and shit editing software


K so I needed a new wallpaper/background/whatever they’re called for my phone, and I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I spent like an hour playing in and this is what I ended up with. I would have liked a cooler gradient, and there are definitely some parts I wish I knew how to fix (Anthy’s sleeve + Utena’s hand looks like I forgot to clean that up but it’s just a big puffy sleeve wtf Akio why does your school have such puffy sleeves, my roses aren’t perfectly straight). 

Please let me know what you think, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Not Only In My Dreams

I finished a JackCrutchie fic. Someone give me a cookie.

In all seriousness though. Youtube Christmas-y AU thing.

Crutchie doesn’t mean to do it; really he doesn’t.

But it’s been nearly two weeks since Jack last skyped him, and even though they text and email, it’s not the same. He knows Jack’s been busy with exams, but Crutchie could really use his voice right now.

Which is why he types “Jack Kelly” into YouTube’s search bar.

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I got bored idk

Grester Fan Video // Grace Helbig & Chester See - Classic 

Yes I realize it’s a YouTube comment and no I don’t take it very seriously. Honestly this is the only person who has sent this and overall the reaction has been really great to the video. Yay!

But this was for a long time why I thought I should never make this video. I was afraid that I would be reinforcing stereotypes about the kinds of games that girls play, and that people would use the kinds of games I like as a reason not to take me seriously anymore, to write me off.

I think now though, that it is precisely because these stereotypes exist that it’s a worthwhile thing for me to make this video. I have a feeling there aren’t going to be a lot of similar Top 10 Favorite Game lists from other YouTubers, so my perspective is what makes my list interesting. Maybe a lot of my choices are stereotypical. But stereotypes aren’t bad because they’re wrong, they’re bad because they’re incomplete. Maybe it’d be useful for someone to know the kinds of games a girl (not all girls, a girl) enjoys and why. There aren’t enough well heard female voices in the gaming portion of YouTube. This gives people a chance to hear about games in a way they might not otherwise get to.

I guess I’m just rambling, but recently I’m trying to embrace who I am as a gaming channel and worrying less about being what I think people expect or want me to be. This is one small step in becoming comfortable with my own identity on YouTube. It was a very difficult video to make, every step of the way, mostly because I’m way inexperienced getting console footage and because I use shit editing software and other technical issues involving procrastination. But it was also hard because it took me a year to get the courage to make this video. It was hard because I wanted to do my favorite games justice and explain exactly what it is I love about them. So I’m really happy that, in spite of all these hurdles, the video exists now. And whether it did well or did poorly didn’t matter so much to me since I was taking a risk and it could go either way. But the fact that it is being so well received is just making me so happy. I’m really grateful.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever get worried about people stealing your style since you give out so many tips?

Not really, I could give someone all of my gear, my editing software, shit, even my custom presets I’ve made and they likely wouldn’t be able to create what I’ve been putting out over the last year. They might very well produce strong content, but it won’t be identical. My equipment is only as good as the person using it, as is the case with any tool and the individual using it to create.