and show ily


let’s play hannibal or pushing daisies!

  • the Main Guy really likes to cook. like really likes to
  • his kinda love interest slash other main character (now known as The Brunette) likes dogs
  • there’s an african american Detective Guy who just wants to do his job and is involved somehow with Gina Torres
  • the Sassy Blonde character 
    • bonus points if the Main Guy, The Brunette, and the Sassy Blonde are in a weird kind of love triangle
  • Bees? BEES.
    • bees as an accessory to murder 
  • Ellen Greene
  • Female Horse Jockeys
  • ~aesthetic~ color palette 
  • Raul Esparza
  • Many great shots of food
    • but you’re going to be thinking of dead things when you look at the food #sorrynotsorry
  • Ridiculous, elaborate murders

dinoyeol vs batyeol


04.01.17 // the potato ft. her favorite filter 

look!! i finally showed my face!! haha ily all ♡♡ 

this weekend’s been cozy, i’ve just been catching up on homework and such, after my fencing tournament yesterday. i’m v lonely as an only child so i’d love it if ppl would talk to me :’) just drop by my askbox to say hi and tell me about your day or you can always message me privately :))

 hope everyone has a lovely weekend~