and sho was excited :')


                           ♫ Arashi -「Untitled」Track-list
                                        ( w/o unit songs)

random internet person: “I’m just not that into Skip Beat anymore”


RFA boys, who is sexiest?

((I got this ask a while ago, but unfortunately, I tried answering through mobile and it deleted it all - _ - so here is only the answer to the question: “Who is sexiest, who is most skilled and who is most creative in bed.”

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) honhonhon~

Sexiest in bed: ✧*。Zen ✧*。- I just see this image of him being on top and looking incredible sexy  ( ̄Γ ̄) and Saeran (because he wouldn’t hold back, he would let all of his desires, his emotions run freely, he would be loud, his face would portray a million emotions and I think that is sexy)

Most skilled: I’d say V - I have the feeling like he would actually try and make it all about you and he would notice your every shiver,stir and know exactly what to do (๑•᎑
OR! Strangely enough Yoosung - yes, yes, he never did the do, BUT because of that he would try so hard, he would gather all the tips but in the end he would just be himself and surprise you with his skills. And the funny part? It would all come natural to him, he would enjoy - wait, he would LOVE making sure you felt amazing by eating you out. And he would moan so hard! Also, at times I am sure - his “dark” self would come out and then it would turn into a slightly rougher night (๑• ₃ -๑)*✧

Most creative? Hmmm… Saeyoung and Jumin fo sho! ✧*。Saeyoung would turn sex into something fun and exciting, you would laugh so much and just enyoj each other, but he would also be the one who would suggest more ~kinky~ things. So he would generally be a goof in bed but also really wild and mark you as his with a thousand hickeys and after all the rough, wild sex kiss you all better.
Jumin would be creative, not because of the 50 shades of HAN, but he would want to try so many different things with you, because he never in his life loved someone as much as he loves you. He would make you feel like a princess and if you wanted him to be your daddy, no worries he would do it, he would spoil you rotten and make you beg for him to release your sexual…DESIRES.  

Haaaah~ so many new ideas for fics. Thank you for your question,sweetheart! I am sorry you had to wait so long for my answer nonie-chan! But thankfully I saved my answer! ))

anonymous asked:

Ah~! Shutter chance! I have been wanting some fanart as a festive treat. Maybe Sakura as a witch on a broom. Yagura as the black cat (as he is adorably cute and can't think of any better character for this role) [Suigetsu was an option.. >*<] Oh and Yagura is extremely embarrassed--shy to the point where people have him take photos with Sakura (who he has a secret crush on)!!! Ooh exciting, I love your art babee~ ish sho kewt =)

Happy Halloween from Kirigakure!!


└ All the member-愛~~

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Why were you guys trying to answer the question, when you guys ALREADY won the right to eat at the food table? Especially you, Sho-kun XD (his response was he was free since some time ago, he was the first one to win).

Sho and Nino got excited when they knew the answer which almost at the same time, Jun pressed his buzzer button which the light kept going round and round, because Jun was waiting to answer and for Sho to get over his excitement/joy of getting the right answer XD

From Arashi ni Shiyagare (29 Oct 2016) 


└ 翔くん expressed his concern that his segment has run into the proverbial wall; his initial objectives of rediscovering Japan have pretty much fallen flat.  

The solution: a RENEWAL to “Sakurai Sho’s Travels”.

Nino: So it’s just a normal travel segment?

Jun: It’s okay to call out to you?

Tsk tsk tsk, such stellar support, Matsumiya brats. Hahaha~

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