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Chapter 100: “I love you.”

Robert opened his eyes slowly. The first thing he felt was… nothing, then panic. He saw the IV next to his bed and he realized he was in a hospital. And he remembered.

God, was Aaron ok?

Then he saw him, next to his bed, holding on to his hand, his head low. He twitched his finger and Aaron’s head shot up.

“Hey,” he said, his voice hoarse. “You’re up. You’re okay. We had an accident… but you’re okay. Oh my god, you’re okay, the doctor said if you wake up you’ll be okay. I am so sorry, this is all my fault, I didn’t mean to…”

Robert shook his head. He hated that Aaron looked so guilty, so broken.

“I am so sorry,” Aaron continued. “I…. I love you….and I am so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I was stupid and guarded, but I do, I love you and I will tell you all the time from now on.”

“Hey,” Robert said with a broken voice. “I told you I can wait. I love you, too, of course.”

Aaron stood up from his chair and pressed his lips softly against Robert’s. “I love you so much,” he whispered.

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<<Ogebi, right?>>, Clara said approaching her.

Ogebi nodded. <<You are Clara Bergsen, no?>>, she asked. <<Would you like to hear about my platform for election?>>.

Clara shook her head, sighing. <<Dear, no. For your own good, stop this nonsense>>, she murmured.

Ogebi’s smile fell as she lowered her gaze. <<I… I don’t understand>>, she admitted.

Clara sighed. <<You can’t be for real, Ogebi>>.

yesterday, i forgot how to say snail in spanish, so i ended up saying it in english and then i remembered it, but it turned out i remembered it in french, so i was left saying it two times before i got it right and my dad just looked at me as if i was crazy and shook his head because spanish is my first language and i have never felt so attacked by my brain before.

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Bang Crush Part 4

also readpart 1 , part 2, part 3


“I think it is a mistake worth making,” I said. I could see him turn his head, his eyes looking at the ground as he left the lab.

“So it turned out there was a dryer, like..Right next to the lab.” Nardo scratched his cheek nervously, “Pretty convenient place since the lab coats get washed and dried there.”
“Was finding it what took you so long?” I asked, kicking my legs out of pure boredom.

“I was kinda watching the dryer…I don’t know why I did that…I wasted ten minutes of my life watching the thing turn.” Nardo shook his head as if he was reflecting upon life and all his bad decisions. “I don’t regret anything.” He put his hands in the pockets of his lab coat before approaching me. “And these were in your pockets.” He handed me a frozen yogurt gift card. Of course, the pants originally belonged to Izuna. It was his gift card, I can’t even remember the last time I ate frozen yogurt.

“Thanks,” I said examining the gift card.

“And this.” I looked up from the card and I could feel an imaginary brick fall on my head seeing him hold a strawberry flavored condom. It almost felt like Izuna was a seer and predicted all of this. My hand reached for the condom, but he suddenly pulled it away. I looked up and I could see an amused look.

“It is a little odd, don’t you think?” He looked at the condom he was holding between two fingers, “Because I recall you telling me you are a virgin.” His eyes met mine again.

“Owh you caught me,” my voice couldn’t have been more sarcastic, “I planned this all out. Y’know that girl that spilled the chemicals on me. Yeah, I paid her to do that, and the rest just fell into place. I was actually trying to bang you.” I leaned in so I could reach for the condom, “And I can say it is going pretty well.”

Nardo looked slightly confused, his eyes were narrowed as if he was trying to figure me out.

“Really?” He asked, there was no surprise in his voice what so ever. Somehow, that felt like a good thing.

“I am joking,” I said as I chuckled slightly.

“You are a pretty good liar.” His suspicious look faded slightly, “That is not a good thing.”

“Owwhh~” I placed my palm on my cheek, “Do I get punished now?” I saw Nardo stiffen and his head turning slightly red..Well I had made him uncomfortable now. I shouldn’t have said that. Now he must think I am weird as fuck.

“I was joking. Don’t take it literally.” He exhaled relieved.

“For a moment I thought I was in a bad porn and I was tested by fate.”
“When you say bad porn ..What..Do you mean? As in naughty bad? Or actor is fucking ugly kind of bad?” I heard Nardo laugh at my question, but I guess it didn’t come through him that I was actually being serious. “Well?”

“I guess the one where the storyline is good but the grammar is bad.”

“Wait…What porn has grammar?” I narrowed my eyes.

“I read a lot of-” he suddenly waved it off, “I am not discussing porn with you.”

“Alright fair enough.” I got off the desk, “You think my pants are dry by now?”

“They should..Probably any minute. I will fetch them.”

