and shes tiny

Pidge Headcanons
  • Jewish
  • Trans Girl
  • Autistic
  • ADHD
  • Her parents are actually really good about The Trans Thing but they took a while to believe it because she was so much the stereotypical Young Boy with Autism
  • (good with computers since she was tiny,  probably had a dinosaur phase)
  • Her family’s probably from up north but she constantly uses southern expressions constantly because she’s besties with Keith
  • (”y’all we need to separate and go abut this as individual lions” *something goes wrong in a code she’s writing* “Ain’t that just the way”)
  • Shiro’s Favorite
  • “Alright team, we all need to train really hard to defeat zarkon” “But Shiro I’m tired.” “alright pidge, you go take a nap, i’ll be there to tuck you in in a second.”
  • Number one clothes thief
  • The whole team (especially Hunk and Shiro) know to never spend too much on clothes because inevitably pidge will “borrow” them to sleep in/stay warm and they’ll never see them again
  • (shiro loves it though. he probably buys things just for her)
  • was probably just starting transition when we first saw her, so doing that thing practically all trans girls do where they start out hyper feminine just so people Know but she’s probably not all that femme as she gets older
  • patently refuses to wear anything other than boxers/boxer briefs
  • even under dresses
  • once the team ran into a group of humans who had gone into space, and one mentioned that they didn’t think a /girl/ could be a paladin
  • Pidge, looking him dead in the eyes:”ive got more balls than you”
  • cusses constantly
  • Biggest Lesbian
  • Lance (bless him) once asked her, when they were all really tired and it was like. Sleepover talk time you kno? He asked her “if she had to pick a guy”
  • She said Zarkon
  • (really it’s probably Hunk)
  • Speaking of lance and hunk she probably dropped Several Hints that she was trans and just. Neither got them.
  • Lance:*struggling to open a jar* Pidge:*pops it open with one movement* “How-” “testosterone poisoning”
  • Gets carried by keith constantly even though he’s not that much taller than her
  • Her and keith frequently have Autistic hangouts where they both just. Go nonverbal or communicate in noises or stim freely
  • They’re super comfortable with each other, she never wears breastforms/a bra when its just them and he never binds because they love each other
  • She’s really attentive and knows when he’s self injuriously stimming and knows when to give him a tangle or her hand so he can just. Squeeze instead of digging his nails into his palms/picking
  • Her and keith are. Bad skin buds
  • Saw the jersey devil once
  • It was just a cow
  • Was abducted by an alien once
  • it was keith
  • Speaking of keith, pidge is the only one allowed to touch/get anywhere near him when he’s on his period
  • “Pidge it started” “do you want a heating pad or some midol” “i want to die” “bitch why are you always ordering off the menu”

Hi, I’m just calling to make sure that the trails are dog friendly.

“Oh, yeah, definitely.”

Like, big dog friendly.

“Yeah, we see some pretty big dogs here.”

I mean, I just want to make sure. This is a big dog.

“What do you mean?”

We’ve been stopped on the street before because people thought she was a pony. I just want you to understand how big this dog is. She’s perfectly friendly and will stay next to me the entire time, but I just want to make sure I can bring my horse dog to the trails.

Also I know I never stop talking about how much I love my choir director but every time we do group concerts or workshops with these really pretentious egocentric male conductors I love watching her just swoop in and gather us up to make amazing and humble music while they mutter at the back of whatever cathedral

She’s this tiny intense french woman who drinks a lot of coffee and walks around whacking a tuning fork on everything and she’s who I want to be when I grow up

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I went to watch Oedipus (a play) without realising Ralph Feinnes was playing the lead, and before the show I was at the bar getting something lame like ginger beer then all of a sudden Keira Knightly was beside me ordering a wine. It was so surreal. And she is so tiny!

I love her omg

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what would harry be like if the missus was in the hospital?

He’d be such a nervous and panicking and worrying wreck, no matter how big the problem was. If she had a accident that caused her to stay in a few nights or if she had a tiny sprain that caused her intense pain to walk on, he’d still pace the hallways (or the room, depending on the situation!) and frantically talk to the doctors to try and get a single piece of information about what was happening. 

He’d be shaking through every limb, biting his nails and darting his eyes around the room, smiling sheepishly at the nurses and doctors that walked past, cooing at the babies and children that passed by to see their family members, chewing on his bottom lip and puffing out heavy breaths every so often as they both awaited news. He wouldn’t be able to sit still and he’d be up and walking around, much to the dismay of others around him who begged for him to sit down and take a break from panicking. Informing him that they sell a pretty decent cup of tea down in the café and explaining that the missus would probably want a nice cup of water and a brownie or a cake to munch on.

