and she's standing on her tip toes she's so little


The Baddest Thing

The perfect girl-next-door reputation has preceded Betty Cooper all her life, just as the rough and angry Southside Serpent reputation has preceded Jughead Jones. Could a simple dare in a small town diner challenge everything? 

Pairing: Betty Cooper x Jughead Jones 

A/U:  Jughead Jones has been an established Southside Serpent since his sophomore year of high school. He was never friends with Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica or Cheryl. Betty has been an established cheerleader since their sophomore year and her best friend Veronica has been dating Cheryl since then.

“Oh, really? And what’s the baddest thing you’ve ever done, Betty?” 

Betty’s face flushes as she glances warily at her best friend, Veronica, whose arm is slung lazily around the shoulders of her girlfriend, Cheryl. It’s a Saturday night and they had all been craving milkshakes and burgers post their late night movie binge. Betty had just been defending the fact that she was not as perfect as her reputation made her out to be. She, in fact, had a dark side. Cheryl, despite Veronica nodding supportively, obviously didn’t believe her. 

“I’ll tell you what’s the baddest thing I’d like to do,” Kevin giggled from his seat in the booth next to Betty, turning his gaze to the Southside Serpent that had just walked through the door.

A hush had fallen over the restaurant as the door thumped shut, a silent mixture of respect and fear filling the air. Betty fought the urge to whip her head around, instead choosing to casually glance at him over her shoulder.  

 Jughead Jones.

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moonlight [part one]

Summary: James wants to know what she is. || werewolf!bucky x supernatural!reader

Warnings: language (i think) and maybe a little bit of angst, but nothing too major (for now)

Note: I have no clue where this idea came from, to be honest. I think I might make this into a series if you all want me to.


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Water Under the Bridge: A Nessian Smut Fic

For @blogtealdeal, who loves Nessian wing sin and who has blessed this fandom with Moriel fanart I never thought we would get to see. You are an absolute *blessing* Nicole. Thank you for all of the amazing work that you do. I wish there was more I could do to say thanks because that Moriel fanart killed my heart and brought it back to life again. <3

Title comes from the Adele song. It doesn’t totally fit lyrically for this fic, but it’s all I listened to while I wrote it and I don’t really do music while writing, so… yeah.

Summary: Nesta discovers in a fit of rage that Feyre isn’t the only one who can summon Illyrian wings at will. After a particularly long day of flying leaves her body aching, Cassian is there to sooth the pain in ways Nesta has never experienced before. Featuring Illyrian!Nesta and much wing sin. NSFW.

AO3 Linkage

Water Under the Bridge

The first time Nesta discovers she has wings - she’s screaming at Cassian.

Not just a faint whine of annoyance. Not a simple shout over some shallow disagreement. Not torn up words spat inches from his face.

But top of her lungs, blue in the face, going to kick his ass into the new year screaming.

The argument was stupid, as usual. And when it’s over, she can’t even quite remember what horrible thing it was about. The war had ended. Cassian had fought what little he could. Nesta had left to do her part. Maybe there were bitter words exchanged over still bleeding wounds. Maybe not.

All Nesta knows is that one moment she is so absolutely enraged at the jab Cassian let slip (that she knows he did not truly mean) and the next, her back feels the way her lungs do drowning at the bottom of the ocean, swimming up, up, up in a desperate search for air until finally that bubble of water bursts, and the muscles of her back split open in agonizing pain and -

She has wings.

Great, glorious membranous wings that stretch wide around her and seem to absorb all that wasted energy she spent and threaten Cassian for her.

Cassian - whose jaw had promptly hit the floor at the sight of those wings as they unfurled and cast red and gold shadows about the ground in the sunlight.

Nesta had stood back smugly that day at the way Cassian stared at her. She didn’t even fight him or pretend to stay angry when he stepped close, slid his hands around her waist and up along her back to the base of the wings as if to touch them, and she saw the sparkling in his eyes like diamonds as he whispered, awestruck, in her ear, “Nesta.”

That had set her grinning ear to ear.

It takes weeks for Nesta to figure out how to summon the wings at will. Whatever magic the Cauldron gave her over them, it’s not easy to figure out. And once she has mastered bringing the wings out at will, they’re weak and untrained. The muscles are loose and imbalanced, unable to support the size of her wingspan and Cauldron is her wingspan massive.

(Cassian eyes it for weeks trying not to compare.)

At first, Cassian insists she refrain from flying. She has to do stretching exercises to build up her strength, but Nesta grows restless rather quickly. Another shouting match between them - You may literally die if you attempt to jump off that cliff Nesta Archeron - has her threatening to have Feyre train her, or Mother help him, Rhys. And so finally, Cassian relents.

And then… Nesta is flying. Soaring high into the sky over Velaris.

She can only handle a few minutes at a time, but fuck if it doesn’t feel glorious. The world is stretched out below her and she feels like she could control it all from where she swoops and bellows above it. Every time she lands, every time the muscles scream with pain and tiredness, she hates it and forces Cass to help her keep training, keep going because damn it - she is going to master this.

It only takes one time - that first time in the air and Nesta doesn’t know how she can live again if the Cauldron hadn’t given her this gift. Maybe this was the Cauldron’s way of making up for the other awful things it did to her. She doesn’t quite mind.

Minutes eventually stretch into longer episodes. An hour. Then a few. Until she can fly just as long as Cassian. He wouldn’t be surprised if she could go longer than him.

But it’s a struggle getting there. Her wings are so large and her body has become one hell of a beast to support up in the air. And all Nesta wants to do for months on end is fly. So naturally, Cassian finds himself on the receiving end of many an endless, salty landing with Nesta.

“Again,” she snaps at him.

“Nesta,” and it’s a warning.

Nesta swivels on her feet and those wings flex behind her, Nesta’s own brand of warning. “I said, again.”

Cassian crosses his arms with a wide berth at his legs and tosses one of those taunting little smiles she both loathes and adores. “You didn’t say please.”

But Nesta doesn’t back down. Not by a long shot. She doesn’t even stand still. She takes two great strides bridging the distance between them and leans right up into his face as far as she can on the tips of her toes, her leathers groaning around her body as she reaches. “You didn’t earn it, sweetheart,” she snarls. “I want to go again.”

