and sir please keep that tongue

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OMG I love your icon so much, Sam looks so fucking good in that pic, like where do you find these incredibly photogenic pictures of Jared it's so fucking amazing, I could stare at it all day bro

Oh my gods. I know right?? 

Jared is photogenic in almost any picture. 

But like, do you prefer Jared in a suit? Because fuck, man. 

Or you know… Without a suit whatsoever…? (I die.)

What about his beanie and sunglasses?

Or what about the ridiculous way he stares at the camera sometimes? 

Jared… Sir… Please keep your lips and tongue under control. Just keep your damn mouth under control. 

Oh and hey! What about the stupid Saxx underwear thing? Because double fuck. 

And here’s an adorable younger!jared for good measure. 

There. I totally just filled everybody’s dashboards up with Jared Padalecki, but somehow… I’m not really sorry?? 

I think I accidentally destroyed and murdered myself too. 

I own none of these pictures or gifs. All the credit goes to the rightful owners. 

Feel free to add more gifs/pictures and maybe tag me please?? (you know… Tumblr’s suck-ass notifs) because this is one of the few things I don’t mind being destroyed by. lmao

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Okay, so can you make a fic where dan is tied town and Phil has a vibrating wand on his cock and dan screaming and writhing around and he finally cums. BUT Phil does not let up and keeps the vibrator and the head of god cock until he is crying from the overstimulation.


Okay so gUYS I went to the potato bowl it was fuckin lit ++ dirty anons are back on @subbydan-answers for all you sinners ++ I’m doing OCs on my writing tumblr @somanydestiel

Tags: Overstim, Bondage, Edging, dom!Phil, top!Phil, Degradation, Daddy Kink, very rough rough rough play, cumplay if you squint really hard, Aftercare

- Looking back, Dan really shouldn’t have teased Phil and then gone off to touch himself without permission, because he’s now tied tightly to his bed, Phil staring at him with that smirk and his hands behind his back. “Do you know why I’m punishing you, slut?” He asks as he crosses the room and climbs onto the bed above Dan.

- “Yes, Daddy-” Dan’s voice is cut off when Phil slaps him across the face- not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to sting.

- “Naughty whores like you don’t get Daddies.”

- “Yessir, sorry sir,” Dan amends, eyes shut and trying not to focus on his hard on. Knowing Phil, he won’t be cumming for a while yet. Phil kisses Dan softly on the lips before moving to his neck, biting and sucking dark marks into the skin there. It makes Dan wiggle and his eyes glaze over, because his neck has always been pretty sensitive.

- Phil sits back on his haunches, admiring the mess he’s already made of Dan, and then reveals what’s behind his back- a hitachi wand. Just the sight of it makes Dan’s cock twitch because he loves it, loves how good it feels, how quickly it can make him cum. Tonight is going to be hard. “I’m going to edge you once for every hour your slutty little ass teased me today.”

-Nine. Phil is going to edge him nine times. Dan bites his lip when Phil turns on the wand, hips lifting off the bed just at the sound. He whines in the back of his throat when it does touch him, vibrating up and down his length, Phil moving it slowly with a dangerous look on his face. “Feel good?” Dan makes an affirmative humming sound, looking at Phil pleadingly. Already, he’s wrecked, needy, and close. Riling Phil up takes a toll on him too. Right as Dan’s about to come, the ask for permission on the tip of his tongue, Phil pulls the wand away, running it up and down Dan’s ribs instead, brushing it over his nipples once or twice as Dan calms down slightly. “One. Beg me to touch you again, bitch.”

- “Sir, please, please touch me. Please punish me an’ make me yours sir. ‘M sorry I was bad, just please touch me.” For a long moment, Phil keeps mindlessly moving the wand, dragging it over Dan’s inner thighs. Then, out of nowhere, it’s pressed against Dan’s taint and balls, just enough pressure that Dan squirms. Slowly, ever so slowly, he moves it up to the sensitive head of Dan’s cock, holding it there.

- “You’ve had worse,” Phil says with mild disinterest when Dan whimpers. “Be lucky I’m even bothering to touch a disgusting slut like you.” This time, Dan very nearly comes, but it’s taken away from him as the first spurt starts to dribble out of his cock. While Dan ‘cools down,’ if you can even call it that, Phil collects the cum with his fingers and presses them to Dan’s lips to clean. “Don’t get my toy dirty,” he chastises. Just like that, it’s back, and Dan nearly sobs with desperation. The amount of time is even shorter this time, and continues on in much the same pattern until Dan’s been edged eight times.

- Setting down the wand, Phil crawls on top of Dan and balances with his jean-covered thigh pressed between Dan’s legs, one hand balancing himself to the left of Dan’s head, and his right around Dan’s throat, pressing down so that Dan’s breathing gets shallow and his cheeks turn a darker shade of pink. “Rut against my thigh like the pathetic piece of shit you are,” he growls. That’s all Dan needed, and his hips rapidly drive his little cock forward for the painful friction and it feels so fucking good to be beneath Phil like this, surrounded by his scent, tears in the corners of his eyes. Precum smears onto the denim and Dan is about to come, a moan caught in his throat when Phil jumps off of him. No more weight against Dan’s body, no more hand on his throat, no more leg for him to get off on.

- “Sir, I’m sorry I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please let me cum, please! Please, sir, I’ll do anything, please! I’m sorry I won’t be bad ever again I’ll do anything sir please!”

- Instead of answering, he picks back up the vibrator and presses it to the head of Dan’s cock again. “You can cum,” Phil says casually, but what makes Dan hit his high is the way Phil reaches into his pants to start stroking himself, eyes never leaving Dan’s shaking form. But once Dan cums, Phil doesn’t move the vibrator, despite Dan’s protests and attempts to shift his hips away from it. “What’s the matter, sweetheart?” Phil mocks. “Thought the fucking whore wanted to cum.”

- “I did, I did, thank you so much Master but ‘s too much, stop, too much, no more,” Dan pleads, barely intelligible.

- Phil, the little shit, purposely misinterprets. “What’s that? You want me to make you cum over and over and then fuck you? Beg me.” No, that’s not what Dan wants, but he’s so far into subspace that he immediately starts begging, even though Phil’s already made up his mind. “You have permission to cum as much as you like.” He undresses then reaches for the lube, coats his fingers, and pushes two in at once. Dan’s used to it, and Phil knows how much Dan loves the burn of the sudden stretch. He seeks out Dan’s prostate quickly, and attacks it with his fingers, managing to get Dan to cum three more times (The last two dry) before he’s ready to fuck him, the wand still mercilessly against the head of Dan’s cock. He moves it when he pushes into Dan, and instead uses the hand to choke Dan again.

-”Sir, sir, Daddy, no, please, Daddy, Daddy, Phil too much, no!” Dan all but screams, sobbing, but Phil doesn’t- if Dan really wanted him to stop, he’d safeword. The fifth time Dan cums, he passes out. Phil. Doesn’t. Stop. He keeps fucking, and as he gets close, he takes Dan’s soft cock in his hand and jerks him off in time with it until Dan hits one last high, without even getting hard, moaning in his sleep and arching his back. Phil pulls out and looks at Dan, almost amazed. The boy’s neck is lined with hickeys and fingerprints, his cock and hole red and abused, come dripping out of him and drying on his chest. 

-While Dan’s still out, Phil starts a bath, brings in the wand and some water, and gently wipes the cum off of Dan with a damp warm washcloth. “Dan, sweetheart,” he whispers, shaking Dan’s shoulder. “Wake up, baby. Let Daddy take care of you.” Dan’s eyes blink open, unfocused, and his swollen lips are slightly parted. “Deep breath for me, Dan. Look at me.” It takes a minute, but Dan eventually does. “There you are. You did such a good job for me, baby. My beautiful little boy, doing so well for his Daddy.”

- “’M not pathetic?” Dan asks blearily.

- “Of course not, I love you so much, Dan. Can I pick you up and carry you to the bath?” Dan nods and winds his arms around Phil’s neck, allowing himself to be bridal carried to the bathroom. “What bath bomb, baby?” Dan looks over the basket of them and points to a dark midnight one with gold sparkles in it, marketed as being a lavender scent. Of course he picks the darkest one in there- even as out of it as he is, Dan has standards. Phil sets Dan on the toilet seat and drops in the bomb, waiting for it to fizzle all the way before lifting Dan up again and setting him in the hot water. While Dan relaxes, Phil wipes down the wand, brushes his teeth, and puts on his glasses in lieu of his contacts, occasionally glancing at Dan in the mirror to make sure he’s alright.