“I will come. I want to see what kind of manipulative powers that dryer has. Y’know catching your eyes for ten entire minutes. I must learn its secret.” He opened the door and I saw this small smirk on his face as I walked out of the lab.

“Right? Or left?”

“Left,” Nardo said and I took a total of two steps before feeling his hand on my shoulder, he pulled me towards the other side. “Left.” He repeated.

“Uhm..Right!” I said, feeling embarrassed.

“No left.” He laughed at his own joke.

“Y’know, the reason why I mess up left and right is not because I am stupid…Well partly.” I rubbed the back of my head.

“Nobody thinks you are stupid.” He said.

“I beg to differ.” I muttered, looking at the ground before meeting his eyes, “It is actually because I am.. Someone that is known as Ambidexterous.”

“You have to enlighten me with that term.” He opened the door of a small room and allowed me in. “There is not light. I think the lightbulb is burned out,” he held the door open behind him as he looked at the dryer that was set for another 5 minutes. I stopped over the little vacuum machine. “So what is Ambi..Something. Not an illness I hope.”

“No,” I looked at the timer of the dryer, “It is basically when you can..Use both your hands as the dominant one.”

“Like Tesla?!” He snapped his finger, “That is cool. Were you born that way or…”

“No, when I was younger I came to the conclusion that I was not very strong to beat my opponent. I relied on the element of surprise and technique…. Well, it is a long story, but in short, it was good to throw a knife from the left hand to the right, instead of just being left.”

“God, what have you been through as a kid?” I suddenly felt a hand wrapped around my shoulders and he pulled me closer. “I scolded my boy for running around the house with sharp pencils. I can’t imagine him fighting with knives.” As he was talking I turned my head to his hand around my shoulder, seeing the bandage wrapped around it. I noted it before, but…I wonder why.

“What happened to your arm?” I asked. I put my hand over his bandaged one.

“Owh, it is a funny story, I burned it as chemicals fell on it and it is sunlight sensitive so I must avoid light at all cost. That is why I bandage it.”

“Your surname becomes more and more ironic.” I turned my head and chuckled. I heard a loud “Bang” sound and the room was suddenly pitch black. I turned my head around to the closed door. Followed by hearing two familiar voices shouting: “For the sake of the Bang Crush!” I didn’t have to walk up to the door to know it was locked from the outside. However, Nardo did not put two and two together…Which made me question who was bad at maths.

“Did students just lock us up?” Nardo tried to open the door.

“Save the trouble…They will unlock it soon enough.” I said.

“How do you know?” He asked. Well…How was I going to explain the “Bang Crush” thing to him?

“Uhm…Five older brothers…Remember?” I coughed…Might not have been the best lie to come up with. I turned towards the dryer to see how much time there was left.

“You think there is a torch here somewhere?” I could hear Nardo move his hands over the shelves I tilted myself on the dryer so I had some platform to sit on. I wondered how the man could even make anything out of the dark. It seemed there was no light except for the timer. I suddenly felt a hand right on my crotch. My throat was numb and I couldn’t make any kind of noise, not even a stupid squeal or yelp.

“I am so sorry!” He removed his hand and I pulled my leg towards my chest. I guess my face could have become a red lamp at that moment. I swallowed, what was I supposed to say? It is alright? Of course, it is alright! He is my Bang Crush. Wouldn’t it only be fair for me to touch his? I opened my mouth to say something, but I could hear his foot hit the vacuum machine that was on the ground. He fell forwards, but lucky for him he didn’t hit his head on the dryer. Instead, his face fell on my lap and I managed to hold him and help him back up. “What is wrong with me!?”

“It is alright, shit happens.” I couldn’t surpass my smirk. My cold hands were right on his naked chest and I could feel his nipples getting hard. I needed all my willpower to not just pull him towards me and kiss him. I lowered my hands and my fingers felt his abs just before they were forced to get back towards me.

“Alright, so you are on the dryer.” I could feel his hand trying to find my exact position. His hands ended up on thighs, and he probably just wanted to make sure to avoid any awkward touching, but I must say ..I loved his grip.

“Yes, and you are right in front of me.” I guess my joy was hearable from my voice, I couldn’t hide it. “Isn’t this funny.” I laughed. I swear I will make sure to thank Izuna later. I heard Nardo exhale deeply.

“So Hime, was it?” He asked and I made a confirming sound, “How long have u been in the closet?” He laughed at his own play on words and I just chuckled. This is how aniki must feel when he laughs at his boyfriend’s puns.

“When we are out of the closet, we should get coffee,” I said.

