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top 6 happy/carefree moments involving team family :)

  • andrea and carol saying they miss their vibrators and they all started laughing and carol had a normal life with girlfriends for two seconds
  • carol, daryl, rick and t-dog laughing when they catch glenn and maggie in the watchtower
  • the no sanctuary reunions between daryl and carol, rick & carl and judith and sasha and tyreese
  • zach guessing what daryl did before the turn and michonne laughing at the two of them
  • the dream sequence of team family eating outside at a big table in alexandria and baby rhee sitting on glenn’s lap
  • when they made it into the front yard of the prison and sat around the fire (and the bus scene before that obviously)

ask me top six anything

things i want in yoi season 2


- more salty victor tbh



-another otayuri date

-it’s cold outside & yuri forgot his jacket so he cuddles victor for warmth

-victor & yuri drink hot coco and talk about their life problems with each other while sitting by a warm fire

-yurio accidentally says something stupid in front of ota & gets embarrassed

- fuck it, give us more hugs


-yurio, yuri, & victor all go hang out as a family and shit 


-more mila and sala moments


-*cough* marriage *cough*

-*cough* yuri wins gold *cough cough*

-makkachin doesn’t eat anymore buns


-victuuri “i love yous” bc why not

more post-curse beauty & the beast headcanons, enjoy! (fluff)
  • adam letting only belle tend to him when he’s sick/injured
  • can we talk about the fact that adam would be so protective over belle like he would never let anything hurt her
  • mrs. potts teaching belle how to make the most lovely teas/hot drinks during the fall & winter
  • belle and adam sitting in front of the fire on cold nights, wrapped in each other’s arms and covered in blankets
    • cuddly adam
    • adam falling asleep as belle plays with his hair
  • the kitchen crew teaching adam how to make the grey stuff
    • adam making desserts for belle using the grey stuff once he’s mastered how to make it
  • adam: *is looking at himself in the mirror* “i’m so glad i don’t have that stupid tail anymore”
  • belle watching adoringly as adam befriends phillipe in the castle stables
  • adam: *does the growlbelle: “don’t use that tone of voice with me”
  • belle and adam laying on the castle garden grounds at night, watching the stars
  • adam picking a single rose from each rose bush to make a beautiful bouquet for belle, just because he can

Jillian Precious Cinnamon Roll™ Holtzmann

  • smiles and waves to murderous ghosts like she just made a new friend
  • lights things on fire as part of her dance moves
  • kicks up her feet on the mayor’s desk like what up
  • smiles excitedly when told she’s being fake arrested
  • creates a ghost chipper as if a wood chipper is a weapon a person casually takes to a fight
  • reacts to a fist fight breaking out in front of her by moving away and sitting on the ground to play dead, probably
  • kisses ladies hands like a chivalrous knight in place of high-fives and handshakes
  • is a dumpster diver
  • makes loud honking noises when extremely emotional
  • gifts people with big unexpected surprises. like having the car you borrowed from your uncle painted without talking to you about it first
  • creates a bomb that can liquefy everyone from the inside out and leaves it lying around like it’s a paperweight
  • mounts a nuclear reactor to the top of a car
  • safety lights are for dudes
  • reacts to realizing she’s about to experience the most painful death conceivable of all time with :D

So this is my official headcanon (because apparently that is probably all I’m going to get):

After finally coming to terms with his past, and with the trauma of Eurus, Sherlock is finally free to embrace his emotions. He’s a little rusty, but he’s learning. He’s also finally free to allow himself to understand the true depths of his love for John. Not that of a brother in arms, or of a best friend, but actual all consuming love.

It’s a slow process, but as they’re rebuilding Baker Street together, John sees this change in Sherlock. John then starts to re-evaluate what he feelings for Sherlock, re-examines those feelings he long since stamped down, and all but abandoned.

Baker Street is rebuilt, and so are they. Finally one of them takes a chance, and makes a move. 

Rosie is playing on a blanket, and John and Sherlock are sitting in front of the fire. John and Rosie should be heading back to their flat soon, but neither of our boys want the evening to end just yet. That’s when it happens, they share a kiss, and admit what they’ve always known, known from that first day in Bart’s.

Again, they keep it slow, they have Rosie to consider. So John returns to his flat, but with a promise that it’s only the beginning. 

