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Can you write something about Karasuno + Kuroo reaction to their deaf s/o learning to say their first name and I love you for valentine's day ?

Idc that its the middle of July this is so fucking cute (also i really hope you didn’t actually send this on valentines day omfg i am so sorry ;-;)

Daichi would stare at you open mouthed as he took in the bashful smile you wore as you awaited his response, a smile quickly taking up his features as he pulled you into his arms and pressed a kiss to your forehead, your eyelid, your cheek and then finally your lips. He’d rest his forehead against yours as you blushed in response to his previous affection, lacing your hands together before whispering that he loved you too.

Suga would smile at you so brightly, taking your hands in his delicately as he told you he loved you too. You’d be able to feel his hands shaking slightly from how overwhelmed with happiness he was, rubbing your thumb gently over his knuckles as you smiled back at him. He’d keep you by his side for the rest of the day, holding your hand tightly in his for as long as he could.

Asahi’s heart would melt as he heard you speaking to him for the first time and he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from tearing up at how nice it felt to hear those words from you. He’d pull you into his arms in a tight embrace, kneeling down slightly so he could attempt to muffle his sobs into your shoulder. He’d smile through his tears as you rubbed his back and shhh’d him quietly, whispering into your hair that he loved you too despite knowing you couldn’t hear him.

Noya’s eyes would widen like a doe’s as he asked if you learnt that for him in a voice that sounded like he was on the verge of tears, covering his mouth emotionally when you nodded at him. He’d pull you into his arms and practically squeeze you to death, too overwhelmed with his feelings to even begin to try speaking yet. When he finally did pull away with teary eyes he’d hold your hands in his and tell you that he loves you too, so fucking much and that he is so happy that you learnt that for him. It wouldn’t only be the greatest valentines of his life but the greatest day of his life, he’d really treasure it.

Tanaka would almost instantly cry, bringing a hand up to his heart and looking at his partner as his lower lip trembled. You’d laugh at the look on his face, cupping his cheeks and kissing the poor boy before he actually started sobbing, smiling up at him lovingly when you pulled away. Which wouldn’t be for long because Tanaka would have you back in his arms in a breathtaking hug in a matter of seconds. He would never forget this moment and do all that he could to make you know how much he loved you in return.

Ennoshita would smile brighter than he ever has before, taking your hands in his as he smiled at you before pulling you into his arms and hugging you tightly. He’d pull away to mouth that he loves you too, his cheeks going pink as you smiled back at him just as brightly as his heart began to beat loudly in his chest. On white day he’d make sure to have perfected his sign language so that he could have a full conversation with you without you needing to write down your words.

Hinata would stare at you in awe that you’d actually spoken to him, his heart almost bursting with pride at the fact that you’d learnt that just for him. He’d quickly tell you he loves you too so that you can read his lips before pulling you into a bone crushing hug. Hinata would be walking on sunshine for the rest of the day, throwing so much love your way that he got a couple of dirty looks from people but they went right over his head. He would be determined to learn how to say ‘I love you’ in sign language so that he could surprise you in the same way you did him.

Kageyama would stare open mouthed at you, his eyes softening as he realised that he’d just heard your voice for the first time. His cheeks would heat up when the connotations of what you’d said hit him and he’d stutter when he tried to think of what to say in return. He’d turn away with a pout when you started giggling at his childlike reaction, gently taking your hand in his before turning back to you with pink cheeks and muttering that he loved you too.

Tsukki’s face would break out into the widest smile when he heard your voice calling out to him, his immediate thought being that this was the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. He’d take your hand in his and squeeze it, mouthing an ‘I love you too’ and planting a kiss on your lips before going back to what he was doing. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling for the whole rest of the day, confusing quite a few people later on when they went to speak to him.

Yamaguchi would stare at you in shock for a good few seconds, in complete disbelief at what he’d just heard. He’d only be able to stutter out a ‘y-you…’ before bringing a shaky hand to his mouth but you’d catch the drift and flash him a bright smile, nodding and pulling him into your arms when his eyes started to well with tears. You’d rub his back as his arms tightened around you, completely unaware to the way he whispered ‘thank you’ into your neck.

