat whenever and whatever he wanted, and finally realize his dream of becoming bigger. He’d already gained the freshman 15 and then some, and was well on his way to packing away the sophomore thirty. A few more weeks and he’d have to buy bigger pants.

Still, progress was too slow for his liking; he wanted to get big, now. Luckily the internet was a big place, filled with many diverse interest. After checking his email, Mikey logged into Gnosher to check his messages there. Mikey had stumbled across the gainer community some years ago, and was surprised to find out there were a lot of people that actually shared his desires. Gnosher was just one such site where people could congregate, share tips, and just generally encourage one another to grow as big as they wanted. Mikey was in touch with several inspiring individuals, and he scrolled through a few messages congratulating him on nearly outgrowing his belt.

The message that caught his eye today was something he’d never received before. There was the usual congratulations for his steady gains, but after that was the question, “How would you like to get much much bigger, much much faster?” It sounded like he was going to be given a pitch for some sort of new weight gain protein mix, something that Mikey had so far avoided on a university budget, but he was intrigued enough to at least reply back asking for the details. Already putting it out of his mind and finishing up his online perusal, he made his way back to the kitchen to begin scarfing his now cooked pizzas.

Upon re-entering his room, Mikey was surprised to see on his still open Gnosher page that he’d already gotten a reply. Curiosity won out over hunger, and he clicked the message open to read it. It turned out the writer was a local, working at the university, and he’d been working on a weight gain formula that was now ready for human testing. After reading Mikey’s profile, he thought he’d be eager to take part in trials, and was wondering if he’d like to sign up. It all seemed too good to be true, and Mikey felt a healthy dose of skepticism, but once again curiosity won out and Mikey replied with positive enthusiasm. Again, a few short minutes later, he was provided instructions to come to professor Jon Walker’s lab this afternoon and he’d be given further instructions.

Bewildered, but excited, Mikey quickly ate his pizzas, stowed his homework for later this evening, and made his way to the Biotechnology building where professor Walker’s lab was.

Now he wondered if he truly was mad. Test the formula here? Now? And with a student here at the university? What if something went wrong? What if the boy screamed and went to the authorities? Or worse, what if it killed him? How would he drag a body out of this office, in the middle of the afternoon? The more the professor fraught and fretted the more insane he thought his plan to be. How could he let his own ego get the better of him to do something so reckless?

Professor Walker sighed, and slumped back behind his desk, the image of a young sophomore still displayed on his screen. Brown hair, blue eyes, boyish looks, and a budding belly; who was he kidding? It wasn’t just his ego that made him message this boy. A life devoted to science had left the professor desperately lonely, and he had jumped at the chance of not only fulfilling his life’s work, but also actually meeting someone with the same desires as his own. He sighed again at his own folly, but at the same time there was the building fire of anticipation. What if it all worked?

“Professor Walker?”

The voice was quiet, coming from the other end of the lab adjoining his office. Steeling himself, he put on his best professor face, and walked out the door to greet his subject.

“Professor?” Mikey called out, wondering if the professor may still be on lunch, but after a few moments he heard a bustling from the small office next to the lab, and then a small, bespectacled, middle-aged man walked out to greet him.

“Ah, Michael, so good you could make it,” he said warmly, extending his hand in greeting.

Mikey took the hand and shook. “Thank you for contacting me. I was surprised that this was something the university even studied.”

“Indeed, the biotechnology laboratory has many concurrent studies being done.”

“I’m in computer sciences, so I had no idea. I’d have certainly signed up if this was a posted study! So, do I have to sign anything?”

The professor paused and them seemed to stammer nervously. “Ah, yes, well, this is something of a personal passion of mine. Off the school’s records, so to speak.”

Mikey raised a skeptical eyebrow. “So… what is it? Some sort of new protein powder?”

“No no no, nothing of the sort. What I have created is a chemical formula able to completely alter the subjects fundamental genetics in such a way that it’s almost like they’re a new person.”

“That sounds… a little dangerous? Look, I’d like to fill out, not become a totally different person.” Mikey said, taking a caution half-step back.

“Oh dear, I’m terribly sorry, I misspoke. The formula doesn’t change everything, like your hair or eye colour, but actually targets and edits some very specific genes. You’ve heard of course of certain ethnicities being more prone to weight gain and obesity?”

“You mean like, Samoans?” Mikey offered, still skeptical.

“Yes, precisely, very good! Polynesian men simply have higher percentage of adipose tissue than the general population. What my formula does is take those specific genome sequences and edits them into the host, essentially changing their heritage slightly, but without changing anything else like skin or hair colour.” Mikey was about to reply, but the professor exuberantly continued, “But that’s just one example of what the formula does; obesity is a much more complex syndrome than any one gene. There is also the hereditary genetics passed from parents and especially the mother, there is epigenetics when a child is overweight and carries that weight into puberty and then adulthood - all these things are contained and subtly changed in this formula. It’s truly a marvel, if I do say so myself!” Concluded the professor, clearly proud of himself.

“But you haven’t tested it on people yet.” Mikey added flatly.

The professor seemed to shrink bank in on himself. “Well, no, not as of yet, that’s why you’re here of course. However, studies on laboratory animals have been very promising.”

“Like, how promising?”

“98% of subjects have doubled their initial mass after ingestion.”

“And the other 2%?”

“Um, well most of the rest were simply ineffective, and a statistically insignificant percentage suffered mild cardiac events.”

Mikey’s eyes narrowed. “How insignificant?”

“It was one. Out of hundreds of subjects,” the professor grumped. “I have a defibrillator in my office. I promise you this will be perfectly safe.”

Mikey crossed his arms, but a coy smile crept into his face. “Doubled their mass, huh?”

The professor nodded. “Yes, that’s what my studies showed.”

“Alright then, how do we do this?”

The professor visibly relaxed, and then beamed enthusiasm once more. “Splendid! Well, first, we’ll take a measurement so we have a baseline comparison of course. Take off your shoes and jacket and follow me.” Professor Walker then made his way back to his office, and Mikey quickly kicked off his shoes and jacket and followed him in. “Please close the door behind you, would you?” Mikey did, and then lay his shoes and jacket on the floor near the door.

Once inside the professor moved to a physician’s scale and motioned for Mikey to get on. “Now please remove your effects and we’ll weigh you in.” This brought Mikey up short, but he brought his shirt over his head, undid his belt and slid out of his jeans, and lay the pile of clothes near the door with his shoes and jacket. The professor coughed slightly and waved a hand at Mikey’s groin, “and your boxers I’m afraid.”

“What- why?”

Wringing his hands, professor Walker replied, “well, you could keep them on, but it will likely become very uncomfortable quite soon.”

This made Mikey’s eyes widen, but he obeyed and woodenly removed his boxers, standing there naked, hands over his groin. The display of modesty made professor Walker chuckle. “Now now, don’t feel embarrassed. I am a doctor, after all.”

“Oh yeah? What’s your doctorate in?” Mikey shot back.

The professor shrugged. “Molecular biology, but I’d like to think I’d bring the same level of professionalism and courtesy as an MD.”

Mikey snarked, but removed his hands and made his way to get on the scale. The professor wasn’t sure what the young man had to be ashamed of; the boy was more than adequately hung. Impressively hung, even.

Moving behind Mikey, Dr. Walker moved the scale’s weights back and forth, slowly zeroing in on the young man’s weight, while surreptitiously sneaking glances at his subject’s form. An average frame, but possessing a certain softness and a rounded middle suggesting the boy had been skipping the gym and snacking a little too much during late-night study sessions. This, along with his shyness, made him absolutely adorable. It almost made the professor regret the circumstances by which he’d found the boy naked in his office. Almost.

“About 220 pounds, or thereabouts,” the professor announced, and then marked it down on a paper on his desk. Then, he reached into a drawer in his desk, retrieved a small vial of blue liquid and grandly announced, “Now for the fun part, as they say!”

Mikey gulped. He was really doing this. If this worked, he’d put every other gainer on Gnosher to shame. If it didn’t, well, it probably wouldn’t kill him. Hopefully. “Do I just drink it?”

“Indeed, my boy, indeed,” he said handing the vial over to the young man.

Mikey sighed, “Well, here goes,” and drank the vial in one gulp. He stood there for a few moments, not sure what he was expecting to feel, before finally asking, “so how long does this stuff take?”

“Well, in mice it was metabolized in approximately 5 minutes or so. There’s no rushing science,” the professor added, waggling his finger for scholarly emphasis.

Mikey was beginning to wonder if the professor put on this much of a show during his classes, when he started to feel a wave of warmth build up inside, before gently crashing over him, only to do it again moments later. “Uh, professor? I feel something.”

“Yes? How do you feel? Describe the sensation.”

“Uh, warm? Like I have a fever, only it’s in my stomach. And something- urgh!” Mikey doubled over, clutching his stomach in pain, but while he did he found there was more stomach to clutch, and after a moment there was more still. His belly was rounding out more and more, the flesh expanding beneath his fingers like an inflating ball.

“Michael, are you alright?” Dr. Walker sounded genuinely alarmed and took a step forward, however Mikey waved him off and slowly righted himself. As he did he took a slight stumbling step backwards, causing the newly formed flesh of his belly to jiggle slightly. The completely alien sensation of a part of him moving well after he had stopped made his eyes widen in astonishment.

“Oh man, this is happening! I’m getting bigger!” Mikey exclaimed, ecstatic, all pain forgotten as he grabbed his belly to bounce and jiggle it in his hands. In moments it was large enough to have a fold over his waist, and he could lift and drop it with a faint slap of flesh meeting flesh. Then, another wave of heat, this time diffuse and all-encompassing, but without any pain at all. Mikey let it wash over him in rapt anticipation.

For his part, Dr. Walker was even more ecstatic than Mikey was. It was working! This boy was blimping up before his very eyes!  First in the gut, but he could see the rest of him was slowly catching up. His previously flat chest was budding into a pair of perky man tits, tiny areolas stretching wider as his new mammaries inflated with soft flesh. His entire chest now began to rise outwards like inflating dough, the skin softening with adipose as it accumulated beneath it. The softness then spread to his shoulders, down his arms, then up his neck and face, all of it becoming noticeably thicker with growth. In moments the boy had a double chin, round moon cheeks, and a fold of flesh at the back of his neck just where his short brown hair tapered off.

