and shepard's smile

Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
’Tis grace that brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.

The scene in which Shepard finds Mordin’s datapad is one of the most painful in the series. It always gives me a sharp jolt of realization that her friends have died to defeat the reapers and so much rides on her shoulders..

The last character(with the tied up hair) is an oc of mine, the man who took Miora in for a while before dying. He gave her a home and taught her to read. A good man, whose backstory I’ve yet to develop.

I don’t mean to always make Miora so sad in every artwork.. but it just happens.. Next one will be a happy one, I swear! 

It’s the middle of the night and both Shepard and Garrus are fast asleep when they hear a crash downstairs, although it doesn’t shock or frighten either of them, no. Not since they adopted their first child - a krogan. If only they had known earlier about the bonus feature that comes with young krogan and their sleeping routine.

“He’s sleep-raging, again. Go get him.” Shepard mutters, unwilling to move or even open her eyes.

“He’s your son, you go get him.” Garrus responds, just as unwilling.

You’re the one that suggested having kids in the first place.”

“And you’re the one that wanted to adopt a krogan of all species.”

“Because I’ve had experience, so you should go.”

Garrus pops an eye open to look at her, “I should go?”

“Oh, screw you, Vakarian.” Shepard groans, turning onto her opposite side so she no longer faced him, only for Garrus to huddle closer to her, his arm reaching around for her hand as he feels out for her wedding ring.

“Now, now, you’re Vakarian too, remember? So, who’s getting–”

“Oh, my God, shut up.” Shepard wails, pushing his hand away.

Garrus gets even closer, a sleepy smirk tugging at his mandibles as he nuzzles his head right into her neck, his mouth at her ear, “You love my voice.”

“Oh, my God, just–!” Shepard throws the blanket off the bed as she gets up, leaving Garrus to either go cold or to get up out of bed himself to retrieve the blanket, making his smirk dissappear. “All is fair in love and war.“

“There is no war.” Garrus sighs as he reluctantly gets out of bed to collect the blanket.

“Well, you married a woman who was already married to her job.” Now Shepard is the one with the evil smirk as she stops to look back at him before disappearing from the room.

Game. Set. [CRASH!] …Draw.

After Kane Shepard punched the Reapers in their ugly faces, she married Garrus and got herself a face tattoo to get her husbando’s facial marks too. 

What if...?   Kaidan in ME2

I finally got around to doing Cora’s loyalty quest last night, and the ridiculous scene with the over-exaggerated biotic bubble just reminded me of the biotic bubble from ME2′s suicide mission.  … Which indirectly made me think of Kaidan in ME2, and then I started daydreaming a bit… 

What if, instead of Kaidan never reconciling with Shepard in ME2, Kaidan actually takes some time to consider what Shepard told him?  It certainly takes him a while to understand things from Shepard’s point of view, but he does eventually come around.  Despite his misgivings about Cerberus, he sees the kind of rag-tag crew Shepard has brought together and sees what they’re trying to accomplish, how Shepard has no intention of bending to Cerberus’ will and is simply using those resources to do what Shepard does best… save the galaxy. 

So tentatively he decides to trust his gut about Shepard, and cautiously re-extends a hand, trying to mend that broken bridge connecting them…  and truly, Shepard is just so relieved beyond belief that Kaidan wants to see the good in them, believes in them still.  Shepard takes that hand gladly, and although he cuts it close, Kaidan manages to join the team just before their fated mission to the Omega 4 Relay.

When the question comes up of who will put their life on the line protecting Shepard and the main squad from the Collectors, Kaidan doesn’t blink.  Miranda challenges the idea, but Kaidan knows his abilities.  He knows his control.  He knows how potent his L2 implant is, despite its dangers to him.  Jack doesn’t question it… they’ve sparred a bit in their down time for her to know he’s the real deal.   He may be quieter than her, more thoughtful, but his power is anything but.  