Kiyoko’s glasses would slip as she turned to look at you, her cheeks immediately reddening as she pushed her glasses up her face. She’d give you a bashful smile of her own in return, taking your hands in hers and looking into your eyes as she told you she loves you too. She’d turn an even brighter shade of red when you pressed a delicate kiss to her lips in response, her smile widening and her hands tightening around yours.

Yachi’s eyes would widen and her mouth would drop open as she turned to see your smiling face, clenching a hand and bringing it up to her chest as she tried to control her emotions. You’d rest a hand delicately onto her shoulder to steady her shaking, rubbing gently to make sure she was okay and smiling at her when she placed her hand over yours. She’d mutter out through pink cheeks that she loves you too, smiling back at you in her happiness that you’d taken the time to learn to say that to her.

Kuroo’s breath would catch in his throat as he heard his name falling from your lips, his heart speeding up as he turned to your bashfully smiling form. He’d ruffle your hair and tell you that you said it perfectly, an arrow of love piercing his heart as you laughed happily at your success. You’d suddenly be swept off your feet as Kuroo lifted you off the ground and kissed you, giggling as he span you around and buried his face into your neck. When you felt something wet on your neck you’d run your hand through his hair, pulling his head back and brushing his fringe out of the way before wiping his tears with your thumbs and kissing where they’d fallen.

Forever || Spoby Past

Spencer felt slightly overwhelmed. This was the first time since Marley was born that she had allowed anyone other than her mother to babysit. Aria had picked up Marley a few moments ago so that Spencer and Toby could have a date night - something they desperately needed. She stood at her closet, looking for something to wear, he had told her it didn’t matter, but she always wanted to look her best for him - especially because since Marley had been born she’d spent most of her time in yoga pants and Toby’s shirt. She settled on a long blue dress, hoping that it wouldn’t be too fancy.


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*He sees the fan art you made for him for the first time and gets slightly overwhelmed because of how good it is*

Y/N: “Do you like it?”

KAI: “It’s amazing Jagi, I can’t believe you made this for me”


*You haven’t seen him in a few days because you have been stuck in your room trying to finish a dynamic piece of art work for his birthday, and when the day comes you bring it with you in a huge bag*

Y/N: “Happy birthday, I hope you like the present, lord knows it took me long enough to make” you laugh

*Stares in amazement, he knew you loved art but he had no idea just how good you really were*

SH: “This is amazing y/n, thank you, but you didn’t have to go to so much trouble”

*He is secretly glad that you did though*


*He is currently around your house sitting on your bed observing your room as you make some drinks in the kitchen,when he sees a painting hidden in the corner by the clothes drawer and he pulls it out to see a fan art of himself and stands in shock*

Y/N: “Oh I see you found it… do you like it I made it a long time ago”

SUHO: “I didn’t know you were this good at art Jagi, it’s incredible”

*Stuck with a smile on his face for the rest of the day*


Y/N: “Hey I have something I want to show you”

*You head to your room and come back with a painting of Chanyeol that you had finished last night*

CY: “Wow, did you make this Jagi?”

Y/N: “Yeah, I didn’t know what to base my next piece of art on, so I decided who would be better to do than you?”

CY: “Your an amazing artist, this should be your job, I’m going to hang this on my wall”


*You two are quite early on in your relationship, but Baekhyun knew how passionate you were about art, but he had yet to see any of your work until he found your scrapbook that was covered in pencil, paint and materials with a huge canvas half stuck inside it, which he pulled out as you walked in the room*

BH: “Heyyy, you never told me that you were THIS good at art, it’s not good to keep secrets jagi!”

Y/N: “Well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to show you that, but now you’ve seen it what do you think?”

BH: “It’s fantastic, honestly I don’t think it could actually get any better”


*As you show him the fan art you had made for him a smile creeps onto his face, not only because he thinks your incredibly talented but because he realises how much you mean to him, and he really appreciates you efforts*

D.O:  “I honestly love it Jagi”


*He takes a hold of the art you made for him and heads straight to his bedroom without giving a hint on whether or not he liked it or not*

Y/N: “So do you like it.. it’s fine if you don’t, I know it’s not my best bu….”