Soon It seemed as though his body was reaching capacity as folds and creases were appearing beneath his chest, arms and arm-pits, the billowing fat unable to be contained beneath the skin. It was then that the growth changed tack, now causing his frame to visibly broaden. Dr. Walker could almost hear the creak of bones as his hips, shoulders and torso enlarged and expanded, making him wide, heavy-set, and barrel chested. The folds of flesh disappeared momentarily as the fat spread out to cover the enlarging canvas, but soon reappeared as the expansion of his skeleton slowed, only now much further apart. With wider hips, Mikey was forced to shuffle his feet and widen his stance, thicker feet now splayed diagonally in order to balance the heavier load.

Mikey could not have been happier feeling each new curve and roll, each new bounce and jiggle as his frame packed on more and more and more. He rubbed his hands over his torso over and over, each time the sensation bringing something new, and becoming intensely erotic. He could tell between his much wider set thighs and beneath his protruding middle he was becoming aroused in front of an audience, but he was too turned on to care. He was getting everything he’d ever wanted all at once, and he was more than happy to ignore a spectator and simply enjoy each new sensation as he grew.

As incredibly erotic as the whole scene was for Mikey, it was even more so for Dr. Walker. The adorable young man was becoming the hunk of his dreams right in front of him, and it was becoming increasingly obvious as the well hung cock began to stiffen and rise to it’s full length, almost slapping the belly hanging above it. It really was impressive, and the sight of this hulking tank blissfully rubbing his chest and belly while his huge cock bounced beneath was more than enough to get the good professor hard as steel in his slacks.

“Oh god, this feels sooo goood,” Mikey moaned, hands never leaving his torso, and the professor could see a drop of pre began to form at the tip of his now turgid member. Doctor Walker was working up the nerve to reach out and touch the leaking organ, when he noticed Mikey’s growth was now redirecting south, his legs, ass and feet puffing up and filling out. Within moments each of his thunder thighs were the size of a normal man’s waist, but unlike the billowy flab of his torso each lower limb was a near solid ham as Mikey’s musculature became better able to handle the heavy burden he’d be carrying from now on. The only exception to this seemed to be his glutes, which not only blew up to this size of two basketballs but also retained a certain wobbliness, the massive globes fighting for space on Mikey’s backside.

Another moan brought the professor’s attention back to the young man’s groin. As each thigh grew thicker they began to press together, leaving less and less space for Mikey’s nuts. Each ball was now stretching the scrotum so thin the veins were clearly visible, and the professor was concerned if he didn’t do something the skin might tear. However, his concerns were expunged as just like the rest of his skin it stretched and grew, letting each teste rest lower and lower until they dangled halfway to his knees. It was then the professor noticed each teste not only sagged lower in a far more loose and dangly scrotum, but seemed larger than before, having gone from quail eggs to those of large chickens. This was certainly not something he had programmed into the formula, however he wasn’t complaining.

Fat began to accumulate in the boy’s groin, swallowing up more and more of the leaking spire, making it appear inches shorter than when he had walked into the office earlier. Yet as the professor leaned in to better observe the changes, he noticed he’d been wrong. Not only had the fat of the man’s pubis swallowed much of his length, his cock had indeed lost a fair bit of circumference, seeming much less massive than before. In moments the young man’s member was much more modest in size, and with the rest of him having grown so large it seemed seemed almost small. Mikey’s burgeoning middle prevented him from seeing this new development, and judging by the blissed out expression still painted all over his face he didn’t seem to notice, or care, about his loss in manhood. The professor hoped the expansion of the boy’s testicles would make up for it.

The complete alteration in frame, shape and the arrangement of fat on the body was all expected and shown in previous testing on laboratory mice, but the changes in his genitalia were never something the professor investigated in his previous trials. With these unexpected developments, the professor began to look out for other unintended side effects of the formula. Stepping back, he took stock of the much larger man Mikey was becoming. He was easily over 350 pounds, and while the growth of his skeletal structure and musculature seemed to have stopped, he could see the accumulation of adipose was still going strong. The boy’s face was nearly circular, chubby cheeks rounding out into a prominent double chin, that seemed to flow into the inflating chest, the young man’s neck having been swallowed up by the expanding tides of flesh. His chest had expanded from perky breasts to much larger man-mammaries, now sagging under their own weight, each eraser-head capped peak propped up by the tremendous tank below it. And what a tank it was, having gone from mere cask to barrel in the intervening period. Framed by love handles as thick as bread loafs and beginning to surge over the boy’s waist, it was a sight to behold. Mikey was more than enamoured with it as he jiggled and grabbed his wobbling middle, oblivious to the world and all that was happening around him.

“Eyes up here, professor.”

Or so Dr. Walker thought, but now Mikey was staring right at him, hands cupping each breast so they would squish into a provocative bosom. Above them the round, boyish face was just as provocative, a sly smile painted on his lips. “I see you’re enjoying the show,” he remarked, eyes pointedly looking at the obvious tent in the professor’s slacks.

For the first time that afternoon it was the professor who felt embarrassed, like a child with his hand in the cookie jar. He floundered, mouth moving but no words coming out, only stopping once Mikey swayed much larger hips. He gulped, frozen, his entire being overcome by lust. Finally Mikey walked towards him, his gait now an odd swagger as each titanic thigh was forced to move circularly around the other with every step. His entire body shook with each lumbering foot fall, an earthquake of flesh growing larger with each passing moment.

Mikey reached him and just stood there, belly mere inches from bumping the professor backward, seductive eyes still staring into his. Then the professor felt something soft and warm pressing into his torso and groin; it was Mikey’s belly. It had surged forward in the few seconds he’d been standing in front of him, and now his belly sagged enough that the lowest portions were rubbing against the professor’s hardon. Mikey tittered and then swayed his hips again, the soft flesh seeming to caress his aching cock.

“Why don’t you touch it?” He asked, grasping the professor’s arm to bring it to the warm flesh of his side. It was so soft, so smooth, his hand sinking in as he pressed further, encouraged by the now colossal college student. After sinking in an inch the two moaned simultaneously, the professor unable to hold himself back any longer. He brought his mouth down to smash into the young man’s chest, lips and tongue seeking the enormous nipple atop the pendulous moobs, slathering saliva all over the pale expanse before finally latching on to suckle with abandon. The professor’s free hands grasped and fondled the yielding fat of Mikey’s belly while he stood there, an unmoving edifice, moaning appreciatively as the older man worshipped his voluminous form.

Had the professor been paying attention he may have noticed the change in tone that had come over Mikey. His manner towards Dr. Walker was mostly ambivalent earlier, but now he was gratefully accepting his unbridled lust with eager enthusiasm. However the professor was beyond thinking rationally at this point. He licked and nibbled and bit the meat of Mikey’s chest, groping at his belly and love-handles as far as he could reach, noticing how hard it was to reach the entire circumference of his waist. He licked lower and lower on the mountainous middle, mashing his face as far into the yielding fat as it would go, eventually descending to his knees, a worshipper having reached mecca. Finally, he reached up to lift the tremendous belly to view the prize now hidden beneath the cascading tide of flesh.

Mikey was already hard as a rock from the professor’s attention, however even at full mast, and even considering the exorbitant flesh that surrounded it, he could tell that Mikey had lost much of his impressive length and girth. Even with his hand pressing against his now impressive fat pad, Mikey extended perhaps 4 inches at best. Resting the behemoth belly on his forehead, the professor leaned into the hot, humid groin to swallow Mikey whole.

He wasn’t sure how the professor was able to deep-throat him, but Mikey couldn’t deny it felt amazing. While the professor eagerly took his entire length over and over, Mikey stood with legs splayed, playing with each doughy breast and the huge nipples at their ends. He knew he was enormous now, larger than he’d ever thought he could gain naturally, and it felt so good to push and fondle and mold his own body, the feeling of size and weight and power. He began to thrust into the professor’s mouth, each movement causing his entire body to quake while sending his pendulous balls to slap into the professor’s chin.

For Mikey each thrust was the barest jerk forward, but for Dr. Walker it had the momentum of over 450 pounds of man bearing down on his face. The first thrust nearly knocked him over, causing him to lose his grip on the colossal belly, smothering him in a tidal wave of fat. He recovered though, and redoubled his efforts, both hands now holding up the prodigious paunch while meeting the next thrust with his open and accepting mouth.

The slap of Mikey’s balls on the professor’s chin filled the office, and while Mikey found he was able to thrust as easily as he could when he was thin, he was working up a substantial sweat after only a few minutes. Liquid dripped on his nose and forehead to gather into rivulets formed on the vast expanse of chest and belly, and he could only imagine how the pressor felt beneath the horizon of his middle.

The professor was more concerned with simply holding on, and only noticed the taste of precum on his lips as Mikey’s thrusting picked up pace. Each battering of balls and groin meat left him covered in the fat man’s sweat. However, the enormous, dangling orbs (that would surely leave bruises once this was over) were beginning to pull upward, and he knew Mikey’s climax was imminent.

Mikey knew he couldn’t last. The professor’s magic mouth took him to the root with each thrust, and the feeling of his entire body jiggling in tune with his lovemaking was simply beyond words. With a bellowing moan, Mikey squeezed each of his love-handles as hard as he could and came.

Even though he could feel the twitching of the dick in his mouth and the ascent of the gigantic balls, the professor was completely unprepared for the torrent of cum that gushed forth from Mikey’s diminished manhood. The first gush filled his mouth completely, while the second overfilled it, and the third made jizz come sputtering out comically from his nose and mouth. The sound of Mikey’s seed splattering on the linoleum floor of the professor’s office was more akin to a dropped cup of coffee than the missed remnants of an impromptu blowjob, and the professor wondered if this was yet another side effect of the formula or if the young man had possessed this ability all along.

After what seemed an eternity, the gushing of Mikey’s geyser slowed to a trickle, giving the professor time to swallow and, more importantly, breathe. He fell backward on his ass, the propped-up belly falling forward and jiggling Mikey’s front while the last drops of his orgasm fell to join the small puddle that had formed beneath him. He calmed down and took stock of his enormity once more, and sighed a deep, satisfied sound.

“Looks like your formula worked, professor.”

Still catching his breath, the good doctor could only manage, “Evidently.”

Mikey wobbled back to the professor’s desk, his lumbering gait somewhat more awkward than a man of his size already would be as he was getting used to his vastness. Noticing something, he bent sideways and picked up a distinct blue vial. “You know professor, there seems to be enough formula left for one more.”

The professor thought about it for a moment, acknowledging mentally that neither he nor his young charge had any clothes that would fit and would have to trundle home, jiggling and naked. He’d have to provide some sort of explanation to his friends and colleagues, and he could even be subjecting himself to the same sort of bizarre mental changes and even possible alterations of his genitalia as the deity of excess that was beckoning him onward.

He downed the vial without a second thought, and as he grew and burst from his clothes, Mikey fondling and groping each new roll as it appeared on his body, he knew without doubt that this was the climax of his professional career.

mint-tin  asked:

How would the 104 and vets be as parents?

