and shes making me feel bad


Present Day

Thalia got back from Yoga with Violet, she didn’t enjoy it as she knew she wouldn’t. As she approached the top of the stairs to her apartment she took a deep sigh as she saw Gianni, she knew her time was up. 

“Hey,” she said cautiously 

“Hey…” He grunted back

“Why didn’t you use your key?” She asked as she approached the front door.

“Well you’ve been avoiding me, so i thought i’d just wait for you and make sure you’re okay with my own two eyes before leaving.”

Thalia felt a stab of guilt and swallowed “I haven’t been avoiding you, Gianni,” she lied. 

Thalia walked to the front door and began to unlock it, keeping her eyes on the door she didn’t have to look at him, she felt bad. She’d known that if she’d seen him she would feel bad, and even more disgusted with herself for treating him the way she did and for how she’d dealt with her feelings about cuddling him. 

not to be CORNY but suhos corny so that gives me the right but anw i was in the kitchen and my mom was yelling at me like usual telling me about how useless i am lol something she likes to do every morning. and i came to my room to cry and make a post saying i was going back to sleep before i tried ******* myself and i came online and i saw the pic suho posted and its like whatever bad things i was feeling just disappeared like thats what i mean when i say he really saved me sometimes like he rlly made the pain go away and not to be corny but i like to think that its like. he knew i was feeling awful and he did it right on time its like he /knew/ u know what i mean 🤕😭 i hope he knows these little things he does rlly help me and has helped me stay alive like i hope he knows how important he is to some people even if he doesnt know i exist lsjsksjsj 😭

My spring semester starts today! Today I just have a Spanish class. Then later I’m hopefully going to go get a craigslist bike that I can ride to a group meeting for trans men tonight. I’m really hoping nothing needs repaired on the bike because it’s a pretty cool bike and there’s no other easy way for me to get to the meeting, and my mom’s also disapproving that I wanted to get an older bike so it’d be nice if I don’t end up looking like a dumbass (it’s supposedly works fine and it’s the same price as other bikes people are selling so idk why she’s set on making me feel bad about it)

here is the bike

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klutzy kristanna mom anon- i feel like my point was entirely missed lol. i wasnt trying to say anna was a bad mother?? pasta faces and crayon eating are fine. but it can make you feel like shit. i was more wanting to talk about like, kristoff giving anna good affirmation that she is doing a good job even when she feels like shit over all the little things went wrong? idk i like projecting my own self doubt and relationship fantasies onto anna too much probably aghjkhgkjh

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I’m sorry your point was missed. That sucks. For the record I absolutely know that Kristoff would be there for her when she has a crummy day where it feels like everything goes wrong kwim? 

(And shhhhh we’re allowed to project lol)

the office is closed today so I have to wait until tomorrow but I’m also going to try and make an appointment with my old therapist …. I feel bad because I stopped seeing her for like two years cuz I’m a seasoned therapy dropout but like

I miss her. She was really good. I like to think she’d be happy to see me again? I’ve changed and grown so much since she last saw me ..

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Sometimes I really wish Amber was non straight so that I would feel better about myself and my looks idk she just looks alot like me but hearing her say that shes straight makes me feel like im doing something bad and this sounds really dumb now that i say it nevermind

i heard her sat in one point during an interview where she was making an example and was like ‘my boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever’ and it may seem trivial but maybe she is or isn’t straight??? idk that’s her business and i’ll support her in whatever decision/route she decides to take and maybe she is straight or maybe she says it because of korea’s stern/conservative environment you know? and you aren’t doing anything bad!!!!! you are perfectly fine and okay and i’m sure amber would understand should the positions be switched or even if they weren’t switched. i’m sorry it took so long to respond to you, i haven’t been feeling the best and i wasn’t exactly sure how to respond, you know?

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I can’t decide if I really want to change my name or not because??? My mom LOVED the name she gave me and I really loved my mom so I feel kinda bad for wanting to change it but it’s just so incredibly female that’s it’s frustrating as a NB cause it’s so easy(and understandable) for people to assume I’m a girl. Hnnnnng

Make it ur middle name

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My sister's been getting into something she claims is harmless, but I don't think it is. To top it off, she's pressuring me into doing those "harmless" things, too, and I don't want to. It's a really bad influence, and I know it won't end up good for me, and I'm concerned for her.

