and she's so happy for him


listen, i know the first one wasn’t originally meant to be vitya. i know.

but….. kubo did repost the picture and mentioned that looking at it now, it does make her think of young vitya….. and now she’s drawn this new gorgeous official art where vitya is wearing the same exact coat and the setting seems pretty damn similar?? however, the feeling of the picture is completely different. the first one has a very melancholic and lonely feel, while the other feels nice and warm even though they’re both set in the middle of winter. just look at vitya’s face! look at that smile! he’s so happy?? and he has every reason to be happy: yuuri is right there next to him holding onto his arm and yurio is with them and vitya isn’t alone anymore and he’s found his passion for skating again!

but what gets to me the most is the fact that the new official art is titled “winter fantasy”! i’d say it sounds like exactly the kind of thing young vitya might be dreaming of in the first picture and boy does that thought make me happy and hurt me all at once

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Honestly, I really want Hidekane to be endgame because if Touken stays a thing by the end of this whole mess I just know Hide will accept it with a big goddamn smile and he‘ll be so happy for Kaneki but I just think Hide has been through too much and I want him to be just as happy as Kaneki and I like to think that that‘d be the case when/if they‘re together.

Ehh. Headcanons are all good and dandy, but if you’re asking me…

Kaneki is not going to leave Touka for Hide. She loves him, too, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for Kaneki’s character– at this point of the story, where he chooses to live just to see his wife again– to abandon her for someone else. I would personally balk if that happened. It’s not romantic or touching or anything. 

So, consider this instead: 

Touka and Kaneki staying together doesn’t mean Hide is going to be unhappy. We still don’t know if Hide’s “confession” was a “confession” at all– he only said he loved Kaneki (I say I love my friends all the time and I mean it??), and that doesn’t mean his heart is going to be broken over a relationship he actually encouraged. Honestly, I think he would be the most genuinely enthusiastic, supportive fan of their relationship out of anybody, and all three of them would be a packaged deal together. 

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I knew you were trouble (Part 2)

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Sweet Pea x reader

Summary; Sweet Pea realizes how rough you really enjoy sex

Warnings; cursing, choking, dub-con, anal, really dirty dirty talk

A/N; so the pressure was on with this one as you guys gave so much love to the first part which I’m super happy for, so I really hope you like this even if I’m not a 100% happy with this (yes, I’m using the same gif ‘cause it’s my fave)

You were currently gripping the seatbelt of the car Veronica had borrowed as she had picked you up from the Whyte Wyrm and you were now going over the speed limit to stop a fight.

The day after your evening with Sweet Pea, you had stayed with him in the small room, just cuddling and talking about everything, getting to know each other and you were already starting to fall for the boy. Neither of you had left to room besides to use the bathroom and you felt sad when he told you he had to do something but you could stay there and wait for him. And that had been your plan until you received an alarming call from Veronica, asking your help to stop something that you weren’t entirely sure but you had just told her to pick you up, not hesitating to help a friend in need.

After you had gotten into the car, she explained quickly about a big fight going on between the southside and northside guys and you felt worried, of course for Archie and your other friends but your main concern was Sweet Pea, was the fight why he left?

The rain had started to pour down in the dark night and you finally reached your destination. All you could see was too many boys to count, dripping wet and punching and kicking each other as you made your way out of the car with Veronica. You had no idea what to do to stop it and a scream almost escaped your mouth when you heard a loud gunshot right next to you and saw Veronica pointing a gun towards the sky. This caused the fighting to stop and soon, Archie was coming towards you and you spotted Sweet Pea, not far from you so you made your way to him quickly. As you neared him, you could see his black eye and worry and anger filled you.

“Oh my god, what the hell is this?”, you questioned him, referring to the fight and him. You went to touch the corner of his black eye and felt slightly surprised when he didn’t pull away like your expected.

“Nothing you need to worry about, just some stupid kids trying to prove something”, he told you, putting his arm over your shoulders and pulling you close as he looked behind you, clearly at Archie. Archie was the only one who knew about you and Sweet Pea, if he had kept his mouth shut, but you didn’t even think about anyone knowing as you stood on your tippy toes and kissed Sweet Pea’s cheek.

The empty lot had started to clear and you heard footsteps behind you and turned to see Archie, alone. And the car Veronica had driven here was gone, great.

“We should go, Y/N”, Archie said and you looked down, not wanting to meet his eyes.

“She’s coming with me”, Sweet Pea answered for you.

“I think Y/N can speak for herself”, Archie replied, earning a scoff from him.

“It’s okay Arch, I’ll be fine with Sweet Pea”, you told him, finally meeting his eyes to see they were filled with worry.

“I think you should really come with me”, he urged, not wanting to leave you with the person who he was punching minutes ago.

“Are you deaf, Andrews? She’s said she’s coming with me”, Sweet Pea said, raising his voice a little and pulling you to stand with your back against his chest, clearly wanting to show Archie how you were his now.

“And I’m not talking to you. Y/N, cmon”, Archie kept trying, now offering a hand to you. You knew you weren’t gonna take it and you felt like you were betraying him.

“God, you have a thick skull so I’ll spell it out for you. Y/N here, is coming back to the southside with me and we’re gonna have some more of the incredible sex we had last night before you called”, he said and his hand snaked to your front, cupping your crotch, provoking Archie. You felt a little embarrassed about the act in front of Archie so you just pushed his hand aside to rest on your hip, but Archie saw it.

“Don’t you fucking touch her”, he said in a low voice, taking a step forward to which Sweet Pea only chuckled.

“She’s my girl now, I can touch her however I want”, Sweet Pea said and you felt a tingling feeling in your stomach at his possessive words.

