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Pack Mom pt.2 - Derek Hale x Reader

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Pairing: Derek x Reader

Prompt: Request! – Liam starts getting jealous when Isaac gets more attention than him, soon it becomes a competition between them that you decide to indulge in. (Also inspired by Woman – Honne.)

Warning: None! Just FLUFFFFF!



“Isaac honey can you pass me the butter.” You muttered as you grabbed the bread from the cupboard.

“Okay Mama!” He smiled as he grabbed the butter from the fridge bouncing over to you as you grabbed a knife out the draw.

“Thank you baby.” You smiled at him softly ruffling his hair. You started buttering the bread placing different ingredients on each sandwich. Lydia and Erica had a BLT. Liam, Mason, Cory and Stiles had a PBJ and Derek, Isaac and Jackson all had plain cheese and ham. You had a peanut butter and Nutella fried, kind of like grilled cheese. When you were frying your sandwich you heard yelling start from the front room.

“No fair! It’s my turn!” Liam screeched.

“NO IT’S NOT!” Scott scoffed before you heard more shuffling.

“Ow don’t bite me!” Liam whined making you wince slightly.

“Actually I think it’s my turn.” Derek deadpanned as you heard more movement.

“Listen old man!” Jackson yelled angrily.

You switched off the hob before storming into the living room to see Scott, Liam, Jackson and Derek rolling around on the floor fighting over the Xbox controller. Your hand immediately went to your hips as you waited for them to notice you. Lydia was sat reading but she looked up to acknowledge you before going back to her book.

“DEREK!” You screamed eventually when you realized they weren’t going to notice you.

“Shit!” You heard him muttered before de-tangling himself from the boys.

“Scott get off your brothers!” You snapped as you tapped you bare foot against the floor. Once they were all stood in front of you, head down in an attempt not to test what patience you had left.

“Every time I start making food somehow you always seem to interrupt me by acting like morons!” You huffed angrily.

“The Xbox can go off now. Derek you can come pour me a glass of wine. Lord knows I need it. Scott you can finish the reading you have for school. Jackson how about you study for the maths test coming up. Ask Lydia for help if you need it. Liam you can come sit in the kitchen.” You ordered pointing at each one of them as you snapped your orders, Scott and Jackson groaned but did as they were told. You made you way back to the kitchen Liam following closely behind. You told him to sit at the breakfast bar while you got out the first aid kit. You wiped always the blood noticing the bite mark almost gone completely, which you were thankful for.

“Mama?” Liam murmured softly, a blush on his face.

“What baby?” You said as you threw the used antiseptic wipe in the bin.

“Can I have a hug?” He fiddle with the bottom of his shirt nervously as he waited for your response. You smiled but leaned over to hug him tightly. His head laying against your chest probably able to hear you heart beating. He hugged you back but the moment only lasted a few more seconds because you heard Isaac start talking.

“Mama I’m hungryyy.” He whined, a pout gracing his face. You pulled away from Liam and nodded before you went back to making food.

You glanced at Isaac and Liam as you went to turn the hob back on. You noticed that they were thoroughly glaring at each other which you thought was weird, shaking your head you chose the let it go.

After the pack has finished eating they went back to their houses, except Isaac who went upstairs to study, leaving you alone with Derek. You had college tomorrow but you didn’t feel like staying in your dorm with your overly happy roommate. You cuddled into Derek as he flipped through the films that were on the TV, his pick of film made you laugh. As much as he a Stiles bicker their love for Star Wars was always what had them chatting like they were best friends.

“I think you should move in with me.” Derek spoke after half an hour of silence through the film. You looked up at him shocked by the sudden statement, his eyes still glued on the TV like he felt embarrassed somehow.

“Oh really? Would you like to look at me and ask me instead of telling me?” You snorted, crossing your arms in playful anger.

“Y/N Y/L/N will you move in with me?” He huffed with false confidence as he gazed in your eyes.

“I would love to Derek. Now I need to sleep because I have class at 8. Night Der.” You muttered as you wandered up the stairs. You stopped at Isaac’s room to see him sprawled over his bed with his homework thrown everywhere which made you smile to yourself. You carefully moved the papers to his computer desk and threw his covers over him, brushing his curly hair away from his face. After making sure he was okay, you went to yours and Derek’s shared bedroom getting dressed into one on Derek’s tops before getting into bed.


“Isaac breakfasts ready!” You screamed up the stairs as you checked the time once again. Isaac ran down stairs dressed and ready for school. He kissed your cheek before he sat down next to you digging into his breakfast.

“Thank you Mama.” He said with half of a piece of bacon hanging out his mouth.

“Isaac don’t talk with your mouthful. It’s rude.” You instructed your voice soft yet stern. He nodded and continued chewing his food before you realized it was already 7.30am. You got up and kissed Derek on the cheek, who was sat silently with a coffee in his hand. Isaac followed closely behind hoping into the passenger seat.

“I need to talk to Derek about getting you a car or a bike.” You muttered as the pulled away from the Hale house.

“I don’t need a car mama I’m fine.” Isaac whispered slowly like he was worried about how Derek would react.

“Yes you do and don’t argue with me. Derek will agree too. Everyone else has a way to get around so which would you prefer bike or car?”

“Mama I do-”

“I think a bike since you love riding with Scott.” You interrupted before he could reject the offer again. After that you and Isaac chose to stay quiet for the rest of the time in the car. When you arrived at Beacon Hills High School you got out the car to greet the pack which was making their way over to your car.

“Ma-Y/N shouldn’t you be at college?” Scott voiced as they stopped in front of you.

“I’m going after this. Derek said he would drop him off but it’s on my way so I thought I’d do it today. Plus I have some good news.” You stated before ruffling Liam’s hair which made him preen.

“I’m moving in full time with Derek.” You added after pulling your hand away from Liam.

“That’s awesome!!” Erica screeched making Stiles roll his eyes.

“Right I’ve gotta go. Liam be good everyone else looking after him and make sure you don’t fight. You know it may seem like play fighting to werewolves but to humans it looks brutal and I’m not dealing with another call from Natalie telling me you’ve earned yourself detention for 2 weeks!”

“Yes Mom.” They are voiced sarcastically.


When everyone came over for dinner that night it wasn’t just the pack but also the parents, who had yet to find out about your new name. It happened when you were helping Melissa cook while the Sheriff, Chris and Derek sat around the breakfast bar chatting away.

“JACKSON GIVE IT BACK! MAMA!!!!” Stiles screamed as he chased Jackson into the kitchen. Everyone stopped to stare at you but you paid no mind.

“JACKSON! Put that down before I take away your new phone!” You yelled as you stirred the chicken pieces around the wok.

“What you didn’t buy that though!!” Jackson screamed angrily his foot stomping angrily.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” You responded, your tone calm with a sickly sweet smile joining as you turned to look at him.

“I mean! I’m sorry Stiles here’s your comic book and I love you Mama!” He replied in a rushed way that made you smirk.

“That’s what I thought now, boy’s front room I don’t wanna tell you twice.” You added as you watched the boys bicker as they walked into the front room. You turned your attentions to the 3 sets or wide eyes staring at you, realizing what you had done you blushed and picked up your glass of wine.

“I think we should leave the kids here and go into early retirement.” Noah snorted making Derek go deathly pale.

“So your pack mom now?” Chris added nodding in agreement as he did, you nodded before going back to food. Once dinner was ready you all moved to the dining room to sit down but then just like every aspect of your life turned into another argument.

“But you always sit next to Mama I wanna sit next to her today!” Liam whined his bottom lip sticking out slightly.

“No it’s my seat pipsqueak.” Isaac mocked as he made his way to the seat.

“Isaac you can sit next to Melissa.” Your voice made no room for arguments with made everyone stop awkwardly.


“Isaac.” Was all Derek said as everyone finally started to situate themselves.

During dinner everything was full of chatter and laughs except Isaac who sat there pushing his food around his plate aimlessly. You knew what was happening Isaac had been the baby of the pack for years until Liam came along. You could tell he was jealous and they were competing but you also knew that you loved everyone in this pack equally, well except Peter because he’s a maniac and Derek who is possibly the love of your life.

You knew Isaac felt left out but he had to learn you weren’t just his. After dinner you started cleaning up but Chris and Noah quickly took over saying that you and Melissa should rest, so you did. As soon as you sat down Liam began speaking to you.

“Mama would you like a drink?” He asked hopefully.

“I can rub your feet if you want?” Isaac tried to interrupt.

“I could put on your favorite film if you want.” Liam grit his teeth as he smiled, as if trying to control his anger.

“Boys just sit down.” You groaned before flopping onto Derek’s chest.

That night the entire pack stayed over, the big house full of giggles and teasing but what got you the most was every 5 minutes Liam and Isaac asked if you wanted anything or tried to get your attention. By the time it was midnight you had enough of the bickering so you told everyone to sit down and watch a film or they could go to their own rooms. Thankfully they listened.

“Mama would you like some popcorn?” Liam asked gently as the movie got to about half way through.

“Mama doesn’t like salted popcorn.” Isaac snickered making you pause the film and tell Erica to turn the light on.

“Right I’ve had enough of this competing! I am not a toy that you can fight over nor am I everyone’s favorite lamppost to piss up!” You screamed angrily as you threw the remote controller onto the couch.

“I love you all equally! You are all my baby’s in some way! If you had two babies would you love them differently?” You added, your arms crossing over your chest as you tried to maintain calm.

“No.” Isaac muttered, his cheeks glowing red.

“Well then don’t expect that from me! I love you all the exact same amount!” You huffed before hearing Derek re-enter the living room. Everyone was staring at you with sad eyes but you knew it was because they all felt bad.

After everyone had gone to bed you and Derek made your way up to your bed room changing into one of Derek’s tops before sliding into bed with a sigh. Derek got in without a word kissing you passionately which made you squeak in surprise. One he pulled back he smiled down at you lovingly his thumb tracing circles on your cheeks.

“Thank you for being the best Pack Mom ever.” He whispered gently, his hands making their way into your hair.

That’s night Derek made love to you over and over again his love pouring out over and over until you were overloaded with his feelings.

This man is the love of your life and he gave you everything you ever wanted.

A family.

carrinnuh  asked:

Heyy!! Could you rec me some long Ziam fics?? Thanks yore the bestest!!

Ooh, girl, you know I got you. I’ve actually been wanting to corral all of the long Ziam fics anyway.

It’s always hard to decide what not to rec, so I just went with fics worded 69k+ (and a few I couldn’t leave off). The order is mostly random with my personal favorites up top and incomplete works at the bottom.