CHEN: “Of course I do, why else would I be hanging on my wall, thank you Jagi, I love it, and I love you”


*You show him the fan art you made and hope that he likes it because it took you a long time to complete*

Y/N: “So… what do you think?”

TAO: “Well firstly I think that I am the perfect person to draw, and secondly I think that if anyone could draw me perfectly it would be you” he grinned

(We don’t need to ask why he is the perfect person to draw because look at him, no he is not my bias I swear)


“You really made this for me?, it’s amazing baobei, thank you so much”

Y/N: “It was really fun to make actually, I thought I would try out something new so I’m glad it worked”

L: “Well now I know how good you are I’ll sit here and pose whilst you draw me in all my cuteness”


“Okay baobei, you have told me that your good at art so I’ll pose and you prove it, ready?”

Y/N: “Actually I have already created a little something for you”

*You show him the art and he stands there wide eyed*

Y/N: “I know it’s not what you expected, I prefer to let my creativity take over rather than draw realistically but I hope you like it”

LH: “Like it?, this is so much better than I imagined, thank you baobei”


*He sees the painting in the corner of your room and the colours attract his attention so he picks it up to have a look*

KRIS: “This is amazing, you never said you were this good of an artist, looks like I’ve got some competition”

Y/N: “I’m glad you like it, I expect one in return now”

KRIS: “Of course, I’ll get onto it immediately, they don’t call me Wu Fan Gogh for nothing you know”


Y/N: “Hey, I have something for you” 

*You hand him the fan art you made a long time ago before you started dating*

XM: “You made this?, I never knew you were good at art, heck this is so much better than good, it fantastic”

Y/N: “Well I made it ages ago but I thought you might like it in return for that lovely necklace you bought me the other day”

XM: “I would love to keep it”

*Hugs you*

*None of these GIF’S are mine, credit to the owners*


Title: Stress Reliever

Pairing: Meanie Couple (Mingyu x Wonwoo)

Word Count: 2,298

Summary: Wonwoo’s stressed. Mingyu’s annoying. Soonyoung wants cake.

Wonwoo was stressed, to say the least.

SEVENTEEN had just ended their “Adore U” promotions and have dived straight into preparations for their next album. Despite how exciting the idea of moving on to a new era was, Wonwoo couldn’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed by the workload.

He knew that heavy daily schedules and tasks were things he’d grow accustomed to over time, but at that moment, when everything was still pretty new to him, it was tiring. From the frustrating Mandarin classes to the unsatisfying compositions he was creating, Wonwoo simply wanted a break.

And it wasn’t until after he lashed out at Mingyu that he realized that his stress has greatly affected his attitude.

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” Wonwoo snapped at the younger and gestured towards the laptop on the table. “I have to finish my lyrics by tonight, and I don’t have time for your small talk!”

Seeing the small smile on Mingyu’s face fall caused all irritability in Wonwoo to disappear in exchange for a sudden wave of guilt and regret.

“Mingyu, I’m sorry,” Wonwoo softly said, and Mingyu nodded.

“I understand,” the younger replied with such a soft voice that caused Wonwoo’s heart to sink. “I’ll leave you alone. Sorry for bothering you.”

Wonwoo watched as Mingyu exited the small studio, and he proceeded to bang his head on the notebook next to his laptop once the younger was gone.

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I have a coffee date today with a good friend, a photo shoot tomorrow, a sunflower field photoshoot in a week, a tattoo app in two and a half weeks, then my last day of work is two days after my tattoo and my moving day is a week from that. This isn’t even the half of what’s going on. This is slightly excitingly overwhelming.

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Stucky 41 please?

“You did all of this for me?”

“It’s not too much?” Steve asked softly as he watched Bucky move around the room. Bucky turned to face him, lip caught between his teeth, and shook his head slightly, overwhelmed by the fact that Steve had not only been listening to him, but willing to completely change they way their apartment was laid out because of what he had said.

