and she's so happy for him

you know what we need now?


because she’s the one who was all ‘yuuri, that’s victor, he’s amazing and beautiful, and you sure like him, huh, i hope to see you two skate on the same ice one day!!!’ when they were kids

we’re all joking about phichit’s knee-jerk ecstatic reaction and everyone being happy for them

but yuuko’s literally yuuri’s oldest friend, there’s no way she’s not gonna be screaming so loudly in surprised happiness the entire damn town hears 


Prompt: Batmom gets turned into a kitten

Words: 400

          “Father is not going to be happy.”

          “Maybe he won’t notice?”

          “Yes Dick, I’m sure Bruce won’t notice that our mother, his wife, has turned into a kitten!” Jason snarls.

          You want to comfort your sons, but all that comes out is this little mew. Dick grins as he picks bends and picks you up. He scratches behind your ears. “She’s pretty adorable though, and her fur is so soft.”

          Damian quickly snatches you from Dick’s hands. He cuddles you close “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from Grayson.” You rub your cheek against his to reassure him that you’re okay.

          A moment later Jason’s hands wrap around you, and he lifts you out of a now glaring Damian’s hands. He scratches your head before going, “Wow, you’re right, she is soft.”

          Tim reaches over and pets you as well. You allow yourself to purr. The boys’ attention becomes so focused on you that they don’t notice Bruce come up behind them.

          “Where’d the cat come from?” He asks.

          Your sons go stiff as a board, and Tim is the first to speak, “Technically she’s a kitten.”

          Bruce just stares at Tim, before his arms crossed against his chest, “What’s going on?”

          Jason smiles, “You’re not going to like the answer.”

          His voice rises a bit in volume, “What is going on?”

          Dick cracks like an egg, “Mom got turned into a kitten.”

          Damian just holds you up for Bruce to see. You meow at him, and wave one paw in the air.

          There’s a moment of silence before his jaw drops, and he takes a step forward, and takes you out of Damian’s hands. “Y/N?” He whispers.

          You meow a yes, and touch a paw to his nose.

          He stares for a moment more before his eyes shift back to the boys, and in his angry voice he asks, “What the hell happened?”

          Tim grimaces, “We don’t exactly know.”

          “But we called Zatara and he’s on his way, with Dr. Fate. We’re hoping they can turn her back into her herself.”

          Bruce’s eye starts twitching, “Well start figuring it out. Now GO!”

          The boys scatter and Bruce holds you up so that you’re at eye level. “We’ll fix this sweetheart I promise.” You rub your cheek against his and purr. He just sinks down in the chair in front of the bat computer, and says, “You are pretty cute though.”

anonymous asked:

New follower here!!! ... eemmm can you explain the scene in YOI where Victor says "Maybe you realize this, but many others besides me got their L words from you.." Could you please explain?!! Thank you!!(⌒▽⌒)☆


to begin, we know that the “L words” viktor is referring to are “love” and “life.” i think viktor is just saying that yuuri has impacted others’ lives in positive ways without even realizing it! just by being himself, yuuri has added excitement and happiness into viktor’s life and i think we can say the same about other characters in the anime.

minako: she’s basically been travelling the world with yuuri simply because she supports his career so much and seeing him succeed probably makes her just as happy as it does viktor

yuuko: yuuri and yuuko were probably each other’s first best friends and we don’t have much of a canon backstory, but i’m sure they learned so much from each other growing up and they love each other platonically!! yuuko watching her best friend skate his way to the gpf definitely has added some element of excitement to her life because like minako, she supports yuuri and his career so much

yurio: yuuri and yurio have been rivals since day 1. even though yurio doesn’t always get along well with yuuri, the fact that he has been skating competitively against the older skater has motivated him immensely. skating with yuuri has basically changed the way yurio approaches figure skating in general and the competition between them has lit a fire underneath his ass that i think will eventually lead him to success!!!

i’m sure there’s more but in conclusion, yuuri has altered many people’s lives for the better by giving them reasons to be excited!! i mean, after all that is what made viktor fall in love with him in the first place right?  

