and she's so happy for him

I took my 5 year old son to see Wonder Woman.

He is currently running around the house, stopping imaginary bullets with his wrists.

When I asked what he thought of her as a superhero, he said “Mom, she was so strong and she saved everyone.” To him, Wonder Woman is a hero. Not a girl hero, a HERO.

He’s not running around emulating Captain Trevor (though, I’d be just as happy if he did). He is running around pretending to be a superhero. In his mind, Wonder Woman is as strong and capable and heroic as all of his other favorite superheroes.

And that’s why I’m glad this movie was made how it was, by who it was.

NCT 127 + Ten Reaction to a Black Girl Speaking Fluent Korean @ Fansign

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mark ; he’s gonna be shocked/shy about it of course and tell her that her korean is good but he would probably just speak to her in english because he’ll think that it’s easier to talk to her in the language. “was it hard? to learn korean?!”

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taeyong ; he’s gonna be like “what the fuck” in a good way though,, like he’d be shy as hell to speak to her because it’s so impressive. before she got to him,, he noticed her and was preparing himself for a horrible english conversation. he was so happy that she learned korean and that he could speak comfortably to her. he’d still be shy af tho like cmon it’s taeyong. he’ll probably be all happy and shet like the gif.

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jaehyun ; even tho he can be big headed sometimes,, he won’t be so big headed when he meets her. he probably won’t be able to look her in the eyes when she’s speaking to him bc that’s impressive af and he’d be a little shooken up. he’d stutter and laugh off his mistakes. it’ll be like he’s the one who isn’t korean. he’ll try to use his kinda poor english skills btw.

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doyoung ; i think he’d be cool about it,, like he’ll be surprised bc wow she can speak korean and it’s good. he'll love talking to her and he’d find her accent cute. “your accent, it’s so nice.” he’ll say in english but he’ll lowkey facepalm himself bc he could’ve just told her that in korean w/o embarrassing himself. probably making mistakes like that the whole time. pls appreciate this gif doyoung is beauty doyoung is fine

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yuta ; “finally someone i can relate to” “isn’t korean hard??” yeah,, he’ll be happy af basically.

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taeil ; “issa wife” shaking in his boots. that is all

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haechan ; he’d try to play it cool tbh but in his head he’d be going crazy, a stuttering mess. “your korean is good” “you’re so pretty” ,, mostly saying any and every thing that comes to his mind without thinking.

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win win ; she’d make his heart throb idc. her korean would be too good for him to handle,, he honestly wouldn’t know what to do but complement her in a low and shy voice. he’d be cheesing and staring hard af.

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johnny ; shocked. he’d say to himself,,, “im about to wife her and she don’t even know it” ,, he’d flirt with her lowkey. and like mark, he’ll speak to her in english after speaking in korean for awhile.

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ten ; he’d be all cute about the situation. “omg” x100. he would wanna be language exchange partners because she’s pretty and can speak a language that he wants to be better in. but that couldn’t happen so he’d get rid of that thought and give her di best fan service of her life.


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Request:   R=what reader is saying P=What pietro is saying 3 R 4 or 8 for O 5 R 7 R 14 P 34 R Plot=Pietro break up with reader for her “Saftey” by saying mean stuff to her to make sure she won’t want him back but I want a happy ending

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Summary:  3: “ Leave me alone. “  4: “ I don’t love you anymore. ”   5: “ Why do you hate me? ” 8: “ I don’t need you anymore. ”  7: “ I thought you loved me. ”  14: “ You’re a disappointment. ”  34: “ I don’t deserve to be loved. ”

 from the angst list, I wasn’t quite sure what this was asking, so I hope I did the request justice! the reader is like Tony’s assistant

Words Count 1131


Warnings: Language, Pietro being a dick

     It had started with a fight. You and Pietro fought sometimes as all couples do, but this time it was different. This time his words were filled with low blows and spite, every word felt like a knife brushing against your skin. 

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Even if these leaks are true, I am so happy about the little Jonsa things

- Supposedly Jon will listen to Sansa more

- If creepyfinger tries to drive a wedge between them he will fail.

- Jon will physically assault creepyfinger when he tells him he loves Sansa

- Jon will leave her in charge

- Sansa will write to Jon (when her siblings return)

- Jon will write to Sansa (otherwise I don’t know how Sansa will know about the dragonpit show down when she will send Brienne to represent her. So I assume Jon asks her to come. One of the leaks that is not by Lad says he asks her to come)

- Jon will spare Theon only because he helped Sansa.