… and maybe it’s Kaidan’s way of jabbing back at a Cerberus agent.  Just a bit.

When the moment of truth arrives, Kaidan comes through in spades.  His biotic barrier bubble flares brilliantly during their long walk through the Collector Base.  Years of careful control, of training, of preparation.  Though his concentration wavers and his body strains as they near the last doorway, he surges and soldiers on, the fire within him to not fail Shepard again too strong to flicker out.  Never again.  As they reach the doorway safely, Kaidan, for the first time in a very… very long time, lets himself cut loose, and he releases his biotics at the Collectors.  The raw, electric blue wave screams out, obliterating the enemies behind them, and the squad shuts the large doors.

Kaidan, almost completely spent, feels dizzy for a moment and starts to slip… but Shepard shoulders him gently, keeps him upright.

“I got you,” Shepard says softly.

Kaidan smiles tiredly.

I know.

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Kiss prompts #17 for shenko? (PS. you're amazing and I adore your writing! ♡)

This one took me forever! I’m still not sure about this one, but it’s late so *tosses fic onto the internet and runs away*

17. height difference kisses where one person has to bend down and the other is on their tippy toes

Most days Avory is built of metal. Her skin a construct of stainless steel, impenetrable walls enveloping a skeleton forged in fire. Stubborn will surrounds her like concrete, roots her to the ground. Even in the fiercest of storms, she is unyielding. Even without armor, she is bulletproof. She prides herself on it, being unbreakable, draws strength from it. When all else fails, when everyone else falls, she remains. Yet even the strongest metals can be melted, even the hardest patches of concrete eroded.

Kaidan works on her like water on rock, an ever present force so gentle, so patient she hardly notices as her edges soften. Every look, every touch, laps away at her resolve. Every time her name tumbles from his lips, a raspy greeting on deck, a prayer whispered in the middle of the night, her foundation cracks. With each embrace, she crumbles. With each kiss, she prepares to fall.

But there is no falling. Kaidan keeps his hand pressed firm against the small of her back, holds her against him, because although she has her arms wrapped around his neck, too much space remains between them and she alone cannot fill the gaps while standing on her tip-toes. She relies on him completely to hold her up, to keep her balance, to prevent her from falling.

Her need for him has far surpassed physical desire, she depends on him now, and it pains her to know his support has become an essential part of her infrastructure. Somewhere a voice taunts, when did you become so weak? It warns, only a matter of time. It mocks, you couldn’t possibly think

Kaidan slips a hand between them, his finger hooks beneath her chin and lifts her face to his. She blinks up at him, just barely able to catch a glimpse of deep amber eyes, filled with warmth, with compassion before he captures her in a kiss. His lips are hot against hers, his kiss so tender, so deep she can feel herself rapidly being pulled away by the tide. He never pushes for more, only invites, and Avory accepts every time.

In his arms, time slows. When all she can feel is the warmth of his body against hers, the scratch of his battle-worn hands on her bare skin, soothing and rough and tickling all at the same time, the voice disappears, the doubt washes away. Everything is quieter, simpler, easier when she is wrapped up in him.

For as long as he holds her, it’s as if she’s in the eye of the storm, all calm and quiet though she knows the galaxy continues to spin around them. Avory knows there’s a chance that one day he may let her fall, leave her to weather the hurricane alone. She knows that very storm could tear him from her at any moment, leave her walls riddled with holes and her foundation broken. But for now, he has her. And for now, she has him. For now, she can hang on.


Red had always been her favorite color, even before joining the gang.

She had thought it stupid, to place so much significance on a color, but that didn’t stop her from wearing some shade of red every day. Cloaked in shades of crimson, she had felt invincible. Bold, assertive, dangerous, it was her color. She was red.

For a long time, she was red. And then, after Nick, after the Reds, she was muted.

She hadn’t given much thought to finding a new favorite color until Kaidan.

