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wassup I need some saeran, V, and RFA hcs for how they would react if them and the MC were having sex and the MC starts crying because they ripped her favorite underwear

A/N: i think id be more pissed than crying if im honest with ya ~Admin 404

Is this NSFW? I don’t know. I don’t think so, it’s mainly just talking about underwear. I promise I don’t say Cockasaurus Rex in this one. But this is here, just in case you don’t want to read about underwear and almost doing it


               Oh god the poor baby thought he did something wrong and hurt you. He didn’t even get that far with you yet, and you were already crying!! Was he that terrible, did you really not want to do this? You could just tell him, MC! If there’s something wrong just tell him please, he’ll do anything to fix it. As he was freaking out, through your soft cries you told him that you weren’t hurt, he just ripped your favourite underwear when he took them off of you. His face completely dropped when he heard this. Turning bright red, he hid his face behind his hands and mumbled an apology, stumbling over his words. He’s crying, you’re crying, there’s no sex happening tonight my friends. Just a lot of cuddling and tears over some underwear.


               He /warned/ you about the beast. He could be gentle, or he could go into beast mode like a werewolf. You had chosen to provoke the beast this time, and now you were to pay the consequences. In the heat of the moment, he had attempted to pull your underwear off, tearing the side of them in the process. You heard the fabric rip and you immediately sit up, catching him off guard. With wide eyes, he looked at you, watching as your eyes started to tear up. “MC? MC what’s wrong? Did I scare you? I didn’t mean to, I um-” he was cut off when tears started to roll down your cheeks. Freaking out, he’s trying to see if there was any indication of him hurting you, heart pounding and tears threatened his own eyes until you started to mutter about your underwear over and over again. He sat up, carefully just patting your head as he felt bad about ripping your underwear, but he also had to try and hold in his laughter because you were ridulous…ly cute!


               Listen, she didn’t expect her ring to catch onto your underwear, it just… happened. MC, it was just a small little hole, why are you crying?? It happens!! She’s done it very often on her own, she’ll just go with you to pick out some new ones *wink wonk*. But she couldn’t help but feel bad about the tears in your eyes, so she kissed you softly and just held you instead. She thought you were ridiculous for crying over /underwear/ but she does know the feeling of losing your favourite undies- the ones that are so comfortable and they felt like you weren’t even wearing them. Okay, she understands why you’re crying now MC, she wants to cry too- y'all just need new undies;;


               Papers practically flying to the floor, you’re up on his desk and he’s pressed against you, capturing you in a heated kiss. There isn’t much time before someone called him or Assistant Kang came (hopefully) knocking on the door. But you were teasing him, obviously wanting to ignite something, and he would give you exactly what you wanted. He just had to be quick about it, meaning these undies were coming off quickly. With a quick tug on both sides of the clothing, he had the sides ripped immediately and they were thrown into the trash under his desk. As he was leaning in to kiss your neck, he felt tears hit his face and he pulled back to look at your face in an instant. Through your tears, you told him those were your favourite pair of underwear and he straight ripped them practically in half and you started to cry a little more and pout angrily at him. He just shook his head before leaning in to kiss away your tears before kissing your lips softly. “I’ll buy you new ones,” he muttered before pressing for a harder kiss, attempting to get back to previous activities.


               THIS ASSHOLE HAS RIPPED A FEW PAIRS OF YOUR UNDERWEAR BEFORE JUST BECAUSE HE WANTED TO PUT THEM ON AND MAKE YOU LAUGH. But there was a pair that was absolutely your favourite, and you refused to let him anywhere near them, because? He was Mr. Destructo™ with your underwear and you knew it. But one night, you weren’t thinking and you were ready for anything he had to throw at you. Well, apparently he was ready too, because in the heat of the moment, he was having issues pulling them down and he was impatient, so he just tore them at the seams, throwing them over his shoulder. You called his name, pouting with angry tears threatening to leave your eyes. When he looked up at you, his eyes shot open wide to look at you, frantically wiping your tears. “MC! MC don’t cry! Those… those were your favourite ones, weren’t they? I can get you more! Um, uuumm… here! These are my favourites, go ahead and rip them too!!!”


