and she's so happy for him

Chapter 499 Analysis Part 2

I love Juvia in this chapter. Juvia has always been shown to put others, not just Gray, before her. Her resolve to commit suicide was to be expected. But what gets me the most is how she handled the whole ordeal.

We know Juvia had normal inner struggles because she motivates herself to go through with her plan:

Even if it’s a for a loved one; ending one’s life must be hard knowing the type of pain you’re going to self inflict. Gajeel admitted having no future with Levy terrified him.  I’m sure Juvia had the same fear. Yet she looked within herself and overcame this. She found the strength to go through with her plan. But she didn’t stop there. Her love for Gray was so immense that she managed to give Gray a tender smile as if trying to mask the disturbing scene that was about to unfold :

A smile that she kept as she fatally struck herself:

She accepted her death and was grateful for the happiness she found even if it was for a short time. But she knew Gray wasn’t going to take it the same way after all the deaths he has witnessed. So she tried to make it less traumatic as she could ignoring her own suffering.

She told Gray how happy he made her:

  She encouraged him to not despair for her:

She stayed positive until the very end with a smile that quite frankly breaks anybody:

And you know what hits me in the feels the most?  The fact Juvia was determine to give her life thinking Gray didn’t feel the same way.

She didn’t expect it nor cared because what mattered was his life. If this isn’t selfless love than I don’t know what it is.



An AU MC FF that is loosely based on the movie The Lake House

When fate is involved, can Emma and Killian change their destiny so their love transcends time and space to give them their happy ending?

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Word Count ~8800 Rating - T+

Chapter 14

Emma wasn’t sure how long she stood there hoping, praying and wishing for the flag to go down.  She knew the chances of changing fate were slim but she also knew she had to try.  Her heart was breaking as she reflected over how many times she had thought of him over the past year and wondering if there was something they could have done differently so they were in the same place at the same time. But they hadn’t.  They had waited for the right time and place instead of learning from the mistakes made by his parents, that even though married and with children, their time to be together never came. Emma wanted to believe she was the Anne to Killian’s Frederick Wentworth from Persuasion, but hopes and wishes can’t keep you warm at night.

Feeling numb, she bowed her head, covered her face with both hands and sank down onto her knees.  It was February and the weather felt cool, especially this close to the ocean. A steady breeze blew but since she was on the bluff it wasn’t too strong.  Eventually she felt the cold seeping into the knees of her slacks as she had been kneeling there a while hoping to see the flag go down.  Hoping that she hadn’t been too late, that he had gotten her letter and hadn’t gone to Bayside on that fateful day.  Looking up she saw that the flag was still up, the letter was still there.

Emma wanted to scream and to cry.  She felt the need to question fate, God and whoever else people believed controlled the universe.  She knew she was trying to change the way things had been, but could that be the reason why they had been given this opportunity? To change his fate so he wasn’t in an accident.   So he hadn’t died.  To allow them to meet so he could capture her heart and teach her to dream. To teach her that life didn’t need to be so serious but that life was often made up of mysteries that required belief.  To allow them to be each other’s family, each other’s future?

Standing slowly, she made her way to the beach path.  It was overrun with branches and sea grass but she didn’t care.  Pushing aside the long strands of grass, she stepped over and around and made her way down to the beach.  As she moved toward the water, and the sound of the waves surrounded her, she pulled her hair up in a messy ponytail, and turned to walk down the beach.  Away from the house that seemed to have magic.  That had somehow been instrumental in bringing her letter to Killian on that day, so many years ago.  Could fate be so cruel?  Would fate be so cruel?

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Okay but how is Ezra going to explain any of this shit to BOTH of these girls?

Nicole: She’s been kidnapped for what, years? For some reason I thought it was only months but I guess not. She’s so happy to be out and Ezra was right there when she was. But like? He has to tell her he reconnected with his ex girlfriend, who Nicole met once before, and proposed to her.

Aria: And then Aria, sweet little Aria. He needs to explain why the fuck he didn’t think to call her when he didn’t board his flight. He needs to realize that him not calling her made her worried sick, she was so excited to see him and was terrified something happened. And he needs to know that his adorable supportive fiancé saw him and Nicole’s moment together when he found her. That’s heartbreaking.