Love Square Week- Fleeting Moments

Truth: Adrien doesn’t generally try to impress people. 

But he finds himself wanting to impress Marinette, just for a second. So when he finds out her birthday’s coming up, he searches everywhere for a good present, to make her happy. Plagg laughs at him as he steps into a diamond shop. 

“Thought you didn’t like showing off?”

“It’s Marinette. And I can afford it. And she deserves something special.” 

He looks through the jewelry, waiting to see the perfect present… and then he spots them. 

A pair of beautiful pink diamonds, shaped into little rosettes. 


Truth: Ladybug is responsible, and would never do something as stupid as take out her Miraculous. 

But when Adrien gives her real diamonds, what’s she supposed to do other than put them in? He beams, clearly ecstatic that she likes them enough to take the ones she always wears out. 

She feels guilty, knowing that she’s not being very responsible, but Adrien makes her lose sight of what’s most important. 

Anyway, it’s just for, like, ten minutes. Just until he’s gone. What are the chances of an akuma attack in the next ten minutes?

Well, a blast tells her exactly the chances. 


And as her purse is knocked up, flying away, she realizes with a panic that she should never have taken out her earrings, even for a moment. 

Truth: Ladybug and Chat Noir trust each other.

But in the moment, Chat’s watching as Marinette stumbles over her words, clearly trying to tell him something about the akuma, and he shakes his head, smirking. 

“Hey, let’s get you out of here, Princess. My Lady and I will take care of it,” he tells her. 

“No, you don’t understand, it’s not what you think, Ladybug’s not coming-” 

“Of course she is,” he snaps, lifting Marinette up. “She always comes.”

But she doesn’t, not until long after he’s lost, and he realizes slowly that he should have avoided all of this, if he’d trusted Marinette a bit more… and Ladybug a bit less. 

But she does, eventually, show up, and save the day. He was right in the end. And any bruises he’s gotten because he expected her to show up are just part of the job. 

Truth: Adrien would never intentionally make someone feel bad, especially his Lady. 

But it only takes a second to say something wrong, to lash out, and when he looks up at the girl who left him for dead for the better part of the fight, he can’t help but ask. 

“Where were you? What was more important than this job? Than keeping the city safe?”

She flinches at the questions. “I… I tried to get there, but my earrings-”

“What? You lost them? They stopped working? That’s not even possible, the Miraculous-”

“I took them out, okay?” 

“I’m sorry, you WHAT?” 

She frowns, crossing her arms defensively. “A guy in my class got me earrings. So I thought I’d take the Miraculous out for ten minutes to show him I liked them.”

He frowns. Does everyone give girls earrings today? 


Truth: Adrien Agreste is completely oblivious.

But it just takes a moment for an idea to set in. Just an idea. Nothing that really proves anything. 

But the oblivion is fading. 

And this moment won’t be as fleeting. 

Shit abled people say #289

So yesterday were were doing a genetics lab using Mr. Potato heads with dominant and recessive traits, like two arms or no arms to model genetic variation.

My lab partner wanted to use the potato head with no arms because she thought it would be “hilarious”. This is a girl I had a crush on up until that moment.

The people across from us said that they were happy because they finally got a ‘normal’ potato in the lab–one with both arms and both ears. They said that one was thief favorite and that they were gonna kill the rest of them.

I called him a eugenicist and he took that as a joke.

I’m just so sick to my stomach.

Happy birthday - Newt x Reader

An: it’s my birthday and I was bored so I decided to write a short little thing for you lot as a gift. So enjoy lol


“Happy birthday dear y/n, happy birthday to you.”

Y/n laughed blowing out the candle on the cake in front of her. She reached up to Newt’s face gently bring him closer to kiss his lips. “Thank you for making that ever awkward ten seconds of singing adorable.”

He blushed kissing her again. “Did you make a wish.”

“Of course.” She smirked and he wrapped his arms around her.

“How’s your birthday been so far?”