               Angel in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets™. There were times where he is a beast in the bedroom, or in the living room… or in the kitchen….. Throwing you onto the kitchen counter, your giggles only fueled his fire as he smiled up at you, leaning in so his mouth could pay good attention to your pulse line. He started to want you more and more, his need for you growing and his patience running out. With a grip on your hips, he pulled you closer to the edge of the counter, not realizing that you were sitting on the edge of a picture frame. The corner ripped a hole into your underwear, and your hand untangled itself from his hair to feel the hole. He watched your face as it sank in that now your favourite underwear were now ruined, and tears pricked at your eyes. His heart dropped and he buried his head against your chest after wiping away your tears. He kept muttering apologies, and how he should have paid attention instead. Hearing him so sad actually made you feel worse than your underwear did??? The poor man felt terrible and there was no way he could have sex now


               He didn’t even feel like bothering with your underwear when the two of you were in the heat of the moment. They were an inconvenience and they were pissing him off. Did he want to take the time to take them off? No, no he didn’t. So with his tongue on your mouth and a pocket knife previously located on the nightstand, your undies were cut cleanly down the sides and tossed out of his way. He pulled away for some air before diving back in for another kiss, but you pushed him away. Looking confused, slightly annoyed, and overall just sexually /needy/ he noticed your eyebrows were knit together, and tears threatened to pour down your face. He stared at you with his own eyebrows drawing together, waiting for your explanation, and when you said you were upset at him for literally cutting your undies off, he actually laughed? You just got more and more angry, and he had to stop laughing and he placed a small kiss on your forehead, leaning down so his lips could travel back down your body. “They’re just underwear, MC. If you want, I can get you new ones, don’t be an idiot. Just have a little fun with me, princess~”


Nila: I-I still wanna go with some friends as well! So I thought I’d ask you.

“I-I kind of have um- a date this year, but I hope we can still hang out some at prom!” 

“I love your dress, by the way…!”

The Teachers AU

so this is an Au developed by the Nutmobile chat and I would love if they’d add onto this post

-Dolokhov is a math teacher who’s super depressing and funny and people either love him or hate him as a teacher and he’s also super fuckin passive aggressive in his lessons like “so if Pie- Peter, if PETER took up 4/13 of the break room fridge with his technically illegal alcohol…”

-Helene is the PE teacher and she’s savage AF and RIPPED and every student who’s attracted to women has had a crush on her at some point

-Marya is the librarian who’s “secretly” dating Helene (even though everyone knows that they’re together) and she runs a D&D campaign and loves nerdy stuff and will SCREAM at you if you rip a book

-Natasha teaches Art and she’s the Chill Teacher who lets kids listen to music and has really very few rules but people respect her. there’s tons of speculations about her love life tho like: “ooh Ms. Rostova looked at Mr. Bolkonsky in the break room today!” “Which Rostova?” “The art teacher!” “ooh, Ms. R accidentally touched Pierre’s hand today, they’re totally in love!” “I saw that Ms. Rostova got a text from Andrei! They’re getting “coffee” after school ;)“
and at the end of the year someone asks her "all right, Natasha, I’m probably never going to see you again- are you dating Andrei, or Pierre?” and she just raises her hand which has 2 rings on it and says “yeah”
and then she goes "and who said you could call me Natasha”

-Mary is the English teacher and every year without fail she introduces herself as “my name is Mary, but call me Ishmael” and if someone laughs at the joke That’s Her New Fav Student and plus she has a unit every year where she teaches the kids about Sappho and Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen and Leo Tolstoy and Lord Byron and how literature is super gay yall and she pushes for it to become an elective
She also has a Strange Obsession with Arabian Nights and Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories and can quote some of them from memory (wink wonk I wonder which ones)
she also has 50 shades of grey in her classroom and whenever someone notices she blushes like a tomateo

-Sonya teaches music and she and Mary are married and always going into each other’s classrooms during their free periods to flirt with each other and also there are rumors that Sonya has a treble clef tattooed on her ankle and she does but she only shows it to the members of Honors Band
Mary loves Moby Dick more than a reasonable person should and Sonya teases her about this
And one time for April Fools Mary just hides in the music closet and whenever Sonya gets the band to finally stop talking and start playing she SCREAMS and everyone keeps stopping and looking around and going “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT”

-Balaga is the bus driver but also sometimes subs for classes. Everyone loves him and he’s occasionally high in class.

-Anatole teaches Home Ec and Health and Theater and random humanities and everyone makes fun of his fashion sense and wonders about him and Natasha and he has an Anonymous Question Box in health but he has to stop using it because every single one of the questions is either “do you have a foot fetish” (he will, of course, SCREAM at the class because that is NOT APPROPRIATE FOR SCHOOL), “are u crushing on Ms. Rostova (the straight one)”, or “what is a vulva”

-Pierre is the sad history teacher and he has all these weird conspiracy theories and he tries his best not to let them bleed into his teaching but he fails especially when they learn about Napoleon

-one time pierre was talking about Napoleon and writing on the blackboard and he just fuckin crushed the chalk in his hand

-Pierre throws stuff at stuff all the time like desks and chairs when someone can’t open their locker he’ll go “Helene get the plank”