Mikasa: She’s already the mom friend, so….
Reiner: A bit too chill
Bertholdt: A bit too overprotective
Annie: Loving but also slightly overwhelmed
Eren: Supportive and encouraging
Jean: Strict because he’s scared
Marco: Supportive and clear on rules, though sometimes inconsequent
Sasha: A bit too careful on some things, a bit too chill on others
Connie: More a friend than an authority person
Historia: Would encourage her child to be themselves and be strong and independant
Armin: Very loving and supportive
Ymir: Might tease her child a bit too much, but is actually super loving, though in a distant kinda way, cause, wow, kids
Levi: Strict af but not heartless
Hanji: Almost neglectfully chill 
Erwin: Tight schedules and lots of stuff, also very embarrassing 
Nanaba: loves being a mom, but also has to go back to work
Mike: Fun dad
Moblit: Internally screaming the whole time, but manages quite well


Summary: bucky forgets but your love can make him come back to you.

Warnings: angst, fluff, language, break down + lots of crying (its not as bad as it looks like)

Pairing : Bucky x reader x a bit of Steve

A/n: thus is only a little something which I’m not sure about… As always… So leave feedback!!! Pretty please😊😘

When you chose to stay with bucky you knew what was possible to happen. He could have had a nightmare. He could have hurt you. He could have killed you. You knew all these things could have happened but none of those imaginations could’ve ever stopped you from loving him. No matter what he would have done, you would have forgave him. Although, what did happen was much worse than anything that you ever could’ve expected. 

You lay awake thinking as you heard soft whispers coming from the person besides you. You listened closely trying yo make out if it was a nightmare or a good dream he was having. 

You turned a little so you could face Bucky and in that moment the whispers dyed down. You looked from his lips up to his eyes and jumped a bit as you saw him intensely starring at you. His eyes twitched to your left hand brought up by you to touch and gently stroke his cheek.

 He flinched away at the slightest touch, your skin touched his, your fingers feeling like a feather. You didn’t even touch him properly but he flinched away as if you just sent a hit straight to his face. 

He looked at you in horror , eyes wide opened and lips pressed together in a tight line making concern wash over your features. 

You forced your tired body to slowly sit up and narrow your burning eyes so you could see something In the dark of the night. Your lids tried to fall close but you didn’t let them as you stared down at bucky. 

You attempted to touch him, to reassure him, to make him believe you were real but all your attempts got declined by him. He just laid back down onto his back staring at the emptiness of the blank ceiling.

You knew you shouldn’t talk to him when he was in this state, the danger about him thinking you we’re hydra and only wanted to fool him was too big, but you didn’t know what else to do. You tried to choose your words wisely as they came out of your mouth just above a whisper. 

“Bucky… Can you talk to me?“ 

You knew you didn’t have to ask if he was alright, you saw he wasn’t but after he just continued laying down and staring at the ceiling without even acknowledging you, your whole body started to tense up and you got really concerned and worried.

“Bucky I need you to talk to me” you urged now making him turn his head to you in a fast motion as if you snapped him out of his daze.

 His eyes grew wide once again and he looked at your face before slowly getting of and out of the bed. “I don’t know you… What are you doing here ?” He whispered in confusion. 

You chuckled “yeah very funny babe" 

You watched him shift his position and waited for him to come back to bed, but he never came.

 Your brows furrowed and you, once again, sat there with worries written all over your face. 

“That was a joke right ?” You asked hopeful. 

“What was?” He answered eyeing you up and down in fear and horror.

And you felt the tears brimming. And the throat tightening. And the words disappearing. Your mind went blank and you didn’t know what to do. 

Suddenly your body felt numb. 

It was that brief second in which everything around you, everything that seemed to be alright, went back to the bad. And the happy end was not in sight anymore. 

The tears fell from your eyes.

It clicked, this was the moment you knew would come eventually. Everything seemed good. There is never something good.

It just wasn’t fair. That all of this always happened to you. It just wasn’t fair.

You slowly got out of bed making bucky take a step backwards with every step you took forwards. Your eyes stayed on his the whole time still seeking for any glimpse of shine to show you that you didn’t loose him entirely. 

There wasn’t anything, not what you hoped.

You walked to the door looking one last time over your shoulder at bucky who was staring at you in alert. 

You forced your glance away and opened the door stepping out of the room and into the hallway. 

“Friday make sure Sargent Barnes stays in the room” you ordered while walking down the hallway with a blank stare.

“Of course muss (y/l/n)”

The tears dried down and your eyes became cold as your mind started thinking back. 

Everything was hydras fault. Just everything. You were happy for once, the only one that could give you this happiness was Bucky. 

And they destroyed it again

You knocked at the too familiar door, softly but loud enough for him to hear.


“Come in”

 You heard Steve say through the wooden door. Stepping in you immediately broke down again right next to the door making Steve rush over to you and pic you up.

He picked you up and carried you over and onto his bed he knew bucky wouldn’t like to see this but he didn’t know what to do.

He rocked you. Back. And forth. 

Waiting for your tears to dry and your sobs to die down. And as they did, oh as they did he could not believe what you told him. 

As they did he wished they wouldn’t have.

As they did he wanted all of this to be a dream.

As they did he looked at you. And he stopped being angry because all of the pain his friend had to go through. 

Because when he looked into your eyes , he saw all the love and all the hope that slowly began to fade. He saw everything you built up fall apart and he saw all the walls Bucky managed to put down, coming up again. 

When he looked up he became sad. For all the pain you had to go through.

Steve didn’t want that. You didn’t want that either. So all that was left for you to do was hold together and do what you could.

He surrounded you in a tight hug, feeling your salty tears which ran down your cheeks in silence on his shirt which you gripped tightly.

You cried quietly staring blankly against the wall as you held onto Steve, you felt yourself slipping and you didn’t know what to do until, you let go.

You didn’t hold into your anger, your sadness, your desperation anymore. You let go and slowly felt yourself fall to sleep, the last thing you felt was how the tight grip around you loosened and the arms disappeared.

You woke up in a foreign yet familiar room. You stirred, slightly overwhelmed by the situation as you began to remember. 

You blinked away from the sunlight floating into the room as you sat up on the bed. You looked around. 

You were Alone.

You stood up hoping it was a dream. Hoping all of this was not real.

You knew it was.

Your steps were quiet and slow as you walked down the hallway head hanging low and eyes focusing on nothing in particular just like your ears.

You heard the chit chat , the beeping of the coffee machine and clinging of forks against plates but you didn’t focus on any of that. 

It was as if all of that got blocked out by your mind at it suddenly was just you left in the hall. 

You looked up to the quietness just as you stood in front of your door.

There was nothing. You saw nothing.

Everything was a blur. The noises were gone. And you still felt numb. All you heard was your blood rushing in your ears and your heart beating against your chest. 

You were so afraid to open the door. It was no use though and you knew it. You pushed the handle down and the beating sound picked up and got much faster, the room starting to clear up around you and when you saw the room was empty the ground seemed to be ripped away from under your feet. 

Suddenly everything seemed to be so far away. And you felt yourself loose consciousness and then your hand flew up to the door frame trying to find any kind of support before falling down, but it didn’t help. Not at all.

The next time you wake up you lay in your own bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets that smelled like bucky. They had this sent lingering on them that made you want to throw up, but not because it smelled bad. Because you didn’t know what happened to him or where he is AMD every memory to him makes your stomach turn upsidedown, your eyes burn and fill with tears and your mind race with thousands of worst case scenarios.

As you looked over at the clock you saw it was already late in the afternoon and you jumped out of bed, feeling dizzy from the fast movement but you didn’t care, you stomped out of the room, not becaysetyou were angry.

As you reached the kitchen there was no one, and in the gym was no one, and in the common room was no one.

You were all alone, no one was home.

You wanted to see bucky. You wanted to see him so bad. And that’s when you remembered something.

“Friday? Where are the rest of the avengers?”

“They had to leave for a highly classified mission, everyone was needed”

“And where is bucky”

“He is in level 19. containment base.”

You gasped and looked at the ceiling wide eyed. 

“Thank you Friday” you shouted as you made your way to the elevator quickly and pushed the right button.

As you rode down everything started to twist and turn again, your throat went dry and your fingers played with one another. This time you didn’t allow yourself to fall over again. You just couldn’t.

You reached floor 19 in a matter of seconds and stepped out of the elevator only to be met with cold and monotone surroundings managing it to make your mood drop further down. 

You walked on the cold hard floor your shoes clicking against it every now and then. You looked around the room , all the glass cells were empty. You wondered where bucky was until you rounded a corner and saw a heavy door.

You stepped into the room and saw a big window which you knew was a mirror on the other side of the room. 

Your steps were cautious, quiet, actually not wanting to see what was going on on the other side. 

As you stood just in front the window you saw him, sitting in a corner.

Face full of fear as he rocked back and forth.

There was nothing for him to forget his fear. White walls, white floor, white ceiling, white cloth. 

All he had was a bed, a table with a chair and a separated bathroom. 

You couldn’t take it anymore, seeing the love of your live so helpless, so empty and not being able to do anything against it. 

You stepped to the side walking over to the door opening it.

His head shot up to you and you smiled at him weakly, you weren’t afraid. You knew he wouldn’t do anything to harm you.

His eyes looked into yours with fear and he noticed the tears that streamed down your face. 

He didn’t understand you smiled and cried all at the same time. 

He didn’t understand.

You kneeled down besides him slowly wanting to see if he would let you or not, but when he did nothing to stop you 

, you turned over and sat next to him leaning your head back against the wall and wrapping your hands around his right arm. 

You sat there in silence for a while, you already wondered when he would push you away. It was a wonder that he let you touch him.

But you actually didn’t care, you laid your head onto his shoulder and you felt his whole body tensing but you didn’t care. Your tears fell onto his dark blue shirt and you gripped onto his arm more tightly afraid he would just leave you now.

The silence stayed for a while both of you just starring against the wall.

You felt him turning his head and looking down at you, but before anything else could happen the door was ripped open harshly and both of your heads shot up to see Steve standing in the doorway.

“What do you think you are doing?!”

He yelled. The anger in his eyes like flames, but yours didn’t show anything else.

You knew bucky was terrified, you could practically hear his heart racing as his whole body tensed and he gripped onto you. Out of pure comfort, probably not even noticing it.

“Steve, this is my boyfriend not yours, I can do whatever I want in here.”

You growled at him but your voice didn’t raise.

“Do you think its good for him that you are here ?!”

He snapped again. 

“But you can be here or what ?" 

