and singing praises to his nose because i like his nose

♡ bts as boyfriends  [ jungkook ]

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- pairing: jungkook x reader

- warnings: fluff with a bit of smut which has been made clear, please skip past if this makes u uncomfortable!

seokjin - yoongi - namjoon - hoseok - jimin - taehyung - jungkook

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  • jungkook invented being a big fat SOFTIE who’s head over heels in love

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99 Ways to Turn Zen On (NSFW-ish)

A small thing that @michiigii-writes-mysme and I did for fun while chatting. Some also came from @vess-hs ! You guys are amazing :33

There are only 2 things that can kill Zen’s beast

  1. Cats
  2. Jumin

But what about what turns it on? What gets Zen riled up enough that he’s just tempted to pounce on you? LET’S FIND OUT. 

99 Things that Turn Zen On:

  1. Holding your hand
  2. Your smile
  3. The smell of your shampoo.
  4. The cute way you sneeze. If MC has allergies, spring becomes mating season
  5. How you have to stand on your toes to kiss him. Extra points if you’re short enough you have to jump
  6. The way you say his name
  7. The way you say his real name
  8. The way you stretch when you yawn. Bonus points if your shirt lifts up and your belly button shows
  9. The way you roll around in your sleep Wrap your leg around him
  10. Your sleepy face when you first wake up in the morning
  11. The way you giggle every time he kisses you good morning or good night
  12. The way you pout when you don’t get your way.
  13. How cute your face gets when you’re mad at him or at anything really. Unless it’s serious, he can’t help but want to hug you
  14. Your expression when you’re deep in thought. “So cute…! …I’m  gonna sex you up, now.”
  15. The way you scratch your nose or twirl your hair when you lie.
  16. The way you watch him when he’s saying some particularly dramatic lines.
  17. The way you can’t keep character and end up laughing     whenever you help him practice lines
  18. Whenever you bend over to pick something up off the floor. Or out of the oven. Especially if you’re wearing a short skirt
  19. The way you throw flour at him whenever the two of you attempt to bake.
  20.  When you play with his hair.
  21. When you pull his hair
  22. When you “accidentally” leave the door open while you shower.
  23. Joining him when he’s showering
  24. The smell of the fabric softener you use.
  25. When you wear his clothes because you don’t have fresh ones of your own
  26. When your hair gets a little windswept so it looks a little wild…he finds it sexy.
  27. Those moments when you subconsciously start braiding his hair when you’re just cuddling
  28. Sitting in his lap
  29. Grind on his lap
  30. The way you sway your hips when you dance.
  31. The way you dance at home when you don’t think he’s watching
  32. When you sing with the radio when you think nobody’s around.
  33. When you try and sing duets with him for fun, even if you’re off-key
  34. The color of the lipstick/lipgloss you always wear. it makes him think of kissing…
  35. When you’re brushing your hair in front of the bedroom mirror and humming a small tune
  36. Holding an umbrella for you when it rains
  37. Those random times you just run into the rain with neither an umbrella or a care in the world. Bonus points if you’re wearing a white shirt
  38. Form-fitting sweaters
  39. Sleevless tops
  40. Short skirts and knee-high boots
  41. Those special nights when you just put on sexy underwear and heels
  42. Lace
  43. Push up bras
  44. Hairstyles that reveal the back of your neck.
  45. When you wear clothes/hairstyles that show off your hickeys. Now the world knows you’re his
  46. Shirts that reveal your midriff or lower back in certain positions.
  47. Long socks that squeeze your thighs
  48.  Anklets
  49. When the temperature is cold in the apartment and you’re not wearing a bra
  50. When you link arms with him while you walk and he gets a little sideboob…
  51. When you wrap your arms around his waist, only to give his ass a good squeeze
  52. When you rub noses with him.(“Nose Graze?  More like nose humping, it was so sexually charged!” -The OC)
  53.  When you lightly kiss him anywhere on his face
  54. Watching you walk away
  55. Those rare moments when you actually get sassy and throw a really sick burn at some rude fan or pervert
  56. Watching you pick your outfit out for the day
  57. Watching you cook/bake in the kitchen, since you told him you could handle dinner yourself Boy is still learning how to cook something that isn’t microwaveable
  58. When you spoonfeed him something. “Say ‘ah,’ oppa~!“
  59. When you open your mouth for him whenever he offers his own food. Sticking your tongue out a little will have a 120% chance of unleashing the Beast
  60. When you stick your tongue out at him while you’re teasing  him
  61. Being so focused on something your tongue sticks out of your mouth
  62. Seriously, just stick your tongue out
  63. When your clothing slips off of your shoulder
  64. Putting your legs on his lap when you’re both relaxing on   the couch
  65. Running your foot up and down his leg
  66. Wrap your legs around his waist if you jump up and hug him
  67. Ghosting your fingers over the back of his hand
  68. Nibble/Suck on his  fingers
  69. 69
  70. gently grazing your nails across his skin to make him shiver
  71. Kissing him right in the hollow of his neck, just under his Adam’s Apple
  72. Nuzzle his neck, especially when you’re both in bed and just sleeping
  73. The little sounds you make when you sleep
  74. The way you just stare at him before he completely wakes up. He knows that you’re peppering kisses on his face, thinking he’s asleep
  75. Calling him “oppa”
  76. Teasing him about the Beast
  77. Letting him take the lead
  78.  Letting him chase you around the apartment. Extra points if you let him catch you. “The big bad wolf has you now, my princess~”
  79. Telling him how manly and cool he is
  80. Run your hands over his muscles. Even if it’s just a massage.
  81.  Running your eyes over his muscles. Even if he’s onstage.
  82. Cheering him on the loudest during the applause
  83. Licking your lips
  84. The way your eyes glint with just a tiny hint of jealousy when his fans gather around during a date
  85. Melted chocolate
  86. Implications that someone may be watching
  87. Seeing you lean against a mirror. Makes his imagination run wild.
  88.  Seeing you on top of and straddling his Motorcycle
  89. Taking off your sweater/jacket to reveal…a backless dress!
  90. Casually run your hands across his thighs, especially if you’re both seated at a table and there are others around. Bonus points if it’s the rest of the RFA
  91. Licking your own fingers
  92. Licking your fingers when they’re coated in a sticky substance
  93. Asking him how a new outfit/article of clothing looks on you. “Let me show you how much I like it…”
  94. Wearing his trademark white jacket. Bonus if that’s all you’re wearing.
  95. Watching you/visiting you at work.
  96. When you ask him to keep costumes on during quickies in his dressing room
  97. When you praise his acting
  98. Taking videos or photos of the two of you during intimate moments. All intimate moments
  99. MC

TITLE — good morning.
WARNINGS — explicit sexual content and some swearing.
WORD COUNT — 2,359 words.
AUTHOR’S NOTE — this is mostly smut and a little fluff so please read at your own discretion. i usually don’t write smut but this came to me one day and for some reason, i just had to write it. this is my first shawn mendes fic ever and i had a lot of fun writing this so i hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading !

Rousing from sleep, my arm is quick to stretch out across the expense of bed to feel Shawn’s soft and warm skin. However, cold emptiness greets me, his side of the bed vacant. The sound of running water sinks in and the melodious voice that goes with it brings a sense of calm over me. At ease, I rest a little longer, sleep pulling me back into a light slumber.

I awake about fifteen minutes later—though it feels more like three hours—and sit up in bed. Reaching over for my silk robe (a gift from Shawn), I put it on and tie the sash loosely around me. I am bare underneath safe for my underwear. Just as my feet hit the floor, the adjoining bathroom door swings open, revealing a wet-haired Shawn Mendes with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Morning princess,” his eyes light up at the sight of me. “Slept well?”

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tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease

rating: soft

word count: 755 

pairing/focus: lee donghyuck/haechan & you

(note: for everyone’s beautiful sunflower and actual angel.. thank you for existing… and thank you @jaeminnana for helping me name this ily!! this is the first time i’ve written in a long time i’m nervous)

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Seventeen When You Get Sick

I hope this pleases you love 💕it took me like an hour and now my heart hurts bc of how much I love these 13 boys :’)

S. Coups:

I feel like coups would want to be by your side 24/7. You make him soft, and when he sees you being pouty because of your cold his instinct is to take care of you. Lots of cuddles too. You could be sitting on the couch, sniffling, and he’d grab a blanket and wrap the both of you up. And as you fall asleep he’d kiss your head askdhaja


This cat trapped inside a human would say some shit like “sleep on it” And you pout bc gdi jeonghan I have a sore throat it won’t go away with sleep. But really he cares so he hits up Mingyu and cooks you a soup to help your throat. You get all smiley and while you’re sipping that soup you tease him. He just rolls his eyes playfully and after you’re done he pulls you into him and y'all just cuddle like the cuties you are.


He’d smile cutely when you told him you weren’t feeling well. Didn’t really know what to do so he lead you back to your room and had you lay down. Minutes later he comes back bear hugging all the junk food he could find around the house. “Josh are you sure this is healthy-” “just let it happen Y/N.” You two feed each other the snacks while cuddling. You accidentally dropped a bag of sour patch kids and all the sugar got in the bed and instead of fretting he just grabbed your face and gave you a soft kiss. Man Joshua loves you I hope you love him just as much.


This puppy would do whatever it took to help you ok don’t even try to deny it. As soon as you said your stomach was cramping he had you go back to bed with even more blankets wrapped around you. “Don’t worry babe I’ll make you feel better.” He sends you a cute smile and goes off to get you a heat pack. If there wasn’t one lying around then he’d just buy one and break all the driving rules bc he doesn’t want you hurting for too long. He’d give you the heat pack and try to cook you your favorite dish. You’d eat breakfast in bed like a queen bc to him you’re his queen. You’d be wrapped in his arms and as you drift to sleep he whispers “my good looks were the real reason you feel better.” You would slap him jokingly while he whines bc he thinks he was right.


This lil cutie would cling onto you the whole day. He would call Mingyu just so that he didn’t have to leave your side to cook you something. Lots of stolen kisses. “Soonyoung I need to go to the-” *kisses you* You lowkey love it tho. Once Mingyu is done cooking for you Soonyoung fights with you bc he wants to feed you. “I CAN DO IT” “BUT YOU’RE SICK YOU ALREADY HAVE TO GO THROUGH SO MUCH.” Yeah he ends up feeding it to you. When you’re tired he’ll grab a bunch of blankets and pillows and builds you a fort to sleep in. Overall, Hoshi is boyfriend goals whoever snatches this boy is lucky.


