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small blonde protagonist faces off against tall spiky haired antagonist with a interesting fashion sense that happens to be avarice incarnate- a photoset

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Request: Happy ending for the break up post! (Yay no angst this time!)

Kaede Akamatsu
- She was shocked the night you broke up with her
- What did she do wrong?
- Before she can even ask, she just leaves.
-She spends the night just crying and looking at old photographs of the both of you
- Literally the next morning she sees your text and lights up
- You want to get back together? You’re sorry?
- She doesn’t even need an apology, she just wants to be with you!
- Relationship with s/o = Happy Kaede!
- Literally, you two are so happy together

Saihara Shuuichi
- He feels t e r r i b l e when you bring up leaving him
- He feels even worse when you say its because you feel ignored
- Instead of going home and crying, he plans something to make you feel special
- The next morning, you wake up to knocking at your door
-He’s holding a large bouquet of your favorite flowers
- Not just that, He bought you a necklace with your birthstone in it(because thats somewhat romantic t cute, right?)
- He apologizes for not being there enough and getting too involved in work
- He promises to be there more often
- He literally starts crying tears of happiness when you say yes

Maki Harukawa
- She looked so mad when you accused her of cheating on you with her best friend Kaito
- She leaves before you can even break up with her
- You’re so confused of what to even do..
- She goes home and spends the night crying but asking Kaede for advice. She really knows she’s fucked up this time
- She would never cheat, but it must have seemed like it if you thought that
- She texts you the next day
- A very long text
- She says she’s very sorry and she wouldn’t cheat, but it’s understandable if you don’t believe her. She still loves you very much
- The next day, she’s shocked to see you at her house, crying
- She comforts you
- You apologize and she says it’s all okay
- She hugs the fuck out of you
- Rip s/o

Ouma Kokichi
- Break up? With the Ultimate Leader?
- He didn’t believe you at first
- Why?
- What did he do now?! Surely he didn’t do anything! Besides prank you constantly
- You just need a break. You didn’t know how you felt in this relationship.
- Of course, that wasn’t an answer for him
- He throws a tantrum, he’s very angry
- Angry is an understatement.
- He doesn’t want to lose you? He loves you so much?
-You ask him to calm down and leave, maybe you two can talk it out tomorrow? It hurts you to see how upset he is
- He refuses to leave
- You give in and just talk things out right now, even though he’s not calmed down
- You tell him you feel ignored sometimes. That you feel like he never pays attention to you.
- You regret telling him that because ever since you did, he becomes s u p e r clingy
- But you love him still
- And he loves you very much

Kiibo(I didn’t really write anything for him so here it is)
- You two got into an argument
- More like bickering
- He lacks knowledge of how to be in relationship and you got a bit annoyed
- You’re surprised? Aren’t robots supposed to know this stuff? You thought he was fully programmed
- Sometimes his lack of knowledge annoys you, but yet its cute how innocent he is
- Before the bickering can turn into an actual argument, you hug him
- He becomes flustered
- You two stop fighting after this
- Lots of cuddling instead of fighting

Tsumugi Shirogane
- She’s the one who wants to leave you?
- You’re confused.
- She claims you don’t like anything she does. She feels kinda left out
- You feel bad
- Very bad
- So you agree to try to like stuff she does
- The first thing she makes you do is cosplay with her
- You both cosplay as her favorite couple from an anime
- It’s a bit strange at first, but you enjoy it
-She’s happy and so are you

Album First Line/Last Line

Taylor Swift: He said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night/and I wrote down our song

Fearless: There’s something ‘bout the way/we sang hallelujah

Speak Now: You were in college working part-time waiting tables/one day we will be remembered

Red: I’m walking fast through the traffic lights/I watched it begin again

1989: Walking through a crowd/I think I am finally clean

How Yurio Reacted When He First Met The Alola Crew
  • Yurio: Y`know, the blonde haired green eyed characters in media can be real sensitive, so it`s important to take all necessary precautions when approaching.
  • Yurio: *Walks up behind Gladion* *Lifts up airhorn and presses the button*
  • Gladion: What the-?!

Anon: Could you do a snap thing for Yoongis birthday where the guys are like planning something really special for him and it makes him all emotional when he sees it? I just feel like it would be so cute if he got all happy and like testy eyed at them doing something so sweet for him lol -au anon (I have a lot of ideas but I just don’t know if I should spam you with them because I could take everyone else’s chance 😬)

Anon: Hi! Can you please do a snap/text request where Yoongi is your boyfriend and you team up with BTS to do a birthday surprise for him? I feel they would be good sneaking around him ^_^ Thank you for reading!

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Sleepy Wonho.

-Wakes up only if you kiss him
-Really drowsy when he wakes up
-His eyes, nose and lips are more red than usual
-Sitting up takes forever
-Grandpa wonho activated
-Extra fluffy hair and a dazed look on his face
-Pouty lips
-Groaning because he doesn’t want to get up
-Really likes it when you give him lots and lots of kisses
-Call him ‘baby’ he loves that shit
-Hold his face in your hands and give him Eskimo kisses
-More kisses all over his face to make him smile
-He puts his arms around you and throw himself back onto the bed
-Puts his finger on your lips to silence you when you protest
- “Please Jagi 5 more minutes”
-He falls asleep again
-Damnit wonho we need to get out of bed
-He’ just so innocent and fluffy have you seen him omg