You snapped back but you knew you had to comply anyway. You turned to bucky burying your face in his neck and whispering "I’ll come back tonight” for only him to hear. 

You pushed yourself up and stomped out of the room, sending daggers to Steve.


The night had come and you desperately wanted to go see bucky. You wanted him to remember who you were. 

You packed a little bag for him.

Only stuff that he needed like his journal and some pens.

You even packed your pillow in hopes that the smell could make him remember

You sneaked out of your room in silence and as you reached the elevator, you put the others on lockdown making sure they couldn’t follow you. 

You reached the floor and Bucky’s room opening and stepping in. 

Bucky saw you and he knew it was you but somehow he still flinched away as you sat down on the bed next to him.

“I brought you some stuff” you held the bag up and he eyed it suspiciously even though he couldn’t see anything.

“Friday can you turn on a light” and next to you a light was lit. You sat down on the floor in the middle of the room and pulled out your pillow looking up at Bucky already staring at you. 

You amazed him the first one who wasn’t  afraid, the first one coming here voluntary.

“Can you catch?” You asked. He nodded. You smiled.

You threw it over to him and he catches it letting it fall next to him in the bed.

The smell illuminated the room and he loved that sent. And he knew it. Where did he know it from.

You pulled his journal out and stood up standing in front of him and stretching your arm out for him to take it.

He took it from your hand  and you looked at him a moment before talking. 

“Do you want me to leave. I mean I would like to stay but we’d have to sleep in one bed and I don’t mind leaving.” You asked with slightly shaking voice.

“You can stay.” A whisper said.

Your eyes shot  up and all the surprise was shown on your face. 

You climbed into bed next to him, the small bed forced you to lay close together but none of you mind. 

You laid on your back staring into Bucky’s eyes as he hovered slightly over you. 

He didn’t know why he did that but he wanted to. He was comfortable around you. Just like that.

“I’ll have to leave early in the morning Steve doesn’t like me here.” You stated.

Bucky Nuzzled his face into your neck and mumbled “Steve can go fuck himself, and when captain small ass yells at my girlfriend only one more time I’ll break his face." 

He chuckled before resting his forehead against your jawline again.

You laughed along until… Captain small ass, girlfriend and yells sank in. You froze. You didn’t even know your hand still ran up and down his arm as you starred at the ceiling blankly.

"Did you watch game of thrones since I’m here, you know we watch it together.”

He asked completely unaware.

Your hand froze and suddenly you felt like throwing up again, suddenly everything was normal again and  the happiness seemed to hit you pretty hard.

“Oh my god” you whispered after your hand stopped running up and down his arm.

“What’s up doll?” He asked concerned.

“Oh my god”

He didn’t know what was going n until he  processed all his words. “Oh my god”

You starred at each other wide eyed. 

He kissed you passionately and so full of love you forgot that the world was turning for a moment. His left arm helping him keep his balance but his right hand touched your cheek ever so lightly as your lips melted together and danced in reunion.

You broke apart and he looked into your eyes deeply getting lost in their beauty.

“You made me remember.”

And he kissed you again long and loving.

Both of you made your  way up into your shared room hand in hand. 

Smiling to yourselves you snuggled up in bed together. 

Your head laid on his chest and his hand was around your back the other one pushing a strand of hair behind your ear and stroking your cheek like feathers running over your cheek. 

You listened to his steady heartbeat your hand laying on his chest lazily as your lips stayed in a tight smile and you closed your eyes. 

Bucky looked down at you being completely overwhelmed by you. 

You were so beautiful and so strong for both of you.

And in the moment where he noticed he was back with you, he knew he would never let you go. 

You were his anchor and it was all the love for you that made him come back. 

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blue-gold-demigod-clouds  asked:

How would the 104 and the veterans react to seeing a volcano erupt for the first time?

Mikasa: Be amazed by how powerful and beautiful that is
Reiner: Be speechless for once
Bertholdt: Be a bit scared
Annie: Would be breathless and amazed
Eren: Would love it and speak about it for the next million years
Jean: Would be slightly scared but too overwhelmed by how amazing that is
Marco: Might actually swear cause damn, that’s amazing
Sasha: Finds it super creepy and doesn’t want it
Connie: Super uneasy about it
Historia: ‘same’
Armin: Spends the next century researching and learning about volcanoes
Ymir: Unimpressed, wants to go home
Levi: Appreciates it and nods slightly
Hanji: Flips out and yells at everyone ‘DOOO YOU SEE THIISSSS???!!!’
Erwin: Will forever use volcanoes as a metaphor for strength and oppression
Nanaba: kinda creeped out but also amazed
Mike: Wooooooow soooo cooooolll
Moblit: ‘_______’ halp 

Three Days, Lafayette x Reader

Prompt: could you do a lafayette x reader soulmate au? thank youuu!!:


Warnings: Cursing (the usual), mentions of alcohol consumption and drunkedness, period-typical sexism, etc.


This thing literally spiraled out of my hands. I was supposed to sit down to write a shorter fic and I ended up writing the longest fic I’ve posted to date. 

I want to thank all of you for the lovely things you’ve been saying about the blog, like holy shit y’all are super sweet. 

Anyway, enjoy my reiteration of the Lafayette reincarnation, soulmate AU thing. Much love. xx

8th of November, 1780

The rain was cold on your face, and your skirts were no doubt ruined by now. You couldn’t find much in you to care.

How long you had stood there, with mud crawling up your shoes and socks, you didn’t know. The rain had been pouring for far longer though, that was for sure.

It was almost hilariously easy to go back to the party—the one being thrown in the honor of some scattered group of soldiers you knew but didn’t care about—if you wanted to. You didn’t want to; that was the entire point of the silent vigil you kept by the stables, letting the dirt and water thoroughly soil the dress your maids spent the better part of the week sprucing up and repairing of any running threads or loose hems.  

The Schuyler mansion glittered attractively in the distance, and in the cold, damp marsh of the stables, looked incredibly inviting. You knew, from experience, that the halls were warm with light and conversation. You knew that Angelica was probably (no, definitely) dazzling the room with her dizzying presence and slightly overwhelming charisma. You knew that Peggy was dancing the night away, the only sights of her you will catch a flutter of skirts as she was whisked away by some general or other. You knew that Eliza would be engaged in conversation with a handful of delegates, all of them staring openly at the middle Schuyler sister, who while not as handsome as the youngest or as openly flirtatious as the eldest, had her own brand of charm and youth that could ensnare even the hardest of hearts.

You knew that the entire galaxy that was held in that mansion, no matter how small, was falling in love with the fires residing in the darling sisters who inhabited it. (Angelica a powerful flare, Peggy a saucy ember, Eliza a tempered flame that sometimes caught you by surprise by how spiteful it could be.)  

The rain plowed on, relentless, and you managed to get impossibly more soaked than you were in the first place. The cold had, by then, long seeped into your bones, and desperate as you were to restore some kind (any kind) of body heat, your conviction proved far too strong to out rule the crawling, inside-out ache of the chill.

You were an oddity if there ever was one.

With the all-encompassing demand for freedom and revolution and warwarwar, you stood out as the white flag amongst the sea of red. Your parents were well-known pacifists, and you had been raised under a roof that promoted peace and quiet means of protest. However, as docile and gentle your parents were in displaying their views, you were…not.

The entire approach the Continental Army was taking was just all wrong.

“You can’t win our country through these means,” you had said that evening to one lieutenant, who had looked at you as though you were about to sprout wings and fangs.

“Girl,” the lieutenant had said (you never caught his name), carefully, like he wasn’t sure you quite understood. “We are in the middle of war.”

“It doesn’t have to be war,” you said earnestly, pleading that he understand what you were trying to say. But alas, as always, you were cast aside with a shake of the head and a scathing mutter.

You left the ballroom without so much as a goodbye to the sisters, something that gnawed at your guilt; the Schuylers were gracious enough to invite you to this ball after all, when everyone else had quietly shunted you away to some corner because of your views. But by the grace of God, standing in that crowded room, near so many people who had been so eager to cast you aside (both for your principles and your being a woman) was getting suffocating. (“You are a woman in a world that belongs to men, or at least so they think.” You remembered your mother saying to you. “You are unfortunately an example of what gentlemen hate the most, my darling; you are a woman with a brain she chooses to use and put on display.” Your mother smiled. “And I couldn’t be any more proud.”)

So you went, with a thunderous opening of doors into the howling wind and steady storm, and here you were.

The persistent quiet was broken by the click-clacking of hooves on wet gravel, and you looked up.

A carriage was slowly getting nearer. It was handsome and impressively ornate. Slightly ostentatious, in your opinion, but that was neither here nor there.

The horse drawing it cantered to a stop, and the door opened with a loud shout of laughter.

“My god, it’s pissing out here.” the voice closest to the door exclaimed, and with a loud squelch, a foot landed on the wet slush of dirt and pebbles. “Hold your coats over your heads, gentlemen, or risk facing the wrath of—“ he broke off, eyes landing on you.

“Nature,” he finished lamely.

You had stood up when you heard him step down. You knew who he was.

Alexander Hamilton squinted at you, at your dirtied dress, at the wet hair hanging around your face in sectioned clumps.

“Miss?” he called. You only looked on. “Madame over there! Are you all right, ma’am?”

Another voice was joining his calls. “Alexander, what is the meaning of this hold up?” It was a fellow soldier of Hamilton’s, you assumed. He wasn’t all that tall, and even from where you were you could see his freckles. “Holy Mother of God, is that a woman out there?”

“It is,” you heard Hamilton answer. “Ma’am! Are you okay?”

“My friends, we are already quite late. I do not think the general will appreciate our untimely appearance—“

Stepped down another soldier, this time tall and slender, easily towering over Hamilton and his companion. His voice was clear and pleasant, with the slightest hint of an accent interlacing his words. He, too, caught sight of you and was rendered silent. Between the four of you, the rain pounded on and was white noise.

“Excuse me, mademoiselle?” the tall one called. You looked at him, then. “What on earth are you doing out here in this weather?”

“Admiring the scenery,” you replied cheerfully, although the sarcasm was heavy and obvious in your tone.

The tall one looked confused. Hamilton, on the other hand, looked as if a sudden realization dawned on him quite abruptly.

“Ah,” he said, voice carrying in spite of himself (he never did learn how to keep his voice low), “I am guessing that you are of the Y/L/N family?”

You nodded, and this seemed to reaffirm Hamilton’s epiphany.

His freckly companion looked, to your rising anger, disdainful. “The pacifist nutters?”

The retort came out of your mouth faster than the crack of a whip. “Excuse me,” you fumed, “I’m afraid I do not know you sir, and I will not have a complete stranger strike an unearned insult at my family like that.”

