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Well, this is kinda angsty, but can I request a scenario where zen & mc are together and in the last rfa party zen slept with jaehee and after a few days jaehee couldn't deal with the blame and told mc in front of all rfa but MC pretended not to believe her (andthenrfa*cof*saeran*cof*tryingtocomforther). This is ridiculously specific, i know lolol but feel free if you don't want to do it, it's okay, or if you want to change anything just do it 😅 I love love love your blog and your writing ❤❤❤❤❤

Ok so this post actually ended up being realllly long and I don’t know how to do the ‘read more’ thing so I’m really sorry to anyone trying to scroll by

And I’m so glad you like my writing, and I’m also really glad I got this request because at first I wasn’t sure how to write it (I basically ended up writing a fanfiction using bullet points haha oops) but I had a lot of fun doing it.

Disclaimer: I don’t think Zen would ever cheat and I actually don’t think Jaehee has any romantic feelings for him, just admiring adoration.

And I know you said I could change things
but it’s rlly angsty 
and I’m an angst monster and I kinda love it sooo i’m gonna keep it exactly how you wrote it  

let’s do it

  • Zen had always been flirty with you
  • And at some had started flirting back
  • And soon it was more than flirting and you found yourself head over heels for each other
  • Constant phone calls too each other where you’d gush over how you wished you could see each other
  • Good morning and Goodnight texts
  • The occasional shameless flirt in the public chat
  • Once you two met at the first RFA party it was like a scene from a Disney movie, you two all but ran to each other and he swung you around once he snagged you in a tight embrace
  • Looking into his eyes you swore this could be love
  • He did too.
  • He really did swear he was in love with you
  • You were everything he had hoped and more
  • You were the person that woke him up everyday and put a smile on his face, you were the person that he thought of when love songs came on the radio, when he was on stage you were his muse, when he lay down to sleep at night you were the final thought in his head, and the first one in his dreams.
  • The next RFA party was a few months after you two had first met in person, only a couple months into your very happy relationship
  • You two had spent the first half of the night joined at the hip, happily enjoying each other’s company.
  • But somewhere throughout the nights timeline you both got distracted by separate guests and acquaintances and wandered away from each other.
  • Zen started drinking. Whoever he was talking to kept egging him on and the two of them were having a good ole time, which is rare for Zen in these occasions because the guests are usually upper class aristocrats like Jumin or if they are there for Zen, it’s as fans instead of friends
  • So he thought he’d treat himself
  • It got to be a bit much
  • The other guests were starting to notice and Jumin was not going to have the press covering Zen’s drunken gusto at an RFA event
  • “Assistant Kang,” Jumin sauntered over to Jaehee while keeping his eyes on Zen. “please escort Hyun to the back where he can cool down, out of the cameras’ lines of sight.”
  • “Of course, Mr. Han” And Jaehee was off. She was relieved that she had an excuse to get Zen out of the room, she too recognized the bad press that could follow this event but felt she hadn’t had the authority to tell Zen otherwise
  • But under the guise of Jumin’s will, she was able to convince Zen to head to the back so ‘Jumin wouldn’t bitch’ (in the words of the actor).
  • Soon it was just the two of them in the back room, Jaehee giving Zen water as he yanked at his shirt collar, complaining it was hot.
  • In his drunken shenanigens he managed to undo all his buttons at some point while Jaehee was getting more water, so she came back to shirtless Zen.
  • Zen knew those eyes.
  • As the assistant stared at his pectorals with a slight blush on her cheeks, he looked into her eyes and saw something
  • Adoration. Admiration. Want.
  • She wanted him.
  • Somewhere, deep in his psyche, behind the pseudo narcissist wall, 10 year old Hyun Ryu craved the attention. The positive attention his mom said he’d never get
  • He had you
  • But in that moment he had Jaehee too, and he couldn’t turn that down
  • Jaehee doesn’t even know how it initiated, she just recalls Zen pressing her against the wall and kissing her with a passion she’s never felt before.
  • His hands undoing the buttons of her shirt
  • His lips whispering praises of how she was not only successful, but also beautiful. And so sweet. And smart. And-
  • She almost cried. Someone as talented as Zen saw something so great in someone as plain as her? Impossible.
  • But he kept assuring her, and touching her, and loving her
  • Loving her the way he should have been loving you
  • The guilt hit her, but she watched it disappear as ecstasy took over
  • Zen passed out once they were both finished, pants undone and shirt wide open, but eyes closed and soft breaths flying in and out of his lips
  • Jaehee was wide awake though.
  • She was leaning against the wall, clothes messily pulled back on and tears threatening her eyes
  • The guilt was back and it felt like the weight of the world’s biggest mistake was sitting on her shoulders
  • She put her hands over her mouth as she stared at Zen, and she started crying when she thought of you.
  • “What have I done?”
  • After every party, the RFA gets together a few days later to go over logistics. What worked, what didn’t, who came, how to convince more people to come, etc
  • Jaehee’s heart dropped as you and Zen walked in together, a bright smile on your face, a blank slate on his.
  • No not blank
  • When Jaehee met his crimson eyes she saw it, the same thing he probably saw in her eyes: Guilt. Remorse. Regret.
  • She could barely stomach the feel as you greeted her and hugged her
  • “Jaehee! Good to see you! I feel like we didn’t get to talk much at the party thanks to someone making a little scene” As you pulled away you playfully rolled your eyes towards Zen. 
  • He just gave a nervous chuckle
  • Jaehee opened her mouth, ready to spill her guts, only to find it was dry as cotton. 
  • You gave her a quizzical look, ready to ask what was wrong, but Jumin’s voice interrupted with “Shall we begin?” looking pointedly at the three of you.
  • “Yahoo~” Seven cheered as he plopped down next to Saeran, who had recently been getting dragged along to all the RFA meetings, given he tended to just sit in the corner and pout.
  • Much like right now. He did little more than look at you and nod, which was as courteous a greeting as you were going to get with him.
  • Yoosung nodded, signaling everyone was ready, and the discussion began
  • You all were about 30 minutes into the conversation
  • Except for Jaehee
  • She couldn’t stop thinking about what happened the night of the party
  • She couldn’t stop looking at you and feeling guilty
  • She couldn’t stop thinking about telling you
  • “I need water” She stood up abruptly, startling everyone a bit
  • Jumin had a bit of an annoyed look on his face but conceded with “Fine. Quick 5 minute break for everyone”
  • Jaehee booked it to the kitchen
  • “Uh…I’m thirsty too.” Cue Zen bee-lining after her.
  • “Are you Okay??” He asked in a harsh whisper
  • “No I’m not okay!” Jaehee hissed back “We…we have to tell her.”
  • “No!” Zen’s eyes widened “No. You and I both know it was a mistake that will never happen again. She doesn’t need to know.”
  • “Zen if you love her-”
  • “I do love her!” He snapped back “I love her which is why I can’t lose her Jaehee. I know we messed up, I do. But..I can’t lose her over my mistakes” His eyes were pleading even more than his voice
  • Jaehee just stared into the crimson orbs, feeling the knot in her stomach grow. She just weakly nodded.
  • There was a moment of silence before she chugged her glass of water and turned to head back towards the living room where everyone was seated
  • She took a strong stride in
  • She bit her tongue
  • She was not going to-
  • You were the first face she met walking back in
  • Your smile welcoming her back to the circle
  • Your eyes cheery
  • Your heart open to her as it had been since the first day even when she treated you coldly.
  • Zen was right behind Jaehee and nearly bumped into her when she stopped dead in her tracks
  • “Jaehee?” You and he called at the same time, him due to her abrupt stop, and you because of the tears suddenly pouring from her eyes.
  • “Jaehee what’s wrong?” You rushed to her, attracting everyone’s attention
  • You caught Zen’s face from over her shoulder, his eyes wide. Knowing.
  • “M-MC” Jaehee choked out
  • “W-What is it?” You asked worriedly taking her trembling hands in yours
  • “MC” Her voice fell. There was just a moment of silence. Everyone in the room was looking, the outburst had even taken a hold of Saeran’s full attention.
  • “Zen and I…we’ve done something awful” 
  • You knew what she was suggesting No you didn’t. No way that’s what she meant you’re just confusing things.
  • “…What did you do?” You asked cautiously
  • Sniffling. Endless sniffling. You looked to Zen, who was pale and looked like he was also ready to cry.
  • “Zen…what happened?”
  • “I’m so sorry” He managed to get out before the lump in his throat clogged his vocal cords.
  • “At the party MC we- we had….” Jaehee couldn’t get the filthy three letter word out of her mouth
  • You dropped her hands and looked to Zen
  • “MC I’m so sorry” Zen repeated, his voice shaking even more
  • Everyone was quiet, waiting for your response
  • You had none. Just an empty stare and mouth slightly agape, waiting for words to come out of their own accord
  •  Finally they did
  • “This is a really cruel joke to play” You feigned a very obvious forced smile as your eyes blinked back tears “I never thought you guys would do such a thing..haha” You wiped a way a small drop ready to roll down your cheek
  • “MC!” Jaehee exclaimed “This isn’t-”
  • “Jaehee.” Your voice dropped. “I really don’t find this funny.”
  • “Neither do I!” The brown haired girl went to take your hand again but you pulled away
  • “And Zen” You turned to him “I don’t- I don’t…” You couldn’t finish the sentence
  • They were everywhere. Pouring down your face, flooding your eyes, gathering in a small pool at your chin. It was an onslaught of tears rolling down your cheeks, choking your words, your thoughts, your everything.
  • “MC” Zen reached out to you, only to have his hand swatted away by yours.
  • You just stared at him and cried, forcing him to look you in the eyes as your faux smile fell to pieces. 
  • You felt a hand softly fall upon your shoulder, and you turned to see Seven looking at you, apologetic pity in his eyes. Saeran stood behind him, wearing an angrier version of his twin’s sentiment. 
  • “Let’s go for a ride, get some fresh air, huh MC?” The red head’s voice was soft
  • You softly nodded and let him guide you towards the door, not even able to muster up to energy to look back at Jaehee and Zen. 
  • Saeran did however, and he looked back towards the two with a face full of disgust, up until the moment he slammed the door
  • “what a good meeting” Jumin grumbled under his breath as he turned a disdainful eye towards Zen
  • You drove for a couple hours probably. Most of it in silence, but a comfortable one. You were in the passenger seat and Saeran was in the back, Seven at the wheel finding desolate roads and flying down them, giving the wind of your open window some sort of purifying feeling. It stung, but it felt good. Your hair whipped around and the land raced by and you occasionally sobbed but that was ok.
  • Eventually you found yourself back at the Chois’ place, sitting on the couch, staring at a TV playing a movie that you hadn’t been paying attention to for the last hour. Your mind was elsewhere, wondering what you had done wrong.
  • You looked at the carton of ice cream in your hand, only doing so because the sight of Saeran setting his own empty one on the coffee table had triggered you to remember Seven had given you your own carton to drown your sorrows in.
  • The redhead had actually gone out to buy more, so it was just you and Saeran on the black leather couch staring at the TV screen.
  • “Do you want this?” You offered the ice cream to Saeran who’s expression turned from bored to surprised, probably because you’d been silent for the past six hours aside from a sob here and there.
  • “You don’t want it?”
  • “I’m not hungry”
  • He stared at you and the carton for a second, his face unreadable.
  • He wanted to insist you eat the ice cream, because personally he found it to always make him feel better, but he figured you didn’t want to hear it.
  • He took the carton from your hands and placed it on the table in front of you two
  • Silence aside from the noise of the TV.
  • He cast a glance to you, only to find your eyes on the floor.
  • “doyou wantalk” You barely understood what he said it was so quiet
  • “What?” You looked to him
  • He thought you were asking out of surprise rather than inaudibility and “My therapist…he says that talking things out makes you feel better.” He looked indignant for a moment, likely remembering how stupid he felt when he rejected the idea only to find later that his therapist had been correct
  • “I…I have nothing to say” Your shell of a voice whispered
  • Saeran furrowed his brows at you. “Say you hate them”
  • “What?”
  • His voice raised a bit “You hate them don’t you? So say it. The therapist said talk about your feelings so start there. They’re scumbags who hurt you and deser-”
  • “No!” You’re voice hit a volume it hadn’t reached in hours. “I don’t hate them!”
  • Saeran was mixed with confusion and anger “What do you mean you don’t hate them? One of your best friends and your boyfriend fucked-”
  • There it was
  • Someone finally said it.
  • The hot tears made a return and began rolling down your cheeks as sudden sobs erupted from your mouth
  • Saeran was alarmed at the sudden show and tried to pinpoint the trigger. He supposes it could be his last sentence but it’s not as if it wasn’t something we all knew.
  • “I….I don’t hate them” You cried once the worst of the sobs subsided.”I don’t even think I want to hate them. I mean it’d be easier but…I don’t. Jaehee…it’s not her fault. She wrapped up in it all. And she’s always liked Zen. How could she have said no. And he..he was drunk” You sputtered out your rationalizations to find that they only annoyed Saeran
  • “The Assistant should still no better. But fine. You know what? She’s not dating you, and clearly she triggered you finding out the truth. So let’s pretend she’s ok? What about the actor? I don’t care that he was drunk. There’s no excuse for him doing that!” The white haired boys voice had become louder and louder, fists clenching tighter and tighter as he began riling up old feelings of betrayal he once felt. “He abandoned you! He left you in the dust and for what? He failed you!”
  • You don’t know when it happened but Saeran had turned towards you and grabbed your hands, squeezing them tight in between his own. His mouth was contorted into some sort of snarl and you saw a fire raging behind his minty eyes. 
  • “’re hurting my hands” You squeaked out.
  • Your small voice dragged him out of whatever memory he was reliving and he sort of faded back into reality with a few blinks of his eyes before turning his attention to his hands. He let go of yours and in a flat voice uttered a “sorry”.
  • You guys were silent again, just staring at the floor, both living in whatever sad memory chose to cross your brains.
  • “You deserve better is all” He finally said.
  • “I know” You replied, voice empty of any real feeling.
  • You looked up, staring at the TV but not actually watching as a man on a horse offered a hand towards a young woman. “I just can’t stop thinking about him. About the him I fell in love with. Is he really gone?”
  • Saeran followed your gaze to the TV, looking on as the girl hopped on the horse. “I think so. That’s assuming he was the guy you thought he was at any point.”
  • “He was.” You said, a little defensive. Saeran looked towards you, watching your emotionless expression, knowing that there was a storm underneath despite the calm appearance. He knew because he often did the same, rocking a stoic appearance while watching all hell break loose in his own head.
  • “Is this the part where I say ‘It gets better’?” 
  • “Do you believe that it does?”
  • “Not a fuckin’ chance” A bitter smirk twisted his lips 
  • “I appreciate the honesty” You sighed
  • “Not in the way that we think it will anyway” He looked off into space somewhere.
  • “Hm?” You turned to him
  • “Everyone imagines that one day soon they’re going to wake up and suddenly it’s not going to hurt anymore. That there’s gonna be a day when you don’t think about this. You’re always gonna think about it. You’re always gonna wonder what you did wrong. Why God hates you. What things would be like if it didn’t happen.”
  • “You don’t think that there can be a day when it all feels ok?” You ask, partially to heal your hopeless heart, and partially because you see Saeran is projecting his own feelings and you’re curious to know how he feels.
  • “Maybe. I haven’t hit it yet though. Doubt I will.” 
  • You stared as he looked off into the distance, feeling as if you could see the scenes of his past playing in his eyes.
  • You were just about to recede back into your ball of depression and hopelessness before he spoke again and took your attention
  • “But that’s me. You’re…you, MC” your questioning look prompted him to continue “You’re…a good person.”
  • “You are to-” You went to say but he cut you off by turning and leaning towards you with a new intensity in his face.
  • “Not like you. If at all” He scoffed. “ You though, everyone loves you. And they’re right too. Because…” suddenly he stopped himself, seeming to turn a little shy.
  • “Because?” You wanted, no, needed to hear this.
  • He gulped down his fear and turned his eyes to the side, unable to look at you as he delivered his next few words, scared of you seeing through him even more than you usually do. 
  • “MC, you’re..everything. You’re smart, you’re cute, and you’re …kind. You always know what to say to help everyone. And that’s the thing. You try to help people, even people trying to hurt you…” His eyes turned back to you “You saw a good in me even when I didn’t. You risked your life to help my brother to save me. You’re…kind of like an angel.”
  • You just stared, taken aback by such kind words, from Saeran of all people. 
  • You were right to be surprised, he wasn’t usually this smooth in conveying his feelings verbally…there must have just been something about you that made it easy for him to talk.
  • “If it gets better for anyone, it’ll be for you, MC” He reached for your hand out of instinct, but pulled back instantly when your skin touched, as if he just realized what he was doing. His eyes did the same, it looked like he just realized how vulnerable he was in that moment, and a sort of wall was raised behind his irises and his whole body tensed a bit.
  • He was scared of being rejected.
  •  …
  • Your hand slowly reached out to his, which was floating in the space between you two, and when he didn’t pull back, you interlaced your fingers together. 
  • A look of awe decorated both of your faces.
  • “Thank you…Saeran.” The light of the TV bounced off your wet eyes, making them look extra glossy.
  • The boy just looked at you, wide eyed, apprehensive for a moment, then nodded and tightened his grip on your hand. It wasn’t the same anger induced bear trap grip from when he grabbed them before. Now it was just firm, reassuring, like a hug.
  • “MC…things will get better for you. If not? I’ll make them.” He gave a subtle squeeze of the hand, giving you the nostalgic feeling of a pinky promise.
  • “You already did.” You let your head, heavy from spinning and sobbing all day, fall on his shoulder.
  • He just looked at you for a moment, before taking a deep breath a pulling you closer, his free hand rubbing your back gently. 
  • Maybe he was wrong
  • Maybe things would get better for him too
are you drunk, mrs. lahey?

