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as a latinx/latine…do you ever think about those countries that are completly alone? like fucking usa, i mean they have a relationship with canada i guess??…europe is too far away (also, europe has their own squad)….and well, let’s not talk about their relationship with México. As a latinx, for me is impossible to imagine being so alone. I mean, i’m from Argentina, that’s literally the Slytherin of Latinoamerica but even then….that means always fighting with Uruguay like siblings (’you’re so small…’ ‘shut up argentina!! i’m a grown up!!’ ‘aaww’ / ‘that WAS MINE, u bitch!!!’ ‘shut up Uruguay, that was mine first!!’ we are the older ones because we are meaner and they hate us, but don’t you dare to touch thEM!!) or talking/fighting about fútbol with Brasil but singning the same songs even when our languages are different, literally just talking shit about/with Chile (it’s complicated), saying ‘hey. hi. you’re cool’ to @Perú without any fucking reason…and so many other things. Like, i know that i can go anywhere in latinoamerica and i’m going to find people with the same traditions, or the same way to be raised, or the same fucking music that i grown up with!! (the music!! like, im from the south of latinoamerica but i know that if someone puts some latin song, me and mexicanos or people del Caribe would be like “HEEEEY!!!”) even if we have our differences, we will share our culture because we are fucking proud of it: that could mean a cute ‘hey! you want some of our traditional food??’ or just being dicks like ‘…you know…you used that word all day talking about that innocent thing, but in here it really means penis so lmao”.

In hard times, we hold each other. Even if the world is looking to other way, everyone in latinoamerica is looking at Venezuela right know, just fucking worried about them. We know the pain of dictatorships, of our people, of the forced silence. Seeing Venezolanos, crying and screaming for their rights, for food, for justice, hits in the hearth of every latinx/e. We are with you, Venezuela, con tu gente. Lloramos contigo tus fallecidos, tanto ustedes como nosotros vamos a seguir pidiendo justicia por ellos y por muchos más. And let’s not forget about Cuba, please. Even when is about natural disasters: we remember your people, Perú. We remember your people, Colombia.

Yes, we are not perfect, we can be xenofobos/racistas/etc. Let’s don’t deny that. But….we also have something so beautiful and we have to appreciate that.

If you want something being remembered about your latin country (music, foods, traditions, history, etc) please share them in this post!!

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So, I just finished TKOF and oh my god. Do you know how many times you have reduced me to a sobbing mess?! DO YOU?! Also, a story where Natsu is really powerful but not overpowered and isn't portrayed as a complete idiot? SINGN ME THE F UP! And I just realized that I you are also the author of DDD and DC and holy shit why Am I just now talking to you? Like DDD is one of my absolute fandom faves and I'm only now finding your tumblr? WTF is wrong with me? I love you and your writing just a FYI

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(I don’t know what to say other than thank yooou oh my gosh this made my day especially when I’m in such a writer’s block I love you thank you I hope you like my other stories :3)

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I was in love with elias now i'm even more in love with simo!!! isn't he cute? he said "holaa amigooos" also i was all time thinking "NO SINGING NO SINGNING" lol Also mutta! he seemed so much like mutta character, he's adorable! Skam is chaos now but them being so nice we're lucky, it's totally worth.


I love Simo!!!

When he said “hola amigooos” and then “tranquilo” I was like: he’s speaking in spanish !!!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly love all of them seriously!!

Mutta is so adorable and Simo is so funny and Cengiz is the cutest thing ever!!! I’m sad we didn’t get to see Adam, I love him!!!

I LOVE this cast they’re honestly the best

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hello my dear :) i have a friend who has seven retrogrades in her birth chart (mars, uranus, neptune, pluto, chiron, juno and node). How does that affect her? I have also many retrogrades (five in Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and lilith. It is important in which singn the retrograde planet is?

of thats a whole lot of retrograde!!! basically, when youre in retrograde, it usually means that planet has a reverse effect on you. like with mars retrograde, instead of being very forward and dominant, you may have trouble being assertive. i dont believe the sign particularly matters when your planet is in retrograde. 

but, heres what they means:

mercury retrograde: might have a quirky sense of humor. might perceive information differently than others. tends to doubt their thoughts, and put a lot of thought and consideration before communicating them. may be prone to talking to themselves. most likely able to express themselves better through writing.

