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More of a fuck coworkers... so I work in a children's mental hospital and I've been working there for about 2 months. I know what I'm doing and most of the kids respect and listen to me. But there's this one guy who likes to tell me how to do my job (which he thinks includes yelling at the kids whenever they do something wrong). But I've noticed when he does that, the kids shut down and are unresponsive to his directions. Also, he tries to correct me IN FRONT of the kids. Like what the fuck.

Omg wtf. That twat stain deserves to be tied up, thrown into a used port a potty, then shaken with a giant robot arm until he’s covered enough to feather as well. -Abby

I literally fucking hate how society blames women for being catty and bitchy and passive aggressive while men are praised for being straightforward and just fighting and getting shit out of the way because 1st of all shut up with these weird generalisations but 2nd yall realise that women are literally raised to keep their mouths shut and be good and polite and keep unpleasant things to ourselves right?? so when someone we know hurts us the only thing we can fucking do is go and talk to other people and fucking vent and so yeah I’m gonna be passive aggressive as shit if I don’t like you because I am not gonna be nice if someone is shitty but I was also raised not to make a scene and to sit down and shut up so I’m gonna let out my aggression in subtweets and snarky comments like just stop

Nunchi’s Trip to Exo’rdium

Buckle yourselves in guys this is a chaotic mess of emotions. 

The entire thing seemed to pass in a blur because it was just so surreal. 

It was definitely a journey.

Suho: “New York… Thank you for waiting for us.”

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I always get slightly uncomfortable seeing Amanda Waller in DC women appreciation posts. I understand how important Amanda is as an older, heavy set ( tho not very in the dceu ) black woman in high military power.

I just don’t like seeing her next to wonder woman and Lois etc because she’s awful. She’s violent, abusive, self servicing under the guise of “protecting her country” and would rather kill than have her reputation suffer. She’s just so fucking evil and fucking rotten.

appreciate her just fine but for the awful, sadist she is


I’m dating someone. He plays in my hair, sings songs, and lets me be me.

I sometimes say random things. Things like, “I think that looks nice.” Then I apologize right after or say, “I’m sorry, I know you don’t care.” Sometimes I’ll stop mid-sentence and just stare blankly. These are all things you taught me to do. Anytime I expressed any feeling or thought towards you, you shut me down.

You made me feel like I was a burden just for existing. Now I can’t even have a conversation about the space that I take up. I can’t explain to him why I’m afraid when he raises his voice just slightly or when he gets quiet for too long. I can’t explain why I flinch when he raises his hand even if it’s just to wrap it around my waist. I can’t explain why I’m so hesitant to share my feelings or talk about things.

Despiste all the quirks and problems that I have, he accepts me and that is something you could never do. He doesn’t get irritated when I can’t sleep at night or if I need to rant. He listens and that’s something so new to me.

Mom, I’m sorry I existed a little too much for you. But it’s been a year since I’ve seen you and I guess this is what you want. I’m so happy I can finally exist in peace.

- The Youngest

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Every time I read a spoiler that goes, 'Archie chooses...' my brain just automatically shuts down. Who do people think these girls are, groceries in a supermarket? They're not just around for Archie to oscillate back and forth on who he wants. Miss me with that crap, and I trust the writers to know better than that.

i completely agree. archie isn’t choosing jack. veronica and betty haven’t been sitting around silently pining for him, and i doubt that they ever will moving forward. this is a show that has been about empowering women; they’ve been writing their women to be strong individuals who refuse to be pushed around. betty and veronica aren’t going to let a guy pit them against each other and then “choose” between them 

all of these people looked up to bill nye as a figure of scientific authority, laughing when he shut down willfully ignorant, anti-science bigots… But the second he says something they don’t like, they revoke his status as an authority figure. And it’s not because he suddenly announced he believes in the flat Earth theory or anything they’ve actually researched.

No, he said something regarding a subject that they were willfully ignorant about. They are the people they laughed at, and it says so much about how they also live in a world of confirmation bias.