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a night out with the girls takes a surprising turn of events, and isaac’s not likely to deny his wife what she wants. (humor/smut)

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Malec Fanfic Rec! 2.0

Here I am again with a list too long for those who are Malec Trash.

Since this fandom loves drama (the unnecesary one) this list contains lots of that, with tears, angst, happy endings and everything in between in these Malec writing goodies, that hopefully can appeased those who wants drama and those who really are looking for good fanfiction to bear this hiatus.

And all the love to these amazing writers that can bring everything above and more with just a few words and make you sit still until the end of the chapter and make you want more

My stalking skills are a little rusty and there’s a few authors that I could’t find their blog. So, for whoever read this and knows the author and tag them, that would be very much appreciated.

A Kind of Magic by thegaminebruise

“I’m a warlock.”

“Are we roleplaying? Because you know I’m down, but I would really like some time to prepare and, like, flesh out my character, maybe write down some major story points. I don’t know if –”

Or, Magnus tells Alec about his magic.

A Lesson in Love by CobaltCorvus

Alec should have known he was doomed from the moment he decided to ask Magnus Bane for help.

A Tail to Tell by CobaltCorvus

Magnus dresses like a work of art, there’s always something new to see every time you look, and Alec is a tad disappointed he didn’t notice this little detail before.

Animal by lbrt_audrey

Based on the song Animals, by Maroon 5.

Magnus description of Alec, his touch, his body … everything that made him feel.

As long as there’s the two of us, we’ve got the world and all it’s charms. By Taliehere

And when the world is through with us,
we’ve got each other’s arms

At first Alec doesn’t notice, but Clary does.

Better for You by @zrdu

Magnus’ and Alec’s relationship comes to a sudden halt when Maryse interferes. They both try to cope without each other.

Blame The Tequila by @scarlett-ice

Alec took a sip of his coffee as he tapped on the message inbox and nearly spat it back out again at the sight that greeted him. He had to be dreaming, hallucinating, because that…that wasn’t Mark’s name at the top. Alec blinked a few times, even put down his coffee to pinch himself, but nothing changed. It still wasn’t Mark’s name.

It was Magnus’.

He’d sent the message to Magnus Bane. He’d sent a flirty shirtless picture to his boss.

Caffeinated Wolves by @softmagnusbane

“They’re really good” finally turning to face the barista Magnus feels his mouth go dry. The man behind the counter is gorgeous: pink lips, cheekbones slightly flushed, mesmerizing hazel eyes, surely a model on the side…maybe he could model Magnus’ clothes, or, model his suddenly inspired underwear collection. He’ll have to get right on that.

Coffee Shop Dalliance by @imawriteriwrite

Everyone who worked at and frequented J&L Coffee knew two things for sure. The first was that Simon under no circumstances should be allowed anywhere near the expensive coffee machines unless they wanted to destroy the coffee shop. The second was that the beautiful glittery man that sat in the front corner of the shop every day sketching and the dark-haired boy who sat in the back corner reading (and happened to be Isabelle the barista’s brother) were made for each other.

Also known as: the one where Magnus and Alec have been pining over each other across a crowded coffee shop for eight months and Isabelle is tired of it.

Devotion by @jezthemadficster

Magnus Bane is one of the most well respected and loved professors at Edom Hall University, but although he adores his students and fellow faculty, he likes to keep his private life …private. The mystery surrounding his life intrigues everyone at the University but the intrigue picks up to another level with the arrival of flowers one day.

Differences by @theonetruenorth

Five times that Alec is taller/bigger than Magnus and one time he isn’t.

Five People That Heard Magnus’ Ringtone for Alec and One Time Alec Heard It Himself (and Shared His Own) by darkangel86

The fact that it took as long as it did for Jace to hear Magnus’ ringtone for Alec was surprising. After all, the blonde Shadowhunter had been living in the loft for well over a month before it finally happened.

Freud is a Dick by @sanctuaryforalluniverses

He, Alec Lightwood, had just sent his boss, Magnus Bane, a dick pic. Of someone else’s dick.

Fleeing the country would not even begin to be enough of a response to this.

Glitter and Misunderstandings by Torius Armitage (VictoriaSkyeMarsters)

He had tried. When he was nearer Clary’s age, he had not held back in his efforts to be wooed, but whenever the courtship took its turn for the serious and permanent, Magnus would retreat, realizing he felt empty inside in regards to the suitor. And he would not settle for emptiness. He yearned for genuine, overwhelming, inescapable love, like the heroines and heroes of the novels he consumed. Why sentence oneself to a life absent of magic? But Magnus was learning, after years of lackluster options, that the magic he sought, in his world anyway, was nowhere to be found.

In other words, Pride and Prejudice drenched in glitter.

Hard Choices by heartsdesire456

Even before arriving at the house where Clary and Alec had gone to meet the Warlock that was supposed to be bringing back their mother, Jace could tell that something was very wrong.

Note: this fic is HEAVY. The contain of it is not for everyone. First of all, it has male pregnancy, a lot of angst, torture at some point, discussion of abortion, rape not described but it’s there, I think there’s panic attacks at some point. I feel obliged to say it because anyone can see this post and feel triggered for this. I put it in here, anyway, because this fic is worth it, because the author makes it bearable and for me, the author is cautios for some topics in the fic. For those who can’t really digest this kind of fics, don’t even click it, please, just keep scrolling and find a fic that you really like, and for those who knows the author and knows the writings, I really suggest to give it a chance because it was very well written.

Hold On, We’re Going Home by @unorthodoxpartofyourworld

At Esther’s request, Alec begins his foray into the mundane world so he can be a believable Matthew Daddario.

He sees something he can’t really unsee.

(This is a companion piece to Soul Glitch, you should probably go read that first so you generally understand what’s going on. Takes place right after Chapter 3)

Honey, i’m home by Shorty

Magnus gives him a once over as he steps out of the elevator, and for a second Alec lets himself believe that it’s flirtatious.

Of course, that’s all dashed seconds later as Magnus disappears through the door to his apartment with a loud, happy, “babe, I’m home!”

Or, in which misunderstandings are made.

Hoodie by @alec-dark-wood 

It’s soft and fluffy and the first time Magnus sees it,he has to backtrack and take a closer look.He walks towards the grey lump slowly,hardly daring to believe what it could be.

Hopefully it’s Enough by onihunter305

Magnus could tell something was wrong with Alec from the moment he touched his elbow outside of the Institute. He could feel the tremors that shook his body. He knew Alec needed someone to take care of him, and even though he was momentarily distracted by Alec’s declaration of love, he was going to make sure he took care of the man he loved.

I can do that by @softmagnusbane

Prompt: soulmate au where the first time you touch you both get a vivid mental image of the other’s biggest kink.

I Love You, Too by parabacrybaby

This takes place the morning after the morning of the battle in the winter finale of season 2A.

I’ll make you (beg for mercy) by thesorrowoflizards

Magnus wears body glitter. Alec appreciates this very, very much.

Inspired by combining three one-word prompts: softly, strawberries, and glitter

It’s nothing by @steakandvodka 

Alec is pretty sure someone, or something, is stalking him. He just isn’t sure if it’s an innocent kitten, or something a bit more malicious than that.

In this world, Alec is the one to find their pet cat and bring it home to Magnus.

Kids in the Kitchen by @perpetual-j0urney

“It’s Alec Lightwood,” He finally said, after another moment of hesitation. Then, both sets of puppy eyes were locked on Magnus once again and waiting for his answer.
More than a few customers turned to look at the outburst as both boys pulled away from Magnus and simultaneously cried, “But Papa!”


Magnus Bane liked to believe he was a good father, but there were just some requests that one could not grant their kids. For instance, a good dad wouldn’t let their child crawl into a lion’s cage to pet the furry kitty. Alternatively, a good dad also wouldn’t bring their kids to a cooking class taught by the angriest chef on the Food Network.

Kiss With A Fist by @clockworkswans

When agent Alec Lightwood is given his first kill hit, he doesn’t expect much trouble. Of course, he also doesn’t expect it to be a cheerful assassin who lands him in a whole load of trouble.
Enter Magnus Bane: an assassin turned thief who reluctantly teams up with Alec - and The Clave - after he pisses off a very important and powerful crime boss, Valentine Morgenstern.
In a world of violence and unjust laws, can the two put aside their differences and work together?
Aka: in which Alec is sent to kill Magnus, doesn’t, and then really wishes he had. (but not really).
Enemies to friends to lovers.

Never felt that type of fear before by creativitea

The risk of his heart in Magnus’s hands is worth it, compared to the risk that would lie in keeping it hidden. He trusts Magnus with it more than himself, and he needs him to know; even if it’s a bad idea. The risk of Magnus not knowing is worse than the risk of it being out in the open.

New Neighbor by Chrystie, kate882

Alec Lightwood isn’t the most social person in the world, but his new neighbor is ridiculously attractive so he makes an effort. It’s too bad Magnus seems to think that Alec is married to his best friend.