He knows she’ll kill him if he lets out the chuckle he has locked inside his chest. So instead, he gently grips her shoulders and leans down until their foreheads are almost touching.

And thank the Mother she doesn’t pull away from that touch.

“Nesta,” he says. “You just flew for an hour straight. That’s farther than you’ve ever come before and Cauldron, I’m proud. But you need to rest. I’m not joking when I say you could kill yourself if you go too far.” His hands slide slowly, sweetly from her shoulders to her neck until he cups her face, but Nesta feels so tight - so tense in that hold. His little spitfire in all that raging spirit always. It makes him feel light as air. “I’d really prefer it if you didn’t die, hmm?”

Nesta’s eyes soften for just a moment, her shoulders slumping. She dances up on the tips of her toes again and Cassian thinks she might lean into him finally, maybe even kiss him the way she sometimes does after she’s been flying for the day and the wind has left her breathless and she takes Cassian home to discover entirely new ways of feeling the rush flying creates in them both…

But just when her lips graze his own, Nesta teases out, “I said again, Commander,” and Cassian curses, “So we go again.” And Nesta can tell by how close they’re standing that Cassian’s other Illyrian skills are kicking into overdrive.

He takes a great breath, adjusting his stance and likely certain other parts beneath his pants, but releases his hold on her. “Alright, Ness. We go again.”

They do. And with the wind in her hair and the sun on her skin, it is heaven.

Cassian insists they limit themselves to ten more minutes only.

So naturally, Nesta flies for twenty.

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Always- Alex!Harry

So this is my first installment of the Alex inspired Harry fic and I hope you like it very much. I had loads of fun writing it! I’d like to thank @oh-styles @trulymadlysydney @druggedaiquiri for their continuous support. 

Caution: Do not read this if you haven’t seen the film but that’s up to you. I’ll try and keep the spoilers to a minimum but caution is required.

Note: Although I used Alex’s surname as Dawson, Mr. Dawson (Mark Rylance’s character) and Alex are not related in this fic.

This is more like an introduction to the actual one shot.

Hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated,xx.

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She always knew he was going to do something with his life, make it worthwhile and meaningful. She knew from the beginning of their relationship that all he wanted was to make his mum proud and happy that he was her son.  She met him when they were in secondary school, being at the tender age of 16 both of them were bright eyed and hopeful about the future despite the obstacles and the hardships they knew they were bound to face. After all living in 1935 wasn’t exactly a joy ride.

Alex was 19 years old when he went and signed himself up in the British Army. It was always his dream and goal in life to do something for his country, he wanted people to be proud and talk praises of him behind his back. He wanted people in his town to point to him and be happy to tell others that he was from their town or he was a friend or maybe even a neighbour. He and Y/N were fresh out of college and while she went and got herself a job at the local bakery, having always been interested in cooking and baking, he went and enrolled himself to dedicate his life to his country. If there was one thing he was certain about, it was his job; always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father who was a Captain in the army and died in battle when Alex was just four years old.

He was raised by his mother, Elaine, who worked day in and day out as a teacher at the local primary school to put three full meals on the table for the two of them.  He could only hope that someday he could be perceived as a person who was as strong and brave as she was, raising a child alone in a society where a woman without a man was not digested well is not simple task. He knew she faced a lot of criticism from various people but she always put on a brave face for him and made sure he had as normal a childhood as possible.


It was the April of 1938 when he enrolled himself, bright eyed Alex knew he had a lot more to go through before he found himself fighting in the battlegrounds, the real life experience being more daunting than the ones he had read about in his history textbooks at school. He wanted to be able to give back to his mother who spent all her time and energy making sure he had a good home environment and childhood despite the harsh conditions outside but he also wanted to be able to provide for Y/N who promised to love him with all her heart and wait for him to come back no matter what it takes until officers showed up at her doorstep to deliver some bad news and maybe even then she’d love him.

He had to go through six months of rigorous and tiring training before he was given the title of a Private and he couldn’t have felt happier . He was finally a soldier, he was Private Alexander James Dawson and he couldn’t have been prouder of himself, he just hoped his father would have been too. 

For the first couple months from November of 1938 to May of 1939 he worked near the cost of various cities all through the United Kingdom. Y/N didn’t see him very often, once every couple months if she was lucky but he did send her letter almost every other week, never failing to remind her of how much he loved her.  They wrote to each other regularly, she told him about her job at the bakery and kept him up to date with all the latest town gossip and he told her about how good it was to have finally come as close to fulfilling his dreams as possible. For the nights where she longed for him and wished foe nothing but to have her lover’s arms wrapped around her in a loving embrace, she kept in mind the conversation they had before he was sent off for his duties.

“You know I love you sweetheart, don’t you?” He held her face in his palms tenderly, fingers skimming over her delicate cheekbones to collect the tears that kept cascading down. He had a small frown on his face, his brows furrowed as lips formed a little pout being unable to take the sadness in his girl’s eyes. The moisture in her doe eyes made him a little anxious and tearful but he knew he had to be strong for her. 

His bags were packed, filled with essentials but also little memorabilia that reminded him of his loved ones and would help him keep them close although not in person. She came by his house before she left for the bakery, she didn’t care if she was going to go in late but Alex was not leaving without saying goodbye to her and God forbid she thinks of this as being the last time she saw him, the thought alone makes her shudder.

Her arms were wrapped around his waist holding on firmly to the cotton of his shirt, scared that he would disappear if she let go. She nodded meekly to his question, of course she knew he loved her and she could only hope it was as much as she loved him. She presses her cheek further into his chest, gripping him a little tighter as she tries to muffle her sobs, not wanting him to see her become a wreck in front of his eyes. She’ll miss him terribly she realizes as she tries to memorize his scent for what may be the last time for a couple of months, maybe even an year, having no guarantee that he’ll come back or if he even will but she chooses not to think of that. 

“I love you, Alex. So much.” She whispers under her breathe as she stands on her tip toes to press one last kiss against his raspberry lips, memorizing the softness of their texture and the way his hands squeeze her waist to keep her company in her memories for the many nights to come.