The man shrunk behind Hamilton, who looked uncomfortable. The other, taller one, simply looked on in interest.

He was the one to break the silence once more. “Won’t you like to go inside the mansion, miss…?”

“Y/N,” you nearly spat.

“Miss Y/N,” he said, nodding. “You look a sight and you will catch a cold in this storm.”

You shook your head. “I’m perfectly fine,” You straightened, rearranged your skirts, although the endeavor was quite pointless. “Do not be concerned with me mister…”

“Lafayette,” he answered. A name to place on his face at last.

“Mister Lafayette,” you said, turning and preparing to walk away, before you felt the world spin on its axis and fall, fall, fall

When you came to, you were in the white, bare-faced room of a hospital. A nurse was pressing something wet and soft onto your forehead. You felt unbearably cold.

“Oh good,” a familiar voice spoke. “You’re up.”

It was Lafayette, standing against the doorway with his hands behind his back.

“You nearly gave all of us a fright back there,” he said, walking further into your room. You tried to get up, but the nurse stopped you.

“No moving quite yet,” she said, softly pushing you back into the covers. “You near contracted pneumonia out there, staying out in the cold for so long. How daft are you in the head, girl?”

You weren’t looking at her though, you were looking at Lafayette, who was smiling almost sheepishly down at you. (He was handsome, you noticed belatedly. Very handsome.)

It was the last thing you saw before you slipped back into the peaceful darkness of pseudo-oblivion.

9th of November, 1926

“Name your poison,” Slim purred as you hauled yourself onto a stool.

“For crying out loud, Slim, it’s nine in the morning!” you chided playfully, knocking a dainty knuckle on the bar top and laughing. “I’ll have a Champagne cocktail, switch out the bitters with absinthe.”

Slim smiled wryly. “And you call me an alcoholic,”

The speakeasy was already alive, even at the relatively early hour. Men and women were pouring in and rushing back out like a strong tide, and you were lucky enough to find yourself a spot on the coveted bar. Slim was nice, and he liked you, and he could spin up a good drink with nothing but orange bitters and gin, so you found that the long wait was quite worth it.

“Strong turnout,” you said as Slim made his way back to you, your drink bubbling happily in his hands. He passed the glass to you and you took a sip. The champagne was freshly opened, you could tell, and delightfully crisp in your throat, the tail-end of absinthe lingering on your tongue. You resurfaced and grinned at Slim, raising your glass. “I can see why,”

The absinthe did its job quite quickly and soon, after three or so glasses, you were spinning like a top on the dance floor, laughing and hollering and calling for more drinks. Slim, wisely, didn’t let you slip off with any more alcohol until you sobered up enough, but it was hours before you managed to do so.

“This is why you need to stop drinking so much,” Slim said as you slumped onto the counter, head in your arms.

“If I stopped drinking, who in God’s name is going to keep you in business?” you said, face still smushed into the crook of your arm. Slim laughed, slid you a glass of water.

“Not to alarm you,” he said as he gave you the glass, “but there’s a man who’s been eyeing you for the past hour. He hasn’t approached any other woman in the entire place.”

You grinned into your forearm, looked up. Slim was grinning, too. Subtly, he nodded towards a table that was occupied by the rowdiest bunch of men you’ve seen, which was saying something. Sure enough, you found a very attractive someone making eyes at you. From here, he looked slim, and even with the haze of smoke and the dim lighting and his loose clothes, you knew that he was fit. He glanced away as you turned to look at him, and after a while you faced Slim.

“Best make my move, no?” you said, emptying the glass and handing it back to him.

“Best,” Slim said shortly, although there was teasing underneath his terseness.

You sauntered over, your head feeling much clearer, and cleared your throat as you drew near. He and his friends caught sight of you, and they whistled as you approached. You smirked, groped around in your purse to fish out a long, thin cigarette.

“Excuse me sirs,” you said to the table at large but keeping your eyes on the one who caught your interest. He was, if possible, coloring an endearing shade of pink. “But do any of you have a lighter I could borrow?”

A broad-shouldered hulk of a man leaned over and offered you his. He lit it up, and you leaned, the cigarette in between your teeth and held steady by two fingers, never taking your eyes off of the brown-eyed, gorgeous man who seemed to be as interested in you as you were in him.

“Can you come with me outside? It’s a tad too stuffy in here.” you said, addressing only him. His friends were in uproar again, and he mumbled an agreement before shuffling out of his seat to follow you out of the speakeasy. On the way out, you caught Slim’s eye and threw him a smug grin.

“What’s your name, good-looking?” you said as you both climbed up the concrete stairs that hid the bar into the sticky, honey-glazed air of the Manhattan afternoon.

“My name is Lafayette,” he said, with the slightest hint of an accent.

“You foreign?” you asked, taking a drag and exhaling.

“French,” he said. A beat passed. “What’s your name?”

You smiled sweetly. “You’ll see.”

The two of you walked up the entire street, talking. At this hour, the city was starting to come alive with music, but the center of your gravity was firmly placed in Lafayette’s vicinity, and it was only when the two of you neared Broadway that you realized the hour.

“Drat, it’s getting late.” you cursed, looking at the clock that hung in one of the stores you passed by.

“I must be getting back to my friends now, as well.” Lafayette said, but you delighted in seeing that he seemed reluctant to leave. You didn’t want to go, either. “It was a pleasure to spend time with you, miss.”

You smiled at him. He really was something else. “I’d love to do this again sometime.” you said, not really caring that you were coming off as a bit too forward. (You were forward, and there was no shame in letting it happen.)

He grinned, a perfect, perfect smile. “I would love that as well.”

You walked backwards, eyes still fixed on him. “It’s Y/N,” you said, and he only looked at you. “My name. It’s Y/N,” You turned and walked, a feeling in your stomach that this won’t be the last time you’d see him.

10th of November, 2017

The day couldn’t get any shitter.

You had woken up late—for some fucking reason you had forgotten to set your alarm—thus making you miss the train. And now you had to wait for the next one. Hardee-fucking-har. You could take the bus, but at this point, taking the time to climb out of the subway and find a bus stop, the next train would be here and you just weren’t having any of that so you stayed in place.

Thankfully, the train appeared fifteen minutes later, and if you ran, you would maybe possibly make it to work on time.

You slumped into the first empty seat you could find, which happened to be next to this really tall guy with crazy curly hair that he had tied back in an attempt to tame it.

“Bad morning I take it?” the guy suddenly asked, taking you aback. You only nodded.

“The worst.” you said.

“Ah, I know the feeling.” he said, nodding sympathetically. He had some kind of accent, but it was barely there. If you had blinked, you would have missed it.

“It hopefully can’t get any worse, although knowing the universe, it could kick me up the ass when I least expect it, so I’d rather not jinx myself.”

He laughed. “You kind of just did.”

You groaned playfully. “Ah, shit.”

He chuckled, shoulders shaking. “I’m sorry,” he said, paused, “have we met before?”

You shook your head. “No. I would have remembered.” You didn’t have the best memory, but you would have certainly remembered his face. It was hard to miss and even harder to forget.

“Well then,” he said, clearing his throat impressively and holding out a hand to shake. “I’m Lafayette. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Y/N, and likewise.” you said, smiling and taking his proffered hand.

He grinned, and the warm tickle in your stomach was new and yet strangely familiar.

Effort [M]

Pairings: Reader X Yoongi / Reader X Taehyung / Taehyung X Yoongi (Taegi)

Genre: Filthy smut

Word Count: 7300

Summary: When the guy you’re trying to avoid appears at the party you’re attending, you have no choice but to do the adult thing and hide in a cupboard until he leaves. Tonight, however, you’re not the only one hiding…

A/N: Written in celebration of the birth of the Kim “He Wasn’t My Bias But He Came For Me And Now I’m Snatched” Taehyung. Someone please speak to him. He needs to know that actions have consequences.

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You throw open the cupboard door and dart inside, hastily pulling the door shut behind you.

“Oh my god,” you say in a strangled voice, pushing the heavy coats out of your way and scrambling to the back of the cupboard. “Oh my god.”

You can’t believe he actually came. You fumble for your small bag in the dark, the text you’re about to send already formulating in your mind. YOU SAID HE WOULDN’T BE HERE!!!!!

Yes, that’s what you would send; all caps and at least five exclamation marks just to show the severity of the matter.

“I don’t mean to make a fuss,” says a voice to your right timidly. “But you’re standing on my foot.”

Your heart immediately climbs out of your chest and into your throat.

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To people who have not received postcards yet:

Unless you’re international (and even if you are), there’s a good chance they got lost/destroyed in transit. I haven’t had time to go to the post office yet, I’ll get in touch with you this coming week to let you know when I’m resending. Sorry for the wait!

Be Mine- Newt Scamander x Reader

Valentine’s Day special

A/n: so I decided to post this early. I may or may not have a headcanon or drabble up on Valentine’s day, but here is the imagine I was talking about :) I would also like to let you all know that you are all beautiful, wonderful, talented, smart, and loved. Have a good day and Valentine’s Day you lovely people <3

Warnings: mass quantities of fluff ahead

You awoke to faint sunlight seeping into your room as you stretched your arms up with a slight yawn. Sleepily, you turned over to look for Newt, however, the freckled man was nowhere in sight. You untangled the sheets from your legs and let your feet touch the hard wooded surface of the floor boards. A shuffling was heard down the stairs, and you had assumed that it was Newt, but you had no idea as to why in Merlin’s name he was up so early. Before you left your room, you glanced over at the calendar that sat above Newt’s desk. The bold black letters spiraled into and intricate display of the date, which just so happened to read ‘February 14.’

Today was Valentine’s Day.

You had known that it was approaching, it’s not like you forgot. Valentine’s Day just wasn’t that big of a deal to you. You had never had anyone to share Valentine’s Day with, so the thought of it just simply faded into it being a regular day. You still wanted to get Newt a little gift though, he was your boyfriend after all, and you did love him dearly. You turned back and opened up the chest at the side of your bed to pull out a box draped in white paper and ribbon, and then proceeded to head down to the kitchen.

Today might not have been a huge day to you, but to Newt, it was everything. He was aware that you never had anyone to share it with, and he was quite saddened at the thought. You had told him how your usual Valentine’s Day activities consisted of simply going to work or maybe enjoying some wine by yourself, and Newt understood that this wasn’t a bad thing, but he wanted to do something more for you. Of course you deserved to have special attention and love all the time, but today was different. He had been up for hours putting his plan in action. A wave of emotions swirled within him. Most of it was excitement, some was full of anxiousness and nervous tension, but overall, he was ecstatic to see your reaction. He just hoped you would like it and wouldn’t think it was too extra…

You reached the bottom of the stares and Newt heard your footsteps softly pad across the floor. You were twiddling with the ribbon on your gift, and when you looked up, you were greeted with an unexpected surprise and a smiling Newt.