- As soon as he’s done, Phil whispers “lean forward” and climbs into the bath behind Dan, so that the younger is between his legs and leaning back against his chest. “Open your mouth.” Dan does, and Phil uncaps the water bottle to hold it to Dan’s lips, slowly getting him to drink the whole bottle. When it’s done and the bath is getting cold, Phil unplugs the drain and gets the warm water running again while he washes Dan’s hair. As he moves on to wash Dan’s body, he accidentally brushes Dan’s sensitive cock, earning the softest mewl of protest Phil’s ever heard, which makes his heart absolutely melt. “Don’t worry, we’re all done. After the bath, let’s go to bed, beautiful.”

- He carefully dries Dan off with a fluffy towel, and carries him back to Phil’s room. Dan’s room is where they scene, and then they sleep in Phil’s clean bed. “I know, I’ll be right back,” Phil says as he puts Dan down, since the boy made a soft sound of dissent. He pulls on a pair of boxers and grabs some clothes for Dan. “Arms up.” The green uni hoodie comes over Dan’s head. “Up for me real quick, baby.” Dan stands up long enough for a pair of boxers and soft pajama pants to be pulled onto him. “There you go. I love you so much, Dan. You did such a good job for me and I’m so proud of you,” Phil assures, kneeling and putting one hand on Dan’s face, thumb smoothing over his cheekbone. “My good little boy.”

- Dan throws his arms around Phil’s neck and cries, while Phil just holds him until it’s out of his system. “My good boy, Dan. You’re so amazing, I love you, you’re my perfect baby.” At that point, Dan pulls away and lets Phil kiss his forehead, then lies back on the bed with a slight shiver. Phil pulls the duvet back and gets both of them under it, then throws an arm over Dan’s waist, holding him close while they fall asleep.

This is 1.7k and thus a fic


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If you can, could you do like Reddie (18. Seniors) in school where like Richie if trying to sext Eddie and he gets super flustered. (You mentioned Richie would have a public kink. Also Eddie would probably need to sort some things out with Richie in the bathroom after those messages.)

This is set in the present day so they can obviously text each other, and they’re both aged up! (Also bold italics are Richie and regular italics are Eddie)

Eddie had been writing about yet another Shakespeare piece when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He looked down, then glanced back up make sure the teacher wasn’t paying attention, before sneakily getting his phone from his pocket and placing it on the table behind his books and bag. He turned the vibration setting off in case it went off on the table, and looked into his messages, smiling slightly when he saw it was from Richie.

When does your class finish?

Not for another 15 minutes, why?

Eddie watched the little bubble appear, showing that Richie was typing back, and he quickly carried on with his paragraph before he looked at the texts again. 

Can’t you leave early?

Eddie scoffed to himself and rolled his eyes. Richie always wanted to skip class, especially when he and Eddie were both in classes at the same time as each other. He was impatient and just wanted to be around his boyfriend 24/7, not that Eddie minded. He loved the constant attention Richie gave him, even if some of it was a little too much PDA in front of his friends.

I’m nearly done, Rich, I’ll call you when I’m out

Eddie was then about to put his phone away when it lit up again only seconds later. He frowned, not expecting Richie to reply so quickly, before reading it. 

But I need you, Eds…

What do you need me for? I’ll help you with homework later I promise :)




Eddie’s eyes bulged, and he felt his face go red. Oh god, of course Richie was horny during class. He was horny all the time, no surprise there. But right when Eddie was working? Eddie groaned quietly and quickly typed back.

Richie, not now, I’ll help you later. I have to work

Richie was typing excessively fast today because Eddie barely looked away before he responded.

Please baby…I’ve been thinking about you all day…I can’t stop

Can’t you meet me somewhere?

It’ll be quick I swear

I just need you so bad right now I’m gonna go insane

“Jesus christ.” Eddie whispered, catching the attention of the girl in front of him, who turned and frowned at him. He awkwardly smiled at her and then waited for her to look away before glaring at his phone screen.

Richie, stop it. Just jack off or something!

But it would feel so much better if you did it for me, Eds…

Eddie was gonna have a mental breakdown. He shifted in his seat, trying to ignore the coiling feeling in his stomach at the thought of sneaking off to a bathroom to see his boyfriend…all hot and bothered and desperate…fuck sake Richie. 

Richie was always the one who was in control, he made Eddie beg, not the other way around. It was very, VERY, rare that Richie wanted Eddie to take charge, but when he did Eddie could swear to you that that was the best feeling in the god damn world. 

Please don’t ignore me

I’m in the second floor bathroom right now and I can’t stop thinking of you being in here with me

I want you to kiss my neck and pull my hair, Eddie…fuck, I want your hands all over me

Eddie was gripping the edge of the desk at this point and kept glancing at the teacher to make sure he wasn’t looking in his direction.

I know you like it when you pull my hair, I know you like telling me what to do

Richie shut up, I’m gonna get caught if you keep messaging me

I’ll do whatever you want Eddie…I’ll be good

I’ll do that thing you like with my tongue, you know the one I’m talking about…that drives you crazy, doesn’t it?

Please just come to this god damn bathroom already and let me fu-

“Mr Kaspbrak? Are you paying attention to your assignment?” Eddie’s head shot up before he could finish the rest of the text, and blushed at the sight of everyone staring at him. He gulped and shoved his phone out of sight before clearing his throat.

“I’m sorry sir, I really don’t feel good…can I go to the nurses office?” The teacher frowned, but then realised the time and nodded.

“It’s nearly the end of class so you might as well. Feel better.” He nodded, and that was all it took for Eddie to grab his things and bolt out of the classroom, speed walking towards the stairs leading down to the second floor. He threw his back pack over his shoulder and scanned the hallways for the second floor bathroom, and when he finally found it, he glared at it.

“Fucking Richie. Asshole.” He grumbled before storming inside. He noticed only one stall was being used and he banged his fists on it. “Alright, Tozier. Get out!”

A few seconds passed before the lock clicked and Richie poked his head out sheepishly. He was flustered to all hell and his hair was a mess as if he’d ran his hands through it…or started pulling at it.

“Jesus christ, Richie!” Eddie spat. “What the hell was that back there?!”

“Me…wanting to get you into the bathroom.” Richie said, leaning against the wall of the stall and grinning. “It worked.” Eddie just stood there glaring for a long time before he shoved Richie back inside the stall and walked in himself, slamming and locking the door behind him before pressing Richie into it. Eddie had never kissed him so hard in his life, and Richie felt like he was gonna lose oxygen if he wasn’t careful. 

Eddie reached up and grabbed Richie’s hair before yanking his head to the side and leaning up to attack his neck, biting it and making Richie squirm. 

“You’re such a little shit, you know that right?” Eddie growled and Richie bit his lip, running his hands down Eddie’s sides and toying with his shirt.

“You still came here though.” Richie pointed out and Eddie bit down hard on his throat, making him yelp.

“For once in your life, just shut up.” Eddie said, before the two of them stayed in that bathroom for the next hour, completely missing lunch. 

They would have to explain to the rest of the losers after school that they were just studying and lost track of time, but judging from the hickies littering both of their necks, Richie’s dishevelled hair, and that fact Eddie’s shirt was on inside out, the losers knew that wasn’t the case.

What's a Boy Want?

Oh hey! It’s the sequel for ‘What’s Your Kink?’ Can you believe it?! Find the first under the tag : “what???”

Genre: angst, smut, fluff

Word Count: 1.8k+

Warnings: uh!!!! I don’t think anything! Some mentions of dubious consent to certain activities, mentions of drugs, a little self hate I guess? Mostly dan doubting that phil actually likes him, phil beats himself up a little, also cursing and a mention or two of blood, I think that’s it, but tell me if anything else!

Tags: phil is oblivious, so is dan, cumplay, mentions of being tied up and used lmao, rimming, fingering, sex obviously, the neighbors prob hear them I love exhibition, dan ditches phil, it’s their anniversary but rly it’s only been 2 months, Dan’s a cumwhore, degradation but also praise??


It’s been exactly two months since Phil and I started dating; and we haven’t had anything but vanilla sex since that first night. I don’t know what got into Phil’s head but it’s like he doesn’t want to do anything other than vanilla now that we’re dating and I don’t know what to do.

I’m ripped out of my slightly panicked thoughts by Phil’s warm breath against my ear, “Hmm. You ready, baby?” I nod, melting into his touch almost immediately, I’m falling into headspace at the simplest things lately, in my defense, Phil has a terrible habit of playing with my hair and whispering in my ear.