Nobody says that anymore by vomitingwords

Magnus is over 300 years old and Alec is okay with that. Sometimes more often than not

Oh darling (put your arms around me) by thesorrowoflizards

Also known as: Six times Magnus doesn’t dare initiate physical affection, two times he doesn’t even think about it

Pardon the Interruption by Obsessivecompulsivereadr

But one thing they could never seem to fix was how often they got interrupted whenever they did have time to spend together. It seemed as if no one in the entire shadow world could function without dragging Magnus and Alec into their problems.

So that’s what this vacation had been about, three weeks away, just the two of them.

Prettiest person in the world by @katychan666 

(A fanfic inspired by the prettiest person in the world post on tumblr)

Alec making Magnus speechless with his smugness for the first time :)

Pretty Thoughts by @rosegoldhell 

After being homeschooled all his life, and unintentionally sheltered, Magnus Bane has to navigate his way through American Highschool. He goes in thinking the worse possible scenarios, and quickly learns that not everything you see in movies is true. Sometimes the unexpected happens, and magnus soon realizes he has fallen for one of the most popular guys in school, and it might not be as one sided as he thinks.

Put the heat on if you’re cold by @ohlafraise

Alec pulled back the delicate tissue paper and looked in the box. Oh. Okay.

Or: Alec isn’t attracted to women, but that doesn’t mean he’s not attracted to femininity.

Save it by onihunter305

Magnus knew something wasn’t right the moment he heard the telltale sound of Isabelle Lightwood’s distinctive heels on Raphael’s slate floor. If she had hurt his dear Alexander, she was about to wish she had never returned to this apartment.

Secrets Told at 2am by AdorkaGabe

Alec can’t stand it. He has to get out. The roof isn’t far enough. He goes to Highland Park in Brooklyn and meets an interesting confidant in a glittery Warlock.

(Or what happens when Alec meets Magnus BEFORE they met at Magnus’ Loft.)

Shaky Ground, Stabilized by onihunter305

Alec had once been told that he would blow up the very ground he stood on to make things right. If that was true, why did he feel as though the ground below him was disintegrating at the same rapid pace as the relationships he once held dearly.

So He Told You About That? By @bcnedrah

Magnus’ face in 2x08 when talking with Jace about sleeping with Alec was a face of sex gone wrong.

Someone should kill the sun by MsEnny

“You know, Mags. Last night I had a kind of revelation.”


“Yes. I-… I know it’s late, but I realized, stupidly, that I never really told you how much I love you.”

Magnus didn’t talk anymore. He didn’t have to.

Stay Here Forever by @imawriteriwrite

A year before, they didn’t even know each other. Then there was this hookup app, and months where they thought they could be "just fuck buddies”. Things went downhill. Things went uphill.

Now, it’s been months since Magnus Bane (head of Bane Co.) and Alec Lightwood (kind of officially a lawyer) finally figured their shit out and started a healthy relationship. Now it’s Valentine’s Day and their relationship is put in danger as they compete to out romance each other.

Based on the cheesy line “I’ve caught feelings. I hear it’s contagious. We should both be quarantined in bed all day.” Literally nothing but self-indulgent fluff.

Addicted To You Valentines Day!

The Drunk Giraffe, Alec Lightwood by just_a_winchester

Drunk Alec tries to break into Magnus’s apartment.

The Kissing Booth by @hornedqueenofhell

Alec will 100% totally and completely blame this on Magnus

The Lightwood-Bane Saga by @achilleanragnor

Alec and Magnus come out by kissing each other on the ice, but the media takes it in a way they never expected.
3 +1 times the media got it wrong and the one time they made sure the media understood

The people that matter by @steakandvodka

“God, you two are so in love it’s disgusting,” Jace said, breaking the short silence. He and Izzy grinned as they waited for Alec to blush and stammer his way through a denial, as Alec always did when he was confronted about his feelings for the warlock.

They were stunned into silence when all Alec did was look back at where Magnus left, smile softly, and nod in agreement.

The time Magnus Bane got drunk by @katychan666

It’s Alec’s birthday and Magnus threw him a party, at which he drank… a lot, even more than he usually has. This ends up with him turning into an emotional and over-dramatic mess.

The Trouble with Words by Obsessivecompulsivereadr

There’s just something about Magnus Bane that makes people feel safe. Cared for. Loved.

And Alec would fight for that till his last dying breath, not just for himself, but for others, too. He just never knows how to tell Magnus that because, while he loves to read, he hates words.

The trouble with words is that they always fail him, and Magnus is too important to him to lose simply because he said something stupid.

The truth, for you by @serendipitiness

He’d meant it – he still means it, and he thinks he’ll mean it forever – but Alec never wants to have to say it like that again.

(or how Alec tells Magnus he loves him the second time, the way he really wants to)

Touch Me by wordsmithraven

When Alec starts to question why Magnus so rarely initiates contact, the powerful warlock and Alec’s own siblings are put on the spot. It’s a conversation a long time coming but is Magnus ready to have it? And can Alec handle the answer he receives?

Two’s company, three’s a whole lot of Alec Lightwood eye rolls by all_stories_are_truth_and_lies

This was just all so new, Magnus and he, Alec was nervous but excited to see where it would go. How in the hell was he ever suppose to ever get some alone time with Magnus with Jace-the-constant-mood-killer-Wayland as an unwanted houseguest? The story of how Alec Lightwood tries but doesn’t always succeed in moving his and Magnus’s relationship to the next step.

‘Alexander…’ Magnus whispered, his breath hot in Alec’s ear. ‘Tell me if you want me to stop.’ Stop? If Alec wasn’t so far gone he might have actually laughed at the thought. Alec gave a quick nod of understanding before pulling Magnus’s mouth back to his, pretty sure he felt the Warlock smiling against his lips.

One-shot set post episode 2.06 Malec trying to get it on with Jace cockblocking all over the shop.

Underneath by @sfjessii

“You already know everything.” Alec whispers but Magnus is alerted instantly, his eyes open, craning his neck to get a glimpse of Alec’s face.

He stays quiet, merely squeezing Alec’s hand to try and soothe him. Alec’s sigh rips right through Magnus and he wishes he could pull him into himself to protect him from any harm.

What’s It Gonna Be by @lemonoclefox

Fairchild’s bakery is a second home to not just Magnus, but also to most of his found-family. As a pastry chef, he works long hours and takes great pride in his craft – so much so that he has little time or attention for much else. Least of all romance. After plenty of experience with heartbreak and disappointment, he has come to expect the worst from anything in that department, and the arrival of the wealthy Lightwoods in the neighborhood isn’t about to change that. Especially not when their eldest son might just be the most insufferable prick Magnus has ever met, no matter what anyone else has to say about the guy.

(aka the Pride & Prejudice/bakery AU no one asked for)

💋Lake House (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Grayson and the reader are friends and they go on a trip with a lot of friends and they are forced to share a bed for a week in the hotel and like Grayson takes off his shirt to go to bed so this makes the reader really embarrassed because she likes him and then she wants him to feel the same way and she puts her pajama which is only a T-shirt and panties and it’s all hot in the room and all!

Warnings: This was supposed to be just fingering, but I got carried away but sex.

A/N: I hope I did this justice for you! I decided to make it a camping trip type thing because I want to go camping so bad right now and it’s all I can think about! Requests are OPEN. (P.S. I hate myself for writing this cause now my emotions are all over the place)

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Waiting For You

Author: @dylan-ohbrien
Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Reader
Wordcount: 3,565
Warnings: Language and allllll the smut
A/N: So after watching the American Assassin trailer, I, like many others, was shook to the core with all the shirtlessness, sexiness, perfectness, that Dylan brought to my little computer screen. All of that inspired me to do this little oneshot thing. I haven’t read the books so I don’t really know anything about his character, this was just my interpretation based kind of off what I’d seen in the trailer. Anywho, I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!

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Shape Of You

Originally posted by ackmichele

Word Count: 1641

A/M: Of course inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, I feel like a story based off it was a long time coming for me. Mentions of some sexy time but not exactly R rated. I also just spent a good 10 minutes staring at different gifs of Harry, what a hard job that was😉 Hope you like it! Tell me if you do Xx


You came to the bar with a couple of friends, celebrating a friend’s birthday. The plan was to take back a few drinks, go back to your friend’s place, and just have fun for the night. With everyone having busy lives, it was time to let loose. 

However, this bar wasn’t exactly your scene, but for your friend’s sake you tried to get comfortable, and with the liquid courage flowing through your system you were able to do so. 

You took to the little dance floor of the place and danced with your friends, and sang along loudly to the music. Other people at the bar had joined in, dancing with their friends, or dancing with yours. You eventually noticed that the whole place was up and dancing, except for one guy who was sat on a stool at the bar alone. 

With the shots from earlier still in your system, you felt yourself walk over, taking the empty stool next to him. 

At your presence the guy looked up for the first time away from his glass. He was young, and looked puzzled to see you there. However you just smiled, he was cute. 

“What are you doing here all alone?” You asked. 

“I’m sorry. Do I know you?" 

"Probably not. I’m [Y/N].” You smiled, and you felt relieved to see him smile back. 

“I’m Harry." 

"Well tell me Harry. Why are you sitting here all alone?" 

He looked you up and down and began to chuckle at your question. But ​in your very tipsy state you didn’t think too much of it. 

You waved at the bartender and she gave an acknowledging nod, "A shot for me and my friend Harry here.” You asked.

“Oh you don’t have to do that." 

"Nonsense, it’s one on me. Like not physically on me. Not those kinds, but it’s on my tab. It’s time for you, Mr. Grumpy, to get out on the dance floor and dance." 

He continued to chuckle and you felt relieved to hear it. 

The bartender poured out two vodka shots  and slid them to you both, and walked away to tend to someone else.

"Come on Harry. Either you can come have fun on the dance floor, or you can sit and sulk by yourself for the rest of the night. Your choice, I won’t force you.” You assured, holding your glass awaiting hopefully for him to clink the two together. 

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Archie Andrew - Help me paint?

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 1088

Y/N is going through a rough time with her family and gets to a breaking point. But fortunately Archie’s there to pull her back in and cheer her up. Basically lots of fluff.

A/N:  I know Riverdale only has two episodes at this point but I am already completely obsessed so I though why not write a one shot about it because let ‘s be honest the whole cast is freaking smoking. This is only loosely inspired by the series I doesn’t really follow the real plot. Hope you like it and make sure to let me know if you’d like more of this sort of imagines.

Originally posted by missprongs

Rough, rough is the only word that came to mind when you thought about your life right now. You always told yourself that you could, no, more like you had to handle everything but sometimes even your nerves broke. And unfortunately this was one of those times. Archie had been your rock throughout this whole mess. He was always there to cheer you up, everyday he’d stop by just to ask if you were okay, it was becoming kind of a ritual. But today, today you were really pissed, hell you were fuming. To say there was tension in your household would be an understatement. Everybody walking on their tip toes too scared to say or do the wrong thing that would set off another argument. You had had just about enough of this nonsense, and being the hot headed person you were, you got into an argument with pretty much everyone today. You parents had just gone out to dinner, which by the way was a freaking miracle that they even talked to each other after their constant disputes and your sister/brother had just stormed off after the heated discussion you had indulged her/him in.

Reader’s P.O.V.

I was pacing in my living room trying to get all my rage out when I heard the knock at the door. I opened the door forcefully “What the hell do you want?!” I snapped at the person standing at my doorstep without even looking, figuring it would have been my annoying sibling. When I finally lifted my gaze guilt flushed over me as I realised there was a confused and sorry looking Archie staring back at me with flowers in his hands. “I… I just wanted to check if you were okay… I’m sorry did I do anything-” but I didn’t let him finish as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a much needed kiss. “I’m so sorry babe, I didn’t know it was you. God I’m SO happy you’re here.” You quickly explained leading him inside. He stared looking around the house with a questioning tone “They all left don’t worry.” I answered before he could even ask. I went to sit on the kitchen counter while I watched Archie put the flowers in a vase “I thought these would cheer you up a little, he smiled making me melt, and they’re your favourites, right?” “Aw, hun that so sweet! What would I do without you?” I laughed “You’d be a total train wreck” he smirked walking towards me. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and looked at him daringly “See now that’s mean” I pouted. He just gave me a cheeky grin leaning in to kiss me passionately. “So what d’you wanna do tonight?” I asked my forehead still resting on his. “Don’t really know, would you like to watch something?” he kissed my forehead since he was about to break out of the hug but I held him back “Eh… not really I mean we’re already seen everything.” He nodded “Well maybe if you’d let me go I could find something for us to do?” he smiled “But I don’t want to. Could we just stay like this?” I asked seriously starting to consider it. “Unfortunately no” he laughed.

Originally posted by cutie---kisses

Archie’s P.O.V.

I practically saw the lightbulb turn on over her head “Oh I know we should finally paint my room, I mean everything is ready but I have just been putting it off for the past week. But since you’re here now…” she grinned. Gosh she was adorable. “Yeah sure that could be fun.” I simply replied taking her hand to go upstairs “I should warn you though, there is a strict policy of only shirtless men allowed to paint in my bedroom.” she smirked “Is that so? And what about you then huh? How’s that fair?” I laughed and shook my head “My bedroom, my rules Andrews.” her smile grew even wider and I couldn’t help but stare at her beauty. “I’ll quickly change and we can get started” she yelled already half way in her closet.

Originally posted by songsoftheheartless

Readers P.O.V.

