and slaughters people

a while ago my aunt and i were talking about, i forgot which country it was, but some people gaining independence and forming their own nation. and i said good for them, and she was just, “I support it because they need it, but it breaks my heart that it is necessary. How much do we spend on defense from each other that could’ve been spent to improve our nation?”

pakistan and india spend SO much money on armies and conflict with each other. what else could that money be used for? our schools? our hospitals? our welfare? our infrastructure? what else could that be used for?

hindu people in pakistan are slaughtered. muslim people in india are slaughtered. pakistani people will desecrate our own history, our own temples that are thousands of years old, that are the root of our hearts, because of their hate for hinduism. indian people will desecrate mosques that are beautiful landmarks, beautiful places that have been built out of love for the world. what have we lost? what have we lost?

“Kylo Ren needs a redemption story! Showing that somebody can be working with a group of absolutely horrible people that slaughter innocents all the time but then become a better person and fight back against those horrible people! And then showing that they can also find love with an amazing person, of course!”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
The women of the walking dead are so much stronger-willed than the men. Michonne never lost her will to fight, even after losing her family. Rosita was willing to shoot at Negan point-blank.
Maggie stood up after watching her husband be brutally murdered, while very sick, and told Rick to fight. Sasha had watched Abraham die in front of her, and she still made it her priority to comfort Rosita and then get Maggie to Hilltop. Carol is strong willed in living her life by her rules, and nobody else’s. Tara lost her girlfriend, fought her way back to her family, watched two people get slaughtered in front of her in her home, and still volunteered to take the blame for the bullet.
Point is, the women of the walking dead own my heart and soul.

   In an earlier session, my rogue (a catfolk named Marel) ran out of throwing daggers, so he threw a shovel instead, distracting the enemy long enough for the only character in melee range to dispatch him. From that point on, “Marel throws a shovel!” was one of the group’s running jokes.

   We make it to the final boss, an avatar of the God of Chaos, who has been horrifically slaughtering innocent people and blames our paladin for all of it, because apparently her entire motivation for destroying the world was a petty grudge against the pally. She is in the middle of actually transforming into the God of Chaos, raving the whole time about how it’s all the paladin’s fault, the paladin did this, the paladin is responsible, this only happened because the paladin–


   I rolled a nat20 to hit from across the full length of a castle’s throne room. In the epilogue, Marel’s clan became known as the Clan Of The Godkiller, and when we started a new campaign in the same world, the DM introduced an artifact known as the Shovel Of Marel.

Okay, but imagine the first time Steve and Bucky hear the term “feminazi.” Some dudebro at a convention or public event the team is forced to go to calls a woman a feminazi, and Steve and Bucky just lose it and start yelling at the guy because they’ve lost friends to actual Nazis, and a woman standing up for her rights as a human being is not comparable to slaughtering millions of people.

A month ago, when 49 people were slaughtered in a gay club, we were told the blame lay at our feet, because if only everyone were allowed to carry a gun, we’d be safe.

Today, after a black man was held down, shot at close range and murdered, and we’re told he would have been safe if only he hadn’t been armed.

Which is it?


pairing: Bjorn x Reader

fandom: vikings

prompt: arguing but secretly being kind of turned on by it 

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk

“I will not marry this animal!” The chair falls back hitting the ground as you stand up, glaring at your father and everyone else around, especially your soon to be husband. 

You didn’t understand why he even tried to make a deal with them, they’d never keep their word and just continue to raid your lands and slaughter your people. Worst of all, now you should be married off to one of them like some sort of peace offer. At that moment you weren’t sure anymore who disgusted you more, these north men or your own father.

You storm to the door, knocking a guard aside who tried to stop you on your way and leave the throne room. 

“I think I’ll like her.” Bjorn raises his drink with a small smile while his eyes linger a moment on the swinging door you just left through.

You scream at the door when you hear the knock from the other side of the room, “Go away father, I’m not talking to you!" 

"Will you talk to me then?” Bjorn enters, unfazed by your glaring look and the way your face changes into a grimace when you see him. 

“What do you want?" 

"Can’t I have a private talk with my betrothed?” He smirks and you consider throwing the next best thing at him. 

“I won’t marry you." 

"You seem awfully opposed to the idea. Why don’t you give me chance to change your mind?" 

"There’s nothing you could say that would convince me that you’re not an…" 

"Animal?” He interrupts you, while leaning against the wall, his eyes not leaving you for a second.  

A blush slowly creeps on your face when you realize he understood your language. At least good enough that he was able to follow the conversation you had earlier. 

You take a deep breath and steady yourself before you step closer to him, “I think you should leave now." 

"What? Not interested to have a talk with your dear husband?" 

"You’re not my husband!” You grab him by the arm and shove him towards the door, “Don’t come back!” You yell after the door falls shut behind him. 

What the hell was wrong with this guy? Did everyone bend together today just to make your day a horrible disaster? Because it sure felt like it.

Your new Viking ‘friends’ didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving anytime soon. Even worse, your father was not backing down about the idea of you marrying Bjorn. 

Wherever you went around the castle, he was there as well, staring at you with an unreadable face. Slowly, without really realizing it, you felt yourself drawn to him. At first it was more to break through his expression that made him look like he was annoyed or mad all the time. But the more you watched him as well, you noticed that he was indeed handsome. In a rugged more primal way anyway.

“Bjorn?” You had decided to go and visit him. Take an end to that damn attraction you felt. You were sure it would fade after you talked to him again and saw him up close. Surely this was just some kind of misplaced affection that came out of nowhere. 

