and she's the only able to calm him down

Friends Part 8

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2463

Warnings: This part focuses on Bucky and his point of view of things. There is a lot of flashbacks and they are in italic. And more important this start after he left the readers apartment in the end of part 7

Thank you @amrita31199 you are the best and thank you for correcting so fast,

credits to the gif owners

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

A soon as Bucky got in his car, he felt the tears streaming down his face. For the last week he thought that he had lost you, and when he finally has you again he has to let you go. And as much as he knows this is all his fault, how this is fair?

He wishes he could do things differently.

“You fucked up real good this time, didn’t you Barnes?” He says to himself, before starting the car, he wishes that he never read that letter. That instead he would just kiss you and admit his feelings for you.Would things be better now? He hoped that the answer was yes but he knows the truth.

He can’t hold you back, he is not stupid, and he knows what he can give you and what he can’t. With him, you would never have a full night of sleep, you would always be worried about his safety and more important you would always have to deal with the aftermath.

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I saw this on another account but how do you think Shawn would react if his gf was mad that Katy touched his butt, cause I would! (You could write the scenario;))


It’s Not Jealousy 

word count: 1,360

“Just grab it babe, grab my butt” Shawn laughed, shaking his booty at your face.

“Stop Shawn” you said annoyed, pushing him away from you.

“Come on y/n, just give it a rough squeeze. Your hands on my booty is better than Katy’s. Don’t be jealous” he joked, still waving his butt at your face.

“Seriously Shawn, back off” you said, rolling your eyes frustrated at him.

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Morning After - Simon D

Originally posted by youngkaezy

Word count: 1.7K
Genre: Angst

 Mornings after a wild party were always spent in bed, she’s never being able to get out of it due to the unbearable hangover.

 This time it was slightly different, though. A head-splitting headache, of course, was present, it was the reason she woke up this ‘early’ groaning in a low voice. As she rolled over onto her other side throwing her hand over to the second pillow she touched down on something hairy, yet soft.

 Her eyes snapped open at the raspy voice groaning beside her, her eyes landing on the person lying next to her his upper body naked which automatically made her check on her own body. Looking under the thin blanket which covered both of their bodies, the sight of her naked body sent her brain into overworking.

 She looked around in the room for something to cover her body with, slowly sitting up in her bed she pulled an old t-shirt over her upper body then looked back at the peacefully sleeping man who was just turning around with his eyes still closed. Her heart stopped for a good second, the man in her bed was no other than her good friend from high school, Jung Kiseok.

 She scurried out of her room as fast as she could trying not to make any noise not to wake him up. The best hiding place - seeing as she was hungry and needed her morning coffee - seemed to be the kitchen, where she soon was sipping on her oh-so-needed coffee and preparing scrambled eggs for her and Kiseok, he would be hungry, too, she thought to herself.

 The problem with cooking was that it let her mind wander around without having a chance to stop her racing thoughts taking her back to what had happened the night before. The two strongest feelings in her at that moment were fear and desperation which crashed down every rational thought in her mind. She and Kiseok had been friends ever since high school, their friendship still alive and unbreakable for the sole reason of her never giving in to his sweet-talk, he could always trust in her honesty and her shoulder always had been there for him to lean his head on.

 Were they going to be okay after that night? Will their friendship crash down? How can they go back to being just friends? It was already hard enough for her to keep things friendly between them. She had already fallen for him. Damn, she has always loved him, from the first day she’d seen him back in high school. She had never confessed her feelings being afraid of losing him.

 She knew al too well about his philosophy on relationships, he’d said he only wanted to play around and to have fun and that wasn’t what she wanted, hence, she decided that being simply his friend is still more than what any of the girls he’d slept with had ever gotten.

 Two long arms snaked around her waist interrupting her racing mind, at the same time feather light kisses were pressed along her shoulder sending shivers through her body awakening the butterflies in her stomach. The drunken feeling left her body fast as reality kicked in, her body freezing in the arms in which she’d been held as anxiety numbed her senses. 

 "Come back to bed,“ he groaned on his raspy morning voice, hiding his face in the crook of her neck. His words got her naive heart racing again, wanting to comply with his request but her brain got the upper hand making her pull away from him and pretending to be busy laying the table for the two of them. 

 "Breakfast’s ready,” she informed him, still avoiding eye contact, actually she was avoiding looking at him all in all. He was still shirtless, only wearing a pair of boxers. His sight would have been too much to handle that ‘early’ in the morning not to count that her hangover wasn’t completely gone either. 

 He walked around to the other side of her kitchen table and sat down across from her only to be able to watch her throughout breakfast as she barely ate anything only tossed her food around on the plate in front of her.

 "Tell me!“ His voice was calm but still implementing authority. His bluntness took her off guard, she looked up at him seeing him paying all his attention to his food to make it easier for her to voice what’s been bothering her from the moment he entered her kitchen.

 "About what?” She asked feigning innocence. Pretending everything was alright has always gotten Kiseok’s blood boiling, especially if it was about her. He wanted her to trust him as mush as he trusted her, he wanted her to rely on him as much as he relied on her, he wanted her to find comfort in him. But when she was being stubborn it made hard for him to keep a cool head. He could be his real self around her (and wanted nothing more than for her to do the same), this was one of the few reasons he had fallen in love with her in the first place. 

 "About what makes you so uncomfortable,“ she let go of her fork and pulled her hands under the table intertwining her fingers, eyes fixed on her meal, she felt like a spoiled child under his stare, cause, she was sure, by now he was piercing through her with his eyes - he could be really scary when staring like that.

 "Will things change between us?” He looked at her puzzled. “Will you start avoiding me just like you do with your one-night stands?” Her voice cracked a bit as she tried not to cry. 

 "As for me, everything’s going to be the same,“ he stated and she could practically hear the sound of her heart breaking into pieces. “You’re still my best friend whom I love.” Even though his voice was sincere, she couldn’t help the feeling of betrayal seeping into her mind. ’I knew! I knew so bad!’ her mind screamed at her.

 She wasn’t sure how much longer was she able to held in her tears as she stood up and stormed into her bedroom, her chest was aching and the lump in her throat made it hard for her to breathe as she was sliding down against the wall. Through her sad cries, she could hear his footsteps getting closer and closer to her room, and, although panic took over, once again, her mind - paralyzing her senses, she couldn’t make up enough strength to stand up and lock the door. 

 Kiseok burst through the door looking around the room, searching for her, inspecting every inch of the room as lastly, his eyes landed on her crouching figure just a few steps away from where he was standing. With two long steps, he was right beside her and picked her up in his arms, locking his two arms tightly around her fragile body deeply inhaling the naturally sweet scent of her skin. Last night they had ended up having sex for having drunk too much, but even in his drunken state, Kiseok could distinct the unique scent of her skin, it was something he had never experienced with any other woman before. 

 As he was holding her close to himself, he realized that the kind of life he wants to live starts with mornings where wakes up next to her, minus the fact that she was mostly ignoring him and crying, but what’s most important is that he had finally decided to confess his feelings. The feelings that were thoroughly hidden for so many years, and now they’d all be revealed. 

 He laid his head on her shoulder as he quietly whispered in her ear, “Don’t leave…” she thought she must’ve been imagining things. It was impossible for Kiseok to say things like that, especially in such a desperate and longing tone. “Go out with me?” It sounded more like a question, by that moment he was sure that neither sweet-talk nor his charming skills would do. In front of you, he wasn’t the confident Simon Dominic, with you, he was Jung Kiseok, an average guy who sought happiness and a normal private life. 

 At his question, her heart had stopped for a minute not truly sure if she could believe her ears. 

 At the lack of answer, he pulled away from her to look into her eyes earnestly searching for a possible answer while she was just staring at him, eyes wide in shock. 

 "I’m not an alien, don’t look at me like that,“ he chuckled.

 "I… I… uh, um,” words seemed to have stuck in her throat.

 "You can take your time and think it all through,“ he offered. “I know I’m an asshole for how I’ve been behaving the past years but I want to give us a chance,” his eyes were filled with hope as he tried not to trip over his own tongue while talking.  "That is if you want it too, of course,“ he added with a shy smile still trying to keep the eye contact. 

 "Do you like me?” She questioned him cautiously, too afraid of the answer being ‘no’.

 "Uhm!“ he nodded confidently only to have her eyes go wild once again but at the same time a tinge of red appeared on her face, too, and slowly a wide smile replaced her shocked expression.

 He gently took her chin between his thumb and forefinger, slowly leaned in and out of happiness pressed a soft, loving kiss on her lips, then on her nose and lastly, he pressed a long kiss to her forehead after which he pulled her back against his chest and held her as tight as he’d been always wanting.

Author’s note(does anyone read it, though?): Idek what to say…. I just hope to get some kind of feedback, any… 
Anyway, enjoy! ^_^ -J

April 27th

Summary: It’s the anniversary of the day Jason died, and he shouldn’t spend it alone.

Requested by: Anon

A/N: My poor husband. I love him so much. T-T



    The weather is muggy, too warm to be comfortable even when you’re standing still. Everything feels sticky, and the air isn’t moving at all. It makes Jason’s stomach turn, because it’s that day, and the weather is exactly the way it was, years ago, when he went to Ethiopia alone. Exactly the way it was when Joker had…

    He shoves the door of the apartment building open with more force than is necessary. It slams against the wall with a loud bang that makes him flinch. He glares at it while it swings on its hinges, and then closes it more quietly.

