and she's sooooo cute!

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Guys reacting to see their lover with glasses for the first time, and she looks sooooo cute! THANKS!!!!

A,all of them? Here you go! (⌒▽⌒)☆


♥Shu: … Glasses? Ugh, you remind me of… Nevermind, you look nice. As long as you don’t start acting like Reiji…

♥Reiji: I’m glad you decided to use glasses. It’s not good to force your sight. But I’ve noticed that the design of your glasses is the same as mine… No no, keep them on. They suit you.

♥Ayato: HAH! Now we have three four-eyes in the house! Hey, I’m joking! Don’t take them off!

♥Kanato: What are you doing with my glasses?! Take them off. You look like a… A… *blushes*…What?! I’m NOT blushing!

Laito: Nfu~ Bitch-chan, these glasses look really good on you. You remind me of one those sexy teachers from the movies! Now you need to dress like one, fufu~

♥Subaru: Since when do you need glasses? Let me see… WOAH, you really can’t see shit. Here, let me put them on on you… *blushes* D,don’t look at me that way! Your eyes are even bigger now!


♥Ruki: Livestock, you look more mature with those glasses. *sighs* I didn’t mean “old”, good grief… You still have that childish personality of yours, right?

♥Kou: They look cool on you, but I wonder… Hey, M Neko-Chan, what is that? Ha! Gotcha~! *he puts the glasses on himself* what do you think? Do I look good?~

♥Yuma: Tch. Shall I call you “Specky-sow” now? I’m kidding, kidding… They look nice… But I guess I can break your glasses whenever you piss me off, heheh.

♥Azusa: Eve… Will you use glasses from now on?… Does that mean… You can see me better now?… I’m so glad. You look cute, Eve…