Coincidentally, you’re both sick. It’s really cute tho. The two of you would cough at the same time and you’d give each other these funny looks. He’s honestly the type to read to you with music playing softly in the background. Gets mad when you start hyping up and forgetting that he’s reading to you. You want to go out and eat and he debates with you but eventually you win bc you’re too cute to him. Makes sure to bundle you both up though. When y'all get home you bet your ass it’s cuddle time. You two lay in bed, sharing a blanket with books out. You’re too comfortable to grab your phone to listen to your playlist so you share earbuds. It’s cute. You end up falling asleep on his shoulder and he gets all soft and decides to sleep too. Accidentally coughs on your face. You don’t wake up though so he keeps it a secret with himself. I love wonu snjsjsshaa


Despite not knowing what to do he tries to help as much as he can. I bet you if he was in his studio he would stop what he’s doing and go to make you feel better. When it comes to you he can get really soft. Holds you so carefully while spooning as if he’s afraid he’ll hurt you. You say that you’re craving a bag of chips and he gets up and goes searching for some. If he can’t find anything he’ll just give you the next best thing. You pout about it and Jihoon can’t help but think about how kissable your lips look. So to stop your whining he just holds your chin and presses his lips to yours. If the other members ever saw him like this- he’d go from soft to angry in 0.002 seconds. And bc you’re sick he’s even more affectionate towards you. He’d grab your hand and just kiss it bc “your hands are pretty.” Sometimes you question if the Jihoon before you is the actual Jihoon. But he’s just caring for his baby. He will occasionally complain about how picky you are when sick tho lmao.


MOVE OKAY THIS SWEETHEART IS GOING TO BE CARING AF. You text him saying “I can’t speak bc i have strep throat” Seokmin sends you a pout and hands you a water bottle. “Drink more water.” You’re not thirsty but you drink it since he’ll most likely force you to anyways. Always asking you if you need anything and if you shake your head he asks you if you’re sure. Makes you eat soft foods so that your throat doesn’t irritate anymore. You’re reaching for some popcorn? He’ll snatch it and put it all the way up the shelf so you can’t reach it. At least you still have ice cream. You two binge watch your favorite shows and you beg him for a bag of chips and he feels bad so he lets you eat it. His head would be resting on your shoulder and his arms would be hugging your waist. As the night ends you grow tired and your eyes begin to shut. “Thank you Seok-” “You can’t speak, Y/N, or you won’t get better.” You smile at how caring he was and drift off.


He was up and cooking breakfast for you two when you hug him from behind and pout about your stuffy nose. He was currently busy so he just pecked you softly. While something was baking he’d take out some medicine and make you take it. “I know it’s not good but it helps.” Goes back to cooking bc he doesn’t want anything to burn lol. Okay but why do I see him blowing your nose for you. Gyu is quick to grab you anything you need. Extra pillow? You got it. Craving ice cream? Already on it. Need a new tissue box? He’s back in 2 seconds. If it’s raining you two would usually go out and fool around but this time he doesn’t for your well being. There were times where your pouting almost convinced him but he fought his soft spot for you. You’d watch a drama with him on the couch, you on his lap with a hoodie of his on. You were fine but he just threw his hoodie at you like “wear it.” He hands you the box of tissues when you ask. “Tissue.” *grabs box so fast his arm pops* Didn’t want you getting up every minute so he set the trash can near you. What a cutie omg I love this tall boy so much :((


I see Minghao as the one to be like “doNT SNEEZE ON ME YOU BACTERIA INFESTED RAT” When you pout at the name though he’d say he’s sorry and that he loves you. But legit it’s like you’re some monster bc he won’t even let you cuddle him. Only slight hugs. Let’s you kiss him tho. But not too much. But lowkey wants to kiss you forever, but then again he doesn’t want to get sick. Besides that he doesn’t know what to do so he just stays by your side. “Hao could you get the tea right there?” “the what” “how do you not know what tea is.” “IM PANICKING OKAY” Isn’t a cook so he just warms up those soup cans. You’re disgusted but accept it anyways because that’s your boo and he’s trying. Kisses the top of your head and asks if you’re feeling well. When you fall asleep on him he smile and cuddles you back. He wakes up the next morning and he’s sick and he blames you but doesn’t really care bc at least someone he loves infected him. Love this boy pls


I feel like Kwannie here would be a bit bipolar. He’d say to stay away from him but when you do he’s like “wait no come over here and love me.” The type to feed everything to you. Even if it’s just something as simple as a cracker. It’s cute until you sneeze and he says something about your germs. This boy doesn’t want to get sick because it’ll upset fans so he restricts kisses. Unless it’s on the cheek. You two eat a bunch of sugary goods while watching movies. Y'all fall asleep with Netflix still playing and wrappers everywhere. You’re far apart but his hand is intertwine with yours and it’s cute :’).


Baby Hansol would worry for you. “Does it hurt a lot? Do you want some water or something?” Would totally rub your stomach with his warm hands if the cramps really hurt. Has you close by him at all times. If you take a nap he takes pictures of you the whole time because you look cute all cuddled up in the blankets. Posts 2 pictures out of the whole gallery. Hansol would try to cook you something you like and it wouldn’t come out perfect but you appreciate the effort and still eat it. Blushes at the praise you give him for it. He’d be extra and carry you around everywhere. “Sol just put me down-” “You’re my princess y/n your feet can’t touch the floor.” Kisses you a lot more than usual because of your pouts. If you make a whiny voice he squeals on the inside but squishes your cheeks. When y'all go to bed he hugs you from inside your shirt to soothe you. He falls asleep with this big dorky smile on his face shejwkjssh he makes me soft


Poor baby wouldn’t know what to do. Asks if there’s anything you need multiple times. Hugs you to make you feel better. You find it cute and giggle at how caring he was being. Chan would cling onto you like a koala. Kisses you and asks if you’re fine. I can see him calling the other members and asking what to do when someone was sick. He’d forget though because of how much thoughts about you were in his head. When he’d apologize about not being the best at taking care of you you’d just hug him tightly and kiss his face all over, reassuring him that he’s doing his best. Cuddled up in his hold, you’d ask him to sing for you and he would. Smiling, you go into a deep slumber against him. He’d smile and kiss your head goodnight.

Imagine giving Chris his birthday presents.

A/N: Part 4 😊 How cute is he in that gif though. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C/Part 3)

You and Dodger woke before Chris did on his birthday. Both of you snuck out of the bed and headed downstairs so you could start on breakfast as well as get his presents in order. You didn’t lie when you said you got him things he’d like and use, like baseball caps, plaid shirts, and socks. You did, but you also got him more than just things. You’d made him something a lot like the notebook; a montage filled with videos and photos of the two of you from the moment you met until now. The entire soundtrack for the montage consisted of Ed Sheeran- ‘Thinking Out Loud’, 'Photograph’, 'Kiss Me’, and 'Perfect’- because his songs always cleverly depicted your relationship with Chris. You smiled every time you listened to Ed Sheeran now, because you still couldn’t believe he was going to be singing at your wedding. Yeah, nothing you’d done or could’ve done for Chris on any of his birthdays was ever going to top what he did for you on your twentieth.

“Something smells good,” you heard Chris’ voice and footsteps as he entered the kitchen. He scratched Dodger’s head as he passed him, walking over to you to hug you from behind as you finished serving up a feast; bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, sausages- the works. “Morning, beautiful.” He kissed your lips when you turned in his arms, humming, “mm mm. Happy birthday to me,” he mumbled against your lips.

“Happy birthday, indeed,” you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Do you want gifts first, or after breakfast?” You asked and he smirked, which gave you the answer you wanted. “Gifts first it is,” you giggled, removing your arms from his neck and taking his hand so you could pull him over to the couch. “Close your eyes,” you instructed as you dragged him along, beckoning Dodger along too. “Okay, now sit.”

“Are you talking to me, or Dodger?”

“Both.” You giggled and pushed him back by the shoulders, watching slight panic wash over his face as he fell back; relief replaced it when he landed on the couch. You sat down on the coffee table in front of him, right next to the gifts. “Okay…” You’d lined up the gifts up, starting from: a gift you’d bought for Dodger to give to Chris, a gag gift from yourself, to the practical items, to the montage- which was set and ready to go on your iPad. “You can open now.” You said and Chris did as he was told, raising an eyebrow at the bone themed wrapping paper. “Dodger picked it out,” you stifled your laughter when Chris snickered.

“Thanks, bud,” Chris looked over at Dodger and nodded at his oblivious pal. “It’s a fantastic wrapping paper,” he continued praising Dodger, trying not to smile when he heard you giggling. “You made a great choice,” he said with heavy emphasis on the word 'great’. “I wonder what it is,” he started tearing into the wrapping, laughing when he revealed a tube of tennis balls. He shook his head at you with a great big grin on his face, making you laugh. “I see he decided to get something practical too, something we can share.”

“You know Dodger, he’s a very 'sharing-is-caring’ kinda dog.” Chris chuckled and put the tube to the side, holding out his hand for his next gift. “Okay, this one’s from me.” You bit back your smile as you passed him your gag gift. “I think you’re going to love it, it’s definitely going to be something you use everyday.”

“Awesome,” he smiled as he opened the gift, revealing what appeared to be his NASA cap. “Uh…” He turned it to face you and quirked his right brow, “I already have one of these.” You tried not to laugh as you nodded; you’d actually just wrapped his old NASA cap to see if he’d notice. “Well, it is one of my favorite caps so…I guess- thank you?” He chuckled when he took a closer look, “you could’ve found a newer one to buy, this one looks like it’s been worn out.”

“That’s 'cause it’s second hand,” you told him, covering your mouth with your hand to hide your smile. “It actually belongs to a very talented Bostonian actor, I’d consider it a collectible.” It was that moment when Chris realized what you’d done; he burst into laughter- full body laughter, leaning back against the couch and pressing one hand against his stomach as the other covered his mouth. “It was very hard to come by, so I hope you appreciate it.” You laughed along with him, patting his knee with your hand.