I opted for my old cute denim overall and my Calvin Klein sports bra just to tease him a little. As I walked out of the closet he was mixing the paint. He was already shirtless and even though I had already had the chance to admire his abs, my breath was taken away every time I saw him without his shirt. He turned to me to say something but his jaw dropped seeing me. “Please don’t drool on my carpet” I joked. He quickly brushed it off and stood up to put his hands on my waist. “You can pull off anything can’t you” he smiled “yeah basically” I laughed throwing my hair into a quick ponytail. He tried to kiss me but I dodged him “Ah Ah Ah you got to earn it this time.” I pointed at the empty walls. He pouted a little but quickly got back to his energetic self “Let’s get to work then.” We were about halfway done when suddenly he came up to me from behind and wiped his paint full finger on my neck and cheeks “Oh it’s on!” I yelled chasing him with the brush. I managed to paint several strokes on him before he dipped his fingers in the paint and started chasing me around the room.

Originally posted by youtubersandothers

Archie’s P.O.V.

“Oh God look at the mess we’ve made!” she said almost horrified by the realisation. “Don’t worry we’ll clean it up and look at the bright side at least your walls are finally done.” I sat down on the floor admiring the work we had just accomplished. “Yeah I guess so, and it was pretty fun wasn’t it?” she let out a small laugh as she laid down in my lap. “Yeah totally, I hadn’t laughed this much in so long!” I looked down at her and for a moment we just looked at each other in the most comforting silence. She was the first one to break it “Hey Archie?” she looked deep into my eyes. “Wassup?” I asked stroking her hair. It took her a minute to respond “Thank you… I mean thank you for everything. For being there when I need you and basically just for being you.” She opened up to me. “Anytime. You know I love you right?” this brought the biggest smile on her lips “Yeah I do and I love you too”.


Derek Hale was a complicated person. He felt detached from the world for a long time, his wolf was desolate and lonely because he had no pack or family to live his life with. Then he met Scott and his awkward friend Stiles who in turn brought more people into a very unlikely pack. Then his eyes met yours, Liam’s older sister who was studying to be a medical nurse, and his world changed. The wolf perked up and turned its attention to you.

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sparkleywonderful  asked:

Everyone always see Nesta and Cassian fight and banter, but they never see those sweet moments. You know those moments of holding one another after a rough day, the laughter of a tickling match, the excitement of a shared book, really anything full of sweet fluff.

Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx

His skin was soft for a warrior’s.

We lied in my bed, the sun had long ago set outside the windows of the townhouse. My fingers were tracing the tattoos along his arms, his chest, as his lightly brushed the small of my back.

My eyes found his half closed, but watching me, intently. “You’re thinking.”

I scoffed. “I’m always thinking.”

A breathy laugh escaped his lips. “You’re thinking of something specific.”

I sighed. “When did you get so good at reading me?”

A shrug. “Not long after I met you, sweetheart.”

I tried not to smile, but I failed. 

It was true, too, how he was the only person who completely understood me. He knew my every emotion by my body language, when I had spent so many years building up the walls around me.

He poked my side, making me squirm, as if to say, So?

I bit my lip. “I was just thinking what our lives would be like….if we weren’t….us.”

“What do you mean?”

Realizing he took offence to what I had said, I shook my head, quickly. “No, no- I meant….if you weren’t Commander and I weren’t….well, whatever I am, what would our life, together, look like? Who would we be?”

One of his eyebrows raised, and I hated that look, because my body reacted wildly to it. “If we were human, you mean.”

I shrugged. “Yes, I suppose so.”

“Well,” he pulled his leg up so that it escaped the blankets and gave me a teasing view of his thigh, “I’m assuming you have an answer, so I’ll let you continue.”

I resumed tracing his ink, just so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact. “We would live on the countryside, just outside of town. Close enough that the others could visit, but far enough away where we could often be alone with the children.”

I felt his chest shake with silent laughter. “You imagine us with children?”

My cheeks burned, but I didn’t let him see. “Of course, don’t you?”

“Of course,” he agreed, softly, confidently. “We could start now, if you wanted.”

I glanced at his thigh, and the burn increased. “Hush.”

I could sense his smile as he pulled me closer. “Keep going.”

“Our home would be big, but not so big that it feels empty….and white, with a white picket-fence. Elain would help us plant a garden, and we’d teach the kids how to care for it. We’d have horses, and cows, maybe some goats. I wouldn’t care for them, of course, but you could.”

“Could you picture me caring for livestock?”

I laughed. “Yes, but only shirtless.”

“Of course,” he agreed. “I never do dirty work fully clothed.”

He nipped at my earlobe, forcing a giddy giggle to escape me. Not so long ago, I wasn’t aware I could make such a joyous noise. 

His lips found mine, slowly, tenderly. The look in his brown eyes made me want to run my hands down his body, my lips not far behind.

“If that is the life you want, my Nesta, I will give it to you.”

“But, what about what you want?” I shook my head, constantly overwhelmed by the things he said to me. “Surely, there must be something you’d like to add.”

He shook his head, his adoration being laid bare. “I want you to be happy. I want you to be free from your past life, where you were afraid to live, and laugh, and love. If I can give you that, I have everything I want.”

I kissed him, then, and we made love for the second time that night. I did want that life, that simplistic, rustic life with him by my side for the rest of eternity. I wanted his children, with brown, curly hair and dangerous, beautiful wings. I wanted to watch him teach them how to fight, how to love. I wanted him to teach me those things, too.

“I will give you that life,” he promised, the last thing I heard before I fell asleep. “If it is the last thing I do in this lifetime, I will give you that life.”

Is anyone else picturing Cassian pulling a Noah from the Notebook and building his woman’s dream house? Because, I am (shirtless, of course). I hope you enjoyed. I wanted to make it short, and sweet, and full of Nessian love. Thank you for your prompt submission! There’s nothing I love more than a precious prompt.

- Tara

Like I Would //Barry x Reader

Request: Can you do a Barry Allen X Reader one where they Barry gets really jealous of the readers close relationship with Oliver because of there history of sleeping with each other. This leading to Barry getting fed up with it and admitting his feelings to the reader. I know it’s very basic but yeah. Thank you!!!

Warnings: feels and cute lol Barry and smut.

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ogling [peter quill]

you’re a team. you change in front of each other. it’s whatever.

tagging: @redgillan, @mattymattymerduck, @avengerofyourheart, @wakandasoldier, @darlingbuchanan, @bemystucky, @idorkish, @iwillbeinmynest, @aubzylynn, @angryschnauzer, @almondbuttercup, @ipaintmelodies

warnings: nudity?

additional notes: i love peter quill and there are so few fics for him so watching gotg vol. 2 again inspired me to crank this out. gender-neutral reader here. enjoy!

Originally posted by multifandomimagines-17

Over time, you had grown used to how comfortable everyone on the Milano had grown with each other. In fact, you even grew more comfortable, too. Not enough to, say, waltz out of the showers without a single stitch of clothing on your body like certain individuals (Drax), but enough to get dressed and undressed before and after missions in front of the rest of the team.

It had been strange at first when you first joined the team. Before the team came together, you had lived with just Rocket and Groot for so long that you weren’t used to seeing half-naked humanoid bodies. It was kind of funny; Drax would have full conversations with the rest of the team while he stood there in all his nude glory while Rocket, clad in entire layers of dark fur, would hiss at you if you ever accidentally looked at him for too long before he had his vest on.

To each their own.

By now, you were somewhere in the middle. You didn’t mind changing in front of the others, but you usually kept your back turned—unless someone was giving out instructions—and you had finally stopped rushing through the motions, taking your time to strap on your vest, lace up your boots, and button up your shirt without worrying that everyone was staring at you. Still, you always changed your underwear in private. You didn’t want Rocket reminding you about that time you’d lost a bet and let him write “ROCKET RULEZ” on your behind in permanent marker. That had taken weeks to wash off.

However, it wasn’t Gamora, Drax, Rocket, or Groot who had made you nervous about group changing sessions in the first place. It was Peter. He was the only other Terran you’d seen in decades, so naturally the two of you had grown close, bonding over as much shared Earth experience as you could, since Peter hadn’t lived on Terra for very long. You’d even grown protective of the punk, ever since he pulled that stunt on Xandar, holding a goddamn infinity stone in his goddamn hand. Peter’s body was the first fully human body that you had laid eyes on in years, and vice versa. You would be lying if you said you hadn’t let your gaze linger on him for a little longer than usual whenever you caught him changing shirts. He was a handsome guy, with a form to match, and you’d secretly prayed that his constant jokes would start to annoy you but instead, you’d found yourself falling deeper and deeper in…well, whatever it was you felt for him. Eventually you started to worry that he would want to pursue something with you—which was silly, since that was exactly what you wanted—but you worried because he might be looking for the epitome of Terran perfection, and you were far from it.

Today’s mission was a simple one: get in, take back some energy source that had been stolen from some lofty-voiced monarch who couldn’t bear to send their own soft citizens, fight some bad guys, and get out. You’d already forgotten the empress’s name. You were scheduled to arrive in twenty minutes, so all of you were currently changing, except for Groot, who sat on the table, kicking his legs back and forth, listening to Rocket as he went through the rules: No running off, no yelling, no fighting people who look at you funny…

You grinned as you shucked off your T-shirt, leaving your torso bare. You grabbed your undershirt and slipped it on over your head, and that’s when you heard murmuring behind you. You pretended not to be eavesdropping but couldn’t help yourself.

“Quill, you are staring again.” Drax’s voice. He never did learn how to whisper. You bent over to step into your pants.

“I am not—okay, fine, maybe I am. Can you just leave it—”

“You should not be ashamed, Quill. I can see how Y/N’s form would appeal to you, especially given your common Terran background.”

“It’s not our ‘common Terran background,’ genius. It’s—”

You turned around at that, arching an eyebrow at Peter. “Something wrong, Quill?” you asked him, holding his eyes while you pulled your pants up.

Peter’s face went red. He was still shirtless, sitting there in just his pants and boots. “No, nothing, Drax was just—”

“I was reassuring Quill that he should be proud of his interest in you. It’s natural for him to be drawn to you. You are the only other Terran on this ship. I may not find your body attractive but he certainly does.”

You smiled weakly. “Thanks, Drax.” You turned back around. You could hear Rocket snickering behind you, and Gamora rebuking both Drax and Peter in a harsh whisper. You tried to focus on buckling up your holsters instead of the revelation that Peter had been staring at you, and that this hadn’t been the first time.

The mission went well. Kind of. Rocket had suffered a blow to the head, and you’d been scratched by some beast cybernetically engineered to guard the planet’s treasury with its life, but the rest of the team had been relatively unscathed. Now you were sitting at the table in your underclothes rehydrating while Gamora knelt in front of you and cleaned the wound on your thigh.

“Thanks,” you told her, taking a swig of water.

Gamora peered up at you briefly before returning to her work. “Thank goodness our faithful leader stepped in to help,” she mocked as she bandaged you.

You grinned. “Thank goodness indeed. I can handle myself though.”

“Oh, he knows that. But he still wants to protect you.” She tied off the bandage with a knot, standing up and regarding you with just the hint of a knowing smirk on her face. “It’s natural to protect the ones you care about. Common Terran background and all.”

“Oh, please,” you huffed, but you knew she could see right through you. Gamora walked away, and you leaned back against the table, mulling her words over.


Dammit. “Hey,” you told Peter, flashing him a grateful smile. He was shirtless again. Very, very shirtless. You cleared your throat. “Thanks for helping me out back there.”

Peter shrugged. “No problem. What was that thing anyway? A dog? I was getting some dog vibes.” He sat down next to you.

God, he was sitting so close. You carefully focused on just his eyes and not his pecs, or his shoulders, or his stomach, or his hips. “I guess, but I’ve never met a dog that didn’t like me.”

He nodded, wringing his hands and looking down at them, evidently lost in thought. You finally gave in to your urges and let yourself appreciate the way he looked, how wide his shoulders were, how the muscles in his thick waist rippled when he moved, how his arms were corded with muscle and his hands were huge—

“You’re staring.”

“What?” You whipped your eyes back to his, cursing inwardly when you saw him smirking at you. “No, it’s nothing,” you insisted, but it was too late. His smile grew and grew until it lit up his entire face. He was on his feet, pointing at you hysterically.

“You were staring at me!” he crowed triumphantly. “Like I stared at you! Ha!”

“No, that’s not—”

“You like me! You do! It’s all over your face!”


He knelt down in front of you, his hands grasping your knees, and you gulped, watching him with wide eyes. “I like you too,” he said evenly, and as much as you couldn’t believe it, you could see in his eyes that it was true.

“That’s…” You couldn’t look away from him. “That’s cool.”

Peter licked his lips, standing on his knees so he was closer to your eye level. He was gripping your legs for support, avoiding your bandaged thigh. “You know what would be even cooler?”


“If you kissed me.”

So you did.

The Plan : Josh Pieters Smut


“Why the fuck are there only 3 rooms?” You groaned as everyone realised the size of the villa you were about to be staying in for 3 weeks.

“Oh yeah I totally forgot about that.” Jack laughed.

You stood by your belongings that you had placed on the floor of the living room earlier. You had looked around the whole villa and it’s honestly beautiful. It is one of the nicest places you had ever stayed in. Jack did a good job with booking somewhere to stay during your time in South Africa.

“Well what are we going to do?” You asked, even though everyone else seemed pretty chill about the situation.

“Me and Jack already decided that we were going to share a room.” Charley – one of your best friends – told you.

