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Human!Tim is Toby, and I’m crying forever

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hello... oh my gosh... i'm emotionally recovering from just having read all of "Acceptable Risk"! it was so incredible, i laughed, and i cried, and i felt so attuned to the feelings of these boys- i love, absolutely love, how you wrote them. the characterization is so spot on. do you think you'll do a conclusion soon? no rush or anything!! i know life can get busy!! and i only read it today so maybe i'm being impatient haha. anyways thank you so much, i loved reading it so much!

Awww thank you! That makes me so happy! 💕 It was sooo fun to return to kagehina, which you could probably tell from the way I wrote them. I’m really happy you’re enjoying it, and thank you for being so sweet about asking when I’ll conclude it. I’m not sure when, though I’m (naturally) aiming for as soon as possible. Last year during NaNoWriMo I finished/updated several fics so I’m kind of hoping that being original-writing-organised will launch me into being fic-writing-organised this year too, even though it hasn’t happened yet. I’m getting tired of my annoying habits though, so I should start conquering them soon—I’ll keep you posted! Thank you again for this lovely message <3

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Hey vic, I'm super excited and I needed to tell someone but I'm getting a binder soon!!! I'll be able to stop layering clothes to hide my chest and oh my god this is such a huge step forward for me, I may not be able to start t since my parents don't agree with it but it's only like 4 more years until I'm moving out so that's fine but yeah I'm super super excited!!

Yaaaaay congrats!!! <3<3

For @leojiweek’s August 4th prompt: Domesticity :o

I haven’t forgotten my phone in the fridge before *yet* but i did once leave an ipad in there……i’m th e b i g g e s t airhead hhjsjskks

(Sorry this is SO late! My flight got delayed for 8 hours(don’t fly with china southern)and i spent an entire day in the airport😭(they escorted us to a hotel b/c they didn’t know when we’d fly so i took a quick shower and the hotel’s towel had a hole in it fml(we stayed there for like half an hour and they kicked us out b/c someone hadn’t come to tell us that our flight was soon????(yikes)))i have since recharged both mentally and physically with seafood, jianbing, and dumplings!!!)

summer has come and passed, the innocent can never las. wake me up when the translation for haikyuu ch 279 is out…………..