“Definitely!” He said, “With apple pie.”

“Or donuts that are filled with jam.” I put my hand on my stomach, “Yes, I am hungry.” I sighed.

“You should keep your mind off it,” Nardo said, “How about a game, to make the time pass?”

“Do I look like your eight years old son?”

“No, my son is blond.” He said, “And he can count.”

“See how much shit I give,” I commented.

“I can’t see anything in this dark.” He stated.

“Exactly,” I smirked when he remained quiet.

“You really enjoy love-hate relationships, eh?”

“Love-hate? I thought there was only love here.” I used this as an excuse to wrap my arms around his torso, “Right now you are my favorite teacher.”

“Aren’t you suddenly a sweetheart?” I could feel his hand go through my hair. “Truth or dare?” I asked. I figured since we were in a closet anyway. I could use it to my advantage.

“Truth.” He said and I let go of him.

“So how big is your dick?” I heard him scoff.

“What is wrong with kids these days.”
“So?” I asked.

“Tch…Dare..” He muttered.

“Fine, show me your dick.”

“I could do that, but-”

“You are scared?”

“No, it would be a waste of your dare. Since you won’t be able to see it anyway.”

“Hnnnn….You are right.” Well, it was the idea that counted anyway, “Kiss me?” I suggested. I heard him chuckle. I wondered if he was mocking me or if he found my request cute? I looked up, and I suddenly felt his lips on the corner of my mouth. It wasn’t anything near sexy or hot, but it was a kiss. A kiss near my mouth.

“Owh.” He pulled back, I figured he wanted to kiss my forehead, but I moved without him knowing. “There you go.” He said, patting my cheek. “Satisfied?”

“Yes~!” I said, “your turn.”

“Truth or dare?” He asked.


“What is your backstory.” I swallowed.

“Dare.” I changed my words fast.

“Hnn..Tell me your backstory.” He used my trick!

“Pfff…Well, I guess you are  referring to the moment I fucked up.” I sighed and was thinking deeply, “Basically I fucked up ever since I was zygote!” I laughed, but he wasn’t laughing…That made me nervous.

“You know, I am actually concerned about you.” I felt his hands on my face, making me look up. Perhaps it was the idea of eye contact that matter or perhaps he had good night vision.

“Are you this concerned with all your students?” I tried to laugh it off, “You must have your hands full then.”

“Not all are this fucked-up.”

“Itai~” Those words hit the heart, but well I was used getting hurt. I suddenly heard a beeping sound and I looked under me at the dryer. “Pants,” I said out loud.
Nardo knelt down and grabbed the jeans before handing them to me. I put them on, pulling them over my thighs. Izuna had great taste in pants, but damn did I hope he would get bigger thighs in his life so I wouldn’t have to wrestle so much.

An eye blinding light caused me to shut my eyes. I was forced to open them and get used to it. My eyes were burning, but I managed to make out a silhouette. The silhouette of the cleaning woman. She narrowed her eyes.

“Ooh, thank God, you have opened the door-”

“No, honey, you don’t get to thank no God.” She moved her finger while she spoke. I quickly pulled my pants up.

“W-what…” Nardo looked confused at the cleaning lady before looking at me.

“I have to ask-” Nardo was about to say something, but the woman shushed him, she turned her head to me. “Are you here against your will?” She rested her hand on her hip.


“What!?” Nardo looked at me slightly panicked.

“No! No! I mean..I am in this closet against my will. The real closet, not..Like..Sexuality…Sexuality wise it is just confusing as fuck, y’know, but that aside! It is not that I am against my will with Nardo! I totally like this guy. Not that we are together..No..He has a wife and kids, but-” I suddenly felt Nardo’s hand pressed against my mouth.

“Just stop, you are making me sound bad in front of the cleaning lady.” He whispered. I put his hand off my mouth.

“Sorry…” I said. He turned his head around.

“So~ Uhm….Thanks for opening the door…” I could see a sweatdrop appear on Nardo’s forehead the moment the cleaning lady narrowed her eyes and indicated she was keeping her eyes on him. I got off the dryer and followed Nardo out of the closet.

“You are making this really hard for me, Sasuke..” He sighed as he walked a few steps ahead of me.

“I can make more things hard.” He suddenly turned around. “Your job, your life, your relationship.” I coughed, “Your penis.”

“You talk so big-”

“I can show you big.” I fingerbanged him. He covered his eyes with one hand, but I could see his cheeks getting flustered.
“Isn’t this sexual harassment?” He muttered, but I could still hear him.

“I can show you sexual. You can judge if it is harassment later. Y’know, when you recover.”  He removed his hand from his eyes.

