and skintight purple pants

  • jacqui briggs: dad did you really used to wear black and purple skintight pants in the middle of fights
  • jackson briggs: yeah
  • jacqui briggs: it looks awful
  • jackson briggs: it looked GREAT
Your Fave is Problematic: Kratos Aurion
  • Afraid of tomatoes
  • Went out of style, like, millennia ago
  • Judges pirate fashion
  • Experimented as a thespian. Briefly.
  • Probably a fan of dad dancing
  • Also probably embarrasses his son by showing his baby pics to all his friends
  • Seriously judged his son for a pirate costume while he’s wearing skintight purple pants
  • So he’s an enormous hypocrite
  • Who only wants his son to wear spandex and leather
  • Screw your style, fashion dad