Disclaimer: Make sure to check all tags and warnings on fics. If you’re not sure about one or want to discuss it, feel free to message me (:

**UPDATE 05.21.17: Newly added fics have two astrics in front.

Run For The Woods Now series (149,370) by jmcats:
+ Run For the Woods Now (62,075 | E)
Zayn knows some of the best and worst moments start with one of Louis’ ideas. Still, it’s almost as if everyone knew where this, his life, was going when Harry and Liam moved into Wagner’s old flat, with that stupid plant sitting in the doorway, and too many cigarettes and Justin Timberlake for any of this to have been one of those classically clichéd love stories.
And Zayn doesn’t do clichés. Not until Liam, that is

+ We Lie Awake At Night (14,008 | E)
His life, the one with his friends, with his son, with Liam, still feels a little too incredible to be true. But if it is, he’ll never let himself become content with it. Nothing this amazing should ever become routine.
+ Home in the Stars (12,556 | M)
It’s the kind of love story that started with Louis’ insane plans, a ridiculous plant, new neighbors, and a boy with warm brown eyes, round cheeks and promises to be there when Zayn was ready. He doesn’t know how to explain it, but maybe he will be able to tell their son Safi one day how he decided to stop running and fell for Liam… One day, he will.
+ I’ve Waited for This (60,731 | E)
One day, he’ll thank Louis Tomlinson for this: Liam still loves the smell of cigarettes on Zayn’s skin, the sound of Justin Timberlake when their fingers touch, the way Safi finds his own spot on their bed, the way there’s always pieces of skin touching just to keep them connected. 
The way all of this started with a stupid, completely mental idea from Louis Tomlinson. 
(Or the one where Zayn and Liam get married and Zayn’s finally ready)

hello kisses sweet as wine (123,892 | E) by xxcaribbean (roseaque):
not everyone is brave enough to go after the things they want. too much judgment and little respect creates nothing but fear; yet zayn’s always pursued what he’s felt regardless of those hang ups, and there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t regret any of his choices.
now, though, his decisions go a little beyond the spectrum of what people might consider normal, but zayn swears he did it out of love for himself and for his family. but mostly, it’s for his insatiable need to feel steadiness for once in his life.
zayn doesn’t expect mr. payne to have all the answers, and he certainly hadn’t meant to leave an impression.
so, this isn’t really a love story. well, it shouldn’t be.

**The Killing Type (130,453 | E) by protagonist_m (protagonist-m):
Liam breathes hotly through his nose, eyes twitching shut as he squeezes a bit more on Zayn’s neck. “Do you know how dangerous what you’re doing is?” 
Zayn draws in his own ragged breath. “Do you?” 
Zayn is a doctoral student who goes to great lengths to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Liam is heading the biggest serial murder investigation London has seen in half a century. And before this, he’d never been sent a love note via corpse. 

vanilla sweet universe (78,004 | E) by xxcaribbean (roseaque):
vanilla sweet
despite the fact that zayn’s an alpha, liam gives him a chance to prove himself worthy of the omega’s affections.
always love
zayn likes to make sure liam’s well taken care of before his heat hits, but even then, they don’t expect it to happen early.
sugar rush, candy crush
being a male omega was normal, but frowned upon. liam knew that. he also knew that zayn didn’t care. however, it seems like things are out of his hands when he discovers that the treatment from his past might cause a rift in his future with zayn.
honeysuckle lazy
there’s the trouble of liam being away from kiya for the first time, to zayn not planning a successful night out (until he does), and then on top of that, there’s the fact that there’s some stuff that neither of them had intended on admitting. but either way, it’s for the good of their relationship; really, it is.

Knowing, Forgetting, Forgiving, and Believing series (118,212) by SoftlyandSwiftly (softlyandswiftlyao3): 
+ Just Let Me Know (72,711 | E)
Zayn wakes up in a hospital, eyes blurry and head pounding, only for a doctor to tell him he’s lost two years of his life. And if that’s not awful enough, something’s different with Liam, off like something has changed, and Zayn doesn’t understand.
Until he does.
And then it’s somehow worse.
+ I’m Letting You Know (45,501 | E)
Liam’s POV of Just Let Me Know.
Liam’s world shattered two years ago, and he hasn’t been able to piece it back together since. When Zayn forgets everything from the past two years, Liam thinks he truly will never be alright again.
But maybe Zayn can fix that.

start again at your beginnings (115,852 | M) by postitbandit:
When they first meet, Zayn is a warrior in his mother’s clan and Liam is a conquered villager.Liam has an unhappy past and just a few things that he holds dear. Zayn would like nothing more than to learn about that past and welcome Liam into his clan, and into his life, but Liam does not seem keen on sharing anything with Zayn.
At least at first.

**Pride (86,961 | E) by iwanttowriteyouafic (iwanttowriteyouafic):
“What if you guys were to come to some sort of arrangement?” Niall said. “Just a strictly, er, business-only deal, where you’d help each other out. You’re not close enough that it’d be weird, but you’re not strangers, either, so you know he won’t take advantage of you.”
“This is a really weird conversation,” Zayn told him. “I hope you know that”
(Or the one where Zayn and Liam strike a deal to help each other through their dirtiest nights, but Zayn’s perception of alphas may be preventing him from something purer.)

**A Pirate’s Love for me (104,415 | E) by rorz94:
In the early 19th century, The two most prestigious packs of London, the Paynes and Maliks hate each other guts. So The Alpha king, who was mostly a peaceful man decided to have an end to this feud by tying an Alpha with an omega of the other pack. Once this agreement achieved the couple would get a tempting prize, but would the two families allow the chosen couple to have some peace?

Found a Demon (In My Safest Haven) (152,509 | E) by ohioinmymind:
Barely escaping tragedy as children, Zayn and Liam grow up unconventionally with their share of monsters hiding in the shadows. When Liam starts asking more questions than he should, Zayn tries to stop him, but in many ways it’s too late. Liam spends his time chasing secrets and trying to uncover the truth, and all Zayn wants to chase is Liam. Because Zayn doesn’t need to go looking for trouble, it usually just finds him on its own.

Mirrors (89,882 | E) by ohioinmymind:
Liam and Louis are a couple of rich kids, with no care in the world. Zayn doesn’t care about anything but skating and Liam. Harry wants Louis to see him for what he really is; a good guy. And Niall just wishes they would all get their shit together.

this is interlude (85,223 | E) by xxcaribbean (roseaque):
liam figured a gunshot wound, a mysterious stranger, and a clear sign of betrayal was enough excitement to last a lifetime. however, in the process of it all, he didn’t take into account the fact that what he thought he knew would be challenged, provoked, and possibly crushed, all because of a little four letter word that shouldn’t have even crossed his mind.

be a place that i call home (70,676 | E) by lightseep (fleshriots):
sometimes, home is a person. and sometimes, home is lots of people and sometimes home is two very, very little people.

**All is Fair in Love and War (94,149 | E) by bad1ands (rogueziam):
Up-and-coming journalist Zayn Malik - in hopes of later being allowed to cover more substantial stories - takes on an assignment by which he must pull a guy and then push him away in ten days.
Advertising executive Liam Payne - in order to take over a major campaign for his company - must prove to his associates that he’s able to woo a man in less than two weeks.They walk into a bar.

(An AU based off of the 2003 film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.)

Burning Away From Inside (87,566 | E) by scottmcniceass:
They’re a little too dysfunctional to be considered superheroes, but they do their best.

Lost For Words (102,090 | NR) by AGreatPerhaps12:
Zayn was so stunning and so consistently kind to Liam that his stupid heart had the annoying habit of practically vibrating in his chest whenever they were together. Liam wasn’t deep enough in denial not to know what that meant anymore, but he was still forcing the feeling down as vehemently as possible. It was difficult, though, when Zayn turned to Liam with that smile and said his name like he was worth time and attention, and all the while in the back of his mind there was this chant of—
Get the fuck out of my house. I’m not having a fag for a son. I want you and your shit gone by the time I get back.
—Yeah. That.”
Or: The one where Liam has a stutter and zero self confidence, and Zayn has a carefully controlled temper (also starring Louis and Harry as that disgustingly-in-love couple and Niall as the only straight guy around, apparently).

not yet awake (79,434 | E) by jmcats:
Liam doesn’t know this world. He feels out of place and he doesn’t trust anyone. All he knows is flashbacks of a life he doesn’t know anymore and all he hears is ‘thank you Captain Britain’ but Liam is not a hero. He’s a solider.
He has one mission for SHIELD: keep Zayn Malik safe. Unfortunately, he hates this cocky, arrogant, manic boy who wears suits and has iron where his heart should be.
(Re: SHIELD wants to protect Malik Industries and Liam has been avoiding the Avengers Initiative for months now… until he has no choice but to trust someone)

Kids that I Once Knew (78,185 | E) by jmcats:
Zayn longs for home – Bradford; not this small town that’s nothing but University and football and a hospital his mum forces him to volunteer at. But there’s something about this place – or the boy with the buzz cut and soft eyes and Liam Payne is nothing like Bradford. Zayn hates that, slowly, he’s kind of in love with that.

these amber words on your fingertips (69,087 | E) by jmcats:
‘He’s not getting attached, he swears. There’s no point.’
(Re: Zayn’s life in London is about one thing — making life perfect for his son. He’s still finding himself in this city, with all of the noise and left behind dreams. He needs to focus and Liam is, well, distracting. He’s different. Zayn’s always liked that word.)

Tunnel Vision (90,923 | E) by scottmcniceass:
In which Zayn is an award-winning popstar with a knack for getting himself in trouble, and Liam is the bodyguard he didn’t want to hire who has a few problems with staying professional.

through the summertime, winter, spring, and fall (77,503 | E) by writingsofamadchild (zainspank):
They change with the seasons, burning bright during the summer and biting cold during the winter, but that feeling of being in love Zayn found in the summer clings to him through it all.

You Holy Fool (74,816 | E) by chasingxrabbits (wester-fic):
Liam is a good kid, on the right path until he finds something wicked making a home in his church.
A slightly religious AU where Liam has a moral dilemma and Louis is falling head over heals for the curly headed sophomore.)

span>let’s pretend it’s love (68,465 | M) by wafflehood:
Pretend!boyfriends fic in which Liam and Zayn get papped while hamming it up for Louis and Eleanor, and management decides the easiest way to deal with the resulting hysteria is to let it run its course.

the bittersweet between my teeth (64,982 | E) by gaysubtexts (zoophile):
liam and zayn grow up together, louis, niall, and harry tagging along later on. that’s it.

like a wall of stars (64,901 | E) by jmcats:
somewhere between summer training camp and his last season of footie, Liam manages to: find his place in the world, find his confidence, build a bond between this misfit group of teammates he calls brothers, figure out the meaning of the word captain, watch his best mates (unexpectedly) fall in love, get over himself, fall for a boy, and hate Zayn Malik at the same time.
(and maybe this is how it should have always been)

But the sun comes up instead (71,332 | E) by blackwayfarers:
Zayn Malik, charming and confident fraternity vice-president, meets shy but achingly endearing high schooler Liam Payne at a kegger and everything just goes straight to hell.

Too Good is True (80,024 | E) by xxcaribbean (roseaque):
Zayn is a manservant (actually he’s a maid, but it’s what Niall calls him because one, there isn’t a male equivalent to the term maid and two, it sounds far sexier than what the job actually requires).
Liam is the unfortunate third wheel in the band One Direction. Harry and Louis are in love. And Niall is a butler

What We Become (78,042 | E) by scottmcniceass:
“It’s okay if you are,” Harry says seriously. “I mean, I know I would be. Like, if there was ever a date that was destined to go bad, it’s probably this one. Werewolf goes on date with the son of a werewolf hunter, who’s also training to be a werewolf hunter when he’s older, while another pack of werewolves are practically massacring the town, and no one has no idea how to stop them. It’s not a question of what could go wrong. It’s a question of what could possibly go right, and I’m willing to bet the answer to that is nothing.“

for always the thorn lies under the rose (107,265 | E) by xxcaribbean (roseaque):
being comfortable with herself is one thing, but fearing the judgment of others comes with the territory. add in a bit of harassment, a touch of unrequited love, a twin who can’t keep his mouth shut, and a boss who can’t date for shit, and all veronica’s left to deal with is her emotions and how she plans to get through the aftermath.

Tamper (80,002 | E) by saltwatergirl:
After being appointed as a teacher at McEllan Academy, Liam becomes fixated with a student. This is not the first time that this has happened.

colour my senses cherry red (96,675 | E) by thilia:
Zayn Malik, closeted gay pornstar.