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Do people just overlook the fact that M is so desperate to show she's yes in fact with Darren, making sure in 90% of her snaps he's seen? Obviously D was happy in them bc he was somewhere he wanted to be and was genuinely having fun, but then we have Darren, who posted a lot of instastories and msvonbeard was never shown. He played along when she intentionally put him on camera. Reminded me somewhat of this year's Oscars.

It is always the same.  And it is completely transparent. They made him appear happier as this weekend he was completely closed off to her the entire time.  So a small improvement. He let us know where he was. She let us know she was by his side.

But we may know why he was smiling. For once, M may have been a vehicle to accomplish a first public sighing in over two years. Let’s see what happens.

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do you ship jaia? if you do i'm just curious to know why?? i'm still a bit shocked from the kiss and everything to process that completely.. also i would like to see a different side that's not my perspective

hey !!! i ship them for a few reasons so buckle up and prepare yourself:

  • just the way they talk to each other is lovely to me. theyre always laughing and smiling in their conversations and their body language is usually so relaxed. maia jokes around with jace and he genuinely enjoys it !! 
  • maia makes jace feel and happy and he does the same for her. he smiles every time she’s mention and she has someone to talk to about the annoying and constant presence of climon 
  • they’ve both been abused terribly and its shaped and changed them both. they relate to each other and maia understands jace’s needs for a real family, one the loves and appreciates him and jace understands that at one point maia was terribly lost and alone and afraid (im not sure if he knows about her abuse) but the fact that they both know what abuse is like shows just how good it’d be for them to be together bc they’d both know how to treat each other properly
  • maia always knows when to support jace and when to put him in his place. she’s comfortable enough with him to do that (which is huge to me) and he always listens. he takes what she says and keeps it in mind.
  • theyre another wonderful interracial couple between downworlder and shadowhunter which i love a lot
  • they have such great chemistry !!! like i saw the potential towards the beginning of their interactions but didnt put it together as a ship until their kiss
  • they dont have a set of expectations for each other that the other has to reach, they’re just together and they accept the other person with all their flaw and weaknesses 
  • all in all theyre good for each other and their interactions are lovely

NipahDUBS is a sweetheart. Funny story, when he was at anime matsuri I didn’t realize it was him until I seen his Zenyatta post. Then it came to me, I got to take a photo with one of my favorite cosplayers and complimented his cosplay! He sounded a lot like Zenyatta too which was so amazing and the Mei was also very sweet and super cute and I hope to find her again one day and find her on instagram or whatever she has and support her too! He complimented my Hinata which made me so happy, the fact my cosplays especially my Hinata get so much love makes me happy because she is one of my favorites and someone I can actually relate to as a fictional character. The platforms on the boots make me a lot taller than what I am lol I am only 5′7 but I do have long legs so when I wear those I am at least 5′8 ½ 8′D

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God dammit I'm kinda obsessed with your Mulleggy hcs.... ehhhhhhhhhhh when you have time or feel like it can I have some more :0c

 yes!! of course!

  • big cuddle piles where they’re smooshed together
    • peggy always lies on top of herc’s chest and laf wraps himself around herc’s side
  • they don’t like getting up early,,
    • peggy and herc can sleep through noon if laf doesn’t drag them out of bed
    • peggy practically has to jump on herc to wake him up
    • sometimes laf and peggy just poke him until he moves
    • peggy: “do you think he’s dead”
    • laf, poking herc’s cheek: “…i think so?”
  • peggy goes all out on her boyfriend’s birthday bc it’s the one day she can spoil them and get away with it
    • she throws big parties for them and buys one too many gifts
    • peggy, blushing: “i just felt like you deserve everything? so, um, happy birthday!” 
  • she fights them about paying for checks and stuff
    • laf and herc think they’re slick when they take care of the bill when she’s not looking but peggy’s like “nope. i see you and you’re going to use my card”
    • the waiter/waitress is like terrified but peggy glares at them until they take her card
  • laf and herc come to her graduation and she’s so happy to see him
    • herc picks her up and spins her around and she’s laughing a ton
    • laf picks her up and covers her in kisses and she’s just soaking it all in
  • the biggest difference in their relationship is that laf and herc are really big on their appearance/on fashion/looking good but peggy on the other hand doesn’t give a what
    • eliza’s the most feminine of the sisters, angelica always dresses to the nines, but peggy’s a wild card
    • somedays she’ll be living in sweatpants other days she’ll wear a dress
    • she uses dry shampoo as much as possible
    • not really into makeup either
    • laf and herc don’t mind–to them she looks cute no matter what
  • herc loves to dress laf and peggy up
    • peggy always complains but by the time herc works his magic she’s like “daaaaang who that cutie in the mirror”
  • herc takes tons of pictures of the two of them bc they just look that good in his clothes
  • peggy swears like a sailor
    • herc thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world
    • laf’s always like “cherié,,, language” but he’s snickering too
  • very big on pda
    • moreso laf and peggy than herc
    • the most herc will do is hold their hands but laf and peggy will kiss each other, stick their hands in each other’s pockets, hug each other
    • herc’s like “you two need to chill” but laf and peggy are already making out in the middle of the store whoops
    • he’s given up on them but then they’re kissing and hugging him so he can’t be mad at them for long
  • nicknames for each other!!!
  • laf
    • laf calls herc “mon coeur” a lot (and it means “my heart”); also mon beau (”handsome”); and “mon loup” (”my wolf”)
    • laf calls peggy “ma bichette” (”my doe”) or “ma douce” (”my sweet”)
  • herc
    • herc calls laf “babe” and “love” 
    • herc calls peggy “honey” and “sweetie”
  • peggy
    • she calls laf “babe” a lot
      • she drags it out if she wants something
      • laf’s like “what do you want this time”
    • she’ll call herc “herc” a lot (not very original she knows) but usually when she greets him she calls him “handsome”
    • bonus: hunkules 