 “Quiz time!”

 Her smile practically curled at the corners once she turned to look at him. “Oh really?” A single eyebrow raised, she crossed her arms and turned her heel so that she properly faced him.

 His smirk was one of the slyest of foxes. “Ohohohoho, but it’s a really hard question, you know?” His own eyebrow raised, Luciel cocked his head in pride as if he had slain a vicious beast. “Are you sure you can handle it? I’m just afraid that my terrifying riddle will leave you cower in fear!”

 To hear even the faintest crack of her laugh bloomed his heart.

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There’s a part of me that is glad my ex has found someone, and is happy. And I surely hope he makes her happy too.
And part of me hopes to God that this girl finds out what he’s like.. That he’ll help her dig her own emotional grave, Burry her with debt, lies, and anger, and then throw the dirt on her.. Anything she’s trusted him with will become ammunition to ruin her, So he can get away. And I hope she calls him out, and teaches him a lesson. I hope to God he feels even half the pain he inflicted on me.
I hate that I don’t hate him. And I hate that I still love him
Erin/Phil deleted scene...lets take a closer look.

Okay, so after watching the Erin/Phil deleted scene are we, the queer and the queer shippers, really worried about this guy? Are we really? Come on! I haven’t spent almost three years on this website obsessing over fandoms, reading so much meta shit, and analyzing the holy fuck out of movies and TV shows to let this scene fucking slide by. We all need to cool our heads and take a closer look at things.

1) Erin is reluctant to approach Phil in the deleted scene. You can see it in the way she sags when she spots him across the street. She’s not happy to see him. She doesn’t blush. She doesn’t smile. She doesn’t want to talk to him or have to craft an explanation for him. This wasn’t something she wanted to deal with today, that’s plain to see, despite the fact Erin appears to be looking for someone when she, Abby, and Patty step out of the building.  

2) When Erin soldiers up to Phil (and you can’t convince me she wasn’t doing anything other than forcing herself to march across the street) she’s defiant. She raises her chin. Speaks down to him. What does that indicate? Come on, I know you all know. Erin berates him for standing idly by during one of the most humiliating moments of her life. He betrayed her trust and loyalty. He let her fall. Sound like good boyfriend material to you? More like an ex to me, being honest.

3) Phil’s initial gesturing when he sees Erin is not only demeaning (waving her towards him like she’s a dog who ran off after a squirrel) he’s also clipped and short with her. He doesn’t reciprocate her icy greeting, launching into a lament about “you didn’t return my calls, and now everyone thinks you’re crazy!”. He gestures flippantly at Abby and Patty, slinging a “these people” in a slightly disgusted manner. He seems appalled about the fact Erin is associating herself with “ghost hunting” even mildly accusing her of being a “crazy ghost hunter”. 

4) Erin’s rebuttal might be light, but the fact he calls her crazy should send up a red flag. How long did Erin go being accused of that exact thing? How close is that to calling her “ghost girl” in the negative sense? Pretty damn close, if you ask me.  

5) And come on, don’t forget about how disgusted and slightly uneasy Abby looks during this scene. She, of all people, knows Erin best. She watches appraisingly, weighing and measuring the man, calling him mechanical when Patty suggests Phil might be a “sexy dancer”. Abby clearly doesn’t approve, and in the immortal words of the Spice Girls, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends!” Phil ain’t going anywhere fast, that’s for damn sure.

So you all, please calm down, and also remember that bisexual women do exist. None of the Ghostbuster’s sexualities were openly discussed in the canon film, though we all can pretty much gather none of the women are straight. Erin could very well have been in love with this guy and fallen out of love at the same time. She could well be in love with Holtzmann or even Abby or Patty. We don’t know. But please don’t erase the chance Erin might be bisexual because of one scene and a reference to him in the novelization of the movie.    











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Fitzsimmons + "You’ve got some chocolate on the side of your lip, but I’m not sure if I wanna tell you because you look so cute." If you'd like?

“Ice skating. What on Earth persuaded me to think that ice skating was a good idea?”

