and she's such a wonk

He was that special person

A little headcanon my gf and I had today. She want to make something like this in her fanfiction. Mikasa hoped to share the tattoo with Eren but after things not going on well between them she is waiting for another special person *wink wonk*

The tattoos idea is from this fanart 

Also, had to change Levis age and I made Mikasa a little older getting her tattoo :P hope i made more fanarts of this ;_;

Okay, so, lets hash this out,

Lets not fuck around here.

I am giving an opportunity to spread a bit of word that Susan is susceptible to certain forms of acknowledgement from anyone in the public.

You will recognize her because:

  • She’s that bitch who slept with your best friends husband,
  • She was the last person you interacted with before your valuables in your pocket went missing,
  • You visited her brothel,
  • You watched her steal some bread,
  • She slapped your ass while walking by,
  • She batted her lashes at your cutey patootie,
  • Flipped you off randomly,
  • Flirted with you randomly,
  • Wink-wonked the fuck outta you from afar,
  • She sold you drugs,
  • She promised you a discount on her whores,
  • She belittled you for acknowledging her neat ass tiger: “She’s pretty alright, pretty deadly. Likely to rip your throat out if you aren’t careful.”
  • She’s really hot, and kinda hard to miss

Literally anything and everything can go when it comes to Susan, Madam of the SIsters in Sin brothel of Elwynn Forest.

Honestly, that can mean you are very much allowed to do a number of things (Yes, this is MY OOC CONSENT to doing what you desire, so long as you are prepared for the consequences/reaction against your action):

  • Curse her name in public,
  • Confront her,
  • Be an ass wipe,
  • Advance upon her (sexually/threateningly),
  • Fight her (bishh lets go),
  • Spit on her,
  • Attack her without warning,
  • Call her a whore in passing (and watch her not give a shit),

Just talk to me oocly, on Tumblr private message (PM), or even poke me in game!

My in game name for Susan is “Gampre”, her last name. Hard to miss. Usually always dressed in red, gold and black “armor”.

Please, I wanna roleplay with you.

I want to explore pre-established relationships/hate-ships.

Lets stir up some fucking chaos and give eachother a run for their money!

Preemptive apologies to @cadaverriffic I’m so sorry I asked for your Whirl ideas and then I immediately did this I am so sorry there’s some mech gore down below

SO drawing TFA Whirl! Cute, cute, very cute.

Messing around with proportions and giving her a weird neck and all that jazz, I like her face, amazingly enough! With the thick lower lip and the pointy birb nose, it’s very fun to draw, even if I have no idea wtf I’m doing with her helmet!

Plus look at those thick thighs. Thick thighs save lives. And you know, it wasn’t obvious at first, but Whirl starting off this journey with head adn hands more or less intact gives us a lot of opportunities in this AU!

Opportunities like


Rivamika au where Levi is a teacher and vampire that is a hundreds of years old but forgot his past and the fact that he has a wife years ago . He lives a normal life in the way he can with Hanjis help.

In the class where he has to work with there´s a girl that at some point (and for a circunstance)she awaken those memories back, looking at her again and remembering his wife. She is exactly like her.

Mikasa in other hand, is a fan of fantasy creatures. When she notice strange behaviours on Levi whenever he saw her she started to try to figure out what was wrong with him and get more near to him. 

This is an au that was made in a rp.  You can figure out how it ends :3

sorry for my really bad english. Also, we made more history oon the rp but I tried to summarize it

basic cleo has 0 problems. no neck issues, no joints that stick, no wonk eye, nothing. she’s absolutely perfect

fearleader cleo’s face is perfect and ehr hair sticks up a bit but that can definitely be relaxed with a boil wash and she’s gonna look so good on a different body. im over the moon yall

Headcanon #12

All of the Hosts have kinks. Out of all them, Mori has the fucking weirdest ones.
Small things is an obvious one.
He also has a huge kink for cosplay, and all of the male Hosts have a thing for maid dresses (Especially two certain second years that we all know).
Meanwhile Haruhi is asexual, though she has a very well-kept secret kink for toys (wink wonk).

anonymous asked:

I was snooping through this blog yesterday(bc why not) and I read that Greece through an apple at Persia? In Ancient Greece that was a way of proposing/confessing your love *wink wonk* I'm sure she wouldn't have forgotten that, would she? ;))))))

Ancient Greece: … I don’t remember this…

Persia: neither do I… but then again, no one would after being thrown on the head by an apple travelling from one continent to another. 

i watched video game hero today and tbh it was cute so i got ‘anime’ barbie  and shes actually really cute but the only one left at my walmart was wonk eyed however i had plans to paint her with an actual anime face anyways, her hair is soft and her skates light up as she rolls, but i might put her on an ever after high body??? her skirt can come off and its really cute i like her a lot! 

i think if i do re-body her i’ll get some monster high skulltimate roller maze skates for her too

  • NAME/ALIAS: Mickey
  • FAVORITE APOCALYPTIC MOVIE/GAME/SHOW: The 100, The Last of Us, Fallout, World War Z, Planet of the Apes (the modern movie series), The Last Ship. 
  • ROLE INTEREST(S): My incredibly grumpy mechanic Charlotte - she’s been through a lot and admittedly is very tired, but she will fight™ till she can no longer stand. She’ll also fix anything you’d like her to; she’s very handsy (wink wonk)
  • EVENTS/TASKS YOU WANT TO SEE: Honestly, without being a kiss up, everything! I love character development tasks like prompts, anything to uncover the secrets. I also recently found out that I seriously love making character playlists, so yeah, those too.
  • FOUND THE RP: I was scrolling through the lsrp tag, trying to convince myself not to apply for another roleplay bc I’m trying to get a life, but that’s never going to happen anytime soon so I gave into the temptation when I read through the plot and fell absolutely in love.

So I stopped and browsed dolls at Wal-Mart today and saw a freak du chic frankie with wonk that made her look like she had a lazy eye and didn’t see anything I needed so I shifted down the isle to look at Barbies and heard a little girl squeal and yell for her mom “look look this pretty girl has an eye like me! Even on the same side mommy!” and I look to see her holding the Frankie I had just put down. It made me smile seeing a doll I passed on thinking it wasnt good enough to buy make this girl so happy for the reason I passed on it. Just helps put some perspective I think.

Who you should fight: Randy Cunningham edition
  • Randy: Seriously? The guy has overpowered pj's and violence issues. Do not fight Randy
  • Howard: His dainty hands are cute and useless, but he will mastermind your cheese. Don't fight Howard
  • Sorcerer: If you manage to climb down the vents, do it. He probably has the strength of a burrito anyway.
  • Hannibal McFist: That robo-arm is probably even more overpowered than Randy's pj's. Do not fight McFist
  • Viceroy: He may be a fragile twig but he has an army of robots at his disposal. Don't fight Viceroy
  • Julian: He gets fellow klubers stanked and steals purses. He also couldn't throw a punch to save his life. Fight Julian
  • Cyborg Julian: See you at your funeral
  • Theresa: She will wonk you up big time but honestly it would be an honor. Fight Theresa
  • Debbie: She scrapped three day school week!! And almost murdered Slimovitz. Fight Debbie.
  • Bucky/Flute Girl: You could fight them, but what would you get out of it?
  • Principal Slimovitz: What is wrong with you? Don't fight the cinnamon roll
  • Sorceress: Your opponent is currently banished in another dimension. You can't fight the Sorceress
  • Mac Antfee: He's like 40 and he still whoops butts like nobody's business. Don't fight Mac Antfee
  • Catfish Booray: I do think you would make a delicious gumbo