“That’s fucking gold,” he choked on his laughter, wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes. “Tell you what, the next time- try and see if you can score me Chris Evans’ favorite sunglasses. I think I could really use it to go with this hat,” he winked and you giggled. “Your brother said you loved rewrapping things around the house to give as gifts when you were a kid, I can imagine how much fun christmases and birthdays were around your house.”

“Oh, they were plenty fun,” you nodded, laughing. “I was so good at giving gifts, everyone always really enjoyed their gifts from me. It’s like they just knew they were going to need it.” Chris buried his face in his hands as he continued to laugh uncontrollably. “I know,” you smiled as he dropped his hands, “I’m adorable.”

“Yes you are,” he grabbed your wrist and gently tugged at you, gesturing you off the table and onto his lap. You did as he orchestrated, taking the actual gifts in your hands to give to him as you sat in his lap; gifts you’d actually bought. “You really don’t need to buy me things, Y/N.” He told you as he unwrapped. “I don’t need things when I’ve got you, you’re everything.”

“Yeah, I know.” You kissed his cheek and he smiled as he pulled out the blue and green plaid shirts you’d bought him. “But you could use some new stuff in your wardrobe,” you said and he hummed in agreement. He unveiled a pair of black Mickey Mouse socks, chuckling, then grinned at the personalized Patriots cap you’d bought him; on the back it had 'Evans’ embroidered in white. “I know I’m not Ilaria, but I’d like to think I’ve got enough style to buy you some clothes.”

“You’re kidding, right?” He put the items aside and tightened his arms around your waist. “You have incredible style. Even Ilaria said so, she said she might just quit when we get married because my wife should be taking over her job of dressing Chris Evans.”

“You’re a sweetheart.” You pressed another kiss to his cheek before you reached forward to grab your iPad. “Here you go,” you passed him the iPad with the montage pulled up and ready to play. “This is your last gift for today. Well-” you whispered into his ear, making him laugh softly through his nose, “excluding the bedroom stuff.”

“Nice to know that Victoria Secret bag you hid in the back of the closet is actually for me,” he winked and you scrunched your nose at him. “Okay, what’s this?” He quizzed, then answered his own question when he saw the title of the montage: 'Our Almost Three Years’. “Are you serious, Y/N? You know Dad said my teeth can’t handle anymore of your sweetness,” he joked and you chuckled, leaning your head against his. “Should I grab a tissue box?”

“I’d say no, but we both know you’re a bit of a cryer.” You teased and he chuckled, nodding. “Don’t worry about tissues, what’s a fiancée for if you can’t use her shoulder to cry on.” He smiled and kissed your cheek before pressing the play button. “I love you, Chris,” you whispered as Ed Sheeran’s voice starting singing 'Thinking Out Loud’ and the first photograph you ever took together slid onto the screen. You and Chris smiled in reminiscent; it was at the airport just as you were both leaving Starbucks for the boarding gate. “Even more so today than the first day we met.”

“Me too, sweetheart.” His arm tightened around you, holding you close to him as you both continued to take a stroll down memory lane. It was nice to relive all your best moments together, to see all the old photos you’d taken throughout your time together as well as rewatch all the old videos you’d filmed of each other. You could really see when the two of you fell in-love, when the friendly smiles turned into longing gazes. Chris was incredibly thankful to see a collation of all those moments, he could’ve watched that video forever. “Me too,” he repeated, sighing with absolute satisfaction.

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Part 5A

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Msr 15, 35, 72! I'd love to see how you do this! X

Lovely anon, this can be read as a stand alone or a companion piece to this prompt and this one. It’s Mulder, Scully and William and they’re all happy and waiting for baby No.2. Sorry, I’m all about the fluff these days.

“I’d kill for a coffee…literally.” + “Take your medicine.” + “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

It’s almost over, finally.

38 weeks, two more to go, Mulder muses while picking up one of William’s toys. His son, sitting on the living room floor, is singing one of his favorite songs. Or at least he’s trying to. Mulder fears no one but him would even recognize it. Watching his young son, so immersed in his own little world, he falls in love with him a little bit more. If that’s at all possible.

“Is the baby coming today, daddy?” William holds up his pudgy arms when he sees his father approach him. Mulder picks him up and plants him on the couch next to him. As much as patience is a virtue, his son doesn’t have any to speak of. Not that Mulder can blame him; he can’t wait for the birth of their second child either.  

“Hm, no, Buddy. The baby needs to stay inside your mom’s belly a while longer.” Disappointment flashes on the boy’s face.

“But,” Mulder tips Will’s chin up, “how about we go out for some ice cream while we’re waiting?” His son squeals in excitement, jumping up and down on the couch. He’s lucky Scully isn’t home; neither of them is allowed to jump on the furniture. Scully explicitly gave that speech to both of them after they were caught using the bed as a trampoline.

Will is still furiously jumping up and down when the front door opens. Startled, Will changes course mid-air and lands right in Mulder’s lap. On very sensitive equipment. He yelps loudly, causing his son to turn around too quickly, his arms still in the air. A tiny, yet very sharp elbow lands right in his nose.

“Did I hurt you, daddy?” Will plumps down on his lap and puts both his hands on Mulder’s cheeks, staring at him intently.

“I’m fine, Buddy.”

“Mommy, daddy is bleeding!”

“I really can’t leave the two of you alone.” Scully lets her purse fall right at the door and waddles over as quickly as possible, her face red and sweaty, and Mulder would apologize if his nose wasn’t throbbing so badly. Will watches as his mother carefully examines Mulder’s nose.

“It’s not broken,” she decides, “We just need to stop the bleeding.”

“Does it hurt, daddy? What about the ice cream?” Will carefully puts his index finger on his father’s nose, nudging it carefully.  

“Ice cream?” Scully asks, gently tipping Mulder’s head forwards and pinching his nose shut.

“Daddy said ice cream! Cause no baby today.” Will informs Scully with a huge grin. She turns to look at Mulder, who can neither talk nor nod.

“Mulder, I need you to pinch your nose like this.”

“I can do it!” William exclaims happily.

“Baby, you can help me in the kitchen.” The boy is immediately convinced and jumps off his father’s lap. Mulder winces.

“I told you: no jumping on the furniture, Mulder.” Scully whispers and leaves a kiss on his cheek. Mulder pinches his nose just like Scully showed him and thinks he should have asked for her to bring ice for another part of his anatomy, too. It’s a good thing she’s pregnant already. He’s currently not sure his equipment is still working right.

“Daddy, I bring you medicine.” William announces, holding the ice pack with both hands like a priceless treasure.

“Put it on his nose, Will.” Scully tells him and he nods. Will climbs up the couch and right back into Mulder’s lap. He puts the ice pack on his nose, his little tongue sticking put in concentration, and Mulder sighs in relief. His son observes him curiously, trying to figure out if he’s doing it right.

“Great job, baby,” Will beams at Mulder upon hearing Scully’s praise. “Now, Mulder open up for us.” Scully is way too happy about his discomfort, he finds. Opening his mouth sounds so easy in theory, but Will is taking his job as ice pack holder seriously.

“Come on, Mulder.” Scully urges.

“Take your medicine.” Will joins in, sounding eerily like his mother already. Finally two pills that Mulder doesn’t recognize pass his lips and he tries to swallow them dry, almost choking. Scully puts a glass to his lips and carefully tips his head backwards.

“You did good.” His son pats his cheek, happy with himself. “Now can we have ice cream… please?”

“I think your dad needs some rest,” Mulder knows that it’s Scully who need to rest and so he nods at Will, who looks disappointed, “Maybe tomorrow.”

“No baby and no ice cream,” Will sighs, “Today is not a good day for Will.” He shuffles off, leaving Mulder and Scully alone for the moment.

“Hi.” He tells her and leans forward for a kiss, but Scully leans away from him.

“Pinch your nose, Mulder.” He does as he’s told.

“You’re home early. Where’s your mother?” Just because he’s pinching his nose, doesn’t mean he can’t talk. No matter how nasal and stupid he sounds. Scully had been happy to go see her mother this morning. Being heavily pregnant in August, right during a heat wave was not fun – for any of them. Least of all for Scully, though.

“She dropped me off.” Her snappy response is all he needs to know. Maggie Scully might be one of the most patient people Mulder has ever met, but her daughter has not been herself those last few days.

“Did you have fun?” He regrets the question as soon as it’s out. If only he would catch a hint every once in a while, keep his mouth shut, and accept her simple answers. But no, not him.

“Oh, Mulder!” Scully slaps his shoulder and he’s certain she didn’t mean to hurt him. Except she sometimes has no idea how strong she really is. “You know I love you, right?” Those words are not at all what he expected, especially after her recent outburst, and so he’s taken aback. He finds his words right before she hits him again.

“Of course I do, Scully. I love you, too, you know that.”

“I’m so tired, Mulder.” Her head lands on his shoulder, the same one she just violated, and it’s like a band-aid on the sore spot.

“Of being pregnant?”

“No, I mean yes. It’s just too hot and my body looks everything but.” She leans against him, feeling heavy and sweaty, but he puts his arm around her anyway, drawing her even closer. He puts his hand on her belly, stroking it softly.

“Your body is very hot, Scully.”

“And,” she completely ignores his comment, “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.”

“Hey, you need me once two of our offspring are running around here.”

“I already need you with the one.” Scully yawns, cuddling into his side and getting more comfortable.

“I could take Will to have ice cream. Give you some time to yourself.”

“And my bladder.” If their child would stop playing football with it, maybe she could get some actual rest. Getting up from the couch is a two person job these days, but just as Mulder is about to help her, she stops and freezes.

“Scully? Is that – did your - did your water just break? Scully, your water just broke!” Mulder is on his feet and his ice pack falls to the ground, momentarily forgotten.

“What do you need? Where is your suitcase? We’re prepared, we are, I know it.” He’s running in circles around Scully like a squirrel.

“Mulder, stop,” she tells him quietly, holding her stomach, “We have time.” He stares at her, open-mouthed and wide-eyed. “Get the suitcase from upstairs, take Will and I’ll call my mom from the car.”

“Is that all?” Mulder is out of breath; his nose throbs painfully, but there’s no time to think right now. The baby! His mind screams. This time he’ll be there for every single moment. He’ll get his hand crushed, he’ll get yelled at and then he’ll hold his newborn child. He’ll be by Scully’s side for every excruciating second. Mulder already feels woefully inadequate when he sees her sweaty, tired face. This is only the beginning and he knows how strong Scully is, knows it with every fiber of his being, but if only he could do something. Something to help her.