So consider: model au 2d

- murdoc is his manager
-noodle and russ are his stylists

-murdoc still runs into 2d with his car and shit but instead of bringing him into the band he insists that 2D get into modelling because he’s so striking and unique with the black eyes

-instead of being good with beats russ has a knack for makeup and hair

- noodle is in charge of fashion. She’s the youngest designer in the world probably but shes rlly good at it

There really isnt much to it i just thought it would be fun

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Imagine Bucky's been away for a few days on a mission and your five year old daughter really misses him, but you've received a text from Bucky telling you he's on his way. So you whisk your daughter into the kitchen and start playing her favourite Disney songs. Bucky arrives just as Be Our Guest starts and smiles as the two of you sing along making cupcakes. (Pt1)

(PT 2) Soon he swoops in gathering your daughter in his arms as she shrieks in delight as he sings along, only pausing to give you a sweet kiss. Then proceeds to twirl her around the kitchen, he may be sore and tired but seeing his girls happy is the best after mission medicine - Emily (it’s the period hormones I swear)

This is bad because we’re both on our periods and now we’re gonna be emotional about this @writemarvelousthings - Gen

Daddy Wednesday™

Cheap Date

Requested by an Anon:Hey! Can I please get a juice ortiz imagine based on the song t shirt by Thomas Rhett? The song just screams samcro men to me haha. Thank you!!!

Juice watched as (Y/N), approached the table he couldn’t help but smile. She looked so damn beautiful. His brothers gave him shit about her being too good for him, and they were probably right.  She didn’t think she was, she thought they were perfect together.   He was crazy about this women, and she loved to drive him crazy.

Sitting down at the patio table  at the little dive bar and grill that had become their place, she sipped on her beer, eating happy hour appetizers. She ordered her usual beer cheese burger and fries. 

Enjoying the night, a cool breeze was blowing, it caused the Christmas lights to sway.  At the end of the meal, he reached over taking her hand.

“Do you want to come over tonight?” He raised his eyebrows, and smiled, hoping she’s say yes.

“Please, you didn’t even buy me a lobster dinner and you expect me to put out?” She laughed leaning in to kiss him. “You must think I’m a cheap date or something!”

He threw back his head laughing. “You’re allergic to shell fish, besides I bought you a hamburger! That wasn’t cheap!”

She rolled her eyes standing up from the table. “Maybe I’ll meet you there!”  Winking at him, she walked away, with a sway of her hips.


His arms were wrapped around her waist as they walked up the stairs to his apartment, his lips trailing kisses up the side of her neck. She would let out a giggle, and shiver.

He’d grin because he knew she was ticklish, she stepped out of his embrace so he could unlock the door. Once it was open, he pulled her inside, kicking it shut, pushing her up against the the door.

His lips on hers, his hands moving up and down her body, he heard her moan. He picked her up, carrying her to his room.


The sun light woke him the next morning, he reached across the bed for (Y/N). Coming up empty handed, he frowned and opened his eyes. He looked around the room, seeing her dress laying on his floor.

He smiled at activities of the night before, he got up from bed, slipping on a pair of boxers. He walked into the kitchen and smiled at the sight in front of him. (Y/N) was dancing around the kitchen in one of his SAMCRO shirts.