I press my back into his front, a little whine coming from my lips, for just a moment before he’s gone. “Hmm. Let’s get going then.” I shake my head to clear my thoughts a bit and follow Phil out of my apartment.

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cracked screens and broken hard drives

“It’s broken,” was all Will could say.

The other boy didn’t laugh. He didn’t even smile. But his stony expression - always blank, a bit angry - that twitched just the slightest. One point for Solace. 

The other boy didn’t move to examine the pathetic piece of tech, only giving Will a long, judgmental look. “Again?” He only asked, in that dry voice of his.

Will swallowed, “I…I don’t know what to say.” He winced. “Sorry?”

The other boy finally leaned forward to collect the laptop, clicking his tongue. “Could you please describe your problem, sir?”

He said sir like some people would use a vulgar curse word - like a whip, slashing through the air.

He begins messing with a few of the buttons of the side, his nametag - Nico - flashed against the light, the peeled smiley sticker just as bright and misleading as ever.

Nico glanced up at him, and Will had to throw himself back into the moment. Nico was talking to him.

Will cleared his throat. “Oh you know, um, I think another virus? It keeps flicking on and off, and it won’t let me use chrome.”

Nico frowned at him, “Another virus? Did you install that software I recommended?”

Will scratched the back of his head. “I, uh, didn’t get around to it.”

Nico gave him a stern look. Will, helplessly, looked back.

He had to know.

It was so….obviously. So embarrassingly obvious.


Because this wasn’t Will first visit to his local tech repair shop.

It wasn’t his second either.

Hell, it wasn’t even his third.

This was Will’s sixth visit to the shop.

In the past two months.

Nico was frowning down at the laptop like he could tell Will had done everything in his goddamn power to install heaps and heaps of digital trash onto the hard drive. “If you just take care of your tech you wouldn’t have to be here nearly as much.”

That’s the point, you oblivious nerd.

“I’ll have Leo look at it.” Nico finally seemed to decide. “He’ll have to take it apart, I think, if the problem’s with the screen as well. You’ll have to come back in a few days.”

Will was already nodding enthusiastically. “I - I can do that. Come back. Here.”

Nico gave him a strange look. “Good.” He finally said, “Cause you’re gonna need to pick up your laptop so.”

“I’ll be here.” Will vowed, his voice probably too serious.

Nico nodded, writing out a slip and carefully - with more care then what Will performed on his own tech nowadays - set his laptop aside.

“Wednesday.” He slid the paper across the counter, like he always did. “Noon. Be here.”

“On the dot.” Gods. Will was breathless. He was so pathetic.

I needed to get out of my writing funk and I wrote this for warm-up and yeah I’m totally headcanoning this ending by Will just throwing his phone against a wall, begging Nico to fix his ‘accident’ and Nico just fixing the screen and adding his number to Will’s contact list with a plea to please stop harming your poor tech, Will. 

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can you do a sadist tyler x reader drabble

i started on a super dark blurry + reader fic which is sorta like sadist tyler but i can do this one for now:


“you’re always so composed, you know that? you’d look so pretty tied up underneath me, crying and begging” tyler confessed to you one day. you were both having a lazy sunday in bed, and he was spooning you while you were watching a netflix horror movie marathon. 

“begging you for what, hmm? and why would i be crying?” you ask, indulging him. you feel like you should be surprised, but in reality, you’re far from it. you’ve seen a certain glint in his eyes when you cut your finger chopping veggies. he cleaned your wound and wrapped it in bandage, but you could see the slightest hint of a smirk when you hissed at the sting. you also had a hunch for why horror was tyler’s favorite kind of movie. he enjoyed watching you squirm at particularly gory scenes, and jump at the jump scares. you noticed that you get super horny around your period, and a way to get his attention is to complain about your cramps. he’d ask questions about how bad it hurt, and it always ended in the most intense make-out and fuck-session. there had to be a reason for all this. 

what you were surprised about was the level of arousal at his answers to your questions. 

“you’d be begging for my cock, and for me to let you cum. but i wouldn’t let you. not unless you…” tyler stopped and you let out a sigh you’d been holding, swallowing hard. 

“unless i what, tyler?” you asked, feeling him hardening against your ass. he kept quiet, breathing heavy. 

“not unless you let me try something if i promise you’ll have a safe word” tyler said, wrapping his arm around your front and sliding his hand into your panties, sliding his fingers into your wetness. 

“and judging from how wet you are, i think you’ll like it” tyler said, tone darker and giving you a head rush. he continued fingering you and he rocked his hips against your ass. you were hooked. 

an hour later, tyler had you exactly where he wanted you. the safe word was “melon” and you surprisingly hadn’t thought about using it. not because what tyler was doing was too soft, but because you’d never felt more at the complete mercy to him. you were intoxicated by this side of him, and this side of yourself you didn’t know existed. 

“please fuck me ty-i mean sir, please?” you beg, legs squirming as tyler slid his fingers up and down your inner thigh, teasing you. he had no emotion on his face as his fingers drew closer to your flushed, dripping pussy from his earlier ministrations that he didn’t finish. he had no intention of touching you, just studying your face and twitching body spasms. your ankles were tied to each end of the bed post, legs spread wide. your arms were tied above your head as well, which you’ve tested multiple times to free them to no avail. tyler laughed at your attempts. 

“you wouldn’t escape if you tried, look at you. nothing but a little whore for me to use. if you really wanted me to stop, you’d use the safe word, right?” tyler asked. you whimpered in response, bucking your hips up. 

“please” you add as his fingers lightly caress your outer lips. you squirm more, trying to get the slightest touch on your aching clit. the clamps he put on your nipples weren’t helping, making you all the more sensitive when you squirmed and your tits moved around. you’re sure you have the female version of blue balls. tyler laughs again at your attempts. 

“answer my question or i can just stop playing with you altogether” tyler said, taking his hand away and pretending to look disinterested. 

“okay, you’re right. i would’ve used the safe word” you said, confirming his thoughts. a mischievous grin spread on his face and he knelt between your legs. your instinct was to close them, forgetting they were tied, because you knew this meant another bout of pussy-play, slapping, and orgasm denial. your pussy couldn’t handle anymore abuse, already red and dripping with arousal. you haven’t even been penetrated yet. 

“fuck, look at you. my own little…mmm.” tyler said, staring you up and down. you laid there, panting and bracing yourself for whatever lust-filled thing he had in mind. he bent forward and started eating you out, and your head spun with excitement at the direct stimulation. your legs jerked, desperately wanting to squeeze your thighs together and hold his head there. your arms jerked, wanting to comb your fingers through his fluffy dark hair and press his head down harder. you bucked your hips up, frustrated with his light, slow flicks of his tongue to your clit. it was enough to keep you on edge, but not get you to where you needed. he pulled away, smirking at your disheveled, desperate look. 

“pleeeeeeease sir, please let me cummm” you begged harder than you ever had, actually sobbing. you were shocked at how far you let this go. it made completely no sense why you hadn’t said the damn word. but you knew if you did, it would be over, and tyler was loving this too much. you were loving this too much. 

“so pretty, baby. so pretty for me, shhh” tyler soothed, straddling you so he could wipe your tears. he was still fully clothed and you hissed at the fabric of his shirt rubbing against your clamped nipple. your eyes closed from the praise, and when you opened them, you were staring into those dark, cold eyes. he kissed your lips and you invited his tongue in your mouth, kissing him back. it was wet, sloppy, and passionate. he moved back to kneeling between your legs and unzipped his pants, pulling out his rock hard cock that you’ve been craving. your pussy contracted at the sight and you were practically drooling. 

“i think you deserve to cum now” tyler said, leaning over your body and guiding himself to your entrance. you gasped as he entered your slick heat and at how sudden you were full. your hands grasped at nothing, desperate to wrap yourself around him and get him deeper. but he did it for you, angling his hips and crashing them into you at a hard, steady pace. you were so overwhelmed with joy at finally getting what your body craved, you came uncharacteristically fast and hard, your face contorting and head tilting back as you squeezed around his cock. only then did his hips falter, slamming into you a few more jerky times before cumming inside you. 

he rode out his orgasm, softly rocking into you until he softened and you relaxed around his cock. he pulled out, gently kissing your forehead, cheeks, and lips before removing the nipple clamps and untying your limbs. he held you for awhile, then you both took a bath and changed the stained sheets. replaying the events in your mind, you felt this was a side of tyler you could get used to. 