Wow I am so happy that Jiraiya and Neji are alive and well and Sakura’s character is completely independent from Sasuke and the ninja system was changed to protect children from becoming child soldiers by Hokage Naruto who loves the dream job he’s aspired to since his age was in the single digits and Studio Pierrot was shut down and can’t touch the naruto series or any other series with their dirty hands ever again and the series is over and is definitely not being milked like a cow with bloody chaffed udders 😃😃😃😃😃😃 soooooooo happy

real talk tho, sasaengs shouldn’t be called ‘sasaeng fans’ bc that is not how any fan would act, also, i understand the whole ignore them n shut them down before it all gets blown up method n i truly respect kfans for doing all of that but honestly, once again, not addressing the issue doesn’t make it disappear which is why sasaengs are so damn hardcore bc they think it’s all a game n they aim to win

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NTAMW says something inaccurate about a subject and you, a professional in the subject, corrects him and he proceeds to attempt to get around your corrections in an effort to be right, only to be continually shut down by you because you are a PROFESSIONAL in the subject because you have the actual facts and in the end says something to get some form of "well I'm right" out of it. Jfc was that annoying!


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So d'you reckon that when the news got out that Bruce Wayne had adopted a daughter, he did get proposals for arranged marriages between Cass and assorted other heirs to business dynasties? I feel like that's the sort of thing that would still happen amongst Gotham's bourgeoisie.

Like I’m sure but if Bruce didn’t shut that idea down faster than the riddler can make a bad pun then Cass sure did as she looked at potential suitors with their death reflected in her eyes. She doesn’t pay them any mind really, but they can see the raw power and skill in her and decided there are easier ways to the Wayne fortune. Dick and Tim go back to being the most eligible bachelors for men and women


Your original ask had been purged when I originally shut down my story/imagine submissions back in the early week of March. 

Your prompt was: ‘a short fic on Mycroft and pocket watches.’

Well, here you go.

In the darkness of his study and under the cover of night Mycroft unlocks drawer from behind his family portrait. “The time has come,” he says pulling out a large briefcase and gently carrying it toward his desk.

It is set up with a myriad of things; tiny tools, polish, gears, and lamps-everything one might need.

Carefully Mycroft sets the briefcase down and puts in the proper combination taking great pains not to jostle it thusly. Finally when the clasps release he takes in his prized possessions and diligently sets out to complete his task.

“Tonight’s the night,” Mycroft promises and picks his first target, “And its only fitting that I start with you.”

The lamps on his desk are fixated on a singular point as he sets up the first piece, a tattered pocket watch worn with age and faded face.

With swiftness and precision to try and fix the watch.

 Removing each gear and replacing them with new ones. Tightening old strands of metal paying careful mind not to remove too much or lose the pocket watch’s character altogether and then everything that Mycroft did would be for naught.

Truly, this was a daunting task as clock repair had been outlawed for centuries and knowledge on how to do it only given to those who deserved it.

Mycroft himself is only so fortunate that his talents in the political arena have given him some sway to even have the gist of what to do whereas anyone not deemed important enough would be jailed or shattered for daring to ask yet still he tries.

Sweat starting to bead at his forehead and heat swelling in his face Mycroft is desperate to fix it. “Come on,” he urges the tiny pocket watch as it lies upon once of his pocket squares, “I know you can still work-just please give me a sign that I’m doing something right.”

However the face of the pocket watch remains unaltered, its hands still and its heart silent.

Mycroft is beside himself with grief knowing that in spite of his connections and efforts he cannot bring the watch back to life.

“Its a dangerous business sir,” Anthea had told him when he asked her to try and wheedle intelligence on the practice, “Even someone of your stature could potentially be shattered by the Queen herself.”

Oh and he knew.

The Queen and governments around the world at large seemed to share a policy for that every deceased person’s clock regardless of form or reason was not to be fixed unless they were perceived by their governments as an important asset.

Anyone caught attempting to fix a broken clock of a fallen friend or family would in turn be shattered themselves.

On the surface Mycroft could see why they did it. Having a world over-populated by potential immortals of questionable morals would be a nightmare for any nation. Food shortages would almost be a constant thing to worry about and the environment would be overtaxed in an effort to create more room-it was a comparable doomsday waiting to happen if it morality of the people were not kept in check.

It was also an issue of whether the person once reborn was truly 'the same’ after their clock had been fixed. Many would argue that it would just as soon as become a new person rather than the old soul brought back but the board was still unconvinced.