You Are The Blood (175,151 | E) by sarcasticfluentry (povverbottoms):
A seventh-year Hogwarts AU in which Niall gets all the girls, Liam goes on a journey of self-discovery, Zayn falls in love, Harry wants something more, and Louis tries to figure out once and for all why he, a Muggleborn, was sorted into Slytherin.

To Sir, With Love (92,412 | E) by CupcakeCait (cupcakes-x-cocaine):
Zayn accidentally sends his teacher, Mr. Payne, a picture of his dick.

These Inconvenient Fireworks (190,000 | NC17) by wontsitstill on livejournal:
Future AU in which nobody tries out for X Factor but the boys end up finding one other eventually anyway. Louis is a jaded bastard who owns a cat named Duchess and teaches drama to teenagers, Harry is an idealistic aspiring photographer/part-time footy coach, Zayn teaches English lit and wears leather jackets, Liam saves people from burning buildings, and Niall is Niall.
[Mainly Larry Stylinson]

We’re Okay (153,816 | M) by scottmcniceass:
It’s funny, really, that their lives hadn’t intercepted before that point. That all it took was one little thing that set off a chain reaction of circumstances which led them all to each other. But it was for the best, really, because in the end, with each other, they were all okay.
And if you asked them, the whole thing could be blamed on Liam sleeping in, for once in his life.

Permanent (114,546 | E) by scottmcniceass:
At twenty-six, Liam has made a name for himself as one of the best football players of his generation. He’s in the prime of his game when a car accident threatens to end his career permanently. Depressed and hating the world, Liam heads back to his home town to take some time off and find himself again. He doesn’t expect to find life pretty much the way he’d left it eight years ago, and he definitely doesn’t expect to find something that might make him want to stay permanently, but that’s what he gets.

the beauty of this mess (67,815 | E) by jmcats:
He won’t admit how cold his sheets are when he’s alone or how his spine aches for Liam pressed to it or the way his fingers shove unforgivingly into his stack of pillows when he thinks about Jackson drowsy on his chest or Annabelle’s soft face under the moonlight or how that one-story bungalow was the closest he’s felt to home since leaving Bradford. 
(Re: Zayn loves this city, loves his boys, loves the salty taste of the surf on his tongue even though he hates the ocean… but he’s not expecting to fall in love with Liam and all of his little secrets, too. Not enough to stick around in this sandy city of teenage dreams)

Auction me off (64,973 | NR) by Romancemesomeziam:
When CEO Liam meets a young Zayn and can’t help but be enthralled by his amazing beauty, but there’s more to their relationships than physicality.

**Slow and High Tempo (103,054 | E) by zipplekink (zipplekink):
“I just want you, Liam,” Zayn whispers, skating his lips across his. “Can I?”
Liam’s lips part more as Zayn’s do, exhaling slightly as Zayn’s words sink in. He doesn’t understand what they mean, but he knows he meant it when he said Zayn could have anything he wants.
His eyes flicker open to stare up at Zayn’s dark ones, filled with a warmth that seems to consume Liam as he waits for him to respond. “Yeah, babe.”

S(l)ave Me (72,498 | E) by purpleeyestelllies:
If there’s one thing Zayn Malik knows it’s love. He creates it every single day with his multi-billion dollar match-making company. He helps Masters and slaves find their mates and each day he sends them out the door only to return home alone. Being young, rich, and handsome apparently isn’t enough for Zayn to find his own love. What he finds instead is a beaten and broken abandoned slave, Liam, in a dark alleyway in the middle of the night. He takes him home, fixes him up, and promises to use his company to find Liam his perfect match. But maybe his perfect match is closer than he knows.

The City Lights in the Snow (70,613 | E) by jmcats:
He only ever sees them, his boys, during this time of year and it’s never enough. Not in this place, this city, with a new face like Zayn’s reminding him that love and friendships don’t last for a holiday. ‘Without question, and whenever asked, Liam will always say that this time of year is his favorite.’
(or a holiday fic where Liam loves his city but he loves Niall and Harry and Louis (and maybe Zayn) a lot more)

**Viva La Vida (123,126 | NR) by iambluehead:
He only ever sees them, his boys, during this time of year and it’s never enough. Not in this place, this city, with a new face like Zayn’s reminding him that love and friendships don’t last for a holiday. ‘Without question, and whenever asked, Liam will always say that this time of year is his favorite.’
(or a holiday fic where Liam loves his city but he loves Niall and Harry and Louis (and maybe Zayn)

**The Gorgeous Torch Ginger (129,713 | E) by Fille_du_soleil:
Liam’s wedding vow was clear and still banging in his head as if it was yesterday that he pronounced it.
In Health and sickness, wealth and poverty, until Zayn do us part. Or was it death?A ZIAM Underage story. Very Explicit Sexual Content. MPREG

**Black Water (110,729 | E) by TheFAYZ:
“Alright, I’ll go…but what exactly are we going to go do?” Harry just grinned, he had a beautiful smile.
“Follow me, I’ll tell you all about it.”
So now I was stuck on a plane with 2 assholes (one who was intent on trying to burn a hole in my head without actually doing it), a pilot who was also apparently a super genius (and a fucking know it all), and a drunk Irishman who can only fly if he is absolutely hammered.
Fucking Harry.
(or, a super hero AU where Liam has a destiny to his total and complete dismay, Zayn is super possessive and wants nothing but to have Liam all to himself, Louis pines HARD over Harry and is a mouthy boy with anger issues, Harry is an extremely irresistible drug dealer because superpowers and he’s Harry, and Niall just wants to outdrink everybody)

**through the fire and into the flames (111,027 | NR) by zipplekink (zipplekink):
He only ever sees them, his boys, during this time of year and it’s never enough. Not in this place, this city, with a new face like Zayn’s reminding him that love and friendships don’t last for a holiday. ‘Without question, and whenever asked, Liam will always say that this time of year is his favorite.’
(or a holiday fic where Liam loves his city but he loves Niall and Harry and Louis (and maybe Zayn) a lot more)

**I will stand by you – so why let your voice be tamed? (105,594 | NR) by zeethorn:
He only ever sees them, his boys, during this time of year and it’s never enough. Not in this place, this city, with a new face like Zayn’s reminding him that love and friendships don’t last for a holiday. ‘Without question, and whenever asked, Liam will always say that this time of year is his favorite.’
(or a holiday fic where Liam loves his city but he loves Niall and Harry and Louis (and maybe Zayn) a lot more)

but monsters are always hungry, darling (156,067 | E) by irishmizzy,miss_bennie:
Zayn Malik has nothing.
Louis doesn’t have much other than his van, his friends Liam and Eleanor (most of the time), and a wall that keeps him at a safe distance from everyone in his life; from the moment they meet, Zayn finds himself depending on Louis’s kindness, if you could even call it that. As Zayn learns what it is Louis does for money, he realizes he has a choice to make. The path it sets him down might not be the best one – it’s certainly not the smartest or safest – but it does bring him closer to Louis. And, eventually, Liam, who wants more for all of them, not that anyone wants to hear it. The rift it causes in the trio has long-lasting effects over the years, and while there are bright spots in Zayn’s life: Liam’s old friend Harry, who has his own lessons to learn about how love and relationships really work; Niall, the Irish busker from down the street who rapidly becomes a fixture in Harry’s life; a bed in a flat instead of a nest of blankets in a van, things are far from easy. It’ll all work out in the end, though. (At least, that’s what Liam and Harry keep promising him.)
[Hooker AU]

Not Even the Bad Guys (Could Take it All Away) (79,977| NR) by iambluehead (thedublinfall):
“Not even the bad guys in the dark night could take it all away”
Or the superhero au where Louis is (literally) electrifying, Niall is like a less green hulk, and Harry has X-ray vision because if there’s a God, he’s cruel. Oh, and don’t forget Zayn, the most powerful superhero since Batman who’s trying to keep himself from falling apart by keeping secrets, and Liam, the ex-soldier and superhero who hasn’t found out what his power is yet, and just hopes it’s something that will save them all.

You can be loved (77,387 | M) by ziamismyotp:
Zayn Malik, a quiet foster kid who escapes in his drawings and sings to ignore the pain. He’s tossed from home to home until he’s 15 and is put into an abusive foster home and when he’s 18 he’s finally free. Harry finds Zayn living on the street, takes him in and gets him a job at the coffee shop he works in. There, Zayn meets Harry’s boyfriend, Louis and two close friends Niall and then there’s Liam, who is muscle and puppy eyes and a kind voice that speaks to Zayn softly as if he doesn’t want to scare him away. Liam drives Zayn mad.
Zayn doesn’t speak of his past and even after they’ve welcomed him and made him feel as if he might matter… might belong for once, he still refuses to believe he can ever be loved. Liam tries to prove him wrong.

You Know How I Feel (78,629 | E) by LSFOREVER (tumblr):
AU. It all starts because Liam decides to take some classes at his Aunt’s art studio.

Double Standards (75,562 | M) by rorz94:
this story is an adaptation of Judith McNaught’s work “Double Standards”

Island of Misfit Toys (68,118 | T) by rosetintmyworld:
The story of five lost boys struggling to fit in and gain back what they’ve lost. It’s not easy when temptation is around every corner and no matter what, someone waits in the wings to tear them down. I wish i could say this is a story of redemption… but life isn’t that easy when you’re lost.

I Heard You On The Radio (95,862 | T) by thatwasahaiku:
Liam hadn’t meant for it to turn into a thing- a big, popular, almost the entire school was talking about it sort of thing. The podcasts started out as a way from him to vent some pent up aggression and actually be himself for once. And what better place to reveal ones true inner being than through the veil of anonymity that is the internet? It also helps being anonymous when you find yourself inexplicably attracted to the new student everyone has their eye on.

Class Conflict ‘Verse (116,492) by photo41 (mbpgku):
+ Class Conflict (108,944 | T)
“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles”- Marx
Class Conflict- Can refer to the concept of underlying tensions or antagonisms which exist in society due to conflicting interests that arise from different socioeconomic positions and dispositions.
Or what you get when Zayn, worried about what the hell he’s going to do in the future, meets a fit bloke on a school field trip to an Ducal estate and it turns out that this fit bloke, Liam, neglects to mention who exactly he is- he’s the Heir to one of the richest Dukedoms in Britain, and therefore already has his future planned out for him.
Basically, take Liam hiding his poshness, Zayn being oblivious, and throw in a son of famous Irish Actor and Liam and Zayn’s Best Friends who might be too perfect for each other, and you get the definition of Class Conflict.

+ Conscious of this Conflict (7,548 | G)
Society does not consist of individuals, but expresses the sum of interrelations, the relations within which these individuals stand
Zayn’s never had problems painting portraits before, but this one of Liam and his family is proving to be his Waterloo, since Liam can’t seem to let him be for like, 10 seconds to paint the damn thing. Unbeknownst to Zayn, Liam is being purposefully obstructive because he both does and doesn’t want him to paint it, he’s just figuring out the way to tell him. Meanwhile, Louis is trying to organize the best festival he can without going nuts, Niall just wants to get out of the Tony’s and all Harry wants is a cat. (Or so he thinks)
Or, what has happened since our battered proletariat rose up to fight the Class Conflict.

Half A Heart (68,241 | E) by ginger_with_a_black_cat (tumblr):
Zayn is an English student who doesn’t want to fall in love because his biggest fear is to get hurt again. Liam is a resident bad boy and everyone’s wet dream on the outside, but in the inside he’s a secret even to himself. Harry’s Liam’s best friend with a secret of his own. Louis likes to party hard, get drunk and get everyone in trouble but everybody loves him nonetheless. And then, there’s Niall, who’s the youngest of them all, but still has the most brains and keeps them all in order all while being in love with an impossible girl.
Or where Zayn gets hit in the head by his own actions, Liam finds himself falling for an idiot, Harry gets dragged out of the closet by the love of his life, Louis wants Harry and only Harry and Niall just wants all of them to get their shit together, so he can get his own life back.