It was during the July of 1939 when she came home tired from the bakery after having done a late night’s shift that an unexpected surprise awaited her. She had been taking home leftovers from the bakery every night now that the war was fully fledged into position and food and basic commodities were scarce, the rationing had begun, only the well off and the ones who made sufficient money to sustain a proper lifestyle were able to afford buying goods regularly. The owner of the bakery, June Bennet, a middle aged lady in her early fifties was kind enough to let her employees take home the leftover at half the price that they were being sold for.

Y/N came home with a small brown paper bag in her hands that contained a loaf of bread and a couple of sweet buns along with a pint of milk that she hoped would last her throughout the week and maybe some of the next too. She was surprised to find bags placed in the doorway of her bedroom and the sound of rustling in the bathroom alerted her to the possibility of an intruder in her house. She walked with caution into the bathroom where she heard the water running and the silhouette of a man caught her attention. She pulled back the curtains thinking she’d find a stranger but was surprised to see the startled figure of the love of her life before her, his hair dripping from his long lashes and an expression that mirrored one of a deer caught in the headlights on his face.

Tears pooled at her eyes as she glanced at him and in a heartbeat or maybe less she was in his arms hugging the life out of him as sobs wracked through her body not even paying an ounce of attention to the fact the she was now soaked to the bone. Alex’s arms wrapped strong around her as he nuzzled his face in her neck feeling equally as emotional as her. He couldn’t believe that she was here, in his arms with her hands clutching him for her life. She was real and he couldn’t comprehend that after all the time he spent looking forward to seeing her and going home to her, she was finally here.

“What are you doing here, Alexander? Weren’t you off for duty? She was curious, as happy as she was that he was in her presence again, she knew him coming home would have a hidden meaning.

He fidgeted a little bit, nervous and not knowing how to tell her the reason for his sudden arrival. The letter that contained the news that he was supposed to tell her lay in his bag as a constant reminder of all the pain his words were going to cause her, the words it contained weighing down on his heart.

“Why do you go and sit down, love? I’ll just finish washing meself and be right with you.” 

She nodded as she stepped out, words escaping her. She changed out of her wet clothing putting them out to dry in the balcony. The atmosphere had changed drastically in her little flat; the happiness she once felt at the return of her lover was replaced with the anxiety of his impending news.

She was alerted of his presence when she heard the clearing of his throat behind her, turning around to face him with furrowed brows. She couldn’t help but step closer to him, wanting his comforting presence after being denied it for so many months. She rested her hands on his shoulder as she reached up to press a kiss to his lips, the simple gesture spreading warmth in her heart.  He pressed himself closer to her as his mouth put a little more pressure on hers, the taste of her kiss being one of the many things he missed about her.

“Is everything okay, Alex?” She whispered as she pulled back, her forehead resting against his whilst locked in his embrace. He didn’t know how to tell her that everything was not alright and if things went wrong, he was not sure they’d ever be. He sighed dejectedly knowing that he’d have to tell her eventually and better sooner than later is what he figured.

“They’re sending me to Dunkirk, sweetheart. And I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

Tears pooled her eyes at his admission, Dunkirk? That was in France, wasn’t it? Why would he go there?  The question in her mind drove her crazy making her lose sight of her surrounding for a minute, the anxiety that washed over her made her dizzy as all the possibilities ran through her mind.

“Dunkirk? Why are you going there, Alex? Is everything okay?”

“Sweetheart, they’re sending me off to war.” He sighed, knowing that her heart was breaking in front of his own tow eyes. He wanted to console her, he really did but who is to guarantee that he won’t lose his life? Who is to say that he’ll come home safe and sound? Who is to say that he’ll come home? But he knew he had to be strong for her so he gripped her cheeks in his hands the same way he did the first time he left and tried his best not to let his emotions consume him.

“Hey, darling look at me for a second okay? I know what you’re thinking and I know it’s scary but I promise you that nothing will keep me away from you, okay? Nothing will stop me from loving you not even the bloody world war. I promise that I’ll come back to you. I always will, you’re my home remember? It’s you and I, forever. And ‘sides you have my mum here and she loves you so much sometimes more than she love me. She’s always here for you.”

Y/N had tears streaming down her face at an uncontrollable rate as she looked into the deep jade irises that she had fallen so much in love with. She nodded her head in affirmation at his soothing words. She was scared but she knew she loved him and she knew she would wait for him no matter how long or what it takes, she promised him that when he enrolled himself an year and half ago.

“Do you promise? That you will come back to me? For me? No matter what?”The innocence in her eyes made him let out a soft chuckle as he kissed her on the forehead before resting his against it.



You look perfect (Reggie x reader)

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A/N: So I hope you all know Perfect by Eed Sheeran because this one is based in that song, which by the way has me obsessed!

And also as you can see this one is from Reggie’s point of view.

Enjoy it!

(Y/N) and me have been friends since we were born. Our parents have always been really close, which made that she and me were really close too, we didn’t have other option though.

We spent summers together, she helped me to get better grades since I can remember and I always defended her when someone hurt her, even though she never wanted my help because she said she could defend herself.

I remember how our parents were always joking about how some day we would end up together because we were inseparable no matter how older we got.

We both denied that and we told them to shut up and leave us alone, something pretty normal with middle school kids.

But we weren’t in middle school anymore. We were in senior year, we didn’t know where we would be next year and I didn’t like the idea of being far from (Y/N) after spending eighteen years by her side.

And it wasn’t just that, a couple of years ago I found out that maybe our parents weren’t so wrong. I would love to be with (Y/N) like more than just friends, but I guess that I never got the courage to tell her. When it came to her I couldn’t hide behind that façade of brave and fearless boy that I used for everyone else.

The formal dance was getting closer and I knew that (Y/N) didn’t have a partner yet, so I was going to do it, I would ask her to come with me.

That morning when I saw her coming in my direction my heart skipped a beat, she was wearing a big smile on her face, a smile she was giving to me.

“Hey Reg” she greeted standing in front of me.

“Hey (Y/N), you look extremely happy today” I said closing my locker “Did something happened to put you in that mood?

“Not exactly, but I hope it happens” she giggled.

“Oh, can I ask what is it?”

