and she's so happy for him



You know what I always want more of?  Characters (especially female characters) who have flaws while still being sympathetic, that the point of them is telling interesting stories and appealing to other girls with the same kinds of problems they’re struggling through.

Watching Chibi-Usa feel like she doesn’t have anywhere to belong because Setsuna has feelings for someone else, because she smiled at him and was happy that he was there, it’s so meaningful to me because look at this girl have to work through a real, flawed problem that the narrative absolutely acknowledges as a problem, but doesn’t scorn her for it.  It’s meant to make our hearts go out to this little girl struggling through all of this, it’s meant to remind us of being her age and struggling with wanting all the people you liked to only just like YOU, you didn’t really know how to be okay with them having other friends or other relationships.

One of the main things about Sailor Moon is that there are various relationships going on, different people have different kinds of love for each other, and it can be difficult to navigate through that sometimes, but that they’re all important, all those friendships and romances and everything in between, all the struggles that are the journey, all of that is important.

And sometimes characters aren’t going to handle it perfectly, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad for it.  It just means they’re human and they make mistakes and it only makes me love them more for it.

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I just got a new boyfriend and my best girl friend gives me so much shit for being with him. I try to spend equal amounts of time with both of them but no matter what she gets mad at me for hanging out with him. I always feel guilty for being with my boyfriend and i feel like it shouldn't be that way...what should I do

okay your friend sounds annoying as fuck, she should be happy for you and yelling “go get that dick girl”

So since Naruto saw some of Hinata’s memories about him in the Last, it stands to reason that Hinata saw some of his memories about her.

Like how after he fought Neji and was wondering if she saw it

Like how he almost lost himself to the kyuubi’s hatred when she was struck down

Like how he was so relieved when he realized she was still alive

Like how he straight out said that seeing her get hurt was the reason he gave himself over to the kyuubi without even thinking

Like how he heard her mental cry for him when she was falling to the Infinite Tsukuyomi and almost put himself at risk to go save her

And even other happy moments that don’t specifically relate to here

Like when he met his parents and told them about all the friends he made, and his final moments with Minato before he had to go back to the Pure Realm.

I think about these things sometimes

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I think that Taylor fell in love with Harry way harder than she ever planned. I think he made her feel things that she never felt before. Their love was that kind of epic love that was so strong, it made you go insane. Yeah Calvin makes her happy and she smiles with him but I don't think their relationship is very serious. I think Harry had such an effect on her that she can't get over it. That's why she "shades" him. She's trying to convince herself that she didn't love him more than anything.

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Bullet Wounds and Kisses

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A/N: Hey y’all! I had a request for a Steve Rogers x Reader, and it was so cute I just had to do it! Unfortunately, I don’t read much Steve fanfiction, so I hope that I’ve written him well. Though, I am really happy with how this turned out, I think its really cute. Also, I don’t know how to treat a bullet wounds, so just go with me here, ok? ok. Enjoy! (The gif belongs to its rightful owner and definitely not to me; I’ve sourced it from the blog stated beneath the gif)

Pairing: Steve Rogers (Captain America) x Reader

Request: Anonymous - Steve and y/n hate each other but he realises he actually love her when she gets hurt?

Summary: You and Steve Rogers hate each other; they continuously fight and they can never agree. However, when a mission goes sour, true feelings come to light, and you find out that sometimes, bullet wounds can be helpful.

Warnings: bullet wounds, fighting, yelling, arguing, blood, kissing

Word count: 2997 (woah)

The temperature in the training room seemed to be rising along with your anger. You had been training with Steve Rogers for several hours now, and, honestly, you were getting really sick of it.

“C’mon, old man, can we finish now? I’m getting really tired!” You complained for the umpteenth time, throwing your arms up and huffing.

“No. You need the extra training,” he answered, getting irritated with your behaviour.

“Why? I’ve got this down,” you whined, raising your fists to block his next punch.

“Don’t get so cocky, it’ll become a problem one day,” he growled, swinging a leg in an attempt to make you fall, but you jumped up just in time, landing in a crouch. “Besides, after that stunt you pulled last week, it’s a good punishment.”