She first noticed her love of blue creep in back on the SR1. The electric blue of biotics, eezo that saved her life in more ways than one. Navy Alliance blue that offered more stability than she had ever known. Royal blue flecks of energy within amber eyes, a mixture of fire and ice that she had been unable to resist.

Blue suited him; sensitive, loyal, wise. He was blue.

Where she was all fire and rage, engulfing everything that crossed her path, he was balance and sincerity, a pool of serenity lapping against shores of lava.

So much had changed over the last few years, but that much remained true.

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Shepard idly watched Garrus pace the Comm Room, as Ashley and Kaidan argued.  

“We know Benezia has connections with Saren. It’s as simple as that” Ash all but stomped her foot in frustration.

“Noveria is a fortress, all that vested interest, money, backdoor dealings, it will keep. Feros, on the other hand, is sending a distress signal, they should be our top priority, Saren or no” Kaidan’s calm did nothing to quell Ashley’s irritation.

Shepard sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, this has been going on for what felt like hours now. She looked around the room, Tali had subtly slipped into a stupor, her gaze fixed on the opposite wall. Garrus leant down to look at a particularly fascinating screw, stroking it with his thumb absentmindedly. Wrex outright reclined on his seat eyes closed, with not a single damn given. Only Liara maintained a respectful fascination with the proceedings, her eyes darted between the two humans in an invisible tennis match. 

“We are not a rescue mission Lieutenant!” Ashley snapped “We have a job to do, and that job is to stop Saren, not run around the galaxy performing mindless heroics!”

Kaidan cringed and turned to look at the Commander “Shepard, tie breaker?”

“And you were doing so well without me!” she exclaimed theatrically. The answer was that she just didn’t know. Unfortunately, clairvoyance was not in her job description, and both her officers had a point. They call it the burden of command. She called it sleepless nights and a growing pile of guilt. She stalled, looking around the room, trying to find help, but even Wrex deemed it necessary to open one eye and fix it expectantly on her.

A slight noise to her right made her spin her chair around in her desperation.

“Vakarian, thoughts?” she expected the turian to fumble in embarrassment, caught out by the senior officer, but he had other ideas.

“Noveria, Commander” his subharmonics purred out her name like a caress, head tilted forward he fixed a predatory, starved gaze directly on her.

Shepard inhaled sharply, her insides clawed at her as she struggled to make a sound, she felt pinned by the sheer force of that gesture, something primal screamed for her to run, but a smaller voice quietly asked ‘which way?’. Her bewildered mind barely registered her own surroundings, the entire crew fell deadly silent, if she had the presence of mind to look at them she would have been greeted by slack jaws and farcical expressions.  

The spell was broken by Wrex’s bark of a laugh “You should warn them next time Vakarian. Our Gunnery Chief looks like she is about to submit a mating request.”

“What?” Garrus looked up at the krogan releasing Shepard from his thrall. She could breathe again but didn’t trust herself to move, her limbs felt limp, and she figured that toppling off her chair sideways was not dignified. She awkwardly half turned to look at her crew who were all arranged in various state of shock. Ashley’s face shone bright red and she opened and closed her mouth in silent protest to Wrex’s accusations, meanwhile Kaidan stared at the turian with abject horror. Liara once more managed to maintain the biggest amount of decorum her face clouded with only mild confusion.

“What the in ancestors’ name was that?” Tali’s giggle bubbled up at a hysterical pitch ‘What did you just do?!”

“I didn’t do anything?!” Garrus took a nervous step back throwing up his hands to shield himself from 5 pairs of eyes boring into him.

Shepard recovered some semblance of coherence and turned back to him.

“Riiiight, and that ‘fuck me’ stare was what? An accident?”

His eyes widened in surprise, his mandibles twitched and he took another step, backing himself up against the wall.

“Shepard, I believe it’s a turian thing.” Liara spoke calmly “Predatory instinct when cornered, although I must say I have never seen one this intense before”

Shepard could help but laugh “The Vakarian Stare-down™? Wrex is right you should take care with that one, it’s dangerous.”