“You seem to be on fire with your remarks. But, kiddo, first button up your pants.” I looked at my crotch with my open button and zipper. I then looked back at Nardo and raised an eyebrow.

“So~ what are you looking at, hah?” I cocked my head and I saw him open his mouth to say something, only to be left speechless. I buttoned and zipped my pants up, “Well, now coffee date should really happen. You should know I am still classy.”

“It would only be fair, right?” He smiled, “And it would actually be even better to get to know each other more now.”

“If you want to unlock my sad background story and get access to my mentally ill head. You will need at least three dates.”

“Fair enough. I drink a lot of coffee anyway.” He extended his arm and I couldn’t surpass a small victorious look. This was really happening! I was about to wrap my arms around his, but before I could even touch him.

“Professor!” I glared at the unknown student running towards us, “The lab, there’s a smoke everywhere!” She was panting.

“What happened?” Nardo looked concerned.

“I left my project for only one minute for a pee break and suddenly..There was this white smoke, everywhere.”

“What is wrong with this school.” Nardo shook his head and jogged after the student towards some other lab in this university. I narrowed my eyes…I was so close. I heard some small chuckling and I recognized that chuckle all too well. I kicked the boy’s restroom door open and saw Naruto right next to the door.

“You said you would leave me alone.” I hissed.

“I didn’t do nothing.”

“We both know you did.” I narrowed my eyes, “What did you do?”

“I could try explaining it to you, but we both know chemistry is not your subject and you won’t understand.”

“Naruto, I will strangle you.” I threatened.

“Damn Sasuke,” He smiled, “You need to get laid.”

“I am trying!” I hissed.

“Why all the effort? There is a bathroom stall here, and I am free.” He had this stupid smile on his face. I wondered how he managed to find a way to punch me in the heart. It wasn’t fair I was the only one getting hurt. I pushed his head against the wall and he hissed in pain. Now we were even.

“Don’t play with me.” I turned myself around to walk away.

“Sasuke, how about a kiss for the pain? Dattebayo.” I turned my head to look at him. He was making fun of me…I could see him rub the back of his head that hit the wall and give me that smile…Was that supposed to be an innocent smile? It didn’t seem like one. It was more devilish.

“Naruto,” I turned myself around, “You know what my biggest mistake in life has been?”

Naruto’s eyes turned serious and the stupid smile was gone. He lowered his arm.

“Letting you in my life. Itachi is right, you don’t belong there.”

“That hurt, Sasuke.” Naruto inhaled deeply and I could see him bite his lip.

“Good. Makes the both of us.” I stared at the sinks, “Just stop making fun of me.”

“I wasn’t making fun of you.” He stated.

“Yeah right.”

“But I wasn’t! It is completely in your head!”

“Is this my fault too now?” I looked him directly in the eyes, “Am I delirious? Is it my anxiety? Or some other stupid mental illness. That;s good right, cuz your dad won’t go out of business as long as I am mentally fucked-up. You made that clear.”

“I am not trying to go off-topic, but aren’t you the one trying to fuck the professor?”

“Don’t you have a pill to take? Cuz you are really jumping to a lot of conclusions.”

“Hey, I ain’t trying to get in the pants of a married man.”

But you shoplifted an expensive bottle of liquor and I got accused for it! And you dare to question me! How about you look at yourself!? You ain’t a goody two shoes, so stop pretending!” 

Naruto remained quiet and his eyes lowered themselves to the ground.
“Why do you have to be like this.” He sounded frustrated and mad.

“It is called honesty.” I folded my arms.

“It is called ‘pushing people away’. I suddenly get why your brothers want to stay away from you.”

“Why don’t you do one smart thing in your life,” I had to take a deep breath. My hands were itching to punch him in the face at this very moment. I felt the pressure in my chest and this lump in my throat. His words hurt. Perhaps because it came from him, or maybe because he was telling the truth. Either way, I wanted to hurt him..It wasn’t fair I was the only one feeling like this. “-and follow their example.”

With those words, I left.

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This genji kept hunting me down and I couldn’t do anything so I just stopped and shook my head at him


I found these comics and instantly thought of you 😂 I hope they make you laugh 😊

These hit uncomfortably close to home. A few years ago, my friends and I decided to head out for a “noir night” with big coats, hats, and cigars. Then we hit up an all-night diner around midnight. I’m terrible at smoking, drinking, and ordered a salad… my friends just shook their heads and called me out for being a hardboiled poser.

I watched as she smiled to herself right after she took a sip of her coffee. It seemed as though she had forgotten everything that went wrong in her life, like it was just her and her coffee against the world.