“And dibs sharing a room with Ella!” Conor piped up.

It was quite obvious that this was going to happen anyway. As both of your best friends were both – sort of – together with Jack and Conor, it was easy to guess that they would all be pretty close on this trip. The only thing was that now you were left to share a room with Josh. You didn’t mind Josh really, you actually both got on pretty well, but you sharing a room for 3 weeks could be a bit awkward.

“We’re having the downstairs room!” Ella quickly announced. The downstairs room was huge, no wonder she got there first. All the rooms were lovely though, so you couldn’t complain.

“It looks like we’re roomies for this trip then.” Josh laughed, putting his arm around your shoulders.

“Sucks for you, doesn’t it.” You laughed, picking up your bags.

“How?” Josh furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

“We’ll have to share a bed, which means no bringing girls back.” You grinned at him as his face dropped.

You were actually very thankful for this as you had actually liked Josh for a while, but obviously nothing had happened. You have been friends with him for about a year now, and you were actually quite close. You found Josh very attractive and you really liked him, so it wasn’t a surprise when you realised how jealous you got when you saw Josh with other girls.

The only people that know about your attraction to Josh are Charley and Ella as they were your best friends and you told them everything. Even though they always encourage you to make a move on Josh, you never ever did purely because of fear of rejection. Plus, judging by the amount of girls he sleeps with, you don’t feel like Josh is ready for a relationship anytime soon.

“We’re having the room with the balcony.” Jack told you and Josh as him and Charley went up the stairs with their suitcases.

You and Josh followed behind them with your own belongings. You were now left with the smallest room, but it was still really nice. You had a huge glass door to look out over the water, a double bed with cute light blue bedding and a white dresser in the corner of the room.

“I’m having this side of the bed!” You instantly said when you and Josh entered the room, pointing to the side that was furthest away from the door.

“Why?” Josh asked, plopping his bags down.

“Because then if a murderer comes in in the night, they’ll get you first.” You told him.

“Oh, thanks Y/N.” He laughed at you.

“You know what I mean – you can kill them so they don’t get to me! Simple.” You smiled at him.

“I can kill them? Have you seen me? I wouldn’t last 2 seconds.” He laughed, running a hand through his hair.

As he did this, his white t shirt lifted up a bit so the bottom of his stomach was exposed. This suddenly made you think of all the times you’re going to see Josh shirtless this holiday.

“You’re quite strong, babe, I reckon you could get them.” You giggled, putting your suitcase on the bed and unzipping it.

“I’d get them, for you.” He winked, sending waves of excitement all over your body.

“Josh, can we go in the pool?” You asked him.

“We just got here?”

“Exactly, lets get straight into it!” You clapped excitedly.

“I don’t know….” Josh crossed his arms.

“Seriously? Come on Josh, you’re gonna be stuck with me for most of this holiday considering all of our friends are getting off with each other. So come on, be fun!” You pleaded.

“Fine!” He gave in, going into one of his bags to look for some swimming shorts.

When you got into your bikini, you wrapped a towel around your body as you stepped back into your bedroom. Josh wasn’t in there anymore so you guessed he had already made his way down to the pool. Checking yourself one last time in the mirror, you headed down to the pool.

Stepping outside, you could see Josh already in the pool.

“Hurry up!” Josh shouted at you with a grin on his face.

“I’m coming, calm down.” You laughed.

You walked over to the edge of the pool and dropped your towel, revealing your black bikini. Josh’s mouth instantly fell open as his eyes looked you up and down, stopping on your breasts.

“Eyes are up here.” You laughed, pointing to your face.

“Wasn’t even doing anything.” Josh said after he cleared his throat. You sat down on the side of the pool and dipped your legs in.

“Yes you were. I saw you checking me out.” You teased as you got into the pool, swimming over to Josh.

“I was not!” Josh defended himself even though he was clearly lying.

“Whatever, Pieters, I know you want me.” The words spilled out of your mouth before you could even stop them.

“Really?” Josh raised his eyebrows at you as he nervously laughed. “Well you’re wrong.”

Despite the pang of hurt that you felt from Josh’s words, you decided to play it cool. Josh was in a playful mood and so you really hoped that he was joking.

“You’re lying.”

“Am not.”

“Well… we’ll see.” You smiled.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Josh asked with a curious smile.

“You’ll see.”

And that was where it started. Throughout this holiday, you had been teasing your friend Josh the whole time. It started with simple things like purposely dropping your things in front of the sun lounger he was on so you had to bend down in front of him. Or letting out small moans as he massaged sun cream into your skin. As the time went on, the teasing got worse for Josh. You decided to keep going further and further until he gave him.

It was around midnight and you had just finished up your shower when you realised you had left your clothes in the bedroom. Right as you were about to shout to Josh to pass them in, another idea sparked into your mind.

Wrapping the small towel around your wet body, you opened the door of your en suite and walked into the bedroom. You instantly noticed Josh laying on the bed, scrolling on his phone. You were about to pick up the pyjamas that were on the dresser that you had gotten out earlier but then you spotted the shirt that Josh wore today.

“Is it cool if I wear this to bed?” You asked Josh, picking up the plain white t shirt from the floor. “I’m just really warm, it’s too hot to wear pyjamas.”

Josh looked up at you with wide eyes, not quite believing what you were asking. Even though you and Josh were close, and you’ve gotten even closer through this week that has passed, this is not something that you would typically do.

“Oh… i- Sure.” Josh stuttered out.

“Thanks.” You smiled at him as he still looked gobsmacked.

With a deep breath, you turned around so you were no longer facing him and let the towel drop to the floor, exposing your naked body. Instantly, you heard Josh inhale a sharp breath at your unexpected actions.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Josh asked you as you walked over to your drawer to retrieve some underwear.

“Nothing, why?” You grinned, slipping on a pair of black lace underwear.
“I know what you’re trying to do.” He stated.

You slipped on Josh’s t shirt and turned around so he could see you. He was giving you an evil look which made you want to laugh, so you had to bite down onto your bottom lip to hold back a giggle.

“What am I trying to do?” You asked casually as you climbed into the bed next to him.

Josh sighed before getting out of bed and wandering into the bathroom. You couldn’t help the huge grin that was plastered on your face. You knew your plan was working – Josh really was getting frustrated, you could tell. A few minutes later, Josh came out in just boxers and switched the bedroom light off before climbing into bed with you.

Suddenly, you felt Josh’s body move closer to you as he pulled you into a spooning position. Your back and bum was pressed against Josh’s stomach and groin. You wiggled, trying to get comfy and also to tease Josh. You and Josh don’t normally spoon so this was new territory, but you can’t deny that you weren’t enjoying it. Josh’s hands snaked around your waist to stop you from moving, yet they stayed there for as long as you could remember.

“If you really want me to fuck you, Y/N, just ask.” Josh whispered just as you were drifting off to sleep.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, babe.” You replied before falling asleep in his arms.

A few nights later, Conor had arranged a small house party at the villa. It was starting to get dark outside and everyone was a bit tipsy. You were sat on a big chair outside with Charley and Ella – the chair could fit all three of you on there.

“So, how’s it going with you and Josh?” Ella asked, taking a sip of her drink.

“Good. We’re getting there – very slowly, but we’re getting there.” You replied with a laugh.

“So do you just want to fuck him or do you actually like him?” Charley asked you.

“I mean… I do like him, a lot, and I really do want to sleep with him. But, I don’t think Josh even likes me like I like him. If he did, I wouldn’t have to do all of this. I guess I’m going to accept whatever I get from him.” You shrugged with a sigh.

“You’re an idiot.” Ella laughed.

“What?” You furrowed your eyebrows at her, at first you heard her wrong because of the loud music.

“Josh likes you.” She told you.

“He does not, please don’t wind me up.” You sighed again, looking away from her. But you really wish you didn’t. Through all of the people, you could see Josh over the other side of the pool talking to a petite blonde.

“That’s fucking great!”

You weren’t really sure how many drinks you had had, but you could feel the alcohol taking over your body. The anger inside of you was making your blood boil with jealousy. The girl was laughing at something Josh said – bet she doesn’t know that you and Josh have been sharing a bed this whole trip!

“Y/N?” Charley touched your shoulder, finally getting your attention. “Go get him.”

Her words of encouragement really got to you as you felt your legs take you over to where they were. It was obvious they were flirting, and the closer you got to them the angrier you felt.

“Hey Y/N-“ Josh started but you cut him off.

“Hey, babe, I was just wondering what time you were coming to bed?”

Josh sent you a confused look and you didn’t even make eye contact with the girl. You didn’t know whether or not she was pretty up close but you also did not want to know.

“Well i-“ Josh tried again.

“Even if you’re coming up a little later, I hope you’ve got a shirt lying around for me to sleep in.” You said to him, a grin creeping onto your face.

“Y/N, what are you…”

“I will catch up with you later, Josh.” The girl said before patting him on the shoulder and walking off.

“What the fuck was that?” Josh asked, getting angry at you.

“What?” You asked with a grin, turning around and making your way inside of the villa. However, Josh followed you.

“You just fucking cock blocked me! Why? Why would you do that? For fuck sake, you know I haven’t had any sex this holiday!” Josh was getting angrier by the second, making some people look as you both made your way through the bunches of people.

“I just asked you something Josh, calm down, it’s not my fault she wasn’t interested.” You sniggered as you climbed the stairs.

“You know what you fucking did!”

“Calm down, babe.” You told him as you both entered the bedroom, you turned the light on.

“No, I won’t calm down! You are so fucking difficult! This whole trip you have been teasing me like fuck and then when I finally find someone who can potentially relieve me you mess it up. Y/N, why? I thought we were friends?” Josh’s voice was raised now and it was kind of turning you on by how frustrated and angry he was at you. He had you pressed up against the wall, cheeks flushed from anger.

“I have not been teasing you! Why would I? You clearly said at the start of this trip that you don’t want me!” You replied, getting nearer to Josh.

“Oh my god, is that what this is about? You were just trying to make me admit that I want you?” Josh lowered the volume now, working you out.

When you bit onto your lip and stayed silent, it confirmed it for Josh.

“Well Y/N, I do OK?” He told you, walking away from you.

“Do what?” You asked, following him across the room.

“I do want you!” This made you stop dead in your tracks. “I really want to fuck the shit out of you! You think it’s been easy for me seeing you in bikinis and wearing my t shirts? Sleeping in the same bed as you every night? Fucking hell, Y/N, I need you so fucking bad and I don’t care if you’re one of my best friends.”

The room suddenly went silent as you stared at Josh in shock.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” You tested him.

Within seconds, Josh had you pinned up against the wall again as his lips were against yours. He cupped your face with his hands as he kissed you desperately. The kiss was rushed and needed, you had both waited for this for so long and as much as you wanted to savour the moment, all you wanted right now was for Josh to be inside of you.

Your grabbed onto the hem of Josh’s t shirt, pulling it up his body. Josh got the message and pulled it up over his head, throwing it to the floor before he kissed you again.

Pulling you away from the wall, Josh quickly unzipped the back of your dress and it fell to the floor.

“I need you so fucking bad.” You mumbled against his lips as your hands went to his belt.

Josh moaned into your mouth when your hand accidentally brushed against the bulge in his jeans. You pulled his jeans down his legs but he quickly slid them off, leaving him in just his boxers and you in just a bra and underwear.

“I can’t believe this happening.” Josh muttered as he broke the kiss.

You grabbed his hand and smirked at him, pulling him with you as you walked over to the bed. You let go of his hand as your hands went behind you, unclipping your bra and dropping it to the floor before climbing onto the bed and laying down. Josh stood there, staring at you with a smirk playing on his lips.

“Get a condom then.” You laughed, using your hands to cover yourself up a little.

Josh quickly walked over to his bag, rummaging for a moment until he pulled out a condom. He was taking too long for you. Your hand trailed down to your centre, slipping your underwear to the side and collecting all your juices with your fingers before rubbing your clit. A moan left your lips, causing Josh to turn his head.

“Joooosh…” You moaned out, keeping eye contact with him as you touched yourself.

“Fucking hell, Y/N.” Josh beamed, pulling his boxers off and swiftly slipping the condom on.

He climbed onto the bed on his knees, grasping your wrist to stop you from touching yourself before grabbing the sides of your underwear and heaving them down your legs. He was being a bit rough but it only turned you on more.

“Shit…” Josh licked his lips as he parted your legs, revealing yourself fully to him. “Look how wet you are.”

Josh’s fingers trailed up and down your core, saturating his fingers.
“Ready?” He asked and you nodded.

He leaned forward so he was now hovering over you, your faces only millimetres apart. You draped your arms around his neck and pulled his body closer to yours. With a quick kiss pressed to your lips, Josh rocked into you. The feeling was foreign and it took you a few thrusts to get used it before the pleasure began to kick in.

Josh’s size felt seamless for you as he filled you up and hit you in the right place, making you whimper his name out loud. With every thrust there was a small groan from Josh. He buried his face into your bare neck and you wrapped your legs around his waist which just added to the pleasure.

“Feels so fucking good.” Josh moaned, picking up the pace a little bit.

You reached down to pinch Josh’s bare bum and he tittered into your neck. When he started to go faster into you, the feeling was getting more and more penetrating and you didn’t know how to handle it. Your hands went to Josh’s back, holding onto the flesh with your nails, creating red marks as you dragged them across his skin.