Garrus dropped his shoulders and smiled weakly in response “Yes Ma’am, I will use it with caution next time.”

Shepard returned the smile “To Noveria it is then, maybe we can try out our new weapon of mass destruction and seduce the Geth into submission”

It was decided. As the meeting broke up Liara made her way toward the commander, quietly gesturing her over for a word. 

“Shepard” the asari shuffled on the spot “that was weird” 

“What was?” Shepard replied.

“Well, Predatory Instinct thing, that was a white lie, save him some dignity” she grimaced.

“Meaning?” Shepard frowned.

“Meaning, if that was, in fact, an involuntary reaction, it should have left us cowering on the floor, not…” she broke off.

Shepard glanced over at the turian who was staring blankly into the room with a panicked expression.

“Not wanting to rip our own clothes off I assume?” Shepard finished for her.

“Well yes…” Liara cringed “Just thought you’d want to know”


Serious Business

“Shepard, I want to begin by making it clear to you that this is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous vidcall I have ever been asked to make in the entirety of my life thus far.”

At the sound of Liara’s voice, Shepard’s eyes immediately jumped from the report they were reviewing to the terminal at her left. It was obvious that Liara was trying to hide her amusement, and failing quite spectacularly in the process. The sight brought a genuine smile to Shepard’s face, and with it, a flood of contented happiness.

“Ah, Shadow Broker,” she said in greeting, leaning casually back against her seat and clasping her hands behind her head. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Would you happen to know why I just received an uncharacteristically bizarre call from Tali and Garrus? Bizarre in the sense that neither one of them could stop laughing long enough to explain why they were calling in the first place.” She paused to wait for an answer, which came only in the form of a sparkling grin from the commander. “Miranda was the one who finally conveyed the message to me,” she continued, “and, for the record, Shepard, she seemed significantly less amused. Something about ‘wasting time’ and ‘not as funny as she thinks she is,’ which I assume was directed at you.”

“Couldn’t be. I’m exactly as funny as I think I am. Which, at the moment, is pretty peak.”

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JohnxKaiden - #48

writing prompts “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on”

Shepard’s moment to catch his breath is cut short by a pair of underwear to his face.

Clean, thankfully–but Kaidan’s. Shepard picks them up, raises an eyebrow at his husband. “Would you calm down?”

“My parents are going to be here in ten minutes.” Kaidan glances over his shoulders at Shepard, who’s still spread out on the bed, naked. Shepard smiles lazily. “Please put some clothes on.” He throws a pair of jeans towards the bed next, and gestures towards them, anxious.

Shepard pouts, swinging his leg over the edge of the bed. His feet hit the hardwood, and he stares down at his legs–one scarred, the skin still tight with burns and scar tissue, the other knicked, scratched metal–prosthetics from the Citadel. He wiggles his toes, rubs at his forehead.

“Only the best for Commander Shepard,” they’d said when they fit him with the new leg. Top-of-the-line tech, repurposed after the Reaper War a few years back. Years of civilian use wouldn’t have scraped it as bad, but Shepard pushed through combat training again after he was cleared through physical therapy before finally, at Kaidan’s insistence, accepting a desk job.

A desk job. He almost laughs.

“Hey,” Kaidan says, his voice soft as he sits next to him on the bed. Shepard glances up at him. “You okay?”

No question–Shepard is, more than okay. He reaches out, brushes his hand against Kaidan’s jaw before leaning in and pressing their foreheads together.

He takes a quick check of his body–no ache in his real knee, no painful stretch of his skin in his other leg. His cybernetics aren’t showing new scars.

They’re fine. He’s not sure he could be any happier.

“I’m great.” He kisses Kaidan, gently pressing his lips against the corner of Kaidan’s mouth. When Shepard pulls away, he draws his thumb over the curve of Kaidan’s lips. “Ten minutes? We have time for another round.”