“Do you need anything else?” He’s already at the stairs, ready to sprint, ready to get them on the way.

“Just smile,” she tells him, panting, “I really need to see you smile right now.” That he can do, he thinks. He flashes a huge smile, full of teeth and wrinkles, and when he hears her chuckle, he sprints upstairs to get them ready. To have another baby.

Cheer Up

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pairing: rocky X reader

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You sat on the wooden floors, watching Rocky practice his choreography on his own. Although it was midnight, Rocky refused to go back home. He always worked harder than the rest and was persistent.

The practice room was barren of any people except for him, accompanied by you. Even though he insisted you go back home to get rest, you went against his wishes and stayed in only because you wanted to witness his skillful dancing. It was better than anything you could’ve ever imagined. His twirling, elegant movements, and perfect timing surpassed even the highest expectation you had for him.

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artist!spencer (masterpost)

artist!Spencer whose head is always buried in books (all sorts of books; technical, mechanics, psychology, but also historical books about art) and who always, always has his hair up in a messy ponytail or bun, who lives with his glasses on the tip of his nose, whose tongue is always peeking out in the slightest way when focused, artist!Spencer who’s talented in so many different art styles; painting, poetry, photography, lyricism… artist!Spencer who always manages to hold himself so elegantly and who speaks with distinct hand motions when he’s excited, artist!Spencer who sheds tears when seeing particularly touching paintings and who doesn’t mind explaining the meaning to anyone, artist!Spencer whose cardigan sleeves always end up splattered with paint, artist!Spencer who writes splendid things about you, artist!Spencer who unknowingly is a masterpiece himself; it’s in the way he smiles and speaks, in the way he walks and ducks his head when embarrassed but also in the way he takes you; ever so tenderly but never lacking passion, it’s in the way he moans your name over and over; voice raspy and filled with desire, it’s in the way he comes; throwing his head back with his hair flying all around, flushed down to his chest, toes curling, lips parting… Artist!Spencer who takes so many pictures of you after making love because you look ethereal - even more so than usual, with your hair a mess and your lips swollen, bare, marked skin peeking through the bedsheets… Artist!Spencer whose kindness cannot be rivaled and whose beauty should be kept in those museums he loves so much….artist!Spencer whose hands, although often ink stained, are always unbelievably soft for someone who works so hard; he takes great care of them just for the noises you make as they run down the length of your body… artist!Spencer who whispers praises against the skin of your inner thighs with your legs over his shoulders, murmuring about how beautiful you are, artist!Spencer who’s reduced to pants and writhes and whines the second your hands tangle in his hair, artist!Spencer who wears big sweaters and turtlenecks to hide the numerous hickeys you’ve painted over his pale skin, artist!Spencer who, one night, shyly confesses that he thinks making love is an art in itself, and that he wouldn’t dream of a better partner to do it with, artist!Spencer who always smells of books, caramel coffee and paint, artist!Spencer whose hands glide across your skin as he drags the paintbrush across your bare back… Artist!Spencer who sings under his breath when he’s working at home, and who smiles uncontrollably whenever you give him affection, artist!Spencer who turns as pink as the waterlilies he likes to draw whenever you kiss his neck…artist!Spencer who sometimes has paint smeared across his face from working so hard; artist!Spencer who always lets the tip of his tongue press against his teeth when he smiles out of habit, artist!Spencer who pushes his glasses up with his middle finger, artist!Spencer who loves to hug you from behind just to hide his face into your shoulder, artist!Spencer who doesn’t laugh; no, he giggles, especially when your hands are dancing across his stomach, artist!Spencer who went through so much bullying and turned it into positivity, artist!Spencer who offers to do your makeup for you when you’re too tired, artist!Spencer whose embrace is always so warm and full of love, artist!Spencer who proudly tells everyone praising his art that you’re his muse, artist!Spencer puckering his lips when thinking; resulting in you kissing him, who grins like a dork, artist!Spencer who reads his poems to you when neither of you can sleep, pausing in between words to kiss your temple, cheeks, nose, eyelids, lips, chin…

icannotbebotheredanymore  asked:

What if Daichi asks Suga to draw him like one of his french girls?

Oh ho ho ho let’s see…

“My favorite thing ‘bout you is your cute widdle nose,” Daichi poked Sugawara’s nose with a soft, “Boop.”

Sugawara let out a snort and wrapped an arm around his waist, pulling his over his shoulder as he led him up the stairs to the apartment.

“So cuuute,” Daichi slurred, pinching the tip of Sugawara’s nose. “Look at it. Suga. You’re so cute.”

“Uh huh… I know. I’m adorable,” Sugawara grunted against his weight. “C’mon, Daichi. Help me out. Can’t you walk a little bit?”

“Ain’t I?” Daichi stared down at his feet, which stumbled and dragged along the stairs. “Feels like ‘m movin’ so fast.”

“That’s because you’re fucking drunk.”

Daichi snickered and kissed Sugawara’s temple sloppily, “Suga, Suga, I love you. You don’t even know. Oh fuck, you don’t even know how much I love you…”

“I think I do,” Sugawara dragged him to the entrance of the apartment and kicked his shoes off. “Here, lean on the wall so I can take your shoes off.”

“You don’t know!” Daichi argued, falling against the wall. He lifted his right foot and Sugawara knelt and worked on the laces. “You don’t know! ‘Cause… ‘cause it’s impossible to explain. My… my… my love for you… is like… a truck.”

“Oh god.”


“Daichi, I will leave you right here.”

My love for you is ticking clock. Berseerrrker! Do you want to suck my cock? Berseerrrker!”

Well, I am in the perfect position for it,” Sugawara said, smirking up at him as he dropped his shoe to the floor.

“Hmmmm…” Daichi reached down and patted his head, “Suga, you’re so cute and perfect. I love you so much.”

“I know,” Sugawara took off Daichi’s other shoe and then stood.

“I’m not worthy of you,” Daichi said, slinging his arm over his shoulders once more. “You’re too good for me. You should break up with me as soon as possible. No, don’t! Don’t do that. I’ll die.”

“I won’t do that,” Sugawara promised, leading him down the hallway to the living room. “I wouldn’t be able to survive without you taking care of me.”

Daichi snorted, “Psh. Look who’s taking care of who now. Suga you’re so perfect.”

“I know,” Sugawara lowered him to the couch and Daichi let out a long sigh, stretching his legs out in front of him.

“Suga I love you so much and I would do anything for you.”

“Oh? Even have sex with me right here, right now?”

“I’m too drunk. I would fuck it up.”

“That’s okay-”

“Suga, it’s hot.”

Sugawara pursed his lips and sighed. “Okay, here, let me help,” he stood between his outstretched legs and leaned over to unbutton his vest. “I’m surprised you got this drunk. Didn’t you say you weren’t going to drink that much while on the job anymore?”

Daichi reached up and clasped Sugawara’s hips, “Ah… well… Kuroo suggested we play Lovers, but then tricked me into singing Lover Lay Down so I had to take like… ten… eleven… ehh… I dunno how many shots,” he sat forward and released Sugawara’s hips as he slid the vest down his arms. Sugawara set the vest aside and started on his shirt, loosening his tie.

“So eleven shots though… that’s nothing for you, right?”

“Suga you’re so pretty,” Daichi leaned up and caught a kiss on his chin before slumping back on the couch. “Uhm… after that, there weren’t any other customers, so we played some games… I think I gave Takahiro a black eye, but that’s what he gets for pulling his fucking gun on me again… oh and Asahi started crying for some reason and Issei sang Despacito on a loop for like an hour…”

“I miss all the best drinking parties,” Sugawara grumbled, pulling Daichi’s shirt up out of his pants.

“It wasn’t that great. Woulda been better if you were there,” Daichi clasped his hips again.

Sugawara smiled, “Damn straight.” He unbuttoned Daichi’s shirt all the way down and opened it, shamelessly ogling the spread of his chest and the rippling muscles of his abdomen.

“Tooru broke a bunch of my glasses too. I was gonna kick his ass, but then Iwaizumi went all Mama Bear and squared up and I was too drunk to face him so I backed down. You don’t think I’m less of a man, do you?”

Sugawara chuckled, “Of course not. I wouldn’t want to fight Iwaizumi either. And I’m ten times tougher than you.”

“That’s true,” he admitted.

Sugawara smiled and took his time sliding his shirt over his shoulders and down his biceps, fingers stroking at his warm skin.

“Ah, Suga, you wanna know my favorite thing about you?” Daichi leaned his head back on the couch and smiled sleepily up at him.

“My nose?” Sugawara lowered his head to his and rubbed their noses together.

“Nah. I mean, I love it. It’s so cute. But no. That’s not it.”

“Hmm… then what is it?” Sugawara trailed the tip of his nose across Daichi’s cheekbone.

Daichi’s arms slid around his waist.

“Everything!” he rubbed his back and then dragged a hand clumsily through his hair. “You are so cute and funny and wild and crazy and strong and talented and brave and I love it all so much.”

Sugawara sunk willingly into his chest, hugging him tightly.

“You’re kind and loving and devoted and you try so hard!” Daichi’s arms tightened around him. “You try so hard! And I’m so proud of you! Wow! How can you try so hard when things are so messed up? You’re so amazing and I love everything about you.”

Sugawara closed his eyes and soaked in the affection and praise.

“Oh man don’t even get me started on your art.”

“What about my art?”

“It’s so incredible!” Daichi hooked his hands underneath Sugawara’s thighs and dragged him up into his lap properly. “Oh wow, it’s so good. You are the single best artist in ALL OF THE WORLD. Holy shit. Like… like… that piece from the competition thing… like, I don’t actually look that good. That’s you. You made me look that way.”

Sugawara giggled, “Nope. You’re that handsome, I swear it.”

“Nah. Wait a sec… OH. Suga I just got the best idea!”

Sugawara leaned back and stared down at his excited expression, “Yeah? What’s your best idea?”

Daichi stood, setting Sugawara on his feet once more. Sugawara stepped away as Daichi finished pulling his shirt off and dropped it on the floor. He unbuckled his belt and Sugawara let out a low whistle.