Josh shuffled a bit, moving back so he was now sitting up on his knees. He grabbed your legs and parted them before slamming back into you, causing you to moan loudly. Looking up at him, you noticed the tips of his fringe were starting to become damp from the layer of sweat that was forming on his skin.

“You’re so hot.” You mumbled out loud as you watched Josh rock in and out of you.

“Uh, babe.” Josh simply moaned.

He reached forward, fingers going to your clit to add to the pleasure he was already giving you. It made everything feel so much more intense and your stomach began to knot. The feeling of Josh toying with your sensitive bundle of nerves mixed with him thrusting in and out of you at a fast pace was getting too much for you and you could feel yourself edging closer to your high.

“I’m gonna cum, Josh!” You screamed out as Josh continued to satisfy you.

Your fingers gripped onto the light blue duvet that was beneath you and you screwed your eyes shut in utter desire. Your breath was gone and your heart beat was going crazy, all because of Josh.

“Oh, Josh.” You moaned out.

Josh now used both hands to grip onto your waist, pounding in and out of you as he was getting closer to his own high. When you clenched your walls, it set him off. His grip on your waist became harsh and he moaned your name throughout the room.

“Y/N, fuckkkk!” He groaned as he released into the condom.

“Oh my fucking god.” You breathed out.

Josh pulled out of you, swiftly disposing of the condom and clearing everything up on the bed and you.

“Hey, Josh?” You spoke as he pulled you closer to him.

“Mmh?” He mumbled.

“My plan worked.”

Showing You (Jesse McCree)

Originally posted by inccption

Pairing: Jesse McCree/Chubby!Fem!Reader
Words: 1330+
Warning(s): self-consciousness,nsfw
A/N: hey guys! still slowly getting back into this blog. though i have to put off writing as a whole thanks to my birthday, finals, and graduation quickly approaching me. i can’t write smut for the life of me so take what you can get here lol.
Request:  McCree with a chubby/large chested reader who tries to deny her feelings for him, and he shamelessly flirts with her every single time he sees her. And he finds out that she’s been holding back because she’s self conscious about her body and thinks that McCree flirts with everyone like that, and couldn’t possibly seriously like her? SFW or NSFW whatever you wanna do!

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calfreezy imagine: lovebite (SMUT)

REQUESTED:  ‘Can you write me a Cal imagine? (Freezy) where you have sex with Cal and he gives you a lovebite? And the boys notices and finds out you’re together?’

It had been a couple of hours since we had got back from the club. The flat was dark, London’s night lights shining in through the balcony, and I made it to be at least four in the morning. Everybody else was asleep.

The only reason I was here in the Halo Tower was because I had been too drunk to get home safely, but now I was beginning to sober. That was a common theme throughout my night outs; I was always the drunkest, but it didn’t last as long, and as soon as it hit bedtime I was usually over it. On this occasion I was still tipsy but it was manageable. I could make decisions for myself.

There was one particular decision I wanted to make in this moment, and that, required Mr Calfreezy himself. I wanted him. I didn’t know if it was the alcohol, or the way he looked in a button up, but I wanted him.

In a move most probably made by the alcohol in my veins I made my way to his bedroom, knocking my small fist on his door. To my surprise I was greeted with a ‘come in’.

“Cal? Are you awake?”

In the dark settings I could still make out his features. I noticed him sitting up against the headboard of his king size bed. 

“Yeah, are you alright?”

His voice was only slightly slurred, a significant difference from what it sounded like earlier on tonight. I edged closer towards his bed. My hand lingered on his wall.

“Yeah,” I answered. “Can I turn the light on?”

“Sure,” he responded and I turned the switch. The light unveiled Cal, sitting up under his duvet, shirtless but his lower body hidden. The air was sucked out of my chest. His stomach was toned, abs forming. Wow. 

He moved over in his bed, patting the empty space beside him and pulling back his duvet. I sat down gingerly.

“What’s going on?”

“I can’t sleep. I’m not drunk anymore.”

“Yes you are,” he smirked, laughing slightly. “You just can’t tell. But I agree, you’re not as bad as you were earlier.”

I pouted. “Don’t laugh at me.”

“Hey, I’m sorry,” his cold hand touched my shoulder, leaving goosebumps on my arm. “I’m not laughing at you.”

“You better not be.”

I watched as his eyes widened, before narrowing. “Or what?” He asked, his voice laced with curiosity. Fuck it.

“Or this.”

I almost lunged forward, grabbing Cal’s face and pressing my lips eagerly onto his. Seemingly shocked, but in no way arguing he reciprocated the action, placing both hands on my hips underneath the tshirt dress I was wearing as a night gown. I climbed on top of him. As I straddled him I groaned; both the feeling of his hands tracing over the lace of my underwear and the thin material of his boxers separating our areas, I did not know which feeling was more intense. The noise radiating from my throat into his caused him to groan too, a sound that made my skin heat. I began grinding against him.

The contact of our mouths was broken momentarily as Cal ripped the tshirt dress off of me. He tossed it to the floor, flipping me to be underneath him now. Another moan left my mouth as he moved his lips to my neck. He sucked the skin, grazing it with his teeth in several areas, and I wrapped my arms around the bare skin of his back letting my nails sink in.

“Are you on the pill?” He asked, and I nodded. He then began to kiss down my body, sucking on the skin from my collarbones right down to my cleavage, as his hand made it’s way to my pants. I squirmed at the way the material rubbed against me.

“Don’t tease,” I groaned. Cal silently obliged, dragging the lace down past my leg and eventually tossing them to the floor. As his fingers moved inside me I struggled to catch my breath.

Fed up of the foreplay, I pulled at his boxers, the white Calvin Klein material becoming see through as it stretched over his erection. Freezy quickly disposed of them and in no time placed himself inside of me.

Our moans filled the air. The windows seemed to steam up outside of the slowly coming sunset, and it wasn’t long at all before we both reached our climax, and Cal gave way on top of me. I rolled over, making space for him to lie behind me and in no time, we were both asleep.


It was the glisten of sunlight peaking through the windows that woke me originally, although the artificial light coming from the ceiling did not help the case. I squinted as I tried to figure out my surroundings. The small, homely room was not familiar, and was definitely not where I’d ended up last night…

And then I remembered. I rolled over apprehensively; but there was no one there. It was an empty space of creased bedsheets. The manly scent of aftershave overwhelmed me as I stood, searching for my clothes on the floor. God did I hope everyone else was still awake, I thought as I picked up last nights dress and panties and put them back on - gross. 

As I made my way out of the room, I heard voices from the living room.

“Y/n, is that you?”

Fuck. Lux and Harry were here. They knew I had stayed last night, but would Cal have told them about last night? How would he act around me?

I walked in shame to the living room, feeling incredibly hungover and messy as I was confronted by the three boys sitting on the sofa.

“Hi,” I murmured, brushing my hair behind my ear.

“Alright Y/n? How you feeling?”

They acted seemingly normal. I took Harry’s question to be a reference to my drunken state last night, and I felt reassured. I took a seat on the chair closest to the TV.

“I’m fine, how are you?”

“I’m fin- Jesus fucking Christ Y/n!”

Harry’s eyes widened as he looked up at me. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as Freezy mouthed me a quick ‘sorry’, his eyes lit up in humour. 

“Who the fuck gave you those?”

“Gave me what?”

“The fucking marks all over your neck and chest! Did you get attacked by leeches in the night?” Lux exclaimed, assumedly having noticed too now. I felt my face heat as I realised what was hiding behind the rips in my shirt, and the uncovered skin of my neck. Shit.

The lovebites.

“Did you get those at the club? I don’t remember you having them when we brought you home.” Harry and Lux came closer. They both examined my neck, piecing together a puzzle between them as to how the hickeys got there.

“Um,” I squeaked, covering my neck with my hand. I avoided Freezy’s eye as he remained on the sofa, a smirk masked behind his hand. 

“Well come on, who was it?” Harry persisted. Lux stepped back suddenly, giving me a look.

“Hang on a fucking second,” Lux interjected as his eyes moved to Freezy. “Young Callum…you’re being very quiet, you know.”

“Am I?” He asked, faking oblivion and I cringed. Yep, he’s figured it out.

“Yes, you are. Why is it you weren’t surprised to see the hickeys, Cal?”

“Well I-” 

“You didn’t get up to see them either,” Lux interrupted again, acting as a detective almost. I somehow wished the ground would swallow me whole. Fucking curse drunk Y/n and her poor decision making. “Could it be you’ve…seen them before?”

Cal looked sheepish, and so did I, I imagined. Harry’s jaw dropped as him and Lux looked at eachother.

“You two fucked!” He exclaimed. I covered my face, only to have my arms pulled away by Lux.

“No no, no hiding now Y/n, did you or did you not fuck Freezy last night?”

“Callum fuck off!” I yelled as I continued to hide my face. Both him and Harry exploded into childish laughter.

“Oh my God, Freezy you dirty dog.” Harry laughed, and Freezy stood up. He walked over to me and grabbed me.

“Fuck off you two, it’s not that deep why you being deep about it?” His tone was slightly annoyed however his face was covered with a sheepish smile as he pulled me on top of him, taking my space on the chair. I hid my blushed face in his chest.

“Oh sorry we’ll just let you have part two shall we?” Lux laughed as him and Harry continued to take the piss. I sensed Freezy hold up a middle finger from behind my back.

“Nah but on a real, on a real, what does this mean for you two? One night stand or more?”

Cal placed a hand on my back.

“We’ll see. Now fuck off you cunts.”

Am I Dying?

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Characters: Y/n, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Bobby

Pairing: Castiel x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Fluff, cute innocent Cas, kinda angst, scared Cas, teasing asshole Dean, cuteness!!

Word Count: 1100

Summary: Cas has problems adjusting to being human.

A/N: Ok, so this is some random ass fic that came about because of @bkwrm523​ and a cute ass little thing. Cas freaking out over random shit, it’s just too cute. Not sure how cute this came out, but I’m hoping you like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sallyp-53@salvatorexwinchester@helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage@riversong-sam@nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer@mypeopleskillsarerusty0203@greek-geek481@chelsea072498 @deals-with-demons@plaidstiel-wormstache@impalaimagining@deathtonormalcy56@scorpiongirl1​​ @the-latina-trickster@aingealcethlenn@squirels-angels-and-moose@meganwinchester1999@cubs2019-blog​  


“Y/n! We found a hunt. Won’t be back for a few days. Look after Cas!”

Before you could run downstairs and object, the door slammed shut, followed by the sound of the car doors shutting.

You pulled the front door open, only to see the impala leaving a trail of dust and sand behind it, as they drove away from Bobby’s.

You groaned internally.

Cas was…a mess, to be honest.

Something happened.

Somehow, he managed to become human.

Well, human was giving him a bit too much credit.

He was a depowered angel who had the mind of a toddler, it seemed.

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Bath (Shawn Mendes)

Hello, here’s the new imagine!  Thank you for requesting this! Sorry for posting slowly, just dealing with some serious crap x

Request:  Can you please do something where like you’re in gymnastics and you hurt you foot. Not bad but like you twist it. So Shawn freaks out and takes you to the hospital and they say nothing’s wrong. And when you get home Shawn like spoils you w/ a bath and it’s just fluff. PLEASE BTW ILY

Hope you liked it x

Originally posted by lovablecouples

I breathed a sigh of relief as I landed on my feet after practicing a part of my floor routine. I relax when there’s just ariel left (a cartwheel with no hands) and I shouldn’t have done that. They say don’t get too comfortable doing sports. I gasp when I lose my coordination and quickly close my eyes waiting for the ground to meet my body. I scream out in pain and cover my face when I feel twisting ankle. “Y/N!” I hear my coach yell. I lay on back in excruciating pain. I see my coach running to me with paramedics behind. I take a deep breath before trying to put weight on it and falling back down. Another sharp cry leaves my mouth. Paramedics quickly carried me to the locker room.

“Y/N!” you turn around to see Shawn rushing to you. “Are you okay?” Shawn asks panicking while other gymnasts snickers. “I’m okay” I nod my head while whipping tears from my cheeks. “But you screamed and cried!” Shawn talks concerned “Don’t worry Sha…” “YOU HAD ONE JOB Y/N! AND SERIOUSLY ARIEL?” my best friend interrupts Shawn stepping through the door. Also a gymnast. Everyone starts to laugh except for Shawn, who looks really lost and confused. “Why are you all laughing?” Shawn looks at everyone confused. “Because baby it happens all the time. Just this time it hurt a little more” I say smiling before pressing our lips together.


“Okay Y/N. It’s just a twisted ankle. You can go home” doctor tells me and helps me to get up. Quickly I feel Shawn’s arms wrapping around my waist. “You sure you okay?” Shawn asks concerned while walking me to his car. “Yes” I roll my eyes playfully.


“Don’t move, Y/N” Shawn tells me before quickly disappearing. “What are you doing?” I yell laughing. “You’re going to have a hot bath!” He yells from the bathroom. “You’re a dork!” “But you love me!” “Sadly I do” I say to myself “I heard that!”