Breaking the Silver Chain (89,288 | M) by Mickey_D
Liam is an alpha who is just coming home from a trip abroad, and he isn’t returning alone. While traveling, Liam met the most beautiful person he’d ever seen: an omega named Zayn. The two of them had a whirlwind romance that left them happily mated and inseparable. Zayn, a boy with rather exotic looks for Liam’s home, draws a lot of attention, which isn’t a bad thing, except that he catches the eye of Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio is an alpha with rumors constantly swirling about him, rumors about kidnapping, shady businesses, and omega-trafficking. It’s known that he has a few judges and law enforcers safely tucked in his back pocket, a fact that keep the rumor mill turning since no one can ever get a straight answer.
Harry Styles is a law enforcer with a rather loud omega named Louis. He’s determined to bring the truth about DiCaprio into the light after a distressing call from a hysterical Liam makes him see red.

(they say home) is where you go to rest your bones (68,828 | M) by darlingjustdont:
There’s a warmth in his chest that expands until he feels buoyant almost. Like he could potentially fly. What a fucking cliche.
“You okay?” Liam asks, sliding up behind him and pressing a kiss to the nape of his neck.
“Never been better,” he replies. “Why do you ask?”
“You’ve been staring into the cupboard for about three minutes, babe. I don’t think you’re going to find Narnia there, no matter how hard you look.”
Zayn snorts and turns so Liam’s bracketed by his legs. “You’re a dork.”
Liam shrugs. “You love it, though,” he answers easily and Zayn’s breath catches for a minute.
“Yeah, I do.” 
Zayn’s managing just fine as a single father. Louis and Harry are a help, as much as they are terrors, but it’s Liam who brings him home.

**Heart of Stone, Life of Fire WIP (75,165 | E) by softlyandswiftly:
A war with the city of Banshia and its conquering King threatens all of the Cities on the continent of Kiza. Young Zayn Malik finds himself hopelessly entangled in the web of the war, his future rewritten in the span of a morning as allies and enemies shift. Traded for the promise of an ally, Zayn finds himself among the warrior tribes of the Nakizi people, where he must carve out his own place and take his fate into his own hands.

**Choices Like Waves WIP (193,513| E) by kbeto (overwhelmedbyfeels):
“Ever fucked a guy?”
Liam frowns, unsure of the direction this conversation is headed to. “Not really…”
“Been fucked by a guy?”

Whilst Niall’s eagerness evidently rises, Liam’s will to live drops. Where’s the rewind button?
>Liam has got good intentions and a good plan. Then, Zayn happens.

Wolves and thieves WIP (103,540 | E) by frenchkiss (lillourry):
“You are beautiful and you are everything to me,” Liam simply whispers into his ear, because he knows this, has heard it countless times (hearing it from the mighty Zeus himself is something that will never leave Liam) but he knows Zayn doubts and troubles. Sometimes they argue over it, because Zayn once said he wasn’t sure he should have ever left Mount Olympus and that had felt like a slap in the face.
(Later, when Liam was trying to sleep alone after Zayn had said he was going for a long walk around their gardens, he felt the bed dip and Zayn’s weight slide under the sheets behind him and he heard the murmurings “you are worth so much more than anything Olympus could ever offer me, Liam.” And Liam had rolled over, taken a shaking, weeping Zayn in his arms and held him tight until the sun rose, trying his hardest to contradict and take down all the worries Zayn had voiced through his tears.)
Or a Helen of Troy AU of sorts, where Zayn is descended from the gods, Liam will do all in his power to see him smile, Louis and Niall are the greatest friends and Harry’s a clumsy slave boy that Louis can’t help but end up falling for.

Sanity Not Included WIP (84,117 | E) by scottmcniceass:
Someone probably should have stopped the five of them from living together in one house.

Everything You Want WIP (106,199 | E) by ohioinmymind:
Zayn never knew how much he wanted Liam until he got to watch him be with someone else. But they’ve been best friends since they were in grade school and a quick fuck isn’t worth losing a thirteen year friendship. So Zayn gets lost in the music and works in a shitty record store with Harry, while Louis plots to get away from home and Niall and El are the laziest cheerleaders in the history of ever. And Liam–well, Liam spends his time chatting up his ex’s and driving Zayn crazy in that tiny fucking speedo. It’s all just a mess, really.

You’re Like a Dream (To Me) WIP (86,586 | M) by npse:
Highschool AU in which Liam, Louis, Danielle and Andy are best friends and Niall, Harry and Zayn are the cool kids.

Armour of Faith WIP (185,731 | M) by photo41:
In 2014, Zayn Malik, an army medic, is still out in the Middle East- he’s stationed as humanitarian relief along the Iraqi/Syrian border. Exploring, he innocently touches a carving in an ancient cave- and suddenly finds himself thrust into a much different war in the year of our Lord…1188.
Hurled back in time by forces he cannot understand, Zayn’s destiny in soon inextricably intertwined with the Knights Templar and the Third Crusade. He is catapulted without warning into the intrigues of knights, Lords and Kings that may threaten his life …and shatter his heart. For here, not only will he need to find a way home, but he may also find the love of a past-life.

**Can’t Help Falling in Love with You WIP (164,992 | E) by eternallyunleashed (zaynsbambieyes):
In the 18 years he’s been alive Zayn has learnt to deal with the insane amounts of anxiety and stress that life threw his way. It was always easy to stay back and pretend he was invisible. After agreeing to Harry’s idea of an internship he realizes all his hopes of maintaining a quiet simple life as he works towards Med-school get tossed out the window. Liam Payne enters his life. Zayn can’t put a name to all the whirlwind of emotions that threaten to rip his body apart by just being near Liam, but he is certain of one thing. The mere thought or sight of Liam makes him lose the ability to breathe.
For Liam his goal is pretty simple. Ever since he laid eyes on Zayn, who looks like sin in human form with eyes that threaten to rip a man’s heart out, he knew he had to have the boy. He needs him more than he’s wanted anything in his entire life. Otherwise his red hot desire for the boy might just take him to his death.

**The Way We Do WIP (112,267 | E) by CupecakeCait:
Zayn and Liam play on rival football teams, and it’s hate at first sight, in Zayn’s case at least.

**Hello Twelve, Hello Love WIP (74,587 | E) by watyonameisgurl:
In which Zayn comes back to him slowly…When Liam and Zayn were 12, Zayn suddenly went missing in the middle of the night. With no leads, no evidence of a break-in, and no requests for ransom the police eventually concluded that Zayn simply ran away and they closed the case. His family never believed it and neither did Liam.
10 years later Liam gets held hostage during a bank heist only to find that one of the robbers is Zayn. But he doesn’t seem to recognize Liam or even his own name. Liam tries to track Zayn down on his own, hesitant to involve the police who in his experience have proved to be untrustworthy more often than not. But then Liam starts noticing strange things in his apartment. His bedroom door closed halfway when he’s sure he left it all the way open; the tv remote sitting slightly further to the left than where he usually leaves it; a stray hair on the floor, darker and shorter than his own. At first he assumes it’s just the other boys messing with him but the longer it goes on the more he starts to wonder if he might actually be going crazy.
He doesn’t realize until it’s too late that while he’s been busy searching for Zayn all this time, Zayn has already found him.

**Zayn’s Body WIP (348,297| NR) by jaylanic:
Zayn is an asshole to everyone. Except for Liam. But when a demon takes over the body of the hottest guy in school after he gets too friendly with a sketchy band, Zayn Malik’s friends go to hell and back, literally, trying to save his soul.

A Little Bit Of Time WIP (91,552 | M) by Beautystream:
Zayn is totally is infatuated with his across the hall neighbor that goes by the name of Liam.
He has had a crush on this lad for nearly three years since he moved into the apartment complex. They’re acquaintances, but not anything more even though Zayn believes they are destined to be together.
Harry is married to his high school sweetheart, but is having a bit of trouble. Accusations of Louis cheating on him are making rounds. He isn’t sure what to believe anymore, but things aren’t adding up.
Louis slipped up once with this girl and after years of progress and trust building… but it’s happened again possibly.
Both boys are best mates and dealing with dramas, what will come to make life easier? When will things ease and be better again?

I hope this is helpful!

Check out my fic posts for this is interlude and vanilla sweet universe!

Fair-(Peter Hale)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Characters: OC, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Liam Dunbar, Malia Tate, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Peter Hale and (Y/N)

Pairing: Peter Hale x Reader, Stiles Stilinski x Derek Hale, Allison Argent x Isaac Lahey

Warnings: none?

Word Count: 1865

Summary: The pack don’t believe that Peter could possibly have a girlfriend, let alone be engaged, until said girlfriend crashes the pack meeting.

(A/N) wooo there’s some Sterek throughout this too, couldn’t help myself :)))

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The Other Prince + A CS Modern Royal AU [Chapter 2]

Modern Royalty AU: HRH Prince Killian has grown up in the shadow of the crown while enduring tragedy and the burdens of being the spare to the heir. With a desire to escape his past, he agrees to play host to the visiting general’s daughter in exchange for an eventual life outside royal bounds. Moving on is never that easy though and he quickly learns that being the ‘other’ prince is even more difficult when you find yourself falling for the girl everyone wants your brother to marry.

Catch Up On Previous Chapters: One
Also on and AO3.

Word Count: 4,748

Alright, here’s the first Emma POV chapter! My knowledge of the British military isn’t extensive so hopefully I didn’t muck it up too bad. Enjoy and keep an eye out - the next Killian chapter will be up soon!

“So, Elsa said that you met Walsh at the banquet last night - that new pilot they just stationed in Wales, right?”

Trying to hold back a grumble, Emma pulled her latte to her lips as she glanced down toward her half empty breakfast plate. The sun had only peeked over the distant hills a few hours earlier, but she’d only been awake for a small fraction of that time - late obligatory night be damned. She should have figured this conversation was coming and in all honesty, it wasn’t that surprising that her mother had chosen the soonest moment she could. Tapping her fingers on the side of the porcelain cup, Emma wondered if she’d still have an appetite to finish the rest of her eggs and whatever the daily pastry was when this little chat was over. She adored Mrs. Potts and the majority of things she’d baked or boiled in the estate’s large kitchen over the past six months, but the guilty pleasure of a plain old pop tart wasn’t something Emma had ever managed to shake.

One result of a normal college experience - well, as normal as attending a prestigious university could be for a daughter of a largely decorated military hero. Though it helped that she’d been able to acquire her undergraduate degree in America rather than one of the countries listed beneath the crown, it didn’t change the fact that there were very few circumstances in her honor shadowed life that Emma would dare label as ordinary.

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Fragile Heart

*I was restless on Sunday so I started writing a historical-esque Austen-esque little bit. And here is what I have so far. I might continue it… or I might not. Anyway. 2.6k of something…*

The rain was pouring but Emma Swan was so numb she wasn’t sure she even felt cold. She tugged the strings of her bonnet tighter to her neck as she trudged over the sodden field, her mud soaked skirts becoming heavier and heavier with every step. Finally she reached the shelter of an oak tree, the rain was held back somewhat by its wide green leaves. But she could not appreciate the respite as she struggled to breathe.

Stays too tight, clothes sodden - lord, if she could have stripped down to her shimmy right then she would have. But even for Emma Swan -headstrong and impulsive as she was - that would be a step too far. Instead, she closed her eyes, counted to ten and tried to forget Lieutenant Killian Jones even existed.


