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Let me explain.

Now, normally, I’m not drunk. Like, right now I have a buzz going, but that’s unrelated. Long story short, because Titania’s big ass Emerald Axe is so big in “Fire Emblem Heroes”, I ignore her horse’s head, which leads to a minor visual problem. Like, my brain turns this:

Into this:

Leading to this centaur.

I feel like maybe I should be playing Shining Force, if my brain is going to be needing strategy games and centaurs.

anonymous asked:

what are your favourite games?

The dark souls series, although making me rage hard, are easily some of my favourite games. Challenging, rewarding and stunning to look at. If I had to pick one game though it would be shining force on the genesis/megadrive. An old turn based rpg. Not many people know of the shining series but it’s amazing.

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