“Oh, come on, I helped you!” You had been on a mission with Captain America, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton; it had been a simple storm and rescue, but you had engaged the criminal in a fight because he had been going after Rogers. You had sustained a cut on your stomach from a dagger, though it was small and the wound had healed quickly, so it hadn’t been too much trouble. Despite this, Rogers had gone off at you, saying that you could have hurt yourself even worse and that he had it under control. “If I hadn’t have attacked him then you would have been far worse off than I was!”

“You need to learn how to take orders! Stop acting so immature!” He punched you again and you tried to dodge it, but you weren’t fast enough and he hit your shoulder. You backed up a few steps and growled.

“Jesus Christ, Rogers! Can’t you just be grateful?” You stood up straight and pointed an accusing finger at him. “Sometimes orders need to be defied!”

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About joe’s video...

Caspar was talking that there’s a RUMOR (they were discussing a topic: youtuber rumors) about Joe dating… Andrea Russett, but Joe said long-distance relationships are not his thing, because she lives in the US. He also mentioned like a month ago in his live show that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

He might have met someone in Philippines/Thailand, but it was more like a one-night stand, considering Caspar & Oli’s reaction. 

So stop panicking! Besides… Joe deserves to be happy & I’d love him to have a girlfriend. :) 

P.S. Somebody asked me a question if I ship Jaspar romantically, but I accidently deleted a question. Here’s the answer:

Can’t say it might be changing a little, because while watching Jaspar vlogs I’m like: OTP 😍 date, kiss now hahaha 😆

Let me know what you think about his video!

Rahjeera's House - July 6th, 2pm

Even after what went down at the Andromeda Club, Zero had yet to go back to work and even though his boss understood why, Zero was starting to feel tired. You ever get so depressed that you get tired of being depressed? That’s the point he was at. He wanted to experience happiness again. Remembering what the tiny woman named, Rahjeera, said, he wondered what she meant by he would heal in time and how did she know that?

So he hopped in his prized Chevy Impala and drove to her house. Remembering the route from when he drove her home just a week ago. After he rang the doorbell, she had a look of surprise on her face as she answered and let him inside.


“Hey. I don’t mean to show up unannounced, but, can I talk to you?”

“Of course. Let’s sit down.”

Her house was small, at least to someone of his size, but it fit for someone like her. Colorful. A lot of greens and blues, like her hair. Or at least, like it was the last time he saw her.


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I have this hc where Bianca used to tuck Nico in and sing to him. After Bianca died he would wait for her to tuck him in every night, before remembering that she died. So when Reyna covers him up in BoO he's so happy, because he felt sort of loved.

im in pain now

Flower Crowns

Oneshot where the reader likes to make & sell flower crowns & one day Cas asks her about it & she teaches him how to make them & makes him one too & he loves it so much that he starts wearing it all the time (he never takes it off unless he’s worried about ruining it) Sam & Dean notice & say something sarcastic but Cas thinks they both want one too so he makes them both flower crowns just as the reader showed him & gets upset if they don’t wear them so they wear them to make him happy o gosh

The Suns rays warmed your skin as you sat, sprawled out in the middle of an empty field. No one could reach you, you were immersed in nature, just the way you wanted to be. You turned your head to find a gaggle of purple lilacs, perfect size for flower crowns. You grinned to yourself. Immediately you had a handful of these lilacs and were already tying them together.
“Hello (Y/N),” a gruff voice called from behind you. You jumped and spun around, gripping the flowers in your hand. Castiel stood, trench coat and all in the middle of the luscious field. At least you had thought no one could reach you. He tilted his head, “Are you making those hats again?”
You smiled at him, “Cas, they’re flower crowns.” You motioned for him to sit next to you. He watched your hands intently as you wove the stems with perfect craftsmanship.
“How do you do that,” he asked, perplexed.
You automatically handed him the one in your hand. “Here, just follow my lead,” you told him as you picked up a handful of blue flowers. “So, you take the first one, and tie the stem underneath the second one,” you tried to explain and watch him at the same time. He began to get aggravated when he broke some of the stems, but you placed your hand on his to calm him down, only to hand him another flower. You had to admit, it was kind of funny, watching a grown man (or angel) in a trench coat sit in the middle of a field, with his tongue slightly stuck out in concentration as he made a flower crown.
After a full half hour of hard work, Castiel handed over his prized crown. He practically glowed as he admired his work.
“Nice job, Cas, you’re a professional now,” you complimented. He stared at the baby blue flowers that you had constructed into a crown that you held in your hand. “Oh, I made this for you,” you said, placing the crown on his head, “it matches your eyes.”

