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A very important shout out

I usually don’t post my own stuff on tumblr, mainly cause I’m too lazy but today since it was thanksgiving I thought to myself, “hmmm….since it’s thanksgiving I gotta do something special for the people I’m thankful for” so Here I am. I want to Shout out 3 people. These people are absolutely are one of the reasons I’m still breathing today. Seriously, I’m not even exaggerating here.

1)the first person is @spiritofthesteppe I met this girl online in july and honestly she has helped me get through the worst summer of my life and I’m so goddamn grateful for that

2) next is @assassinwriter88 , although I met you in around august-septmber-ish I feel like I have known you for a lot longer than that. And I am grateful for you just talking to me pretty much almost everyday. it means alot more to me than you think it does

3) last but least my best friend @rkeme. I don’t even know what to say about you. You are probably the second most important person In the world to me. You are basically the most important person in my life. Whenever I’m feeling shitty, I could always count on you to listen to my infinite list of problems and to cheer me up. You are the one of the few people I can open up to with getting scared of you judging me. You are just an amazing person,inside out and please don’t let anyone or anything change a single dawn thing about you.

Hope you all enjoy thanksgiving!!😊😊

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It’s been a while since I could paint, so I in what downtime I could I started sketching this out and painted it quickly today. Because cuddles in beanbags are the best. 

Shiro loves to cuddle whilst working on reports, Keith always feels lazy when they do. (If they don’t have lion onesies to go with their slippers I am disappoint.)


Hello!! Today marks 1 full year since Doodlematsu was created!

So I decided to hold a giveaway!!

1st place:

Pizza cat plastic tote bag (OH FUCK YUMP!!)

Hijirisawa Shonosuke metal strap

Stickers (6 of them!)

Princess Glitter Shine figure

Something bad in a box (do not open)

+ 1 OC doodle!

2nd place:

Stickers (4 of them!)

Garfield 2017 Calendar

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Oviposition chicken (not the screaming chickens)

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stick-on animal nail stickers

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-ENDS: Feb 10, a week from today!

-FOR STICKERS: they will not be made via redbubble, I will be printing them myself. Any drawing from the redbubble store or from this blog is allowed, but you cannot choose an entire redbubble sticker pack as 1 sticker

-Winner will be picked via random number generator

Twenty-two Percent

Originally posted by toyboxboy

Pairing: Spencer Reid x BAU!Reader (ft. BAU team)

Content/Warnings: fluff

Words: 1144

A/N: I have written a soulmate AU request with Spencer Reid from @chocok22 for 43. The name of your soulmate appears on your skin after you meet them.

You were excited. This was it - the day you had been looking forward to for a couple weeks now. This was the day you were starting your new job at the BAU. Ever since you were a teenager, and you and your family were the target of a serial killer stopped by the BAU, you had known this was what you had wanted to do. You had been top of your class in the FBI academy, read all of Agent Rossi’s books - gone the whole nine yards. And now the day had come, and you felt both excited and like you were going to throw up.

“Agent Y/L/N!” A voice called as you walked into the building, a small suitcase holding supplies for an overnight trip slung over your shoulder. You glanced over, seeing Agent Rossi himself walking over to you. You hadn’t seen the agent since the closing of the case you had been involved in as a teenager. “You’ve grown since I last saw you.”

“You remember?” You asked, both surprised and flattered as you shook his hand.

“When Aaron - that is, Agent Hotchner - and I were going through applications, your name was what caught my attention. You’ve gone far, kid.” There was approval in his voice. “You can come up with me, I’ll give you a tour.”

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This is a fuck management story. Yesterday, I was asked to come in early for my shift since a co-worker called out sick, so 11 to 7 instead of 1 to 9 (which is closing.) I agreed to come in early, no big deal. One of my managers asks if I am staying until close, I tell her no and explain what had happened (I know the manager who called me in early already explained the whole thing to her.) So she starts going on about how I have been complaining about getting hours cut and I should just stay. I end up staying 45 minutes late making sure all my normal closing tasks are done.