“Surprise love!” he beamed with a wide grin as he rolled up his sleeves more.

A miraculous scene was laid out on display in front of your eyes. Little paper hearts of pastel shades of pink and lilac fluttered around the room while crimson rose petals danced wildly with them. A few candles flickered across the table tops, allowing a sweet scent of vanilla to mix in with the flowery scent coming from the floral vase in the center of it all. Next to those sat a plate of assorted decorated chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries, ones similar to those from your first date. Glistening lights decorated the interior of the kitchen as well, twinkling ever so softly.

You brought a hand up to your mouth as a tear began to slip from your eye. In all your life, you had never expected something like this. All the effort and love that had been whisked into this had overwhelmed you. You had not expected such an act to come from Newt, and how he managed to keep it all undercover bewildered you.

“N-Newt what, h-how!?”

He strode over and wrapped you in a hug, slightly throwing you off balance. He pecked your lips eagerly and his lips curled into a smile.

“I had to surprise my darling somehow, and there are lots of hiding spaces in the case dear.”

You were still baffled as to how the man had managed to hide all of his supplies with his curious creatures, but you were still too shocked to question him.

“I-I only got you this, now I feel bad,” you trailed off, feeling slightly disappointed in yourself now as you peered down at your gift box. Newt pressed a reassuring kiss to your lips.

“Hush, I wanted to do this for you because you deserve it, especially today. Now come on, I got you a gift too!”

He pulled you gently along to where he had a simple and wrapped gift dressed in silver paper.

“I wanted to do red, but they were all out at the shops, so I got silver instead.”

A laugh escaped your lips, making Newt’s smile grow twice its size. You softly handed him his gift and scanned his expressions for some type of reaction. He began to carefully rip away the paper until he reached a box, and inside he found something that warmed his heart.

He wasn’t expecting a handmade scrapbook of all the adventures you had to be in his hands, yet there it was. The book was bound tightly and each page was decorated with the two of your faces on them. There was the time you were tracking a group of dragons and you had a campout, complete with snuggling by the fire and everything. There was the time where you welcomed Frank, the majestic thunderbird, into his new temporary home in the case. There was even the time where you two had done nothing on a rainy day except snuggle together with warm mugs of tea, and this photo was his favorite because of how beautiful and carefree you appeared. Tears began to form in his eyes, for he knew you must have spent hours working on this. Each photo was paired with captions and keepsakes from those times, and Newt was overwhelmed. His chest swelled with love and gratitude as he looked back at you with an adoring gaze.

“D-Do you like it? Is it enough? I really wanted to-,” you tried to say, but you were cut off by Newt’s lips attacking yours. You put your arms gently around his neck as he picked you up off the ground slightly, his arms snuggly around your waist.

“Y/n this is absolutely remarkable! This is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever received, no, it is the most wonderful thing!” he beamed as smile mirrored one another. He set you back onto the ground again lightly, and he went to go and handed you your own gift.

He watched you remove the paper and reveal a black and grey (dress/shirt whichever one you like best). You held it up to your chest, as if trying to view how it looked on you.

“Newt, this is gorgeous!”

He grinned and pressed another kiss to your cheek, ‘Not as gorgeous as you are.”

You blushed, “I love you Newt, and thank you, for everything you’ve done today.”

“I love you too,” he whispered, “Now go ahead and put that on, and I’ll show you the rest of your surprise after.”


“Shh, Y/n I told you I wanted to do this for you,” he paused to kiss your hand tenderly as if you were royalty, “I want to make today special. Now go put your gift on darling.”

You nodded before kissing him and leaving the room, wondering as to what the surprise could be. You closed the door to your shared room and slipped it on over your head, and then you proceeded to touch up your hair. It didn’t take you too long, but you still took a bit longer than usual. With a faint color, you smoothed over your lips, and headed back down, only to be greeted by an empty room.

“Newt?” you called, readjusting your outfit. You wandered to where the display of colors was, yet you did not find him. However, you did notice that the sweets he had gotten you were missing and in their places rested a crinkled note, the kind that appeared as if it had been stuffed inside of a pocket.

You walked over, the heels of your shoes clicking against the surface of the floor and you held the piece of paper in your hands.

Dear Y/n,
I’m in the case, love. You may think this is peculiar, or maybe you think it’s foolish, but well, the rest of the surprise is in the case. I wanted to make the surprise special.
P.s, May I suggest going to the bowtruckle tree?

You shook your head and laughed to yourself while your heart swelled from the thoughtfulness. Of course he would go above and beyond and be as extra as he could. You took a few moments to blow out the candles, since Newt had left them burning still and thus your home would burst into flames, before you continued to follow Newt’s note. You still couldn’t understand the man’s thought process, but regardless of how strange he could be, you loved him all the same.

Minutes later you found yourself inside of the case saying greetings to the creatures and heading down to where the bowtruckle tree was. For some reason Newt had wanted you to go there, and although you found it out of the ordinary, you were still touched by his gestures. The atmosphere within the case was just as lively as ever. The air was fresh, like that of a forest in the springtime or a field of flowers in the summer, and all of the creatures chattered and moved about. The grass was cool against your ankles, as the dew had yet to be soaked up. By the time you arrived at the tree, you were stunned once more.

A small picnic rested near the tree and spread out on the grass. The simple setting was lovely in your opinion, as it was not too extravagant, yet it was still stunningly exquisite. The sweets from earlier sat just as poised as before, except now they were also paired with sparkling plates and a few of your other favorite foods as well. Everything was set nicely on the surface of a woven blanket and finished off with a think line of petals.

Your jaw began to drop slightly, and you felt slightly overwhelmed from all of the love and time that Newt had put into everything out there. Every detail in itself was fostered from hours of thought and effort to create the finished product, and you felt nothing short of royalty. In your shocked sense, you still noticed Pickett on the tree, which was highly unusual considering he had a certain attachment to your boyfriend.

You giggled and extended your arm out, allowing the little bowtruckle walk onto you. Pickett always found you a delight, especially since you didn’t mind if he hid in your pocket when Newt wasn’t around or you let him play in your hair too, and was more than happy to join you.

“Hello Pickett, how are you doing today?” you asked, only to be answered by little noises and chirps. However, from the tone, you assumed he was doing quite well. You smiled back down at the leafy little creature, until he started tapping you. You instantly felt concerned since you thought that you had misjudged him and something really was wrong, however, that didn’t seem to be the case. His tapping only seemed giddy, as if something exciting was happening in his mind. Pickett saw that you weren’t understanding his frenzy, so he used his little arms to gesture in a direction. Furrowing your eyebrows in a bit of confusion, you spoke to him again.

“Pickett I don’t understand what are you pointing at, I-,”

You turned slightly in the direction of where Pickett was flailing, and you had to do everything to keep from dropping him in shock and a river of tears.

Pickett wasn’t pointing at a direction. He was pointing at Newt, who was now currently in front of you, down on one knee, nervously shaking, and with a black velvet box caressed tightly in his hand.

You stared at him with shock, confusion, and excitement flooding and pooling within your pupils. Your heart was racing at lightning speed and words got caught in your throat as if you were choking. Newt noticed your shocked expression and formation of tears as he began to speak.

“Y-Y/n Y/l/n, in my eyes, you have always been the most beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted, gorgeous, considerate, and passionate person to ever exist. Since the day I first asked you to dinner, I knew that you were unique and sweet and everything that anyone could ever hope to find in someone. As the dates and dinners and adventures continued, I found myself falling more and more in love with you. There was simply something about you that kept drawing me into you. I have never met anyone who has ever even come close in comparison to you. You accept my profession and all the chaos it brings about, you accept my beasts, but most of all though, you love and accept me for who I am and I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not. Y/n, love, what I’m trying to say past all of my rambling is that I love you, I truly and honestly do with every ounce of my heart and with every beat it makes. You’ve been the most important person in my life. You steal my breath like you stole my heart all those years ago and Y/n, I-I want to ask if I, if I can make you a part of my life, forever. I love you Y/n Y/l/n, and will you make me the happiest man alive, will you marry me?”

He anxiously awaited for some type of reaction from you, and he only hoped it was positive. He knew that you loved him, but he was still incredibly nervous, who wouldn’t be? He saw tears roll down your cheeks and he began to fear the worst, thinking you were scared or nervous or upset with him for asking such an absurd question. His heart began to slowly be dragged down in his chest by his anxiety, but it resurfaced once you began to stutter words out.

“Y-yes, of course I will Newt! I j-just can’t believe this is happening,” you said with your hands still shaking slightly and with Pickett still comfortably standing on you. Newt’s worries washed away as he stood up to kiss you.

His hand swept up to brush away the stranded tears on your cheek. Delicately, his lips took yours into a deep and passionate kiss. They molded together like melted chocolate and you felt him tug slightly on your bottom lip. Your arms wrapped around him and wove through his curls effortlessly. He smelt of cinnamon and soil, and he tasted like sweet mint on a winter night. Everything was simply and utterly perfect. He broke the slightly the whisper a flurry of ‘I love yous’ to which you replied back the same. Peppering your face between giggling, he slipped the ring onto your finger with ease. It was clearly crafted to fit you perfectly. His thumb rubbed over the shimmering gem and band, and you watched it sparkle in the light. Looking into his eyes you noticed the same sparkle, a flickering glimmer of passion and love.

You had never expected in all of your life to experience a Valentine’s Day such as this one, and you never expected a moment like this. The world could stop turning and all of the clocks in the world could stop ticking and you wouldn’t care.

You pulled him in closer to you, eagerly kissing his lips again. You felt his grin stretch through it and a wet drop slip down his own cheek. He finally had the most amazing person in the world as his fiancée, and he was beyond euphoric.

The kiss between you two broke as it was interrupted by Pickett who was trying to communicate. You allowed him to climb onto your finger as you raised your hand to eye level.

“You were his little helper weren’t you?” you asked the bowtruckle, which led to a happy response.

Newt kissed your forehead again before saying, “Well I needed a little help in setting your special day love. I couldn’t have you walking in before everything was ready.”

You held his hand in yours, “You’re the most remarkable man I’ve ever met.”

“Well you’re the most remarkable and beautiful and special person, Y/n. I’ll always love you, and I can’t wait to spend every day with you as my (wife/husband).”

“I love you too Newt, so much that it hurts sometimes, and I’ll always be by your side.”