venus retrograde: probably take socializing very seriously. may come off as shy. tends to keep their love life private, but feel love deeply. may be self-conscious, never feeling good enough or attractive enough. may doubt that others love them. 

mars retrograde: may have trouble asserting themselves. might also express anger in bursts, rather than be fluid with it. might work better at her own pace than following a schedule or routine. 

jupiter retrograde: may have different belief system or unusual thoughts. might worry about the future, and how their actions might affect their future. they dont feel deserving of what others might feel entitled to. 

saturn retrograde: might feel guilt and self-doubt more so than other people. might be fearful of things, but feel the need to face the world with a brave face. might have a fear of letting people down. might not like order or discipline. 

uranus retrograde: might not like change. might try to hide what they are good at. might have built up energy, where they might feel the need to randomly rebel to release their energy. 

neptune retrograde: might feel uncomfortable expressing their beliefs, compassion, and vulnerabilities. may be a private person, and might not trust others easily. they might not dream big for fear of being let down. 

pluto retrograde: might have a fear of being manipulated or betrayed. might have a habit of hiding their fears so they don’t appear vulnerable. might not want to be in control of certain situations, and if they do they might not let others know. 

chiron retrograde: might have the initiative for self discovery, and unearth hidden talents. probably turns to themselves to heal before others. 

juno retrograde: may face issues of unfairness and inequality

lilith retrograde: may be very honest. they may have many secrets, but they cannot keep them all bottled up. tend to be softer than a lilith direct. 

the true node is usually in retrograde, so its not that big of a deal!!

hope this helped you out some!

To be honest among the rookies girl groups (2014/2015/2016) Twice is the one with the worst singning ability. Like Gfriend, Blackpink, Oh My Girl, IOI, Lovelyz, Red Velvet, Laboum, Sonamoo, Gugudan, Cosmic Girls, CLC : all of them have better skills. So that’s why I feel like Twice are a little too overated.

The cutest things about the singns:

Aries: their hair. wow, it´s sculped by the gods

Taurus: goal aesthetic

Gemini: how they can make literally anyone laugh and their lil laugh is contagious

Cancer: their smile even though they get emotional sometimes

Leo: basically everything

Virgo: such an amazing sense of style

Libra: actually so confident about themselves and it´s cute to see them flaunt it

Scorpio: their lil smirk when they´re proving a point

Sagittarius: their voice. it´s so calming

Capricorn: how their eyebrowns furrow when they concentrate

Aquarius: sarcasm and sense of humor. you´re so clever and cute

Pisces: so passionate and draw so well


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yay, new scenario blog!! good luck, admin-san ❤ do you have kageyama, oikawa, tsukishima and kuroo relationship headcanons??

Thank you, ano-kun. nwn
I have done
Tsukishima, Oikawa and Kuroo, but because you’re all so sweet and kind, I will add a few more. (ΘεΘ

Kageyama can be very shy publicly when in a relationship, but only because he’s afraid to screw things up with you. When it’s just the two of you, he will be very caring and affectionate.
• Because he’s not very good with words, Kageyama likes going to the movies with you, where talking isn’t necessary. It’s the silent kind of love, the love that Kageyama prefers. 
• If you play any instruments, there is a big chance that Kageyama will fall for you right away. He loves is when his partner is very creative, because he likes the feeling of being proud of his partner.
• When you kissed Kageyama for the first time, his mind went crazy. He felt the earth move in his hands, as if he had caught a bird that tried to escape his palms. 

• Dates in the park are a big go for Oikawa. He loves showing you off as his partner, and eating outside is genious to him. He loves it when the birds are singning, and if another guy should look at you, he would give you a long kiss, which would mean “back off” to the rest of them.
• The first time your eyes got locked on Oikawa’s, he felt as though the warmth of the sun had taking place in his stomach and cheeks, and that the reflection of the moon were to be trapped inside of your eyes. Never had he ever felt more hung up on someone, and he caught himself wishing for the moment to last forever.

• When it would be Tsukishima’s turn to plan a date, he would take you out skiing. Because if you were to fall, he would play the hero and help you get up on your feet again. This wouldn’t be something that he would admit, though, loving to be the hero of the day.

 • Kuroo will always remember the moments he was with you, but there is one moment that he is sure to never forget: The first time he ever laid with you. He felt your heart close to his, and he felt as though the whole was filled with envy, because he was with the most precious person to ever walk on the earth: You.

So, I was listening to the song The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, and I guess I got carried away. ;w;