“Honestly, I like where this is going so far,” he admitted, watching Daichi’s clumsy hands struggle over the button of his pants.

Daichi pushed the pants down to his ankles and stepped out of them, nearly tripping, but grabbing onto the couch to steady himself.

“Okay, okay,” Daichi discarded his boxers as well and Sugawara covered his mouth with a hand to hide his grin. Dressed in only his socks and the tie hanging loosely around his neck, Daichi flopped down onto the couch and posed.

“What’re you doing?” Sugawara asked in amusement.

“Suga,” Daichi propped his head up on his fist and waved his other hand out down his body. “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

Sugawara caught a snort in his hand.

“Wearing this,” Daichi tugged on his tie. “Wearing only this.”

“And socks?”

“Should I take the socks off?”

“No, they can stay,” Sugawara laughed. “You really want me to draw you? But you always say no when I ask to draw you naked.”

Daichi lifted his hand into the air, “Then I guess you better take advantage of this opportunity.”

Sugawara grinned, “Okay. Wait here. I’ll get my sketchbook!” He turned and bolted across the apartment to the bedroom, chest warm with giddiness. Daichi was going to let him draw him in the nude. 

Daichi is going to let me draw him in the nude.

Thank you, alcohol,” Sugawara sang as he fetched his sketchbook and pencils. He rushed quickly back down the hallway and into the living room. “Okay, so should we try some poses and-”

Sugawara paused and stared down at Daichi.

The sketchbook slipped out of his fingers and he let out a laugh.

Because of course he was asleep, mouth slightly open as a snore rumbled in his chest.

Sugawara let out a sigh and smiled affectionately down at his stupid, drunk boyfriend.

Fuck it.

He sat on the coffee table and grabbed his sketchbook from the floor. He opened to a blank page, put his pencil to the paper, and began to sketch, beginning at the socks.

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Divide- chapter 5- How Would You Feel

The minute she hit the send button she wished she could take it back. But, just like Harry’s Instagram like, somethings you simply couldn’t.

Like telling Harry she loved him on their last weekend together.

It wasn’t the first time she felt it. She’s been swallowing the words like a jagged little pill for months. She’d embraced the feeling when they were in Barcelona, she was a woman in love, so she wore it like a mantle. Everything about the experience felt magical, but, when she returned to her real life and Harry to tour, things continued just as they had since she let Harry kiss her the first time after months of obvious innuendo. The boy was cheeky and flirty on a good day, but irresistible when he was trying. And so she didn’t resist, but had she guarded her heart a little maybe it wouldn’t be broken. Or so slow to mend.

When their lips met she learned all of those cliches about electricity and sparks and stars getting in your eyes were true. Her stomach and the bottom dropped out. When his large decorated hands had cupped her face she never wanted to stop and when he’d clutched her throat, the rush of blood to her core meant she wouldn’t.

Laurel wasn’t a virgin, but her experience had been limited. Limitless better described how she felt when Harry touched her. She probably fell that first night.

The ground was hard when she hit it and she was sure she’d bruised her ass when Harry gave her his rules of engagement. ‘Harry’s rules’ as they became emblazoned in her mind were simple. When it was convenient and easy they would hang out, he didn’t expect her to be faithful, but if she had a partner between their trysts, they’d use a condom until she got tested again, if she met someone, the arrangement ended. Same rules for him. Laurel was surprised every time he didn’t open the little drawer by his bed when they reunited. She’d had one other partner since beginning with him and the very attractive hipster of a boy did such an amazing job of illustrating what she was not missing, she never bothered again.

When they were available they fit like a zipper, and it was so good to be embedded with him that Laurel could overlook his cavalier attitude. It was always after he left, again, that she’d remember that while he seemed to truly like her, he didn’t know her. Basic facts escaped him, she wasn’t sure Harry even knew her middle name. He certainly didn’t know anything about her family. That her sister had died when she was 11 in a car accident. Or that her parents were in love with one another, but divorced.

Despite this, she knew her feelings for him were unlikely to fade quickly. He was inescapable. Even when she tried to ignore his stupid face, his dimples showed up on her screen. Laurel wasn’t even sure she wanted to erase the way she felt. Being with Harry felt like zip lining, heart pumping, exhilarating, free.

The first time she had to physically stop her mouth to halt her confession had been a few months into their arrangement. They were sitting in a parked car outside Harry’s marketing manager’s country estate. He’d been avoiding going in. It was an expected band function. Someone with connections had a daughter with a major 1D jones. They hadn’t done many of these private events since the early days, but the favor that Simon would have in his pocket after today was apparently too good too miss. So, they were summoned with the promise of a handsome reward. Though the boys had more autonomy these days, Harry and crew still knew where their bread was buttered.

“I’d so much rather be spending this day, well, anywhere but here really, especially if you were there!” He cheesed her way and bopped her nose and was generally being so obnoxious she laughed in his face.

“You laughing at me?” He asked as he pulled her across his center console into his lap and tickled her until she was screaming and snorting in the ugliest fashion she could imagine. She hated her braying laugh.

He stopped abruptly when the snorting started. Once she caught her breath, Laurel wiped at her nose, “oh god, did I snot too?”

“No, that laugh just might be my favorite sound.”

The late afternoon sunlight made the blue rim of his iris shine and she felt the words she’d been denying bubbling up her throat. To stop herself, she covered her mouth and made big eyes at him before she kissed him and made a joke. “You know what my favorite sound is?” Mischief played in her eyes.

“My laugh, the ding of a text message you’ve been expecting from me, hearing me on radio, my morning voice?” Harry knew he was being an ass and was loving it.

“The sound of your snores when you finally shut up at night,” she feigned relief.

“I don’t snore!” Harry vehemently denied.

“Oh, you do, loudly! But, it’s still preferable to your other sounds, especially what you call singing!”
Oh, she loved his offended face. “Kidding, baby, kidding,” and she kissed him once again before cracking his door open.

“Hey, where you going?” He made grabby hands for her.

“I’m going inside, and look, I’m not even getting paid to!” She teased.

Once inside, she kept her distance and her hands to herself. Everyone knew they were friends, but Harry had a lot of friends.

The second time Laurel nearly shouted out her feelings, Harry’d agreed to come to a house party with her and she couldn’t believe it. Their “dates” nearly always took place between his four walls, usually between his two sheets, so when she asked about the party, it was mostly to confirm her suspicions about her place in his life and heart. But he said yes and they planned out their couples costume with giddy giggles. It was really easy to procure his Kermit costume online and she really only needed a pig nose and wig. She had a dress from her mom’s youth that was at least 4 ruffles over the top.

The costume allowed Harry anonymity and she knew he loved fancy dress a bit more than the average person. She was fairly certain it was why he’d agreed. The inside joke was too fun to pass up. Laurel had given Harry the moniker of Kermie one morning when he’d croaked out a greeting, his eyes had been glued shut with sleep and his dimples widened his puffy sleepy face.

“Oh my God! You really do look like a frog,” she hiccuped out after laughing for 3 minutes straight.

Harry had turned into the bed sheets and pouted like the younger sibling he very much was, until she had given him an “I’m sorry” blowie and promised him pancakes. However, the nickname had stuck, much to Harry’s displeasure.

Laurel was so chuffed that he’d come out, she didn’t notice his slow withdrawal. Late that night, after many drinks he’d asked her to follow him up to the roof.

“Harry, baby, what’s wrong?” She asked as he immediately pulled off his mask and sucked in a breath.

“Haven’t been able to breathe properly in at least an hour. It’s hot in there. Whew.” He blew out a big breath and she watched his chest expand as he sucked one in.

“Why are we up here then, we can go. I just need to find my purse,” she fidgeted and turned back to the door.

“No, just let me cool off. I know we are trying to avoid detection, and we never get to go anywhere together. I like seeing you with your friends,” he touched her bottom lip and smoothed his thumb her growing smile. “They’re funny. I like them. Tom’s got it bad for you by the way.”

“You jealous?” Laurel laughed, how ludicrous.

“No, maybe a little, he’s a bit handsy. I don’t really like it.”

“Harry…” she trailed off.

“I know, I have no right,” he interrupted her search for words.

“You have no right, but you also have nothing to worry about,” Laurel returned.

“Yeah, why’s that?”

She wanted to say, ‘because I love you, you idiot’. But, instead she made a joke. “I’ve seen him eat, trust me, the thought of spending 50 years watching that across a table put me right off,” then she grinned at him, “he goes tongue first and I’m not interested in teaching another baby bird how to kiss.”

Harry rose to her bait and gave her his offended face, “I’ll show you how to kiss,” he advanced on her while she ran away giggling. He caught her easily they wound up making love on the roof with all their clothes on because of the chill. To ward off the cold they kept their arms wrapped around each other and watched their breath until the sunrise replaced the moon. After sunrise, they snuck out undetected through the passed out revelers.

But for all the times she felt compelled to confess her feelings, when she felt like a girlfriend and not just a fuck, there were many more times she was sure she was just an option.

He’d go months at a time without a text. They could have plans for sometime in advance and he’d change them on a dime. Laurel would like to think it was for work things, but he was too public a person for her to labor under that delusion sometimes.

But, the most telling thing was how one-sided their arrangement was. Harry called the shots, always his terms, always his place, always his convenience. Laurel was his beck and call girl, his favorite perhaps, but not his only.

That last weekend, Laurel’d been emotional before she got there. Her mother was sick and he’d been away for what felt like forever. She felt funny, like her body wasn’t her own. Tired and weepy.

They had a good time, but he hadn’t noticed her red eyes or sallow skin. When he was inside her early Sunday morning, he’d been sweet and gentle, full of praise. It felt so much like love making and her walls against him were so gossamer that she’d let the words slip out when she came undone.

“I love you,” she’d whispered on a quiet harsh exhalation.

Laurel had seen his eyes widen, but he’d just buried his face in her neck and pushed into her deeper. Though their bodies remained connected, her heart broke. She’d held her tears until he’d fallen asleep and left while he showered.

She couldn’t do this anymore, the reasons kept piling up.
Laurel had cried herself out and wanted to bash his face in when he sent her that Kermit gif.

She needed to move on, she couldn’t be spending her life falling deeper in love with him if he couldn’t tell her that he loved her too. If he didn’t love her too.