You kissed his cheek, allowing a gentle blush to creep over his face. Your heart was over the moon in joy and radiating love to the point where it was suffocating, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Newt tugged your hand over to the beautiful placement of the picnic, ecstatic to enjoy a Valentine’s Day brunch with the love of his life, fiancée, and soon to be (wife/husband).


10 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 3,416 lol


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Jungkook POV

We ran through the woods until we reached our small slightly dampened temporary house, fury and betrayal made my blood boil to the point of I could feel my face burning red with anger. How could Jimin just dispose of us like that? After everything I’d given him. I tore the front door off its hinges as I entered the house and immediately Yoongi gripped on to my shoulder, turning me to face him.

“Come on Jungkook, you would’ve done the same. Y/N will speak to him and he’ll come around soon enough…” Yoongi tried to reason with my underlying rage as Hoseok picked up the door that was now lying on the ground, but it wasn’t enough.

“I would have at least entertained the idea. He’s got no place as alpha, he’s just a fucking kid.” I spat viciously, quickly pulling myself away from Yoongi.

“He’s the same age as you Jungkook, now I know that-”

“Well he needs to fucking act it.” I turned around jogged upstairs, removing myself from the situation at hand before I blew up in his face. I needed to pack a bag and get away for a while, hopefully Y/N would agree to coming with me. I desperately wanted to escape the chaotic bullshit, and she would be the perfect company, she unknowingly made my life much more bearable. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

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Hi friends! I just wanted to announce that I’ll be gone from tumblr for a couple of days mostly to finish the namjin arc but also to rest my hand and my soul. I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed lately which is no one’s fault! Everyone’s been super nice. But my following has grown a lot since I started like a month ago-ish?? And I feel like I have to one up each comic I do so that I don’t disappoint, which I know shouldn’t be the way I should be thinking. So yeah, I just need to take it slow and steady and press that rl refresh button for a bit.

I’m honestly so thankful for everyone who has supported me so far! You guys have been amazing. I read all of your asks and my heart swells every time. Feel free to keep talking to me on my ask! I’ll occasionally check~

Okay so I have this headcanon that the paladins are only able to communicate with their own lions, but all the lions can communicate with one another. This is totally normal because the only way to be able to communicate with the lions is if you’ve bonded with them and gained their trust (if you’ve read my non-food Hunk HCs you know where this is going).
Some of the paladins complain to Allura about having to explain what their lions have said to them because the ideas can be too complex for words, but Allura just says that Paladins have only ever been able to talk with their own lion, it’s impossible to communicate with another one.
It all starts with Hunk (my precious Hawaiian hunk). He earns Yellow’s complete trust by helping her with mechanical repairs. After seeing how much yellow trusts hunk and how good he is at mechanical repairs, the other lions start coming to Hunk for mechanical repairs and telling Yellow whats wrong with them. It starts out with minor things, like a loose screw or a dented panel, but slowly they all begin to trust him with bigger things. It isn’t odd for a lion to report to Yellow their damages so Yellow can tell Hunk. However there is still a layer of distrust. Only Yellow trusts Hunk enough to turn her off to do major repairs. Until one day in a really bad battle Red gets seriously damaged. Everyone is surprised when Red limps over to Hunk afterwards because she has always held back. But this time it is necessary. Hunk makes sure to ask Yellow to tell Red that he’ll have to turn her off to fix the damages. Red consents and all the lions watch as Hunk repairs her and powers her back up. When Red tells Yellow to give Hunk her thanks Hunk gasps in shock. He just heard her say thank you! All of a sudden he can hear all the lions talking to him! Allura is frozen in shock because it’s supposed to be impossible! Lance just says, it’s Hunk. If Hunk could defeat Zarkon with just his love and compassion he would. Hunk is totally blushing in the corner and slightly overwhelmed by all the lions thoughts spinning around his head because they feel so alien.
This leads to the other paladins making efforts to bond with the other lions.
Pidge is the next one to achieve it. I always wondered why pidge didn’t just invisibility to all the other lions but then I realized, the lions wouldn’t have trusted pidge to mess with their programming. Only Green would because 1. She can read pidge’s mind and 2. She’s curious by nature and loves experiments. The other lions are always very wary whenever they see pidge plus a piece of technology, and this wariness only grows every time they see an experiment gone wrong that results in pidge covered with soot and Green smoking. Finally after a while of seeing Pidge get better and better with the lions technology Blue finally caves and goes over to Green asking for some of the upgrades too. (Blue really likes showing off some of those upgrades are really cool) Pidge is ecstatic of course, but starts out with small things they know work so they don’t end up losing all of the lions trust. Next is Red, feeding off of the ‘rivalry’, aka Red/Keith is jealous and wants some cool gadgets too! Oddly enough, Yellow is the last one to go to Pidge because she feels as if she is betraying Hunk by having someone else work on her. After a conversation between Yellow, Green, and Hunk, they convince her that programming is very different from mechanics and while Hunk could probably do some coding upgrades, Pidge is the expert. Soon pidge starts doing more experimental things with the lions programming that are custom to each lion. Once again, it’s after a rough battle where one of pidge’s upgrades is the only reason they all got out of there alive that all the lions bond with Pidge. Pidge gasps at all the thoughts entering their head and because of this ability to communicate directly with lions Pidge is able to understand the base code of how Voltron works (something which was previously unknown). Also, now whenever pidge falls asleep in the hangar the lions will gather around them to protect them while they sleep (pidge definitely freaked out the first time they woke up to five gigantic lions staring at them, but now it’s where they prefer to sleep).
After Keith and Lance get together they can hear each other’s lions and it actually gives them the ability to mentally communicate with each other (Lance totally takes advantage of this and will think of dirty things just to see Keith blush).
Lance ends up bonding with all the lions first, something he will hold over Keith’s head forever. Once he learned that he could communicate with the other lions through blue he went and talked to them everyday. He asked them questions about themselves (something no one had thought to do, most people only thought of them as machines). He tells them about his family and earth, they tell him about how they were made and all the things they’ve seen. It’s a pretty smooth transition to Lance being able to hear all of them. He was just hanging out with the lions in the hangar one day asking them about some of the past paladins when all of a sudden they just respond directly to him. He almost doesn’t realize because he’s already so used to having Blue, Red, and Keith in his head. But then his mind is also filled with Hunk and Pidge trying to figure something out and he realizes that Yellow just spoke directly to him. He decides to gloat to Keith during a sparring match to try catch him off guard, Keith just punches him in the side saying, “I can hear all your thoughts you idiot, now stop leaving your side open.”
Keith feels awkward because he can’t befriend the lions like Lance can, he can’t fix any mechanic stuff like Hunk can, and he certainly can’t program like Pidge can. So he kinda just ignores it and trains. One day when talking with Shiro about it, because he hasn’t had any success either, Shiro suggest that keith try to train with the lions since he likes doing that so much. Keith decides to give it a shot and asks all the lions through Red if any of them want to train to prove their reaction time. He explains that with Red being the fastest it would be good practice to try work on speed and stuff. The lions are all hesitant at first, so Blue (who can already talk to Keith) volunteers to go first so the others can watch. Basically it starts out as a serious exercise but ends up devolving into a giant game of tag between Red and Blue. The other lions, realizing they won’t get hurt join in. Soon these giant games of tag become a fairly regular bonding exercise, with the paladins sitting inside their lions, but not steering, just focusing on seeing through their lions eyes. Keith and Red always start as it, but they are usually able to tag someone pretty quickly. One day they decide to switch it up and play a game of hide and seek. Keith finds Red and Blue first thanks to their bond, Yellow and Green hiding in the same spot, and finally manages to sneak up on Black, scaring her into a flashback of Shiros. Keith quickly uses his calming methods for Shiro on Black and is surprised when he hears her say thank you. All of a sudden every lions’ thoughts are flodding his head making sure Black is okay and “can you teach us that? Black has some of Shiro’s PTSD and knowing what to do when the paladins aren’t around would be helpful.” Keith teaches all the lions, and the connected paladins, different ways to calm people down and what do for a flashback vs sleepwalking vs a panic attack etc. This really helps because up until then none of the paladins had realized that parts of them were bleeding over into their Lions. Shiro is the last to bond. He’s trying so hard but he just can’t get them to trust him and Black won’t tell him why. The other paladins are getting concerned with how dejected Shiro looks after leaving the hangar and it only gets worse with each person who manages to bond with the Lions. The other paladins have to remember to speak out loud because shiro can’t hear their thoughts yet and it really impacts him. Finally they gather all the Lions up and talk with them. ‘what’s going on? Is it because he has a galra arm?’ The Lions are like, ‘umm no? Keith is half galra and we trust him’ (everyone’s kinda like oh yeah forgot about that, Keith may turn a bit purple at that) ‘so what is it??’ they ask, but for some reason the Lions seem to be really hesitant to answer? Like they’ve never seen their Lions like this? Finally Black answers, 'it’s because he doesn’t trust himself. I act on logic, not emotions, and logically Shiro is a good leader and worthy, however we can’t wholly trust someone who doesn’t trust himself and that makes our emotional bond weak.’ The paladins are all in shock because they knew shiro had some issues but they didn’t realize it was that bad. Initiate Operation: Make Space Dad Realize His Worth™ (yes Lance and pidge came up with it). At first shiro doesn’t get why the paladins keep complimenting him and telling him how much they appreciate him, but each night he goes to bed feeling a bit lighter. Lance comes up with the idea of having a space family therapy night because coming from a huge family he knows that it was always easier to deal with personal issues once you acknowledged them and told others so they could help/encourage you. Allura and Coran agree to join. They have it in the common room, Lance organizes everything and just asks that people come in their PJs (yes actual PJs Keith, don’t you dare come in you’re regular clothes, oh my quiznak just use some of mine!) When everyone walks in the room is transformed. There are mattresses and blankets and pillows on the ground. There’s tissues and comfort food within arm’s reach. Everyone sits down and the paladins leave their minds open so the Lions can hear and participate in the conversation. Lance goes first talking about how he’s homesick and how he fears he isn’t good enough and that will result in the others dying because he was just a cargo pilot after all. (Keith sends him a mental kiss and then hugs him) Pidge talks about their fear if never seeing their family again and how they feel like they’re wasting their time doing voltron stuff and then feels guilty about that because they know how important voltron is. Allura talks about how she misses her father and how she’s repeatedly woken up in a cold sweat thinking she killed everyone by flying them into the sun. Coran talks about how he is filled with regret for not trying harder to save more Alteans. He feels like he could have at least saved one more person but he was so focused on getting allura and the black Lion out of there he didn’t even try. He tells the story of landing the castle know everyone he loved was dead. Keith talks about how he’s scared about how he feels so much love for everyone in this room because he’s lost everyone he loves and he doesn’t want to lose them. Finally everyone turns to shiro. He hesitates to unload his worries on then because they all have their own problems, but thankfully with a bit of nudging from Black he opens up. About the flashbacks, the nightmares, the amnesia, the insomnia, and the PTSD. How he’s barely holding it together for the team because he knows they need him to be strong and fearless and how he just feels like he isn’t good enough. -Hunk goes last (so shiro doesn’t dwell on his own confession.) He talks about how he’s scared he’s never gonna go home, that the universe will always need voltron, and that the only way he’s gonna leave is by dying. They have a big groups hug and talk about how they can help each other and what works best for themselves. After they make a cuddle puddle with shiro in the middle and all it takes is him thinking, I can do right by these people, and all of a sudden all the paladins gasp. They can Feel and See and Hear everything. Their lions, each other, the castle, the universe around them. It takes almost 20 minutes for it to stop being painful and reach a bearable level but all of them realize we can do this. We can defeat Zarkon because we managed to take the most powerful weapon in the universe and make it even stronger. (Eventually allura and Coran bond with the Lions because they are sick and tired of the paladins thinking they told allura/Coran something but all they did was think it. )

NewtXReader - Bath time - SMUT*

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Does this fanfic answer your question? ;)

Keep sending in requests or anything you’d like me to write. Excuse this being a disgrace but it’s half way through the week and I’m practically a walking zombie.