“Emma, where have you been?”

She brushed away her mother’s inquiry with a wave of her hand, marching straight to the kitchen where she knew a fire would be blazing. Sure enough it was, a large pot of stew cooking above it. She crouched down and stretched out her numb fingers. The heat radiating from the fireplace was burning hot, making her digits tingle as if they were being pricked by hundreds of tiny pins.

“You’re late back from church.”

It was Granny’s voice, their cook-come-housekeeper who overlooked the few servants they employed. She had been with the family since before Emma had been born and nothing was overlooked by her.

“I decided to walk,” she lied.

Well, it wasn’t a lie. It was merely a half truth. She had walked, but it was not a decision to not take her parent’s carriage home, but more a necessity caused by him.

“Hmmm,” Granny hummed doubtfully, before Emma heard her pulling out a chair. “Come on, you need something warm inside you then to bed before you catch a cold.”

There was little point in arguing. She stood, her skirts clinging to her legs, barely catching the cook’s eye as she sat and let her place a bowl of the stew in front of her with a chunk of bread. Slowly, she ate.

“So how’s that Lieutenant Jones then? And his brother- the Captain? I heard they were at the ball last night.”

Emma swallowed hard. “He is fine,” she lied again, “Fine Granny.”

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AU where everything is the same in @ink-splotch‘s Leagues and Legends universe, except people can see soul bonds strung out between themselves.

Spoilers for Remember the Dust under the cut

The threads looked as though they would slip away from George’s fingers at any moment. They hadn’t used to; once upon a time they had coiled around her left fingertips to merge with the creases of her palms, just like - so far as she’d heard - everybody else’s. She’d had a fair handful, even if most of those were the ubiquitous gossamer connections she’d barely been able to see, but one or two had been strong enough to see clearly, only fading to invisibility when her closest friends and caretakers were out of the village.

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Momma Hale x Derek

Requested By @fangirlfreakingout

“What’s up with you guys?” Stiles asked as he shrugged his backpack higher on his shoulders and stopped walking.

“Derek and Momma Hale are getting all friendly, since Peter took over the rebuild of the new house and the twins started actually doing chores so they have free time.” Erica grumbled.

“They keep getting all cuddly, they didn’t have time to help do our homework.” Isaac added and Liam sighed.

“They left the crusts on my sandwiches.” He sighed sadly and Boyd shook his head.

“At least they still make your sandwiches.” He mumbled and Stiles shot him a look.

“Aren’t you like… the oldest would they make your sandwiches?” Stiles asked and Boyd shrugged. “You know what you need, some big disaster to pull them away from each other because if you don’t, Liam won’t be the puppy anymore.” Stiles teased and walked away.

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Out of the Frying Pan (25/?)

“You want me to climb out a window or something?” Killian asked, blue eyes flashing up at her. “Because I don’t know if I’m that coordinated.”

“You don’t have to climb out of anything. Although you should probably consider putting pants on before we go outside.”

“I can do that,” he said softly, the emotion obvious in his voice as it settled into the pit of her stomach.

He pulled his arm away, only after brushing his lips across hers and Henry pounded the door again. “Mom! I’m starving. Can we make pancakes? Or you could make french toast if you really want. Can we just eat? Soon?”

AN: Guys. Guuuuys. Emotions. EMOTIONS. Lots of them. And a hint of angst. And then more emotions. Thank you so much for your continued response to this story. It constantly blows my mind. As does that aesthetic because @distant-rose is the best. 

Living it up on Ao3 and tag’ed up from the start on Tumblr

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Mythical Creature//Scott McCall - Part 4

Characters: Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Lydia Martin, Liam Dunbar, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.

It was Lydia’s idea to play a drinking game. Scott excused himself for obvious reasons, but you’d soon realized Malia, Isaac, and Liam were werewolves too. Malia seemed different. She seemed like an omega, yet here she was with a pack. You knew you had to figure out what was different about her. Your only problem was excusing yourself. The game would only end up being Lydia, Stiles, and Mason. You couldn’t get drunk, and that would be suspicious.

“I think I’ll sit this one out too.”

“Oh, Y/N, please play.”

“I’d rather not.” You smile softly.


“I have a bad history with alcohol.” You laugh. “You know, drink a little too much and the thought of alcohol makes you want to vomit.”

She looks at you blankly for a moment, “Fair enough.”

Isaac leans over to you, “Wanna play a game of our own?”

You raise an eyebrow, “Sounds intriguing. I’m in.”

He smiles, “Follow me.” He gets up and takes your hand leading up to your room. You swear you hear Scott growl.

He shuts the door behind you and you walk over to the bed.

“Let’s talk. You seem very interesting and I want to know more about you.”

“Huh. Not what I expected when you talk about games and take me to the bedroom, but okay.”

He chuckles, “I’m sorry, but are you implying I was bringing you here for sex?”

You smile coyly, “Yes. Yes I was.”

He laughs and sits beside you, “Maybe tomorrow.”

“I hope that’s a promise.” The two of you laugh and you lay back on the bed.

“So when did you move here? I missed out on all of that.” He asks.

“Oh, about a week and half ago. You didn’t miss much.”

“A week and a half and you’re already getting an invite to the lake house? Wow. They must really like you.”

“Well, you like me don’t you?” You smirk.

“Oh, but of course. You’re…mesmerizing.” He grins. You feel yourself bubble with excitement.

“What else do you want to know?”

“I know you’re lying about drinking. Why?”

“I…honestly, I don’t want to throw all my problems at you, but my dad drank. I just have always preferred not to.” Was that why you didn’t drink? No. You drank all the time, but was it true? Yes. Your dad did drink, that’s part of the reason you are what you are.

You see his features soften, “Me too. He drank way too much and was abusive most of the time.”

“Really?” You turn to face him. You actually felt bad. “I guess it’s easy to lose faith in yourself when it comes to that sort of thing when you see a parent go through it.”

He nods, “Exactly. So, on to other things…you’re emancipated?”

“Scott gave you the rundown?”

“Pretty much.”

“Yeah, I’ve been emancipated for about two maybe two and a half years.”

“Lucky you. Where are you living?”

“Oh, just in a small apartment. I had savings so I just took them when I left home. It’s just too much for me to work and go to school, especially since I take care of myself.” You were falsely opening up to him. He loved it.

“Understandable. I lived with Scott for awhile after my father died. Now that I’m eighteen though, I’ve moved into an apartment too.”

“We’re a lot alike, you and I.” You smile.

“I think I have to agree with you.”

“What’re you guys doing? Come downstairs. Lydia said she wants to talk to everyone.” Liam pokes his head in the room.

You go downstairs, where Lydia drunkenly awaits you.

“Guys! Let’s go to the club!” Lydia almost screams. You wince, your supernatural hearing making her voice 50x louder.

“Woah, Lydia…slow down.” Stiles grabs her as she wobbles.

“Why don’t we go tomorrow? It’ll be way more fun that way.” You smile.

“Good idea, Y/N. You’re smart.”

“Let me get her to bed.” Stiles says before carrying her upstairs.

Scott stares you down as you sit.

“Hey, Scott.”

He looks at you out of the corner of his eye. He’s mad, but he doesn’t want you to know. “Hey.”

“You okay?” You smile at him, bending over and looking into his eyes.

This makes him laugh. He looks up at you, “Yeah. I’m fine. Where’d you and Isaac go off to?”

“Oh, just talking. We were just getting to know each other.”

“Oh okay.” He leans back into the couch.

“You seem a little upset.”

“No, just having a bad day.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” You hear his heartbeat speed up when you place your hand on his shoulder. “You can talk to me.”

“My mom’s just pissed at me for coming. There’s been a lot going on.”

“I get it, I’m sure she’s nice, she raised you.” You smile.

He chuckles, “Yeah. She’ll probably be over it by time I get home.”

You hear a large crash, the sound startling everyone. You turn to see a werewolf standing on the broken glass, his eyes glowing blue.

“Scott McCall. I’ve been looking for you.”

You were excited, this was the opportunity you wanted. Of course you had to pretend surprised.

“What the hell?” You whisper. When you turn back to Scott, he’s fully transformed.

“Oh my god..” You stand up, shock apparent on your face.

“Liam, get everyone upstairs.” Scott grunts.

You jog up the stairs, Isaac following you into the bedroom.

“What the actual hell?” You say to him. “What the hell did I just see?”

“I..I’ll let Scott explain.” He says. “I have to go, but I promise we’ll explain.”

He leaves, presumably to help his alpha fight.

This couldn’t have worked out better for you. This was going to make them trust you more than ever.

Right at this moment, you felt invincible. But even you knew this was all too good to be true.

Decisions, Part 4

I apologize for the long delay in getting this part of Decisions out. It was harder to wrap this story up than I anticipated, so there will actually be a Part 5/Epilogue. I’m a little nervous about Part 4, so I hope you all enjoy it. It’s been a pleasure sharing this story with you!

Louisa watches the Cordonian countryside out the window of the town car and tries to calm herself down. The butterflies in her stomach haven’t stopped fluttering since she left Liam’s room.  

Liam seems sure that Drake cares for her. Before last night, she might have thought so too, but she can still picture him standing in front of her telling her that he couldn’t, wouldn’t be with her. Even as those hurtful words echo through her mind, Louisa remembers their kiss. The kiss he had returned so passionately, filling her with longing for him. She remembers the way he sounded when he’d told her they couldn’t be together, his voice broken and pained. Perhaps Liam is right and leaving had hurt Drake as much as it had hurt her.

Louisa takes a deep steading breath as Bastien turns the car up a long gravel drive. Drake may not believe in them, but she does and she won’t give up without trying one more time to tell him how she feels.

The car slows, pulling up to a small cabin. Louisa looks around as she gets out of the car. The cabin is situated on hill overlooking a wide stretch of green Cordonian fields. Off to the left, there’s a barn that appears to be empty.

“He’ll be in the back near the pond,” Bastien’s deep voice intones beside her.

“Thank you, Bastien,” she says as she sets off toward the log cabin. It looks rustic but homey and she can’t help but think that it suits Drake in some way.

Walking around the back of the cabin, the land slopes down gently to a small pond. A small row boat bobs in the water alongside a short dock. At the end of the dock stands Drake. His back is to her and he’s silhouetted in the sunset. Louisa watches as he lifts his arm and skips a stone across the pond.

Slipping off her high-heeled shoes, Louisa makes her way slowly down the hill. As she steps onto the creaky dock, Drake throws the stone in his hand and then pauses. He inclines his head slightly but doesn’t turn around.

“Nice arm,” Louisa comments, “You’re pretty good at that.”

“I’ve had lots of practice,” Drake replies as he finally turns to her. His expression is closed, cautious. “What are you doing here?”

“I was kinda of hoping that’d be obvious at this point.”

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Teen Wolf Preference - You Get Jealous

Derek Hale:

“I haven’t even held a gun before,” you growled to Stiles as you sat on the side of the road, watching him as he attempted to figure out what was wrong with his jeep this time.

“I can get my dad’s and you can hold it, if you want,” he suggested, leaning over and beginning to fiddle with something, “or you could just dump his ass before he hurts you.”

“That’s your answer for everything,” you said as you watched Derek’s car coming in the distance, “'oh, Derek forgot that you don’t like a certain vegetable? Dump him’.”

“This is different, though. He’s losing his powers and a hot assassin, who has a quite similar personality to him, offers to show him how to use guns. They’re gonna have sex, (Y/N).”

“Stiles!” you exclaimed, thinking for a moment, “do you really think that?”

He shrugged, “no, but I just don’t like Derek. Hey, if he does cheat on you, now that he’s using his powers we can actually use my dad’s gun.”