This morning my co-worker asks if I saw this manager’s FB post. It read, “It’s funny how someone complains about not getting hours but won’t stay late when asked. This is twice this week she turned down hours.” In the comments she added things about me being lazy and whiny. (I took a screen shot of everything, and am having a meeting with the head manager, this is not a first time problem.)

I flipped out, the first shift I she called me about this week was a three hour shift. She text me an hour before the shift, at 1pm. I said I already had plans for the day but I said I would come in early the next day because it was just a freight shift and it doesn’t matter what day it gets done. She turned down my offer. I have had a job since three days after I turned 16, I have never been written up, had a customer complaint, or been called lazy by any of my other managers. On top of all this she was over a half hour late for her shift today, and got a customer complaint. So fuck her and fuck higher ups for not firing her like they said they would 8 months ago. I am done with Arty Shitty. Y’all are losing a good employee who has been with you for over two years because you have one problem manager. 

(I make employee number 3 who quit because of her.)

Weight Loss, Update, and Measurements!

Hey peoples! Wickedly Healthy here, coming at you for an update on my weight loss journey. Hope you’re all having a great Sunday! Hope all is good in your world and that you’re taking it easy. My Sunday is going to be very lazy aside from going to the gym later on today. It’s most likely going to be a repeat of my yesterday. I’ll be sitting on my butt playing video games for most of the night. (Yes, I’m that kind of girl. Lazy as f-) 

I lost two pounds from last weigh in so now I am at 244! My original goal was to be at 242 around this time, but since it’s only a two pound difference I’m not letting it bother me. I know there were days where I could have worked harder and I could have eaten better, but I also gotta live life, plus I was sick for a good week. (excuses, excuses) 

I took my measurements today…. Here are my measurements from the beginning till now. 

From starting Date, Jan 15th., Feb 18th., to Today March 19th.

Measurements in inches

Jan 15th

  • Waist- 47″
  • L Thigh- 29″
  • R Thigh- 28″
  • Bust- 48″
  • Hips- 49″
  • Butt- 49″
  • R Arm- 14 1/2″
  • L Arm- 16″

Feb 18th

  • Waist- 42.5″           (-4 1/2″)
  • L Thigh- 28″           (-1″)
  • R Thigh- 28″          (-0″)
  • Bust- 45″                (-3″)
  • Hips- 47″                (-2″)
  • Butt- 47.5″             (-1 1/2″)
  • R Arm- 14.25″       (-1/4″)
  • L Arm- 14.75″       (-1 1/4″)

March 19th

  • Waist- 41.5″             (-1″)
  • L Thigh- 27.5″         (-1/2″)
  • R Thigh- 27.5″        (-1/2″)
  • Bust- 45″                 (-0″)
  • Hips- 46″                 (-1″)
  • Butt- 47″                  (-1/2″)
  • R Arm- 14″              (-1/4″)
  • L Arm- 14.25″         (-1/4″)      = -3 3/4″

Total Inches Lost!

= 17 ¼ inches!!

I am absolutely thrilled to have see these numbers today, I mean 17.25 inches!!?? Lost. That boggles my brain. I know I will be losing a lot more, but I look forward to being astonished each and every time I add it all up. Inches matter. 

Total pounds lost from Jan 15th to now = 14lbs.

anonymous asked:

since one of Ouma's favorite presents is the autumn coloured scarf, I wonder if he'd wear it instead of his checkered one? (who am I kidding, if it's a present from Saihara he'd probably say he dislikes it and wears it with pride afterwards)

haha. I actually drew Ouma in the Autumn coloured scarf waaay back. (Jan. 30th to be exact)

This was the image then. Very sloppy and I was probably too lazy to do any kind of line art. 

I drew this one for the ask today, May 10. And wow… (400+ drawings in 3 months does make a difference…)

NIshishi <3

Girls’ day out.

I was supposed to finish this up because this was requested months ago by @ cliss25 – probably one of the very first few requests I ever received via messages that is! – and I was checking through my messages to get to the requests! I’m awfully sorry this came up super late! I disappeared for a while from the blog between February to April and only recently became active again! I really have no other excuse for my absence so thank you for sending this in and I really do hope you enjoy this! As such, you are the first person to request a thing with Cass and Steph!