    He makes his way up the stairs, trying to place his feet gently so the noise don’t echo. He wants to be outside, in the open, where he can breathe and the hot air doesn’t seem to be closing in on him, but it’s all too loud out there. Too loud. Too much. Everything is always happening out there. He needs peace.

    He needs her.

    That morning he’d left before the sun rose, before she woke up. He’d left carefully, so he didn’t wake her. Because if she woke up he’d have to talk, and he doesn’t want to hear himself talk today, because if he hears himself he’ll hear how he sounds. So tired and shaky and afraid.

    For the last several hours he’s been wandering around Gotham, trying to get out to the quieter parts of the city. He’s only gotten more worked up as he’s walked. Nothing is helping. Now he’s just hoping he’ll be able to head off the pending panic attack before it happens, or at least have it in the peace of his own apartment.

    He pauses before the door, takes a long deep breath to try and calm down before he gets inside and faces her inevitable questions. After all, she’d told him the night before that she was here for him, any day, but especially today. April 27th. The anniversary of the day he died.

    Would she be mad that he’d left? Probably. She was probably going to snap at him when he got inside. Maybe she wasn’t even there, maybe she’d already left him. She should. He didn’t even know why someone as sweet, kind, precious, and beautiful as her even put up with a mess like him.

    His head swirling with dark thoughts, the heat of the hallway smothering him like the weight of the destroyed building had smothered him as a teenager, he pushes open the door.

    And is struck with a blast of air conditioning.

    Confused, he pauses on the threshold.

    The apartment is cool, almost cold. The air conditioner in the window is blasting, and (Y/N) is wearing a hoodie while she mixes someing in a huge bowl. The apartment smells like brownies, his favorite books are set up neatly on the kitchen table, a blanket fort has been built on the living room couch.

    (Y/N) looks up at him, startled at first, then she smiles. “Aw, Jay, I was hoping the first batch of brownies would be done before you got home!”

    “First batch?” He closes the door behind him, flinching again at the sound.

    Her phone buzzes softly, and she sets the bowl she’s stirring down on the counter to pull it out of her hoodie pocket. “Never mind, they’re done. I hope you like chocolate chunk. I wasn’t sure what you’d be in the mood for.”

    “I’m in the mood for anything with chocolate.” He smiles, walking into the kitchen and getting a little brownie batter from the bowl.

    “I got out your favorite books,” she goes on, slipping on oven mitts and opening the oven, “and I have netflix ready to go if you want to watch something, but I wasn’t sure if you’d want the noise or just quiet time.”

    He watches her, quietly amazed.

    “Or, we can just talk, over brownies.” She turns back and smiles gently at him, holding out one hand.

    He steps forward and lets her gently brush her fingertips across his cheek, then slowly guide him into a quick, chaste kiss.

    “I was so worried about you when you weren’t here. I love you so much, Jay. What do you need?”

    His heart melts, and he wonders if she notices the way his eyes start to water just a little. He feels the knot in his stomach loosen, and the looming panic attack fades into a buzz of anxiety in the back of his mind. He’s not totally fine, but he’s much better than he’s been all day.

    “I just need you, babe…and a few of those brownies for lunch.”

- - -

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pillow talk, #3: lower standars

Being in a relationship it’s not only constant and good sex, it’s meaning in the sack and late night conversations of the weird kind. Hyde blinked a couple of times after realizing, with an arched eyebrow, this new level he had reached with his chick today.

“Wait, wait, wait… your feets are cold… Jackie!”

Her giggle filled the room, Hyde rolled his eyes and cuddle her to his chest as she moved her feet from between his legs. They were damn cold, alright.

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anonymous asked:

betty and jug had a baby when they were 16 and are now 20, their boy was born with a type of autism and everyone felt 'bad' for them he had the type of autism where he wont look anyone in the eye and everything had to be done to a schedule but him and jug have a really good connection. all 3 go out to lunch and their son has a massive tantrum and jug has to settle him and betty feels helpless and has a breakdown, its okay if you dont know how to approach this it was just a thought i had :)

Okay first of all anon thankyou for this beautiful idea! I love it, very touching and I am honored you trusted me with such a concept. Secondly, sorry about the insane wait with this one I just had to take a while to determine how to best go about this.  Also this was supposed to be a little oneshot and turned into like 9 word document pages haah

as for the story I am a little unsure what you will all think as the subject matter was obviously a bit tricky. I am by no means an expert in this field but I did do a bit of research before writing so I hope I don’t offend anyone or invalidate anything. 

So basically I tried to make the symptoms of their child’s autism ingrained throughout the story without explicitly stating what they are but for reference I went mostly with communication difficulty [impaired, delayed speech, repetitive speech], difficulty with eye contact, obsession and slight aversion to touch. 


“Ready Jug?” Betty called from the living room eyes darting around as she mentally ran through the list of supplies she needed for their outing. The blonde nodded her head in affirmation, satisfied that she had managed to cram everything they could possibly need in the day bag.

The sound of two sets of footsteps padding down the hallway of their small home pre-empted her answer before it was delivered from the aforementioned party.  

“Yeah babe.”

Grabbing the day bag off the coffee table and slinging it over her shoulder Betty turned toward Jughead’s voice. She couldn’t help the smile that spread across her lips as she took in the sight of her long-term boyfriend leaning against the door frame, their almost four year old son standing close to his father’s legs- not quite touching.

It was a vision that never failed to make her heart contract and warmth spread throughout her being.

Noticing her smile, Jughead’s lips twitched in retaliation. He raised a dark eyebrow at her teasingly.

“I think your mum’s checking me out bud,” Jughead quipped casting a glance down at Ollie who was idly fiddling with his fingers and watching the floor.

“Don’t flatter yourself Jones,” the young mother teased back, rolling her eyes at him good naturedly, “Okay let’s get going or Kevin’s going to lecture us on the value of respect again.”

Jughead let out a laugh at that, nodding before pushing himself off the door frame.

“Out,” Ollie mumbled glancing up at his father with wide eyes and scrunched brows that made the young man’s heart clench with affection.

“Yeah Ol, she won’t admit it though,” he kneeled down to his son’s level, placing a sure hand on his arm and waiting a moment before picking him up and settling the toddler on his hip.

Jughead grabbed his keys from the bowl near the door before opening the front door.

“It’s not even his event,” he threw over his shoulder to Betty continuing on with their conversation as though there had been no interruption; a norm after parenthood had dawned upon them.

The blonde merely shrugged, moving past him out the door way.

“Yes, although I think Veronica would probably appreciate our punctuality as well, she’s only in town for a few more days and it is her birthday,” Betty replied.

“Birthday,” Ollie mumbled as the pair manoeuvred him into the car seat. Betty smiled at her son, finishing buckling his seat belt as Jughead hopped in the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“That’s right, Aunt V’s birthday,” she affirmed, smoothing down Ollie’s wild blonde curls.  The toddler squirmed away from her touch, his blue eyes flicking to the floor.  Betty removed her hand and sighed.

She tried her best not to take her son’s aversion personally. He wasn’t as severely adverse or hypersensitive to touch as other children on the autism spectrum but it did still bother him. She and Jughead had learned resilience in showing affection to their son. He was mostly okay when the touch was heavy and anticipatory; it was the soft brushes of affection that they would sometimes slip up with through instinct that he would flinch away from.

They had learned to understand and adapt to the quality in their son, but it didn’t mean it made it any easier to have the little person you loved so much recoil from you. Betty cherished the moments when Ollie sought her out for physical affection or comfort and tried to remind herself of those moments during the moments when he shied away from her. She respected his discomfort, but it didn’t make her heart ache any less.

“Betts?” Jughead’s voice broke Betty from her reverie. She blinked a few times before meeting his gaze in the rear view mirror.  His tone was soft and understanding and Betty felt herself falling a little further in love with him in that moment- except it wasn’t just that moment it was a million moments since they were 16 and he had promised her that they would make this work.

She smiled back at him, a small curve of the lips tilting more toward the side of genuine than placatory, before closing the back car door and moving to climb in the passenger seat.

Her right hand immediately found the stereo, while Jughead’s immediately clasped her left, his other holding a firm grip on the wheel as they set off on the relatively short drive to Greendale. Veronica had booked a table at the new bistro that had opened there and although both Jughead and Betty always enjoyed seeing their friends whom were only in town for a short while longer the latter couldn’t deny that the unfamiliar venue caused an uncomfortable pressure to erupt in her chest.

Sensing her unease Jughead gave her hand a squeeze. Betty took a deep breath and let her eyes card over his form, finding comfort in his beauty. His sharp jaw, striking blue eyes and dark hair [still partially covered by a beanie] were features that had only become more attractive as he matured and she still found herself in awe of being able to call him hers after almost five years together.

The windows were rolled down slightly and Betty let the warm summer air calm her as it drifted across her skin. The sounds of the Rolling Stones filtered through the stereo of the truck and Betty couldn’t help but laugh as Ollie bounced happily in the back to the sound. He loved all music, but classic rock was his favourite, something Jughead was exceptionally proud of.

The peaceful feeling didn’t last though. Twenty minutes later they were pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant and Betty could see her friend’s various vehicles littered across the spaces. Her hands clenched nervously once Jughead had to pull his away to park the truck.

“Dad,” Ollie shouted from the back seat and Jughead turned around after shutting off the engine.

“Yeah bud?”

“Dad, music,” Jughead was spun around in his seat now, giving Ollie his full attention while Betty was busying herself grabbing the day bag and Veronica’s present from the back seat.