For days, Castiel the angel did not dare to take the flower crown off of his head.
He visited the winchesters with it, he traveled with it, it was a part of him now.
One day, Cas met up with Sam and Dean at a local diner. That day, it happened to be raining, not like a sprinkle, but like God himself was drowning flowers with a hose. So, Castiel reluctantly took off his crown and placed it in his coat pocket. Dean, who had noticed the removal of the flowers commented, “Hey, why are you taking it off now, you’ve had those plants on your head for days.”
“Dean, I didn’t want to ruin them,” Cas replied defensively.
“Oh come on, Cas, keep them on, they’re so beautiful, and they match your eyes,” the older Winchester said sarcastically.
Sam laughed, “yeah, Cas, he’s right. You know, Dean and I are pretty jealous that we don’t have one.”
The angel tilted his head once more. “Okay, I’ll be right back,” he answered, not picking up on either of the boys sarcastic comments. Cas disappeared, he went back to the same field where you had showed him how to make the crowns. The angel plopped down on the vibrant green grass and began his work. He remembered every detail and every word you had said. Once he was satisfied with his work, Cas flew back to where he had left the winchesters and handed each of them one of his flower crowns.
“Here, Dean, you said you liked the way it matched my eyes, so I made you green. And Sam, yours is a mix of colors because I couldn’t decide for you,” he informed the brothers. They stared at him, wide eyed and open mouthed.
“Um, thanks, Cas,” Sam said cautiously, “you really didn’t have to-”
“Of course I had to, you two wanted some, and (Y/N) showed me how to make them,” Cas responded.
“Oh (Y/N) showed you how to make these,” Dean asked, holding his with his fingertips.
Cas eyed Sam and Dean, “Yes, but anyway are you two going to wear them, I worked really hard and i think they’re really good.”
“Of course, Cas,” Sam said placing his on his head. He noticed how much it meant to the angel and that he had made them because he actually thought he and Dean wanted one.
Dean stared at Sam, still holding his crown like it was a dead mouse. The younger Winchester elbowed Dean, who rolled his eyes and sighed before placing his own, green flowers on his head. Castiel smiled.

And also (because apparently my brain is working nonstop)

Can we talk about how freakishly strong-willed Vanessa is?

Because that vision, that is exactly what she wants. A normal, happy, fulfilled life with the man she loves *sobs*, being a wife, a mother, a woman.

She always dreamed about that. But she knew that wasn’t real. She would’ve fallen for that, make no mistake, but she is so determined not to fall into darkness she turned away from the thing she wanted the most just to save her soul.

I’m sorry no I’m not but she won’t give up on Ethan (now that she is her own woman, the one who saves herself), no sire. She will fight for him because that’s who she is.

A freakishly strong-willed woman who will never stop fighting for what she believes and for those she loves.

Olake Appreciation Week Day 1: The moment I started to ship Olake.

Episode 2.15

I could say their very first meet was the moment I began to ship them but this scene in particular really touched me and it the moment I saw so much potential for Olake and Jake’s true feelings for her. 

Olivia was probably at her lowest point, she was more damaged than ever. Jake acknowledged this, he acknowledged that she was hurt and wanted nothing more than for her to be happy, he wanted to see a smile on her face so what did he do? Call her up immediately asking her if she would like another date with him. 

She of course was hesitant about the idea but he is persistent about making her happy again, that was his priority and he went about it by telling her he could cheer her up. And then he made the joke about beating up her previous flame since he was clearly no good. He proved he valued her at this point and that he cared deeply for her. 

bookie-yan said: “Hi, here is the prompt: Amy adjusts Sheldon’s tie, and maybe some kisses? Thank you and hope you having a good day you deserved, xoxo”

Hey sweetie!! Thanks for the prompt, I really like this one. Its great to write something again, feelin’ so creative. Anyways, Shamy fluff coming your way, get ready. Enjoy!

Ever since Sheldon and Leonard’s paper was recognized, they have been attending countless conferences and seminars to talk about their paper. The gang would tag along sometimes but Amy was the only one that attended every single one of them. She knew this was a big deal for Sheldon and she wanted to show how happy she was for him and to show her support.