Hi, first sorry for my english, but is not my first language. Second, i love your fics, Batmom is the best, but i dont read much about the girls, can you maybe writ something about Bruce Batmom with Cass and Steph. Thanks!

You love your boys. Anyone who knows you knows that you absolutely adore your entire family and your entire absolutely adores you too. You are never seen without any one of your boys – most of the time, it’s the youngest Wayne that accompanies you everywhere you go. But what they do not know is that, as much as you really love hanging out with your boys, sometimes you can only take so much testosterone in a day so normally in a week, you always have a day designated just for the girls in the family only. No interruptions from your boys, no husband asking you where his favourite tie is and no son of yours calling in asking you whether he should get take-outs or have dinner at the manor.

Girls’ day always fall on a Saturday. Normally you would have everyone – all of the girls, that is – over but unfortunately for you, that week, only Cass and Steph are available. Not that you minded at all because you loved hanging out with the two girls as well.

Which is why that Saturday, you are lounging in your tea room – Bruce figured that you might need a room of your own where you can hold your Girls’ day and had an old living room renovated just for you – in your pajamas. Saturday also meant lazy days for you. Cass is currently basking in the sunlight by the window and Steph is just looking through the amount of nail polishes you have.  

“I’m starting to get bored,” You tell the girls, placing the glass of iced tea on the table. “What do you think of going to a spa?” You ask as you reach for your laptop – you had been wanting to go to a spa for the longest time and have yet to find the right time to do so but since you finally have some time to spare today and the girls are here too, you think it might be a good idea.

Cass is the first one to look away from the window. Ever since she has got to know you, she is starting to be more and more open – it took a lot of work and patience but you finally managed to get her to talk more than just one word sentences. “Is the new spa you recently talked about?” But her voice is still the softest ever though that’s one thing you do not want to change about your baby girl.

Steph’s eyes widen in glee. “Oh my god, yes, please! People think it’s easy being a woman – they have absolutely no idea just how much care we put in to being one.” She exclaims, excited at the thought of going to a spa. She could not even remember when was the last time she had treated herself.

You smile. “Well, that’s settles it then.” You immediately get your phone and dial up the spa, booking an appointment for that day. “Done; our appointment’s booked after lunch. So how about we get some brunch first?” You look at the two girls who simply nod their heads.

Thankfully, none of the boys came to bother you – every now and then, they would drop by to ask you questions you know Alfred could answer in lieu of your absence – so your brunch went by wonderfully. Not before long, the three of you are dressed up and ready to go to the spa.

The moment you get out of your car, you are greeted with a lot of paparazzi. Cass immediately goes to your side, trying to shield you and Steph is asking everyone to back away politely. You simply hold on to Cass’s hand and pull Steph away from the paparazzi, knowing very well that no matter what you choose to do with them, they will still run their stories the way they see fit.

After getting the three of you checked in, you started with the good stuff: mud bath. It was fun to be able to spend some time with your girls, laughing and gossiping about random things you could think of. You are thankful that the girls are very comfortable with you too.

“My skin is so smooth right now. Is this how you keep yours smooth?” Steph runs a finger down her own arm. “I should probably do some more mud bath in the future.”

You giggle at her adorableness. “Hit me up when you want to do it!” You tell her, fastening the white robe on your body. Cass is already beside you, looking kinda out of place. So you throw an arm around her shoulder, pulling her to you. “How is it so far, Cass?”

Cass nods her head. “It’s really fun.” She gives you a small smile and you pat her shoulder, satisfied with her answer. “What are we going to do next?”

You shrug your shoulders. “Up to you girls, really. I just wanted to spend some time with the two of you.” You say earnestly and Steph blinks a few times before giving you and Cass a brief hug, chuckling happily.