And when he gets told he can enter the room and see her, he’d rush inside and immediately engulf her into a hug and promise her that he wasn’t going to leave her until she felt better. xx


Okay here we go again:


I honestly believe he’s between 7 to 8 feet all with what we’ve got. Look at this. He towers Shiro. She’s so tiny compared to her?! WHAT?! 

Maybe he’s floating but stil. LOOK HOW TINY SHE IS 


# Lewis is inhumanly big in height and size

# he’s probably making heads turn at his size like damn

# someone stop this guy from being this tall

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hope you like it :)

“Well, your mom likes me, so fuck you.”

Anthony had never thought that setting up and designing a nursery would be this difficult.

Jasmine had been looking at Pinterest boards for months, finally finding exactly what she wanted for their tiny room in the apartment they had grown to love over the years. Anthony had let her take charge of it, instead deciding to be the one to do the painting and put everything together, not wanting Jasmine to hurt herself or the baby in the process.

“I don’t know if I want the crib there now, don’t you think it looks weird?” Jasmine bites her lip as she looks around the room, Anthony sighing as he rolls his eyes.

“Babe, not to be a mood killer, but the baby won’t care where their crib is. They’re not even going to notice, you know? You’re being kind of annoying about this.” He doesn’t mean to have it sound as harsh as it does, Jasmine gasping as she turns to look at her husband.

“Well, your mom likes me, so fuck you,” She argues, Anthony laughing as he shakes his head.

“I like you too, just not when you’re being this annoying about a nursery that the baby won’t have any opinions on,” He reminds her, resting his hands against the sides of the cribs he had embarrassingly spent over an hour trying to figure out how to build. “Can you just tell me where you want this crib to go now?” He looks over towards her, Jasmine nodding, looking around the room.

She finally decides to put the crib in the center of the wall where she had first thought she was going to put it, changing her mind a million times in between. Anthony pushes the heavy wood structure across the floor, settling it along the wall, Jasmine taking a step back to look at it all.

“There we go, that looks good, right?” She questions, Anthony coming back to stand next to her, nodding.

“As long as I don’t have to move it again, it looks amazing.”

“Your mom would move it for me again,” Jasmine whispers, Anthony laughing as he crosses his hands over his chest, shaking his head.

“Well, you can call her to help you move it when you change your mind in 15 minutes. I’m going to put the the chair where you want it and then I need a beer.” Anthony goes to begin putting the chair together and where Jasmine had originally wanted it, meeting his wife in the kitchen, taking the beer she had been offering him while she had been drinking her iced tea.

Jasmine knows how much Anthony loves her and is willing to do anything to make sure that she’s happy while they’re waiting for their baby to arrive, but she doesn’t think she’ll ever get tired of using the threat of his mom to make sure that he does the things that she’s unable to do.

Special Delivery

A young gilnean woman, nineteen or twenty years of age, made her way down to the Stormwind Docks. A brown, paper-wrapped package in her hands, and a generally nervous disposition. She spent a fair amount of time looking around the harbor at all the ships, but seemed immensely relieved when she spotted a little pink flag flying above one mast in particular.

She had a tiny crystal hair clip keeping her bangs out of her eyes, shaped as a flower. The package would be delivered to a crewmember, the first soul who looked trustworthy enough to deliver it. “Cour’esy’ve Madam Thornecliff o’the Golden Odyssey. Fer Bly’t.” And that would be all she had to say on the matter before she very politely, and very promptly fled.

Within the parcel were six tins of tea, all loose leaf, and a little wire-mesh ball that fastened together in halves to hold the desired amount in water. Among the blends was one familiar, at first. Blackberry, roasted jade leaf and bitter-root. Three were blends from gilnean tea leaves, a white a grey and a black, each with their own take, other things added. But all three rare treats, as much of the gilnean tea crop had been lost to blight and plague those six-and-some years ago.

The last two were hand-written labels in the same hand that Blythe had gotten a pair of addresses from. One simply said ‘harmony.’ The other said ‘hope.’ Not very indicative, as far as flavor profiles. But once poured and steeped, perhaps would be more illuminating.

The first blend was a green tea. Harmony. A tiny hint of mint brought a cool freshness to warm steam, and a splash of smoked nutmeg brought it an appreciable earthiness. The second was a grey leafed tea. Hope. Hints of cinnamon, powdered arethil and oddly enough.. little shreds of smoked chili peppers brought it a warmth that seemed to soak nearly soul-deep into the drinker.

Beneath all of them was a note.

Blythe. I hope our work finds you well. Let me know what you think of these, they are my favorites from among our stock.

I hadn’t realized how much I missed little miss trouble. I look forward to getting to know you as the woman you’ve grown up to be.

~Madigan Thornecliff

p.s. I’ve spoken with management, about the rug. I do not expect it will trouble you any further.

