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  • FINAL FANTASY FANS:Forever in denial of how good the series is, was, and will be even though the series has always been slightly above average at best.
  • DRAGON QUEST FANS:Cool folks with good taste until they start talking about Square-Enix's reluctance to bring games to the west, then they become unbearably annoying.
  • POKEMON FANS:Okay, not really annoying except until an argument arises about which generation is the best.
  • PERSONA FANS:Unbelievably annoying cunts who never shut up about how "good" and "progressive" the series is. Often times they read too much into subtext.
  • REGULAR MEGAMI TENSEI FANS:Cool people, generally have good taste, get annoying when they but heads with Persona fans. Can't comprehend why their part of the franchise isn't more popular.
  • ETRIAN ODYSSEY FANS:Quiet, unassuming, decent folks.
  • WILD ARMS FANS:Have no idea what their series even is but they like it none-the-less
  • PHANTASY STAR FANS:Cool people but forever salty that Sega has abandoned them
  • SHINING FORCE FANS:Buried and forgotten long long ago
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FAQ overview

- “How do I find my moon sign/houses..
- “I am a insert star sign and dont relate to it well….

When we are writing the zodiac sign descriptions we are referring to one of the twelve archetypes. The people that these are written for are those with their natal Sun in the first house. They are a very direct expression of the sign in question. From memory, this is about  8% of the population. We are a variation of zodiac signs and astrological knowledge. Everybody has:

A sign in every planet from Mercury-Pluto 

These are the twelve zodiac signs expressed through the qualities of the planet.  The Sun is the vital force and shines the characteristics of the sign in question through every planet - because every planet circulates the Sun. If your Sun is in Libra, the Venusian mist will be present in your Mercury, Venus, Mars sign and so on. Each of the planets are the reflection of human nature.

Sun: Our inner and outer glow                                                                   Moon: The person we become when we need our mother                               Mercury: The chatterbox in the mind, learning behaviors                                 Venus: Senses, the music of the heart, social responses                                 Mars: Directed energy, impulse, surges, sex                                                      Jupiter: The voice of encouragement and assurance, philosophical musings   Saturn: The critical parent voice, wisdom, scrutiny                                           Neptune: What we seek for redemption, delusions, addictions                        Uranus: Sudden leaps in consciousness/intuition, the need to be individual    Pluto: The soul’s manuscript, destiny, lasting legacy                                                                                  

A house this combination is placed in, from the first-12th house

The houses are the experiences and life themes we direct the sign and planet through. The four angular houses are the most significant:

The First House/First house cusp - Ascending: My instant, environmental responses
The Seventh House/Seventh house cusp - Descending: Who I attract
The Tenth House/Tenth house cusp - Midheaven: Who I want to be/who the public thinks I am/success story
The Fourth House/Fourth house cusp - Imum Coeli: Where I came from, mother, psychological base

Second House: Values, Finances, Sensuality, Body
Third House: Immediate perception, Communication, Expression
Fifth House: Pleasure, Play, Children, Creativity
Sixth House: Service, Health, Daily Living
Eighth House: Transformation, Magic, Death, Joint Finances
Ninth House: Awareness, Spiritual Search, Philosophy, Pilgrimage
Eleventh House: Friends, Social inclusion, Dreams
Twelfth House: Sacred space, Privacy, Alone time, Infinity

“All the world’s a stage (The 12 houses of astrology),
And all the men and women merely players (the 12 zodiac signs);
They have their exits and their entrances (the first house and the eighth house)
And one man in his time plays many parts (the planets and luminaries)

Aspects that describe the degree between the planets

The aspects symbolise the relationships between the planets. They can indicate if two planets are working well together, or if there is an opposing force at hand. Aspects join the whole chart together


This is determined by the chart type. Natal charts make different patterns via the placement of planets and signs around the circle.

Hemispheric Emphasis

Information based on the distribution of planets between North, South, East, and West on the natal chart. Also the position of the planets around the chart, such as in ascended positions are also notable.