But really, it’s not that slow at all. Within six months, John and Rosie leave their flat to return to Baker Street. Rosie goes up in John’s old room (it had been turned in to a nursery and play room already), and John joins Sherlock downstairs, in their room.

They still solve crime, helping anyone who needs it. They raise Rosie together, and Rosie loves Sherlock just as much as she loves John. Sherlock is not Uncle Sherlock to her, or just her godfather. No, Sherlock is simply Dad, just as John is Daddy. That’s all she’s ever known, Sherlock and John together forever.

concept: me as an old woman, sitting on a rocking chair in front of a crackling fire, an old, worn leather photo album in my lap. there are pictures of katsuki yuuri, winner of the grand prix finals in barcelona, standing with his husband victor nikiforov. they are both happy. “i can’t wait for season 74 of yuri on ice to air next week,” i say with a happy sigh,

Christmas Special - Draw The Squad

- Draw the OC squad decorating a christmas tree together

- Draw them, waiting for someone who was supposed to get the goose/duck/turkey and they bust through the door with an alive bird in their arms

- Draw them setting the kitchen on fire, while cooking

- Draw them sitting at the dinner table drunk and singing christmas songs

- Draw them in christmasy costumes (santa, elf,..)

   +Bonus: Draw them having a nice costume party and one of them shows up in a sexy santa costume

- Draw your OC couple kissing under a mistletoe

   +Bonus: Draw one of your OCs, standing next to them being pissed about being single

- Draw them building snowmen outside

   +Bonus: Draw them starting a snow war and destroying everything

- Draw them sitting in front of the TV, in blankets with tea, watching christmas movies

At 12:08 Pm, April 20th 1999, Eric sits down in front of the bookcase, puts his 12 gauge in his mouth and pulls the trigger, dying instantly. Sometime after Dylan fires his 9mm into his left temple, death for Dyl however was not instant and it was said that he survived long enough collect blood in his lungs and was believed to die a much slower and more painful death then Eric.  

I find heaven in the simplest things.
When the sun first rises, and sets a golden hue across the land.
Or when the chill of fall comes around, turning the leaves bright red and oranges.
When the steam of your coffee rises and tickles your nose.
Or when the fire tingles throughout the tips of your fingers.
Or when your sitting im front of me, concentrated deeply in a book.
Or when your laughing, tilting your head back, stars in your eyes .
I find heaven in the simplest things,
And quite simply your heaven.
—  A.P

Context: Two of my friends and I were playing a homebrew mix of 4e and 5e, and we picked up a bounty for a bandit who kidnapped a child.

Me, a dragonborn sorcerer: I wanna look through the window

DM: you see the boy sitting in the chair, bound and gagged, and a man in dark clothing pacing in front of the fire, and a door on the other side of the house.

Me: Turning to the dwarf Paladin, “You should bust the door open, and I’ll jump through the window, and we can catch him by surprise.

DM: I’ll allow it

Dwarf: rolls 3 to bust the door open

Me: jumps through the window and uses my cold breath on the man, rolling a natural 20

DM: the man was actually a commoner, so he freezes instantly, and shatters to bits. The child starts screaming.

Signs in a Class with BTS
  • Aries: Always talks to maknae line. Always gets sent into the hall with maknae line. Forces friends to watch M/Vs and dance practices during break.
  • Taurus: Sits at the front of class. Forces Suga to sit with them to wake him up when he falls asleep in class. Gets shit done. Constantly hides homework because the boys keep trying to copy.
  • Gemini: Talks to Rapmon during every break. Passes notes with Rapmon during class time. Other people try joining in on your convo but most of the time they can't really keep up, so they just give up.
  • Cancer: Loved by everyone in the class. Secretly keeps a list of people they hate. Maknae line & fire signs are included. Sometimes acts on these feelings but usually doesn't get caught.
  • Leo: Brags about passing a test. Secretly asks Rapmon for tutoring. Lowkey tsundere. Complains about tests and homework with Jungkook 24/7.
  • Virgo: Top grades in the class. Didn't talk to anyone until the 2nd week of school. Jhope eventually forced them to talk and they're actually pretty cool. Sunshine line makes sure they don't overwork themselves.
  • Libra: Keeps the classroom sane. Tries to make Jin and Suga help them, but only gets a "You'll never get through to these kids". Pouts until everyone feels bad and shuts up. Secretly is smug about it.
  • Scorpio: Only talks to a few people they consider "best friends", but for some reason bonded with Suga super fast. A people watcher and actually knows everything about everyone, but doesn't really care enough to gossip about it, unless someone pisses them off.
  • Sagittarius: Everyone wants to listen when they talk about a random story from their life. Sits with Rapmon and gemini during lunch. Conversations often break out into deeper stuff. Jhope and Taehyung tried to sit with you guys once but left bc you were too confusing.
  • Capricorn: Basically best friends with Jin. You both worry a lot about tests and homework so you guys are like each others support systems. You both can be a bit serious at times though so sunshine line usually makes sure you guys have fun.
  • Aquarius: Is either really quiet or really hyper. Hangs out with different type of people depending on their mood. Solves arguments really quickly. Jikook doesn't really like when you're quiet so they try to sneak sugar into your food.
  • Pisces: Basically friends with everyone in the class. Tries to help people with their problems in order to ignore their own problems. Namjin + Jhope are usually able to sense their moods though and cheer them up with they're sad. Doesn't really like talking during breaks. Usually listen to music instead.