Then her eyes met mine, and I was sure that the world had righted everything that was wrong once again.

“Why, do I have something on my face?” She blinked at me.

I gave her a smile and shook my head.

“I think I just fell in love, all over again.”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #117 // “All over again, just for you.”
i woke up this morning and realized NOBODY HAD ASKED ME TOP FIVE THINGS PHICHIT LIKES ABOUT HIS SMOL ANXIOUS BOYCHILD and I stared up at the ceiling and shook my head


1. The difference between Public Yuri, who is kind of reserved and haughty looking and goes his way through his crowds of admirers like a majestic stag carrying his heavy crown of antlers through the mists of the forest, and Private Yuri, who trips over thin air, cries over shitty Russian cartoons he thinks maybe Victor Nikiforov may have watched, and in general acts like a newborn fawn terrified of the hard, cold world around him. 

2. How, when Yuri is tired and hungry, he gets really, really quiet, and when he says anything it’s just an unending stream of salt about people he doesn’t like, and when you give him a granola bar and a place to sit down quietly, he falls asleep like a cranky two year old, his cheeks flushed with temper and exhaustion, still holding the half eaten granola bar.

3. If you catch him just at the right mood and moment, he will sit down on the couch with you and let you cuddle him for hours and watch The King and the Skater and the sequels without a word about them, and also he’s very warm and always slightly soft and very comfortable, even in the middle of competition season.His hair smells nice, too.

(3a. Victor Nikiforov discovers this, only with shitty Russian dramas, and keeps sending Phichit baffled texts like how is he so beautiful????? look at his haaaanddddd and sending Phichit closeups of the beautiful curve of Yuri’s sleeping hand on Victor’s chest.)

4. They did community service at a shelter and Yuri went down under an actual tsunami of dog and stayed there for like two hours, laughing and talking Japanese babytalk. There was a pitbull. The pitbull tried to adopt Yuri. 

5. Yuri skates out to the center of the ice, takes a deep breath in, and begins to skate. Every time, Phichit swears to God he sees wings on his back. 

His || Jungkook || 0.6

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6

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Random fact: In Mexico, it’s a common belief that if you cuss out at a ghost, it’ll leave you alone.

OK, so this afternoon I was in voice lesson, just blasting ‘Sebben Crudele’ like a pro to revise italian pronunciation and overall style and all of a sudden the room got super chilly. I got a shiver down my back. My teacher’s cats just suddenly woke from their nap and looked up, ears perked, to somewhere behind my back. Mind you, there was a mirror in front of me and I couldn’t see anyone behind me, then I FELT A FREAKING FINGER RUN OVER MY BACK.

So I kind of panicked, messed up my singing, my teacher stopped me, began to correct me, and I heard something shuffling in the corner, so I turned around. Still nothing. Teacher saw me turning around to look at the corner so he went “What are you looking at?” and I just shook my head and looked ahead again. He then calmly looked at the corner and went “Sácate a la chingada, pinche cabrón!” (Losely translated= Go fuck yourself, son of a bitch)

I kid you not, the room got cozy again immediately after he did that and he continued the lesson like he hadn’t just cussed a ghost outta the room.


Brett x Reader

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“Here let me help.” Someone said from behind you and you turned to see a green jersey clad chest in your way.

“Urm do you even go here?” You asked and he chuckled.

“No, I’m from Devenford, we came early to practise… we’ve met before actually you’re part of Scott’s pack and you’ve been at my other games here.” He mumbled and you shook your head.

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His (C.H.)

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A/N: This imagine (and the next couple of parts following this) are based on text post that some bloggers that I follow reblog. This will most likely have three parts to it (including this one). Sorry that I haven’t written in a long time. I didn’t have much inspiration. I hope you enjoy this though :)

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“I’d be his if he asked.”


I turned away from my locker to see one of my very few friends making her way towards me. I smiled as she got closer. “Hey, Pheebs. What’s up?”

“You’re not doing anything tonight, are you?” She asked.

I turned back to my locker. “Just studying, per usual. Why?”

“You’re not going to the game?”

I shook my head as I shut my locker. “No.”

“You’re really going to miss the game to study on a Friday night instead?” She asked me incredulously.

I clutched my books to my chest. “You know I don’t do well in crowds.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Not even for a Calum Hood?”

I flushed. “He doesn’t even know that I exist.”

She rolled her eyes. “You two have gone to the same school since the fifth grade and practically had almost the same classes since freshman year. How could he not know that you exist?”

I shrugged. “I’m a nobody.”