He walked up behind her, pulling her close. “You look good in my t-shirt! I can get use to this”

She smiled at him. “Me too, and I like wearing your t-shirt.”


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hc that sana doesn't have her phone case anymore not only bc black isn't her happy color anymore but bc she gave it to yousef because he was begging her to give him something so he'd remember her 24/7 and she gave it that bc it's such an Iconic Sana Thing and he uses it on his phone and just traces it with his finger when he misses her and he can't talk to her bc she's sleeping or in class or whatever, and he loves it bc he has it with him all day (he never returns it)

??????????? OK BUT THIS IS CANON IM TAKING THIS AS CANON YOUSEF ASKED SANA TO GIVE HIM SOMETHIGN TO WHEN HE LEAVES AND SANA WAS LIKE ????? dude,,,,,,you’re leaving for a month not 10 years and he’s like :’( but,,,,,i’ll miss you you’re my girl and she’s like :’) i am AND THEN SHE GIVES HIM HER PHONE CASE


*Requested* The reader is a member of the pack, but hasn’t triggered the course, so she usually looks after the kids, tutors them, and she has a crush on him, but doubts it’s mutual, until he steps in when one of the other members keeps on hitting on her after she said no several times?

(Whew here it finally is, another Jackson one for you guys. I hope you enjoy as much as I did writing it! Let me know what you think. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Jackson x Reader 

Story Title: “Moonshine & Cards”

Warnings: Non-curse!Werewolf pack, use and mentioning of alcohol

Word count: 896

Your name: submit What is this?

The game is brutal, the stakes high, and the tension, oh boy, the tension is unbearable. The cards separate the air with their rounded edges and the table waivers every time one of them hits the splintery wooden surface.

At least that is what it feels like sitting here on the landing stage leading to the sea. It is most likely just the crazy amount of Moonshine you and Jackson have been enjoying.

You two have been here in the candle lid place many times before playing cards and drinking whatever booze was available, but tonight was different somehow. Your gazes seem to linger, your fingers seem to touch more often and your smiles seem to be brighter. Something is in the air tonight, but you cannot quite pinpoint it.

Jackson: “Take that! And ain´t referring to the band.”

Jackson slams the card on the table, his bruised knuckles scratching over the table. He hisses in pain. No wonder after that nose-breaking punch.

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Fight For My Way Ep 12

Okay, I haven’t watched yet but I heard SulHee dumps JongMan and I could not be more proud. I am happy she is making a move for herself instead of changing for him. If he isn’t willing to work with her and make their relationship work this is for the better. 

I know she doesn’t need a man to make her happy but I m hoping she still finds someone who is there for her and doesn’t treat her like a Dirty Little Secret.

This is so big. And it can be a great lesson no matter how it ends. They were together for years and it didn’t work no matter how much she tried. Letting people especially women know they don’t have to wait around for a man to be ready to make them happy. SulHee didn’t deserve what was done to her and how she was treated and I am happy the show let her leave the relationship instead of making it seem like what was going on was okay.

I’m telling you, this show is gold. So many great lessons, and it isn’t following the norm. 

#SulHeeDeservesBetter and I am hoping we get to see her get better….Maybe that new dude.

Or she can be Single. That is fine too.

okay OKAY so when that whole “limerence” seemed a bit weird to me just in the fact of why does Spencer think her love in unrequited? But then I realized. In Spencer’s timeline, Toby choose Yvvone over her, she died, then Spencer spent the last year supporting Toby and helping him work through it AS A FRIEND. There were no sex scenes. Not even a kiss. (I’m not gonna get into how the entire situation defamed toby’s character because I’m trying to find a silver lining).

In Spencer’s timeline spoby was so PURE. She made a fucking joke about them going back to Toby’s room and they played played scrabble until they fell asleep. They were FRIENDS, she was helping him heal, and they were slowly working their way back to each other. 

If I can all just pretend the Alex stuff never happened (as it seems he writers made Toby do… but I digress) I can be happy with where Spoby ended and how their post time jump storyline went. Yes it was slow and the break up seemed pointless, and they were the only couple not to put a ring on it but the alluding was there. 