“Well, can we get some facials then? I think I need some pampering for my face.” Steph tells you once she pulls away from the hug. You nod your head and let Steph take the lead. The three of you went for some facials after that and even got a face massage after some exfoliation. Then the three of you received manicures and pedicures and trying to choose colours that represented your alter egos were fun too, laughing at jokes that left the manicurist and pedicurist lost.

To be honest for you, the fun part about going to the spa is getting the massage at the end. Even though you don’t really go out in the field whenever your boys are, sitting in the bat cave, monitoring their every activity can get you tense. This was probably the best idea you have ever had in a while – you knew you had knots here and there but you didn’t know just how much everything hurts until the masseuse rubbed them away.

“That was so refreshing.” You say to no one in particular as you relax. One of the side effects of getting a massage is that you get lazy to move. “I am so contented I just don’t want to move right now.” Cass leans against you, she too felt really good after getting the massage. She never knew she was hurting in the areas until the masseuse did wonders on her. Steph on the other hand looks really energized and absolutely happy.

“Honestly, the rest of them are so going to regret not being free today of all days!” Steph shakes her head. “Thank you for today! It’s been a while since I have this much fun and care for myself.” You simply grab her hand, grinning at her.

“I am half-tempted to just call one of the boys to pick up the car and drive us home.” You let out a small yawn before taking out your phone. “You know what, I’m just going to call one of the boys and tell them to pick us up.” You quickly sent a message to your family group chat asking for the boys to pick you up, leaving a strict reminder that Damian should not be driving any of the cars just yet because he is still underage, to which your youngest simply tuts and gives you an exasperated sticker in return. “Okay, the boys will be here soon enough.”

“Thank you for today.” Cass snuggles against you and you smile at her.

“Anything for my girls.”

My SE token app fucked up and untill supportcenter reply my mail and restores it again I will spending my time drawing, not just commissions, but also own art, I need to work on them since I am super filled of ideas but NO ENERGY; this sketch I made and inked yesterday and finished to color and playing with some effects today, not a big thing, sometimes I wanna push myself to the extreme as I did with the Garuda painting but GOSH! I was feeling lazy and demotivated artistically and need to kill that laziness somehow: drawing my lovely Zah is bringing me up the moods to draw, lucky cat he is.
Little fact about him, he’s a chill guy as mentioned, and always brings a kind smile on his face, more like reference from Ame and Yuki’s mother reference (from the movie The Wolf children Ame and Yuki), smile regardless no matter the situation, I like to see him that despite the bad he passed through or the bad moments, he tries to keep a smile on his face, it will be hard to find him breaking down, very hard. Zahki’a (Zahkis) is an oc of mine.

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I've been working at this restaurant in my town since they opened, and learned last night that both my shift leader (whom i considered a friend up until this) and one of my managers have been screwing me out of a promotion and joking about how "lazy" i am, all the while my other manager applauding and acknowledging how much i bust my ass for this job. i'm quitting today due to obligations with school, but it hurts to think that even though i'm working hard for this job, it's not noticed

Hello everyone!

I just found out that I had up to 500+ followers today, and I felt it was a good time to do an thank you post. I’ve liked EXO since Overdose, and I’ve been a dedicated fan since than. At first, I wasn’t around EXO-Ls so I didn’t know much of what was happening. But I was a huge Luhan stan, I still am of course. I had decided to make this blog to keep up with their activities and involve myself with the fandom.

Thank you all so much for liking my blog! This isn’t a follow-forever (I’m too lazy for that) it’s more like a list of my favorite blogs. These people have inspired either with their amazing blogs or amazing edits perhaps both. I apologize in advance if I mess this up. It’s almost in alphabetical order…

A - J:

@angel-in-slow-motion @brbcrawlingtokorea @cbxo @chaichanyeol @dazzlingkai @daenso @dayafterdae @deararchimedes @ethereal-baek @galaxychen @getlayd @glorious-soobooty @huntertainment @huinnun @irpsychotic @jonginence @jonginism

K - Z:

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Thank you to all who are following me! You don’t know how grateful I am. I know that I’m annoying and can sometimes be vulgar so thank you.