“Interesting.” She chuckled. “But the creatures make every day entertaining.”

He nodded. “This is true…”

She smiled. “It’s been a good day.”

“Do you feel any older.”

“It depends what time of day you catch me. If you ask me in the mornings I feel about 80.”

He laughed. “I have another present I haven’t given you yet.”

“Aren’t you full of surprises?”

He rolled his eyes before crossing the room to collect something. Y/n tried to see what he was doing but couldn’t as he kept his back to her. “Close your eyes.” He said. “Hold out you hands.”

“Okay.” She closed her eyes. “It’s not going to bite me is it?”

“Its not a creature.” He chuckled and she heard him getting closer.

“Why don’t I believe you?” She smirked holding out her hands.

Something was placed in her hands but from the weight of it she wasn’t sure what it was.

“You can open your eyes now.”

Y/n cautiously opened her eyes to see something wrapped in paper and string in front of her. “What is it?” She asked.

“Open it.”

She pulled the string and gently unwrapped the paper. She could see it was a book and she wondered what he’d bought for her. Then she saw the title.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.” She smiled reading it out loud. “I didn’t know it had been printed.”

He nodded. “It’s one of the first copies. It’s not in shops yet.”

She opened to the first page of text and saw her illustrations of the first creature. “You used my drawings?”

“They were better than mine.”

She laughed. “I’m so proud of you.” She closed the gap between them hugging him.

“Thank you.” He kissed the top of her head. “Happy birthday.”

The Spiderman *Peter Parker x Reader*

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

title? The Spiderman

request?  May I request a holiday fic with Peter Parker where reader and Peter are best friends. She has a crush on Spidey, not knowing that Peter is Spiderman. So, he gets her a bunch of Spidey themed gifts, and she gives him cool stuff for suit as a way to tell him that she knows it’s him. I hope that makes sense. Thank you! 💞 

requester? an anonie !

word count? 985

A/N: happy early holidays everyone ! also (Y/F/I) stands for your first initial and then (F/C) stands for favorite color . anyway , i hope this is what you wanted and that you like it ! xxx

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things that i need in 9:10 + 10:10

- where was even last year? why did he switch schools? where is mikael?
- what is sonja telling him about how he should feel or not feel because he’s sick? how many other ideas has she made him insecure with?

- sonja needs to be told or shown, they do ❤️ each other, really - emma and isak need to talk!!

- even needs to talk. explain. let isak in.
- they meed to make their relationship official and promise to communicate - not through others, but directly
- even needs to tell the story from his point of view…. 💔
- they will stand strong together. isak will not be shy about PDA because he is proud to be Even’s, and proud that Even is his.

- i want so much cuddles and kisses and happy isak faces and thirsty isak and–

- will isak convince even to reduce the weed smoking?
- will isak climb those stairs and save princess vivian?
- will they meet the parents?

- isak and mamma reunion 💜
- and mamma embracing even into the family

I finally watched 5x09

- Prometheus is a crazy son a bitch first of all, who needs to die, simple. I know there are so many theories to who it is and I’m kind of lost. I think the last one I read was it maybe being this Claybournes son. 

- Evelyn… well we all knew that was coming. I feel bad for Oliver because I think he was starting to bond with her and then bam she turns on him. 

- Paul and Curtis… someone hand me the tissues because I was a mess by he end when Paul left. Damn you Arrow writers stop messing with things. 

- Renee still trying to get with Thea cracks me up cause she’s just like not my type not interested… yet he keeps trying. 

- Rory is an adorable cupcake and I love him. Can we keep him forever. 

That Olicity flashback scene omg I literally died of happiness. They were so damn flirty I had to control myself. Seriously when he got down on one knee I think I stopped breathing for a moment. After seeing that how can anyone say they are not endgame…. I mean come on, they wouldn’t have that scene in there if it didn’t mean anything. RED PEN ALERT WOOHOOO!!!!

