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FarewellToSummer challenge - Monday 24 - Goals days!

What are your current goals?
I’ve shared this before, but this list (the picture) shows my current goals to a happier life. I try hard everyday to accomplish them, but some days are easier than others, obviously. Currently I’m trying to find a balance between my “need-to-do tasks” and my “want-to-do activities”. I easily get stressed, so I’m trying to pay extra attention to my needs for sleep and relaxation (plus being more organized and productive).

Which goals have you achieved since you started this journey?
The biggest thing I’ve done was recovering from bulimia. I don’t know if I’m fully recovered yet, meaning I still have some mental issues regarding food, but clinically speaking I no longer suffer from bulimia since I haven’t purged for a while now.
I don’t self harm anymore. Actually, I’ve come so far that I don’t even have the need/want to do it anymore.
I also feel way happier in my social life and I’ve overcome a lot of the shyness I’ve had earlier.

What is your approach to said goals, do you have a specific plan?
To be honest, I think I’ll just do my best and remember to forgive myself if I don’t always fulfill them.

Do you have a dead line for said goals?
Nope, these are things that I should try my best at every single day, there is no dead line or expiration date for them.

i’m feeling SO overwhelmed and it makes me really nervous about starting school again like idk how i’ll handle that when doing nothing makes me stressed lmfao

i’m currently trying to devise plans and structures to be able to do it bc i DO want to finally get my goddamn degree, and i’m trying to remember that i’ve done this before, i have done okay and sometimes even well in an academic setting. i have downloaded lots of scheduling and check-list apps and i’m going to FOCUS and BREATHE and remember the GOOD THINGS the past two years (since i last went to uni properly) have given me. 

i’m just so goddamn nervous bc it’s been two years and i’m not the same. tbh i’m afraid that the breakdown i had after writing my dissertation was some kind of burnout and that i’ve lost the skills i had for good. but maybe it’ll be okay if i put in lots of effort. which i will. 

First Interview

Blew it. Absolutely blew it. I was already so nervous about going in that I showed up an hour early because I didn’t know how bad traffic would be. This was my first real job interview since i didn’t have to apply for my current job.

I was way too honest. I should have done research on what questions would be asked instead of asking people around me. She asked me questions that, truthfully, probably put me way down on the hire list. Good for her though because she got the truth. The main problem was when I would stop working (before Christmas which is their busy time.)

I couldn’t answer with lies. I don’t like lying. If you’re going to possibly be my future employer, I don’t want to lie to you. You’re hiring people for a job - you should hire people with the qualities you’re looking for.

Cried like a damn baby driving back home. I really wanted this job. I can’t believe I could have blown it like that.



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22 ^-^

Well, seeing as how I’m using characters from @queertension and my upcoming welcomic, A Slice of Life for this prompt, I’ll answer for a them:

“Given a blank piece of paper, pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?”
Alex would probably write a list of some sort, dealing with his future plans, current work that should be done, dreams, groceries, etc since he’s a responsible fuck. Inez would go about designing an outfit or two, gothed out like hell on steroids and complete with cute bats flying around the page. And Anthony?… Well he’d draw a lot of dicks. ^^;

8. 20. 2015 - C A F E, Studying, & Chris Brown.

I’ve got 20 minutes before I need to head out to school, so why not bloggy blog. 

The first two years of college, I either studied at home or in the college library. It wasn’t until 2012 that I became this cafe studying addict (as well as all my money going to milk tea and coffee)! Since my school is near the 626 area, I am literally surrounded with an endless list of boba/cafe spots that I can get my studying on. And to me it’s a refreshing and relaxing feeling to get out of the house or out of campus to be by yourself and get work done. I’m currently taking summer school so two economic courses are actually kind of killing my vibe. 

Anywho, I was looking through old Facebook comments and I was reunited with old songs I used to have on my 2012 playlist. My reference to 2012 is repetitive on my entries, but i’ll explain that part of my life why on another entry or if I get inspired to write it :) . 

CHRIS BROWN was very therapeutic to me. But it’s sad that his “Graffiti” album wasn’t publicized as much. (wife beater flashback, oh yeah) Realizing it now, the lyrics he came up with for this album were on point and definitely hit the heart, mind, and soul. You can feel the emotion and intensity as each song is different. It doesn’t compare to his albums now a days. So I thank you Chris Brown for writing these broken down heart filled lyrics and gave my ears a good tune to listen to. 

Also another reason why I just randomly listened to Chris Brown today is because a bunch of these middle school kids went into the cafe I was studying at and kept talking. So I guess again thank you Chris Brown for drowning them out LOL!

Go ahead, listen to his “Graffiti” 2009 album, I recommend it!