@theunfortunatedruid @penvenomstarkstar ))

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Why do people comment on Gillian's size? She looks normal sized to me, not tall of course but that's what bodies look like when you eat healthy and move your body, then you don't carry extra weight. She looks like most Europeans or are the people commenting Americans? I find it so weird and it bugs me people say she is tiny as if she was a child. I weigh 106 pounds (53kg) and I'm her height and I'm not tiny I'm adult size. Just not a big adult. It's just as hurtful like calling someone "fat".

To me I think it’s because she has that huge aura… honestly when you see her talking or acting her charisma and presence are taking up the whole room. But than if you see her you are just impressed or astonished that she is not 6feet tall… when I first met her my thought was too she really is small I somehow did expect her to have an more imposing physique and not be petite.
No shaming in either direction is okay- to me I was just surprised by her appearance

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For the 7kpp meme! 6, 9, 15 :3 (whichever MC's you feel make the most interesting answer!)

6. Parents - Arland. 

Hm. I haven’t put a lot of thought into the King and Queen, honestly. Let’s talk about Aoife’s parents for this one — she’s my tiny redheaded princess who’s always been a bit too much of a spitfire to be perfectly proper. I think of all my Arland MCs, she’s probably the one who actually has the best relationship with her parents. Her mother’s a bit distant but kind, a somewhat fragile woman who was always very close to Constance, moreso than she was to Aoife and Paza (the prince, barely eight when Aoife leaves for the Summit). She’s often either busy with court affairs or sick in bed, but occasionally finds time to play piano with her children and teach them lullabies. Aoife’s father is closest to her of all three siblings, and shares her red hair and freckled complexion along with her unwillingness to hide emotions. He was more present in her life when she was younger, between the time when Constance started lessons (and therefore couldn’t look after her younger sister) and when Paza was born. He’s strict, of course, as all Arland dads are, but he’s made sure to never be cruel or neglectful.

9. Parents - Hise - Blackthorn. 

Catherine Blackthorn is the name of Irina’s mother. She’s an intimidating woman, with thick curls and a patch over her right eye during the day (to switch to the left eye when sailing at night), tall and deceptively slender and fights with a double-edged naginata instead of a traditional sword or knife. A boisterous and superbly extroverted individual, she manages to inspire loyalty and fear at the same time and appears to have aged little in her adult life but for laugh lines and new scars. It’s clear to everyone who meets her, however, that she considers her husband to be her sun and stars, and her young daughter to be her entire world. She and Irina are incredibly close, closer than any other versions of them that came to be (except for Amrita and Astrid, but that’s a different story), and she often takes time to give her daughter life lessons and teach her new things. Catherine is the one who teaches Irina to paint, to sing, to dance the rueda and the tango and to play street drums and a pan flute along with the more ‘proper’ instruments she learns at home, because this version of Blackthorn is an avid aficionado of the arts and is overjoyed to see her daughter wanting to become the same.

Nobody would think to ask her, but if they did they would find that she would gladly give up her career as a pirate to keep her family safe. She was a lonely child, orphaned young and raised on the streets, so the family she has built for herself is worth more than any gold or jewels or even the sea breeze.

15. Friends - childhood. 

Arielle’s best friend is Revin, the son of another lower noble family whose lands border Holt’s. He’s a few years her elder and met her the day her father was killed, and they just sort of ended up never quite fully separating. He’s outgoing and warm-hearted, an altogether friendly and guileless person who helps run his family’s estate along with his widowed mother and two younger sisters. After Ari became mute from the trauma of her father’s death, he learned sign language along with her so they could communicate properly, and helped his sisters make her a set of conversation cards to take with her to the Summit (she repaid the gift with a litter of puppies from one of the Holt Manor dogs). The two of them have a standing agreement that if she doesn’t become engaged at the Summit, they’ll marry each other and have that be that — he’s pretty gay (probably like a 5 on the kinsey scale) and she’s not quite sure what she is, but they’re best friends and both agree that it sounds like a pretty good deal since they’re already ridiculously close and their families and staff are familiar with each other already.

(Not exactly childhood friends since they met when she was 14, but… close enough? Also… just realized that Revin should meet Lisle, they’d probably enjoy talking to each other about stuff and being able to relate and all that. IDK.)

Thanks for asking!! :)

so apparently femshep’s official height is 5′3″, and garrus’ is 7′. that’s a height difference of a whopping 21 inches. I’m honestly so disappointed that this isn’t addressed in-game because you just know he’d absolutely rip the piss out of her for it 

“hey shep I’m pretty sure alliance regulations say that anyone under 5′7″ has to use a booster seat in the mako…” 

garrus…kiss ur tiny angry girlfriend before she decks you…