Kaidan laughs as he taps Shepard’s leg with his hand. “Cute, but we’re not running on adrenaline and lost time anymore.” He stands up from the bed. Shepard watches him tug a shirt over his head. “Come on,” Kaidan says, when he turns to see Shepard still sitting in the same spot. “You play house for a few hours with my parents, I’ll indulge you tonight.”

“Deal,” Shepard says, immediate. His knee joint creaks as he stands, but he grins through it. It’s not often that he wakes up without something amiss. He’s going to enjoy it. He catches Kaidan around the waist, ducking his head to press kisses against his collarbone.

“You’re in a good mood,” Kaidan muses.

“I woke up with you,” Shepard tells him, reveling in the way Kaidan shivers as Shepard’s beard tickles against his skin. “Pretty damn good way to wake up, in my opinion.”

Unusual Normandy friendships headcanons

(Sam & Legion) (Steve & Wrex)

Tali & Zaeed:
-So during ME2 Shepard takes those two on a mission where mechs inside a facility try to kill them.
They get separated: Tali and Zaeed find themselves stuck in a room while Shepard runs around trying to hack the facility’s control system. Tali and Zaeed are told to stay put and wait, so they do since 1. they have no choice, 2. the danger is minimal and they know Shepard is going to be alright.
The first 10 minutes are silent until Tali says something about hearing a lot of Zaeed Massani stories from anyone but the man himself.
Zaeed is a bit taken aback like “you want to hear my stories?” But Tali nods so he starts to explain how he killed four guys with his bare hands (Jessie having been taking away from him, hence why he was using his hands and killing four guys) when the door opens.
“Let’s go,” Shepard says.
After Tali is reassured that Shepard is indeed fine (“thanks for asking,” Shepard says with a grin), she asks Zaeed to finish the story.
And that’s basically how Tali becomes the main audience of Story Time with Zaeed.
-She never gets tired of hearing his stories and he is so pleased that someone really listens to him. And the thing is, he just talks all the time but if one of them has to leave (because duty calls) he just picks up where he left off afterwards. It’s the most natural thing in the world for them. If Zaeed forgets where he was in the story, Tali reminds him.
-Jack comments on it at some point (“Aren’t you tired of hearing the old man prattle on?”) but Tali giggles and says she likes his stories. Zaeed preens a little after that. “That’s right,” he says. “She recognizes epic when she sees it!”
-After his loyalty mission where Vido gets away, Zaeed comes back enraged. Shepard warns Tali it would probably be better to stay away but she doesn’t listen. She goes to see Zaeed. He immediately tells her he isn’t in the mood to tell stories. He makes a gesture as if to say “go away” but she ignores him, sits next to him (on the floor because Zaeed can be quite dramatic sometimes) and says “That’s alright. It’s my turn. You’re going to listen to me now.”
She tells him tales about Rannoch. She talks about famous quarians and what happened to them on their Pilgrimage. She talks about her family, her people. She talks about the flotilla and how much she misses it sometimes.
She talks about the Normandy; how hard it is to find a home and how grateful she is to have found two.
She talks about everything and nothing until Zaeed’s heart stops beating so fast and he feels a bit better, something he never thought would be possible. 
When she’s done and all quiet, he turns to look at her and asks: “Why do you care?”
About me, he means. Why do you bother? Nobody else does.
Tali shrugs.
“Epic recognizes epic.”
Zaeed snorts at that. “Damn right girl. Don’t let anybody tell you you’re not.”
-When Tali comes back from her loyalty mission, she’s quiet and sad ; grief about to overtake her.
Zaeed brings two bottles to Engineering. Good idea or not, they’re completely drunk and laughing at something ridiculous Kenneth has just said (who is now genuinely scared of them both) when Shepard finds them.
When he sees Shepard, Zaeed smiles. “You gotta take care of that one, Shepard. She’s worth more than all the goddamn credits in the galaxy.”
“I know,” Shepard replies. “Believe me, I know.”