Ok so I actually cried when Oliver had to tell Felicity he killed Billy. And yes I just used his name because well I don’t want to speak bad of him anymore I mean the guy is dead and honestly probably didn’t deserve to die that way. I actually started to not hate him as much toward the end. Lets be real he was no real threat to Olicity. I mean for crying out loud Felicity still had trouble calling him her BF and said she wanted people to love him as much as she LIKES him. Yeah that relationship was doomed. And Oliver you could tell was so terrified she would hate him and I wanted to hug him. And the fact that she didn’t blame him and saw that it was Prometheus’s fault was good. I think it will be a bit rough going forward but they’ll make it through, stronger I think. 

Reporter Bitch can fuck off back to I don’t even care where. I feel so much anger toward her like argh. When she took his arm at the christmas party like she belonged there I screamed like no get away from him. I don’t trust her at ALL. She’s up to something and I can feel it. Confession I didn’t watch the kiss because well I haven’t had my morning coffee yet and I can’t deal with that shit unless I want to activate my gag reflex. Also if he cared about Reporter at all he wouldn’t have gone to her place.. you know because of Prometheus. This shows he doesn’t really care. I think he was just upset and bit broken and I don’t even know. All I can say is he only has one women he loves and she is a blonde with glasses who is the cutest cupcake ever and her initials are F.S. and she’s crazy good with computers and yep. 

And what about a certain someone just popping back into the lair being like “Hey Ollie”. really that’s where you leave it. What the fuck is going on right now. I’m so confused. Can she either be dead or not and just stay one way like all this dying and coming back is messing with my head. 

I think some of you tagged me in things yesterday. Sorry it took me longer to watch I was crazy busy with work. 

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She found him again!!

So excited, his name is actually Talon and he’s the Sim she seemed to really like in the test save.  (But will she like him in this one?)

He’s in a super tense mood though, he isn’t happy being around all these evil sims.  So, had her meet him and then sent her home so he wouldn’t do anything mean to her since the game dragged him to a lot that makes him uncomfortable.

And I have to go teach (homeschool) so that’s it for now!  No more game playing for me *cries*……


HAPPY GAJEVY DAY EVERYBODY! It makes my heart so happy to see so many wonderful art works of my OTP. Fanart and fanfiction EVERYWHERE!

I usually don’t write short pieces, but today’s special so here goes.

As the sunlight filtered through the fluttering curtains, Gajeel shifted in irritation and opened one eye blearily to glare at the window. Well, he would have been glaring at the window if there wasn’t a giant mass of blue hair obscuring his view.

“Mmm…” the solid script mage in his arms rolled towards him and burrowed her face into his chest. The content sigh she let out tickled Gajeel’s chest and he couldn’t help but let a small smile creep onto his face.

Although the iron dragon slayer wasn’t exactly a morning person, the rare days that he woke before his wife were moments that he wouldn’t trade for the world. Even after several years of marriage, one set of twins and another boy that Levy had dubbed early on a ‘mini-Gajeel’, he still felt his heart expand in his chest and swell with just as much emotions as it had on his wedding day if not more.

Gajeel reached up with his hand and gently brushed a stray lock of silky blue hair away from Levy’s face before placing a feathery light kiss on her forehead.

Even in sleep she was breathtaking.

Hell, she was fucking beautiful even when she was drooling… and no matter how vehemently she denied it, she did drool in her sleep; he would know - he was the one she drooled on.

“Gajeel…?” Levy mumbled, honey colored eyes blinking sleepily. “Why’re you up so early? Trouble sleeping?” The thin strap of her nightie slipped off her shoulder as she propped herself up on her left arm, exposing the creamy pale skin of her shoulder.

Unable to resist the temptation, Gajeel wrapped his thick arms around her petite frame and flopped back onto the bed nibbling at the naked flesh.

Levy hummed happily at his ministrations and buried her hands in his thick mane. Although she absolutely loved how thick his hair was and how ridiculously soft it was, she was admittedly a bit jealous of how he managed to look every bit the tall, dark and sexy with long wild hair while she just looked like a giant cloud of cotton candy.