I’m sorry. My only advice is that you make it clear you don’t feel comfortable with her pressuring you and that you’re worried.

  • fanon holtzmann: smooth 24/7, Sex God, knows exactly what to say and it is hilarious, makes you gay even if you Don't Want That, fashion icon, seriously though look at her for one second and You're Gay, she planned all of this to work perfectly
  • canon holtzmann: certifiably Bad™ at feelings, has no idea. about anything that's happening. ever, fashion disaster, science is her safe place, literally lies down on the ground and hides from confrontation, trash girl, never paid for a thing in her life

Signs as quotes from The End of the F***ing World

Aries: “I’m going to be so fucked off if we get murdered.” -alyssa

Taurus: “I think he was properly beautiful.” -alyssa

Gemini: “It’s strange. A lot of the time you don’t register the important moments as they happen. You only see that they were important when you look back.” -alyssa

Cancer: “Being with Alyssa had started to make me feel things and I didn’t like it at all.” -james

Leo: “I thought she would be interesting to kill. So I pretended to fall in love with her.” -james

Virgo: “People can’t be answers. They’re just more questions.” -alyssa

Libra: “I’m bad at apologizing to people but sometimes I know I should.” -alyssa

Scorpio: “I get these moments when I have to lie down because everything feels, sort of, too much. And I look up and see the blue or the gray or the black and I feel myself melting into it. And for, like, a split second, I feel free and happy.” -alyssa

Sagittarius: “It’s like everything shifts in a moment. You step out and you see where you are really clearly. You see yourself. And you think… Fuck. This. Shit.” -alyssa

Capricorn: “I’m trying to think what adults do in situations like this. Should we go downstairs and have a glass of wine?” -alyssa

Aquarius: “That was the day I learned that silence is really loud. When you have silence it’s hard to keep stuff out.” -james

Pisces: “To be mad in a deranged world is not mad. It’s sanity.” -leslie

So I forced my best friend to whatch Duel Monsters last month and she cannot stop making puns about Atem’s name (Ger. Atem = breath) like:

“That ceremonial duel was absolutely BREATHTAKING”


“Guess it must be hard to run for Yugi now that he’s constantly out of BREATH”

And I really wanna punch her right now-


lookin straight through you seeing all the broken parts

Peter: I was just trying to be like you

Tony: I wanted you to be better.

Karen, faintly from the mask in peters hand: *big time rush voice* UH UH u-uH ohhHHHH

allurance things
  • allura: “there’s a lot of pressure to do this properly and i don’t want to make a mistake” lance: “do you want me to make an even bigger mistake so that any mistake you make pales in comparison and you won’t feel so bad?” allura: <3
  • they sometimes have little lion double dates bc lance misses blue and red is the only piece of her father that allura has left
    • allura tells lance that blue misses him very much and is proud of how much he’s grown. lance makes sure to ask red about the paladins of old so that he can tell allura stories about her father when she’s feeling homesick and discouraged. 
  • they’re on the training deck and lance says that if he can pin her in under 5 minutes, she has to go on a date with him. and allura happily agrees because she can probably pin him in 17 seconds flat. 
    • hunk: “you realize lance knows he’s never going to beat you right?” allura: “well that’s silly. why issue the challenge then?” hunk: “well it’s certainly not an excuse to spend more time with you if that’s what you’re asking…” 
  • it takes him a couple of weeks to do it, but lance eventually trains the mice to wink and throw finger guns in allura’s direction whenever she passes by. she admits it’s incredibly endearing when the five manage to synchronize it. 
  • right before allura’s first mission, lance kisses her helmet for good luck. allura mistakes it for a common earth gesture, so she returns the favor as well. it eventually becomes a habit for the two of them, and even though allura isn’t quite sure what the gesture means, she likes that it makes her feel safer. 
  • allura likes to wander the halls of the castle when she can’t sleep. if lance happens to hear her pass his door, he’ll take her to the bridge, open up a bunch of old altean star charts, and ask her to name every planet and constellation she can remember. 
    • allura: “are you sure this will help?” lance: “it’s easier to fall asleep with a smile on your face. and i like hearing you talk about home.” 
  • allura: “i’ve had a really long day” lance: “do you need a pick me up?” allura: “yeah i think so” lance: *opens his arms wide* “come on. bring it in. we can snuggle on the couch and watch the opera the mice have been rehearsing.”