Every conference they attend, they were expected to wear suits and ties, and tonight was no different. Unfortunately for Sheldon, he never learned to properly tie a tie, he always thought we was too evolved to learn. He would always ask one of his friends to make it for him.

“Leonard!” Sheldon yelled from the bathroom, struggling with his tie. Unfortunately, Leonard was not in the apartment, he was out buying alcohol for their continuous celebration in their paper. “Drats.” Sheldon muttered, realizing he was all alone in the apartment. He reached for his phone and texted Amy.

S: “Hello, Amy. When will you be arriving at my apartment?”

A: “Hi, Sheldon. I’m almost there. Give me ten minutes.”

“Okay. She’ll be here in ten minutes. I need to get ready.” Sheldon whispered to himself, making his way to his room and collecting his coat.

After a while, there was a knock ok the door. Sheldon hurried to the door to invite Amy in.

“Amy, I am in need of your assistance.” Sheldon said pulling her inside the apartment. He led her to the center and showed her his tie.

“Really, Sheldon? You should really learn how to tie this.” Amy said as she started fixing up his tie. “I told you, my mind is too superior to learn how to tie a knot.” Sheldon said in his defense, making Amy roll her eyes at him.

When Amy finished his tie, she tucked it under his collar and rested her hands on his neck. “Amy, we don’t have time for this.” Sheldon said looking deeply into her eyes. “Oh, really? I think we have plenty of time.” She winked at him and giggled. He rolled his eyes and smiled. “Oh, what the heck. I could never resist you, Love.” He said resting his hands on his waist. “I could never resist you too, Cuddles. I’m really proud of you.” She said slightly pinching his cheek before cupping it. “I know you are.” He said firmly. Amy rolled her eyes, “Come here and give me some sugar.” She winked, pulling him closer. “My pleasure.” He said before their lips met.

Their kiss was passionate, Sheldon got too excited and traced her bottom lip with his tongue. Making Amy pull away, they were both panting. “Down boy. Now is not the time for that.” Amy smiled, making him want her more. “But Amy..” Sheldon whined, “No buts. We’re going to be late. If you do great later, I’ll give you a reward.” She said winking at him before heading towards the door, holding Sheldon’s hand in hers. “What if I do excellently?” Sheldon asked raising his eyebrow. “Then you will get an excellent reward. Now come on, we don’t want to be late.” Amy said waiting for Sheldon to close the door. “As long as my reward is tasting those sweet lips of yours then I’m in.” He said.

“Oh, you mean these?” Amy said licking her lips. “Just one more. Please?” Sheldon pleaded, she moved closer to him and nodded. He smiled and rested his hands on her waist and pulled her closer. She moved her lips closer to his ear, “Bazinga.” She whispered and turned around, heading towards the stairs. Sheldon pulled her arm before she reached the stairs and pulled her close to him. “Oh no you don’t. I can’t function properly without your sweet, sweet kisses. You know that.” Sheldon said before she was able to respond, kissing her with all her strength. Amy reciprocated and melted into the kiss, before pulling away.

“Oh yes. I love you so much.” Sheldon said. “I love you too. Now come on. We are really going to be late.” Amy said, taking his hand into hers, kissed his cheek and headed down the steps.



My brother now lives with us. Pretty exciting. The plan was for him + our friend Chelsey to come down when we move in October but he came early. She’ll be here next month. We’ve always wanted a full house so we are pretty happy.

I’m 17 weeks pregnant! Baby is the size of a pomegranate. She kicks all the time and there’s no more hiding my belly. I have an ultrasound next Monday!! 😁

Liam has been boob free for a month. So completely weaned. It’s been fantastic. The only thing is he still wakes up some nights screaming for about 30 mins. But most of the time he puts himself to sleep.

It’s already July 6th! The month is going so fast and October is right around the corner. We should be finding out where we move this month. Yay!

Still hate my husband so that’s good. 👍🏻

Ohio was good but glad to be home. Seeing the Virginia state sign on the highway made me feel all the feels. This is home right now and it may not be exactly what we want but it is better than Ohio.

Overall, life is really good right now.

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Fem!kamui and takumi fluff head cannons (๑・v・๑)

I got a few requests for Takumi, so I’ll answer this and not the others so I won’t repeat.