You almost dart out again, seeing Bjorn sitting in a bathtub when you enter. 


Reluctantly, you stop and turn back around to face him. The water was running down his naked chest, glistening in the dim light that some candles provided. The sight didn’t help your little crush to vanish one bit, in fact it had quite the opposite effect.

“Do you want to join me?” He smiles, looking expectantly at you. 

“N-no! Are you out of your mind?” You tried your best but the stuttering was still audible in your voice. 

“Come here.” He waves you over and you take a seat next to him on a small chair. 

He sits up in the tub a bit further and leans over the edge, closer to you. One of his hands grabs your waist the other moves gently along your collarbone and neck. Your first instinct is to pull away but his touches are so light and not demanding at all that you keep still and just stare at him.
He reaches up, his mouth connecting to the places where his fingers just touched. You close your eyes, enjoying the feeling for a moment. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to join me?" 

"Y-yes.” You jerk upwards, suddenly realizing what you were doing and quickly hurry to the door, vanishing in the dark corridors as fast as possible. 

“She keeps doing that…” Bjorn says with a small sigh but smiles to himself afterwards.

[[TR: Javier Tebas: “Rayo [Vallecano] doesn’t want Nazis, and what if tomorrow another team doesn’t want homosexuals?]]

can we take a moment to aknowledge that javier tebas, president of la liga, put being a nazi and being gay on the same fuckibg levek???

like to begin with, we have the clearly homophobic implication that loving someone of your same gender is bad

but he is basically saying that being gay is as bad as supporting an ideology and its system that systematically slaughtered masses of people (which btw, was particularly vicious with gay people)

so yeah, i’m nauseous with anger.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: no but do u understand what Hamilton means to poc? people think it's just some fun quirky musical that decided to cast ethnic minorities as the old white founding fathers but do u kNOW what it mEANS to reclaim your country's history??? a country that was built on the broken backs of your people? a history that brutalised and slaughtered your people and tried to erase you from their narrative? do u know what it means to immigrants for their stories to be told? what it means for immigrant families who studied and worked and wrote their way out of hell? what it means to make people understand? this is not a story of the american revolution. the real revolution is people of colour putting themselves back in the narrative.

In the last 48 hours, Ava Ire has:

- gotten sent to the principals office
- stowed away on a spaceship with a strange boy who kidnapped her friend
- watched her schooling planet explode
- crash landed on another planet with the kidnapper and her other friend
- got impaled
- died
- made a pact with a demon so she would come back to life
- acquired new scary abilities from said demon which includes vomiting lava
- awkwardly befriended kidnapper boy
- got put inside a machine against her will
- watched the same machine tear the skin off of another person
- got a major power up that basically turned her into Satan made her able to explode things and turn shit into lave
- grew horns
- slaughtered a fuckton of people
- battled a furry robot
- sent said furry robot to Hell

This girl cannot catch a break

u know what’s wild? white people own slaves for hundreds of years, colonise half the planet and slaughter the native people of the countries they go into, have groups of people whose only purpose is to hunt and hurt and kill people of colour, are and always have been the biggest threat to global peace, but they don’t all get generalised as racist, as violent, as hate filled. And it’s completely inconceivable to them that they’d be judged for the actions of others that look like them or share a faith with them.
Islamic extremist groups, a very small proportion of the Muslim community do some horrific things, and every brown person on the planet, is generalised as a potential threat or ISIS sympathiser by white people.

imagine this

its late at night when izzy shows up at the dumort and requests, more like demands, to see raphael. the wind is much too strong by the hotel as izzy is shown the way to raphaels office. this is different from the lounge where they had held simon. raphaels office is beautiful, grandly decorated in a way that isn’t as flashy as the lounge (izzy thinks camille had something to do with the planning of that hell room).

Taking a seat on one of the chairs by his desk, Izzy continues to wait for Raphael. If everything goes as planned tonight, she’ll have yin fen for life.

“Isabelle lightwood,” she hears him say from behind her as he enters. “What brings you to the DuMort today? Here to slaughter more of my people?”

Ducking her head in shame, izzy shakes her head. 

“Then what do you want?”

“I think we can start a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Quirking an eyebrow, raphael gives izzy a quizzical look.

“I need yin fen, and I heard it comes from vampires.”

“It would be suspicious,” Raphael says, then, “how would this benefit me too?”

“Well, if we date, you get the benefit of being with me and having a shadowhunter on your side,” she says pointing to herself, “and then, people won’t find it suspicious at all.”

Getting up, Raphael approaches Izzy. She stands up too, sensing that an important moment is coming. Raphael puts his hands on her cheeks and steps closer.

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This was my final project.

I wanted to make a piece that represented both the atrocities committed against Native Americans and the strength of their culture and spirit despite this.

My great great grandma walked on the Trail of Tears and I’ve always had very strong feelings about such events and I’m constantly trying to connect to that part of my identity.

In the end, I want this drawing to give this message:

You can burn down our villages
You can slaughter our people
You can take away our land
But you will never extinguish our culture

We are still here
And we are still strong

kur'talos ravencrest: what in elune’s name have you done, illidan?!? you’ve slaughtered your own people without second thought! you betrayed us in the name of personal power! why, why have you done this horrific thing
illidan, propping his feet up on a smoldering moon guard corpse & lighting up a huge blunt: you ever read machiavelli, ravencrest