But here she was, texting him at 2 am while Willy, who took her out, showed her off, and asked her questions about herself like he needed to take notes, slept in her bed. Laurel was not an option to Willy.

Laurel could see that he’d read her message and her heart raced when the gray bubble appeared.

Why did he have to be the one.

AN- unbeta’d and under the wire. Forgive the mistakes for now

For Good Old Times' Sake

A Batman fanfiction. I haven’t written one in an eon, so here.

I learnt that BatJokes is a canon ship through The Lego Batman Movie, and it made me fangirl really hard.

Btw, they’re not Lego people in this. Also, in this AU, Joker’s makeup can be removed.

Fluffy aF


Joker sat in Arkham, feeling kind of down; his Batman, as he calls him, hadn’t come around to check in with him lately. He sighed and leant against the wall, a frown on his face.

“Oh Batman, my Batman, why don’t you come around? I thought that you hated me enough to keep me down… Oh Batman, my Batman, it’s never enough. Why don’t you come to check on my stuff?” the clownish man sing quietly to himself. “My Batman, my Batman, why don’t you come to check on me? My Batman, MY Batman, you’re the best to be seen…” He drifted off and sighed again, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Hello Joker,” the vigilante hummed as he walked up to the thick glass that the Joker was held behind. “What are you singing about me?”

“I was just wondering by singing where you’ve been and why you haven’t come to see me in a while. Nothing too vulgar,” J said with a laugh. “Anyways, when are you gonna let me out of here again? Aren’t we supposed to be playing cat and mouse?”

“I suppose we would be, but now that I’ve finally got you behind glass, I don’t need to ‘play’ with you anymore.” Batman turned around briefly to think before turning back around. “Say, what if I DID let you out? What would you do?”

“I-I don’t know,” the villain stuttered, messing with his hair to make it look good to him. “I guess I’d just make my way into the city to have you find me. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

A pause.

“How about we make a deal?” Bruce in disguise pondered aloud.

“I’m listening~” the Joker purred curiously.

“You don’t use weapons or try to destroy the city, and you won’t hurt anyone, and I won’t use weapons to find and stop you? That sounds safer and less destructive, if you ask me.”

“Oh, sure! Just punch in that code and give me an hour’s start, and then we can play our fun game of hide and seek, eh?” Joker’s eyes lit up, and he got an even wider smile on his face. “It’ll be so much fun!”

“Of course.” So, the Bat opened up the glass door and let the Joker go free. “Good luck. Your time starts now.”

“Got it!” And the humorous, murderous, comedic villain skipped down the stairs and made his way into the city, hiding in the darkest of places after changing into a black suit to blend in.

“One hour, he said. That’s a good amount of time to give him to hide.”

An hour passed, so Batman started making his way after his target. He searched far and wide, and finally found him hiding against a wall, wearing the suit that was previously described.

“Ah, I see you’ve discovered me. Now it’s time to catch me!” Before J could run, Batman had him by the collar of his outfit. “O-oh, I-I guess that was easier that I thought it would be…”

“You got yourself cornered. That’s your own fault,” B purred, bringing the villain closer to him. The nose of his cowl gently nudged Joker’s own nose, soon aiding the vigilante in pressing their mouths together.

“B-Batsy, wh-what are you d-doing?” Joker mumbled underneath Batman’s lips.

“Shh, shh, trust me.” The taller man separated their lips and pressed their open mouths together, slipping his tongue in his villain’s mouth. “You’re my villain. I hate you so much.”

“Aw, I hate you too~” J cooed, moving his arms around the back of Bruce’s neck. He threaded his fingers through his kisser’s hair and pulled lightly. “I hate you so much~”

“I hate you the most,” Batman said sweetly, moving his kiss to Joker’s neck. “Come with me.” He led the boy™ to his mansion.

“Hello, Bat-Batmaaaaaaaaaaa……” Alfred’s mouth fell open when he saw the Joker in the Batcave. “What in heavens’ name is he doing here?”

“Oh, we just need to clean him up a bit. I’m thinking a bit of bleach for his hair and removal of all the makeup, minus red lipstick, because that’s hot,” Batman purred, laughing quietly at Joker’s small noises of protest.

“U-um, sir, I don’t think that this is a good idea. I mean, he is a maniac, for crying out loud!” the butler protested.

“Just trust me. Get a couple gallons of bleach and some makeup removal stuff and we can reform this dapper young man.”

“Alright, sir.” Alfred left the room and returned with the desired materials.

“Joker, please sit down in this chair,” Alfred said, motioning to a nice chair.

“Alright then.” So, J sat. He hissed when the bleach was painted into his hair, as his roots had to be saturated in order to be completely blonde. Next, his makeup was washed off, revealing a very pale man. “Man, I really need to get out more,” he pondered aloud as he looked at his face in the mirror.

“Yes, you do. You need to not wear so much makeup all the time, despite your villainy attire,” the butler replied, brushing Joker’s hair. He noted how few knots there were. “Do you brush it every day?”

“Well, I always keep a brush in my pocket…” A small smile covered the vanilla villain’s face. “I like to look good when I’m playing- I mean, fighting with Batman.”

“That is a very good idea, since Batman is very picky when it comes to looks.”

It was weird, Joker thought; Alfred, the loyal father father figure (and also butler) to Batman/Bruce was praising one of his son’s greatest enemies. He let it happen, though, because it felt good to hear praises from someone who isn’t one of his goons.

The two shared kind banter as Alfred spruced up the man, putting lipstick and blush onto him and making sure his hair looked good. “You look amazing. It’s like you’re a whole new person!”

“Thank you, Alfred! I’m sure my Batman will love it.”

“Your Batman?”

“He’s mine. We hate each other so much, and it makes me tingle good on the inside~”

“How come ‘hate’ is your word for love?”

“He doesn’t really say that word, so hate is what we use. It makes me feel so good that he’s using that word, since it’s our codeword for love~ Ahh~” Joker sighed with happiness, clasping his hands together. “Say, how come you don’t… Hm… Hold on. One sec. Let me look for words… Who is Batman, and why don’t you refer to him as his regular name?”

“I refer to him as Batman while he is in costume because I don’t want to say his real name aloud. His identity, I do not want to reveal.”

“Alright. Well, can I make a guess as to who he is? Please?”

“I do not see why not.”

“You have to tell the truth whether or not it’s him, okay?”


“Is he Bruce Wayne in disguise?”

Alfred stuttered and nodded his head, covering his mouth.

“I knew it! That’s why the manor is on top! Speaking of the manor, may I see what it looks like on the inside? I made a promise that I wouldn’t destroy anything.”

“Yes. Yes. Of course.” The butler was still in shock as he led the Joker upstairs and into the manor.

“…And finally, this is the dining room table, complete with gold-coloured cups and gold-coloured fringes on the tablecloth edges. It was one of my favourite places in the manor to decorate.”

“I do agree that it is very nice! Thank you for giving me a tour!” Joker was very excited as he spoke to Alfred. “Do you know where Brucey went?”

“Probably to his room. He might be waiting for you there. It’s the first room to the left when you go down that hall.”

“Thank you, Alphy~!” Joker cheered as he practically ran to the Bat’s personal bedroom.

“Oh Batman, my Batman? Are you in here?” J wondered, looking around the manor owner’s room. “I want to speak to you, dear! See, I made it rhyme, just for you~” A smile crossed his face when he spotted the caped crusader looking in the mirror.

“Lay on my bed,” was the simple, gentle command. “Please.”

“Okay~!” Gently, but excitedly, the villain laid onto his loved one’s bed. “Whats your plan, Brucey?”

“Oh shoot… You found me out.” Bruce laughed as he removed his cowl. He turned around and smiled. “How’d you know?”

“I mean, if Wayne Manor™ is above The Batcave™, obviously you’d have to be the owner of both. I won’t get into the details as to how you gained the house’s will, but yeah…” Joker smiled and patted the place next to him. “Please, join me, baby.”

Bruce laughed again as he removed his costume, getting dressed in a suit before his lover’s eyes. “Bam. Cloooothes~” He slid next to J and pressed a kiss to his freshly makeup-removed forehead. “You taste a whole lot better now.” He smiled and ran his hands through the other man’s hair, feeling how silly smooth it was.

“Mmm… Bruce, you are handsome as hell~” Joker nuzzled beneath Bruce’s head, purring quietly as he got comfortable.

There was a pause.

“Joker, what’s your real name?”

“Um….” J didn’t answer for another thirty seconds. “I… It was… Jack.” A frown crossed his face. “Jack…” Tears welled in his eyes as he gripped on Bruce’s suit.

“H-hey, it’s okay! Shh, shh, J, it’s okay. I’m right here.”

What Jack didn’t know was that his lover had kept on his cape, which Bruce now wrapped around the two of them in an act of love. He wants to protect and care for him. He loves him.

“Bruce, I… I love you.” Hate was a hurtful word, which the vanilla villain realised right then.

“I…” Bruce mouthed 'love you too’, and Jack hummed happily, kissing his lover gently.

“You’re awesome… You’re buff… You’re gentle, but strong… You’re… You’re comfortable…” J closed his eyes and curled up in Bruce’s cape with his lover beside him.

“You’re so cute. And nimble. And perfect. And I really l-love you for your personality and- and you’re more exciting than I am…” B nuzzled J gently and petted his head to help the two of them to sleep.

I guess that makes for an okay ending? I’ll write another one another time. For now, here you go!

For Kaity.

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For @kaitymccoy123, after a rough day. I love you to bits, dear, and I think they lost out, not you. I hope this is decent (banged it out on lunch break, posting quickly. Probably riddled with errors). Also, it’s incredibly difficult to find a good AOS Scotty gif.

“I didn’t get it.”

“Ya what?” Monty’s nose crinkles in a way that you would normally find adorable. As it is, the entire world seems dampened by the bitter disappointment that snakes through your chest, and your answering smile is hollow.

“The job. I didn’t get it.” Despite your best efforts, you feel your voice hitch a little on the words. 

“The rat bastards,” he spits, dropping his spanner and pulling you into his arms, heedless of the fact that you’re in the E deck corridor for all to see. You smush your nose into the mesh fabric of his red shirt and let him hold you tight. 