Forbidden Documentary Footage Revealed
  • Recording begins promptly. Female subject, referred to as Housewife, stands in kitchen. Footage is estimated to have been recorded some time in the mid to late 90s based on appliances present in kitchen as well as style of kitchen
  • [NOTE] Kitchen is possibly ☆NSYNC themed
  • Housewife: What should I say?
  • Cameraman: Just tell me a bit about yourself.
  • Housewife: Oh, where do I start. My name is Jennifer Brackenberry. I'm 37 years old. Mother of two kids, and I'm happily divorced.
  • Subject, Housewife, laughs.
  • Housewife: Anything else you want to know?
  • Cameraman: What do you do?
  • Housewife: Well, like I mentioned before, I'm a full time mother. I'm also a bit of painter.
  • Cameraman: Oh, you paint? Interesting. Could you show me some of your paintings?
  • Housewife: Absolutely. Follow me.
  • Subject, Housewife, leads Cameraman to garage. Clown paintings, clown memorabilia, and other clown based products are abundant in house during walk to garage. Car is absent from garage. Housewife removes cloth from stack in corner of garage. Stack is revealed to be paintings. Camera zooms in on stack of paintings.
  • Housewife: This is where I keep my paintings. None of them are finished yet, so I haven't hung any up around the house yet.
  • Cameraman: You keep your unfinished paintings in a stack on the floor of your garage?
  • Housewife: Yes.
  • Cameraman: Kind of a haphazard way of storing painting.
  • Housewife: Yes, that's true. I'd keep them in my room, but the kids like to play in there and they're afraid of my paintings.
  • Cameraman: Ah?
  • Housewife: I like to keep them out of sight, but that doesn't mean I not proud of them. I just love my children more than I love art. I'll show you some, though.
  • Subject, Housewife, shows painting to cameraman. Painting is crude. Impossible to make out the nature or subject of the painting.
  • Cameraman: This is... interesting.
  • Housewife: It's my son as a decorative comedian. I bet you could tell from all the merchandise I have around my house that I'm a bit of a fan of decorative comedians.
  • Cameraman: You mean all the clown stuff?
  • Housewife: I think that term is a bit outdated, but yes all of the... clown stuff. I'd prefer if you use decorative comedian, or harlequin. Whatever suits your fancy.
  • Cameraman: Sure. Didn't mean to offend.
  • Subject, Housewife, shows another painting to cameraman. Painting is entirely brown.
  • Housewife: This is my daughter as a decorative comedienne. I think I overdid the cuteness on this one. Not that my daughter isn't cute. I'm just trying to go for a more realistic style. Like Mozart, or Bach.
  • Cameraman: I see.
  • Subject, Housewife, continues to show and describe paintings to cameraman for 5 minutes. Most paintings are blocks of a single color, or crude and childlike. None of the paintings match the descriptions given by housewife. Based on answers to questions asked by Cameraman, Housewife has rudimentary knowledge of painting techniques, and the history of painting as an artform. Housewife at one point mentions using Sharpie brand markers as painting tools. Housewife refers to composers, Mozart and Bach, as "Classical Harlequin Painters" several times. Attention is taken away from paintings as telephone rings.
  • Housewife: Excuse me while I go answer that.
  • Cameraman follows housewife into the living room as she answers the phone. Camera zooms in on life-sized clown statue in the middle of living room.
  • Housewife: Mmm hmm. Yes. I see. Okay, I'll come over immediately.
  • Subject, Housewife, ends phone call.
  • Housewife: I have to run out real quick, David. You can stay here, though. I'll be back in a minute.
  • Cameraman: I can come with you if it's not a problem.
  • Housewife: It is a problem. Just stay here. It'll be like 10 minutes at most, I swear.
  • Cameraman: Sure.
  • Recording immediately cuts to later footage. Lights are on in living room.
  • Cameraman: Okay, so it has been like 3 hours since Jennifer left. I have no clue what she's doing or where she went. But, I had to start recording this because it's fucking nuts.
  • Cameraman moves to look out window. It's nighttime. Heavy snowfall is present.
  • Cameraman: That is at least a foot of fucking snow out there. It has only been an hour since it started snowing. Did I mention it's the middle of July? I drove up here sweating my balls off because it was like a hundred fucking degrees out. Now it's snowing. Global warming my ass.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Cameraman is sat at kitchen table. However, only Cameraman's chest and arms are visible.
  • Cameraman: Okay, so it's 11PM now. Jennifer left at like 4PM and isn't back yet. I can't blame her, I guess. The snow is up to the windows now. It doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon either. TV doesn't work. Phone doesn't work. I'm bored as fuck to be honest. I'd say the clowns, excuse me I meant Decorative Comedians or Harlequins, creep me out, but they don't. I don't see what everyone sees in them. They're stupid as hell to me. Besides, I'm a big guy and I could beat the shit out of an evil clown or two.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Seems to be taken from bedroom.
  • Cameraman: Okay, so the power went out. I'm freezing my balls off in here.
  • Cameraman breathes heavily to show off condensation.
  • Cameraman: See that. This is ridiculous.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Large male individual, presumably cameraman, attempts to break down the front door of the house. Footage is taken from a low angle. Cameraman possibly not aware that he is being recorded. Camera backs away from the cameraman, turns around and moves beneath a couch.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Cameraman is sat at table. Only chest and arms are visible.