“We’re not shooting anyone, Stiles.”

Derek pulled up in front of the broken down car, waiting patiently inside and you knew he wasn’t going to offer Stiles a ride to the mechanic.

“You always spoil my fun,” he whined as you waved a lazy goodbye, getting into the passenger seat of Derek’s car.

“Hey,” you greeted, getting the quietest ‘hello’ in response as he very quickly drove as far away from Stiles as possible. Derek was quiet for most of the ride, something that most people would be used to but not you – you saw a different side to him, normally, but he seemed in no mood to talk.

“So, are you going to tell me what’s going on in your head or should I guess?” you asked after a while, nearing closer to his loft and he gave a small shrug.

“Braeden rang just before you did. I’m just a bit nervous about using guns as a choice of a weapon,” Derek murmured, “I’m basically becoming an Argent.”

“Oh,” was the only response you gave. Eventually, he pulled up in front of his home, sitting completely still when the car came to a stop before bursting out laughing.

“What?!” you exclaimed, watching as he put his head on the steering wheel and continued to laugh. Although you’d seen him laugh before, this was a completely different type – it almost made you a bit nervous.  

“So you really are jealous,” he finally said, causing you to make an 'o’ shape with your mouth.

“I – what are you talking about?!”

“My werewolf powers aren’t completely gone, (Y/N),” Derek snorted, leaning over and giving you a small kiss on the lips, “I heard you talking to Stiles. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t mishearing but you really are jealous, aren’t you?”

He then began to get out of the car, you quickly scrambling after him, almost enraged by his reaction.

“Well, can you blame me? Hot assassin, remember?”

“But you’re my hot girlfriend, remember?” Derek wrapped an arm around you, “if I ever cheated on you, for whatever bizarre reason, take Stiles’s offer up on shooting me, won’t you?”

“I’m considering it now that you’re making fun of me, actually.”

Isaac Lahey:

You stood with your arms crossed tightly to your chest, watching the conversation between Chris Argent and the pack as they discussed the problem at hand. Unfortunately for you, your mind was somewhere else – you really wanted to be as concerned as everyone else but you couldn’t keep your eyes off Isaac and Allison. The two had grown strangely close to one another and even now as they stood next to each other in the room, you couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of jealousy.

“Everyone got that?” Scott asked as you awkwardly began to follow them out of the room, completely unaware of what everyone just agreed on.

“Hey, where are you going?” Isaac asked after you all got down to the cars after you attempted to follow Scott and Allison.

“Not with them?” you said sheepishly and he shook his head.

“You and me are going to get the book from Stiles’s place. Were you listening?”

“Uh,” you went to open the passenger seat door to the car that Chris was letting the two of you borrow, “sorta.”

Before you could open it though, Isaac stepped out in front of you, leaning against the car door with his arms crossed, “what’s up?”


“We’re not leaving till you tell me what’s wrong,” he said, giving you a small smile as he knew you wouldn’t be able to convince him otherwise.

“Nothing’s wrong,” you tried to push him out of the way but he didn’t even flinch.

“You know I am a werewolf, right? I can sense what you’re feeling.”

“Then why did you ask?”

He rolled his eyes, “are you angry about something?”

“No,” you paused, “not angry. I just – you know you don’t have to stay with me if you don’t want to? It’s okay to break up with me for Allison. I understand – it’s okay if you do that.”

Isaac looked at you as if you had just punched him in the face.

“Come again?”

You, again, poorly attempted to push him out of the way.

“You heard me,” you mumbled and he grabbed your hands, stopping you from awkwardly pushing on his arms.

“I can’t believe you’re jealous of Allison,” he snorted and you glowered at him, this time trying to release yourself from his hold, “I love you, you idiot.”

“You can’t just tell me you love me and then insult me,”

“You insulted me first by thinking I could love anyone but you,” Isaac said smoothly, placing a small kiss on your forehead and then smiling at you, “I can’t believe you got jealous.”

He finally moved away from the passenger door, laughing to himself as you glared at him walking around to the driver’s seat.

Jackson Whittemore:

“So your plan is to ignore him because you’re jealous but he doesn’t know you’re jealous?” Scott shut his locker door, looking at you with a confused expression, “I really don’t understand how girl logic works.”

“Do you think I should break up with him?” you asked, completely ignoring Scott’s comment and he scratched the back of his neck.

“You – you want to break up with him because you’re jealous of him and that girl from bio?”

“That does sound stupid,”

“What’s more stupid is that you’re ignoring him because you’re jealous,” he thought for a moment, “I can’t believe I’m defending Jackson of all people. I hate that guy.”

“But you agree that there’s a reason to be nervous, right?”

He shrugged, “I dunno, he’s been pretty dedicated to you since you started dating. Why don’t you ask him?”

Scott then walked very suddenly away and you turned around knowing exactly why. Jackson came over to you, leaning against a locker with an already annoyed look on his face.

“Want to tell me why you’ve been ignoring me? You don’t like McCall, do you?” he shot an angry glance in the direction that Scott just walked away from.

“You don’t like the girl from bio, do you?”

“Wait,” Jackson smiled a little, “that’s what this is about? Your jealous of me and the girl who gave me notes the other day?”

“Why are you smiling?! You seemed over-friendly with her!”

“You seem over-friendly with Scott and Stiles but I don’t say anything. Then again, I’m not too threatened by them,” he leaned closer to you, “babe, she gave me her notes that had comments that made things make more sense. Of course I was going to be nice to her, she didn’t have to do that.”

“She probably just thinks you’re attractive and that she can get in your pants now.”

“Do I have to remind you that only you can get in my pants?” Jackson kissed you quickly, “if it’s bothering you that much, I promise to make sure to show you tonight who I really care more about.”

Liam Dunbar:

“This is impossible,” you said to Malia, “she’s an absolute goddess and I just can’t hate her. I want to hate her, but I can’t. She’s just… too nice.”

“I can beat her up, if you like,” Malia shrugged, not looking up from the book in her lap and you sighed.

“We can’t beat up everyone that makes us angry,”

“But they made us angry?”

You decided there was no point in trying to explain why that was just morally wrong. Sitting on the bleachers, you looked out where the lacrosse team and the soccer team were practising on the same field – where Hayden and Liam were practising. You watched as the two of them continued to have a little game with one another, seeming to enjoy themselves and Malia suddenly looked up at you.

“You smell gross,” she murmured, “jealous. Very jealous.”

“I’ll see you later. Good luck with the maths,” you said as you got to your feet, hurrying away from the scene that you couldn’t watch any longer. You knew it wasn’t fair to be jealous of Liam and Hayden, since neither of them gave you a real reason to be because you were told the story of when Hayden punched him in the face and now really disliked him, but the two seemed to be getting along just a bit too well. You imagined that was how you and Liam must have looked when the two of you were developing crushes on one another but you tried not to think too much about it.

“Hey, (Y/N)! Wait up!” you heard the very familiar voice of your boyfriend call, causing you to come to a very abrupt stop.

“Hey,” you greeted very dully after he caught up, a puzzled look on his face.

“Damn, you’re not a werewolf but you moved as fast as one. I saw you leave and when I asked Malia what happened she just told me that she can’t beat up everyone she’s angry at,” Liam paused, “so, want to tell me why you’re so angry? Was it that guy that stole your seat again?”

“Don’t even remind me,” you felt slightly enraged by that situation again, “but no, it wasn’t anything important. Get back to Hayden,”

You went to turn back around but he caught your wrist.

“You sounded really angry when you said her name. Did she do something?”

“No, Hayden’s really nice. I’m really glad that you two made up with your feud,” you knew that there was not point in trying to get yourself released from his grasp.

“I’m so confused. You sound sincere but I can hear your heartbeat. What’s going on?”

You shook your head, “it’s just a little jealousy. It’s fine.”

“Jealousy?” Liam let go of your wrist, “why would you be jealous of Hayden? Do you not remember the gum incident from like, 2 weeks ago?”

“That’s why I said it’s fine.”

“You’re cute when you’re jealous,” he leaned in, kissing you softly, “you don’t have to worry about anything. Do you wanna get a burger? I’m starving.”

As the two of you went to walk away, Liam thought for a moment.

“Did Malia threaten to beat up Hayden?”

Scott McCall:

You stood back as you watched Kira wave goodbye to Scott, him holding a few printed off sheets that she’d given to him and he now turned around to come back to you with a large smile on his face. You’d honestly felt like you’d been third wheeling while hanging out with the two of them and that you might as well leave them alone because they wouldn’t even notice your absence – which was saying a lot considering that you were his girlfriend.

“So this helps a lot,” Scott said holding up the sheets of paper, “do you wanna grab a bite to eat before going home?”

You shook your head, “I think I’ll catch a ride with Lydia. She’s still studying in the library.”

Scott raised an eyebrow.

“But we always get something to eat on Friday nights?”

“Ask Kira if she wants to go,” you murmured, getting out your phone to text Lydia and suddenly Scott put his face very close to yours, “what are you doing?”

“Trying to figure out what you’re thinking,”

“So you’re putting your face really close to mine?”

“Well I think it’s working because I’m sensing some hostility,” you were doing your best to be annoyed with him but you were tempted to laugh at his joke.

“Scott, seriously,”

“(Y/N), seriously,” he mimicked, “why are you acting so weird?”

“You’re acting weird,”

“Because I don’t know why you’re angry.”

“And I don’t know why you spent the past two hours completely ignoring me for someone you don’t even know,” you finally snapped, “I get that you’re probably tired of just me and she’s new and different but I don’t know. I feel stupid saying that out loud.”

Scott laughed, “because it is stupid. Kira is the first person to have any idea of what the hell we’re dealing with and the entire time she was talking I was excited because I was thinking I might be able to stand a chance at keeping you safe. That’s all I want, (Y/N),”

You wanted to shy away from him, your cheeks flaring up as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you towards him.

“And I’ve heard your stomach rumble several times now. Do you wanna watch a movie back at mine and get some take out?”

You rested your head on his chest, “yeah, being jealous is exhausting.”

Stiles Stilinski:

You sat on the front steps outside of Stiles’s house, waiting rather impatiently for him to get home. Surprisingly though, when you’d arrived his jeep had been parked out front but he hadn’t been around – you’d immediately panicked but he said he was out with someone else. All natural, jealous girlfriend instincts set in when Lydia’s car pulled up in front of his house, Lydia waving to Stiles goodbye and waving to you as she left. Your heart sank, knowing about Stiles’s old long standing love for Lydia but he swore, as did many people you knew, that there was no emotion there any more. You even believed it, too, but it was times like this where it was hard not to think the worst – Stiles loved his jeep and yet he let Lydia drive.

“Hey, sorry I’m late,” he said, leaning over and kissing your forehead before taking a seat beside you on the steps, “have you been waiting long?”

“No, not really,” you replied quietly and he took his backpack of his back, pulling out a box set of Star Wars.

“I know we can just watch this online but it’s not the same. We have to marathon it so that we can love the new one even more,” despite your inner jealous, you couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiasm.

“So that’s why you were with Lydia? To get Star Wars?”

Stiles shrugged, “I just needed to talk to her so we thought we might as well hang out. You alright? You look a bit pale.”

“We might have to rain check this,” you said as you got to your feet, feeling awful when you saw his whole expression change to a sad puppy look, “I’m not feeling well.”

“Are you safe to drive home? I can give you a lift,” he got to his feet suddenly but you put your hands up.

“It’s fine, really. Hope you had a good day.”

As you began to walk off the steps, it was as if a light went off inside Stiles’s head.