I stand not moving while waiting for Shawn to leave so I could remove my clothes. “What?” he asks looking at me. I raise my eyebrows. “Go away. I need to take my clothes off” “I’ve seen you naked before” Shawn laughs “And you won’t be able to get into the bath without my help” He smirks. I groan but do what he wants me to do. I slowly stripped my clothes off, letting them fall beneath my feet “Don’t look at me like that, Mendes” I chuckle. Shawn takes his clothes off and gets in the water. “Come” he reaches for my hands. Before helping me to get in. “It’s hot” I squeak when my feet touched the hot water. I sat between Shawn’s legs and let the water embrace my naked body. I look around to see scented candles lighted up. “How the hell did you do this in a few minutes?” I ask turning my face to his. “Magic” Shawn smirks leaving wet kisses on my jaw and neck. I smirk taking a handful of bubbles before blowing them to Shawn’s face. “Y/N!” he yells laughing before splashing water onto me. I let my muscles relax and rested the back of my head in the crook of Shawn’s neck. The room went quiet, the only noises was both of our heavy breathing.

🖤Drug Lord E [Part 4] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Ethan brags to everyone in his crew about getting head from Y/N and one of them gets an idea.

Warnings FOR ENTIRE SERIES: Drugs/sexual assault/Violence

A/N: Twins are older in this. So I’ve never wrote anything about these subjects before and at any point if you are uncomfortable please stop reading! Also, requests are on hold until I finish the series! Still open, just won’t be posting! Now without further ado, I present Drug Lord Ethan.

Part 3

Ethan’s POV

I decided Grayson needed to come with me on his job. This guy who knew Y/N’s boyfriend had been giving us some trouble. Apparently Justin was apart of a new gang and was determined to get back at me for keeping Y/N. I wasn’t worried though. Grayson had already gotten the media to brush off Y/N’s disappearance as if she went on a random vacation or something. Grayson and I exchanged a look, before Grayson went into the fight as I watched Nate slammed this guy’s body against the brick wall behind him. Grayson was kicking the poor guy while slamming his head against the wall. Alex was keeping a lookout while Cameron kneed the guy continuously. I pulled out my knife ready to show this guy I don’t play games. He had stolen a bunch of money from me in product and I wasn’t about to look like a fool around here. Especially with this Justin dude coming around. I already didn’t like him and I wanted to end him. “Dolan!” My cue. I put a smile on my face as I walked over to see what my crew had done to him. His nose was busted and bloody. He was even spitting blood. After being punched, kicked, and thrown into a wall repeatedly I would probably be spitting blood too. I pulled my switchblade out and I pressed the metal against his throat which he winced. I leaned in close to his ear and I whispered.

“Don’t double cross me Evans.” I then jabbed my knife right in his stomach while he banged his head on the wall behind him. He let out a groan as I twisted the knife just a tad before pulling it out. Blood began to pump out of his stomach as he grasped his new wound with his hand. “Tell Kelley he has week to give me my money or his pretty girlfriend gets it.” I demanded and he nodded showing he understood. The other guys looked to me. I closed up my switchblade before leaving the scene. The guys followed behind me.

“What the hell was that Dolan?” Alex belted.

“Why didn’t you kill him? You’re not going soft because of that girl are you?” Nate asked but I chuckled.

“I’m anything but soft when I’m with her. Actually about 25 minutes ago, she sucked me off.” I bragged and they stopped walking and looked at me in awe.

“What?” Grayson asked confused.

“Dude was she good?” Nate snickered and I nodded.

“I’ve gotten head from a lot of women, but Y/N’s made me bust faster than I ever thought. I honestly wanted to fuck her right there on my bed, and I probably would have is Alex didn’t text me saying you guys needed me.” I looked at Alex. “But it’s whatever. Most likely Kelley won’t be able to pay off his debt and I’ll have to kill him. Then I’ll keep Y/N around for some time.” I gloated but Grayson looked irritated at me. “And the way she moaned daddy.” I bit my bottom lip as I remembered the memory.

“Dude maybe we can pass her around? It’s been sometime since I got some good dick sucking.” Cameron chuckled, but I felt something snap in me.

“Go for it.” I smirked to myself. “It felt hella good. Like damn imagining her naked with her ass in the air–”

“Dude stop you’re making me hard.” Aaron says which we all just belted with laughter. Grayson was speed walking way ahead of us. “Damn Y/N is pretty hot.” He chuckled

“Gray where are you going? We have other stops to make.” I hollered, but he didn’t stop.

“I’m going to check on Angie. I’m sure you can do this next round without me.” He snapped back but I just shook it off. I knew he was getting angry with me. I didn’t really care at this point to be honest. He was just being a bitch since Angie is staying around more so now he’s being all sensitive.


I was lying on the futon crying. I missed Justin, but I know if I see him again I won’t be able to look at him the same. I know he would be furious if he knew I sucked another guy off besides him. Justin was the jealous type, but it wasn’t cute. He was scary when he was jealous. It was like watching all hell break lose. The thought of what he would do to Ethan after he found out that he forced me to suck him off was unfathomable. Yes I didn’t want to do it, but that didn’t mean I wanted Justin to hurt him or anything. I just wanted Justin right now. I wanted to go home and pretend all of this never happened.

“Hey Y/N?” I recognized the voice as Angie. I wish the door would lock on the inside instead of the outside so I could lock myself in here to die. “I brought you some clothes.” I turned around and she noticed my ripped blouse. “What the hell happened to you Y/N? Did Ethan do this?” She demanded as she rushed over to me.

“It’s nothing really. It just happened okay? Don’t tell him I don’t want to get in anymore trouble.” I stammered as I could feel tears pooling in my eyes. Angie wraps me in a hug while I cried into her shoulder. The bedroom door opens as Grayson walked in.

“Grayson did you know about this? Did you know he did this to her?” Angie questioned Grayson sternly. He was speechless at first, but finally spoke up.

“Ethan was telling us about it. I left to come back here while they went to go find some other people that owe us money.” He looked to me sympathetically. I remembered I was still shirtless. I quickly grabbed the clothes Angie brought me while I excused myself to the bathroom so I could get dressed.

I opened the door and looked at what I was wearing in the mirror. I was wearing a black sweater with skulls all over the fabric as I was wearing red pajama shorts. “Did you guys get the Evans dude?” Angie asks which peaked my interest. I pressed my ear against the door to hear better.

“Yeah Ethan gave him the message to give to Kelley and he stabbed him.” Angie was wrapped up in Grayson’s arms. Obviously she was worried about the life Grayson lived and she wanted him to always be safe. Then it clicked what Grayson just said.

“Ethan stabbed Justin?” I shouted in shock. Grayson and Angie both jumped at my outburst, but I didn’t care right now.

“No no no Y/N calm down.” Just then I heard the front door of the house swing open. I heard a group of guys chuckling as I ran into the living room.

“You stabbed Justin? How could you?” I could feel tears brimming in my eyes and he Ethan looked at me confused.

“What the fuck? Calm down damn.” Ethan laughed as the rest of the guys did the same. Grayson and Angie ran into the living room standing behind me. The dirty blonde guy and the dark haired white guy move to sit down on the couch while they lit up a joint. “I didn’t kill anyone, but I will if you keep acting like this. Damn Y/N.” He chuckled while looking to his friends. I’ve had enough of this. I was hungry, tired, and still in complete shock over the fact that my life was completely flipped upside down all in one day. My hand raised up as I slapped my hand across his face hard.

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Ethan’s POV

She fucking slapped me. The room grew silent as she looked me in the eyes. Her brown eyes were filled with tears and hurt. “Ooo Y/N I’d be careful or else you may have to suck his dick again.” Cameron says but I raise my hand to signal him to stop talking. I looked back to Y/N who was still crying.

“You told them?” She asked between tears. “Wow I’m not surprised considering you only ever look out for yourself. You never loved or cared about anyone, but yourself.” A smirk appears on her face. “That’s why you want to kill Justin. You don’t want anyone else to have me.” I scoffed at her statement.

“No I want to kill him because he double crossed me sweetheart. I don’t care about you or anyone else, but me remember?” I snickered at her, but she stuck her bottom lip out. “Don’t make me show you who’s boss again. Unless you want me to.” I said with a wink while Alex and Cameron started wooing.

“I hate you.” Was all she said as she turned around and shoved passed everyone else to get back to her room. I just laughed as I walked into the kitchen having some dinner finally. Everyone stood silent, as I made me something to eat.

“Are you fucking serious Ethan?” Angie asked me as I shrugged at her. “The poor girl has had everything she has ever known ripped away from her in a day. Please try and sympathize with her Ethan.” Angie defends.

“Yeah that was kind of harsh. I mean even for you dude.” Nate chimes in and I just groaned.

“Look if you’re both so worried about her go talk to her about feelings and shit. She tried to runaway. I’m not the one who made the dick sucking comment.” I argued pointing at Cameron. “Besides she’s here because of her boyfriend. She didn’t have to come here to pay off his debt.” I shoved a spoonful of cold pasta in my mouth.

“How would you feel if someone treated Sam like this.” Grayson asks and everyone grows silent. I grabbed my bowl of pasta and pushed past everyone and stopped by Grayson. I gave him a look of pure hate.

“Tomorrow by sunset if Justin still hasn’t paid you kill him.” I mumbled coldly. Grayson and Angie give a light gasp.

“Eth–” Grayson tries to empathize, but I smacked his hand away.

“That’s a fucking order. If you won’t kill him I’ll do it myself!” I snapped as I pushed past Grayson. “I’m through with these fucking games!” I shouted as I stormed off to my room. I looked at the half smoked blunt on my nightstand. I gazed at my pasta thinking it would taste better if I was high. I sat my pasta bowl down while I grabbed the blunt and placed the blunt between my lips. I lit one end as I inhaled deeply as I felt the smoke burn my throat. I was feeling myself unwind until I heard a scream in the other room.

Part 5

anonymous asked:

Hi I LOVE your work and you totally don't have to write this but like you know the au where people's hair color change with their emotions what if like it was like that in a muggle au for wolfstar!

hi I’m so sorry I hate to be annoying! but I’m the anon that sent in the hair color changing au and I kinda just realized how cute it would be for jamesxteddy :)(again you can totally just ignore this I’ll understand, I’d hate to be a bother!)

You’re definitely not annoying! Thanks so much for your prompt(s)! I have a load of others in my inbox but this really appealed to me and I just had to write it and I was actually able to write all of it in one day whereas so many others I was only able to write half! Anyway this is my first james x teddy fic and I changed the ages a bit (teddy’s a year or two younger and all the other next gen kids except Victoire is well about a year or two older because I wanted to age gap to not be so big)

So yeah I went with the James x Teddy fic because I think that’s what you wanted in the end so I hope you like it! 

Being a metamorphmagus was something that Teddy honestly loved about himself.

As a child he loved changing his face into animal faces like a duck’s or one time he even gave himself a giraffe neck and almost stuck his head through Harry’s kitchen ceiling.

Once he got to Hogwarts he would impress his dorm-mates by showing them how he could make his fingers any length he wanted and how he could make himself taller than the others and make his voice deeper, managing to make his friends ever so slightly jealous but also intrigued.

It made him likeable but Ginny always said it wasn’t being a metamorphous that made him special, it was the things he chose to do with it.

Like turning into Professor McGonagall and pretending to give a lecture just to make a first year Slytherin laugh after she’d been crying, it was turning into Harry and telling Granddad Weasley made up facts about the muggle world until he was caught.

Harry once told him that Teddy used his gift that his mother gave him to continue his father’s legacy and that was what Teddy loved the most about himself. How he was equally both of them, even if he had never met them.

But unfortunately his gift had a price.

He could change anything about his body just by thinking of it except for his hair on his head. 

For some crazy reason, his head hair was controlled to his emotions; well there was some actual logic behind it as other metaphorphmaguses had the same condition, apparently Hermione and Percy had researched it when he was a child but Teddy didn’t really care why it happened, he just wanted it to stop but unfortunately there was no way of doing so.

He’d tried dyeing it in third year after he was left mortified when his hair turned a shade of pink when he saw a sixth year boy shirtless in the quidditch locker room.

Pink he realised on that day meant he had a crush and that wasn’t good because now everyone could tell he had a crush on someone.

However dyeing it didn’t make one bit of difference, he’d walked down from his dorm with his newly dyed brown hair and the second his friend laughed and made a comment about what happened in the locker room, his hair turned orange, orange which was for embarrassment.

For about a year and a half after that Teddy decided to just not have crushes on people but that turned out to be rather difficult being a bisexual teenager surrounded by attractive people every day at Hogwarts.

The worst part of it was when he started dating and a few times even though he and the other person said they were casual, Teddy could tell the other felt hurt whenever their eyes flitted up to his hair and it was blonde for friendship or fondness and not pink.

So after that he decided beanies and hats would become his new best friends. He’s seen a few photos of his dad wearing hats and found a few of his old ones. His mum had a few eccentric ones too so he wore those on his rebellious days but he preferred his dad’s old beanies because they covered all of his hair.

He started taking them off during the breaks though ever since he came home for the summer holidays and saw Harry’s worried frown at the train station.

That was an embarrassing conversation in which Teddy had to insist he wasn’t ashamed of who he was, he just didn’t like the whole world being able to tell what he felt at any moment.

But Teddy knew it worried Andromeda and Harry slightly though they tried their best not to show it and realistically it was rather stupid wearing beanies during the summer holidays so he didn’t wear them outside of Hogwarts.

But everything changed during his seventh year and the summer before it started.

That summer he’d spent a lot of the time with Andromeda and weeks here or there with the Potters and Weasleys. He loves all the Weasley cousins and thankfully several are in Hogwarts now so they’re all really close.

He’s always been the closest with Victoire though as she’s only a year younger than him but there was never anything romantic between them, the only small moment they had was at King’s Cross at the beginning of seventh year when he kissed her to make her ex jealous and they laughed about it afterwards.