“Cotton candy’s good too,” as if proving his point, sharp canines nipped playfully on her collarbone. Levy gave him a playful smack on the shoulder as her cheeks flamed. “Not my fault you think out loud gihihi.”

Before she could give him an equally part sassy part witty response, he pulled her down and captured her rosy lips in a deep kiss. The low moan he got in return made him smirk, his fang catching on her bottom lip as he angled his mouth and took dominance.

By the time they parted for a much needed breath, the petite woman’s eyes were glazed over and a dopey smile had settled itself permanently on his face.

If Gajeel were a lesser man, he would have cried with how much his heart was bursting with happiness. But since he was the fucking manliest man ever, he stubbornly pushed down the stinging behind his eyes and buried his face in her neck instead.

“Good morning, Levy.” He rumbled at last, his voice still raspy from sleep.

“Good morning, Gajeel.” Levy smiled and kissed him once more on the cheek.

He might not have been a morning person, but he couldn’t deny that she always made waking up worth it; after all, no dream could ever compare to the happiness that was reality.

A/N: man. I’m so rusty. I haven’t written anything in so long other than analytical essays hahaaaaa… I hope you guys liked it! :)

mcnamarasheather  asked:

eliza + single mom au (and maybe meets alexander after her divorce/her ex husband dies?)

Oooh okay, this is interesting! I’m going to make it divorce because I really don’t want poor Eliza to have to lose anyone else in her life. The cinnamon roll has been through enough.

  • So it took a long, long time for Eliza to realise that she wasn’t happy with her first husband. She married him mainly because her parents wanted her to and he had a good standing in society but he never really understood her. He didn’t listen to her, he was rude and neglectful and a bad father, she was fairly sure he was cheating on her and he never thought that what she cared about was important. It took so much support and encouragement from her sisters, who were the only ones who saw how unhappy she was, they noticed before she did. But she eventually realised that she was worth more, that she deserved more. 
  • The one good thing she got out of her first marriage was her three year old son, Philip. Eliza loves her little boy so much, he’s her living proof that she’s loved and needed which is something she struggles with a lot. They play games together, building forts in the tiny apartment she moves to after her divorce and pretending they’re explorers or astronauts, he’s so imaginative. She reads stories to him and loves to hold him on her lap, she just cares about her son so much. Everything she does, she does for him.  
  • So Eliza throws herself into her work and her family for a while, trying to put her bad experiences behind her and make some achievements that she can be proud of, for herself. Which leads her to the Treasury building one day, running a little late (very late) for her important meeting with the treasury secretary himself, about organising some government funded programmes for her orphanage, focused on helping LGBT kids. She arrives flustered and embarrassed, apologising frantically but Alexander just smiles and says its okay. He asks why she’s running late and Eliza has to explain how her son had a nightmare and she had to stay up with him and it all got confused and she’s just had a hell of a morning. Alex’s eyes light up “Oh, you have a son?” And that’s it. They’re meeting overruns by an hour, they were so wrapped up sat on Alex’s desk laughing at pictures of Philip and talking eagerly about the project, and Eliza leaves with more funding than she was ever going to ask for.
  • The next week Eliza is getting started with her new project and theres a knock on her office door and it’s Alex, looking a little sheepish. Eliza is very surprised, so surprised she nearly drops her coffee. Alex explains that he had some free time and he thought he’d come along and help with the project, it caught his attention? It really matters to him personally and he’d like to be more involved, if thats okay with her. Eliza’s brain tells her to politely refuse him and hide in herself like she normally would. But instead she smiles and says “Yes, of course. It’s good to see you.” And she means it. 
  • She realises pretty soon that Alex is finding every excuse to visit the orphanage and its because he has a not very subtle crush on her. Eliza is scared at first, she can’t do this again, she knows how this works, at first they’re sweet and kind but suddenly they turn and she’s trapped. But she finds herself drawn to Alex, despite herself. Its the way he looks at her, like he’s really listening, like she’s so brilliant and beautiful and smart. Like he respects her, which is unfamiliar and welcome. Eliza has a lot of sleepless nights, tossing and turning, fighting with these two halves of herself; the one that wants Alex and the one thats scared of him. 
  • When Alex asks her to go with him to the first fundraising gala for their project, as a date, Eliza says yes before her brain can tell her its a bad idea. He comes to pick her up on the night and Eliza is so close to a panic attack. She makes some excuse to run to the kitchen and try and calm down, so sure this is an awful idea. But when she comes out, still not sure what to do, she sees Alex cross legged on her floor, Philip sat in his lap, grinning and listening patiently while he shows Alex all these drawings he’s done and they look so right together. When Alex looks up and asks Eliza if she’s ready to go, Eliza just smiles and nods. Because she’s sure now. She’s ready to try this again, to hope again. 
  • And it works, for years its so nice. Eliza allows herself to love and trust again and Alex finds the kind of family he’s always wanted. They have more children, they build themselves a real home and Eliza is genuinely happy. Aaaaaand then Alex fucks it all up….      
Home, Again | Asking Assistance