Prevalent man (Part 4).


Warnings?: Smut boiiiii its also kinda long so here goes another “keep reading” banner ughhhh

Originally posted by zugzwangcm

By the end of the day, the team had managed to arrest the final unsub, the stressful case taking a toll on everyone but Y/N remained distracted from hers and Aarons earlier encounter. While sat at her desk, Y/N glanced up to Aaron’s office, his open blinds revealing him tense in his office chair, rubbing his temples in irritation. Derek caught her wandering eyes, smiling softly at the woman.

“You staying behind?” Derek questioned, eyes not holding the playful glint that they had done when her first caught her looking at him, the case making him too drained to tease her.

“Yeah, going to get a head start on case files.” Y/N replied, voice sweet as her eyes flickered over to the tired man as he nodded at her.

“Don’t stay too late.” He smiled, Y/N nodded in reply as Derek turned to leave, making her and Aaron the only ones left in the building. Hesitantly, she pulled her phone out, fighting against herself whether or not she should text the tense man.

“Hey, you okay…Sir?”

As her eyes were glued to the man through his office window, she frowned slightly when he picked up his phone, immediately throwing it away from his desk. Not wanting to be a burden on the man, Y/N stood up to pack away her stuff but her attention was suddenly captured by the slam of his office door, Aaron storming towards the confused woman. She parted her lips to talk but the words were replaced by a gasp when Aaron cupped her face firmly, locking his lips to hers.

“Don’t leave.” He whispered against her lips, causing her to deepen the kiss in response, dainty fingers lacing through his dark hair. His slender fingers gripped tightly on her hips, wasting no time as he thrust her backside into the edge of her desk.

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(kate drunk london)


She woke.

The room was dark. Not just blackout curtains dark, but the absolute of blind night. She was immobile and heavy, pressed into the center of a feather bed, a weight at her back and across her hips.


A dart of breath punctured her lungs. Joy bloomed with incredulous heat under her skin.

He was lying partially on top of her, a leg furry and tickling against the back of hers, his cheek at the slope of her spine, breath skirting her shoulder blade.

She eased her arm out from under her body and reached lightly back until she found flesh. Warm and firm, the rise of his thigh where he’d curled into her. Feelings suffused her, things she couldn’t identify, a sensation of needing to protect him that was entirely unlike being the cop to his civilian.

She drew her arm back into her body and laid half under him, aware she had made many mistakes, was still making them, but he wasn’t one.

His phone lit up on the bedside table, a text message. Mother.

But the angle also showed her the flare of white numbers for the time and her stomach dropped out.

She had not called the Twelfth; she didn’t even know where her phone was. The bathroom counter? She’d taken one day’s medical leave which she didn’t technically have, bought an exorbitantly-priced last-minute ticket to London with her credit card and money she didn’t have, and then she had simply not returned to New York.

He had caught her arm and marched her back down the terminal to baggage claim and taxi service, and then-

Mistakes upon mistakes, but he wasn’t one.

She needed to call in… sick? Indisposed? Lovesick?

Kate sighed and edged a knee across the mattress, hooked her leg over the side of the bed. It was work to get out from under him without jostling too much, but he seemed just as dead to the world as she’d been moments ago. 

She stumbled a bit when she finally got to her feet, one knee refusing to hold her up. She hadn’t had marathon sex in… okay, really there was no comparison. What they’d done all through London’s afternoon was unleash a frenetic and wild desperation that had become something entirely animal, only to mellow and soften into this… this…

She had no idea.

She’d never done this before.

Kate padded silently through the room and crossed the threshold of the sitting room. The bathroom was just off that, close to the front door, and the curtains here were still wide open.

There was something thrilling about being naked before them, being fresh from their bed and still raw in places while she went to the bathroom.

Her phone was on the counter where she’d left it, but she waited until after she’d washed her hands to pick it up. New York time it was three in the afternoon; she’d missed even the half day she’d been planning on.

And unfortunately, it was Captain Gates who answered Esposito’s phone.

“Detective Beckett,” the woman said icily.

“S-sir.” Kate hunched forward, caught sight of her nude reflection in the mirror - and the marks he’d made on her skin. “Captain Gates.”

“I suggest you come up with a very good excuse this time, Detective.”

“No excuse,” she answered. She couldn’t keep the energy out of her voice, couldn’t fake sick even if she had wanted to. Castle was on the tip of her tongue. “I’m not in the city, sir.”

“You’re not in the city.”

“No, sir.”

She heard Captain Gates’s disdain - and her disappointment in Kate - clearly. Even in the silence.

But she also heard heavy feet on carpet and the grunt of satisfaction when he spotted her in the doorway. She heard his pleased growl - how well she knew those sounds he made - and the rumble of his demand as he stalked forward.

“What do you propose I do, Detective Beckett? This is irresponsible and, frankly, childish behavior.”

Two broad arms surrounded her, a warm chest pressed against her back. All naked. So naked.

“Sir, I apologize for the way I’m putting out - you out-” Castle’s snort in her neck made her skin shiver. “I can assure you I had no intention of being careless. I can’t make it back to the city in time for tomorrow’s roll call either, but I-”

Teeth against her neck made her knees melt, but Castle hoisted her up again. 

She tilted her head against the side of his. “I’m sorry, sir. I can’t make it back in time. It’s personal. It’s - I had to - it was a recommendation from my therapist.”

The silence on the other end seemed to shift, but the body behind her did as well. Both listening.

Captain Gates gave a dissatisfied noise. “I can’t exactly argue with that without getting a call from your Union rep, can I?”

“I… no?” she guessed. It had sounded like a prompt, like Gates was giving her the right words to say. “You’d hear from my Union rep, yes, sir.”

A put-upon sigh. “Fine. But you will be written up for not informing me of your medical leave.”

“Yes, sir.”

The phone call dropped just that quickly and Kate lowered the phone, turned in his loose embrace to find Castle watching her warily.

“Your therapist?” he said, forced mirth in his voice that badly hid the stiffness in his cheeks. “Didn’t really sound like you made that up.”

“I didn’t. There’s a standing order from my therapist, though I asked him not to put it in my file. But that’s not actually what I was talking about, even if that’s what I led Gates to believe.”

His arms tightened, but trouble was lining his face. “What were you talking about.”

She pressed her free hand to his bare chest, skimming her fingers up to his throat. It was unlike him to be so still. “You.”

Castle’s eyes were on her hand but he lifted his gaze. “Me?”

“He said you were good for me. You were the recommendation from my therapist, Rick.”

“Oh.” A wolfish grin came over his face. “He’s a very smart man. After a phone call like that, so stressful and anxiety-ridden, it’s abundantly clear you should heed your therapist’s sage advice. What do you say? How about we get you a big dose of me?”

She laughed even as she slid her arms around his neck and pushed up on her toes, that rubbing friction that burned between them. “Hm, you may be right.”

A devilish amusement came over his face and he opened his mouth to speak-

But she pressed her fingers over his lips. “If you say sexual healing, I’ll have to do damage, Rick Castle.”

He darted past her blockade to nip at her neck. “Sexual healing. And do your worst, Kate Beckett. Not afraid of damage.”


Lemon Wedges

“With or without training wheels?” Darcy asked as she brought out a bottle of Stark’s best tequila.

Loki shrugged behind her, eyeing the rise of her skirt as she stood on tiptoe to reach the shot glasses on the shelf behind the bar. “Training wheels? I do not take your meaning.”

Darcy glanced at him as she placed the glasses down on the counter. “Salt and lemon to make the tequila go down easier. Some use them and some don’t.”

“I’ve never needed anything like that before now, so I’ll pass on the training wheels.”

He watched as she poured the shots and handed him his glass. His left eyebrow quirked a bit when she licked the top of her hand and poured some salt on it.

“You know, Darcy, if a simple lick was all you needed I’d have been pleased to assist.”

He had to resist a laugh when she shot him a half-disgruntled, half-aroused look.

“You, sir, can keep your magical tongue exactly where it is!” She reached across the counter to grab a lemon wedge from the bowl Tony kept there and dropped it next to her glass.

“Magical, is it? Last night it was also amazing, fantastical and what was it you said? Oh yes, your second favorite organ of mine.”

Darcy turned bright red. “Loki!” She hissed, glancing around to make sure they were still alone in the living room. She wasn’t embarrassed by their relationship, far from it, but everyone didn’t need to be privy to all the details.