“We’ll listen to more later, but now we have to go inside,” the dark haired man tried to assure.

“Music!” Ollie’s hands were fidgeting and his eyebrows were scrunched, with a little pout to rival his mother’s best signalling his impending distress.

“Na bud, how about we talk about trains instead?” He placated, quickly unlocking his phone and pulling up some pictures he had saved of the freight vehicles to occupy his son’s attention.

It seemed to do the trick as Ollie grabbed the device eagerly and started babbling nonsensically a few delayed moments later about Thomas the Tank engine and his favourite trains.

Moving out of the car, Jughead came up to the passenger side and carefully extracted Ollie from his car seat, placing the little blonde boy on his chubby legs. Kneeling down Jughead held his hand out.

“Can I have my phone back please?” Ollie kept his blue eyes that mirrored his fathers trained on the asphalt ground, shaking his head.

“Thomas… blue train and Percy-“

Jughead nodded, engaging his son’s conversation.

“Yeah that’s very true but dad needs his phone back now. I promise you can have it back once we’re inside,” he tried to reason with him, ducking his head a little to meet Ollie’s eyes. The toddler shuffled flicking his eyes between his dad and the ground.

Betty bit her lip to hold back a small chuckle of amusement at the stubborn little boy; she knew he didn’t refuse in order to be stubborn but it was still endearing to her to see his eye brows furrowed so much like his father’s.

Moving gently down to kneel beside him, Betty ensured Ollie acknowledged her presence before placing her hands on his arms.

“Ollie if you don’t give Daddy back his phone then he’s going to have to carry you inside and no one will know what a big boy you are now,” she stated in a firm but not threatening tone. Their little boy’s eyes widened for a second, flicking to his mother. She couldn’t help but let out a small laugh at the adorably conflicted look on his face.

“Okay, I guess mum’s right,” Jughead began, moving as though he was going to pick Ollie up. The toddler’s hands quickly shot out, offering the phone back to his dad immediately. Jughead smirked as he and Betty shared a brief look with equal amusement shining in their gazes.

“Thanks little man,” Jughead said pocketing the phone, while Betty smiled at her son in gratitude.

“Big boy,” he uttered offering his hand to his mother to hold as they began to walk towards the front door.

“That’s right,” the blonde agreed, handing the bag over to Jughead.

Jughead paused before opening the door, turning to Betty.

“Did I tell you that you look gorgeous today Betty Cooper?” he asked in mock concern. Betty laughed, finding herself appreciating his ability to ease her nerves all over again.

“Shut up,” she murmured pecking his lips, before following him through the doors of the restaurant.

“Betty!” Veronica’s enthusiastic voice rang across the room before the young woman morphed into a blur of raven hair and purple fabric, practically throwing herself at her best friend. Betty laughed at her friend’s antics, holding her ground firmly as not to jostle her son- who was still holding her hand- too much.

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4 adrinette please, chat noir's hair !!

4. We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair 

This makes me think of this art by @ceejles so I took some inspiration from that. 

Marinette was not sure how she ended up sleeping next to Adrien. She did not expect, when the four of them got two hotel rooms together, that Alya claim one for herself and Nino. She was supportive of Alya’s relationship and spent a lot of time living vicariously through her sex life, but this was too much.

So here she was, in bed with her sleeping crush. Adrien had offered to sleep on the floor if she wasn’t comfortable but she was too practical for that. The bed was made for two people so it was only reasonable that they would share it. She had been planning on sharing it with Alya, after all.

Eventually, her nerves had calmed down enough for her to fall asleep, mainly due to the long day of exploring London with her friends.  But now, she was awake again and had a blond head of hair snuggled up against her, and two arms pulling her close. Apparently, Adrien was a cuddler.

She needed to extract herself or her heart wouldn’t be able to take it.

Slowly, she lifted his arm up from where it was draped over her. Sighing, she scooted away from him.

He mumbled something and pulled her towards him again and she felt like she was going to explode. He was so adorable! She just wanted to snuggle him forever.

But her logical mind overcame that impulse and she extracted herself. Successfully this time. Now that she was a safe distance away, she was able to admire him properly.

He was hugging the pillow to his chest. He really did like cuddling, didn’t he? She smiled, hoping that she would get another chance to cuddle with him.

He looked so sweet lying there, with his bed head and his steady breathing.

His bed head… .

He looked really different with his hair like that. Different, but familiar.

No. That was ridiculous.

But he looked… so familiar. Add a mask and … . No, that was stupid.

Adrien shifted slightly and smiled. That smile… it was so cute. So unguarded. So familiar.

She jumped out of the bed with a yell.

Adrien shot up at the sound of her exclamation, looking around frantically. “Wha’s gon'on?” He slurred sleepily.

“Chat Noir!” She said, pointing at him.

His sleepy eyes widened and he looked panicked and disorientated. “How? How did you know?”

This was going to be an interesting morning, she thought as she screamed incoherently.

Circumstance (Part 2)

Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son 

Here’s Part 2! Thank you all so much for the positive feedback already. Keep it coming!

Tagging a few people who have been helping me: @readinggiraffe @rhysand-and-rowan @autumn03 @destiny14444 (If you want to be tagged in future parts, let me know!)

Fic Masterlist

Cadewyn is amazed by the beauty of Terrasen. The towering mountains, crystal clear lakes, and enormous, flourishing pine trees that surround the capital city of Orynth is completely breathtaking. As he follows the Captain of the Guard, Aedion, around the palace grounds, he is struck by how different it is from the Night Court.

In Velaris, his parents do not own a large castle, or a huge plot of land. There is Aunt Elain’s garden, but Cade is sure she would love to see the one in Terrasen thrice the size of her own. Only in the last few years has Cade been able to venture down to the Court of Nightmares, and the difference between the two capitals is practically palpable.

Terrasen is fresh, new, and clean, with smiles passed between everyone and a calm atmosphere. The palace, which Cade has learned was built only in the last couple decades, is pristine, though old fashioned, and though it is enormous, has an incredibly homey feel to it. Hewn City is dark, extravagant, and the tension that is constantly floating in the air gives him a headache whenever he visits. The architecture is old and, though it is kept very clean, feels dirty.  

Quickly, and without much effort, Cade finds himself at ease in the company of the captain as they stroll along the edge of the forest and make polite conversation. Aedion only looks a few years older than Cade, but the boy knows better. The captain may not have pointed ears or elongated teeth, but Cade can recognize the smell of fae blood in him.

They have been walking a few minutes in silence, just admiring their surroundings, when Cade finally works up the courage to ask. “So, how old are you?” He wonders, trying to be nonchalant about it so as not to seem rude.

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First Time

word count: 3 014
warnings: smut

summary: Y/N is a virgin and has her first time with her best friend, Kai.
note: I feel like at some points it’s a bit too cheesy, but anyway I hope you like it :)

*gif by me

(requested by @mrsobrien888)

Nervously she walked up to his door, still asking herself if she should really do it. What if it would destroy their friendship? What if they wouldn’t even be able to look the other in the eye anymore? Not in the world did she want to lose him. 

Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door, waiting for Kai to open up. She ran her hands through her hair and tugged on her clothes hoping it had been the right decision. 

It only took seconds until a smiling Kai opened the door, pulling Y/N in for a hug before she could say anything. He held her tightly as she breathed in his familiar scent, giving her a feeling of security. Being this near to him calmed her down a bit and assured her she was doing the right thing. Out of all her friends, he would be the one who wouldn’t be going to judge her and who was the only one she trusted enough to do it. 

She broke away from the hug and walked past her best friend, directly heading towards the couch where she lay herself down. Kai followed not soon after, taking a seat on the armrest, watching Y/N with a curious expression. He could definitely see something was bothering her and it annoyed him he didn’t know what it was. It was just that he didn’t want to ask; she would probably tell him soon enough. 

But she didn’t.

She kept quiet, her eyes literally glued to the TV nervously tapping on the fabric with her fingers and trying to avoid Kai’s gaze. When he couldn’t stand the silence between them anymore, Kai reached out to grab the remote and turn off the TV. Though she just kept staring at the black screen. 

“Come on, Y/N, I can see something’s up. Tell me what it is.” Kai said, pleading. When she didn’t answer him, he got a devilish look on his face as he slowly started to make his way towards her. “If you don’t talk I have ways to make you do.”

With that, he started tickling her making her laugh and squirm underneath him. It was a wonder they both didn’t fall off the couch since they were moving so much. 

“Stop! Please, stop. I’ll tell you what’s going on.” She trailed off, still laughing. Kai stopped tickling her and took place on his former seat again while Y/N got up to face her best friend. He had slightly tilted his face to one side, an encouraging expression in his blue eyes.  

Absently she kneaded her hands and sighed as she started to talk. “Well… umm… god, it’s so embarrassing.” Hiding her face with her hands, she tried to conceal her nervousness. But Kai moved closer towards her and grabbed her wrists, gently pulling them away. He gave her a supporting smile, motioning for her to continue. 

“I kinda need your help.” She explained, biting her lower lip. Kai still held her wrists, starting to stroke her hands with his thumb. 

“Whatever it is, just tell me, and I’ll do it. By now you should know I’d do anything for you.“ He said seriously, nothing than truth in his words. Lately, he had realized a strange feeling inside his stomach whenever Y/N was around. His heart began to beat faster, and he was feeling all warm and fuzzy. Especially when he was touching her, feeling her soft skin under his touch. 