  • Cameraman: Okay, so all of the fucking doors in the place are blocked off by snow. I can't get out. I tried breaking a window to see if I could dig myself out too, but that snow is literally like brick hard. House is basically surrounded by a giant ice block. This has to be some kind of natural disaster or apocalyptic shit. I'm trying to keep my cool, no pun intended, but it's kinda hard when it's dark as shit, cold as shit, and you're a little claustrophobic. None of the clowns have moved yet so at least I know I'm not in some shitty horror movie.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Cameraman is filming in garage. Car is present in garage.
  • Cameraman: Okay, so that's Jennifer's car. That car should not be in this garage. When I drove here yesterday it was parked in front of the house. When I went into the garage yesterday, it definitely wasn't here. I got it all on camera so I know I'm not crazy. I don't know, maybe Jennifer put her car in the garage some time yesterday and I didn't notice? This shouldn't be bothering me as much as it should. It's mundane as fuck when there's a goddamn ice cube of death keeping me trapped in this house. I just don't know what to make of this shit.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Camera is focused on ringing phone.
  • Cameraman: The electricity is out all over the house. Nothing works, but the phone is ringing. Now, I know some weird shit is going on for sure, but I'm not fucking stupid. I'm not gonna answer it. I don't know who is calling it. It could be satan, or my dead grandma. I'm not answering that shit.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Camera is focused on ringing phone.
  • Cameraman: The phone's been ringing all night, and I can't sleep. When I try to sleep it just gets louder. It's driving me fucking nuts. Whatever force or entity is behind this wants me to answer this phone. So, you know what I'm gonna do?
  • Cameraman shows hammer to camera.
  • Cameraman: I'm gonna fucking smash it.
  • Cameraman proceeds to destroy the phone with hammer. Phone falls to ground and Cameraman stomps on the remains of phone. Ringing ceases immediately.
  • Cameraman: Finally.
  • Ringing, though heavily distorted, starts again.
  • Cameraman: Goddam-
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Footage is completely silent. Large male, presumably cameraman, looks through stack of paintings in garage. Cameraman is carrying flashlight. Cameraman seems to go into a rage and begins violently tosses paintings.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Cameraman is sat at table. Only Camerman's chest and arms are visible. Distorted telephone ringing can be heard.
  • Cameraman: Look at this.
  • Cameraman places painting in front of camera. Only bottom half of painting can be seem. Painting seems to depict smiling clown.
  • Cameraman: That's me as a fucking clown. In fact, all of the paintings in the garage are of me as a clown. I saw all of thsse paintings before. They were garbage. Absolute shit. I know what I fucking saw. I don't know who or what is behind this, but you're not cute. You're not clever. You're not scary. You cannot break me.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is of bedroom. Footage is taken during daytime. Camera is shaky. Distorted telephone ringing can be heard
  • Cameraman: Ice is gone. Windows are broken. There's nothing but white outside. It's so cold.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is silent. Footage is recorded from low angle. Large male, presumably cameraman, can be seen dousing clown statue in liquid. Paintings sit at the feet of the clown statue. Cameraman sets clown statue aflame with match. Clown statue begins to move in panic. Cameraman runs away as the seemingly living clown statue burns.
  • Recording cuts to stock footage of houses burning. Stock footage continues for 5 minutes before cutting to footage taken from car in garage. Footage is in nightvision. Camera is placed on dashboard of car. Cameraman is presumably sat in driver's seat. Distorted ringing can be heard.
  • Cameraman: Long story short, that clown statue wasn't a statue at all. I was gonna burn it for some heat and I found out that apparently it had been living this entire time. Dude burned to death. Fire got everywhere, and half the house burned down. The garage is fine, and lo and behold Jennifer's car works. It's nice to finally have some heat. I feel like things could actually turn around for me now. It's completely barren outside. I was in a suburban neighborhood when I first got here and apparently now I'm in some arctic wasteland. I'm still going to try to drive out of this place, though. What do I have to lose?
  • The garage doors raise revealing a block of ice obstructing the entire garage exit. Distorted phone ringing increases in volume
  • Cameraman: No, no, no, no! You have to be fucking kidding me!
  • Cameraman takes camera with him as he attempts to leave through door which leads back into the house. Door's pathway is obstructed by large block of ice.
  • Cameraman: What do you fucking want from!? What have I done!? Do you want me to fucking die!? Then just kill me! I give up! I'm fucking finished! Just fucking kill me!
  • Sound cuts out as Cameraman repeatedly smashes camera against floor. Recording cuts to what seems to be earlier footage. Subject, Housewife, is sat across from Cameraman. Footage filmed in restaurant or cafe.
  • Housewife: So, Davey.
  • Cameraman: Please, don't call me that. We aren't kids anymore.
  • Housewife: Okay, David. I know you're supposed to be the one asking the questions, but I just have to know. Why do you want film a day in my life?
  • Cameraman: Good question. I-
  • Recording abruptly ends. Recording was found in a topic posted on 4chan's /ck/ message board entitled "Post Your Favorite Deep Web Videos That Make You Kek". Topic was swiftly deleted for being considered "off-topic". No other information on the recording is available.
  • Thank you for reading.