“Your words, darling, not mine. And you certainly weren’t shy about using them last night.” He raised his glass, “Shall we?”

She shook her head with a smile. This semi-reformed villain of hers kept her on her toes for sure in both word and deed. And she enjoyed every moment.

Picking up her shot of tequila she toasted in his direction.

“To us,” she said before licking the salt off her hand, knocking back the tequila and stuffing the lemon wedge into her mouth.

“To us,” he repeated, taking his own shot and watching her with amusement. Darcy smiled then, a wide, lemon filled smile that made him laugh.

He leaned down and kissed her on the nose. “Don’t ever change, Darcy.”

College AU! Kim Jaehwan
  • Group Member: Wanna One Kim Jaehwan
  • Type: Fluff
  • Style: Bullet
  • Summary: Overconfident boy on your floor makes your blood boil

a/n: I FINALLY finished all the members!!! Thank you readers for all your time :) Will be posting more scenarios in the AU for a couple other pd101 kiddos! (Shoutout to wannaonescenarios for keeping me alive through this lmao pls read her stuff it’s all sosoSO cute)

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Auston Matthews-Fifty Shades Awkward Part 5

A/N - so i know you guys have been waiting very patiently for this do be done.  I hope it turned out as well as you all hoped..  There are a few things I think that should be mentioned here… All acts in this writing are consensual It is very nsfw 

Warnings: Being Tied up, Blindfolded, NSFW… 

Originally posted by werenski

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Lesson learned

Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: Jared is away on business and you go out for some drinks with you coworkers and Jared gets super worried bc you don’t text him back for a few hours bc your phone died. Jared comes home furious bc you didn’t contact him to let him know you okay and he punishes you

Author’s note: this is really smutty, like more than usual, and I haven’t written anything like this before, so it might be complete shit, so I’m sorry in advance

sidenote: smut, spanking, that sort of stuff

Your name: submit What is this?

Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

Jared had left for San Francisco this morning, as he would be attending a meeting, discussing the future of some of his investments. You, too had plans. At work, they had decided to go out for drinks, ‘to increase the team-spirit’. You weren’t complaining, most of your co-workers, had become good friends of yours, so spending a night out with them, was something you were looking forward to. Getting ready, you made sure to pack your phone, keys and purse. Around 8pm you called yourself a cab, and made your way to the bar, your boss had chosen.

Jared was finally back in his hotel room. The meeting had lasted longer than expected but sometimes that’s how it went. He knew about your plans to go out tonight, so he thought he should text you and see how it was going. A few minutes later, you reply came in, ‘Hey babe, I’m just on my way to the bar. How was your meeting?’ He quickly texted back, telling you, how the meeting was long but all in all a success, and wished you a fun evening.

The night went on, and Jared couldn’t sleep. Normally he would have you with him, to just talk or cuddle, until he was tired enough, but seeing as you weren’t, he thought he’d at least text you again, just to see how the evening had been for you so far.

Half an hour passed, and yet he didn’t receive an answer. He brushed it off, thinking that maybe you didn’t hear it. So, he sent another one. But once again, no reply. After several more tries, and a couple of hours later, Jared had yet to hear from you. He was starting to get angry. You knew, that you were supposed to have your phone close-by, in case he tried to contact you. The reason for it was, that he worried about you, a lot. Especially when he was far away, he needed to know that you were okay.
Jared had enough, and quickly packed his stuff together, ready to drive to the airport to take the next flight home. Almost 2 hours later, he was back home, waiting impatiently for you to arrive as well.

Soon enough, you arrived home, unlocking the door, to see your boyfriend standing there. “Jared? What are you doing here? I thought you’d be in San Francisco till tomorrow.”, you asked him confused. “Technically, it is already ‘tomorrow’”, he stated, coldly. “Is everything alright?”, you asked, whilst taking of your coat, putting it on the rack. “No. Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been. I haven’t heard from you since you told me you were in the cab on the way to some bar. Why the hell didn’t you answer my texts?”, he asked angrily. “Oh, babe. I’m sorry, my phone died.” He let out a deep sigh, “How many times to I have to remind you, to charge it before leaving the house.” “Yeah, I know, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise.” “You’re right, it won’t. And just to make sure, you don’t forget, I think I’ll have to teach you a lesson.”

You knew that voice, Jared only he used it, when he was going to punish you. Although you should feel intimated, you couldn’t help but start to feel aroused. His dominant tone, always turned you on. “Go upstairs into the bedroom and take everything of, except your panties. And no touching yourself.” You gulped, “Yes.” He raised his eyebrows, “I mean, yes Sir.” “Good, now go. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

You quickly ran upstairs, taking off your clothes and discarding them all over the floor. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, you waited for Jared to join you. The panties you still wore, were already damp from the excitement of what was to come. Jared certainly took his time, knowing that you were impatiently waiting for him. 

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I'd Like Something Else for Dinner. (Frank Iero x reader) SMUT!!

A request: frank iero x reader oral sex it’s. all I want all I Need

Warnings: obviously it smut, oral (both receiving, dirty talk (minor), Dom/Sub, swearing. (That’s all I can think of at the moment)

A/N: This is going to be like Danger Days era because okay. ( When he had long hair)


The shut quietly as Frank made his way into our shared home. I smiled and leapt up from the couch, letting my fluffy black blanket fall to the floor.

“Hey Frankie!” I said following him into the kitchen. His bags were already set on the counter and I immediately assumed that they were groceries.

“Hey darling. Wanna help me with the groceries?” He asked opening the fridge to reveal mostly empty shelves.

“Sure. How was the studio?” I asked taking out the strawberries and apples that he had gotten.

“It was great! Gerard killed it.” He said chuckling at the memory.

“Awesome! Well after we pack up here I’ll start dinner for us. Is that okay?” I asked after seeing his face. He was biting his lip and his eyebrows had drawn to the middle of his forehead at my suggestion to start dinner.

“Well, I was thinking we could have something else for dinner?” He asked looking at you with dark eyes.

“Frankie? What do you mean?” I asked looking at him with a confused expression.

“You know what I mean, darling,” he said letting his mouth go into a smirk. “Why don’t you go to the bedroom. I want you in your knees, waiting for me. You know what to do.” He said tilting his head in question.

“W-what about the groceries?” I asked getting flustered under his gaze.

“I’ll finish them. You aren’t disobeying are you Y/N?” He asked with a teasing undertone.

“No.” I said immediately slipping into subspace.

“No what?” He said like it was the most normal thing you could ever say.

“N-no sir.” I finished putting my head down with my arms behind my head.

“Good girl. Alright go on.” He said briefly pointing to the bedroom door.

“Yes sir.” I said quietly before I turned to quickly walk to the bedroom. I knew what was about to happen and I was excited for it. Frankie and I haven’t had time to do anything with him creating the next My Chemical Romance album.

My clothes fell to the floor as I pushed them off quickly. My knees hit the floor with a soft thud and I groaned at the pain the erupted in my knees.

“Hope you’re not starting without me.” He said walking into the bedroom before closing the door.

“No sir.” I said putting my hands behind my back while letting my head fall to look at the floor. He squatted quickly and was almost eye level with me. He put his hand on my cheek and let me look up at him.

“You’re such a good girl for me. How about this, if you let me fuck your mouth I’ll give you a little reward. That sound good?” He said and I nodded furiously. “Use your words, darling.” He said caressing my cheek with his thumb.

“Please fuck my mouth sir.” I begged watching as his eyes light up and a smile grace his face.

“Hm, so good.” He said standing up gesturing for me to undo his belt. My shaking fingers fumbled with his belt and he chuckled noticing my fast movements were causing the belt to get stuck. “Relax darling, we have all day.” He said putting his hand on mine. I took a breath and slowly undid the belt letting it fall to the floor with a thud.

The button on his pants was easier to undo and I praised him for not wearing the pants with the three buttons on them. I pulled.hianpants.down letting them hang on his hips, just so they wouldn’t get in the way of what he was about to do.

His underwear was tented in the middle showing the outline of his dick very well. I tentatively palmed his erection in my hand and he let out a quiet moan at that. With his moan spurring me on I pulled down his briefs, letting his erection spring free.

He grabbed onto my hair as I started to stroke him slowly. He squeezed my hair and let out another animalistic groan. I took this as a sign to keep going and I lick the underside of his dick along the thick vein that protruded.

“Fuck, Y/N open up.” He said patting my jaw lightly. I opened my mouth as wide as I could letting let him slide in. The weight and taste of him was enough to have me moan without being touched. He moaned at the vibrations I must have sent with my moan and he tested his limits and thrusted in tentatively.