it’s remus lupin’s 57th birthday. he’s sitting in an overstuffed, faded floral sofa by a crackling fire. he holds tea in one hand while the other brushes sirius’ greying hair away from his still youthful face. he sips his tea and smiles down at his lover who has dozed off post-meal. outside the front door of the small cottage is the seaside where james and lily walk, hand in hand, wondering what their grandchildren are up to that day at hogwarts. peter bumbles about in the small kitchen, uses his wand to clean up cocoa powder leftover from the chocolate cake lily baked earlier. there’s a crash, followed by sputtering. remus shakes his head in good-nature and lets his ageing body recline deeper into the sofa. he puts his head back and breathes in deep, revelling in sirius’ body heat. the air is a mix of sea, cigarettes, leather, and chocolate. he is happy. they are all happy

I was the head counselor for a summer camp, and everyone was surrounding the campfire. The campers were African Grey parrots and the other counselors were helping them put marshmallows on skewers. Once every parrot had a marshmallow, they all lit them on fire and marched off into the woods. I then had a newspaper, and the front page had a full-color picture of the parrots with their flaming marshmallows sitting on the head of a bear.

EXO as people who rode my bus in school
  • Xiumin: The girl that always eats on the bus even though you're not supposed to. You like sitting next to her because she always offers you her goldfish or something.
  • Luhan: Sassy high school girl who makes funny jokes and makes friends with everyone, but secretly hates riding the bus; counting the days until she gets her driver's liscense
  • Kris: High school boy who sits in the back on his phone the whole time with sunglasses on. Little kids are intimidated by him, but he always helps them out of the back of the bus during fire drills cause he's hella strong
  • Suho: High school girl who sits in the front of the bus to help the bus driver with the younger kids; helps the substitute with the bus route
  • Lay: Kind hearted kid who obeys the bus driver and sits quietly in his seat either doing homework or working on his art project
  • Baekhyun: Girl who listens to music so loud you can hear it five seats in front of her and five seats behind her
  • Chen: The kid who made the bus driver stop the bus in the middle of a fricking corn field like five times because he was screaming too loud
  • Chanyeol: Late high school guy in a crap ton of sports; all the younger girls on the bus secretly have a crush on him
  • Kyungsoo: Middle school girl who literally will not let anyone sit with her. She either pretends to be asleep or says she had too many bags.
  • Tao: Little girl who has an iPad at six years old and goes on Snapchat with her friends the entire bus ride
  • Kai: Little boy who runs his toy cars along the window sill, gives all the pretty high school girls flowers
  • Sehun: That one 8th Grader who keeps trying to sit in the back with the high school kids but always gets kicked out
Our Bodies Break Light

Traci Brimhall

We crawl through the tall grass and idle light,
our chests against the earth so we can hear the river

underground. Our backs carry rotting wood and books
that hold no stories of damnation or miracles.

One day as we listen for water, we find a beekeeper—
one eye pearled by a cataract, the other cut out by his own hand

so he might know both types of blindness. When we stand
in front of him, he says we are prisms breaking light into color—

our right shoulders red, our left hips a wavering indigo.
His apiaries are empty except for dead queens, and he sits

on his quiet boxes humming as he licks honey from the bodies
of drones. He tells me he smelled my southern skin for miles,

says the graveyard is full of dead prophets. To you, he presents
his arms, tattooed with songs slave catchers whistle

as they unleash the dogs. He lets you see the burns on his chest
from the time he set fire to boats and pushed them out to sea.