  • We all know Takumi isn’t as dorky as Leon. He takes a while to get used to calling Kamui his wife, his one and only, whatever she decides to tease him with.
  • He’s a lot more serious, but will flip if he thinks he accidentally hurt Kamui with his words.
  • He may not be as dorky, but he’s much more immature in terms of love. And… *That.*
  • He still has a habit of calling you “Sister,” so whenever he accidentally blurts it out at the end, he gets strange stares in public. - He doesn’t show public affection like Leon, but he tries his best to make you happy.
  • Kamui likes squishing his cheeks, before Takumi tackles her and pinches her’s. This happens quite often and they end up laughing. ( Kamui or Takumi always falls off the bed after. )
  • Kamui tries to braid Takumi’s hair, but usually messes up. They then spend the next few hours untangling it, while sharing stories. Takumi loves to talk about Mikoto, and how kind she was. He gets nostalgic while Kamui listens with teary eyes. They both miss her very much.
  • Once, Kamui brought up Ryouma looking like a lobster. Takumi wasn’t pleased at first, since he found it disrespectful, but as time went on…he couldn’t help but agree. He and Kamui joke about it very often.
  • Kamui likes to wear Takumi’s clothes. That’s why he always finds them missing.
  • Takumi gets really embarrassed around Kamui’s naked body. Kamui doesn’t understand why he’s so concerned, they’re married after all. Takumi shoots back with, “The terrible fate all men are born with.”
  • They’re both messy sleepers, so Kamui usually ends up with her upper half off the bed, and Takumi spread out on their bed with pillows on the floor.
  • Takumi still feels bad about not accepting Kamui, but Kamui comforts him with it. Takumi makes up for it by being the cutest husband.
  • He’s not as…suggestive as others since he still has more innocence than you’d expect.
  • He blurts out things in panic, examples are “I really like it when you touch me.” or “I really hate when you talk to other guys, please promise me you won’t run off with another.”

Takumi my husband.

I’ve received a couple of messages trying to console me due to my post last night. I really appreciate the concern, guys, and I love you all the more for it, but contrary to popular belief, I actually had a pretty eventful 4th. I didn’t celebrate 4th of July per se. I chose to think of it as celebrating my mother and nephew instead.

I was going to take my mom on a hike to the Hollywood sign, but she didn’t really want to and she just wanted to drive around Los Angeles/Hollywood, and I was more than happy to oblige.

I took them around the neighborhood where I grew up, Silverlake. My nephew hadn’t been in that area and I showed him my alma mater, John Marshall High School. So pretty compared to Glendale High (his school come next year) which looks like a fucking prison with plain ass block buildings. We drove up the Los Feliz / Griffith Park neighborhoods because my mom wanted to look at all the architecture and million-dollar homes. Then we went to Hollywood and stopped by Amoeba music to buy a copy of The Silver Lake Chorus’ album so I could give it to my parents. Oh, yeah, by the way, our album is out!

That’s my name at the bottom of the Basses list, guys! On an album! In music stores! On iTunes! You can actually hear my voice if you play that CD! I can officially call myself a recording artist! :D

I showed them where I used to work as a TA and Community Representative at Hollywood High School. Then we drove around and looked at all the street performers and tourists around Hollywood and Highland. Then we walked around the shops on Melrose and then went to the Beverly Center, where I bought my nephew GTA V because he wanted it and why the hell not. I then took them out to dinner. After dinner, I drove them back to my parents’ house in Glendale and went to the Silverlake reservoir to run.

I hadn’t ever seen the Silverlake reservoir so empty. I was one of maybe 4 or 5 total number of runners/walkers. Usually, I would run into 10 people every quarter mile, but I probably ran whole miles without seeing anyone on the track. The silence was so calming. I took my earphones out of my ears and instead listened to the pace of footsteps, my breathing, and the distant firecrackers. I ended up running 3 laps around the reservoir - that’s 6 miles, a new record this summer since I’ve just started running again in preparation for my marathon in August. I think I should be fine.