No matter how many times I have let him do this to me he always starts with a few test thrusts to see how far he can thrust so he doesn’t hurt me. I relax my throat to let him all the way through and gag a little as he hits the back of my throat.

“Ah fuck darling. Your mouth always feels so damn good,” He said thrusting harder as I hollowed out my cheeks to create more pleasure for him. He moaned louder and threw his head back and began to thrust faster.

“I’m so close, Y/N. I want you to swallow.” He said thrusting deeply before I felt his cock twitch in my mouth. His release was salty on my tongue and I lapped it up eagerly, trying to draw every drop from him. He sighed in content and pulled his now limp dick out of my mouth, pulling up his briefs and pants.

“You did so good for me, darling,” he said a bit breathless. “Are you ready for your reward darling. I want you on the bed.” He said pointing the the bed with blue comforters covering it. I nodded and moved from my hands to my feet and j stumbled a little, my legs weak after kneeling in the floor for so long.

The bed was a very nice transition from the floor. It was soft and comfortable and I felt my knees sink into it as soon as I hit it. My head met the pillows as I watched Frank watch me. My knees came up a bit at the tension in my belly and my small insecurities.

“Still have that reflex, huh?” He said making his way over to the bed slowly.

“Sorry sir. It just habit.” I explained letting his hands ghost over my legs. I sighed at the simple touch and relaxed my tense legs immediately. He rubbed up and down my thighs before gently pulling them apart, exposing me.

“Damn Y/N, always so wet for me.” He said letting a finger gently rub up and down my slit. I moaned and arched my back at the small touch he gave my aching core.

“Fuck, please sir.” I begged, pushing against his hand.

“I’ll get there baby girl. I always take care of you don’t I darling?” He asked in a teasing manner.

“Yes sir.” I said watching him lay on his stomach as his head came closer to my dripping core. His soft brown locks tickled my thighs and I moaned lightly at the feeling. He chuckled and kitten licked my clit sending a shot of pleasure up my body. He teased my entrance once before place his hot, flat tongue onto my clit. “Oh fuck.” I said squeezing my legs around his head as my hands went into his hair.

“Uh uh,” he said pulling away from me immediately. I whined from loss of contact and retracted my legs and hands immediately. “This may be a reward but no touching.” He said curling his arms around my thighs to keep them steady.

He went right back to it, licking eagerly and my clit and my entrance. His tongue swirled around my clit once before latching his mouth onto it, sucking hard. He used his tongue to flick and swirl at my clit while sucking on the area as well. I moaned and gripped the sheets tightly loving the pleasure his tongue gave me.

“F-fuck I’m so close.” His said curling my toes to keep from cumming before he could say I could.

“Just a little further darling. I know you can do it.” He said before going right back at it, faster and harder with his movements. His dug his tongue in and out of my entrance while nuzzled my clit with his nose.

“Can I please cum sir. Please!” I begged, gripping the sheets tighter as my legs began to shake.

“You may cum Y/N.” He said taking his mouth away for a split second before putting it back into motion. It took a few seconds after his words but I finally hit my release and it was amazing. I let out a silent scream as he worked me through my orgasm, rubbing my legs while lightly licking and slurping at me, effectively cleaning me up.

“Holy shit.” I said he kept licking at my sensitive clit. He smiled and gave one mate hard lick watching my body spasm. He kissed up my body and finally reached my face.

“You did so good, darling.” He said before placing a long kiss in my swollen lips. The metallic taste of blood flooded my mouth as I licked my lips. “Bit your lip a little too hard didn’t you?” He teased running a thumb over my lips. He fell next to me and pulled me into his embrace.

“Thank you, Frank.” I said snuggling into his chest.

“Anytime my dear.” He said placing a small kiss to my forehead.

A Nap Never Hurt Anyone

Pairing: Graves X Reader
Request: Percival Graves & the reader where she’s his subordinate and has a crush on him and Tina “accidentally” lets it slip? Fluff? Smut is optional? :)
Warnings: Slight smut so if you do not like, please don’t read!
A/N: Alrighty, here’s something to help y'all’s thirsty selves! 99% of the requests in my inbox are smut for Graves and I am loving it!

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Just Sorry? (Chapter 4/4) (M)

Summary: The Seven Boys throw a party to welcome back Jackson and Jaebum to the Mansion. You decide to tease both boys by flirting with their guests but neither of them are too please

Chapters : 1 , 2 and 3

Warning: Smut ahead, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex, Explicit Language, Threesome later on.

Word Count: 2472

As soon as Jaebum’s words left his mouth, your body shivered as though a gush of cold wind passed throughout the room. You were in trouble and there was no amount of words that could get you out now. The teasing had taken things too a whole other level. Both boys were staring at each other as though they were communicating through their minds. And from the looks of things. Neither one was backing down from the challenge the brunette was putting up.

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Carpet Burn

Sam x Reader 

Warning - Smut! Some Dom/Sub

Word count - 1952

Enjoy ;)

 You stand to behind the bar at the roadhouse, spinning a wet glass around a towel. You smirk to yourself watching Jo flirt with Dean, the girl has it bad. 

You’d known Jo since you were kids, your parents were killed in a hunt and Ellen took you in. You often teased her about her crush on Dean, but it was light hearted she knew that. 

You glance over at Ellen who was putting the chairs onto the tables, she was less impressed by the two’s bonding.  

“Jo! You gonna leave Y/n dry those glasses alone?” She slams a chair down with extra force, stopping Jo’s laughter

“Oh, sorry Y/n….I hadn’t even realised you were back…” you chuckle lightly

“Oh it’s fine Jo, I’ve only been back for 15 minutes” you wink, watching Ellen retreat to the back room, bidding you goodnight, shutting the door behind her. You glance at the clock behind the bar, it was passed midnight.

“Go, it’s fine. These won’t take long” you add whispering, pushing her back towards Dean. Knowing her mother wouldn’t reappear. 

She throws her towel at you. A smile bright on her lips as she retreats back to Dean. You couldn’t blame her Dean was a good looking guy, but he wasn’t your type. You watch the pair move to the pool table. 

You glance over to the corner table that held Sam Winchester’s laptop, but no longer help Sam Winchester.  You frown to yourself that you hadn’t noticed him move, maybe he had gone to the bathroom or something. 

You turn around to place your dry glass under the bar and jump in fright. 

“Sam! You gave me a heart attack!” You laugh, you hand jumping to your chest. He chuckled, leaning towards you taking Jo’s towel from your shoulder where you’d thrown it.

“Thought you could use some help” he grinned, his cute dimples appearing as he picked up a glass from the pile on the bar. 

You feel butterflies in your stomach. Now that’s the kind of man you wanted. Sweet, funny, caring, sexy and a little dangerous. 

The two of you finished off the glasses, stealing the occasional glace at each other. Smirking at the sight of Dean and Jo. The latter suddenly appeared at your side. 

“We’re going for a walk” the look of glee unmistakable on her face. You shake your head at her laughing

“Sure, ‘a walk’. Just be quiet until you’ve passed you’re mom’s window. Oh and take your keys!” she hugged you before slipping out of the back door with Dean in tow. 

You roll your eyes at them, turning back to Sam who was mirroring your expression. You both snort in laughter. 

“Drink?” You offer holding up the closest whiskey bottle, he nods. You grab two glasses and pour. 

After a few drinks you pull the youngest Winchester over to the pool table. You rack up the balls and grab a cue.

“Y/n, I don’t really play….” you decide to tease him into it

“Hmm, ok. Guess I could always wait for Dean….” you see his eyes harden and his fists clench

*Woah that hit a nerve* 

He steps forward and takes the pool cue from your hands. Lining up his shot, you watch intensely as he hits the ball hard send three balls an straight into the pockets. He looks up at you, his eyes a shade darker

“Liar” you smirk at him. You watch him pull off a few trick shots

“This is hardly fair, you’re hustler Sam Winchester. How’s a poor girl like me meant to play fair?” You bend over the table slowly catching his reflection in the mirror as you line up your shot. 

You see his eyes drift down your legs and back up to the denim skirt you were wearing, licking his lips as they fell back to your rear.

You bit your lips to keep from laughing as you make your shot. You miss your next, sighing dramatically.

He clears the table in record time, beating you easily.

“Not one to go easy on a girl huh?” You laugh, watching him. You both silently decide against another game. Suddenly Sam checks his watch, your heart drops thinking he’s going to leave. 