“Are you really sick or is that you being passive aggressive?” he asked, jogging up to get in front of you and stop you in your tracks, “I might not have werewolf senses but I feel like I know you pretty well.”

“Stiles it’s nothing,” he gave you an uncertain look at your comment, “I’m just a bit emotionally exhausted.”

“Tell me about it,” Stiles mumbled, “I had to get Lydia to help me to buy you the perfect birthday gift. I really hope you like it – I obviously can’t tell you what it is but we spent about 3 hours looking for it.”

This caused you to stop, “wait, you were buying me a birthday gift?”

“You know your birthday is soon, right?”

Stiles was taken aback when you flung your arms around him, hugging him tightly but he eagerly responded, hugging you back.

“I didn’t know you liked your birthday so much,” he said, causing you to chuckle.

“Stiles – Stiles, I was jealous of you and Lydia. I thought that – I thought you liked her again or something,”

Stiles pulled away from the hug, “wait, what? No, no, no – no! I love you, (Y/N). I really love you. I would never put myself through the pain of shopping with Lydia Martin unless I was doing it for someone that I truly loved.”

You went bright pink at this

“I know, I know… I can’t believe you didn’t realise I was jealous.”

“I’m really oblivious to these things,” he said sheepishly, “can we watch Star Wars and make out now?”

1. He's angry with you.

First preference, follow and like for more. Did mostly the main characters for season5, I will do any season, or character with request, but these will be my main ones.

Scott: Scott has been angry at you all day, actually ever since yesterday. Unlike Scott and most of his friends, you were the weakest, a human. Even though you and Stiles were Human he actually let Stiles go with him on there little barely planned plans. “Scott I don’t see what the big deal is.” You whine softly, taking his hand, and intertwining your fingers with his. He was still cold, Scott couldn’t help but wonder how stupid you are and how you could manage to put yourself in danger every time. Finally you growled in anger, making him snap his head towards you, your pulse quickened letting him know that you were in fact angry now. “How do you expect me to be okay with this?” The words rippled through your throat, coming out in a yell. “I know fucking nothing that is happening, I don’t know why you are ever acting weird, or even why all my friends are dying. You keep me out of the loop and I’m sick of it.” Tears of frustration stung your eyes, as he now stared deeply into them, his body calming down. “I don’t even know if you’ll make it back to me.” Every time Scott left you, the fear stayed. Scott stared at you for a few minutes, before walking towards you, wrapping his right arm around your waist to hoist you up onto the lab desk, he stood between your legs, his hand softly on your cheek, his thumb outlining your cheek bone. "I’ll always come back to you.“ His voice just above a whisper.

Stiles: "You can’t keep on doing this!” Stiles, your boyfriend scolded you, like he persistently did. “I told you over and over again, that I do not want you anywhere near danger, and where do you end up? In the freaking danger zone.” You probably got this talk about three times a week, but this time it was different. He was irate, he was so angry. “Baby, I’-” Swiftly you were cut off by Stiles, “Don’t you dare baby me.” Exhaling your breath you know he wasn’t going to budge. “I’ll see you later.” He coldly turned, walking towards your opposite direction, his back pack strands swinging with every move he made. After seemed after one hundred years, but what was only three periods, you walk next to Lydia. “You too?” She whined, “You’re both acting weird, what happened?” You sighed, “I’m sick of Stiles trying to protect me twenty-four seven, it’s not fair I never get to help but he always gets me involved, and then I want to help and he says no!” You just didn’t get it. “I’m sorry.” A voice mumbled behind you, Stiles. Turning around to face him, you couldn’t help but notice how much sadder he did look. “You’re right, You are apart of this team, this pack we have." He paused once again, taking you hand into his. "You are as important as everyone else.” His lips softly kissed the back of your hand. “I’m sorry Princess for yelling at you.”

Theo: “Are you fucking kidding me?” He fumed, envious. Rolling your eyes, you opened your book trying to study. But his hand quickly came down, shutting it. “You are being ridiculous, he drove me home.” Theo was jealous, but he was also scared, scared because he thought Brett could be the guy they’re looking for, he was killing people. “He could’ve killed you!” He yelled, making you puff in anger. “Stop yelling at me, I’m not a child! He’s done nothing wrong and didn’t kill anyone!” You yelled back, “Stop acting like a child and I wouldn’t have to yell sweetheart.” Quickly you grabbed your book bag and book, you needed to leave his house before this turned into something bad, but before you could think about it, with his supernatural reflexes he took it, throwing it onto the perfectly made bed. "You fucking dick head.“ You cussed and instantly rued, his growl finally released from his mouth, his teeth pinching as the long canines finally escaping. His claws dug into your arms, drawing blood. And just like that, Theo was back to his human state, both of his hands holding your face as if he was checking if you were okay. Regret filling his eyes, "I'm so sorry baby.” His voice week, his eyes glossy. He hurt you, and he couldn’t believe it. Quickly and without having to think he licked the blood from your wound, making it heal. “I-I” He didn’t know what to say, he only hoped you would stay, or even forgive him. He was angry, you had to remind yourself as small tears fell to your cheeks. “Please, don’t leave.” You nodded, he couldn’t help it and you knew it. Theo was looking out for you.

Liam: “Liam I’m sorry.” You looked into those baby blue eyes that you have fallen so hard for. He just shrugged it off, trying to open his locker, avoiding eye contact. He was always a nice, shy guy, even as a werewolf, he got hurt over the simplest things, but in your case it was kind of bigger. “I forgot I swear.” Dying to be heard, for him to listen. “It’s whatever.” Again a short, quick answer. But it wasn’t whatever, after finally confessing your feelings for each other, he had finally asked you on a date. Yesterday you were so caught up in helping Stiles with the connections between the dread doctors and the book you forgot about your date last night. Liam waited and waited for you at his house, a night cuddling and watching movies inside the comfort of his home sounded pretty ideal to him, especially since it as with you. “I said I’m sorry there’s nothing else to say, It wasn’t that much of a big deal.” Liam’s eyes fumed, the yellow glowing in his iris’, blood drawing in his palms, from the nails breaking skin. “Not much of a big deal?” He growled, “Liam calm down.” You say, resting a hand on his shoulder, but he continued in rage. “This always happens to me, I get pushed to the side like I’m nothing, I-I finally get the courage to tell you I like you and I’m still pushed to the side.” By now, he was in his full transformation, before people could see you pressed your lips harshly against the soft ones in front of you. At first he hungrily kissed you pushing you against a locker with a thud, his lips aggressively attacking yours, but he slowly slowed down, and back to his human state, pulled away a few inches, his eyes flickering to yours. A small smile propped his lips, before leaning in for your second kiss, a gentle lingering kiss.

Imagine Living Like A King Someday

prompt: Phil is a boarding school student, and he has pretty much everything. His dad owns the school, he’s pretty popular, has the best room, gets all the best treatment – he’s the King. Dan is a cleaner/phil’s personal maid there, and he isn’t as lucky. Some students are assholes to Dan, including Phil at first.


I’ve made one of my new year’s resolutions to put this thing back onto some kind of updating schedule. I don’t know what it’s going to be yet or whether I’m going to stick to it, but I’ll give it a shot :)

Update: im so sorry I wrote that note on the 3rd of January it’s now the 24th and im a mess but ill still try my best hAha

warnings: smoking, mentions of violence


“Just like the old days, this is,” Freddie grins, gazing up at the sky. Clouds part every now and then, giving way to idle twinkles of light against the blackness. “Us lot, out here, hiding from the cameras. It’s almost as if this year hasn’t happened, isn’t it?”

Phil gulps, the taste of tobacco souring in his mouth a little. The idea of smoking to relieve his stress suddenly doesn’t seem so smart anymore.

“Except we’re missing someone, aren’t we?” Violet chimes in, feigning sickly innocence. “Where’s your best friend, Phil? Too bad he couldn’t join us.”

“He’s not my best friend,” Phil mutters bitterly.

“Must be a real bummer being cooped up inside on your own when everyone else is free, mustn’t it?” Freddie comments.

“Good,” Phil bites back. “The further he is away from me, the better.”

“Someone’s touchy,” Violet comments. “I never remembered you being so scathing, Phil.”

“I do,” Freddie comments. “You were probably thrilled when his tag got extended.”

“Yeah; it’s such a travesty my father actually gave him the punishment he deserved,” Phil puts his hand on his heart in mock-sorrow and fuck, why can’t he just keep his mouth shut?

“You’re saying it’s justified to give him a three month tag extension for something out of his control?” Freddie raises his eyebrows, huffing out a surprised breath. “Wow. I guess being a self-righteous wanker really does run in the family.”

“Look, if you’re here to lecture me on my gene pool, I want nothing to do with it,” Phil rolls his eyes.

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i. so close

So this is the first request I’ve ever got. I hope you like it! feedback is always encouraged and appreciated, and please, please tell me if something isn’t right, as you know, english isn’t my first language and i write to improve it!

this will take a part 2 with smut but i didnt liked to ‘spoil’ the fluff lol

requests are open, feel free to send them in!!

You weren’t a princess. You were far, far from it. Your sister was. Everybody with two functional eyes saw that: while you were always in the shadows, she shone like a star, she looked like a swan. Once she entered a room, she filled it with her charm. You loved her, really. She was your sister, after all. But sometimes… sometimes you felt a poisonous seed growing in your tummy, feeding a beast that wanted to kill the source of light from your sister’s, that wanted to rob it and made it yours. You were okay with always being in the shadows, with being everybody’s second choice… but sometimes, you couldn’t help yourself from wishing you were not.

Especially when it came to Harry.

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“How can you not like milkshakes?”

“They’re empty vessels of sugar.”

“Excuse you, they are delicious!”

“Coming from the guy whose diet consists of Fanta and squeezable cheese.”

“Are you calling me fat?”

Derek just shrugs, and oh, fuck him, he deserves the french fry Stiles throws at his face across the booth. 

It’s not often the whole pack hangs out together, let alone gets dinner at skeezy diners outside of town. But it’s spring break after their first year separating from college, and Scott is a stickler for tradition, if anything. Or, friendship. 

Either way, that’s how Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Kira, Malia, Jackson, Derek, and Liam find themselves squished into a round booth in the back of Granny’s Closet.

“You’re like a twig, Stiles, how could he be calling you fat?” Kira retorts, taking a sip of her water. 

“He just shrugged!” Stiles exclaims brashly, and then glares at Derek. “You think just because you’re all buff and muscular and eat raw bunnies that anyone else is a disgrace.”

Derek rolls his eyes. “I never said that.”

“Yeah, well, you said it with your eyebrows.” Stiles slumps in his seat. 

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In Between

Set after chapter 12 of The Royal Romance
Drake x MC

Riley (MC) gets some air to think, and a certain someone joins her, prompting a venting session and a confession.

Note: My first Choices fanfic I’ve written/shared. Please be gentle with your comments :)

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Chance-Part 3

A/N:There’s more part coming!!

Word count:1.45K

Pairings: Liam Dunbar X Reader,Theo Raeken X Reader

Part 4

*next morning*

I barely got any sleep last night,I don’t understand why I feel nervous around Theo.Even few days ago all I could think all day was about Liam and how much I missed him.But ever since that trip to the woods,I feel something towards him.I can’t seem to point a finger as to what this new feeling is but it’s good in a way that atleast I’m not thinking about Liam all the damn time.I guess I feel somewhat sympathy for him,or it’s just the process of me giving him a chance to be friends?Whatever it is I shrugged the thought and got ready for school.I feel today’s gonna be a long day.