Why did life always decide to pick on you?

You had spilled coffee on your brand new white blouse and had to deal with a brown stain all day, the illustrations of Newt’s creatures that you wanted to draw for him were practically just messy scribbles on a page and to top it all off the niffler had bitten you.

“Newt?” you called into his battered leather case, after a hellish day you yearned for his touch.

Your call however was met with silence, the echo of your own voice being the only response. He was far too focused on his own work to focus on you. Guess it would just be a night for one then….

Trailing your feet to the kitchen you flipped on the kettle, searching for your favorite tea and mug while the water boiled. Pouring yourself a cup, you sighed breathing in the warm steam that came off the top.

Making your way to the bedroom praying that there was enough hot water for a bath. Pulling the stained blouse off, you let your skirt slip to the floor, pooling at your ankles. Locks of your hair hung over your shoulders, gently tickling your back. Slipping into the lavender scented bath you allowed all the troubles of the day wash away. The heat soothing your tense muscles and allowing you to relax. A little content sigh escaped your lips as you closed you eyes in pure bliss. Merlin you deserved this.

Unbeknown to you, Newt’s tall frame stood at the doorway, simply gawking at the sight before him. Although he was normally quite a reserved man, you saw the undeniable lust behind his gorgeous green eyes. His gaze ravished up and down your body, the bubbles teasingly just covering your nipples and no more. There was something so sexy about the content sigh that left your lips, even if it wasn’t meant in a sexual way.

“Enjoying the view Scamander?” You playfully teased, submerging further into the water. Newt shyly smiled at you, before rolling his eyes, but bringing a stool to sit on behind the freestanding tub. You leaned against the back of the porcelain tub, moaning as your skin came in contact with the cold surface, a huge contrast to the scalding water. You closed your eyes, leaning your head back, letting your neck rest on the edge of the tub.

You felt Newt’s calloused hands on your shoulders, his hands loosening the knots of muscles in your shoulders. You moaned and leant into his touch, feeling your body relaxing for the first time in weeks, Newt carefully observed your features, learning what made you tick. He chuckled a bit at your reaction, placing a small kiss on the top of your head. He continued his motions for several minutes, until you felt completely relaxed, before his movement slowed, so that his thumbs were rubbing slow circles on your skin.

“Relaxed love?” He asked, his face close to yours, his delightful scent assaulting your nose.

“Mhh-hmm.” You hummed out, while nodding your head slowly, "I thought you were working in the case?”

“And miss out on this?” He whispered pressing a quick peck on your cheek, “you know you don’t have to hide that your stressed from me. You can always tell me Y/N”.

You turned your head, so that your faces were even closer. “I’m so lucky to have you.” You said, pulling him into a sweet kiss. “There’s room for another in here?“

Newt chuckled before slowly unbuttoning his shirt, gradually revealing the numerous scars and claw marks which littered his body. He had become quite toned due to the heavy physical work involved in caring for his creatures….something which you didn’t complain about.

Pulling down his trousers you fought the blush which tinted your cheeks. Even if your had seen ‘all’ of Newt before, it still didn’t eradicate the deep feeling of desire in the pit of your stomach. Sinking into the water Newt fully submerged his head. Coming back up his hair was a floppy mess but you couldn’t help find it adorable. "Come here you” you giggled. Leaning over you moved his hair off his forehead, then wrapping your arms around his neck. Leaning towards him your breasts gently brushed against his broad chest and you pressed your lips against his.

“Merlin….” He hopelessly mumbled. What were you doing to him?

Newt’s hands left your hair and went down to your ass gripping it to move you further up his lap. You could feel him hardening slightly and let your hips grind down onto his while his lips found your neck and his teeth nipped teasingly at the nape of your neck.

You reached underneath the bubbles gently stroking his length. There was something about his moans that tipped you over the edge. The way his freckled features slightly crumpled in bliss, how his lips parted slightly with the overwhelming. Newt was always so…responsive.

With such a delicate touch Newt grabbed your hips, lifting you onto his member, allowing you to stretch to its size. At your slight moan of discomfort, panic flushed across Newt’s face. “Sorry…we can take it slow darling” he apologised. “No” you whined, “I need this” You didn’t need soft and slow right now. You just needed release. Newt’s eyes grew wide with wonder, feeling every drop on blood in his body move to his crotch. Although he was studying a creature, his eyes skimmed over ever curve of your body.

Gently he thrusted into you, burying himself deep with in you. He held you there for a moment while you clenched around his length. Although he wouldn’t admit it, Newt loved having this type of power of you. Watching you helplessly squirm on top of him. “Move” you complained. You hated him being a tease.

Your breathing hitched quickly and you rocked your hips fast hearing the splashing of the water fill the air. Newt finally gave into the pleasure, his lips danced over your neck and his hands explored your body drawing a tingly feeling from your insides. Newt stopped your movements and laid you back against the edge of the bath, hovering above. He thrust into you managing to hit your absolute favourite spot. The water rippled and the bubbles let off a soft sent as they popped around you, filling your nose with sweet smell.

Arching your back into him feeling his chest roll over your hardened sensitive breasts sending a pleasurable sensation through your upper body. You bit down on his shoulder making sure to leave a love bite behind, to complement the other scars which littered his body. “Shhhh it’s ok, just let go love” Newt managed to mumble out through his staggered breathing.

With his permission you felt yourself reaching your high, letting a loud moan leave your lips. With a final few thrusts Newt came too gripping the edge of the bath viciously.

Pulling your back into his chest he simply held you, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. Caressing your curves ran suds up and down your body, while your breathing became normal once more.

merlin I’m lucky, I’m so so lucky” Newt whispered softy into your hair, almost as though he was telling himself. 

Locked in the bathroom the worries of the outside world disappeared, both of you completely submerged in each others company. Neither one of you even caring that the water had long gone cold.

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Good Morning sweet shipsters. We have made it through another day and night of Mr. Toads Wild Ride!! Amazingly enough….I am very calm again this morning. The thing about getting sucker punched ( weddings anyone?), is that you learn to guard yourself from future punches, and I am slowly becoming a Muay Thai expert without getting off my couch!!

Let’s talk about Cait, and the Oscar Wilde awards. This was another wonderful thing for Cait, and her recognition is a pleasure to watch. And, the fact that JJ Abrams presented her award touched me very much because he gave her the first real opportunity as an actress, and as she said herself…she felt she came full circle. And let’s not forget, he is a high powered mover and shaker in the industry, so what an honor for our Cait!!! It has not escaped my notice that Cait is really being noticed now, and to be honored with such esteemed company is impressive, at least to me.

I thought she looked beautiful and happy, and slightly overwhelmed. To be honored for your work while acknowledging your Irish heritage must have been special for her. I could not be more proud to be her fan, and she is so deserving of the continued accolades that are thrown her way. And, her team is doing one hell of a job, so kudos to them!! And yes, that includes Tony. If nothing else, his support of her without ever trying to overshadow her has become a little endearing to me, and she is lucky to have a friend and quiet supporter like him.

As for Sam, and the public lack of acknowledgement from the OL team….who the hell knows what is up with that! Since I am not privy to what goes on behind the scenes, it does seem very strange. And, who’s to say that they did not, or have not done something for her outside of this event. If they haven’t, then shame on them. She embodies the role of Claire so well that this show simply could not survive without her. And, they should count their lucky stars ( no pun intended), that she is part of OL.

As for the personal aspect of Sam….that is a conundrum isn’t it?!?. Was he there….looks like a no. Should he have been there….probably yes. Why wasn’t he there…it was not his night, and this wasn’t about him. And to be 100% honest, I didn’t expect to see him there. What IS most difficult for me to wrap my head around is his continued silence to Cait. It is very glaring isn’t it?? And, look at his SM over the past few weeks….nothing on anything when you really look at it. The raining cats pics were the only things that seemed to capture his attention, and NOTHING at all on OL, Cait, other fine and friendly banter ( not even with Cree), and let’s say it….the prom shot is not even posted on his IG. My take on all of this….since he “cannot” post about Cait, or with Cait he is not posting at all. It is his version of f*uck you to whomever shut them down. And make no mistake….someone shut them down….I am convinced of it more than ever. The only way to continue this farce is to keep Sam and Cait away from each other because as @cb4tb said after the Bafta’s…..Sam can’t sell it. And quite frankly, neither can Cait when they are together, either virtually, or personally.

So, I am walking on the beach watching the sunrise this morning, and the sun will rise. I do not understand this real life version of the “20 year seperation” we are seeing, but something is off, and it is not Sam and Cait. Cree’s post said it all. It will be very interesting to see them at ECCC, and since this is a non-OL event, their interaction will be front and center. I said last weekend that I was tossed from the ship. But make no mistake, I still have my cabin, complete with balcony and a view. I am just enjoying some beach time, and my walk on the sand just feels good on my feet.

Shipping on sweet shipsters, and let’s not create our own drama. Believe me, it is being written and played out right before our eyes, so I plan to sit back and try to figure out which idiot(s) are doing this, and why. Feels like S2!!

Happy Friday sweet shipsters, and look for the sun…it is still there somewhere!😎🤗😍