and silver snakes

Roman Silver Snake Ring and Bracelet Set, 1st-4th Century AD

Roman Imperial, probably from Roman Britain or another far province.

The snake was one of the most popular motifs in Roman jewelry, symbolizing fertility and used to ward off evil. The simple, flattened style, with round eyes, suggests a Celtic influence, as much Roman art in Britain had.

Shit Slytherins Say: #52
  • There is nothing I wouldn't do for those who are really my friends.

Don’t ever forget this Slytherins! No matter what anyone says about Slytherins (even some other Slytherins) it is not your nature to be bad. Whatever qualities Slytherins have they don’t have to be looked at as villainous. We dont equip ourselves with bad to accomplish good. We equip ourselves with good to accomplish good. Being good through and through is our ultimate goal. We, your admins want to remind you of this, and hope you’ll always remember it. 💖

-Love, Admin Ah Nah & Asst. Admin Scarlet*

Be forgetful. Of everything that makes you feel low, or worthless, or like you aren’t or can’t ever be great-be forgetful of all those things. Forgetfulness is not always the weakness it’s made out to be. When used in the right way, even forgetfulness can be a strength.
—  Slytherins-werenot-allbad (Admin Ah Nah*)