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Writing prompt #8 please - MShenko, naturally :)

Alright alright alright. The lovely @missannaraven requested some mshenko fun and I am happy to deliver! For the writing prompt meme: #8 - “You’re so drunk.”

The pulsing of the club music radiated through Kaidan’s body as he danced and swayed to the rhythm of sound all around him. It was one of the few times he allowed himself to let loose and just enjoy himself. Always too worried about control. Too worried about flashing lights and loud music. Too worried about migraines and a faulty biotic implant.

Tonight was all about letting loose. About having fun and letting the fears and worries wait till tomorrow.

Tonight was about being bold and courageous. Tonight was about telling your CO you had a major crush on them and that maybe, just maybe, they felt the same way.

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Chaos and Adventure (ME Fic)

I was @qbert0​‘s Holiday Harbinger gifter, and wanted to write something to go with the dice bag. You mentioned that you liked fShep/Liara and Garrus/Tali as a secondary pairing, that you enjoyed the whole gang’s adventures in the Citadel DLC, and requested no heavy emotional angst, so I tried to write a bit of fluff that captured some of those themes. It was a fun piece to write and I hope you enjoy it!

Post-game, ambiguous as to ending but Shepard is alive, pretty much pure fluff.

Judging from the length of the line outside, the rebuilt Ryuusei’s Sushi Bar was even popular than the old one. Even in civvies, Shepard was quickly recognized and waved to the front of the line. Liara had wondered if she would prove to be on some sort of restaurant blacklist, but if the maître d’ was aware of Shepard’s role in the demise of the sushi bar’s previous incarnation, she gave no sign. “Welcome, ma’am, Ryuusei’s is honored to have you,” she said smoothly. “This way, please, the rest of your party is waiting for you.”

Liara took a moment to look over the place. The renovation had been extensive (and doubtless expensive). Fish swam contentedly below her feet, unaware of the tragic fate of their predecessors. The wood paneling was carefully aged as if to suggest that the restaurant had been in continuous operation for decades, and certainly had not been invaded by mercenaries or swarming with Reapers at any point.

The maître d’s brow was furrowed in a look Liara had learned to interpret as impatience. She fell in beside Shepard as they made their way across the restaurant. Garrus Vakarian gave a quick wave from across the way – of course, he had spotted them first. Tali’Zorah’s attention appeared to be completely absorbed by the “NEW Dextro Menu!” in her hands, but she quickly glanced up as the maître d’ pulled out Shepard and Liara’s chairs.

“Shepard! Liara!” she said. “It’s so good to see you!” Liara didn’t need to be able to see Tali’s face to know that she was smiling. “It’s been too long.”

“Well, if some people could tear themselves away from their homeworlds more often…” Shepard said teasingly.

Garrus spread his hands. “You know how it is, Shepard,” he said ruefully. “One meeting after another, datapad after datapad filled with decisions to be made… It’s enough to make a turian think about resuming his vigilante career. I’d have thought the Reaper advisor would be, eh, off the hook with the Reapers gone…”

“Ah, ah!” Tali waved a finger in mock indignation. “No Reaper talk.”

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“Nonono,” Kaidan says, leaning forward and gesturing with his rum and coke, nearly spilling it all over all over the floor of Shepard’s new Citadel apartment, “Or - yes, I - you know what I mean, Vega.”

“I know you’re a lightweight, Alenko,” James snorts and Kaidan shakes his head.

“No! It’s the biotic metabolism, I’ll be sober again in ten minutes.”

Jacob and Liara agree immediately - the biotic defence squad in full force - and when Shepard agrees too, James looks betrayed.

“You’re not a lightweight, Commander.”

“Cerberus implants,” Shepard says with a shrug. “But without them, I would be. Kaidan’s right.”