“It’s getting late” he didn’t elaborate, you look at the clock and sure enough it was gone 2am. 

“Yeah” was all you replied with. Your eyes burning into his. 

“You tired?” He asked, you didn’t miss asked beat in replying no

“Me either” you smile at him, you see his muscles tense. His eyes darker, the look he sent you making you ache with need.

“Good” the words barely left your mouth, he stalked towards you slamming his lips to yours.

You gaps but respond eagerly, raising to your tip toes to push further into him. His hand dives into your hair as he walks you backwards. Your ass hits the pool table, his hands drop to your thighs, squeezing roughly before lifting you onto it effortlessly. 

You part panting heavily, his head resting on yours. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that” he whispers, you whimper in response.

“Not as long as I have Sammy” you raise your lips to his ear adding wickedly

“But that’s not all I wanted to do”

You hear a growl rip from him. He grabs your hips pulling you forward until your hips slam into his. The outline of his hard cock straining against his jeans. You moan and roll your hips. 

“Upstairs?” You shake your head reminding him of Ellen. 

“Car?” He murmurs against your neck, teeth grazing the skin

“You forget who went outside an hour ago?” You smile pulling his face to yours. 

He swears and drops his head to your shoulder. It seemed hopeless, it’s not like you could fuck on the pool table….could you? 

You wiggled you hips on the wooden surface, testing it’s stability. It barely moved, you grinned suggestively at Sam who was watching you in awe.

“You serious?” He asked his voice strained,  as if he was holding back from ripping your clothes off at the suggestion. 

“Why not? You’ve already screwed me over this table once tonight” You wink, referring to the beating you took at by our previous game. 

He’s on you in a second, lips roughly devouring yours. You whimper against him, who knew Sam Winchester could be so dominant?  God you liked it, you’d always had a kinky side, and right now Sam was bringing it all to reality. 

“Lie back” he ordered, you obeyed without question. The rough surface of the pool table likely to leave you with carpet burn, but you didn’t care.

He shoved up your skirt bunching it around your hips. He ripped your panties off, shoving them in his pocket.  You moan as he drops his head to your core, licking lightly up the centre. 

“Quiet or I’ll stop, understand?”

“Yes sir” You slam your hand over mouth the second the word fly from it,  cheeks burning with embarrassment.  

You hesitate to look at Sam but when you do the sight almost made you come right there. He was panting,  eyes burning. Sam wasn’t just a little dominant, Sam was a Dom! And right now you were his oh so willing Sub. 

The look in his eye tells you he hasn’t had chance to play in long while, and neither had you. Tonight was going to be memorable for you both. 

“Good girl” he smiled, dropping his head back to your slick core. You keep as quiet as you can, Sam’s tongue driving you closer and closer to oblivion. 

“Please, Sam. Can I come? Please?” You beg, you submissive side taking over. 

“Such a good girl, asking me so sweetly. I want you to last another minute. Then I’ll let you come. Understand?” His praise making your mind hazy. But you manage to answer him with a “Yes sir”

He continues to assault your clit, drawing patterns over the swollen bud. But then he dips his fingers into you. You gasp in surprise and pleasure as you fight hard against coming. 

“Almost there, another 30 seconds” You close your eyes trying to think of anything other than your need to come and Sam’s long talented fingers. You feel his fingers curl against your g-spot and you almost lose it.

“Oh God! Sam please, I cant” you beg fighting off your approaching orgasm

“Do you want to come Y/n?“ He asks teasingly

“Yes! Please, Sam please let me come. Please” you beg unashamedly. 

“Ok, since you asked so nicely” you don’t have to be told twice,  another flick of his finger and your fall apart. 

“Sam! Oh fuck!” You convulsed against the table

“Good girl, listened so well.” He praised,  you see him shift to stand, but you were too high on pleasure to pay attention. 

 You come back down with a crash when you feel him pull your hips to the very edge of the table and the tip on his impressive length against your opening. 

“This what you want Y/n? You want my cock buried in you?”

“Yes! Sam please, fuck me!” You plead reaching for his shirt balling it in your fist. He growled and thrust forward sheathing himself fully in your dripping core.

You cry out in pleasure,  throwing your head back against the hard surface. 

“Sit up” you do as he says and he tangles his fingers in your hair, pulling your face to his capturing your lips in a rough kiss.

He starts pumps in and out of you fast and hard, the angle hitting your sweet spot constantly. You thrust your hips as much as you can to meet his. 

“So fucking tight, you’re so fucking perfect Y/n” you whimper at his words. Your senses overwhelmed by pure bliss. 

“Oh god! Sam…so close…” you mewl, feeling yourself start to tighten around him. 

“Don’t come until I say you can” He grunts picking up speed. 

You squeal desperately as you try to hold back, you hand winding into his hair gripping it tightly making him growl. 

He slams into you impossibly harder, your bare ass cheeks dragging along the fabric of the pool table. You feel the sore burn there, knowing you’d have issues sitting tomorrow.  

You hear the pool balls clang off each other as the table shakes under the force of Sam’s thrusts. You’re unable to take anymore

“Please baby, please I need to come, please….” you beg, you head spinning with need

“Come for me baby” he whispers leaning his lips to your ear. 

“SAM!” You cry out in ecstasy, pulling him over the edge with you as he slams into you. Your sight goes white, the last thing you saw was the look of awe in Sam’s eyes. 

Your body goes lifeless, drowning in pleasure. Sam pulls you to him, holding you tightly. As you both come down from your ecstasy filled high. You kiss deeply. 

“Y/n that was amazing, it’s been a long time since…” you nod understanding, you’d both had nothing but vanilla ‘relations’ for a while

“Trust me Sammy I know” you kiss him tenderly. 

“Problem is, I don’t think I’m going to be able to let you go” you smile at the honest look in his eyes

“Well eventually we will have to get down from the pool table….my ass is kinda sore” he spanks your rear lightly for teasing him, making you gasp in pleasure and bite your lip

“Not what I meant” he glares down at you playfully

“I know” you smile teasing him, you reach to kiss him again. 

“I’m not going to be able to let you go either Sammy”


but-deans-back-tho - some smut for your Sam girls :) x

Silence is Golden ***NSFW

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1551

Warning: This is my first real smut I guess. I don’t….know how it happened….I promise. It was a promise for a friend and then I actually reached 500 followers, so here you go! A gift from me~~ I hope it’s not too terrible >////

Jongdae’s voice drifted into the kitchen from the living room as he spoke on the phone.

It sounded important.

Very important.

You knew it would be a bad idea, but for some reason, you weren’t fazed by it one bit.

After all, a little fun here and there isn’t a bad thing.

Jongdae would agree with you.

He was sitting on the couch, leaning forward a bit, elbows resting on his knees, and his phone pressed to his ear. You sidled up next to him and he acknowledged you with a little grin and leaned back into the couch to let you curl up next to him.

You did.

You also feigned patience, as if you were just quietly waiting for him to finish his business.

A smirk played at your lips, but Jongdae didn’t see it.

He was busy.

You innocently began playing with the fingers of his free hand and then moved on to the hem of his shirt, lightly tugging at it to fuel your amusement. Jongdae didn’t mind.

After another minute of patient waiting, the Trojan Horse was, without a doubt, accepted by now. The city was in danger. And Jongdae didn’t know what was coming.

Until it was too late.

“Yes sir, I understand-”

He shot you a look and raised an eyebrow as your hand had traveled a little further down than what anyone could ever accept as innocent. 

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Save Me - Chapter 34

“You have dark desires too, don’t you, baby girl?” He questioned.

Jared began to leave open mouthed kisses from my shoulder up my neck, stopping at my earlobe as he sucked it between his lips then giving it a little nip. My body was on fire, I was filled with so much want.

“Yyyesss.” I said with a shaky voice.

Suddenly his fingers stopped moving on my clit and he pulled his hand away completely. Pulling me hard against his chest, he tightened his grip on my sensitive throat.

Angrily he demanded, “Yes what, Vivie?”


“Yes, Sir.” I said in the strongest voice I could manage.

“Good Girl.”

Pleased with my response, he lessened his grip on my throat then moved his fingers back to my clit. Using his finger tip against my sensitive bud he continued to tease me. When I felt him kiss my temple then nuzzle his nose in my hair, he had my body in the palm of his hand.

“Do you trust me enough to explore some of those desire, baby girl? I won’t be upset if you say no, I will understand, I promise. Trust takes time.”