“Actually… I’m the one who wants to ask, you don’t have a partner for the dance yet, right?” I freeze in my spot, I didn’t know where this was going, but if I didn’t answer I would never find out, so I just shook my head no “Great!” she exclaimed with her smile still on her face, even bigger if that was possible “not great that you don’t have someone to go with to the dance, but great because…” she stopped for a second to laugh at herself and how she was beating around the bush and as usual she made me laugh too “I wanted to ask you if you’d like to come with me to the dance” she finally said. I was paralyzed again because of her words; it was the last thing I thought I would hear. I thought she wanted to ask me if I could go with one of her friends or who knows what, but not this. “It’s ok if you don’t want to, I would understand. It’s just… I’d like to go with you”

“No no, I mean yes. Not that I don’t want to go with you” I stopped for a second to get myself together before I speak again “What I want to say is that I would love to go with you to the dance”

“Fantastic!” she smiled again “I’ll see you later Reginald” she added leaving as the bell rang.

I looked at her until she disappear into the crowd, I couldn’t believe what had just happened and at the same time I was surprised by her, she always managed to amaze me more and more every day. I don’t think any girl at this high school would have think of ask the guy to a dance, but she just did it.


After a couple of weeks the day came, I told (Y/N) I would pick her up, so there I was, so nervous I couldn’t even knock on the door. I could hear voices inside, the sound of the TV on and steps near the door.

I finally knocked and waited until her father opened the door and when he saw me he smiled widely and invited me in.

“(Y/N)! Reggie is here!” she said from the bottom of the stairs.

“Hello Reggie! We’ll be there in five minutes!” her mother said from somewhere in the second floor.

“Hello (Y/M/N)!”

“I guess you already know that five minutes mean ten minutes at least” joked her father guiding me to the living room where he was watching a football game.

We sat there to watch the game and talk about football in general, when I was little my father, (Y/N)’s father and me used to play our own games every time we could and of course (Y/N) would end up joining us.

I heard footsteps running down the stairs and when I turned around I saw (Y/N)’s mother at the bottom of the stairs, she made us a signal for us to join her while she got a camera from the table in the hall.

We waited until (Y/N) showed up upstairs and I wasn’t capable of process what my eyes were seeing,  I always see her beautiful whatever she is wearing, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this beautiful, so I had to make an effort and hide how amazed I was by her beauty.

“Mom!” she exclaimed putting her hand in front of her face when she saw her with the camera “stop!” she laughed coming down the stairs as fast as she could.

“I know this isn’t prom, but you’re not leaving this house before I take some photos” she said grabbing my arm and moving me in (Y/N)’s direction. She stayed in the second stair and put her arms around my neck, leaning her chin on my shoulder.

We made different poses, funny poses all the time until (Y/N) put her hand in front of the camera and took my hand with the other to lead me to the door.

“Be careful!” her mother shouted from the door while we were going to my car laughing.

“You look more beautiful than I expected” I said opening the co-pilot door for her.

“Thank you Mantle, you don’t look bad yourself” she answered giving me a smile and getting in the car.


The dance were like any other one this high school had done before with the difference that this time I had a great time with my partner. We dance every song that they played like if anyone was watching, we were experts dancing thanks to all the times we danced in (Y/N)’s living room when I stayed the night.

When they played slow songs we just danced like the rest of students and we talked about whatever came to our minds. She had her arms around my neck and I had my hands on her waist.

At the end of the night Cheryl announced she was throwing an after party at her house and everyone was invited, which included us.

“You can go if you want” (Y/N) said when I came back from telling my friends that I wouldn’t go to the party ”you just have to leave me at home first because I can’t walk anymore with this shoes” (Y/N) wasn’t the biggest fan of parties, which didn’t mean she wasn’t the life of the party when she attended one, and that’s why she told me that she wouldn’t go, but that I didn’t have to stop going for her, what she didn’t know was that I had other plans in mind for us.

“I was thinking that maybe we could go to my house, it’s still early and I’m sure our parents are still out there having fun”

“I like the proposal” she said intertwining her arm with mine and leading us to the exit.

On the way to my home it started to rain, something pretty normal in Riverdale, it would probably just last a couple of minutes, but we had to go from my car to the front door, which meant we had to get wet.

“Are you ready?” she asked with one hand ready to open the door and her shoes on the other.

“I was born ready” I answered opening my door and running to my house.

I could hear (Y/N) laughing behind me and when we finally refuged form the rain we looked at each other, we were soaking from head to toe, but that only made us laugh even more.

We went into the house and when I was about to go to get some towels to dry us she stopped me.

“Let’s go to the garden, it’s not raining that much and the grass will be wet” she said it with her eyes full of illusion and it remind me of when we were little and we found some abandoned dog, she would take him with her and she would start to talk about how great his life would be since that moment. That was another reason why it was impossible not to love her, how easy she gets excited by little things.

I followed her to the garden and I was about to turn on the lights, but again she stopped me and told me the moonlight was enough to see what we have around us.

So we finally stepped out the door and we sat on the floor while we wait for the rain to stop and when it happened (Y/N) stood on her feet and went to the grass, barefoot. She would probably regret this the next day when she gets sick, but right now she was the happiest person alive.

“Are you coming or what Reg?” she asked turning in my direction.

I stood on my feet, but before I went to her I got into the house and put some music, not too loud so it wouldn’t disturb the calm before the storm but loud enough for us to hear it.

“Would you dance with me mademoisselle?” I asked doing a reverence.

“Of course” she answered doing the same.

I put one hand on her waist, she put one on my shoulder and we put the other ones together in the air.

We dance without saying anything, just listening to the music. I made her spin a couple of times, but I never let go of her hand and I always brought her back to me. I noticed she was looking to the ground, avoiding eye contact.

“Did you suddenly turn into a shy person?” I joked.

“Never” she said finally looking at me “but I must look terrible” she added laughing to play down. This time I didn’t laugh at that and it made her get nervous “Reg? Are you still here?” she blushed a little because the lack of response from me.

“You look perfect” I whispered so weakly that it made me think I had thought about it instead of saying it out loud.

We had stopped dancing and I hadn’t even realized it, she kept looking at me directly in the eye, with a serious expression in her face.

She let go of my hand and I thought that she wanted to get away from me, but what she did was to put both of her hands on my cheeks and stand on her tip toes so she could put her lips on mine.