Something happened during that run. I was reminded of how rejuvenating it felt to be alone, away from people. I found solace in solitude. I’ve been so caught up in a lot of shit lately that I haven’d had much time to stop, reflect, and recharge (which is in my very core as an INFJ). On the way back home to my apartment in Long Beach, as I drove down the 110 with all the fireworks in the smoky sky, I had several people asking me what I’m doing, inviting me to join them in drunken revelry, but I politely declined. I just wanted to go home to my bed, listen to music, and create something (maybe with the watercolor I’ve bought since my last post! :D). Part of me also just wanted to rest early so I could also wake up early for - yet again - another run. I’ve been doing so well for myself lately, working out, eating well, sleeping well, and drinking less (yay!), and I just want to keep that up.

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far! And if any of you play Destiny on PS3, hit a boy up. I just started playing today. My nephew let me borrow his copy after I bought him GTA V. Lol.

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You know what I noticed with those westallen comic scans you Iris is totally more into Barry Allen over the flash. Like when they were having dinner together in Hollywood all Iris wanted to do was invite Barry. Or how she wanted the Flash to play matchmaker and set her up with Barry. Like no one can ever say Iris is more into the flash than Barry judging by those comics XD

I know!!!! It’s adorable. Like, Iris is always teasing Barry and criticizing him because she has high standards and Barry sometimes fails to meet them, haha. But at the end of the day, it’s Barry that she loves and she’s perfectly happy with him so long as he shapes up. They’re so great, man.

She just wants Barry to be the best he can be - and as we know from the TV show, Iris thinks Barry’s potential is infinite.



His name: Why do people feel the need to disrespect Cry and call him his real name? Do not give me that “Because there’s not a good reason not to” crap. It’s disgusting. You do not call him his real name because he DOES NOT want you to. You do not know him like that, so stop acting like you do. It’s that simple.

“I want the old Cry back”: Cry goes through so much crap and takes time out of his day for his fans. He is trying his hardest to be the best he can be, and he does not need people like you raining on his parade. He has changed, but in the best way possible. He has matured as a human being, and I am so happy for him.

His girlfriend(Let’s do this): STOP HATING ON HER BECAUSE SHE’S HIS GIRLFRIEND. So many people hate on Cheyenne just because she’s his girlfriend. And, once again, it’s disgusting. And she is NOT abusing him. Stop acting like he’s a baby deer in the woods who can’t stand up for himself. If he didn’t like something she said, then he would say something.
More on the Cheyenne subject, the fact that people say that she isn’t pretty enough for him is revolting. I AM SO SORRY THAT HE ISN’T SHALLOW ENOUGH TO ONLY BE WITH SOMEONE BECAUSE OF HOW THEY LOOK. And for the record, he thinks that she’s beautiful.
Look at it this way; If you were with someone who you thought was the most GORGEOUS person in the world and you loved dearly, and people said that she/he was too ugly for you, how would you feel?
People say that they want what’s best for Cry, but what’s best for him isn’t what you want and think is right. It’s what HE thinks is right. If you say that you respect him and you still hate on Cheyenne, then you clearly do not respect him as much as you think you do. You can dislike her, but do not act like she isn’t healthy for him. Only Cry knows what/who’s healthy for him.
She goes through so much crap with his fandom. But she gets herself through it, because she loves him. Way more than any immature pre-teen ever could.

His fandom disgusts me, and Cry deserves so much better.

Good day!

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Why should u care if bryana sleeps around a lot? Why does that mean she isnt good for ashton? Like...

the fact that it’s believed that she only dates guys for fame??? so if she’s doing that she’s only using him??? would you wanna be used??? bc I know I wouldn’t. I’m not saying I’m against it though, whatever makes him happy.

I love her so much but I don't entirely understand

But my question is What practical use is nepeta in the main timeline
She’s been dead for like four years and while her battle skills are impeccable her attack strategies are basically exclusively close range and her God tier doesn’t exactly do much for the team considering it just means “thief of souls to aid others” and we don’t even know how that manifests or if it even will since she’s not God tier. Also people seem to think she’ll be happy to see Arquius but I really don’t think so?? Seeing Equius in a sprite will be definitive proof she failed at saving him, and while that’s really a minor reason since she probably already knew Equius was dead, the fact still remains that Equius was combined with Dirk’s AR and is nothing like Equius really. It’s a completely different character and entity entirely, and I feel like really it will just put her through emotional stress that she did nothing to deserve. Why pull her from the dreambubbles? Maybe she was happy. Do we know she’ll enjoy this existence truly?