the straight walk home (preview)

Let me tell you a story, about a vaquero named Vasquez….

September 5, 1875

The sun slipped down in front of The Walrus Gang as they raced further across the plains.

Blinded by the fierce light and the sand kicked up by their horses, the gang followed the trail left by their traitor as best they could. Although none of them had any lingering doubts as to where the traitor was headed.

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The only way I support Sonamy plus the Sonic Boom sonamy because I love the idea that when Amy stops crushing on Sonic he starts liking her but won’t admit it because he’s him~

I really hope these two have a moment in an upcoming issue. Seeing them fight was awesome but I need some feels too :’D


hi i’m salome , i’m french and 18 and probably gonna delete this soon but here is my face :) i hope you are having a beautiful day and if not that things are going to get better for you xx it’s been so long since i took part of these meetups but yall are so cute sooo yea! i hope you’re spending happy holidays with people you love!!

Preference: Snow
  • Harry: London never had the nicest weather and you were never quiet fond of it either. However, when it snowed you couldn't be happier. You were sitting by the window looking out at the snow while being wrapped in a blanket with some tea. Harry came over and sat next to you looking outside. "You really love the snow don't you?" He looked at you. You smiles and nodded "It makes everything look so beautiful, and it gets me out of work" you looked over at him with a smile. He smiled and wrapped his arm around you. "Why don't you go get dressed up all warm and cozy and we go out in the snow?". You smiled wide and your face lite up "Yes!" You put your cup down and ran upstairs. Harry laughed to himself before following you up the stairs. As soon as you finished you went out to your backyard only to be hit with a snowball by non other than Harry. "Oh it's on" you smiled and made a ball of snow to through at him. This continued until you got to cold to continue.
  • Niall: You woke up only to find that it has not only snowed over night but still is now. You smiled and turned over to see Niall awake as well looking at the snow. He focused on you "Snowman?" he said and smiles. "You know it" you smiled back at him before you both got up and started getting ready. You layered on several clothing items and walked out with Niall. You went to the backyard and began to roll up the bottom part of the snowman. You did the same thing for the middle part of the snowman except not as big as the bottom. Then final you made the head. "I'll find some sticks for the arms, why don't you get everything else it needs to make the face. Oh and the hat and scarf. Please babe" he looked at you with a smile which you couldn't reject. "Alright I'll be right back" you smiled and went inside and got everything you needed. You came back out to Niall and saw he already given the snowman arms. "Let's finish him up" you smiled and walked to him. He smiled and took some of the items from your hands. You two made the face and put on his carrot nose to finish it. He put a hat on him and you wrapped a scarf around his neck. "Perfect." You smiled and looked at it. "That makes two things perfect" he kissed your cheek. You couldn't help the smile growing on your face. "Come on babe, let's go inside and warm up and drink some hot chocolate." "Alright, I'm guessing I'm making the hot chocolate?" you looked at him with a slight smile. "You know it!" He laughed. You shook your head and laughed as you two headed back inside.
  • Louis: "Louis!" you shouted and jumped on the bed to wake him up. He groaned pulling the blankets over his head "go away". You rolled your eyes and laid down and cuddled to him and kissed him waking him up. "Come on Lou wake up" you whispered and looked at him. He looked at you "But wh-" he stopped when he noticed the snow fall from outside the window. "It's snowing!" he said excitedly. You laughed "yeah I know, let's go outside" you smiled and stood up starting to get ready. He nodded in agreement and got ready. You two went outside and the first thing he did was push you down in the snow. "Louis!" you screamed and began laughing. He couldn't help but laugh at you and sat down in the snow next to you. You calmed down a bit and looked at him with a smile "Let's make snow angels" "Sounds good, lay back" he said and laid down. You moved over a bit and laid down and you two made snow angels. You stood up and looked at it and smiles proudly. "Look how good it looks". Louis looked at your knowing it was much better than his and he pushed snow in it. "Not so good now" he laughed and looked at you. You smirked and did the same thing to his. "Guess your isn't up to part with mine" you smirked. He smiled and tossed a bit at you which just ended up with you both being covered in snow.
  • Liam: "Come on (y/n) hurry up and get ready!" Liam yelled from outside your bedroom door. "I'm almost done relax" you said back. A few minutes later you opened the door to a bundled up yet impatient Liam. "Aw love you look so cute!" You giggled to yourself. He smiled "you look much cuter than me. Now let's go before the snow melts!" He said taking your hands in his and running down the stairs. "I honestly doubt the snow will melt" you smiled. You say him and you two made your in the car and began to carefully drive. You were going to go sledding and you were currently on your way to a hill which was right by the park. Perfect for sledding. Once you arrived there, Liam grabbed the sled and you two made your way over. There weren't really any people there but there was so much snow. You smiled to yourself and you two walked up the hill. Right when Liam set the sled down you sat towards the front and he sat in back of you keeping you between his legs with his arms around your waist. "Ready?" He asked. You smiled and nodded as your response. He had moved his legs which kept the sled in place and you went sliding down. You laughed and held onto his arms however, there had been a rock blocking your bath and you ended up falling off. You rolled in the snow a bit and began laughing. Liam laughed and helped you up before you two chased after the sled. "Again?" He asked and looked at you. "Let's go" you said and took hold of his hand and walked back up the hill.
  • Zayn: As you and Zayn were walking through the streets of London, you had noticed a few snowflakes falling onto your arms and hair. You looked up and watched with a smile as the snow fell. Zayn noticed as well and had done the same thing. "Hey (y/n)" Zayn said looking down at you. "Yeah" you looked at him. "So there's kissing in the rain and dancing in the rain, why not do it in the snow?" he looked at you with a smile. You smiled "Why not?". He held your hand and you two continued to walk around so that after a while there will be a lot of snow both falling and on the ground for you both. He pulled you aside and twirled you around into his arms. You laughed and leaned up to kiss him. He kissed back and help you close to keep you warm. You smiled against his lips. "Let's go home". He nodded and as soon as you arrived home, you two cuddled up on the couch with some hot chocolate watching the snow fall.
  • A/N: I figured this was very appropriate since it hasn't stopped snowing all day so yeah c: Sorry if it's not too long either I'm writing this on my phone so I don't know how long it would look on the computer.
  • A/N: Hope you like it! xx