I love you all! ❤️ 

10 Things I Hate About You (Part Two) - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: hello dearies! sorry it took me a bit more than I said to post this! I haven’t been having the best days but I’m better now and I’m back! :D thank you so much to everyone who liked this story! :D I’m having so much fun writing it! :D ****so, here chapter two! I figured this story would have 10 chpaters because well, duh hahaha so… here we go pt. 2! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Your name: submit What is this?

10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you drive my car

[Part 1] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Sirius had spent up all night thinking what the bloody hell he was going to do. He couldn’t back down of the bet. There was no chance in hell he’d let either McLaggen or Diggory win. Plus, he couldn’t let McLaggen near (Y/N). Sure, the girl always got on his nerves but throughout the last couple of years, it wasn’t just James that had warned boys to stay away from his sister. Remus threw in a warning or two as well, but Sirius was the one that would actually scare boys away from her and he wasn’t about to stop now. He had no idea how he was going to win the girl who despised him, though. He sighed when he spotted the girl by herself in the Common Room and hurried up towards her. Let it begin.

“Good morning, (Y/N). Oh, Merlin! You look breathtaking today” he said with a very fake gasp.

(Y/N) took a look at her lazy look for that day and then looked up from her book to glare at him. “What do you want?”

“Why I am deeply offended that you would think that that’s the only reason I’d talk to you” Sirius said offended.

“You’ve been best friends with my brother since first year, Black. You even started living in my house this summer and you don’t speak to me unless it is for three reasons” she said counting them out. “You make a stupid remark or insult towards me” she said as number one. “You steal my homework or my food” number two. “Or you ask me where my brother is” she said as number three.

“That’s not true, I uh- t-talk to you” Sirius tried to sound convinced.

“Really?” she asked with an arched eyebrow. “What’s my middle name?”

Sirius blanked. “Um- uh- twin number two?”

“Nice” she said sarcastically as she went back to her book.

“Well, maybe I just wanted to see what my friend (Y/N) was up to today” he said grabbing some of the parchments she had on the coffee table as if to look interested in what she was doing. “Charms… yay” he said sarcastically.

(Y/N) stood from her seat and placed her hand on his forehead. “Are you sure you’re feeling alright?”

“Stop it” he said snapping her hand away. “I’m fine” he told her.

“What happened with your Fan Club? Are they on strike because you recently developed a new venereal disease?”

“Ouch” Sirius said placing his hands over his heart pretending to be hurt. “Can’t I just enjoy a good quality time with a beautiful girl?” he said making (Y/N) choke on her pumpkin juice.

“What did you just say to my sister, Padfoot?” James said walking over to them and sitting down next to Sirius, Peter sitting on his other side and Remus taking the seat next to (Y/N).

“I uh-“ Sirius said suddenly getting nervous. Something (Y/N) had to admit she’d never seen before.

“What’s going on?” Remus asked (Y/N) who still had her suspicious eyes on Sirius.

“I’m not sure” she replied.

“What is it with everyone? Can’t I just want to hang out with my friend, (Y/N)?” Sirius defended himself.

“(Y/N)?” James, Remus and Peter asked at the same time.

Friend?” (Y/N) asked him.

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okay so if i’m right, it’s currently 12 am in korea which means it’s hwang beauty’s birthday! i hope he eats a lot of food today and receives lots of love/well wishes ♡ since i love his dorky side, i made a shit video of him dancing to a song fitting for his iconic dance hehe

One Year Surgiversary

So today 9/6 marks my 1 year date from my gastric sleeve surgery. Alot of people have been so much more successful in this and makes me slightly embarrassed to post. I started over a year ago at 315.6lbs, i currently am sitting at 205lbs.

110lbs gone, and i still want to lose another 75lbs.

Maybe my progress is slower than most, but its because ive been lazy since May. I havent been going to the gym or eating how I should, and i want to be happy and healthy. Lately im miserable, and feeling bad about myself. Maybe getting back to this lifestyle is just what i need.

Hopefully by the end of this year i could lose another 25lbs and be at 180.