I was shook at first, but I kissed her back, putting my arms around her waist to keep her close to me.

My heart was beating so fast I was concern it would leave my chest at any second.

“I don’t know why I waited so long to do this” she said biting her lip when we stopped kissing.

She kept her hands on my cheeks, caressing my skin.

“I guess our parents weren’t so wrong” I laughed.

“Not at all” she answered looking at me in the eye and then looking my lips.

I moved away her wet hair from her face and I kissed her again, like I had always wanted to do.

Twice Reaction To Their Gf (you) Being Taller

Mina: She would be extra sweet and adorable. She would constantly smile and look up at you just so she could see how you’d react. It would make everyone find this height difference the cutest thing.

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Momo: She’d be so cool about it. Sometimes she would make jokes about your height difference, but making sure to be careful about. Also, she would love when you had your arms around her neck, she would feel protected.

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Dahyun: She would make your height difference into something a lot more than just a few inches. Sometimes, she would jump up and down or she’d stand up in places that’d make her as tall as you just so she can get your attention.

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Jungyeon: She wouldn’t care at all. She would be a constantly standing on her tiptoes so she can look you in the eyes and you two can have an “equal” conversation.

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Tzuyu: She would find it cute unless fi you started to play around with her and putting things in places, she wasn’t tall enough to reach and I think she would blush a little every time she had to get on her tip toes to kiss you.

Originally posted by idolsgeneration

Chaeyoung: I don’t think she would care so much since she’s used at being the small one. But, she would find it kinda cute even though she’d feel like a child sometimes.

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Sana: She wouldn’t care so much. Actually, being smaller than you would make it easier for her to convince you to do things for her. It would be like a boost to her aegyo, she would love it.

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Jihyo: She would be such a puppy about it. She would always tell you that maybe she’ll grow more and that she’ll be taller and she’d love when people say that the height difference is cute.

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Nayeon: She would be just like Sana, using the height difference and aegyo to make you do things for her. It would become her specialty honestly; sometimes she wouldn’t even do too much to appeal to you.

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After all this time, Always (Newt x reader)

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Summary: You always dreamt everything would be alright, you wanted to be happy and you wanted Newt to be happy. But, once again, you’re in the shadow. And this time, you can’t take it anymore.

Words count: 3949

Warning: Sadness and regrets

A/N: Hi! I’m sorry for not posting for a long time, I’m still writing but with school, I just don’t find the time with my studies (I’m the equivalent of a sophomore). But I’m on holidays so I’ll try my best to post stories. Well, I hope you all have a good day! And requests are open by the way!

And just before you start reading:

  1. -Y/S/N: your shop’s name
  2. -The italic stands for the place the reader is reminiscing the past

   You were rummaging through the pile of stuff in front of you, picking up what belonged to you. You were feeling so sad right now. You wished to be angry, to hate her, hate him. But you couldn’t: the only one you were able to blame was you. Because, after all this time, you thought for a brief moment that he would return your feelings.

   After all, you knew him since your childhood: your parents were in good terms with his and you quickly became friend with him. You were always the first one he would talk about his discoveries and you were the first one he told about his dream.

   At this time, you were still toddlers and all you could think -or much all you wanted to think- about was to dream of what you will be when you are older. You absolutely loved to hear him explain his dream to you: he would take care of beasts, just like he took care of his own Puffskein or his mother’s hippogriffs. He would make the world realise their importance and he would make everyone stop treating the poor animals badly. And you trusted him: if someone could do it, it was him! He was always so kind and so patient… Yes, he could do it.

   At the end of this speech, you always asked in a tiny voice « And, will I have the permission to travel with you? Because it would be so lonely without you… » To this, he would perpetually answer with a smile going all the way up to his eyes « Of course, you’ll come with me! You’ll help me and I will teach you about them and you will take care of them with me! »

   All of this started when you were so young… You never expected it to end in this way. And not now. But, to state the truth, you never expected it to end at all.

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My Little Princess - Captain Swan One Shot

Post 6x22.

Suitable for all

I apologise if there are any mistakes in this. I got the urge to write a Captain Swan one shot last night and this is what happened. 

Also available on: A03 and

It was a normal Friday evening in Storybrooke. The birds were chirping and singing, the sun was just setting and in terms of crime, it had been a relatively quiet day. Apart from Grumpy putting up a fuss outside of Granny’s earlier in the morning, there had been nothing else to report in the small, quaint town.

Emma was lying in bed, with a book rested upon her swollen stomach. Ever since she’d found out she was expecting, David had all but banished her to the walls of the sheriff’s station, or now, her home. And as she was edging ever closer to her due date, she was becoming even more frustrated and bored at the lack of things she could now do.

It was at this moment when the baby growing inside her decided to give her quite a big reminder that it was still there with a kick to her ribs. Emma winced, moved the book out of the way and pulled up her shirt.

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Drabble about Holly Blue? *flutters eyes* ilu



“I do hope that you will behave for Yellow Agate.”

Two-dozen Amethysts blink at Holly Blue. After a moment’s silence, they break formation to look at each other, to whisper and shrug because not one of them has any idea what she’s talking about. Holly clears her throat–twice–to draw their attention, but they’re already too far gone.

“You getting a partner, Holly Blue?” one of Amethysts calls out, actually standing up on tip-toe to peek over the heads of her sisters. “What’s she like?”

“I heard Yellow Agates are mean.”

“Oh good! She’ll get along great with Holly!”

Laughter rumbles through the room; Holly clears her throat a third time, so loud and forceful that the Amethysts finally take notice. They snap into place and raise their arms in salute.

“No, not a partner,” Holly says, already regretting her little prank. “A replacement.”

For once, Holly’s words are met with silence. The Amethysts look so delightfully baffled that Holly can almost understand why they taunt her so frequently, though for some reason, she cannot quite shake her regret.

“H-Holly…” says a Gem from Beta, her golden eyes turned round and filled with concern. “You’re not leaving us…!”

“It’s called ‘reassignment,’“ Holly says, and that, more than anything, seems to convince them, because if something has an official word, it must be true.