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Commentary on Netflix Death Note
Hey, there’s spoilers here but does it really matter for this train wreck?
  • Hey! Look at this ‘edgy’ looking brunette cheerleader! She might be important *wink wonk*
  • How does one go from the attractive and highly intelligent Light Yagami to the angsty and ‘edgy’ Light Turner
  • Light TURNER
  • Still not over that name
  • So Light’s view on justice is explained with him having a dead mother
  • Let me guess, she was murdered by someone who was never convicted
  • Movie, I appreciate you trying to get me to sympathize with Light, but you could’ve picked a less common archetype
  • I can already tell Ryuk is going to be the best part of this damn movie
  • Congrats Netflix, you did something right in casting Willem Dafoe
  • Because damn
  • Why is decapitation the first killing method that comes into Light’s head??
  • Pointlessly gory shot #1
  • “YoU wOulDn’T uNdErsTanD AnYwAyS”
  • Oh look, I was right about Light’s mom, what a surprise
  • “I’m gonna be an angsty teen and run up to my room after arguing with my dad!! ScREw YoU, DAd!!!!”
  • Pointlessly gory shot #2
  • Yes, just pull out the notebook iN PUBLIC THAT’S A GREAT IDEA
  • “What is that?” “I can’t tell you” “Okay.” “Do you really wanna know?”
  • slow clap for Light Turner everyone
  • Light you literally got this notebook yesterday, why the FUCK are you telling Mia about it so carelessly?
  • Light Yagami rolling in his grave moment #1
  • Why is Light Turner more like Misa Amane than Mia is?
  • Like he’s literally telling Mia all this for her approval?? Wtf??
  • Pointlessly gory shot #3
  • Wow, these two kissed out of nowhere
  • Didn’t they start talking like a few hours ago?
  • Light Yagami rolling in his grave moment #2
  • They’re making out while choosing who to kill, look at them, they’re so cool and edgy
  • Pointlessly gory shot #4
  • Unnecessary shot of Light and Mia about to have sex is unnecessary
  • “Kira means ‘light’ in Russian and Celtic and it sorta means killer in Japanese” wOW
  • I’d judge all the cult elements but tbh, that’d probably happen
  • Pointlessly gory shot #5
  • Yes, I have no problem listening to these characters speak Japanese without subtitles, totally not an issue
  • (idk if this has to do with the fact that I didn’t watch it on Netflix or if the movie just got lazy)
  • why is there a red carpet with velvet freaking ropes lining the path towards the plane?
  • is it just me or does L’s voice through the computer sound like English dub anime L?
  • If L only just concluded that Kira is in Seattle, why is Light’s dad in charge of an investigation BEFORE L even arrives?
  • You’re telling me a hostage situation with a SHIT TON of police officers outside is only broadcast on LOCAL NEWS??
  • L calling Light “a bright kid” like wtf?? are we talking about the same Light??
  • So all the cool ideas Light has in the anime…come from Mia now?
  • Light Yagami rolling in his grave moment #3
  • Pointlessly gory shot #6
  • Light Yagami rolling in his grave moment #4
  • Is Light even bothering to hide his identity at this point
  • cue super cheesy love confession followed by a makeout in the rain
  • Light has a ‘Normal People Scare Me’ thing in his locker, so EdGY
  • Light Yagami rolling in his grave moment #5
  • Can this movie stop trying to be so damn edgy? like, no, stop
  • Mia is more Light Yagami than Light is
  • L literally explodes, grabs a gun and a cop car and goes to hunt Light down? Can this get more OOC?
  • *L proceeds to cause significant property damage, car accidents and nearly causes civilian injuries*
  • How are Light and L able to run through all these places, doesn’t anyone lock their doors?
  • “Let’s just run away and never use the Death Note again” SO WHAT WAS EVEN THE POINT LIGHT
  • Look at all these plotholes, look at them go
  • Cheesy falling shots in slow motion are incredibly cheesy
  • Mia falls into a box of flowers and the petals explode because wHY NoT
  • Pointlessly gory shot #who’s even counting anymore
  • So Light ALL OF A SUDDEN develops this whole elaborate scheme that anime Light would totally do in order to make sure he survived?
  • That’s OOC for a character who’s already OOC
  • Open ending?
  • Really??
  • fuck this movie.

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Okay but consider this... The RFA, plus Saeran and V of course, going to MC's family reunion, and MC gets into a sass battle with one of their uncles/aunts/cousins. Like the "I see your bad attitude hasn't left" "I see your husband has" kind of sass. I've recently had (won) a sass battle with my uncle and it felt freaking amazing to sass him. 10/10 would recommend

A/N: I am the sass master of my house, let’S DO THIS! ~Admin 404


           -He’s so excited to meet your family!

           -He’s really big on family!!!!!! Really can’t wait!!!!

           -Did not expect your aunt to be so critical though??


           -“MC, why does your boyfriend have mismatched socks?” She asked with a sneer

           -So, without even glancing at her, you respond with:

           -“Why do all of your children have mismatched dads?”