I was quiet…this was already intense and I had no experience that even came close to what Jared was doing to me. This isn’t just sex, it’s beyond that, it’s psychological too. It’s the psychological aspect I was so unprepared for. Jared didn’t push for an answer, he was quiet and gave me the time I needed. I’m sure he could probably hear my thoughts and fears just as well as I did. Still, I came to the only conclusion I could…

“I trust you, Sir.” I said turning my head to nuzzle into his neck, breathing in his scent.

And I truly did trust him. I knew he wouldn’t do anything beyond what I could handle because he seemed to have this uncanny ability to read me. I had no doubt that if I got scared or if I was upset or asked him to stop, that he would stop. He would listen.

“You are a very rare and beautiful creature, Vivie. I promise I’ll go slow.” he said as he tilted my head back, turning my lips to meet his.

As slowly as he caressed his tongue with mine was as slow as he moved his cock in and out of me. He set a gentle but steady pace and with his middle finger back on my clit, he began to softly tap.

Each tap was like he sent a lightening bolt through my entire body. After he would tap, he would still his finger over my cIit. Because each tap was at a different pressure, each felt different and unexpected. There was no way to prepare for the next one. I tried to keep my arms at my sides but I couldn’t. Wrapping my hands around his forearms I begged.

“Please, may I cum, Sir.”

I was so close. Between the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of me, the tapping on my clit AND his tongue in my mouth, I was losing the battle holding back but desperately wanting to wait for permission.

“No, you may not.” He said as he stopped all movement and took his finger off my clit. I let out a cry of frustration. ‘NO, PLEASE DON’T STOP,’ I internally shouted!

“I promise I won’t make you wait long, baby girl.” He said as he soothed his hand over my hair.

I let his forearms go and fisted my hands as I rested my arms at my sides again, my frustrated body slowly coming back from the edge. Giving me another moment to calm he held me….and waited.

“I want you to bend forward, baby. Put your cheek on the sheet and raise that beautiful ass in the air for me.” Jared said as he unwrapped his arms from my body.

Moving my body up and forward would cause his cock to slide out of me. What torture is this? That’s the last thing I wanted. I wanted him to fuck me. To make me cum not make me let him go.

“I don’t want you not inside me. Please, Sir, I’m begging you.”

Did that sentence even make sense? I didn’t know…I wasn’t sure what was coming from my mouth, I just knew I didn’t want to feel empty.

“I will not repeat myself. Do as I say.” He demanded as he wrapped his hand around my neck again squeezing tightly. Turning his lips to my ear he continued, “Do not disobey and make me punish you because I promise you, I punish harshly.”

Oh shit…. I had enough wits about me to know punishment would probably be worse.

“Yes, Sir.” I finally relented and he released his hold on me again. I bent forward very slowly placing my cheek on the sheet. As his long, wide cock slipped out of my body, I felt so empty. It took all I had not to whimper.

With my cheek now on the sheet, I raised my ass high just as he demanded, showing my core to him as I spread my legs slightly. Silently, I was begging him to release some pent up tension in my body but my mind knew that he wasn’t anywhere near as ready as I was.

Imagine: Oswald x Reader

Oswald Cobblepot x Reader 🐧❤️

{Imagine being Penguin’s right hand and arguing with him about his telling Gabe he was okay at Ed’s place after the party shooting before telling you} 

 No immediate warnings. Hurt/Comfort I guess.




“Ed said he’s going to make dinner”, Oswald came to the room and sat on the bed while you where still looking thought the window.

“Does he need help?” You asked, not really interested in whatever that peculiar person called Ed was doing for dinner.

“No. I don’t think so…”, said Oswald.

You nodded, without averting you gaze from the window crystals. The city was so beautiful at night, mesmerising. The sight of the skyscrapers in the horizon gave you a feeling of peace. Besides, Oswald was alive, now you knew, you could be at ease. Yet, you weren’t.

“(y/n)?”, he called you. Slowly, you turned around to face him, doing your best the keep a straight face. Oswald couldn’t think of anything but how beautiful you looked when you were angry.

“Is there anything you need, Mr. Cobblepot?”

He stared at you before saying anything. Your stomach tied in knots at the moment your eyes met his icy blues.

“Yes, I need honesty. I would appreciate that specially coming from you, (y/n)”.

“I don't…” you held you tongue before saying something compromising and took a deep breath as a last effort to keep you serenity. “What do you want to know, Mr. Cobblepot?”

“I don’t now. Why are you acting like you were crossed with me for an instance?” He stood up a took a few steps closer to you. “And why you from all people are calling me ‘Mr. Cobblepot’?”

“Isn’t that your name, sir?”

“(Y/N), please. I know you better”

“74 hours” you said, although talking was already dificult. It was like if you had a lump in your throat.


“That’s the time you were missing”, you explained, without looking at him. You couldn’t. You felt too assamed, because of both the cracking tone of your voice, and Oswald’s intense gaze “I found the car in the woods soon after you left the party, blood was spilled all over the driver’s seat. I had no doubt it was your blood, I saw you getting shot, Oswald. I spent the next two days looking for you but I couldn’t find you, no one could… then Victor said- I feared the worst, I didn’t wanted to consider it but I did!”

Oswald felt confused to see you so upset, and then very surprised that you cared that much.

“(Y/N)…” he reached for your hand but you turned away.

“I thought you were dead… and I- do you know what that was like for me?!” You knew you could burst into tears at any moment now. All the pain was begging to finally be let out. You turned your face to the window again, you didn’t want him to see you like this. You hated crying, you hated being this weak.

“You know I do…”, he replied in a deep soft voice. You looked at him and you saw the suffering in his eyes. Of course he knew, you idiot. He’d just lost Gertrude for God’s Sake. You heart crumpled. At that moment you only wanted to hug him tight, to embrace him and take all his pain away, but you remained still… you and your damn pride.

“You should have called me”.

“It wasn’t the time… I was-”.

“Murdering Leonard” Ed intervened from the kitchen and Oswald rolled his eyes.

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“Thank you, Ed” he snapped. “I was busy, (Y/N)”

You crossed your arms over your chest.

“And still you called Gabe as I recall”, his face reddened. “Just a tiny call to let me know you were alive! Was that really much trouble?”.

Oswald ran a hand through his neck and pressed his lips together, ill-at-ease.

You had said from the very begining that his plan for taking out Galavan at the gala was impulsive and reckless. “He wants you to come after him! He wants you there were he can kill you. Don’t do it, wait and think” you said that and he had sent you away. He was too angry to change his plans. For a moment, everything seemed like it was going to play out the way he wanted, until Jim intervened.
He knew now that you were propably right from the very start, but he would never admit it to your face. That was the reason why he couldn’t call you first. He didn’t want you to know of his failure, he didn’t want you to think he was defeated. But again, that was something he wasn’t going to admit out loud.

“Well, I don’t have to explain myself to you, do I?!” He bellowed, annoyed.

Yo took a step back. It hurt. Not just his words but what lied beneath. He didn’t care about how you felt. But… Why would he? He was your boss after all, nothing more. And all you did was follow orders as part of his henchmen.

“No… of course you don’t” you muttered, bitterly. “I’m sorry for thinking I was important enough to deserve a call. I promise will mind my place in the future, Mr. Cobblebot”.

He sighed and grabbed your hand. You tried to break loose but his grip tighten.

“(Y/N), don’t make a fuss of it! I’m alive aren’t I?” He tried to smile as he drew near you.

“Yes, sir” you replied and took a step back, he let go of you reluctantly. “My behavior is unnaceptable. It won’t happen again”.

He swalowed and lowered his eyes, gazing upon the bedroom floor. Then, he nodded.


Originally posted by mr-april

“If you don’t need anythig else, Mr. Cobblepot…” you said heading towards the door “I’ll stand guard outside the building”.

“(Y/N)?” You looked at him askance. He was still staring at the floor. “I’m sorry if I worried you. It is nice to know… that someone actually cares about you”.

Then he raised his eyes to look at you. It felt like your heart skipped a beat. A warm feeling flew through your chest and you tried not to smile but it was impossible. You felt an urge to kiss him, but you knew it was not appropiate. He probabbly didn’t feel the same way about you.

Originally posted by mr-april

“I will always care about you, sir”. You said, bowing your head.

“Oswald, please…” he said. “I- I like how my name sounds in your lips”.

You bit your lower lip when he finally smiled at you.

“I will always care about you, Oswald”. You said before leaving the room. Your heart was beating fast in excitement. Perhaps there was hope.