“Shh, shh, shh, shh,” he murmurs, more an instinctive litany of comfort than actual shushing. He rocks you gently back and forth, threading agile fingers through your dark hair. His skin smells of bay rum aftershave and something vaguely singed, and it crosses your mind to ask him, later, how the refit is coming. He presses his lips to your temple and sighs heavily through his nose. “The silly sods don’t know a good thing when they’ve got it.”

His words send hot tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. Silly as it is, to cry feels a little like defeat, like one last punch in the gut. You pull back, biting at your lip and swiping your face in frustration. 

Monty catches your hands in his. “My heart,” he says softly, reaching to thumb away the tear-tracks that stain your cheeks. “I know what I’ve got right here.” His eyes are dark as he stares at you for a long moment, as if memorizing your features. You can see, suddenly, that he shares your heartbreak. He clasps his fingers around the nape of your neck, planting a gentle kiss on your forehead and fluttering his eyes closed. “I have the very best thing, Kaity. I have you.”

Bonus, because I just can’t resist.

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halerogers  asked:

destiel + meet cute?

Not gonna lie, I couldn’t come up with any good meet cute scenarios on my own so I found this one x And honestly, it’s perfect for Destiel. (also on ao3)

Dean and Charlie always made time to hang out at least once a week, even if it just meant walking home from work together.

Between Dean’s job at Bobby’s garage, his part-time gig bartending at a local bar, and his college courses, he was stretched pretty thin. Charlie was in a similar situation, juggling two jobs, one as the head of the IT department at some big name enterprise and another at a bookstore, and a new relationship with her girlfriend Dorothy.

When Dean had decided to finally get his degree, having gotten his GED a few years prior, he had met Charlie at the bookstore where he had been looking for a copy of the textbook Sam had accidentally ruined. She had been working behind the desk, tapping away on her laptop while blasting some kind of pop music, when Dean had gone to the front to buy the overpriced textbook.

They had both winced at the exorbitant price, Dean cracking a half-assed joke that had fallen flat as he pulled out his wallet. She had given a courtesy laugh before brightening with a genuine smile and punching a cash register keys that immediately brought the price down by at least twenty percent.

Beaming, she had informed him, in a conspiratorial whisper, that she had used her employee discount, much to both Dean’s delight and astonishment. They had been friends ever since, bonding over their shared love of all things nerdy and the struggles of being the only LGBTQ+ members of their families.

Now, two years later, they were as close as siblings, Charlie the sister that Dean had never wanted and Dean the sometimes overprotective brother Charlie had never had. Between their busy schedules, it was increasingly difficult to hang out, even just for an afternoon.

Not wanting to give up on their hang out day altogether, they simply improvised. Which is why there Dean was, walking Charlie from her office building to the bookstore a dozen blocks away.

“Oh my god, did you see the new trailer?” Charlie asked after taking a sip of her coffee, some kind of caramel latte frappuccino thing with a huge dollop of whipped cream on top.

“Yeah. Looks pretty good,” Dean answered, weaving around a woman pushing a three seated stroller. She murmured a grateful thank you as she passed.

“Pretty good? Pretty good?!” Charlie gasped, thoroughly scandalized. It showed on her face as she gaped at him, her jaw slack as she pushed her glasses further up her nose.

She gestured aimlessly with her free hand, nearly smacking a passerby in the face in her unchecked enthusiasm. Yanking her arm back, she continued on, “It’s Wonder Woman 2, Dean! It’s gonna kick ass!”

“I know, kiddo,” Dean chuckled, holding up his hand in a placating gesture. Taking a sip of his own coffee, black with just a little bit of sugar, he rolled his eyes at Charlie’s outburst.

Both of them were devout comic book fans, Dean preferring DC while Charlie was a Marvel girl through and through. They had never missed a superhero movie and they didn’t plan to, always reserving tickets for the premiere. Charlie’s hacking skills, while beyond illegal, were extremely helpful.

“So…” she sing-songed, batting her eyes at him innocently. But from the tone of her voice, Dean knew that she was anything but. “Have you thought about what I said about my boss?”

“Ugh, Charlie. Not this again,” Dean groaned, hanging his head as they crossed the street. Shaking his head, he firmly announced, “For the last time, I don’t wanna go out with your boss.”

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The Great Unkown

Summary: As if it wasn’t bad enough to fall in a random hole in a road and find yourself in Middle Earth, travelling with Thorin Oakenshield and his company, but also get turned into a dog by Gandalf. And when the wizard doesn’t even know how it happened or how to turn you back, you could only hope that this was just a bad dream. But is it?

Pairing: Thorin’s company x Reader

Words: 1845

Author’s note: Thank you for your reviews! I actually didn’t think people would like this fic. :3 This will be a multi-chaptered story and it WILL take some time from me to write this. So please be patient, thank you. :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

You woke from your deep sleep, feeling rather warm. And someones arms around you. A little startled by this, you lift your head and turn to see the youngest Durin fast asleep next to you. He had cuddled himself right next to you and was holding you like you were his toy, protecting him from the monsters of the night.

Which reminded you from the night before, when he and Fili had been scaring Bilbo with stories of orcs.

How’d he even managed to come this close to you without you even noticing? Maybe you had been so tired after sleeping so badly that you just didn’t notice him. Which was pretty understandable, actually.

“Kili” you say, only to sound a small, soft growl to him. Kili moved, cuddling closer to you and remind to be in deep sleep. You sigh and turn to see, who was in a watch. You saw Thorin and Dwalin up, looking at you and Kili. They both looked rather amused. You stared at them until Thorin sighs and turns away. Then seconds after Dwalin turns away, looking different direction. You turn back to Kili and poke him on the cheek with your wet nose. He let out a noise and then you notice someone move on your other side.

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The Man That Would Be King Part 1

Request By: @nonnie-villeneuve

Summary: This request is a twist on The Hobbit Trilogy. Girion, Lord of Dale (Ancestor Of Bard) defeated Smaug when he unleash his wrath on Dale. Bard is next in line to be King of Dale. But becoming King isn’t all he will becoming. He’s also will soon be a husband to a young woman he’s never met before. A course, that doesn’t suit will with Bard since he happens to be quite the ladies man. Will Bard be able to put his wild life style behind him and do what needs to be done? Or will be still be chasing maidens around the kingdom?

Warning: Clean this time lol.

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It's About Teamwork

A soft cry from the monitor wakes you up. You groan and Niall shifts and rolls over to look at you. 

“You know he’s your son?” You glare at him. 

“Oi, he’s yours too.”

“Only by default.” You tease before pecking his lips. 

“Just like you’re my wife, by default.” He raised his brow and you hit his chest playfully. 

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Prompt: Theres a new lesson that’s been added to the Hogwarts curriculum for the sixth years ran by Madam Pomfrey, Health and Social Care. This term, they’re learning about sexual health, teenage pregnancies and what it’s like to raise a baby. 

Part 1 | Part 2

- The first day was extremely difficult.

- Remus found it challenging to touch the doll, let alone hold it.

- It really seemed to freak him out for some reason.

- Especially the fact that it was moving.

- Sirius though, he was a natural with it.

- He was burping it, changing it, singing to it, treating it as if it was a real child.

- It made butterflies flutter in Remus’ stomach.

- He didn’t know if that was from how endearing it was to watch Sirius, or how guilty he felt for not helping out much.

- After the first nappy changing, they found out that the baby was a boy.

- Sirius wanted to call him Leo after the Lion constellation (and as a memoir to his brother)

- Remus kind of wanted to call him Lyall after his father.

- They argued back and fourth and finally decided on Theodore Lyall-Leo Lupin, Teddy for short.

- Sirius did not want any child of his, real or fake, be burdened with the Black name.

- Peter and Mary decided to call their little girl Emilia.

- Peter was very shy and awkward around the doll, but loved it unconditionally and was extremely protective of it.

- So much so that when Alice suggested to Mary that her and Frank’s little Neville will be Emila’s husband when they grow up as a joke, Peter was personally offended that his daughter would be anyone’s husband. 

- James and Lily decided to call their baby Harry because it was a family name of the Potters.

- Lily quite liked it and didn’t argue about it.

- As long as it wasn’t called something stupid like Vernon, she groaned.

- James shocked Lily with how passionate about the project he was. 

- For some reason, she had thought he would treat the hold thing like a massive joke like some sort of ‘Lad’s Lad’ she always thought he was. 

- But he was the complete opposite.

- He treated the doll as if it was real, pulling funny faces to it, singing it a lullaby his mother used to sing to him when he was small, and holding it as if it was the most precious thing in the world.

- He sorted out a sleep schedule so one of them would have the baby one night, then the other would have the baby the other night.

- She was impressed by how mature he was not to suggest they just share a bed together.

- James had even handed her a piece of parchment that Remus had given to him one Christmas and held up his own parchment. 

- He told her that it was a way to communicate with each other from different places so if one of them were struggling with the baby and they weren’t together, they could write on their parchment and it would send the message to the other so they could meet up and help.

- Lily had to admit, it made her heart swell by the thoughtfulness of James, and watching him with the baby.

- Lily loved holding baby Harry, and James had no qualms about sharing him with her.

- She felt very maternal and didn’t understand how this was supposed to be a lesson on why you should think hard before having a child in your teenage years.

- She felt like she could have one now!

- Harry and Teddy and Emilia had only cried when they wanted to be fed or needed their nappies changing.

- They were perfect angels!

- Up to now, at least …

- On the first night after Dinner, Sirius was sat on Remus’ bed giving the baby it’s bottle and singing Oh You Pretty Things by David Bowie to him.

- James and Peter were in the commons with Lily and Mary looking after their respective dolls.

- Remus was sat crossed legged on the opposite side of the bed pretending to do some other homework, but really he was just watching Sirius through his lashes.

- His eyes traced along the line of Sirius’ sharp cheek bones and down his perfectly straight nose and to his plump red lips curving around the lyrics beautifully.

- He gulped. 

- He really shouldn’t be looking at his best friend his way.

- His eyes trailed down further to where the doll was resting in his arms drinking from the bottle in Sirius’ hand.

- “You know,” Sirius said breaking the quiet and clearly catching Remus staring at him, “Teddy’s going to start thinking you don’t love him if you don’t hold him at some point!” He winked.

- “You want Daddy to hold you, baba?” Sirius nuzzled his nose against Teddy’s cheek.

- Remus put down his homework and pushed it to one side.