I’m at least happier than when I thought they were pointlessly jumping each others bones 2 days after yvvone died (again, I’m speaking purely about the couple not about what that means for toby because I’m cautiously avoiding thinking about it)       

i think its funny how sansa told bran to hide under his blanket so “demons” couldn’t get him but when a “spirit” tries to scare them she goes running for the hills and it’s arya who throws down and scolds it for scaring baby bran lol

which makes me think of how after ned and the girls receive the news that bran is going to live sansa dreams of him smiling; probably a subconscience projection of the boy she remembers who was so lovable as well as a sign of her own happiness. but at winterfell bran wakes up changed. he’s definitely not smiling. he has lost the use of his legs. his hopes and dreams have been broken. 

and that quickly occurs to arya. she remembers how he wanted to be a knight of the kingsguard and is the one who asks what will happen to bran when he comes of age. she reminds their father of bran’s dreams of knighthood and he confirms that path is no longer an option. later in agot, arya wonders if bran is sad too. 

both show their idealistic vs pragmatic perspectives. sansa sees the good happy news but arya reflects more on what this will mean for brans future and how it will make him feel. arya has more reason to at this point too. while sansa is living out her fairy tale in kings landing arya wants to return home to be with her brothers. and she knows what it feels like to be uncertain of your fate

Middle-Earth MBTI

Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings has been officially retyped! And it fits him so well! I am so happy with it.

Originally posted by asstrxlxgy

Also, you will see the post has been edited to be 100% better and some characters were deleted. One, because they are already on The Lord of the Rings post. Second, or they were so minor I really couldn’t type them officially.


Galadriel has also been retyped. There was a part of me that saw INTP, but it didn’t work because she is so dominant Ni. Enjoy.


okay but the actual spencer/toby scenes in the finale were so precious and pure, my sweet babies came back to each other in the end

the way their faces lit up when they saw each other at the stables made my heart so full, you could literally hear the emotion and happiness in her voice

and the lost woods/scrabble scenes were so beautiful and understated, i actually love that their storyline wasn’t rushed but they took their time reconnecting and reverting back to their old traditions. those scenes were proof not only of how well they still know each other, but also how much they still love each other and idk i just really loved them, it felt like the old spoby we’ve all been missing for so long

and the fact she sat there watching him sleep and put down “limerance”, such a typically spencer way of showing her true emotions but it felt so fitting and poignant for them

also, the twin scene. toby automatically going to alex, unconsciously knowing she was the twin straight away, and how he knew spencer’s books were always full of notes and annotations. the way he knew that only the real spencer would still remember her favourite poem and recite it back to him in perfect french, and the fact he still remembered it too. and the pure happiness and relief and emotion from both of them when they realised he’d worked it out and they’d finally found each other again

idk, I know we deserved a better on-screen endgame but i’m really happy with their actual scenes and i’m so happy we have their whole future together to imagine now

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DA:I companions + advisors reacting to Josephine being pregnant with the inquisitors child.

Leliana is so SO excited for her friend. She’s already made orders to buy clothes and new baby stuff.

So has Vivienne. She’s not interested in children too much, but she has made a few personal requests from her tailors for the child, and they haven’t even been born yet.

Sera likes kids when they’re not screaming and being loud, so she’s all over it! She’d ask to listen for the baby, even though Josephine isn’t showing at all yet, and only found out she was pregnant yesterday.

Cole is interested to see how this happens. He’s seen pregnant women before, but he’ll want to stay close, figure out how they develop. He’ll be asking a lot of questions. Josephine will always direct him to Varric to answer said questions.

Solas is happy for them, but will be like a very grumpy, distant uncle who sends the kid presents every 5 years or so. He won’t be involved much.

Dorian is happy for the couple, although he isn’t much into children either. Even so, he offered to babysit the child if need be, but he warned them that he’ll teach their child necromancy if he does.

Cassandra is happy for the Inquisitor and Josephine. He think’s seeing Josephine lugging around a baby in her belly would be a cute sight. Cassandra would never admit it… but she’d want to hold and cradle the baby when it’s born. She’d be a great babysitter.

Cullen is happy for the Inquisitor and his colleague. He’ll be sure to lend a hand if Josephine needed any help with paper work and what not. He considers maybe having children of his own during her pregnancy.

Blackwall is… moderately happy. Seeing his beautiful crush with someone else was heartbreaking enough… now she’s pregnant with their child?? He’ll throw on a happy face for the bubbly couple, but will mourn the relationship he never had with Josephine. He will admit though… She makes for an adorable pregnant woman.

Bull is happy for the Inquisitor and Josephine. He’ll finally be able to see this, ‘parenting’ thing happen before his eye. He imagines it’s not so different from how he grew up, but he’d be more than happy to sit the brat every now and then.

Varric is happy for the couple, but he insists the baby not go near him. Babies are messy, and human babies smell. He’ll talk to them more when they’re older, but for now, he’ll be busy answering Cole’s questions.