“You know… I’m still umm… I’m still a virgin, and I wanted to ask if-” Before she could even finish her sentence she was interrupted by a happy Kai. 

“I’ll do it.”

“You don’t have to it, it’s-” She started, but again was cut off by her counterpart.

“I told you, I’d do anything for you. You’re my best friend, Y/N. And to be honest, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He ensured her smilingly, pulling her closer towards him and wrapping his arms around her. She lay her head on his chest, to which he responded with a kiss on her forehead. While he was tracing invisible patterns on her arm, she closed her eyes, sensing how her heartbeat slowly calmed down again. 

She should’ve known he wouldn’t hate her for it. She should’ve known that his reaction would be positive - maybe with a little laughter but still; he wouldn’t deny her wishes no matter how odd they were.

Kai turned the TV back on, and they continued watching all cuddled up on the couch. Y/N could hear his heartbeat which seemed to be slightly different than before. 

“But are you really sure you want me to be your first?” He broached the subject again after a while of silence. As an answer, he just got a nod as Y/N was slowly drifting off into the land of dreams. 

The next morning Y/N found herself laying in bed on soft pillows, covered with a cozy blanket. It took her a moment to realize that Kai must’ve brought her there after she fell asleep on the couch. So now she turned around, hoping she’d find him next to her. But he was gone.

Quickly she got up, still wearing the same clothes she had yesterday. She changed into one of Kai’s shirts - he wouldn’t have anything against it, would he? Only then she walked out of the bedroom, directly heading towards the kitchen where he’d most likely be.

The nearer she got, the stronger the smell of bacon and pancakes became. A smile spread across her face; Kai was preparing breakfast. Trying to be as quiet as possible she sneaked up to him and hugged him from behind. The realization that he’d be the one taking her virginity had bonded them even closer than before.

"No, you’re destroying my whole plan. I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed.” Kai pouted as he turned around. Nevertheless, there still was this mischievous spark in his eyes she loved so much. “By the way, nice shirt.”

Shyly she tugged on its hem. It was barely hiding anything, reaching only to the middle of her thighs. She sat down as Kai placed different plates filled with pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and other things in front of her, taking the seat across from her. They talked and laughed while eating, enjoying it to the fullest. 

Thus far it definitely was one of the best days of Y/N’s life. Kai hadn’t just made a plan to make her breakfast; he had planned the whole day with a visit to a beautiful lake, dinner in her favorite restaurant and little surprises now and then. He wanted to make it unforgettable, maybe even prepare her a bit for what was about to come. He had revealed to her that he had planned to do it today - of course, again asking if that’s what she really wanted - and now, as the sun was slowly setting both became more nervous.

Currently, they were snuggled up on a bench in the garden of Y/N’s house. Kai had put an arm around her, caressing her arm in slow motions while Y/N had placed her head on his shoulder, tracing invisible patterns on his thigh. When the sun reached its lowest point, and the sky was shining in different shades of red and orange hues, Y/N raised her head. Kai brushed his hand against her cheeks, turning towards her so that his blue eyes were piercing into hers. 

“Are you still sure that this is what you want?” He asked warily. 

Getting a nod as an answer, he gave her a small smile, his eyes now darting between hers and her lips. Y/N’s heart was beating fast as he leaned in towards her, their lips nearly touching. Feeling his hot breath on her skin, she hooked her arms around his neck before he finally, felt his lips on hers. Closing her eyes, she deepened the kiss, butterflies endlessly flying around in her stomach. Never would she have thought it would feel this good to kiss him, but it did. It seemed like their lips were made for each other, a perfect fit. 

Kai began to rub one hand up and down her back, going lower each time until he slipped under her shirt, stroking her bare skin. He pulled her even closer not breaking the kiss. Only when they needed to breathe air, they pulled away, longingly staring at each other. A mischievous grin on his face he scooped her up and walked towards her bedroom. 

On their way, he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before he carefully let her down on her bed. He lay on top of her as they continued where they left off. The kisses were getting more lust-filled and demanding with each passing second in which Kai’s hands slowly trailed down her body, touching every square inch of her body.

As his fingers reached the waistband of her jeans, he began sucking on her neck, leaving little hickeys. Agonizingly slow he pushed his hand inside her panties, looking up to examine her expression. He put his index finger on her clit, starting to draw small circles. This caused her to bit her lower lip, trying to muffle any sounds she could possibly make. Kai realized it and stopped for a second to give her a quick kiss.

“You don’t have to hold back.” 

Quiet, soft moans were escaping her mouth as both felt the wetness building between her legs. A little smile spread across Kai’s lips, and he started to collect her arousal before he brought his finger closer to her entrance, slowly pushing it in. When it was completely inside, he stopped his movements, giving her the time to get used to the new feeling. 

His face hovered only inches from hers; their eyes were locked. He leaned down towards her, placing his lips on hers again. Carefully he began to move his finger, adding another and curling them around, pushing them in and out. Y/N opened her lips in another moan, giving Kai the perfect opportunity to use his tongue. 

What felt strange at first became more and more enjoyable with every passing second. Y/N never thought it would feel this good to be intimate with her best friend, but it did. She liked what he was doing to her, making her writhe underneath him, bringing her closer to her release. Feeling a knot building in her stomach, she knew she was about to come…

…when Kai suddenly stopped. A growl left her as he pulled his finger out of her and brought it to his mouth to lick it clean. He chuckled a bit at her puzzled and unsatisfied expression.

“I know something that will feel even better.” He breathed in a seductive voice, biting her earlobe and sliding his hands under her top, roaming her upper body. Cupping her breasts, he massaged them through the bra, brushing his thumbs over her nipples which were getting harder under his touch. Again she began to let out soft moans, so quickly he pulled her shirt over her head and unhooked her bra, giving him a full view of her bare front. 

“Beautiful.” He mumbled, inaudible for her ears. Leaving sloppy, wet kisses all over he trailed down towards her bottom, taking off her jeans alongside her panties in one swift motion. 

A little bit embarrassed Y/N put her hands down, trying to cover up her most intimate part. She felt the heat rising in her cheeks like she had just realized who was there in front of her.  

“You have still doubts about it, don’t you?” Kai asked, a sad expression on his face. Nevertheless, he stopped at everything he was doing and gave her the time to think about an answer.  

“I do.” She replied as she hooked her arms around his neck, locking eyes with him. “But I want to do it. Right here, right now. With you.” At the last words, she pulled him down to her, kissing him as passionately and deeply as possible. 

Breaking the kiss, he crawled down, so his head was between her legs. Parting them, he licked a bold stripe across her middle making her shiver. 

“You taste amazing.” He let her know, as she intertwined his fingers with his hair, pulling him closer towards her core. He chuckled at her reaction, sending vibrations through her body which were only adding to the sensation he was making her feel. 

Kai enveloped her clit with his lips, sucking and nibbling at it. Looking up from time to time he saw she had closed her eyes, her mouth hung open, and she let out moans which were getting louder and louder.

“Fuck, Kai. Don’t stop!” She groaned, gripping his hair tighter and trying to press him even closer towards her. Grinning, he pushed two fingers back inside her wet heat, thrusting in and out at a faster getting pace. He felt her walls clench around him, knowing he was bringing her nearer to her desiderated release. Indeed, with one last deep thrust, he brought her over the edge, making her arch her back and letting out a little scream. 

Only when she had calmed down a bit, a pulled his fingers out and licked them clean again. She was still breathing heavily, and her heart was beating uneven. 

“Told you I know something that will feel ever better.” He had laughed before he pressed her lips on his. Meanwhile, her hands were working on the zipper of his jeans, innocently brushing against his already semi-hard erection. 

Kai pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his toned torso. Not soon after, his jeans followed together with his briefs. Y/N gulped at the sight of his length, asking herself how it was supposed to fit inside of her. He was giving her a questioning look, but she just nodded in approval. She was ready now. 

Stroking himself a few times, Y/N watched how he seemed to get even bigger and fear mixed with excitement was taking over her. He then aligned himself at her entrance, rubbing her clit shortly with just the tip of his member. 


“Do it.” She begged, partly because she finally wanted to get over with it and partly because she finally wanted to know how it would feel.

And with one quick thrust, he moved all the way in, stretching her out to the fullest.

“Fuck are you tight.” Kai growled while Y/N let out a pained sound as by now it was only pain she felt because of the strange feeling. Kai gave her time to adjust to him and his size, gently wiping away a tear that was rolling down her cheek. 

“Are you ok?” He asked, honest-meant concern in his voice. One hand stayed on her cheek, slowly caressing it with his thumb, as the other trailed down between their bodies, beginning to draw figure eights on her clit. 

Instead of answering his question, she told him to move, and so he did. Gradually at first, he pushed in hard and profound. Quickly Y/N’s pain was replaced by pleasure, soft moans escaping her lips as she dug her nails into Kai’s biceps. 

His thrusts became faster, and he let out low growls too now. Their breathing got shallow since he was bringing them both closer towards their release. Y/N clenched her walls around him, making it seem even tighter than it already was. By now she was glad she had asked Kai to do it and not anyone else since to him her pleasure was his priority. 

“Kai, I’m coming.” She moaned, the knot in her stomach was hardening, and she felt the wave of her second orgasm of the day wash over her. This brought Kai over the edge, too, and he came in hot spurts inside of her. 

Collapsing on top of her they both took a moment to recover before he pulled out of her and lay down next to her. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her towards him so her head could rest on his chest which was moving up and down. She listened to his uneven heartbeat and closed her eyes. 