You ask why no one believes in madness anymore,
and he tells you stars need a darkness to see themselves by.

When you ask about resurrection, he says, How can you doubt?
and shows you a deer licking salt from a lynched man’s palm.

Derek and Stiles are celebrating their first Thanksgiving in their own home and everything has to be perfect.

Then the pie doesn’t taste like the one Derek’s dad used to make and Stiles tried four different stuffings and none of them are as good as his moms, but everyone in the pack loves it all anyway. 

They realize that it isn’t the food or the decorations that really matters, it’s that they’re all together in the house that they’ve made a home.

When everyone is happily fed and tucked into one of many guest rooms, Derek and Stiles sit in front of nearly burned out fire, Stiles’ head on Derek’s shoulder. 

“I think I like our family,” Stiles says sleepily, nuzzling into Derek’s neck.

“I think we’ll keep ‘em,” Derek murmurs and kisses Stiles on the forehead. 

The rest of the pack finds them sleeping on the couch the next morning, Lydia snaps a picture of them, it ends up on their Christmas card.

The second fic for the @tfcholidayzine! This one has a really cool piece of fanart that goes with it, so buy the zine to check it out!

Neil sits quietly in front of the fireplace and holds his knees to his chest, thinking about the last six months. It says a lot that he feels comfortable being near the fire’s glow. It helps that it wasn’t accompanied by the smell of smoke, but even that he had begun to associate with Andrew and rooftops instead of the smell of burnt metal and worse.

Speaking of Andrew, Neil turns lightly when he hears his footsteps approaching and accepts the cup of tea that Andrew silently offers him. He knew that Andrew had made hot chocolate with extra marshmallows for himself and smiles softly at the thought that Andrew had made tea especially for him.

Neil takes a sip as Andrew sits next to him and smiles at him. “It’s peppermint.”

Andrew just says, “I know. I made it.”

Neil rolls his eyes and teases, “There’s a Christmas spirit in there somewhere.”

Andrew doesn’t dignify that with a response except for a soft huff into his drink.

Neil takes the quiet moment to observe Andrew in the firelight. The soft light makes him look like his hair extends into a halo. He’d never say it out loud, but he’s sure that Andrew is some kind of avenging angel anyway. Ruthless and beautiful, untouchable. And yet Neil is somehow allowed to touch.

“Staring,” Andrew says, reaching to turn Neil’s head back toward the fire. Neil notes the way his fingers brush away a lock of hair with a smile.

He’s surprised to hear Andrew speak up again, saying, “You’re sure you don’t want to celebrate with the other idiots? Let them show you the true meaning of Christmas?”

Neil raises an eyebrow. “You mean getting wasted on eggnog and passing out with reindeer ears on?”

Andrew makes a huffing sound that Neil is about ninety five percent sure is thinly veiled laughter. “Something like that.”

Neil hums and turns his body so that his feet are tangled with Andrew’s. He places his hands palm up on his knees and says. “No. I’d rather spend Christmas with you.”

Andrew stares at him stone-face. “You shouldn’t say stupid shit.”

“Has that ever stopped me before?”

Andrew says nothing, but taps on Neil’s knee, an unsaid question. Neil nods and laces their fingers together.

“I really don’t think I’m missing anything,” Neil says quietly.

“Unpredictable,” Andrew says under his breath.

“I have to keep you interested somehow.”

“I don’t think that’ll ever be a problem,” Andrew says, casually, but Neil can hear the quaver in his voice.

He acknowledges the moment for what it is, that Andrew is getting one step closer to admitting that this is a ‘something’, but he doesn’t push it. Instead, he draws Andrew in closer and whispers, “yeah?”

Andrew lifts one hand and holds onto the back of his neck and draws Neil in for a kiss. His face is warm from the fire and his hands are steady and Neil feels like all he wants for Christmas is this, forever.

I don’t understand what it is about me that you seem to love” he said. "You know how sometimes when it’s snowing and you don’t want to go outside but you have to because you have to get things done so you go outside and face the cold harsh weather  because you’ve been out there for so many hours, you begin to freeze and feel miserable and it all feels so unbearable then you go inside and can finally sit in front the fire to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate? You were my warm fire and hot chocolate.“ She said.

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #341


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