and siwon at the back

160922 KTR - Teuk: It's time to slowly wake up, because we're having a comeback! we'll see you guys in October 2017!!

Leeteuk: Our promotion periods got longer, Sukira is also over 10 years old, there should have many people who grew up together with us. It’s time to slowly wake up everyone, wake up slowly. Because we’re having a comeback next year!! You’ve rest for a long time right?? kk it’s time to wake up now! I’ve set the dates that we wish to have our comeback. It’s definitely either September or October. We’ll see you guys in October 2017!!



god, I miss Siwon…   o.O  and this…all of this

Exo - M. Reaction. When you flirt with other SM members to make him jealous.


“So you think Heechul is sexy huh? You’re missing out on this ,jagiya”


“I bet Minho doesn’t wear gucci”


“I don’t remeber you talking to a guy, really”


“Uh-uh, bitch. You can crawl back to your hole with Siwon”


“(y/n).. why were you touching Changmin’s biceps?”


“Let’s just rewind and see who’s the most handsome between me and Zhou Mi, shall we?”


Donghae IG update…… Awww SiHae so cute ♥♥♥