“Thank you.” She said out of the blue while he rubbed one hand across her back. “Though in retrospection it was kinda awkward it was also great. I’m glad I asked you.” 

Kai chuckled, and his breath got stuck in his throat as she looked up to him, a different spark in her eyes than every other time before. A small smile was spread across her lips, confirming him in what he had already known before. But now it had become even clearer to him.

“There may be something I should’ve told you before we hooked up.” He began, trying to find the right words. Before he continued, he took a deep breath, regaining his courage. “I love you, Y/N. I think I was already in love with you from the moment I first saw you at Whitmore. And I know this will probably destroy our friendship, but I don’t care, I just want you to know it.” 

Y/N’s heart started to beat faster, realizing something that truly should’ve come clear before. 

“I guess our friendship was destroyed since the moment I asked you to take my virginity.” She let out a little laugh at Kai’s shocked expression and propped herself up so she could see his face. Placing both hands on his cheeks, she continued, “But the reason I actually asked you was because deep down I knew that I am in love with you. I love you, too, Kai.”

She pressed his lips on his again like they had done so many times today. Though it felt different this time. It wasn’t filled with lust, but with love and felt like the first proper kiss they exchanged. They both didn’t want to let go of the other as they had finally found out their missing half had been right by their side for a long time now. 

Remember Me - Chapter 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: After (Y/N) memory gets wiped by Hydra, Bucky and the others have to figure out how to get it back. Will they succeed or is it lost forever?
Warning: angst, kidnapping

I know I said I’ll post it tomorrow, but I felt really good so here you go! :) Let me know what you think!

Read the Prologue here

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How would the turtles react and what would they do if their crushes had been cheated on by their current partner? Like seeing their crushes sit in their apartment crying or something.

This ask got me mad, ugh, I hate cheaters. 



Leonardo would expertly cloak his fury with concern after hearing what had happened. He would forcefully push down his own emotions to leave himself open to take care of his crush. This is a practice Leonardo is accustom to. When Michelangelo is upset, seeing someone else upset makes it worse.

He would offer his crush anything that he/she needed. And despite wanting to go to his/her ex-partner’s house and talk with him/her, he resists, knowing that no one would benefit from that in the end.  

Donatello’s usual emotional response to anything is to panic and overthink it until he is an emotional wreck. However, when he hears about the incident, he is anything but anxious. He checks for himself, with the aid of street cameras, if his crush was indeed cheated on. And when he finds that it is true, his anger intensifies. 

Fortunately, his brothers notice the differences in Donatello’s behavior despite his best efforts to act normal. They are able to talk to him and calm him down before he does anything dangerous. Which, he probably would have. 

Donnie’s crush asks to come down to the Lair for a while and everyone is open to that. The genius’ turtle’s anger disintegrates completely when he sees his crush’s tear stained cheeks. 

Raphael would not be able to hide his emotions quite as well as his older brothers, but he would still try. Big Red heard about what happened over text, so he had time to consult his family before he did anything rash. His father informed him to stay calm and to keep his crush at the forefront of his mind. He/she was the only one who mattered in this situation.  

Raph would take his family’s advice and he would be there for his crush when he is needed. 

Raphael would be given strict instructions to stay away from his crush’s ex-partner, but if he/she ever got close to his bae, he would not hesitate to break that rule. 

Michelangelo immediately leaves the lair to find his crush. Without much more than a brief explanation as his passes his family, he takes off to the surface. Mikey couldn’t imagine how hurt his crush is and he doesn’t want him/her to be alone when he/she is feeling so bad. 

Mikey finds him/her in his/her apartment and he can hardly hold himself together when he sees his crush. Broken and emotionally exhausted, Mikey lays down with him/her and curls around him/her. He will stay as long as he is needed. 

Fic Idea (long post but I think it's worth it)

OK so I totally get the ideas floating around about “KEITH IS GONNA BE THE BEST LEADER OF VOLTRON” and “Shiro trusts him I trust him, the team and him will bond over his leadership”.

But consider this.

Let’s say Keith got kicked out of the garrison after Shiro disappeared because he A) didn’t trust anyone else to find Shiro and B) wouldn’t listen to the heads and went off on his own.

So Shiro disappears and everyone looks to Keith cause Shiro labeled him unofficial second hand man, and Keith just leaves.

He packs up, gets red, goes so far as to steal equipment from Pidge’s lab to help find Shiro and everything. He heads off to find Shiro because Shiro is basically the only family he has left in this shit hole life(he finally understands why Pidge was going to go off on her own to find her family). His dad left him around 15 after years of being an alcoholic. He never knew his mom and now he didn’t really want to. He just got Shiro back after a year without him, he’s only had him back for maybe two months.

So he ditches one night, frantic and scared and wanting his brother back.

The team finds the note he left in the morning, apologizing and explaining and placing Allura in charge. They can’t find any trace of him on the scanners. Allura and Coran instantly start working on ways to track down the red Lion (she’s not able to lock onto it through quintessence either, red is shutting her out). Pidge is furious, they just lost Shiro and now they lost Keith, even after his speech those weeks ago about the universe is more important than family(even though she wishes him the best luck finding Shiro, for all of them). Hunk feels a bit betrayed but he tries to help calm everyone down and help Allura and Coran.

Lance is the worst off though. You see Lance reads Keith better than most of the others, maybe second only to Shiro. He had guessed this would happen. He had been waiting the night before when Keith had been leaving. He confronted Keith and tried to stop him.

Keith had tried actually reasoning before jumping him, physically knocking him out.

Lance had woken back up in his room with a splitting headache and a personal note apologizing and begging that he try to forgive. Lance had been just as mad as Pidge at first. But then a couple days passed and he felt less angry and more.


He felt bad for Keith, from the few hints the red paladin had dropped and what they knew of his Galran heritage it didn’t sound like he had many people. Lance couldn’t really blame him for dashing off to try and find Shiro. He missed Shiro.

He missed Keith too.

He found himself going to make a witty quip to Keith at breakfast and stuttered to a halt, sending Pidge into one of her silent moods and making Allura sigh. He found himself comforting Hunk when the yellow paladin came to him with worry about the team falling apart. He helped Coran in area’s Shiro and Keith usually would have.

A week went by.

And then another.

It wasn’t untill a particularly vicious battle that they got any hint of him. The three paladin’s left had fought as best they could but the enemy was faster than them. Allura had been creating a plan for retreat when, seemingly out of nowhere, the red Lion shot around the castle and helped them destroy the newest robobeast. Coran had instantly tried to open a channel between Keith and them but Keith blocked the signal and disappeared again.

That became something almost normal within the next month. They would go days with nothing and then they would get in a battle they couldn’t handle themselves and Keith would show up just in time to help and leave again right after.

Until one time when he couldn’t leave. The battle had be tough and red took a hit bad enough she couldn’t get away before Pidge had green grab her. Hunk helped Pidge hall the red Lion into the hangers before all three of them docked and rushed to meet Keith.

They had found Allura and Coran in the red hanger too, waiting near the still closed red Lion. Red didn’t seem happy about being trapped either, she fixed a glare at them and settled down like a very inconvenienced cat.

They waited for hours before a soft hiss, almost a sigh, sounded out as red’s hatch unlocked and the ramp extended.

Lance couldn’t wait, he saw Keith hesitating back in the shadows of reds mouth. He jerked to his feet and bolted to the red paladin. Keith tensed when Lance wrapped him in a hug, telling him what an idiot he was and to never do something like this again because Voltron and the team needed him.

Keith stays tense for a few minutes before it drains out of him, slumping against Lance. All Lance hears is a quiet “I’m sorry, I couldn’t find him, I’m so sorry” before Keith is shaking and sobbing into his shoulder, hugging him back and holding on for dear life.

And Lance is shocked, none of them have ever seen Keith cry let alone the wrecked sobs he’s letting out. But Lance holds onto him, trying to sooth him and running his hand through Keith’s hair and telling him to stop apologizing, that can be done later.

The rest of the team actually stays out, letting them have that moment, letting Lance work whatever magic he seems to have because Keith is slowly calming down. He calms down enough that, after carefully drying his face and trying to pretend that Lance’s shoulder wasn’t damp because of him, he let Lance lead him out of red. The team meets them then, Allura instantly started telling him off, she seemed to be trying to fill in for Shiro in that regard. Coran took Keith’s vitals, tutting over what he found. Hunk seemed a bit worried, glad that Keith was back defenitly, but he kept glancing between Pidge and Keith. Pidge stayed quiet, arms folded, glaring at the ground.

Keith took everything Allura dished out silently.

Lance watched Keith. Keith was in his earth clothes and, for all intents and purposes, he looked like shit. There were bags under his eyes and a general air of exhaustion, it didn’t help that his eyes were still red and puffy. His hair was slightly greasy like he hadn’t washed it in a few days and it was pulled messily into a ponytail. He looked a bit thinner too, it could have been that his shoulders slumped and his head hung but it could have been lack of food to.

Allura seemed to catch some of these too, cutting the lecture short and letting Coran take over. Coran is just starting too push Keith toward the pod chamber when Pidge finally speaks up.

She starts asking Keith questions, the kind she knows he can’t answer and the kind she knows he doesn’t want too. She asks him the same things he had asked her, how could he abandon them. She added barbs like the fact that Shiro wasn’t even actually related to him.

Keith stayed silent, tired and regretful eyes on her.