Once he’d calmed down enough and looked around to see if the ex saw their kiss, he was at first happy on Vic’s behalf that he did but instantly he felt his heart plummet to his stomach when he saw James staring at them with wide eyes.

James Sirius Potter, Victoire’s cousin who was starting his fifth year that year.

James who Teddy had spent the summer laughing with, playing pranks on James’s cousins with and talking about everything with.

Because Victoire was great but Teddy just always felt he and James could talk about anything with each other.

In that moment James and Teddy looked at each other for what felt like eternity, Teddy saw hurt in James’s eyes and put that down to James thinking Teddy liked Victoire, maybe that they were even dating and that he’d never told him, even though they’d sworn that summer that they’d told each other everything.

Teddy takes a step forward, forgetting about Victoire beside him, wanting to talk to James, explain himself and the situation, anything to rid himself of the tightening knot of guilt in his stomach.

James merely shook his head, turned and ran from him to where his family were standing around Lily who was starting her first year at Hogwarts this year.

Teddy swallowed down his feelings and forced himself to turn back to Victoire and smile, pretending he’d been listening to her words of gratitude.

Teddy was Head Boy this year so thankfully he was too busy giving talks to the prefects and organising patrol schedules on the train to think about James’s heartbreakingly sad brown eyes but once the feast started and James ignored Teddy’s silent invitation to sit beside him, Teddy couldn’t stop thinking about them.

While the first years hurried up the steps one by one to be sorted and as the headmistress and the sorting hat gave their speeches, Teddy thought about the times he spent with James that summer.

He thought about all their late nights on the roof of the Potter’s house under the stars.

He lets himself remember the one talk in particular that he’s been trying to forget all summer.

The night when he told James more about the loneliness he feels without his parents than he could ever dream of telling Harry or Andromeda.

He remembers James repaying in kind, revealing how he hates how people look at him as the son of the Boy Who Lived and one of the greatest chasers the Holyhead Harpies ever had and how he sees himself as a disappointment because he struggles to pass his classes and can’t play quidditch if his life depended on it.

Teddy had looked at him and reassured him that he was the farthest thing from a disappointment and that he was so proud of him and he knew Harry and Ginny were too.

James had smiled, that dazzling white bright smile of his and Teddy had felt his stomach clench but not in a bad way, instead it was in a weirdly happy way.

He didn’t understand it until a second later when James’s eyes flickered up to his hair and he whispered into the night, “Why is your hair pink? What does that mean?”

Teddy’s eyes had widened in horror, he’d given some feeble excuse that he couldn’t even remember now and soon insisted he was tired and they should go to bed.

The next morning Teddy came down to the kitchen in a baseball cap and wore one for every day that summer regardless of what the others said.

After every conversation Teddy had with James, or after James so much as smiled at him, Teddy would find the nearest mirror, close the door and take off his hat and sure enough his hair would be pink.

But over the summer the pinkness turned into a light red shade and Teddy knew what that meant, he didn’t even need to look it up in one of Hermione’s books.

He knew it stood for romantic love.

And that was something Teddy really couldn’t handle in his final year of Hogwarts.

But then James had looked at him with those wide, sad eyes and he just wants to run over to the Gryffindor table and tell James that the kiss didn’t mean anything, not that James would care who he kissed but still he has a right to know.

Teddy wants to find James after the feast more than anything but he has to lead the first years back to the dorms, give them the usual speech and give everyone in Hufflepuff house the password so he doesn’t get a chance to talk to him.

The following two weeks are extremely busy too; he has to manage his own timetable while helping out the first years and balancing his patrol schedule and tutoring group at the same time so he rarely gets to talk to his friends in his dorm let alone his cousin in another year and house.

But in the middle of the last week of September, Teddy decides he has to try so he goes out of his way to see James, learning his timetable and waiting outside his last class, eating near him at the Gryffindor table at the feasts, thankfully inter-house unity is common now so this is normal but whenever Teddy approaches James, he won’t even look at him let alone talk to him.

James just skilfully avoids eye contact and talks to someone beside him or walks in the other direction and every single time Teddy’s pace falters and he doesn’t need to take his hat off to know that his hair has turned blue.

James succeeds in his avoidance techniques until the end of October but it’s not Teddy or James that brings this to an end, instead its Emma Bones, the sixth year prefect of Gryffindor house who Teddy used to tutor last year for her OWLs  

It’s at the end of their second prefect meeting when she lingers behind and asks to talk to him.

“Look I wasn’t going to say anything but I thought you’d want to know because I know how close you two are.” Emma starts, her eyebrows are drawn together but her eyes stare fiercely at him.

Teddy smiles and tries not to be worried, “What’s going on Em?”

“It’s probably not a big deal but it’s about James.”

Teddy frowns and stops packing his stuff away, focusing his full attention on her now.

“James? Is everything okay with him?”

“Yes everything’s fine, he’s just been getting into a bit of trouble recently. And I know that’s something you or me or any of those cousins are partial too but” Emma sighs,

“I don’t know it seems off, he’s doing stupid things like staying out late in stupid areas where he’d surely know we’d catch him on patrol. I think he’s been giving back cheek to teachers which isn’t really like him, he’ll banter with them but he never disrespects them so that’s why this is so unusual and he just seems so angry all the time. He’s gotten five detentions already and a letter’s going to be written home soon if it hasn’t already so I just thought…maybe if you could talk to him then he might settle down a bit?”

Teddy blinks twice, frozen in place and unsure of what to say.

Emma is right, Teddy can certainly be rebellious at times, and he was definitely partial to sneaking out here and there when he was in James’s year or even when he was younger but being disrespectful to teachers is another thing and as for being angry a lot, that’s definitely not who James is.

“I’ll talk to him” Teddy says eventually, “I will and thank you, I appreciate you telling me this, I really do Em.”

Emma smiles and nods before slipping out of the room and leaving Teddy alone with his thoughts.

The next morning is thankfully a Saturday and when he goes down to the Great Hall for breakfast he’s glad to see that James is there already, slowly eating his eggs and bacon like every other tired student who managed to drag themselves out of bed for breakfast.

Teddy sits beside Victoire at the Ravenclaw table and makes small chit-chat with her as he quickly eats some cereal and all the while he notices James’s eyes on him. He wonders how long James has been secretly watching him and why he won’t just talk to him or at least let Teddy talk to him.

From the corner of his eye, Teddy later catches James standing up to leave and Teddy knows that he needs to talk to him right now or he mightn’t get another chance so he politely excuses himself from the table and follows James out of the room.

He waits until they’ve both left the Entrance Hall to slide into step beside him and it’s rather fortunate that there’s nobody else around for James to talk to or anywhere James can run off to this morning.

“We need to talk” Teddy tells him softly.

James lets out a long breath that Teddy can’t differentiate between a sigh and a huff,

“Look I’ve lots of studying to do so if you don’t mind I’d rather-“

“James come on” Teddy says, coming to a halt and putting a gentle hand on James’s arm, causing him to stop too and face him, “What’s going on? You haven’t talked to me at all since we started term and I…I miss talking to you, can’t you just spare five minutes? Please?”

James finally meets his eyes and his eyes are a mixture of emotions, ranging from guarded, hurt and defiant, “Can’t you just go talk to Vic? You guys are dating now right so why-“

Teddy shakes his head clearly, “No we’re not.”

James stops talking and his mouth drops open, “What? What do you mean? Then why did you kiss her at King’s Cross?”

“She wanted to piss off that twat of an ex-boyfriend of hers.”

“The one that cheated on her?”

“Yes Jamie” Teddy says, a smile playing on his lips, “We’re definitely not together. I was just helping her out.”

“Oh” James says, his voice is soft and Teddy didn’t realise James’s shoulders were tensed until they drop and relax, “I didn’t…I didn’t know, the cousins, well they were all saying you were together.”

Teddy snorts, “I love Rose and Albus to pieces but how reliable are they for information, really?”

James laughs and Teddy forgot how much he missed that sound, “Yeah that’s true.”

Teddy smiles broadly now, “Look can we talk? Actually talk, please?”

James nods, “Yeah, yeah sure okay.”

They head down to the kitchens even though they just got food and spend an hour passing jokes back and forth while helping the house elves clean up from breakfast and then they sit side by side on a table, their shoulders touching and Teddy’s hair most definitely changing colour under his beanie.

“What’s going on with you?” Teddy asks softly

James’s eyes are focused on his fidgeting fingers that rest on his knees,

“Nothing, I’ve just been busy.”

“Jamie I’m head boy, I hear about all the kids getting in trouble, especially ones with five detentions for disrespecting teachers and getting caught after curfew.”

James scoffs but there’s no meaning to it, “Like you never did it.”

“James I know you. If you wanted to really rebel, this wouldn’t be how you’d do it and if you wanted to sneak out at night you wouldn’t let yourself get caught! I know you’ve your dad’s cloak and the map your grandfather and my dad made. So what’s going on? Why do you keep purposely getting into trouble?”

Teddy watches the varying emotions flicker on James’s face as he stares at his fingers that have stopped fidgeting to rest on his lap.

“I…” James whispers “Do you remember our second night on my roof at home last summer?”

Teddy nods, the night he rarely lets himself think about, the night of revelations and stupid pink hair.

“Yeah of course I remember” Teddy replies, his voice just as quiet as James’s, “Why?”

“Afterwards, about a month later when you were back at your gran’s I…well I borrowed one of Uncle Percy’s books and I found the part on metamorphaguses and those whose head hair are connected to their emotions, it’d been bookmarked I think he’d used it when they realised you were one of them. I…well I looked up what it meant when they…when you have pink hair.”

Teddy felt his breath catch in his throat.

A hundred thoughts, worries, fears and hopes ran through his mind but the main thought screaming in his head right now was ‘shit, shit, shit, shit’.

He wants to apologise, to lie and make something up, anything that could possibly explain this situation. He racks his head to remember what he told that sixth year in the locker room all those years ago, at least if he said that, it would be something but he just can’t remember.

James still doesn’t meet his eyes but Teddy is shocked to see a small smile on his lips,

“I thought…well I thought at first that…well that meant you liked me, that you had a crush on me.”

The words, ‘you thought right’ linger on Teddy’s lips but Teddy can’t find a voice to speak them.

“But I wasn’t sure you know?” James continues his voice surprisingly casual for this conversation, “I thought you could have been thinking of someone else, you could have been daydreaming of someone completely different and that’s why you were so embarrassed when I pointed it out, it would explain the rubbish excuse you gave. So I was going to wait until you came back to see what your hair was like” He laughs, “I even studied and learned what each hair colour stood for, I mean most of them I knew of course but some I didn’t but anyway then you came back wearing that stupid baseball cap that you never took off, not even that time we went swimming in the lake! I wanted to ask about it but…I guess I was just afraid.”

“What were you afraid of?” Teddy finds himself asking, even though his words are barely audible

“That your hair turned pink for the realistic reason, you were thinking of someone else. I didn’t, I didn’t want to hear it because I’d liked you for so long. And then, well, then I saw you kissing Victoire and I knew you didn’t like me and that you liked someone else, her to be exact and I was…sad and angry even though I had no right to be. I did all those stupid things to get your attention, hoping one day it would be you who caught me on patrol. I couldn’t just talk to you like you wanted, anytime you approached me I just felt guilty or annoyed or hurt so I just avoided you and kept getting in trouble to catch your attention, maybe to get your attention more than Vic, it makes no sense I know that but I…I don’t know, I didn’t know what else to do.”

Teddy opens his mouth to say something but he knows if he tries to talk, all that will come out would be a squeal of joy that James liked him back. So instead he reaches up to his head with one hand and takes the Hufflepuff pride beanie off his head.

He doesn’t need to look into a mirror to know that right now his hair is a light shade of red.

James finally looks at him and when he sees Teddy’s hair, his beautiful brown eyes widen and his eyebrows rise to his hairline.


“Romantic love” Teddy answers for him, unable to resist the grin spreading over his face, “I…James my hair turned pink that night because I liked you, I had a crush on you because you were open and honest with me and I liked that James, I liked the real James that you showed me that night. I swear I never liked Vic, I never told you I was falling for you that summer because I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, we grew up together, your cousins see me as another cousin and I thought you saw me like that too so I said nothing. The last thing I wanted was to make you uncomfortable or to hurt you and I’m sorry I did.”

“I’m sorry too” James says, tearing his eyes away from Teddy’s hair to finally meet his eyes, “I should have come to you sooner, I should have talked to you whenever you tried to talk to me. I acted like a ridiculous child I know.”

Teddy smirks and lets himself kiss James’s forehead, “Maybe a small bit” and he laughs when James lightly hits his arm.

“I love you too, you know?”

Teddy does know that now but he can’t deny that his heart soars when he hears James say those words.

“Yeah I do”

James smiles that perfect wide toothy grin and hesitates only a minute before closing the space between them and kissing Teddy on the mouth.

It’s good for a first kiss, really good and it’s the best kiss Teddy has had in his entire life simply because it’s with James.

He knows there’s a lot they need to talk about and think about but for right now Teddy’s perfectly happy to keep kissing James on an old table in the Hogwarts kitchens and relish in the feel of James’s soft hand in his as their fingers intertwine.

One thing’s for certain though, Teddy’s not going to be wearing any hat, beanie or baseball cap for the next while, not if this is the reaction he gets from James at seeing his hair.

Maybe having hair that was attached to emotions wasn’t as bad as Teddy originally thought.