“What? It’s true. I’m shy, I barely have any friends, I keep quiet in class, and the only club I’m active in is the music club.”

“But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know you.”

I sighed. “If I just say yes to going tonight, will you drop the whole ‘Calum knows I exist thing?’”

She smiled triumphantly. “Good. I’ll pick you up at six.”

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Missed me? || Liam Dunbar

Missed me? || Liam Dunbar imagine 

 Plot: Liam’s childhood friend return to beacon hills but something seams different about her. \ 

 The bell rang giving the signal that another class at beacon hills high school had came to an end. The McCall pack sat togheter around the lunch table enjoying th warm sun of California.

“So, liam have you met the new sophomore transfer?” Lydia questioned fixing everyone’s gaze onto the young boy. The boy kept chewing on the sandwich in his hand and shook his head “ Hasn’t been in any of my classes so far’‘ 

 ’'I heard she used to live here before she moved away” Malia said and shrugged “ this boy behind me in history wouldn’t shut up about her” “What if we know her?” Scott offered with a smile.

 ’’ yeah one more Theo Raeken?“ Stiles said pretending to think about it ’'I think I’ll pass” “I wonder who this kid is ” Kira mumbled quietly mostly to herself. “ well if you looked up from the book you would find out” Lydia nudged her and nodded toward the school door where who seamed like the new girl walked out. In a matter of second all seven heads turned towards the door in blink of an eye. 

 ’'Y/N Y/L/N’’ liam questioned out loud before all seven heads turned back to the table before she could see them staring. 

 ’'Wait , The Y/N Y/L/N?“ Mason asked his mouth open ’'Another childhood friend , great. This seams sketchy to anyone else or is it just me” Stiles whisper-yelled looking specially at the younger boy who still couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. 

 ’'Liam’’ Scott calling his name turned his attention back to the group just as he missed the girl noticing him and starting to walk to them “Do you know that girl?” Liam had to resist looking back at the girl before nodding as an answer to Scott’s question “ we used to be best friend until we were like 12 , she suddenly disappeared and there was a lot… rumors’' 

 ’'She is way out of your league buddy, how did you even become friends?” Mason asked and just as liam were to answer he was cut off but an unknown female voice. “I punched him in the face and he gave me a high five” they all turned around to see Y/N standing there smiling at them all before her eyes fixed on liam. 

 ’'Y/N’’ Liam whispered looking up to the girl seaming to have lost his ability to talk. “I’m sorry , I believe we haven’t met before ” Lydia -who was sitting closest to her stood up offering a hand and smiling sweetly “ I’m Lydia Martin” “Scott McCall ” Scott took hint from Lydia staring at him and was quick to introduce himself, and soon after the rest of the group followed. 

 ’'So Y/N , liam told us you had to move away. Why was that?“ Stiles asked and earned himself a elbow in the ribs from Scott, who still looked at Y/N for an answer. ’'I just started living with my grandparents , it was nothing important” she said chuckling but was quick to continue before stiles could ask any more questiones 

“ Well I gotta go to class , dont wanna be late on first day” “What class do you have, maybe we have the same one” Mason asked giving the girl a smile. “Yeah let me check” she replied pulling her plan from her bag “ I got history this period” Mason let out a disappointed sight and turned to liam “ Don’t you have History this period”

“Uh” the young lad said finally tearing his gaze away from the girl “ Yeah i guess i do” “Great , lets go then ” she said waving a last goodbye to the others as liam stood up basically tripping over his own feet following her inside. They started walking into the school with the bone crushing silence , the tension almost making it to hard to breath. 

 ’'I guess its been a while’’ Y/N chuckled looking at Liam , his blue eyes tense and his stress could be smelt from miles away “ listen I kno-” “You just left Y/N . We talked the day before that , you told me things were getting better and the next thing I know is that you are gone and I’m attending a funeral and you are suddenly a murderer” He exclaimed stopping by his locker as she walked ahead a few steps and didnt turn to face him until he was done with his rant. 

She turned around , the smile on her face long gone and a serious look replaced it “ Did you believe them ?” She quietly asked as the bell rang and people started hurrying by them to get to class. He sighted breaking the stare off as his phone beeped telling him he got a text.

 From Stiles : Need to talk. NOW. 

 He was quick to put the phone away and look up to the girl looking for a excuse “ I have to go , coach set up a talk with the lacrosse team, the class is just around the corner” he said before turning around starting to walk away. 

 ’’ Liam?“ Her voice stopped his from walking but he didn’t turn around ” You never told me if you believed them or not’' 

 As he was about to answer , he turned to face her and noticed her being gone, he sighted before picking up the pace and walking out the school to meet with stiles.