           -But wow that was AMAZING, lowkey worships the sassy side of you for the rest of the day

           -“But MC, what did you mean by mismatched dads? Also, are my mismatched socks really that weird??”


           -Very afraid about being around your family!

           -Wasn’t very good around his family, so… being surrounded by yours was scary!

           -You decided to dress casual because? It’s just your family! Who cares!

           -The two of you stuck together the whole time, he didn’t think it was that bad!

           -That is, until your grandmother decided to pick on your sense of style??


           -So when she asked, “So, MC, where did you get those jeans? Did you really have to buy them with the holes in them?” He had a response at the ready!

           -Although before he could answer, you did instead??

           -“Why don’t you stop worrying about my jeans and fix the hoLES IN THE ECONOMY, GRANDMA?”

           -HOLY SHIT MC DID YOU REALLY JUST SAY THAT TO YOUR GRANDMA WHAT THE Though he thought the sass was extremely hot mc dont mind if theres more hole in your pants later on today wink wonk


           -She was a little worried about meeting your family

           -Most of them were accepting but?

           -You warned her about this one homophobic cousin you had

           - really did not want to deal with that

           -So because fate sucks, the first person you run into at the reunion was that homophobic cousin

           -“Uhg, MC? When are you going to grow up and get yourself a MAN?”

           - cue angry and hurt jaehee

           -You didn’t even pause before you responded with,

           -“Hm. That’s funny. Isn’t that what your ex-husband did?”



           -He wouldn’t tell you, but he was excited to meet your family!

           -Didn’t know that a lot of your family was in the business world as well, though

           -A few of your uncles and older cousins swooped in and took him into another room to talk

           -When you were finished greeting everyone else, you decided to join them, though when you tried to voice your opinion, one of your uncles said:

           -“MC, stay out of grown men’s conversations.”


           -Was about to voice his opinion when you stood up and grabbed Jumin by the hand, dragging him out of the room, but not before throwing one line over your shoulder as you were leaving,

           -“Maybe you should stay out of married women’s houses.”

           -WOAH, MC, SASSY. FEISTY. H O T

           - shows you later that night how much he enjoys your feisty side, pls show it to him more often


           -“Watch. Just watch. Someone in my family is gonna comment that my knees are dry. WHY DID YOU MAKE ME WEAR A DRESS, SAEYOUNG??”

           -He just wanted to make a good impression!!! He’s never really had a family!!

           -So the two of you dress up and lo and behold, your cousin had something to say about it.

           -“MC, why are your knees so ashy?”

           -Saeyoung took a drink of his water, to hold his tongue

           - did not want to hear you say ‘i told you so’

           -When he took a drink though, you had no problem responding

           -“I dunno. Why are you always on yours??”

           -CUE THE SPIT TAKE

           -He apologized and cleaned up his mess but he had to drag you out of the room to hide the fact he was about to die of laughter! TELLS EVERYONE IN THE GROUP CHAT WHAT HAPPENED AND HOW PROUD HE IS OF YOU!!


           -He remembered you telling him your family was loud and kind of mean to each other, but??

           -There’s no way he could have predicted how….sassy you all would be?

           -Throughout the reunion, he heard a few sassy remarks from you, but he never really minded it

           -Your aunt, on the other hand, minded it a lot

           -“MC! You need to keep your mouth closed!”

           -He pulled you close to him and pouted towards your aunt on your behalf

           -Was going to tell her how disrespectful her comment was until you blurted out,

           -“What, like you shoulda done with your legs?”

           -woaH MC WAIT A MINUTE THAT’S BAD!!!!

           -He’ll congratulate you on your sharp tongue but!!! His angel!!! AAAAAA


           -HATES THIS

           -DOES NOT WANT TO GO

           -To many people!!!!! Not looking forward to it!!

           -Not to mention he thinks it’s going to be extremely boring

           -Though, as soon as one of your uncles see’s a glance of his tattoo, he tells him,

           -“You know, tattoos are a lifetime commitment.”

           -He glares at him and before he could spew what was most likely a line of curse words, you jump in with,

           -“But your marriage wasn’t, huh?”

           -SHOCK AND APPALLED though he thought it was amazing!! He knows you were sassy but!!! Oh my god??

           -  Later that night he shows you what happens to girls with dirty mouths WINK WONK okay im SORRY I DONT KNOW WHY I ALWAYS GO THERE BUT SASSINESS IS FUCKING HOT

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Is there and man or lady that has caught you’re interest?

“And you dare to fling such ridiculous accusations at me!?

I don’t know what you’ve heard but there is no one. No one I’m even remotely interested in. Not at all. I don’t have time for that kind of garbage. Don’t ask me again.”

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maybe it was Lala and she just wanted to know if you remembered her

(( OOC: *finger guns* *wink wonk* *trips* *takes out a small child as I tumble* *now I’m lyin’ on the cold hard ground* *…next to a sobbing child* ))