Part 7 of the Home, Again series.
Warning: Some anxiety, Rita’s kinda cold, etc

Originally posted by kvintessenciya

Ms. Calhoun did not look amused. “I thought they were kidding when they said you were coming.” Comfortable, maybe, considering the over-sized robe that appeared to be made of the finest fuzzy material. Tired, definitely. “It’s late.” Apparently she wasn’t particularly happy to see him, either. He couldn’t blame her.

Rafael nodded to confirm, offered a slight smile, and sarcastically rocked on his heel to take a theatrical glance out the nearby window. “I’ve noticed.”

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I like to think that during the murder of mr. Leonard that because the fact they had downed three bottles of wine it was not a serious event at all in fact they were fucking stumbling around and giggling and just shh okAy okay let me I can uh I’m gonna stab him and just misses and how do you mISS shes right there and they are laughing to hard to even stand up straight Oswald is on the floor laughing so hard he’s crying and eds trying to help him back up stumbling around trying not fall himself and they are just a bunch of drunk nerds trying to murder someone and failing

anonymous asked:

I love when Liz interviews Blake. She has seen Gwen and Blake together and interviewed them together so she sees the love. I thought it was cute when she told Blake, Gwen only has eyes for you and he said, I don't know. He said he was kidding but sometimes I think he can't believe Gwen is so into him. Or maybe he has always been like this and can't believe any woman could love him. You never know what people think about themselves. I'm just happy that they are happy and they both feel loved.

Ahhhh I love this message. That’s exactly what I think too. Someone pointed to me out he *always* name drops that she’s Gwen Stefani in every interview, like just in case we don’t remember. He’s like a little kid all bashful but also super excited. Maybe he has been always been like that (I have no idea) but it makes me so happy, like you, because Gwen is the same about him and I think they’ve always needed that kind of admiration in their lives. Someone who can match their own extraness. 

Chibs Telford - Eternal Flame


Chibs Imagine Eternal Flame by the Bangles.

He laid there next to her. The both of them in his bed while he stayed awake. It was sometime in the middle of the late night, but still Chibs could not find sleep.

Because he laid there next to her watching her sleeping form. He started thinking about how lucky he was to have someone like her. He was thinking about all of the moments in which she helped to change his life. And due to this and made him Wonder what had occurred in order for him to have such a special person.

And through all the heartache that they had together he wondered if she honestly felt the same about him. She had been through so much all because of him, but she never wants left his side even through all the heartache that they endured together.

And he was so happy that she stayed by his side. The last thing he ever wanted to do was lose her either by chasing her off with his Antics that happened with the club constantly, or losing her to a much greater threat that would come because of the club. She knew the risks that she had taken order to stay with him and some days he felt as if he was dreaming when he would see her smile at him sitting either at the bar at the club or when they went for a long ride together.

He would never change anything about her he knew that as he moved a stray strand of her hair out of the way of her face. Her peaceful expression was what made him smile at night as he watched over her and care for her in the same ways that she cared for him.