Once I got ready,I heard Theo’s car beep outside.I grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs.My mom went to see my grandma for few days so I was home alone.I locked the door and proceeded towards Theo’s car.Theo being the gentleman he was, hopped out and ran over to my side and opened the door for me.

“Good Morning,“he said.

“Morning,"I smiled.

The car ride was peaceful and we made small talk.We arrived at the school,I checked my watch and noticed we’ve still got twenty minutes for the classes to start.

"Do you have any free period today?"Theo asked as we began to walk towards my locker.

"Umm…oh yea,I’ve my third period free”,I replied.

“What a coincidence!I’m free then too!!"Theo said excitedly.

Damn he looked so adorable.

I chuckled and replied,"we can hangout then,seems like.”

“Yea,I would like that.”

“Me too”.

I glanced across the other side of my locker and saw Liam,Hayden,Mason and Corey standing in front of Hayden’s locker.Corey looked confused,Hayden’s expression was like as if she couldn’t care less.Mason looked slightly shocked and Liam was glaring at Theo.Why are they like this?I asked myself.The first bell rang.

“Uhh,I can walk you to your class…if you like?“Theo said somewhat nervously.

"Okay."I replied smiling.

I reached my class and thanked Theo,also promising to meet at the bleachers in our free period.I took my usual seat which was between Mason and Liam.The teacher didn’t come to class yet so everyone was talking.Liam entered the class and walked towards me quickly.

"What’s up with you and Theo”,he asked.

"Well,hello to you too Liam”,I replied sarcastically.

“Cut it and answer me,he’s dangerous and you know it Y/N”,Liam sighed.

“He’s changed,okay?"I said defensively.

"Oh yea?Just few days ago you still believed he’s evil,what made you change your mind,huh?"Liam asked losing his patience.

"I got to know him”,I shrugged.

"What,within one freaking day?"Liam questioned.

I ignored him,he got a point but something about Theo feels right.

"Listen,Y/N,whatever you do,just be careful,okay?"Mason said calmly.

Whenever Liam and I bicker Mason always makes everything better.He’s the sensible,mature one in our friendship.”

Okay I will”,I smiled at my other best friend.

The teacher came and started the class,I sighed in relief.

*Free period*

“There you are!“I said to Theo as I reached the lacrosse field.

"I almost thought you won’t show up”,Theo said.

“And why would you think that?”

“I don’t,ahh just forget it”,he smiled.

“Damnit it’s so cold outside”,I shivered and we walked to take a seat in one of the bleachers.

“Aw,you can take my coat?"He offered.

"No thanks,I’ll manage,"I replied.

He insisted several times but at last my stubbornness won and he just shook his head.

"You’re so stubborn,"he chuckled.

"Oh Raeken,I have my fair of different sides”,I smirked.

"Is it?What else side do you have?"He asked curiously.

"Well I don’t like to show off you know”,I smiled,“anyway why did you want to hangout here?”

"Well there’s no practice today,so it’s peaceful and we can talk and get to know each other better?”

“That’s a nice thought”,I replied and looked in front of the field.

Few students were roaming around and some sat in the bleachers listening to music and stuff.

“You know how people say,hell is dark and terrifying?Well it’s worse,much much much worser”,he said after being silent for few moments.

"Hey,you’re out of the phase now,okay?Please don’t think about it”,I placed my hand over his hand.

He intertwined our hands and nodded.

“Every night it haunts me,you know I deserved it,but now I got my second chance,I will be a better person,well I’ll try,there’s not dread doctors now to threaten me,"he said.

"Yea that’s what will count”,I encouraged him.

“It felt great to finally tell all the things that I kept inside me all these months,thank you for listening,"he said with a small smile.

"Anytime,you can tell me anything and everything that bothers you,I’ll be here to listen,"I said.

"Thankyou,thankyou so much,"he said and placed a kiss in my cheek.

I immediately blushed at the gesture.He stood up and held his hand for me to stand up as well.Then we walked to our respective classes.

*at the cafeteria*

"HE WHAT?"Kira said somewhat loudly and excitedely,it caught everyone’s attention at the cafeteria,she then took her seat and smiled awkwardly.

"Speak quietly,Kira!"Malia rolled her eyes.

"Before the boys come,tell us more as to what happened,"Lydia said excitedely.

"Well that’s pretty much it,"I said.

"I’m so happy for ya girl”,Malia said.

“And he’s changed you can tell,"Kira chimed in.

Lydia and I nodded.The boys entered and I waved quickly at Theo.He sat beside me and we began to make a small talk.

"Y/N and Theo,are they a thing now?"I heard Stiles ask Malia.

Malia pinched him and asked him to stop talking about it,and I was glad she did that.Mason and Corey sat beside Lydia.Everyone started talking and eating.

"Liam,hey!"Scott said.

I looked and saw him with his lunch,only this time he was alone and not with his girlfriend.

"Where’s Hayden?"asked Corey.

"She’s at her soccer practice”,he said,he looked briefly towards me then took a seat beside Kira.

"This sandwhich is really good,Y/N you want a bite?"Theo asked me.

I nodded and he fed me,I was blushing furiously now.

"Yea,it’s good”,I replied.

Liam’s POV

Everyone was busy eating and chatting,however I saw that little encounter between Theo and Y/N.I felt annoyed.I mean Y/N’s my best friend and we always do everything together,we sat at lunch together,we had playful bickers and we teased and pulled prank on Mason all the time.I miss those good old days.

“Liam,are you even listening?"I was snapped out of my thought by Stiles.

"I’m sorry,what?"I asked confused.

"I said,when’s the next lacrosse practice,I missed few of them I don’t wanna miss anymore”,Stiles asked.

“Oh right,it’s on tomorrow”,I replied and shoved some pasta in my mouth.

Once the lunch was over,we all began to head towards our next class,my next class is with Y/N.I’ll try to talk with her gently now.


“So see ya after school then”,Theo said once we reached my last class.

“Okay,can we please grab some coffee on our way home”,I asked.

“Ofcourse!"he said and then left for his own class.

I sighed.I wish we were in the same class.Why he gotta be two years older than me?Whatever atleast we have free periods together.

I took my seat which was beside Liam,I didn’t feel like arguing with him so I just ignored him.

“Psst..Y/N..”,Liam whispered.

“What?’I mumbled,not looking at him.

“Listen,I’m sorry,okay?I just want to make sure my best friend is safe and happy”,he sighed.

“I get it,and I am happy,thanks anyway”,I replied smiling.

He gave me an odd look and then looked in front of the board beginning to concentrate in class.But I know he isn’t really paying attention.

*after school*

I got outside the parking lot and saw Theo waiting for me.I waved at him and walked towards him.

“Ready for the coffee date?”He winked.

“It’s not a date,just two friends hanging around”,I replied shaking my head.

“Whatever you want to say”,Theo smirked.

Theo stopped the car at a small cafe and we ordered our coffee.I sipped at the coffee looking outside the window.

"So,I have this Chemistry test and I totally suck at the topic”,I sighed.

“I can help you,so which topic are you stuck in?”He offered.

“Chemical Equilibrium”,I replied taking a sip from my coffee.

“Oh that’s easy!I can help you”,he smiled.

“Really?Oh thank you Theo,please save my ass from this effing topic”,I sighed.

"So,tomorrow at the library?Or you can come to my house?”Theo offered.

“I think library sounds fine”,I smiled.

“Okay then,tomorrow in our free period”,he promised.

Theo drived me back home.I closed the door and let out a contended sign.It was a great day.

#71 You leave marks on him and the other boys notice (Visual)

Louis: You were at home sick when you got a skype call from Louis who was supposed to be preparing for an interview at the moment but, nonetheless, you accepted the call. “Babe!” Louis yelled as soon as he saw you. “You got me yelled a this morning!” You sent him a confused look, waiting for him to explain how you got him into trouble when you had been home all day. He leaned forward, tugging his shirt off over his head and your eyes went wide when you saw the deep red and purple marks on his chest and neck. “Yeah,” He said when he saw your shocked face. “Not only did the boys give me hell for this, but Lou practically chewed my head off because, apparently, it’s very hard to cover this up.” “Y/n!” You heard Liam shout before appearing in the frame. “You gotta take it easy on him! I mean, we need him in this band!” “Alright, alright.” Louis said, pushing Liam away and you could hear him laugh as he walked away. “I gotta go, baby, but I think it’s only far that I get to mark you when I get home since you took advantage of me last night…”

Liam: Liam had no idea that you had left deep purple marks on his neck when he went to meet the boys otherwise he would have made sure to cover them somehow because he didn’t want to have to deal with the boys comments. He shook his head, trying to shake out the rain but it was persistent to stay in his hair. “Sorry I’m a bit late.” He mumbled, taking his jacket off, revealing the marks clearly to the other boys as he sat down on the couch next to the other boys. They noticed it instantly, trying to contain their giggles as the pointed it out to each other. “Liam,” Niall was the first one to speak out, a smirk on his face the entire time he spoke. “I see you had a good time this s'mornin’.” Liam paled, searching his mind to find out how they could have realized what truly made him late. “How, uh, how do you know that exactly…?” “Mate,” Harry said. “Go look in a mirror and you’ll see exactly what we see….”

Niall: “Is that a bit of lipstick on your neck, Niall?” The interviewer ask, an obvious smirk on her face. Niall immediately blushed, he could have sworn he cleaned it all off, but that one mark was too opaque to be seen in the dark but clearly visible in the light of the small interviewing room. “Uh-um, yeah,” He chuckled, “I guess it is…” “You should'a seen him before he wiped most of it off.” Liam laughed as he saw Niall’s face become even more red (though, at this point, you thought it would have been impossible to be any redder as you watched the interview play out). “Our little Niall’s growing up so quickly!” Louis yelled, wrapping Niall in a tight hug, despite all of Niall’s protests to try to distract the attention away from him and onto someone else.

Zayn: “C'mon, Zayn!” You called out, squealing as Niall decided to spray you with the water hose You quickly ran to Zaynand plopped down on his lap. “We’re cleaning your car! It’s only fair that you help since you are the one who drove it through the mud." Zayn faked reluctance but he soon shooed you off his lap, tugging his shirt over his head with a cocky smirk on his face. ”C'mon, babe, or are we just gonna let them do all the work?“ He joked but was interrupted by hearing the other boys erupt into laughter, causing him to quickly turn around. "Damn, y/n!” Louis called out. “Youmust be wild in bed! I’m surprised Zayn doesn’t have any scars from your handiwork.” Both you and Zayn instantly blushed, remember just what they were looking at; the dozens of claw marks that you left on his back last night. “You know what," Zayn says, turning to face you once again. "Let them finish that, I could think of plenty of better things that we could be doing right now…”

Harry: “Where’s Harry?” Zayn asked, the other boys following behind him as they entered his apartment. You were currently in the kitchen, deciding to make Harry breakfast before he woke up but it seems like the other boys would be waking him up before then. “He’s in bed; still asleep.” “Not for long.” One of them say, all of them running upstairs to wake him. Harry groaned when he was shook awake, smiling slightly he thought that bit was you who was shaking him awake the smile faded when he saw it wasn’t. “What?” He moaned, unsuccessfully trying to grip onto the blankets covering him as they were pulled away. “Woah, Harry…” Liam snickered, looking at the two deep red marks on each side of his collarbone. “What is it?” Harry asked again, reluctantly sitting up to see why his best friends needed to see him so early in the morning. “Well,” Niall said. “We figured that we could relax here but you’re probably exhausted from last night.” Niall winked at him, causing Liam to push him toward the door. “Have fun today, Haz. Oh, and your girlfriend made you breakfast.” “That is if he hasn’t already eaten something sweet already…” Louis grumbled, following Liam downstairs.