 He finally found Stiles and the rest of the group behind the school buses and after looking around to se if anyone had followed him. “You really couldn’t wait until the class wa-” Scott whisper-yelled before being cut off by Stiles direction his focus on Liam. 

 ’'Did you smell it?“ Stiles asked so fast the words were almost hard to make out. ’'Smell what? What are you talking about , Stiles I swea-” “Smell it on her ” Stiles replied waving his arms around 

“ Come on guys , Scott and Malia got a scent” “We got a scent but it wasn’t…” Malia said trying to find the right word to describe it.

 ’'She isn’t completely like us’’ Scott finished for her looking over to Liam. 

 ’'If she isn’t one of you’’ Lydia said looking to a point behind them to where Y/N walked out of school , carefull not to be seen and walked to the parking lot where Theo was waiting with a smirk “ Than what or who is she?’' 

 This was not requested but I really wanted to write this hihi.
   Part 2 anyone?

Stranger Things: The Byers and The Tramp

Jonathan Byers Imagine

Prompt: Imagine being popular and being Jonathan’s girlfriend

Warnings Adult Language Does not follow the plot of “Stranger Things”

Point of view: The Reader’s POV

I slammed my locker shut as I listened to Nancy rambled on about Steve.

“Nancy why don’t you just fuck him already” I smirked as I watched her blush madly, her tuck a piece of hair behind her before rolling her eyes.

“(Y/N) seriously” she groaned as she shoved my shoulder lightly “a relationship isn’t all about sex. It’s about the small things he does for you to tell you he loves you”

“Yeah like fucking you senselessly” I giggled as I pushed her slightly, she groaned softly before pushing me back

“So you and Jonathan must have sex a lot?” Nancy questioned as we moved down the hall, I shook my head softly

“No actually, he hasn’t laid a finger on me, a quick kiss is all I get” I commented as it was my turn to blush, of course I’ve had sex but it was quick lasted no more than 2 minutes. The douche always hypes himself up saying “he’s the biggest I’ve ever seen”, then it feels like nothing.

“Maybe he’s waiting for the perfect moment” Nancy giggled as she turned in front of me

“Maybe he’s a virgin” I stated rolling my eyes at her comment, she sighed softly before smiling brightly as her eyes were fixed behind me.

“Here comes the virgin Romeo now” Nancy giggled as I peered over shoulder noticing that Jonathan was moving down the hall. “Go Sluttie Juliet!”

“Nancy!” I gasped as I shoved her harshly, a laugh escaping her lips as she pushed me towards him.

He fiddled with his camera as he smiled at me

“Hey baby” I smiled as I tried kissing him but he moved his head down instead.

“Hey (N/N)” he shyly stated, I giggled softly before grabbing his face forcing him to look at me, I placed a soft kiss on his lips. His face redden as he watched me for a second “Um- I-I- we’ll see the thing is– my– mom wants to meet you”

“She does?” I questioned as he scratched the back of his neck, he nodded slowly

“But I understand if-”

“I’d love to meet her Johnny boy, and that adorable little brother of yours” I smiled

“Really? You wanna meet them?” He questioned as his face contorted in surprise

“Your my boyfriend, of course I wanna meet them” I smiled as I wrapped my hands around his neck, as I pressed my head against his, so he would look me in the eye.

“G-great. Um dinner is tonight at 7” he smiled, I bit my lips softly before nodding in agreement as I pulled back. He placed a quick kiss on my cheek for rushing off.


I had to admit I was nervous, I really did like Jonathan he was different than the other boyfriends I had. He was sweet, caring, and took my feelings into consideration.

I didn’t want to screw up meeting his mom and brother.

What if she hates me?

What if she thinks in a slut?

I groaned softly as I banged my head against the steering wheel. I pushed myself out of the car as I slowly walked up the steps to the house. A loud bark pierce the air causing me to squeal lightly. I rung the door bell a couple of times as the more barks filled the air.

A group of boys answered the door, the all watched me for a moment

“She is real” a dark skinned boy stated as he touched my stomach pulling back quickly.

“She’s very pretty” the other said but this one was missing his two front teeth, but that didn’t stop him from looking adorable.

“I’ve seen pictures of her before Johnny has them in his room” another stated, they watched me slowly, I offered a small smile in which they all returned.

“Who was at the door?” I heard Jonathan scream as he appeared at the front door. “Guys let her in”

The parted slowly as I stepped in, I giggled left my lips.

“Hey baby” I smiled as I started I kiss him but was cut off by gasping.