Jemma offered him a grin, gloved fingers wrapping around her cup, cheeks pink with cold (and, he likes to think, happiness). “Your utterly charming and lovable best friend?” she suggests.

He rolls his eyes. “Haha. Very funny, Jemma.” But he doesn’t deny it. “You know, at least you have some natural grace, or balance, or something. I just have…”

“The movements of a newborn fawn?”

“Aren’t you just full of witty quips today.” 

She beams. “It’s why you love me.” Jemma raises her cup of hot chocolate to her mouth, and he does the same. When he looks back up, he has to bite back a fond smile. There’s traces of hot chocolate around her lip, her hair falling in wind-ruffled tangles around her face. She’s bundled up in a jacket and a blue scarf, and she looks so adorable that Fitz isn’t cold anymore. In fact, there’s an odd sort of warmth spreading throughout his body, to his fingers and his cheeks, but most peculiarly, and most especially, to his heart.

“Something the matter?” she asks, nose crinkling.

“Nothing.” Fitz shakes his head. “Nothing, just… You’ve got chocolate. On your lip.”

Jemma blinks, looking faintly embarrassed as she reaches to wipe at her mouth. “Is it gone?”

“No, it’s — ” He takes a step closer, into her warmth, and dabs carefully at her mouth. It feels strangely tender, and when her eyes meet his something happens, and before he knows it he’s leaning down to kiss her softly. She’s colder than she expected, but he’s warm enough for the both of them. She tastes like hot chocolate and cherry chapstick, and Fitz thinks those might be the sweetest flavours in the world.

He pulls away, flushing even in the cold. Her eyes flutter open and her hand moves to her lips.

“Is it gone?”

“Wh — what?”

“The chocolate,” she says, giving him a smile. “Is it gone?”

“It’s gone,” he confirms, suddenly feeling foolish and embarrassed. Jemma Simmons is his best friend, and he’s been stupid and mucked it up with his uncontrollable urges and his —

“Good. Do that again,” she orders lightly, leaning up on her toes for another kiss.

Two Golden Planets

As a boy,
my brother would light firecrackers
when he was angry,
and his eyes would fill with thunder,
without a sound.
A rarity,
for most of his terrors
were expressed as joys;
as well-wielded humors,
with the timing of a snare drum.

He lived to make me laugh,
without the appearance of trying.

Our mother was unavailable,
so I stepped in,
had no choice–
yet I wanted to.

I explained that he’d make someone
very happy someday.
And now he is.
I cannot tell him that she’s a sea witch,
like our mother.
My eyes cannot lie,
he knows them too well,
so instead, I shift focus onto his happiness.
The gleaming in his eyes,
so precious,
like two golden planets…
Albeit, I can still see the rivers in them;
in time, to lead himself elsewhere.

Draco’s Relationships

As far as Draco’s relationships go, Narcissa only has one rule.

As long as her son is happy, Narcissa is happy.

After the war, her eyes were opened. Blood status no longer mattered to Narcissa, the second war changed everything. She came so close to losing the two most important people in her life, her son and husband, that she would never dare go through that pain again.

On the other hand, if you break her little angel’s heart, you will feel pain you have never felt before.

blueblazerjournal  asked:

A mini shot where the reader steadily teases draco from annoyed to flustered 😈😈😈

Here ya go, darling:)

“Y/N..” Draco warned, his tone low and somewhat annoyed. Y/N batted her eye lashes, pretending to be completely innocent while her toes lightly trailed up his leg under the table on which their books were scattered as they studied furiously for the test the next morning.

“What’s wrong, Draco? Something bothering you?” She quips in a light, airy voice. But Draco wasn’t fooled, nor was he happy about her playing games with him at such a crucial time.

“Yes. I can’t focus on studying for this ridiculous test when you’re doing that, so if you would kindly keep your hands and feet to yourself, that would be much appreciated.” He said, trying to sound angry, but failing miserably, his voice cracking and squeaking even, once she started to run her fingers gently over the back of his vein covered hand.