“You’re just sticking up for him ‘cause he’s your boyfriend,” James says, but he’s smiling, and he ends the sentence on a sing-song note and makes a hand-heart at them.

“Yep,” Shepard says, putting his arm around Kaidan’s waist and kissing his temple. Kaidan gives him a bright and tipsy smile, so Shepard kisses his lips, too, before grinning at James. “Sorry, James. On the clock, it’s my job to be impartial but off the clock is a different matter.”

“Yeah, yeah,” James says, and huffs before looking at Shepard with a slowly growing grin. “You know, I heard Esteban and Joker talking about doing shots earlier.”


“And it’s giving me ideas. You and me, mano a mano. Try out those Cerberus implants.”

Shepard glances at Jacob, sees him smirking - he was with Shepard when he drank ryncol, which, honestly, wasn’t one of his proudest moments. He knows he could take James on without breaking a sweat, but even off the clock he probably shouldn’t be encouraging this sort of thing.

James folds his arms, cocks his head. “Unless it’s all just bluster, Commander.”

“You’re on,” Shepard says immediately, never able to turn down a challenge, and James claps him on the back.

Ten minutes, a rapidly decreasing amount of bravado and six shots of rum later, James waves a hand in defeat, saying shoulda done tequila, I’da won with tequila, before collapsing on the sofa with a groan. Shepard, feeling happily drunk, smiles at Kaidan, who shakes his head.

“I did it for you,” Shepard tells him. “Defending your honour.”

Kaidan snorts and sidles up to him, grabbing the next shot of rum on the counter and sipping at it, making a face before knocking it back. “Defending my honour with rum shots?”

“Better than the other kind of shots.”

Shaking his head, Kaidan kisses him. “You’re ridiculous,” he says, not for the first time and it won’t be the last.

Hitching a thumb over his shoulder at the makeshift dance floor, Shepard says, “How about we be ridiculous together?”

Kaidan laughs, and nods, and they walk over hand-in-hand.


(Got an mshenko ficlet prompt? Send it in!)

(Other mshenko ficlets)

Really Big Gun

Kaidan sat next to Shepard at the bar. He was a few drinks in and feeling pretty good. He could tell that Shepard, by the way she was sitting on the edge of her stool, and missing her mouth with the straw, was too. It wasn’t often that when the ship was docked, they got to go out like this, but when the ship’s captain suggests shore leave, who is he to question it?

He watched as she knocked back the last of her drink, in one large swig. She sat her empty glass back down, probably a little bit too forcefully and looked his way, from out of the corner of her eye.

“You’ve got some catching up to do”, she said, turning the corners of her mouth into a playful grin.

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This fic was written as a giveaway prize for @foofyschmoofer! The events of this story take place after the Destroy ending of ME3 and Shepard has the spacer background. I had a great time writing this! :)

Hannah Shepard squeezed her daughter’s hand.

Shepard looked over at her mother and smiled. Her heart was full today; today was the day her mother and Garrus’ father would finally get to meet.

Shepard had spoken to Castis Vakarian several times before, but they had never met in person. Already she felt a closeness to him that helped with the hole in her heart that her own father left behind. He had passed away due to an illness right before she joined the military. A large part of her decision to join was to make him proud and continue his legacy. Ever since her and Garrus had decided to start exclusively dating, Shepard and Garrus chatted regularly with his father via video chats and eventually Shepard would begin to call him regularly on her own for advice and comfort. Castis eased the pain of losing her dad some, and that meant the world to her.

Shepard and her mother approached the restaurant on the Citadel where they were going to meet.

They approached a hostess station where a young asari greeted them.

“Oh, Commander Shepard! It’s an honor. We were expecting you, right this way. Mr. Vakarian has already arrived.”

The hostess walked them back to a private balcony area that overlooked the Presidium. The view was beautiful and the area was quiet.

“There they are!” Garrus said, walking over to greet them.

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