“She called him “baby” meaning that they are dating” the toothless boy commented as he walked in between us. I glanced at Johnny as a blush fell on his face

I bent down as I watched the boy, I kissed his cheek before offering my hand.

“I’m (Y/N)” I smiled, he grabbed his cheek before looking at the other boys. He backed away slowly as he gave me a toothless smile. “I think I broke him”

“She’s pretty and funny too” the dark skinned boy commented as he examined for further

“Who was at the door?” A female calls, I stood up quickly spinning around as I saw his mother. “Oh wow!”

She smiles brightly as she looked at me

“You are absolutely beautiful” she commented as she gave me a quick hug “I see you meet the boys”

“Yes, they are very observant” I smiled, she nodded quickly as she looked back at the boys.

“Well come on boys” she clapped as she ushered them into the room. “Clean up this game you have going on”

“I’m Dustin!” The toothless boy called out as he gave me a smile, I smiled back at him.

“She is right you look beautiful” I heard Johnny say, I turned around facing him.

“Thanks, you don’t look half bad yourself” I giggle as I wrapped arms around him.

“We have an audience” he spoke as he flicked his head towards the opening, I peered over my shoulder seeing the boys watching us.

“She just can’t be real” Will commented “I mean, my brother dating her”

“Come on Johnny boy, I’m starving and I think your brother and his friends have a whole bunch of questions for me” I giggled


“How did you meet my brother?” Will questioned

“In Photography class” I smiled as I remembered the memory so fondly. “He was nerdy boy who always had a camera”

Johnny laughed softly before pushing my shoulder lightly as he blushed softly

“Let me get this straight” Lucas stated “You’re dating Byers”

I laughed loudly as I studied his expression, As I nodded slowly to his statement.


After endless questions about me and adorable baby pictures of Jonathan, dinner was finally over.

I peeled off my jacket as I threw on a chair in his room. I peered over my shoulder as I still heard him talking to his mom downstairs. I grabbed the photos that laid on top of his radio.

They were of me, dozens. Pictures that I didn’t know he took. Pictures of me smiling, pictures of me making faces, pictures of me sleeping in class, pictures of me in his room.

How did I not see him taking all these pictures of me.

“You weren’t suppose to see that” I heard his voice behind me, I blushed softly before placing them back down.

“But I did” I spoke softly wondering how many more he has taken “w-when did you take all those”

“I-I- whenever, moments with you were just to precious to just keep as memories, I needed prove a reminder to know that you are real. That someone like you is dating me" he spoke, I smiled softly. “Are you mad?”

I spun around quickly as I watched him for a moment.

“How can I be when you say stuff like that?” I spoke “That was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to me”

He blushed softly as he looked down. I walked over to him, he looked up at me for a moment, without any thought or second of regret. I crash my lips to his, my hands running through his hair.

This moment I knew that I was in love with him. He was a shy, socially awkward boy but he was perfect for me.

“I love you” I whispered against his lips, the words so foreign to me as I spoke them

“I love you too” he smiled as he picked me up, tossing me on the bed. I giggled softly as I pulled him down with me. “I’ve always loved you”


“You were wrong.” My voice was steady, but doubt rustled in my heart. The Darkling shook his head. “You cannot lie to me. Do you think I could have come to you again and again, if you had been less alone? You called to me, and I answered.”
I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. “You … you were there?”
“On the Fold. In the palace. Last night.”
I flushed as I remembered his body on top of mine.
Shame washed through me, but with it came overwhelming relief. I hadn’t imagined it all.
- Siege and Storm (The Grisha Trilogy) by Leigh Bardugo

Fifty years after The Outsiders was first published, there still has never been a passage so teenaged as this one.

“You read a lot, don’t you, Ponyboy?” Cherry asked.

I was startled. “Yeah. Why?”

She kind of shrugged. “I could just tell. I’ll bet you watch sunsets, too.” She was quiet for a minute after I nodded. “I used to watch them, too, before I got so busy …”

I pictured that, or tried to. Maybe Cherry stood still and watched the sun set while she was supposed to be taking the garbage out. Stood there and watched and forgot everything else until her big brother screamed at her to hurry up. I shook my head. It seemed funny to me that the sunset she saw from her patio and the one I saw from the back steps was the same one. Maybe the two different worlds we lived in weren’t so different. We saw the same sunset.

The Secret Of A Frat Boy ~Naughty November~

Prompt:Hello. Can you write a really rough Kyle (ahs coven) smut? And he gets all dominant. Daddy!Kyle x Fem!reader. 

Pairing: Kyle x Reader

Word Count: 860

Warning: none

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