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[get to know me meme] 10 TV Shows - Present(*Honorary/10): Community

helloooo. I was tagged by the lovely: blazethefuckup​, to list ten of my favourite albums in order, then tag 10 people. I am so sorry for not doing this sooner, thank you for tagging me! :)

These are not in order, and since I’ve done this with my all-time favourite albums before, I’ll list my current favourites, alrighty? (Sorry for bending the rules guys)

1. The Year Of Hibernation - Youth Lagoon

2. The Fall - Gorillaz

3. Portishead - Portishead

4. Roll the Bones - Shakey Graves

5. Oracular Spectacular - MGMT

6. So Tonight That I Might See - Mazzy Star

7. Kid A - Radiohead

8. Plastic Beach - Gorillaz

9. Bleach - Nirvana

10. Find A Place To Be Safe - Collapse Under The Empire


okay, now i’m gonna tag some cuties: the-guitar-head, togetherwithilluminati, the-queen-of-limbs, getintothecar, youngwaste, annaarkadyevna​ and jumped-in-the-river

Do it if you want to! Or don’t do it if not :3

Okay, a lot of people— especially on Twitter— are aware of the difficult situation I’m currently in, and, since a lot of kind people are trying to help me at the moment, I think it’d be a great idea to list all my current obstacles, so we can focus on what needs to be done.

Note: 1. If you don’t care about my current situation, or you’re not in a position to help, feel free to not read any of this. 2. I’ve tried hard to avoid having to ask for help for the last few months, but the situation’s only getting worse, so I don’t have any option left. If you disagree on the difficulty of my situation, feel free to not read this or get involved.

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firebirdbs… oh gosh… that sounds stressful! I don’t think that’ll work for me since I’m currently pretending I don’t have an avalanche of things to do tomorrow! Although let’s try… maybe if I make a list it will get it off my mind… okay, so… get up*, make lunch*, dissection*, post lab test*, group welfare PowerPoint*, reflective journal*, read up on tomorrow’s (Thursday’s) practical*, washing, ironing, find someone to cover my babysitting*, organise lambing placement, organise summer dairy, equine and small animal placements, canoeing*, shower*, canoeing social*… (*=100% must be done tomorrow) nope! This is stressful!

The Shadow Casters (SC)

((It’s been a long, long time since I did any updates on my current work in YGOPro. As such, I figured I’d give a quick update on my current projects.

First and foremost, as always, my Gundam project is ongoing. I’m still creating and editing and fixing up cards from the Gundam series in the YGOPro client itself, trying to make the deck playable for all. Once this project is done, I’ll release an “Update Pack” under the name GundamPro, which, as you may expect, will include all the Gundam cards and their various support. I will also include a list of every card in the first set (131 cards total).

In addition to this, I am working on Support for a few other existing Archtypes, Such as the Evilswarm Archtype, which will receive 4 new Xyz, 3 new Main Deck monsters and 3 new Spell and Trap Support cards. Another such Archtype is the Number Archtype, which is getting A new Number, Number 45, along with 2 other forms and a new spell that can create a Rank-Up, Rank-Down, or even just a regular Xyz Summon! Finally, we have the Vampire Archtype, which will not only be receiving a Rank-Up-Magic and a Rank 6 Xyz, but will get Ritual and Fusion support, and some extra spell and trap cards for that final boost! (26 cards total) These will all be included in the GundamPro Update, meaning the pack will have a grand total of 157 cards added in! (Also there’s some Kaito anime card but you can ignore those)

Finally, as the title suggests, I will be introducing a new Archtype, the SC or Shadow Caster Archtype, which will come in the Second Update Pack called “Crusade of the Shadow Casters” or COSC for short. The Shadow Caster Archtype is already 100% planned out and designed, leaving only the code work left. It will be 20 cards in total. Look forward to it in the Release of the COSC Update Pack! (Which may or may not come before the GundamPro pack.)

Thank you all for your time and attention!!))

Alright so got somewhat a schedule down for AB in April.
Friday: Henry (FE:A). Current progress: Cape partially done. All fabrics have been obtained. I need to buy dye for the top and get boots.
Saturday: Ava (Ava’s Demon) Progress: Not started at all. Easiest cosplay piece though. Starting next week. This is the most important piece since my friend wants me there as Ava on Saturday.
Sunday: ??? Maybe Henry again who knows.

Seemily no classes on that Friday so I’ll be heading to the con around 11. I have tp catch the T up though because I’m not used to city driving nor having to pay for parking. I live down the street from a commuter rail station anyway so it’s cheaper.

whatwatwutwatwhat asked:

1 3,4,5,7

Holy poop I’m answering this waaayyyyyyy late.
But here goes:

1. The meaning behind my URL?
Okay, so one day I was sitting around thinking of what to make my URL for my tumblr. And because I love making lists, I decided to make a list of possible URL’s. Well, everything on the list essentially sucked, so I just decided to make my URL based off of the pen I was using to make said list. It was literally my favorite purple pen. And it has since run out of ink. God rest it’s soul.

2. A picture of me?
I’ll have to post one separately, via mobile, but it’ll get done. Promise.

3. Tattoos I have?
Currently, none. But I get my first one on March 8th, next Sunday. That’s my 18th birthday and my parents are getting it for me. I’m pumped.

4. Last time I cried and why?
Hell, I don’t know exactly. But knowing me it was over some sappy commercial because I’m an emotional potato sack.

5. Piercing I have?
I have my 1st and 2nd hole in both my earlobes, but eventually I’d like to have my nose, belly button, cartilage in my right ear, and an industrial in my left ear.

7. Biggest turn off(s)?
Bad attitude, poor hygiene, no facial hair…idk there’s more but they get weirdly complicated.