and she's the only sane person in these games

Day 5: In Public

More Nessian smut for smut week!  As always, my enabler, @accidental-rambler is getting tagged.  And @fanfantasticworld.  I hope you enjoy!

              They didn’t set out to have sex in the public bathroom at the zoo.

              Really, that isn’t something that any sane  person would set out to accomplish, and while Nesta oftentimes wasn’t sure about the state of Cassian’s sanity, she herself was very, very sane.

              She didn’t even really want to go to the zoo, to be honest.

              She had been perfectly content with the state of her relationship with Cassian.  They met, they fought, they had angry, bed breaking sex.  She would let him cuddle her for a few minutes in the afterglow – the only time that Nesta didn’t feel perpetually angry – and then leave and continue on with her life.

              Then Cassian changed the game.

              He decided to grow attached.

              And somehow, Nesta ended up agreeing to a date.  At the zoo.  The freaking zoo.  Nesta didn’t even particularly like the zoo.  That was more of an Elain thing.

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