The regret inside of Holly swells. Any moment now, the Amethysts are going to overcome their shock and confusion, and when that happens they will outright celebrate her departure. This was a horrible idea, really, and if she’d put any thought into at all, she wouldn’t have gone through with it–

“Holly, no!” Carnelian cries. The tiny Gem throws herself forward, squeezes past her sisters and wraps herself around Holly’s knees. “You’re our Agate!”

Suddenly, a pair of much larger arms are wrapping themselves around Holly–then another, then another.

“Yeah! You’re ours!”

“You were assigned to us!”

They’re all talking at once, pleading with Holly, bolstering her, begging her not to go. Holly hasn’t seen them this upset since a Jasper was pulled from their ranks–and it occurs to her with sudden, shocking clarity that they’ve adopted her into their kinderkin, and that for better or worse, she is theirs.

“Come now!” she cries, prying away the nearest set of arms. “Compose yourselves! I’m merely joking!”

For the second time in half as many minutes, Holly’s words are met with silence. She would be proud of herself if the circumstances weren’t so… unusual.


“Did she say joking?”

“Wait–was that a prank, Holly Blue?”

“My first and last attempt,” Holly assures them. She straightens as best she can in the middle of many arms. “I can safely say that I did not much care for it.”

“S-so… You’re not going anywhere?”

Holly sighs deeply, closes her eyes as if to imagine a different fate for herself. “No. I’m not.”

The celebration comes at last–cheers and laughter and strong hands pulling her back and forth. Holly cries out for order, but of course it does not come–and perhaps, just this once, she doesn’t entirely mind.

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could we please have sarchengsy + dancing? thank you x

Aw, this prompt is so cute!!! ♥ thank you! Enjoy!

this is the song that immediately popped into my mind (also, the singer is super cute)

read my whole prompt fill collection here on ao3

Upon returning home from a long and exhausting weekend with his parents, smiling for his mother’s campagne, making small talk and letting old people pinch his cheeks and tell him how handsome he is, Gansey notices two things when he enters Monmouth Manifacturing: there’s music on, and it smells like cake. 

He expected Blue to be here, but when he steps into the main rooms, he finds both Blue and Henry in the Bathroom Kitchen Laundry. Music is blaring, a cheery, happy pop song, upbeat and cute. Like Henry. Gansey is pretty sure this is his playlist.

Gansey takes a moment to hover in the doorway, and a smile makes its way on his lips as he watches. Neither of them have noticed him yet, busy with pottering around with two bowls and a muffin tin as well as singing along, loudly and enthusiastically. 

The next song starts, and it’s the same kind of happy and upbeat. 

“Oh! I love this song!”, Blue screams over the beat, and wiggles her butt a bit. Gansey, now grinning, watches as Henry reaches for Blue’s hips. 

“Come on then!” 

The muffin tin hits the sink loudly when Blue drops it and lets Henry spin her around. 

Gansey’s heart lights up violently when Henry and Blue start jumping around and dancing, Blue wriggly and adorable, Henry with real grace even though it’s just silly and fun. Blue giggles when Henry spins her, and then she spins Henry and has to stand on her tip toes so she can reach over his head. 

Laughing, Henry whirls around, and then spots Gansey. Gansey is almost a little sad, because that means he can’t keep standing here, letting the feeling of home and warmth enclose him as he watches his two favourite people dance and laugh. He grins and waves a hand. 

“Ganseyboy!”, Henry exclaims, at the same moment that Blue yelps “Gansey!”.

She whooshes by Henry, running into Gansey’s arms. It’s one of Gansey’s favourite thing in the world. She jumps, and he catches her, stumbling back a little as she wraps her arms around him and buries her face in his shoulder. 

“Hi.”, Gansey says softly. Her hair smells like cake batter and herbal shampoo. This is when he feels most alive. 

Henry comes over to them, sauntering slowly, giving them space, but Gansey smiles at him, and Henry’s face lights up. He’s still a little self-conscious about feeling like and intruder sometimes. Gansey wants to make him feel welcomed. 

Blue lets go and slides to her feet, arms still wrapped around Gansey’s neck. Gansey reaches out for Henry, and Henry takes his hand, lets Gansey pull him close. He presses a kiss to Gansey’s cheek, and the skin burns as it blushes. 

“We missed you.” 

“I missed you, too.” Gansey takes a deep breath. 

In the background, the song plays on. 


Series: Little Witch Academia

Characters: Lotte & Sucy

Words: 3,904

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

UPDATE: Reblogged with minor grammatical fixes, as well as end notes.

A/N: IT’S FINALLY HERE. ANOTHER PIECE. And it’s not for my Diakko one, nor is it the Hannah/Barbara one I promised. DAMMIT. Ah, what the heck. Sulotte is amazing, but there’s like only two stories written for them so far. Guess this will be the third!

Contains Dragon Sucy. Takes place in @theneonflower‘s Years Later AU.

Dedicated to Neon, @hanasaku-shijin, @azurathemagician, my bro @megamanofnumbers, and all the wonderful folks in the LWA fandom!



It is late into the night, with Lotte humming happily to herself as she ties knots on a pair of orange and blue threads. To her right, her lantern faerie is curiously poking at a finished violet and red misanga.

Halting her progress, she reaches out to tickle her faerie’s chin before moving her hand over to the misanga. She picks it up and kisses it softly, smiling as the person it reminds her of fills her thoughts and warms her heart.

Lotte glances over her roommates, both which are sound asleep. Akko is tossing and turning like usual, while Sucy remains eerily still, arms crossed over her chest.

Lotte gets up from the desk and walks over to Sucy’s bedside. She kneels next to her sleeping figure to admire every feature - every color - making up the poison witch she has grown to adore so much.

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Like me, she’s clever with plants, climbs swiftly, and has good aim. She can hit the target every time with a slingshot.

Katniss on Rue, The Hunger Games, chapter 7

It’s interesting that Collins gives Rue such a similar skill set to Katniss, and that Katniss remarks on it. Anyone have any thoughts on why? From the first mention of Rue in chapter 3 (when Katniss sees the footage from the reapings), K notes Rue’s similarities to Prim. When Rue makes her first appearance in chapter 7, Katniss mentions this again:

“I… see the little girl from District 11 standing back a bit, watching us. She’s the twelve-year-old, the one who reminds me so of Prim in stature. Up close she looks about ten. She has bright, dark eyes and satiny brown skin and stands tilted up on her toes with her arms slightly extended to her sides, as if ready to take wing at the slightest sound. It’s impossible not to think of a bird…. Rue is a small yellow flower that grows in the Meadow. Rue. Primrose. Neither of them could tip the scale at 70 pounds soaking wet.”