He looked at their bedroom again, eyes resting on the freshly painted walls, now a rich cream, touching on the deeply coloured bedspread, the dark sheets. The new carpet was plush under his feet, and he almost felt like he was sinking into it, and he wiggled his toes. It was so far from what they had had when they were young, what he had been forced into, all deep colours and softness and roomy.

It wasn’t just the bedroom either. While he had been away, Steve had had walls knocked out, everything opened up, the entire apartment repainted and recarpeted, until there wasn’t a trace of white, and the only hard floors all had underfloor heating. Bucky knew for a fact, looking at all of this, that Steve had listened to the tiny comments he had made, had read all of the notes Bucky had left him, and actually, truly cared.

Bucky turned on his heel, and before he could think about it, threw himself at Steve, hugging him tightly. He wasn’t able to express his gratitude in words, wasn’t entirely sure whether that was a James Barnes thing or a Winter Solder thing, but Steve seemed to get it, hugging him back.

“Thank you,” He mumbled, knowing it was barely skimming the surface, but wanting, needing to say something. And Steve knew. Steve always knew. Steve accepted those words in place of the three Bucky wanted to say, but couldn’t.

“Love you too Buck.”

send me a ship and a number?

Turn Of Events

So today, after a long day after a long week after a long summer, my boss and one of my favorite coworkers and I were talking. News came out today that my boss will likely be coming back to intern again next summer, at least in a partial capacity. he said that if this were to come about, he would hopefully have another intern working with him, both being a leader and learning how to lead at the same time. taking myself completely by surprise, i immediatly began to think about how i feel that I would be a good fit for that, while simultaneously thinking ‘am i masochistic enough to do this for another summer?’. I thought about this for most of the day, and tonight the conversation shifted towards this position. in this conversation my boss and my coworker expressed faith that I would both make an excellent intern, and that I was already the preferred choice from this years staff. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed, but in a nice way. This is the first time i have felt very confident in myself as a worker and a leader, and i also feel very validated because I have worked my ass off all summer and feel that I have been one of the hardest workers here.

if things fall into place, I will be working and gaining very valuable experience ,in the same field I was working this summer, with the recommendation of my would-be boss, as well as all the other supervisors of the campus services department. I could spend another summer living on my own, making money, staying in ohio, spending time with my girlfriend, learning, and developing my friendship/partnership with my current/possible future boss.

the future, while distant, still shines bright

Jordan began to feel overwhelmed and slightly giddy with the promising night ahead. She originally had no plans of taking any of it seriously. But there she was, just hours before the Unity Ball, with a brand new dress and everything she needed for the night (that she had snuck out to Hogsmeade to buy with Bella’s help) as well as a cauldron full of Freeze Face Formula that she could spike the butterbeer with if she felt like it. She giggled to herself as she walked through the empty hallways, too lost in her thoughts to notice the other person approaching as she rounded the corner.

“Ooomph!” she said, colliding with the figure, “Watch out!”


I don’t even know where to start..I was slightly overwhelmed when I saw you sent a number lol. It’s only fair tho. I’ll try not to regurgitate what you said (another way of saying it’s mutual as fuck).

Let me just say you’re a real character.

I initially met you via Bo and I didn’t have a lot of interaction with you outside of favorites and retweets. It wasn’t until we were all in the Tinychat that I really had a conversation with you. I still remember Bo gassing up my voice and Brendi sending me the longest words in the dictionary for me to pronounce for everyone lol. I always make the “started from the Snapchat now we here” joke because that’s really how it all began. You used to snap me random stuff and I entertained that out of mutual respect. Shoutout to that one selfie I screenshotted out of pure thirst (lowkey glad you didn’t get the notification because that would’ve been creepy but I swear you were/are cute as fuck). The “labor d[ayyyy] snap was what let you know I was really funny, and it was amusing to me that you found it so funny, like you were jealous that I said that and you didn’t lol. It’s still funny as fuck that we would have conversation via 8+ consecutive snaps (”wait your turn nigah”) rather than DM’ing each other or exchanging that was so inconvenient but it worked for the time being because we didn’t know each other as well. Like you said, I never would’ve thought that last Labor Day I would be making such an insignificant joke, and now this Labor Day I’ll be waking up right beside you.

