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what's your favorite game ever and why is it suikoden 3?

My favourite game of all time is actually Shining Force II.

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re dreaming about games, when I was a younger lad I used to dream about games in the 8 bit style quite consistently (shining force etc) and this went away as I got more responsibilities and real life intruded. I've been hammering the witcher 3 for the last two to three weeks and the last few nights i've done nothing but dream of gwent. Just like i used to dream of dice poker..

WHY am I not having any of these dreams? It’s always school/family/people I know in familiar situatiojns with me. Although I do remember dreaming about a damn annoying horse, which I’m pretty sure was supposed to be roach?

Of all the amazingly wonderful things in The Witcher, I dream of the damn horse. Thanks mind.


If anybody can help me decide on a final name for my lead character in a Fire Emblem/Shining Force style indie game, I’ll love you forever.

Previous names for him include Flitt, as you can see, but other names he had were Lunick and even Artix…the latter was his first recorded name, before he got a race lift…actually he was still white as late as the Lunick phase.

As far as roots, true to the game reference material, this is medieval, and takes place somewhere in pseudo-Europe. I’m thinking maybe Germany-inspired for the setting. His name (and his siblings, I suppose) should be a little exotic. I’m thinking Scandinavian or Welsh?


Late upload today but yeah.  BUSTOKE BATTLE.

Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya (Game Gear)

The Kingdom of Cypress is under attack from the neighboring Kingdom of Iom, who want to steal a sacred object from Cypress called the Sword of Hajya in order to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! It’s up to a mysterious hero, whom I naturally named ASSHOLE, to lead the Cypress Army to defeat Iom once and for all.

This game is a direct sequel to Shining Force Gaiden, which was the first Shining Force game to be released on the Game Gear.  Gaiden was only released in Japan, and so American audiences only got this sequel, which makes about as much sense as only releasing The Empire Strikes Back but withholding A New Hope.  On a side note, I had a friend who spent his entire childhood thinking The Empire Strikes Back was the first Star Wars movie and his mind was blown when he discovered A New Hope existed. 

That being said, the story in this game suffers a bit since it’s a continuation of a whole other game, so the characters and world of Shining Force are not given proper introduction in this game.  As a complete Shining Force noob, all I know is this two kingdoms are fighting and the Sword of Hayja is the mcguffin they are fighting over.

That’s all you really need to know, though, as the gameplay eclipses the story, which is mediocre even within proper context, anyway.  The game uses grid-based battle, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or the Disgaea games.  This was immediately met with approval by me, as I’m a big fan of that genre of RPG.  As the Cypress army expands with new characters that you encounter, it begins to contain a variety of useful allies with distinct abilities such as warriors, mages, archers, healers, and more.  You are often given opportunities in between battles to visit towns and buy supplies, though this doesn’t happen with regular frequency so make sure you stock up! 

The game has a fairly moderate difficulty that increases at a respectable pace as you advance.  I never felt like it was too easy, or too ridiculously hard, even in the more difficult battles.  The game mercifully allows you to retain your stats, even if your party is annihilated, which is fair considering that the game is not open world and there are no other ways to level grind since the game follows a strictly linear progression along with the story. The story battles are all you get, so make the most of them and try to defeat every enemy on the map as opposed to going straight for the main baddy (which often ends the battle).  That said, it’s perfectly natural, yet frustrating, that later in the game your underdeveloped characters will be wiped out by powerful spells, leaving you with no other option but to continue trying until your army is leveled up enough to take the punishment or you come up with a tactic to avoid such devastating attacks. 

Back when the Game Gear was relevant, I never had many chances to play with one, as I preferred the Game Boy (and still do).  The Game Boy just has a better library of games, while the Game Gear had the gimmick of being a colored portable system, which was neat, but instantly became obsolete once the Game Boy Color, followed by the Advance, was released.  So it was a nice surprise to play a game like Shining Force, which not only had nice colorful graphics and decent sounds for a portable of the time, but really fun, addicting gameplay as well.  If you own a 3DS, the game is available in the Virtual Console store for only $4 and is absolutely worth purchasing.  I’m looking forward to checking out the Shining Force games on the Genesis next!


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