and she's thinking

I know it’s The Thing to poke fun at Cora mentioning that she’s a Huntress and memorized all of Sarissa’s manuals at least twice in every conversation, and I get why (like yeah, we get it, you’re a Huntress. Can you please talk about something else for once)

But on the other hand…of fucking course she’s going to fall back on the one certain, helpful thing in her life after the shit show that has been coming to Heleus.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she’s on the verge of a nervous break, if not a complete meltdown (She’s certainly entitled to one after losing Alec, her job to an untrained child, the home she expected to be there, and pretty much everything else)

And her fixation with the Asari is certainly understandable given that they’re really the only people that accepted her Biotic abilities.

So yeah, cut Cora some slack


Ben & Sophie with Bradley Cooper at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016 - pt 4 (pt 1, pt 2, pt 3)

(Sorry for the fuzzy quality, the shot is from far away and the trio take up maybe 10% of the whole screen)


Day 3 for @bokuakaweek Model/ Photographer or Fly / Wings

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What are your thoughts on Fenrys crush on Aelin? I don't know what to think tbh


I just don’t understand why there can’t be a male that is not in love with her. ALMOST EVERY GUY WE MET HAD A CRUSH ON HER. I just want Fenrys and Aelin’s bromance. 0 crush. Just bromance


Taurus the type to never forgive you for accidentally telling one of their little secrets but have no problems spilling your personal business to anyone who’ll listen

Sky.eward shippers: Chloe is the captain of our ship! She loves it! She said so years ago!

Chloe Bennet: 

Sky.eward shippers: … ANYWAY SHE HAS BEEN HACKED

Lena 👏 Luthor 👏 Cries 👏 About 👏 Everything👏

Finds out she’s biologically a Luthor? Cries.

Gets screwed over by her ex? Teary eyed.

Loses a bid for business? Sheds fat tears.

Can’t beat her fastest online sudoku time? Weeps.

Kara sends her a cute picture of a puppy and a kitten? FUCKING BREAKS DOWN SOBBING.

My mom just got back from a business trip to China, and she brought me presents and I love them!

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Noah fence but if you think Angelina Jolie's head photoshopped onto a Brazilian woman's body on whom you've used a psd to whitewash to oblivion is somehow less problematic then honey you've got a big storm coming.

Noah fence but if you think that all la.tinas are brazilian then you really need to 1. fact check 2. reconsider everything because eriana is actually cuban lmao. repeat after me folks, not all poc are interchangeable !

ok so the first time i read this i was Legitimately worried bc i’d never thought about it as whitewashing because i’m literally only using her body (and, the last time i checked, certain body silhouettes / muscular structures are not exclusive to race? like … they really aren’t), and i still don’t think it is, especially after consulting a bunch of my friends (who are all woc), two of which are in fact, cuban. both of them said that they saw absolutely nothing wrong with it, and i’d really rather trust their word over an anonymous asker who can’t even get their ethnicities straight.

but i’d also like to explain exactly why/how i use her? eriana is STRICTLY a body reference, and in no way, shape, or form do i have the intention of somehow exploiting the fact that she is a woc. i don’t use her face / facial features, i just use her body, because it fits the most to what i’ve always imagined nat’s to be. (also shoutout to @vrooms for actually finding her for me after I Quit looking for body claims bc i couldn’t find any myself.)  irt to the ‘whitewashing’ though, both of the aforementioned cuban friends who i spoke to both said separately that they are very fair skinned, which is very common for white-latinxs, which eriana most likely is. the thing also is that she’s a fitness model / body builder, and they often, no matter what race they are, tan themselves to accentuate their body / muscles. again, i can’t stress enough that i’m Only using her as a body reference because no one else works. & even then, she’s not EXACTLY how i imagine nat’s body to be, but she’s the damn closest.

but if anyone else wants to talk to me about this privately then i’d be very open?? like at this point i’m convinced this Lovely anon is a yt s.jw and it’s rly off putting but i’d love to discuss this with anyone who shares their views, i really don’t want to offend anybody who actually knows what they’re talking about (and would be willing to direct you to everyone i talked to about this before replying)