At least untill she asked him if, after everything he had done, everything he had put the team through, everything he could have messed up for them, she asked him if he had at least gotten them something that would help them find Shiro. Lance’s eyes shot to Pidge as Keith’s eyes fell to the ground. Allura stiffened and Hunk and Coran both got ready to stop a fight. But no one moved. Yes Pidge had been trying to hurt Keith like he hurt them, but in the end they all hoped to get Shiro back.

But Keith watched the ground, face and voice carefully blank as he apologized for everything. He hadn’t been able to find anything, not a single thing, he couldn’t do it on his own, he was out of ideas and tired and quite honestly lost. He apologized until he was out of breath, to each of them personally and to the team as a whole.

And when he fell silent, deflated and looking possible even more exhausted, no one spoke for a while.

Then Lance put his hand on Keith’s back and smiled at him, telling him just how shit he looked and gaining startled looks from everyone. He ignored them as he gently guided Keith away and to the pod chamber, Coran scrambling to go after them when he remembered what he was supposed to be doing.

The medical report hadn’t been good. Keith had worked himself to exhaustion, he admitted grudgingly to having passed out once… or twice, he was a bit malnourished and quite a bit dehydrated, he’d lost at least ten pounds since they’d last seen him. Other than that there were a few scraps and bruises from the latest battle. Corona said the pods couldn’t help with most of it and what he needed was rest and a good meal.

So Lance got Keith to the kitchen, grabbing far more food than he would be able to eat, and then to the red paladin’s room. He got Keith fed and laid down and was about to leave when Keith stopped him. He apologized again, for not finding Shiro and for abandoning the team, for abandoning Lance.

Lance had went back over and sat in the bed, shutting Keith up by putting a hand over his mouth as he leaned over him. He had told him to stop apologizing, that it wasn’t just his responsibility to find Shiro, that it was just good he was back, that he should be more worried about the chewing out he would get from Shiro when he came back, cause he would come back.

He would calm Keith down again.

Slowly things would go back to normal, as normal as they could be without Shiro. Pidge and Keith would make up. Allura and Coran would actually be able to find a clue about Shiro, Hunk and Lance would pretend like they didn’t spend free time arguing about whether Lance had a crush or not.

Keith and Lance would kiss for the first time when Keith practically tackled Lance to tell him that they might know exactly where Shiro was.

Keith and Lance would say I love you for the first time when Lance looked over at Keith, a bit banged up but grinning because Shiro was standing less than five feet away in one of Hunk’s bear hugs.

And when Shiro heard about what Keith did he tried to lecture him, but it didn’t work very well because he was smiling and had an arm wrapped around Allura and he was looking at his baby brother who wouldn’t stop glancing at Lance. He cut the lecture short when Lance wrapped an arm around Keith and Keith just leaned against Lance with the biggest smile Shiro could remember seeing on him.

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Maybe some head canons for Ninette? Your headcanons are always so nice! 🐞🐢

Thank you! Ninette is so good and sweet. 

  • Nino is really good at calming Marinette down when she is anxious. She starts worrying about things and he just gives her a hug and she is suddenly able to breath and relax again. 
  • They encourage each other a lot with their creative endeavors. They love just working on their projects together, taking brief breaks for smooches. 
  • Nino loves cake. All kinds of cake. And he has no self control when it comes to sweets. Marinette has to stop him from eating every bit of sweets they have. She jokes that he only fell in love with her because she grew up in a bakery. 
  • They love watching awards shows. It is a good intersection of Marinette’s interest in fashion and Nino’s interest in music/movies. They invite other people but Alya and Adrien don’t really see the appeal.
  • When Nino found out Marinette was Ladybug, his first thought was worry. He is always concerned that she is putting too much pressure on herself and is glad to try to be able to help ease her burden. 
  • His second thought was that he wanted to do a spiderman kiss. She was happy to oblige. 
  • He is totally bros with Tikki. They conspire to convince Marinette to make them sweets.

Ask me about my wips/headcanons/ideas!

Being Klaus' mate would include:

- Klaus not believing it mates, they known as a myth because few little found theirs but a soon as he seen you, he knew they were real

- being distant and cold at first because everyone he cares for dies

- your smell being enough to calm him down

- being very protective over you and hating other males present by you

- loving Hope as if she was your own daughter and being very close

- also growing really close to Hayley and all of his siblings

- klaus loving how your smell lingers all over the house

- falling in love with you so quickly he doesn’t know how to express how it

- trying to tell you how he feels but only fumbling over his words

- not being able to find the words, he kisses you for the first time

- claiming you on the same night you have sex for the first time; him being really gentle and caring for you.

- “Where’s my lovely mate?”

- him being able to feel your emotions or pain because of the mark

- getting married on the beach, and Hope being the flower girl

- watching Hope grow up as you being her stepmother

- living happily ever after together

I just saw the video of Johnny Depp that Amber Heard filmed and I can’t believe people are still defending him.

I’ve been abused and been around a lot of abuse and that video was giving me anxiety because it reminded me of it.

“But he was hitting the cabinets not her”
First of all abuse is not only physical. You’re seriously underestimating how terrifying it is to be around a man who’s that angry. I’ve been so scared for my safety that I had to call a friend and stay with them when the anger wasn’t even directed at me.

Second of all we only saw the brief bit that she was able to film before he aggressively took it from her. I can almost guarantee that he started directing his verbal and physical abuse towards her after the video.

“She was baiting him!! All the things she was saying were provoking him!”
Anything she would have said would have provoked him. Not saying anything would have provoked him! All she did was ask if something happened and if he was drunk, she most likely was asking so she would know how to deal with him and try to calm him down.

“He was drunk!!”
That literally doesn’t excuse him at all??

Johnny Depp abused his wife and you all are excusing him because he was in some movies you like. You are being misogynistic and victim blaming. This is why victims of abuse are so scared to come forward.


I love, there is so much to her and what she’s fighting for. I feel like Lucio is one of the few who can understand what’s going on with her. So this fic is a combination of the prompts for the day~

BunnyRibbit — Day 3: Misson Gone Wrong/Reminds Me of Home

The rain plasters the glass of her MEKA, though her instruments shine bright and direct her. Lúcio skates alongside her, but she fears the stones underneath their feet will make it hard on his movements. He doesn’t slow.

Lightning strikes, and she jerks. Her heavy breathing would fog the glass if not for the natural airflow through her MEKA, but she still struggles to control it. White light touches for a moment, close enough to rumble their bones as the thunder spreads across the nearly colorless sky.

“Hana,” he calls, their comms useless with the electrical storm’s interference. Mercy will not be happy they split off from the main group, but they had no choice with Talon bunching between them. Through the last static words, she instructed everyone to fall back and seek shelter, least someone get struck down with a lightning bolt.

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My King and Endeavors (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Yo)

Type: Fluff

Request: You’re the only person i know of that does kactors scenarios. Could I request a Wang Yo scenario? the plot if up to you ^^

Yo smiled lightly as Yijin and Yeojin clung to him, they were crying only moments ago but had calmed in his arms. “Your mother tells me that you’re having problems sleeping” he tells them as he had both babies curled into him. “Did you miss me?” he asked as Yijin lifted her head reaching for his face. He kissed her tiny hand and she offered him a tired smile “try to sleep my little ones” he told the two of them as he began bouncing softly. His smile grew as he sat down onto a chair enjoying the closeness they were able to share. They had drifted off in his arms before the door slid open and you came in “are they alright?” you asked him as he nodded. “I believe they are truly attached to me” he teased as you walked over and pressed a kiss onto his lips lightly. “You know I truly enjoy you watching her with them" you spoke as he smiled your tone carried a hinting tone to it “you looked angry earlier. Do you want to talk?” you asked him “once we are alone” he whispered as you nodded lightly. Though he was at peace at the moment his head was buzzing with thoughts that annoyed him but had been pushed back by being home.

The twin 7 month old girls and you were truly changed him, he seemed to be a different man at home. You knew what kind of man he was out there, to everyone else he was a cold hearted and rude man but to you Yo was your knight in shining armor. No one was changing that opinion of him. You were probably the second most influential person in his life.


After he managed to get the twins to fall asleep and put them into their beds he came back to your shared bed. Yo’s lips danced with yours as you wanted to go farther but he seemed a bit out of it “what’s wrong?” you asked him as you kissed his neck “my brother the banished one is here. He has come back and I do not know why” he stated as you wrapped your arms around his neck as your fingers went into his long locks “is he a threat?” you asked him as he moved beside you “he is nothing, not yet” he told you as you smiled. 

“That is what I love to hear from you” you tell him burying your face into his neck taking in his scent as he smiles stroking your back “you are Wang Yo. You are my king" you continue, your voice was slightly muffled but your words were clear to praise him as it excited him the way he needed. “Again” he spoke as he moved on top of you after his hand latched onto your hair softly pulling your face from his neck as he laid you back onto the bed keeping his eyes locked on yours. “My king” you cooed as he pressed his forehead to yours, his eyes seemed to shift as you succeeded. The words from your lips brought him such joy, his lips pressed with yours passionately before pulling away. He looked at you again before his hand wondered to you neck, his gripped was light as he began squeezing it as your hand gripped his wrist as he smirked “you know I have always been so gentle with you, I think we do something more invigorating. Do yo-” “yes” you cut him off instantly as he looked surprised, you knew where he was going and were very much wanting to test it “call me your king the whole time” he whispered as you nodded “words” he said “yes my king” you cooed.