“Why is it that you can’t focus? Can’t get your mind out of the gutter?” She continues patronized, making his jaw clench and his grip around his quill tighten under her fingers as they continued to caress his skin. “Too busy imagining me.. touching you.. kissing you.. under you.. I bet that’s why you can’t remember any of this stuff. Too preoccupied with the idea of drilling me into your bed so hard I can’t stagger out of bed..” She teases, his face turning redder with every syllable.

“Don’t test me. You know full well that I will take you. Right here. Right now. On this goddamn table.” He growls, making her shiver and smile wickedly.

“I’m counting on it.”

Imagine daddy luke out shopping with his little princess in her pink tutu and her little diadem on top of her head all giggly and happy and dragging her daddy into all of her favourite stores full of toys and things she loves, especially the huge bouncy castle in the middle of the store and while she runs of completely astonished by the new slide next to the bouncy castle, Luke can’t help but wander after her. Sitting down next to the bouncy castle watching his little girl fondly, making friends with the little boy next to her and and running of to look at all their favourite things and places in this stores and all this happens while you stroll trough the store completely lost looking for a last minute present for your little niece and suddenly you feel someone bumping into your legs and you just see the little girl running further and her dad chasing after her quickly mumbling an excuse and you go after them since the girl looked just the same age as your niece and maybe she could tell you what she would like for her birthday so you catch her at the next corner and Luke rushing there only seconds later and thanking you again! And you send him a wink and tell him it was a pleasure, but only if his little girl will show you her favourite toy so you finally have a present and he replies that that is surely no bother but he would like the number of the lovely woman who just helped him catching his princess in return

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Ryan has been pretty good so far this season. It surprises me! Like when Maci was at his parents house telling them she is pregnant, it seemed like he was genuinely happy for her. I hope him and Maci keep with this relationship they have and don't revert back to arguing.

So do I.

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oooh can i just ask who your favorite character in pride and prejudice is? and why?

Oh, it’s definitely a tie between Elizabeth and Darcy, I’m afraid I’m not original at all. Darcy because, well. I’m cooking up a post on him, so this will be explained, but basically  —he is the sweetest, most respectful man in fiction, and shuddering with the polite, under-the-surface passion that makes the most reserved people’s words starry and grandiose. 

Elizabeth because she is a fictional kindred spirit, full of flaws, mistakes-prone, but always willing to correct them. Sarcastic, cynical, forced into optimism and happiness by the joyful circumstances of life, she’s such a lovely, well-rounded, believable character  —and one that resonates with a lot of readers, myself among others. 

Honourable mention to Jane, who we should all learn from, long to imitate and one day become. She’s so precious and soft and strong and forgiving.

david’s backstory?

okay so now we have an insight into it.

In the trailer, David is seen running (and omg that screenshot is hilarious) to a car that’s driving towards him. Presumably his son is driving?

“You could have killed me,” says David. 

“Hey, Dad.” - That’s his son. And he doesn’t sound happy at all. Also that kid is cute.

David says, “he’s different”

“You don’t know him anymore.” Who is that woman? Ex-girlfriend? Ex-wife? Friend? Mother of his child? Whoever she is, this statement could be key. It would suggest he hadn’t seen his son in a long time. Remember the episode where David said ‘you don’t abandon a child’ or something like that? Maybe he abandoned his son, whether he wanted to or not.

Ouch. He’s burning something that looks precious. What did David do?

So the car catches on fire with David’s son in it and David breaks the window to get to him? He still cares about him, but does he get to him in time?

Enough with the exploding cars already, Casualty!

and then we have this picture of David crying. Is this connected to the car or his son? 


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Alright so that obviously wasn't what we thought or hoped for in the finale for ezria but I'm actually super happy Nichole is alive because we get to see him now choose aria over her and aria will know it's she isn't just the second choice, also there will be a really cute scene between the two of them of him choosing her. The only bad thing is that we have to wait tell April and we where left on a bad note.

Yea to all of these things.

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How would Draco act with a girl who is super insecure but not noticeably? Like she's always happy and making other people happy and doing what she wants but then as soon as she's alone she's just sad and insecure. How would he react if he found this out?

He would be super shocked that she’s not bursting with confidence. In his eyes, she’s absolutely perfect in every single way, so the idea of her not loving herself as much as he loves her would be baffling to him.