But theses watches-these people that had made a difference in his life: the ice cream parlor man Mr. Gibbs who believed in him, the kindly librarian Ms. Keen who sheltered him when bullies were on his tail, underlings that had went above and beyond the call of duty to preform on his behalf, people that were targeted because of his position as an untouchable by the state.

He couldn’t just leave them to be shattered and left forgotten under the green earth.  He had to figure out a way to bring them back-he just had to.

As far as he knew Mycroft had all the right tools and basics to reanimate his long lost friends. If anything the pocket watch should be glowing signaling the person’s rebirth.

“Please,” he begs the small pocket watch cradled in his hands, “please Timothy, if you can hear me please come back.”

And still the pocket watch remains the same.

Mycroft cannot care to stop the tears that fall from his eyes as he blinks at the unmoved watch. For years he has tried and tried again to bring his first real friend back to life after he was hit by a drunk driver.

Timothy had deserved better and yet Mycroft had failed him again.

Bringing the pocket watch closer he whispers solemnly to it, “I’m so sorry old friend, I have failed you once again,” before pressing the cool metal to his wet cheek.

It is only through the film of tears that tears that Mycroft notices a faint glowing coming from the pocket watch and the faint tick tick tick starting slowly by his ear.

Mycroft is a fury of movement as he rushes to set the pocket watch down on the couch before the fire and then fetch a blanket before the room is bathed in an unnatural light.

There before him-on his little couch-is a boy no older than 12 lying naked and still, his little chest moving every so slightly.

Cautiously Mycroft creeps closer with blanket in hand to clothe him. His voice is thick with emotion as he calls out carefully, “Timothy? Can you hear me?”

Little blue eyes rip open almost on demand that it causes Mycroft to jump back on reflex clutching the blanket like one might do a shield.

The boy then seems to be very disorientated as he tries to sit up only to fall back down with a soft thud and regards the room. “Mickey?” his voices calls out scratchy and hoarse from decades of inaction, “How did you get so…old?”

Mycroft can’t help the bark of laughter that leaves him as Timothy nor the tears that spring anew. “Oh Timothy,” Mycroft says meaningfully, “you have missed so much.”

It takes little else for Mycroft to cover his old friend with the blanket and hugs him tightly. “I promise that you and the others shall have the lives you sorely deserve and then some,” he promises with a  kiss to Timothy’s brow.

Timothy still looks confused but Mycroft will have plenty of time to tell him and the others once he fixes them.

He will repair them all.

Okay, I usually won’t post anything too serious on my blogs. When I do, it’s usually because of an ask meme or someone asks me about it. However, I just needed to let everyone know this.

This morning, my bus crashed. Um, a truck came out of no where and slammed into the front of the bus. Luckily, no one was badly hurt and the majority of the riders of my bus weren’t on yet. My chest as well as arm were a bit sore/hurt afterwards, but it wasn’t anything too serious. I’m more worried about the people in the truck as well as the students that had to go to the hospital.

I haven’t really reacted to this at all. I know I will soon since I’ve been teary-eyed and getting thoughts. But physically, I’m fine. I just wanted y'all to know, just in case I needed to shut everything down for a moment.

Remember that I care about all of you and that I’m very thankful to have y'all as well as every one of my blogs.


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I have a confession. I relapsed. I have slowly been decreasing my food intake and portions. I fasted for the first time today in five years and I feel absolutely amazing. I feel like my legs are already shrinking. I started to look at thinspo again and I am tempted to turn into a thinspo blog. I'm not about pushing my bad habits on others but the motivation is amazing and once I get started I feel great. Just had to get this off my chest. Thanks

That’s not okay Anon. Your body literally eats itself whenever you don’t provide it with nutrients. I know I can’t force you to do anything or change your mind, but I highly advise you to please eat when you’re hungry. I cannot condone your actions as justifiable. You may start to feel great now but eventually your body is just gonna shut down from lack of nutrients. Look, I’m sure you are beautiful just the way you are now and you said you’ve been doing well for the past five years, so I’m going to assume you were eating healthy amounts up until this point. Don’t destroy all the progress that you’ve made. It’s not worth it. Also, fasting is only okay if it’s for religious purposes such as ramadan. I hope you are able to seek help for your relapse and can bounce back from this. There are plenty of professionals out there to help you on this and you have people on this site, victims of ED or not, that are here for you. Take care.