You were stopped after visiting the palace with your husband who was talking to someone and told you to walk without him, that he would catch up. You looked at the person as it was Wang Baek-ah who was studying you briefly before he tugged down the collar of your hanbok. “What are you doing?” you asked “you’re being hurt by him” he states as he let go of it allowing you to fix it before he grabbed your wrist. “I saw these earlier. They look painful. I’m just worried about you. If you need help tell me” he spoke as you were embarrassed to explain it to him “Baek-ah it’s not what you think-” you started before being cut off. “What are you doing?” Yo’s voice rang out as Baek-ah looked at him but stepped away from you as Yo gave him a look. “Nothing brother” he spoke as you instantly grabbed onto Yo’s arm “have a good day. Y/N must get back to my children” Yo told him softly as you and Yo started walking away. “What was that about?” Yo asked you as you cleared your throat, heat pouring from your body in embarrassment “the not as well hidden marks you had left from your grip” you tell him as he smirked.


The brothers sat around the bath in the Damiwon Palace, Yo leaned back in his chair as his brothers looked at him. Baek-ah had told them about how harsh Yo had been to you, since they all very much liked you and thought you were a very sweet and innocent woman, they were ready to get on their elder’s case about it. As none of them had much experience other than Wook and Won with woman but none of them seemed to have adventures sexually like Yo.

“What?” he asked calmly yet annoyed as he took a sip of tea looking out at the boys who were leaning against the edge of the water towards him unsure exactly what to do or what to say. Wook cleared his throat before he spoke “brother. Baek-ah has brought to our attention that you have hurt your wife. You always sooke of respecting her, what has changed that respect?” Wook spoke. Yo raised a brow at his words feeling a slight pang of anger in him from the words.“She is one of the few people I respect. I do not appreciate your accusations of mistreatment. She has never been mistreated” he told his youngers “Baek-ah says she has bruises that are large enough to be your hands on her” Jung told him to him in a rushed and slightly scared tone. “I’m not hurting her” he explained holding his cup out for more tea letting out a laugh. He understood what they had thought was happening to you more. Yo let out another laugh before shaking his head at the innocence of his younger brothers not understanding the pleasures the pair of you experienced. “You are being rough with her, you should not laugh about hurting her” Baek-ah spoke as Yo sighed. Yo stood up pulling off his thin top turning around revealing his back. Large nail gashes covered it as he smirked with pride from how they came to be there. He turned around, Wook had a blush to his cheeks as his other brothers didn’t seem to understand, even though he had never done so he caught onto the injuries the two of you had sustained. “She hurt you too? Do you guys get pleasures from causing pain to one another?” Eun asked confused as Yo gave his brother a chuckle “you could word it as such” he told him as Eun slipped into even more confusion. 

“He’s not hurting her. Lets move on from the topic” Wook spoke “why is she nervous to talk about it if he’s not forcing her to remain silent about it?” Baek-ah asked. “A woman should never bring up what occurs in her marital bed” Yo told them as Baek-ah let out a sound as his brother’s bluntness. “Sometimes it’s exciting to be rough during romance. Y/N agreed and loved every moment of it” Yo told them as they all seemed shocked by his words. "My endeavors with my wife will not be questioned again. Correct?“ he asked them as they all shook their heads no. “Good” he spoke with ease.

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We've seen a lot of m/m pairing so why not something other: Obi-Wan and the handmaiden on the run from Vader, trying to raise the twin at the same time. His confidence shaken by his student's Fall, he's very submissive to the ladies and when they fell in bed alltogether, they fear he's not really capable of consent...

Caressing the soft copper hair of the head that rested on her breast, Sabe frowned a bit. Last night had been wonderful, week upon week of gentle flirting and casual touches that was anything but really casual compounding on the need as Obi-Wan followed them into bed, their hands quickly but carefully divesting him of his Jedi like attire that the man somehow couldn’t seem to let go.

But then again perhaps that was to be expected.

That Obi-Wan needed something familiar to cling to even if his lightsaber was hidden in a chest along with Skywalker’s.

Yet something bothered Sabe still.

The way Obi-Wan never took charge, the way he had just…folded for their prodding to what they wanted and acted on their requests.

“That expression on your face makes me wary.” Rabe mumbled against the freckled skin of their lover, Obi-Wan never stirring once even when Rabe nuzzled against his back before sitting up to peer at Sabe.

“He was very…submissive. That’s all.” Sabe offered and Rabe frowned at her, raven hair tussled around her face from their activities last night and sleep. “Where’s Dorme?”

“Luke started crying.” Rabe yawned. “She got up so Obi-Wan could sleep, he’s been exhausting himself with the babies.” She pressed a kiss to a hicky on the mans neck, smiling when he mumbled.

“Oh…” Sabe continued petting the copper hair, face still troubled.


“Just do you think he really wanted to get into bed with us?” Sabe voiced her concern even as Obi-Wan nuzzled down between the valley of her breast, his beard prickling ever so slightly at the sensitive skin. “I mean…he’s been so shaken. Since everything happened, what if he felt he had to?” She swallowed.

“Sabe you can’t think like that.” Rabe leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, lips faintly dry both from sleep and dehydration. “He is a man who knows how to say no.”

“Is he? Now? He’s let everyone else take decisions since…since Mustafar.” Sabe’s hand subconsciously tightened a bit on Obi-Wan’s hair, cupping his skull protectively. “The only times he insists on anything is if he feels we’re about to be discovered.”

“Or.” Rabe countered, her hand flat on Obi-Wan’s back, feeling the calm beat beneath the skin against her own. “He needs to be able to decompress and let go. He’s a Jedi, he felt everyone die, he fought Vader, felt him Fall and fought him and had to watch Padme die too. He saw the end of everything that was once his.” She sighed. “He needs time Sabe, and to deny him comfort would not help anyone.”

Sabe stared at her before nodding and peeking down at the head still pillowed on her chest. “…He looks younger when he sleeps.”

“He’s not troubled when he sleeps. We’ll take care of him Sabe.” Rabe pressed another kiss to Obi-Wan’s shoulder this time, covering the freckles of it before she rose from the bed, picking up her discarded dress from last night. “I’ll go see if Dorme needs help with Leia and Luke, you look after Obi-Wan in the meantime.” She smiled.

Sabe watched her dress and go before going back to slowly petting Obi-Wan’s hair, teasing the strands before pressing a soft kiss to his temple. ‘We’re still going to talk about it…after food and tea.’ She nosed at him.

The last thing she wanted to do was take advantage of their Jedi.

“Poor love.” She whispered, stroking his cheek.

hypnotised (4)

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genre: angst/smut
warnings: smut
pairing: baekhyun x reader

AN: im really sorry for the delayed chapter, life has not been good for me for a while. hopefully you will be satisfied with super long one! also im slowly giving back story of OC character as well as memories of their relationship.

Just like letters on the sand

where waves were

I feel you’ll disappear

To a far off place

The overwhelming feeling of being watched made your head spinning. There were too many eyes glued to your person so you needed to do something about it. Desperately. When the plane took off and you could easily stand up, you went to the bathroom - only to stare at your tired face. Your bloodshot eyeballs were itching and you winced as you saw your chopped lips. Dry skin looked sickish and repulsive in your opinion. Looking down you remembered how elegant you used to be not long ago. It left bitter-sweet taste in your mouth.

You didn’t know why you agreed to fly with them, with him to be precise, after his devastating revelation. Looking at your reflection you searched for a life that has been there. Muffling your sobs you hands vanished in the crown of your hair. Why it had to be you? Where? You wanted to know where he slept with that… with whom? The nausea returned and you quickly took a gulp of water. Did he sleep with… her?

She was perfect, of course.

But was it with her?

The madness in your mind didn’t stop when you pictured him and her together. Their limbs tangled in messy way.

Was it only once? Or a few times? Did he sleep with her more than once? Trying to calm down you pressed your forehead to a small mirror in the cabin. You didn’t know how you were able to breathe, having your heart broken so much. The shattered pieces pierced your chest with soft beating of the huge organ inside you.

The plane suddenly suddenly jumped and your head hit the wall so hard that you saw black spots dancing in your vision. Grabbing the washbasin to prevent your fall, your hand grazed on something sharp and the distant smell of blood erupted in your nostrils. Another jump of the machine and you were on all fours trying not to scream because of your irrational fear of flying. The turbulence eased down after few minutes of you kneeling on the plastic floor. The building up pile of vomit escaped your lips as soon as you hovered above the toilet.


Was it due to the heartache? Or was it because of the jumpy flight?

When you touched your mouth, you noticed that the wound on your palm wasn’t even so deep as you thought at first. You were about to clean it when rapid knocks prevented you from doing that. Unlocking the door you were met with bare faced Baekhyun. His expression was so earnest and full of nervousness that you inwardly let your stare down. He furrowed his brows seeing your state and pushed you nervously into the tiny interior.

“Are you okay?” his fingers cupped your ailing hand with careful movements. “We flew into stormy clouds” he explained while looking for more injuries.

“I’m fine,” taking your limb from his gentle grip you stole a glance in his direction. “I was just shocked, that’s all” you wanted him to move and not to be so close to your person. “I’m going to my seat, if you want to use the restroom, it’s yours” combing your hair with your shaking palm you tried to walk past him but he stopped you by putting his arm around your waist.

You didn’t say anything, you just stood in his silly embrace like a stone statue. Cold and unmoving.

“I wanted to talk, face to face” his brown eyes bore into your head with so much intensity that you slightly looked at him. “We didn’t talk for at least four days, it’s a really long period” black shirt slowly showed you his collarbones and you bit your lips. 