You would always request a freestyle or singing video (come thru lol) from me but I never really took it seriously because you were always flirting with Bo & Thuy tho (and to this day i’m still very apprehensive about that smh, like i’m really a guard dog ready to fix fades on sight). Your #TravelingShawty snaps gave me an opportunity to keep you company b/c i never sleep and right before I went to Gatlinburg I promised to record something for you and I did. We got stuck on the road on the way there and I was a little disheartened knowing I wouldn’t get it to you in time..and the wifi at the cabin was weird as fuck and YouTube was being weird as fuck and after multiple attempts at re-editing I FINALLY got it. I slid into your DM’s (had to craft that golden ticket) to explain the situation and eventually send you the link to the video and we just started talking..and eventually exchanged numbers.

Needless to say, we clicked instantly. 

Like, we have so much in common, it’s unreal. I always thought you were effortlessly calm but that was never ever ever ever EVER the case lmao. Last summer I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship I spent way too much time in and I spent a lot of time making positive reminders for myself via twitter.. and you were tweeting positive things that really resonated with me. I just thought you were a cool and genuine person, and that still holds to be true today.

I always worry that people will get annoyed of me talking about you/tagging you/etc but I really don’t give a fuck. You’re my baby, you’re my Navi, you’re my lil hoenut, my gamer boo, my player two (#bars) and you are the best companion I could ever ask for and the fact that we’re so in sync with everything just makes it all the better. 

I’m very appreciative that you plotted on me of all people. I love you so much and you’re such a big part of my life now that I question why I had to deal with weirdos in the first place. Your anxiety always throws you into certain moods but luckily I speak your love language and can always reassure you about things. I you lol. I can’t say that enough times (in this post or ever), but you make me feel some type of way (Rich Homie Claud) that I can never just simply elaborate on.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. No matter how big or small, I’ve never had to question your loyalty to me. And I can’t wait to explore DC with you.

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Hi! Just saw your post about HunHan and Kaisoo... I'm very confused too, but also happy. Even with Kris and Luhan's left, I always hope they still "follow" the boys, and miss them. Thinking about Luhan going on ExoLuxion makes more that happy and craving for signals of contat. But yeah, maybe i'm asking too much. About Kaisoo, i'm kinda sad, but still happy. I mean, it's good that they argue sometimes. Out of the ship, i believe they're friends and all friendships have that kind of thing. +

[Referring to this post here.]

Hello! It’s nice to meet you. I’m glad I’m not the only that feels slightly overwhelmed by the idea of Luhan going to the EXO’luxion concert. I definitely feel like I have too much hope sometimes, but I really like the idea of Luhan visiting EXO. (Also, HunHan shippers are making me squeal and stuff because they said Sehun had an injury from his cartier bracelet, but he refused to stop wearing it. Luhan also wore his cartier bracelet recently during the shoot for his wechat stickers. My HunHan feels are too strong!) I’m pretty sure other fans have kept their hopes up about Kris, Luhan, and Tao keeping contact with the EXO members though.

As for KaiSoo, I still think they’re on good terms. I believe that it’s normal for any relationship (lovers/best friends/parents/siblings) to have an argument every once in a while. Outside of the KaiSoo ship, they might be just good best friends, or they could be lovers. We’ll never know what they might be, but I think that what’s between Jongin and Kyungsoo is just for them to know for themselves.

Okay, sorry for the super long reply… Hopefully it wasn’t too long to read. Anyways, it’s wonderful to meet you! I’m glad I’m not the only that’s feels a little confused with all of the news going around. Sorry for being a bit of a deluded shipper as well >.<

  • Me:I get slightly overwhelmed when I think about how many hot people are in Captain America
  • Mom:Who's hot besides Steve and Bucky? I can't think of anyone else
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:*is awkwardly bisexual and doesn't know how to explain the existence of Hayley Atwell and Natalie Dormer*

{ Got slightly overwhelmed, but that’s a good thing!  It’s a good problem for me to have, haha.  I’m gonna stick with Skype for now, and answer those asks tomorrow <3 

And thank you to everyone who sent in those child anons, those really made my night <3 <3 }