and shes a villain

Why Fate of the Furious is Awesome

I’m gonna try and keep this relatively spoiler-free, but just in case something slips past, don’t read this if you don’t want to know why I fucking adore this movie.

1) Family Values
Pretty much every character except the villain has a family they’d do anything for, and I love it. Is it cheesy? Yes, but I love cheese, and I love how each of these badass ex-con, ex-cop badasses love their family.

2) The Villain
I love Charlize Theron already, but as a villain, and a fucking terrifying one at that? Man, she SHINES.

3) The Female Characters
The main villain is a woman, half the main cast are women, the day is saved because Vin Diesel’s character asked the help of a woman. And did I mention the women also kick major ass? Two are hackers, and one fucking chops a guy in half with a submarine propeller and glares a dude down while he has a gun to her face. The women are badass.

4) Every Extra Car Missing From the Roads in Previous Installments Comes Back
You’ll know what I mean when it happens. You’ll know.

5)The Rock Performs a Haka
You don’t understand how awesome this was. Not only did they respect the Rock’s culture (they had someone write out the Haka, then send it down south to be approved by Maori Elders), but they allowed him to perform it, along with a bunch of little kids who did a damn fine job with that choreography and chanting. You know how badass it was to see that and not have it made fun of? Say what you will about this franchise, but they respected this and I respect them for that.

6)The Over-the-Topness
At one point, they have a retrofitted Cold War submarine firing missiles at them. They end up blowing the submarine up. This was after the scene in New York where Charlize Theron’s character rains literal cars down on a Russian ambassador that has nuclear launch codes, and also after Vin Diesel’s character drives a car backwards, while it is also on fire, to win a race. These movies are legendary for this stupid action scenes, but my god they’re fun.

7) Every Scene With Jason Statham and the Baby

8) Mama Shaw
Mother of two cold-blooded killers making one of her sons feel bad by crying so that he’ll take his brother along for his terrorist killing spree? I said it before, and I’ll say it again: the women in this movie are great.

9)Nobody Dies (Well, a couple do, but the main cast? Nah)
This movie is about saving the world, about the government sucking ass and screwing people over, it’s about fast cars and cyberterrorism, but most of all, it’s about family. It’s about a family, found and otherwise, of non-white people (unless you count Mr. Nobody and Little Nobody or The Shaws as part of the Fam) surviving hardships and trusting each other no matter what. In this day and age, we need that. We need that kind of happy ending bad, man. 

10)Brian Marcus Toretto

I hope that explains a bit more why I like this movie.

Disney hire me

Star frees all the villains that were trapped by Rhombulus but shes like “ONE CONDITION…. You follow my orders, okay? We have to fight Toffee because he’s mad evil and he doesn’t even respect other villains! You don’t want that, do you?”

Theyre like “No, I suppose not…..” but they look at this little sunshine angel baby and they’re like “We’ll do it but u gotta get a makeover so we actually look cool.” Eclipsa holds out a lil bag full of dark makeup.

The episodes called Star gets a goth makeover and starts a revolution of super old villains that wanted a second chance…. Toffee knows some of them too so its like a high school reunion except they’re all trying to kill each other

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My friends and I have a DND podcast and my character is a human bard named Cerise and she's a a chaotic good and a Jewish lesbian who keeps getting crushes on the lady villains. And she grew up in a circus as a contortionist. But I keep forgetting to buy weapons so she beats enemies with her mandolin.

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If CP went to kindergarten and you know like most kids came home and said like "I don't like Peter (just took a random name) he pulled my hair". Do you think J would kill that child? I don't like killers but I can more understand if an adult person got killed, but a child, that's just the most disgusting and horrible thing. Do you think that J and Harley could really kill a baby (infant) or maybe a small toddler? I know they are psychopaths but don't they have any type of morals (for children)

Joker and Harley only care about themselves and their child in this scenario. What makes them unique from most other villains is that they are completely and totally detached from humanity other than themselves. It makes no difference who the person is. Especially when it comes to their daughter, they will get revenge if shes hurt. Thats what makes them villains, that they are dispicable and dont have morals. They are only capable of their own twisted love and devotion for each other. No one else. Id argue theyre the most fucked up villains, or some of the most. Its why Joker especially has been able to last through history as the worst of the worst of the villains not just in dc but in media in general.

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What do you think about Double 09/Domino/Black Tulip?? She appears in the Mewtwo Returns movie!! She was such a cool && badass villain. I wished she showed up more haha.

I love her! I haven’t drawn her yet tho haha

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"Part of me is like “don’t be an asshole Jemma, don’t be an asshole Jemma. Do not be an asshole!!” And the other reactionary part of me wants to be like “this is why nobody likes finnrey shippers..........." She puts into the Finnrey tag as she wonders why Finnreys don't like her. Sure, they're the villains though. Carry on playing dumb though, the people in your echo chamber refuse to use the search functions so I'm sure you can have more material to vilify people with.

I literally did not put that in the tag…Why do none of you people understand what the difference is between intentionally tagging something and just talking about it on your own blog? Also it was literally 7 months ago. And you very much took it out of context to make me look worse. 

Why can’t you just admit that you were wrong to accuse me of something when there’s no evidence that I’ve ever done it, instead of trying to pull half assed irrelevant receipts on me.  

I’m allowed to make posts on my own blog. I’m allowed to have opinions. By the way, you aren’t exactly convincing me that shippers are shining examples of nice people with all of this harassment. 

  • Matt Murdock: constantly questions the morality of killing his enemies
  • Luke Cage: constantly questions the morality of killing his enemies
  • Danny Rand: constantly questions the morality of killing his enemies
  • Jessica Jones: "smile :)"

Margherita Lucilla Siani - Overwatch OC: Overview

Ta-daaaa! This post has been stocked in my scraps for like… a decade! I’ve been changing things, names, dates so many times that I have issues myself to remember who and when. But we are finally here!

Some general, basic informations about my Overwatch Child, Margherita. It’s the first time ever I go this deep with an Original Character, so I really hope you like her! More infos, skins and backstory will come soon.

Fancy to tell me if you’d like to play as her? Ahah! I totally would!

I wrote more detailed explanations about her abilities, but I’m gonna hide the rest of the post since I talked too much. LOL

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reasons why haggar is a lesbian

made by me, a certified lesbian

• she’s the most powerful villain/person in the show
     • like seriously no one has anything on her
     • and lesbians/gay people are always more powerful than straight people

• no one fucking…listens to her
     • which is relatable so i mean…

• the only time she smiles around a man is when she’s torturing him
     • do i even need to explain this

• she’s magical and magic is gay
     • proof: have you ever read a fantasy book because holy shit even if the obviously        gay characters end up being straight (looking at you sarah j. maas) they’re still            pretty fuckign gay

• what straight girl dresses like this:

conclusion: haggar is a lesbian


“Too bad for you, but I restored the heart back to Te Fiti!”
I was looking through some photos from the Moana Meet-and-Greet and found this gem which was ABSOLUTELY unintentional, but honestly it made me laugh