- He pulled himself further up the bed to sit directly in front of Sirius, their legs just touching.

- He looked down at the baby suckling the bottle in Sirius arms.

- He had to admit, it was pretty cute for a doll.

- “Do you want to try and hold him?” Sirius gently asked.

- Remus face shot up to stare at him with wide eyes, then back down to the doll.

- “It’s okay, just hold your arms out like you’re about to cradle him, I’ll ease him into your arms.” Sirius smiled reassuringly. “Just keep the head supported”

- Remus nervously nodded and did as Sirius said.

- Sirius put the baby’s bottle down and rearranged the baby into Remus’ arms, supporting his head as he went.

- Remus was staring star stuck at the baby he was now holding.

- The doll reached up to Remus who allowed the hand not supporting the head to hover over it to let the baby grab ahold of his finger.

- Then the baby giggled.

- Remus let out a happy breath of air.

- He was amazed that he was holding a child, real or not.

- This was something that he thought he would want - a child and a family - when he was older, but it was something he told himself he would never had.

- Werewolves weren’t allowed families.

- “See, he likes you. Don’t you, Teddikins? You like your Daddy, don’t you? Oh, yes you do! Yes you do!” Sirius cooed, blowing a light raspberry to Teddy’s cheek, earning an even louder giggle. 

- He looked up to Remus who was watching him intently with an almost love-sick looking smile.

- Sirius felt his stomach drop as his eyes accidentally wandered down to Remus’ lips.

- He quickly raised his eyes again to see Remus’ had done the exact same thing.

- His hands started to feel clammy.

- He felt himself slowly leaning toward Remus.

- Then, Teddy let out and almighty cry.

- Remus’ eyes bulged out of his head as he passed the baby quickly back to Sirius.

- “What’s wrong with it? Why’s it doing that?” Remus panicked.

- “I don’t know.” Sirius confessed, gently shushing Teddy and rocking him back and forth.

- “It’s because I held it! It knew I was a werewolf, Sirius! It’s scared of me!” Remus jumped off the bed and started pacing the room.

- “Moony, that’s not the reason!” Sirius tried to calm him down, but was too stressed trying to figure out what was wrong with the doll.

- “What-da-matta? What-da-matta?” He chanted.

- “Pads, it’s not going to talk to you to tell you whats up!” Remus pulled at his hair. 

- “Really, Remus?! Damn, here I thought he was going to tell me! Thank Merlin you’re around to point out the freaking obvious!” He shouted loudly, making the doll cry even harder.

- “Oh, no no no, no, I’m sorry baby. Padda didn’t mean to scare you.” He placed quick pecks to his cheeks.

- “Sorry, Teddy. Padda didn’t meant to scare you. Padda and Daddy still love you, Baby” He whispered even softer.

- The tears started to quieten down, but were still very prominent. 

- “Sorry, Sirius,” Remus deflated. “I just scared me, I thought-.”

- “I know. It’s okay, I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to snap.”

- Remus sat back down on the edge of the bed and let out a breathy laugh.

- “Geez, we really are parents now we’re arguing!” 

- Sirius chuckled in return.

- They changed his nappy and Remus helped Sirius to put Teddy into a new onesie, they fed him a little more and burped him.

- But he still wasn’t happy.

- “Maybe he’s just tired?” Remus suggested.

- “Oh, I didn’t think of that!” Sirius praised. “Shit, we don’t have a cot. I completely forgot to pick one up from Pomfrey!”

- “Oh, right.” Remus furrowed and turned to look around the room. “I can go and pick one up, but she might not be happy since it’s after hours …”

- “I guess he’ll have to share one of our beds for now? Just put like a pillow fort around him so he doesn’t fall out?” Sirius pondered allowed.

- “We’d have to share a bed then, Pads, so he’s safely in the middle, otherwise he could roll out in the night.” 

- Remus scrunched up his nose staring at the doll. 

- “Do you think it could roll? Like, how much animation has it got?” He queried.

- “Well, she did say it’s like a real baby so … I’m assuming it could?” Sirius yawned. “I think sharing a bed would be wise.” 

- His cheeks burnt a little bit like they always do whenever he and Remus share a bed, which seemed to be a lot more of late.

- “Sure, I’ll enlarge the bed and sort out the pillows whilst you go get ready, okay?” Remus threw him a lopsided smile and pulled out his wand.

- “Sounds good, hold Teddy for me whilst I go the bathroom, would you?”

- “Wha-”, but Sirius had already rearranged Remus’ arms and plopped Teddy into them and walked away.

- Remus was stood stiff with his wand in one hand and Teddy resting in his other, still sobbing.

- He threw his wand down onto the bed and held Teddy with both arms.

- “Erm … so …” Remus cringed, “bad weather we’re having lately, right?” 

- Teddy’s cries seemed to have gotten louder.

- “Merlin, Remus, you’re so pathetic.” He insulted himself and readjusted Teddy in his arms.  

- “Okay, okay okay.” He breathed deeply.

- “Hi, Teddy,” he whispered quietly so Sirius didn’t hear him.

- Teddy just stared at him with tears still rolling down his face but had quietened down all the same.

- “Oh, you’re not crying as much now, thats good! Good Teddy.” He beamed to the doll.

- “Erm … do you want a lullaby? Or a bedtime story? I’m not a great singer or story teller, but I’m sure I can think of something to make you sleepy.” He babbled. 

- He took a deep breath and started to sing quietly, rocking Teddy back and forth.

- “Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, theres a land that I’ve heard of, once in a lullaby …”

- Sirius had walked back into the room to see Remus singing and rocking Teddy, who was yawning sweetly and had stopped crying. 

- “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, that’s where dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true …”

- Sirius felt his knees buckle beneath him watching how beautiful Remus sang to their child.

- Their child, he thought over and over again. 

- This would definitely be something that he could see in his future. 

- Remus and him living in a cottage in a woodland area near a lake, raising two or three kids, with James and Peter in cottages near by.

- All of their kids playing and growing up together happily, like a real family.

- He felt a tear rolling down his cheek that he quickly wiped away.

- He walked over to Remus and the now sleeping Teddy in his arm’s and quickly placed a kiss to Teddy’s forehead.

- “How much did you hear?” Remus asked, embarrassed.

- “Just enough.” Sirius bit his lip.

- “I’ll sort the bed, Daddy,” he whispered into Remus’ ear almost seductively, sending a shiver down Remus’ body.

- Once Remus had gotten ready for bed, they both climbed under the covers and placed Teddy into the pillow fort on top of the covers between them with his own little blanket. 

- He was peacefully sleeping.

- “Hey, Moons?” Sirius breathed.

- “Yeah Pads?” He replied over sleeping Teddy.

- “I’m glad we’re partners.” He sleepily smiled.

- “Me too.” Remus grinned, grabbing ahold of Sirius’ hand under the covers and squeezing it gently.

- They both started to drift off, still holding hands beneath a sleeping Teddy.

- Until James came into the dorm and accidentally banged the door against the wall.

- Teddy woke with a start and screamed the dorm down.

- “Oops.”

- “Prongs!” Sirius and Remus groaned in unison.

- This was going to be a long night.

I’ll write part three soon! Sorry it took so long to write this part, this have been super hectic lately, but I promise I’ll write more as soon as I can! I hope you like it!

Kurtbastian fic - “A Dalton Boy in the Void” (Rated NC17)

Kurt needs Sebastian’s total surrender, and he has interesting means of getting it. (1650 words)

Written for @lilinas’s Bitchmas prompt ‘sound’, and takes place probably over Christmas break, maybe some time after. I know it’s a bit on the short side, but to be honest, these holiday challenge prompts strike me as the kinds of things that are fulfilled with snippets, not fully fleshed out chapters. This is a glimpse into what they do together, and I think it stands fine as is. 

Warning for bondage, blindfolds, vibrators, sensory deprivation, and sensory overload.

Read on AO3.

“What kind of music you into, preppy?” Kurt asks, but it’s a rhetorical question. With the red ball gag in Sebastian’s mouth, larger than their usual, and secured extra tight, pulling his cheeks back into an open-mouth grimace, Sebastian can’t answer. He can only sniff thru his nose and drool uncontrollably – not exactly an attractive look, but it makes Kurt smile. But Kurt isn’t looking at him right now, pacing with his iPod in his hands, switching between playlists in search of the perfect one.

And by perfect, he means one that will wear at the corners of Sebastian’s sanity. He needs Sebastian raw, frayed, a trembling mass of nerves and reflexes, utterly disoriented. He wants to alter time in Sebastian’s mind, turn the world on its head.

He needs Sebastian’s total surrender.

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Lost Stars (Jungkook, You) Part 1

Hey guys! I’m baaacck! :)) Did you miss me? Cause I missed you. :P Good to be back writing. And for my comeback scenario, I give you this! <3 Requested by sassy-rabbit :) I hope you like it dear~ This is after all your first request so I hope you’ll enjoy it :))


You couldn’t understand why it was so difficult. Sitting by the windowsill of your hotel room, you looked down at the city you once called home; your guitar tucked in your arm, a pencil held loosely on your right hand as a whole bunch of crumpled papers lay cluttered on the floors. 

You sighed heavily before taking a sip of your coffee, thinking of your schedule which was packed with interviews, both for print and broadcast. Being an international artist who just came home, you were in demand and the press simply wanted to get the details of your life abroad, how you came to be Jane Lou, singer-songwriter who’s nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist. 

Or probably just to get the “good stuff”, you thought amusedly, knowing well that the press is only after the juicy details of your private life. 

Well they’re never going to find out, you thought. They’re never going to know if the life you once lived before remained tucked beneath layers after layers at the back of your consciousness; untouched. 

Some things are better hidden, others…. forgotten, you wrote down on the paper the moment the thought came, hoping it can be useful to the song you’re trying to write.

Emphasis on trying.

You haven’t written a single song in the past week and it drove you crazy. Songwriting was something that came naturally to you and though you got writer’s block at times, you never felt as hopeless as you were feeling right now. 

Probably just jet-lagged, you thought as you ripped another piece of paper, crumpled it and threw it across the room. 

Although in the back of your head, you knew you were only lying to yourself. You knew exactly what was wrong and as you looked out the window of your hotel room, seeing the familiar streets of Seoul, you found yourself going back… back when you thought everything was possible—perfect, even. 

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