and she's thinking

im thinking about my gf coming and staying with me for a week and im really !!!!!!!!!!!! im all smiley rn 

selfxloathingxvamp replied to your post “Oh my Gooood. I’m watching “The dark rabbit has seven lives” and damn…”

//lmao maybe anon meant who mika would be in that other show tho

Yeah, that’s what I was answering

There’s a vampire who is the protagonist’s childhood friend and sacrificed herself for him at the beginning, they separated and then they reunite years later.

They even have moments when she’s like “let’s run” and he’s like “no, we gotta save them” and he tries to even protect his enemy. That’s how similar they are to Mika and Yuu’s dynamics.

Taito is “kind” (lol) and Saito Himea just wants to be with him. 

If they cant’t look past the moe surface of the heroine they won’t notice the similarities and the tropes.

Heck, Taito uses the same corny phrases like “I’ll definitely save you” and all the shit.

Like I said, it has many of mik/yu tropes and lines.

Obviously, don’t expect to see Mika in a moe loli but if you can look past it it’ll be obvious to you.
She isn’t even that expressive toward anyone other than Taito either so???


Finally got workshop to behave (mostly). It’s still a lot of re-remembering what I forgot. Next up is figuring out how to get rid of the shiny and the weird seam thing going on with the top. I think if I just get rid of the bump maps the shiny will go away, cause my specs I don’t think are dark enough to do this.

I’m just working with adult clothes to start with since they’re a fair bit easier to work on. Mostly because the adults can stand on their own in cas and in game for easier viewing (cause right now I’m too lazy for pose packs until I get these working)

These will be released eventually, I’m just not sure when since I’m working on a project with a friend of mine to make our own kind of stuff pack. I’ll be including quite a few of my unfinished works in with it too since I began work on some things ages ago but never got back to it *stares at the kiddy pool*

Some of the stuff I won’t be surprised if someone else has already made it, seeing as I’ve been a bit out of the loop for a few years, buuuut I’ll be putting out the stuff I made anyway because why not.

Code July Day 21: AU (PART 2)

Now to really be a part of the group, just step into the scanner

AU where season 3 builds up to Sissi being the 6th member of the Lyoko Warriors. 

TBH after all the screen time and development she gets in s1+2, it would make sense, and she’s done enough for them to consider giving her another chance.