In demeanor, stature, and age, Rue resembles Prim. But in abilities, Rue is remarkably similar to Katniss. In a way, Rue is a bit like the best of both of the Everdeen sisters. K is drawn to Rue by her resemblance to Prim, which also makes her feel protective of the younger girl. Perhaps their skill sets are similar so the reader realizes later that Katniss doesn’t take the obvious approach when it comes to choosing allies (e.g., a big, strong guy who’s deadly with weapons) and people she trusts. In the arena, Rue turns out to be clever and resourceful — a valuable ally to Katniss despite the initial impression that Rue might be one of the weakest and most vulnerable tributes. 

Nevada Ramirez & Crybaby: and ‘Cookie’

Yea… this happened… I’m still really distracted by Raúl and the puppy…

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Canon Character: Nevada ‘Trujillo’ Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights)
OC: ‘Crybaby’ Caroline, long-time girlfriend and consistent thorn in his side.
The Ta-Do: House party, not too far from their new apartment.
Warnings: Cussing, drug use (smokin’ reefer), feels.


While pouting, she twist a bit at the waist, mostly just to please him. “What'dya want?” Hollering, over the music coming from someone’s shitty speaker system. “I’m busy.”

Nevada groaned, started shouldering his way through the crowd so he could manage to curl a hand around her wrist. “You’re not busy,” he splayed fingers out towards the little collection of now-hushed girls she was standing with; pretty young ladies wearing too-short skirts, gossiping and chatting about nothing really important- “You’re chattin’, c'mon.”

He tugged at her waist, Caroline rolled her eyes and began reciting her ’I’m sorry’s to the girls who understood, as she was drug through the little apartment. There really shouldn’t be this many people here, she thought to herself, while struggling to maintain the pace of her man’s strides. It was probably a fire hazard, or should be…

But nobody really cared about that.

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Can I ask for Fuyuhiko and Peko SFW and NSFW headcanons please?

Of courseeeeee :D

Request: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu x Peko Pekoyama Relationship HCs (SFW & NSFW)


- Neither Pekoyama nor Kuzuryuu are fans of intimacy

- So they often just hold hands or lean against one another when they work

- But if one of them is upset

- The other is immediately by their side giving small kisses and reassuring words - Kuzuryuu hates the fact that he’s smaller

- Because he has to stand on his tip toes if he wants to kiss Pekoyama’s forehead

- But honestly, she finds it amusing

- And her smile is one of the most beautiful things he has ever seen

- He’d often spoil her by leaving little gifts around the house for her to find

- He makes sure that she never feels like his “tool” ever again


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Little things I love about Spock and Uhura: Height Difference

Like, you know how she has to stand on her tip toes to kiss him properly? That means she’s at the perfect height for cute forehead kisses. And Spock is probably known for standing straight and tall and whatnot…until he leans down to kiss her. And when they hug how her head fits perfectly in the crook of his neck. And how when they hold hands while standing side by side, her arms reach lower than his so she has to bend her elbow a little bit. And when they’re on an away mission together where it’s hot and the sun is beating down persistently, she’ll subtly use him as her own personal Shade Provider. And when they walk beside each other he takes slower steps because her stride is shorter than his. 

(Am I the only one that thinks little things like this are adorable? It’s all just so cute and I can’t cope with it tbh)

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What are some stan-out features fromt he NG?Not like, bravery/kindness/beauty, but like, my friends have picked up on the way I eat apples and how I always shake my legs a lot and how I always have my hair in a bun. So, things that mark each of the kids, for example, Lily bites her nails to the flesh cronically, or Hugo always always always has a green cloth with him on his pocket? Thins their friends always think of when they think of them or that would be caricaturized in a cartoon?

The grammar in this is so mixed … some things are of the form “eats apples” and some are “eating apples” so I apologise in advance lol