Mutual Reception

A mutual reception creates a fusion of energies, and accelerates the field of expression of the signs in question. For example a mutual reception would be observed if somebody had Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Gemini. Because Mercury rules Gemini and Mars rules Scorpio, the planets create a twin force. You can calculate this by checking for signs that have switched ruling planets. Like if the Sun is in Capricorn, then Saturn must be in Leo, if the Moon is in Sagittarius, then Jupiter must be in Cancer to form a mutual reception, and so on.

So you may have your Sun in Aries. But this Sun in Aries may be overshadowed by the dominant Neptune and Pisces theme in your chart. The Sun directed in the twelfth house or a stellium (3 planets or more) in Pisces. You can figure out your natal chart on here: I like this one because you can click on the planets and it will show you the information. You can research each of your placements from there. You can learn to read it if you take some practice ;) Here is a post if you need some help:

I have information on every planet and house on the sidebar, if you can’t find a placement try googling it and ‘astrolocherry’, if not i haven’t written it and maybe I will soon

Dominant Planet

Sometimes two or more planets will be found so influential in a chart that it is difficult to determine the energy of which is most freely transmitted by the individual, even as in most people it may be difficult to say which of two or more races predominate in the blood. But usually some one planet in the figure stands out prominently, either by its elevation, its angular position, or by the many powerful aspects it makes; those to the Sun, Moon and Mercury being especially important

Chart Ruler

The “ruling planet” is the planet ruling the sign on the ascendant. So if you had Virgo on the asc when you were born, your ruling planet would be Mercury. Mercury’s location and condition, in your horoscope, therefore, would give information concerning your self presentation. If you had Mercury in Leo in the 5th house, then this placement would be your chart ruler.

Cusp signs

I think Jonathan Cairner summed it up brilliantly when he says “A cusp is an imaginary boundary between one zodiac and the next, for example between Cancer and Leo. Those unfamiliar with the practice of astrology will say they are born on a ‘cusp’, when the Sun is a few within a few degrees of the imaginary line that separates one sign from the next - and if, for instance, at their time of birth the Sun was a few degrees - or even days - from the division between (for example) Libra and Scorpio, will claim they possess some of the characteristics of each sign. While this may be true, it will have nothing to do with being born ‘on the cusp’, but will be due to other planets. Astrologers agree that the Sun is never divided between two signs”. Read the link I put up above :)

Am I compatible with this sign/who is my best match?”

This is why every sign is compatible:

Sun signs are quite vague. There are other placements that focus on relationships. Like Venus, the seventh house, and Mars. You can do indepth compatibility charts online, just search up a synestry chart

Book Recommendations
-The Parker’s Encyclopedia of Astrology
-Jon Hassinger “Basic Astrology for the very beginner”
-Alan Oken “Rulers of the Horoscope”
and anything by Liz Greene, Steven Forrest, Dane Rudyher, Susie Cox, Steven Arroyo, Robert Hand, Marc Edmund Jones

Rulerships and exalting planets
Each of the signs are ruled by a planet. This is the planet the sign best expresses its qualities through. There are exalting planets too. Signs are sympathetic to the planet they are exalted in.

The Sun rules Leo and exalts in Aries
Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and exalts in Virgo
Venus rules Taurus and Libra and exalts in Pisces
Mars rules Aries and Scorpio and exalts in Capricorn
Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces and exalts in Cancer
Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius and exalts in Libra
Uranus rules Aquarius
Neptune rules Pisces and exalts in Cancer
Pluto rules Scorpio

If a person has a sign in the planet it is ruled by, like having Venus in Libra or Venus in Pisces, he will express these qualities very vividly.

13th Zodiac Sign
The astrology you are reading is seasonal astrology. are the signs reflected of the ecliptic belt that encircles the earth. Astrology that uses star minutes, like forms of esoteric astrology use Orphicius. There’s a good explanation on here as well:

will keep updating this ~~

I guess what I’m saying when I say “I miss Harry” is that I miss seeing Harry in motion? Like…these pics are all well and good when we get one or two, but I miss seeing him compulsively fixing his hair, or breaking into a grin, or demon-noodling around the stage to egg on fans, or going insane during “No Control”, or using his hands to gesticulate wildly when asked a simple interview question…

I miss just watching Harry be Harry. He’s so much more than just his perfect, beautiful face/body….and I miss him.