and shes so beautiful

So poised and beautiful. She said hello to each and everyone of us. I will never forget what Mrs. Obama said, ‘This is the best piece of art that I’ve ever seen.’ I was floored. She has seen so much art in her life. Coming from her, our First Lady, the modern-day Schuyler sister incarnate, and one of the most inspirational women of our time, it was the best compliment I have ever received.

You guys remember after he hugged the absolute shit out of her, what happened after… cause it was my favorite part and the most unexpected, most wonderful aspect of The Hug. 

It destroyed my heart and and my feels with just the abolute beauty of it. 

It was this..

I mean the man cried and nuzzled her shoulder like a puppy. He was just so overcome by seeing her that he just couldn’t control his emotions and was comp0letly overwhelmed by them. It was so unexpected and just so damn beautiful to see this. 

And then she lifts his face to look at at at him and has the sappiest love of love i’ve ever seen. I mean that lhuge intake of breath as he stares at her. Do I have a close up of that stored in here somewhere?

Just take a good look at that guys. That hand on her face as she looks at him,  that slight back and forth movement of his head. Tell me again they don’t love each other. Tell me when you look at that face of his and tell me hes not in love with the woman. 

Tell me and watch me laugh at you haha.

And just imagine how he’s gonna look at her when he sees her again. After everything that has happened to him since he last saw her. Just imagine how he is going to look at her then. 

Just imagine it.. and feel the feels :D

(btw gifs are not mine and I apologize I don’t remember whose they are but credit to them)

my mom is like so swag when she was in her youth she was beauti and had guys all falling for her one of her bfs even got a tattoo of her name and proposed marriage 2 her and he kept sayin he had 10k he would spend all on her after marriage and she was like either u produce the cash now or gtfo but he lied he didn’t have it and tried to scrounge up some dough at the last min so she dumped him… somewhere out there is a guy with my mama’s name tatted on him lol I rly get a kick outta that how will I ever live up to her legacy