  • Ted: When he had a cold he did a horrible loud sniff that everyone could hear, right up until he was 23 and Victoire threatened to dump him unless he quit doing it // tapping his fingers in a rhythm on his leg or if he’s holding onto a pole on the bus // ever so slightly moving to a tune in his head when he’s alone // his forehead crinkles whenever he smiles
  • Victoire: If she’s hanging out with her friends or sitting in a room she’ll see life through a metaphorical camera lens and look around until she finds the perfect shot // between 15-20 she has a slight frown/tenseness with one of her eyebrows // likes to sit with her knees up, especially in class // doodles by creating puzzles and then solving them on the side of her parchment
  • Dominique: She did ballet until she was 14/15 and so unconsciously pushes herself onto the tips of her toes when she’s standing still // breaking food into little pieces // has a haughty look on her face without meaning to // perfectly clean uniform at all times // the last person you’d expect to play sports but whenever she does she becomes a completely different, happier person //without realising it, tosses her hair sometimes in the same way some people roll their eyes
  • Louis: Rubs/itches his face like an animal cleaning itself // smiling at everyone he passes with a massive beam on his face // when he yawns, he stretches his hands to the sky and his shirt always lifts up so you can see his stomach // cocks his head on the side when he’s trying to figure something out // his blue eyes go really wide when someone comes to him needing to talk about personal problems, because he’s trying to understand // strange smell of burning follows him wherever he goes after the age of fourteen // if you see him, also expect to see Lorcan close by
  • James: Using his head to throw his fringe out of his face // rubbing his stubble when he’s thinking // pushing his glasses up his nose with his thumb // calling to friends from across the Great Hall/massive crowds in a way that certain boys do // leans back on his chair with his hands behind his head and feet propped up on the desk // went through a phase of putting his school tie around his head // randomly throwing a smile someone’s way even if he doesn’t know them (which freaks them out because … what the heck is he up to) // beginning most sentences with “Hey, did you hear …” and spreading some gossip
  • Albus: Raising his chin to look through his glasses more squarely // smells of animals // rests his arms and head on a pile of books when he’s taking a break from work in the library // the catchphrases “Merlin, I wish I’d slept through this lesson”, “I should’ve stayed in bed this morning” // absent-mindedly straightens his notes or parchment when he’s listening to someone talk
  • Lily: Sticks her wand through her messy bun to carry around // that stubborn, hard look that Ginny sometimes gets // when she’s bored in class she starts writing out a letter to her penpal Lysander // never tucks in her school shirt // the constant nagging from teachers in the hallways to straighten her uniform out follows her wherever she goes // has a bounce in her step, so her walk isn’t all one level but rather up and down
  • Rose: Almost-permanent charcoal smudge on her nose // at a party she’s immediately dancing on the balls of her feet // always wearing denim // says “I’ll pray for you” when her friends are being morons and actually means it // stands on her tip-toes in the corridors a lot to look for Al – most students aren’t surprised now when they see this red bushy head of hair popping up over everyone else’s // always with a large group of friends around her // eating breakfast in the hallways as she walks to class with Al, so she can eat it with him
  • Hugo: Constantly rearranging/straightening things whenever he’s still // glaring at Lily but being most comfortable when she’s around // he has a different laugh sound when he’s with his guy friends // talks with his mouth full if he’s super hungry // loves roast chicken // sometimes has this pompous note in his voice when he’s lecturing his cousins (an action also associated with everyone around him rolling their eyes) // jumping down the last few steps of a staircase instead of walking them // smells of lemons
  • Molly: Every so often she’ll completely stop and then her eyes will go wide and she’ll take a deep panicked breath before carrying on as normal // cat hair on every single school jumper // never wears make-up // when she’s got a lot on her plate she’ll drag her fingers through her hair and do a screaming face without making any noise // doing a complete Percy on the first day back of term with the whole “First-years follow me … excuse me, I’m Head Girl!!!!!” // pretty much always seen with a younger student at her side who she’s helping that day
  • Lucy: Entering a classroom and accidentally bringing in a pile of leaves with her whenever she’s been hanging out with Hagrid // every so often closes her eyes to meditate but she does it anywhere and everywhere // eyeing up people’s outfits to get fashion inspiration or see what clothes would look good on them // when she’s shocked she brings her hands to her mouth // green eyeliner when she’s in her school uniform // plays with her hair when she’s bored/concentrating // every single one of her weekend outfits has paint spilled somewhere on it
  • Fred: Does this thing at the dining table where he’s propped up with his head in his hand and he’s half snoozing and half eating // Thestral burgers are his delicacy of choice // smells of a strange mixture of cake and fireworks // Weird Sisters hoodie on all the time // always instigates passing notes in class // hides low in his seat when a teacher is asking questions so all they can see is a shock of red hair at his desk
  • Roxanne: Permanent sly grin on her face // wears her hair in a side ponytail // chews gum // scuffs the toe of her trainers slightly when she’s waiting for someone // humming the same song all day // Muggle boy bands from the 90s (i.e. when friends hear them on the radio they instantly think of Roxanne) // when looking at something in the distance, she squints her eyes and opens her mouth slightly // constantly being seen with friends who are boys but never seen dating any
  • Lorcan: Doodles on his friends’ arms when he’s bored // winks at any girl who walks by // talks about how hot Victoire is a lot // stares up at his long fringe when he’s thinking as though he’s examining it for something // rolling his sleeves up no matter what // kicking pebbles that appear in his path //  leaning back on his chair
  • Lysander: Blushing under his floppy fringe // baseball caps // leaning against walls with one leg at a triangle with the wall (so his foot’s on the wall) // ALWAYS sits up straight // 99% of his wardrobe is plaid shirts // eyeing his friends and using his internal idiot-radar to suss out if they’re up to no good
  • Scorpius: Absent-mindedly sketching comic book characters on spare bits of parchment, before crossing them out because they’re rubbish // does funny impressions of teachers a lot // when he’s listening/working, he sits with his legs apart (standard guy practice) and leans forward with his elbows just touching his knees, so his arms dangle towards the floor // quickly runs his fingers through his hair, pushing it back from his face
Kissed By the Sun Each Morning

I get kissed by the sun each morning
Put my feet on a hardwood floor
I get to hear my children laughing
Down the hall through the bedroom door
~Blessed, Martina McBride

Consciousness creeps into her dreams with a hazy sort of urgency, poking at her brain like a forgotten chore. The first thing that registers is the warm body of her wife curled into her and the faint scent of citrus clinging to dark hair as it tickles her nose. The second thing that registers is the awareness that it’s Sunday. Quinn sighs in happiness, snuggling closer to Rachel with the intention of allowing her body to drift back to sleep for another hour or two—at least until the unmistakable sound of a door closing interrupts her lazy semi-slumber.

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Ride you like my Harley (Trixya) - Chapter 10 - AnnieSantaWifey

A/N - AU world inspired by the TV show Sons of Anarchy.
Everything is told from Katya’s POV.

A/N 2 - Soo, I didn’t die, surprise! I just had a huge writer block and I am still not 100% happy with this chapter and I probably never will be but I guessed it was about time I let you all know that I am not abandoning this fanfic! It might take me some time to write it all but I am eventually gonna get it done.

A/N 3 - Russian words used in this chapter - aunt, damn.

T/W - bad language, probably grammar mistakes, mentions of drugs and death.

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Just a touch

So this has been ready for a while too but I was hesitant to post because it got way out of hand but I hope it’s still good. Prompt was for Lutteo making out everywhere  trying not to get caught 

WARNING: Sexual content 

It starts at school, she had dropped her pencil case on the floor right as the lunch bells rang so she told Nina to go on while she picked  everything up, she is just done when she feels a hand rest on her waist, between his touch and his perfume she has no doubts who this is so she just rest her back against his chest. He leaves a kiss behind her ear and she sighs thinking that that’s all he’ll do, but his hand lower down to her hips pressing her against him and starts leaving small, barely perceptible kisses on her neck. She shivers.

“Matteo.” She says. “We gotta go to lunch.”

He hums softly, almost like he is agreeing with her but his teeth graze her skin and he bites softly on it making her bite her lip not to let out the moan being born in her throat.

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