“What do you want, Baek?” titling your neck so you could openly stare at him you were met with his troubled face. He looked so young in his attire and in the plane’s bathroom’s lights. “Are you going to tell me everything?” you knew that you sounded harsh but all you wanted to do was to physically make him hurt just to show him how you were feeling. His eyes were drawn down and your lower lip trembled. “So, that’s all?”

“No, stop. Wait,” his fingers massaged your elbow as if he was trying to assure himself that you were next to him. “Do… you really want to know?” the pain in his voice left goosebumps on your skin. It was so raw and so painful to hear.

“Yes, please tell me. I need to know,” the begging in your own words echoed in the cabin. “Was it… one night stand? Did you do it more than once?” the tears you’ve been holding spilled over your cheeks with soft flow.

Drip. Drop.

Drip. Drop.

“Once. I did it only once,” his breathing was abnormal and his ribcage hammered next to your shoulders. “Only once.”

You looked up at him with determination written on your heart shaped face.


Small wrinkle arrived between his eyes.

“At her apartment,”

The sound of your palpitating heart was so loud that he calmed you by running circles on your back.    

“It was her… wasn’t it?”

You needed to know. You needed to hear it from him, the spinning sensation returned and you forced yourself to stay focused on his person.

“Yes. It was her”

Maybe you should not ask. Maybe you should stay in Seoul.

When you heard him moving you put your hand on his chest with quite sob.

“Don’t touch me, Baekhyun”

You left him alone.



The hotel you were in was beautiful. The glass ceiling in the main entrance made you stop and watch it when the managers talked with receptionists. Their talking echoing in your ears. Marble floor and marble stairs were done so perfectly that you simply took everything in, while walking stiffly around the interior. Your pastel suitcase followed you in every step and somehow the sound of its movements made you peaceful. Trying not to look at yourself in the mirrors you spotted small sofa next to the huge column. It was white and you gently caressed its structure with your palm. Sitting there, you unlocked your mobile phone only to see messages about roaming and costs of communicating.

As if you didn’t know that. Frowning, your fingers massaged your knees when the nausea returned. The nervous beating of your heart was responsible for the state you were in.

Or maybe it was because you were in Rome.

First time after whole two years of not being here. It felt difficult to be here, even if your mind was occupied with the whole situation with Baekhyun, you still were aware of the fact that you were in Italy. Fanning yourself your strained back touched the pillows behind you.

“They are talking about rooms,” you were expecting that so you slowly gazed at his skinny person. He looked sick. “I know you don’t want it but we will be sharing one,” his eyes travelled across your face and when he saw no sign of warning he sat next to you. His hands were itching to touch you and for one silly moment you wished that they would hold you. The thought quickly vanished when you remembered that he slept with that woman.

“It’s okay,” you lied with tranquil expression on your features. You were tired. That’s all. “I wish they did it faster. I really want to take a shower and go to sleep,” sighing you let your fingers play with your tresses. “I hope there is not a bathtub,” he inhaled when you felt him moving and before you could protest his soft skin grazed yours as he entwined his digits with yours. You really wanted to pull back, however your boneless body didn’t react as you wanted it to do.

“How do you feel?” his voice was so warm that you inwardly leaned into his arm, covering your face from everyone. He smelled so good, not too spicy and not too bland.

“Tried. Hurt. And I think I’ve caught flu back in Seoul,” you whispered against his collarbone. Closing eyes was the easiest thing to do at this moment. For a few minutes you needed him so desperately that you forgot about the cheating part. You wanted to remain in that state of obliviousness.

“I will ask manager hyung if he had some tabs, okay?” massaging your scalp he placed butterfly kiss on the crown of your hair. You nodded and softly ended your awkward hug by straightening your spine.

“I don’t want you to catch it too,” not looking at him you stood up and took your belongings. “I’m going to see if we can have the card for our room.”


The room itself was spacious and in toned colours. Huge master bed was placed in the centre of it, with white bed sheets and two swans made from towels sitting at the top of it. Leaving your suitcase unpacked you went to the bathroom, taking the things you needed.

Fresh underwear, nightgown, cosmetics and a hairbrush.

You were glad that you took some painkillers so staring at yourself in the mirror you took two red ones. Stripping yourself from the leggings and blouse you softly placed the attire on the toilet. For a couple of seconds you played with the strap of your bra. It was powder pink and you got it from Baekhyun for your twenty fourth birthday. Taking it off, your skin prickled from the cold in the interior. You took off the lace thongs as well and walked under the hot flow of water.

It was wonderful feeling, the pores of your skin  widening and small of your back easing. Closing your eyes you stood there without moving. The sound of water and smell of lavender shampoo closed around you as if it was a shelter.

Oh, you needed it.

You needed that feeling of peacefulness and stillness. The warm halo of your wet hair surrounded your face and you pushed your forehead against the tiles.

Suddenly the cold breeze hit your arched bones and before your could turn around and see what happened, the sound of closing doors echoed in your ears. Two bare limbs hugged your mid waist lulling your senses.

“I saw the pills. What for?” his nose against your neck made you shiver. You didn’t want him here, not so fast. Not when you thought about him with her when he was touching you under the shower. But you didn’t stop him, you allowed him because deep inside you needed him beside you.

“Headache,” your answer was muffled when he spun you around to face him. His black hair glued to his forehead looked so good on him. Your fingers touched his biceps holding him tightly. “It was killing me” explaining you nuzzled your way under his chin. He played with your spine’s bones and draw circles there.  

“Are you done?” he gestured conditioner and you slowly nodded. You saw his full lips tremble and slowly standing on the tip toes you kissed him.

It was wrong.

But you didn’t mind.

His response was overwhelming, you felt his tongue perturbing through your mouth, playing with your alveolar ridge. Gasping you grazed your teeth against his, the wild feeling in your lower region erupting when his fingers hooked around your hipbones. It was too long. Your moan was lost when his hand massaged your breast, his ragged breathing hitting your cheeks when he let you cross your legs around his slim waist. Climbing foreword you arched your back when his mouth closed around your nipple.

The world kept spinning and you didn’t mind.

Your digits vanished in his hairline when he returned to your lips and placed open kiss there. You weren’t ready when his long, skilled finger was plucked in your channel. Your hips buckled against him to add more friction, his slow growl making you more wanton than you already was. He nibbled at your collarbone and you let your mewled moan out. He was satisfied, his erection poking on your thighs.

“Inside, please” your voice sounded unnatural for you. It was desperate and needy. He hold you still for a moment and all both of you did was staring at each other.

You were so shaken up and so in love with him that when you saw tenderness and the same feeling in his beautiful eyes you put your forehead against his own. He was ethereal.

Breathing in the same pace he entered you with slow movement. His tender kisses all over your face were focal points as he increased his speed, sending an extra feeling through your whole body. He gripped your thighs moving you in special direction so he could hit the spot inside you that made your toes curl.

Oh, God.

And it did. It was a white blinding feeling. His pelvis against your womanhood and his soft growls sent you on edge so quickly that you surprised both of you when you came after few thrusts. Holding onto him you shook unable to grasp the reality.

“Stand up,” his hoarse voice woke you up from the high. Putting your feet on the ground you faced the tiles when Baekhyun turned you around so your backside was curved against his hips now. Exhaling lowly he vanished inside of you so quickly that you yelped when his digits bore into your skin when he was moving faster and faster. Your head couldn’t grasp that feeling and soon you were coming again. This time however both of you finished at the same pace. Your heart raced in your chest so fast that you had to blink the dizziness away when you felt the man behind you gasping for air.

“I’m sorry” peeking over your shoulder you were met with the realization of what you said. His nostrils stopped and he looked at you. His ruffled hair and visible veins on his neck made you quivering.

“What?” he stopped the water flow to hear you better. “Why are you apologizing?” his voice sounded so strained and you winced seeing his struggle to remain calm.

“We shouldn’t do it. Look at us. What are we?” your knees hit each other when you faced your boyfriend. Boyfriend? You didn’t know who he was to you at this moment. His chest touched yours and you looked up to see his pained expression.

“You are my girlfriend, my fiancé. Yes, we fucked things up. Me by doing this to you, and I’m so sorry. I’m sorry every day since that fearful night. I swear, you are the only one for me” his lips hovered above yours when you thought about the way of escaping his embrace.

“But we should talk, Baekhyun. And that is not talking” gesturing the nakedness you inwardly hugged him back. “We need words,” without looking at him you opened the doors and took a towel. “Because right now we are completely lost,”

You heard him slamming the aperture behind you with distorted curse.

0 Mile

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Johnny (NCT 127) x Reader

~by Admin Mari

Word Count: 2,130

A/N: When your basic and you don’t have a title picked out so you go with the song off their comeback that fits a little too well :l 

“Hey!” Johnny smiled at her as she pulled up a chair.

It was fairly cold in their usual meeting place as the windows were open, but the sound of birds chirping outside made her hold in her protests.

She smiled in return and gave a greeting of her own before turning her attention to the world outside the window. The sun was shining and people walked about in the chilly Autumn air as (Y/n) and Johnny sat inside, surrounded by beige walls and framed art.

This was their routine. Everyday, without fail, the two would meet up and keep each other updated on their lives. It had began about a month ago when they had both decided that seeing each other once a week was not enough. They had discussed moving in together, but one by one their efforts failed due to several problems arising. So the two settled for getting together every day and keeping each other company, if only for a short while.

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