“Let’s go, babe”, he continued and started to pull you away, leaving Archie to stand alone in the rain.

You were back at the Whyte Wyrm and in the familiar room as you started to pull off your drenched clothes.

“Would you like to tell me now the reason for all that?”, you asked Sweet Pea, who was also removing his wet clothes.

“That’s what you get when you pull a gun on a Serpent. He had it coming and he was willing to fight so someone’s bound to get hit but I told you already, it’s nothing you need to worry about”, he simply explained as you were now naked and pulled a big t-shirt on that he had gotten you.

“If I’m your girl, I want to know of these things before they happen”, you replied, crossing your arms over your chest to seem more intimidating.

“I’m a gang member, what were you expecting?”, he said, not bothering to put a shirt on as he was only wearing some sweatpants.

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to base this relationship on lying, who knows how long it takes before you’re lying about going to the store but really fucking someone else?”, you asked, overthinking everything and not really controlling what was coming from your mouth.

“I didn’t lie, I just said I needed to do something and thought it was better if you didn’t know. You’re my girlfriend now so don’t ever think I would cheat on you but you should know that if you ever dared to cheat on me, you wouldn’t like the consequences”, he told you with a firm voice, sounding threatening.

“Did you-did you just threaten me? You’re actually telling me that this relationship isn’t made of lying so the best alternative is threatening?”, you dryly laughed as you weren’t sure you heard him right, your anger starting to get the best of you so you didn’t even notice him saying you were his girlfriend.

“I’m not threaten-I didn’t mean to say it like that”, Sweet Pea tried but you interrupted.

“So what would happen if I would leave right now to go bang the shit out of Archie, huh?”, you said, knowingly provoking him.

“Don’t even joke with that”, he said, closing his eyes to calm himself.

“No, please tell me. What would you do if you were watching me riding Archie right now?”, you asked, wanting to get a rise out of him.

“Shut up”, Sweet Pea answered in a quiet voice. Normally you would have, but you felt blinded by your anger.

“So you’d tell me to shut up? How about I shut myself up with Archie’s cock down my throat”, you continued and walked to stand in front of him, and you knew it was the final strike as his eyes opened and his hand flew to your throat, cutting off your air as he pushed you roughly against the nearest wall.

“I told you to shut the fuck up!”, he yelled and a rush of fear and something else went through you. You expected him to see your shock and release you but he didn’t and your air supply was close to nothing so he only loosened his grip.

“Is it wrong that this is turning me on?”, you questioned out of nowhere and now it was his time to look shocked and he pulled his hand back and took a step away from you.

“I-I’m… Shit, I’m so sorry, baby, I didn’t meant to do that, I just-just…”, he stuttered and you went to take his hands.

“Hey, it’s okay, it was kinda hot”, you told him, making him smile just a little.

“I’m so sorry, I swear I’m not like that, I’m not abusive but the thought of you actually being with that idiot just made me snap and I couldn’t control myself…”, he said and you stopped him by kissing him.

“No, I’m sorry, I provoked you and I should’ve expected it”, you told him with a smile as you both sat down on the bed. A moment of silence passed until Sweet Pea spoke again.

“Did you actually get turned on from that?”, he asked with a shy smirk.

“You know I like it rough…”, you said shyly, but saw his smirk grow.

“You kinky little bitch, I didn’t know you liked it that rough”, he said, making you wetter with his words so you pressed your thighs together.

“And apparently you love dirty talk too”, he realized and you felt your cheeks getting a little hot, slightly embarrassed.

“Well what would you say if I would shove my cock back into that dirty pussy of yours? I mean, that’s what we told Andrews”, he said in a seductive tone and his hands went to pull up the hem of your shirt. You felt yourself getting even more wet from his words and quickly pulled the shirt over your head and tossed it to the floor.

“I’ll take that as a yes”, Sweet Pea chuckled and grabbed your head and started to kiss you.

You kissed him back with urgency and stared to palm him through his pants, feeling his cock already rock hard. You only got to give him a few strokes before he grabbed your wrist tightly.

“I’m calling the shots babe, so get on your knees”, he commanded in a low voice, exciting you more. You nodded at him and did what he said. He stood up in front of you, pulled his cock out and looked down at you with a scary smirk.

“You’re gonna choke on my cock until you see stars”, he told you as he gripped your hair into a ponytail and waited for you to open your mouth. You swallowed once before opening wide and sticking your tongue out. He slapped his cock against it a few times before shoving it deep, making you gag furiously. He pulled back only for a second before doing it again and you had to place your hands against his abdomen to stop him. But he wasn’t having it, he roughly pushed your hands away and pushed even deeper, making your saliva drip onto the floor.

“Oh no no babe, you’re gonna take it”, he said and started to fuck your mouth. It only took a couple of thrusts to make you gag again and breathing was starting get hard from his brutal force. His grip on your hair was starting to get really painful as it felt like he was ripping it off and you just wanted it to be over fast. He thrusted a few times more and you felt a little surprised when he released himself right down your throat and you had no choice but to swallow it as he was so deep. After pulling out, you dropped onto your hands and started to cough, feeling the aftermatch from his cock.

“Such a good cumwhore”, he praised you as you started to breath normally again. He pulled his pants off fully and lifted you up roughly by your arm and pushed you back to fall on the bed.

“I’m gonna make it hurt”, he almost whispered as he positioned you on your hands and knees at the edge of the bed and stood behind you. You felt his cock at your ass and you slightly pulled yourself away from him.

“You can’t go in dry”, you told him, your voice trembling a little. There was no denying how horny you felt from his dominant attitude but you knew it would really hurt if pushed in without any lube of sorts.

“Didn’t you just hear what I told you?”, he chuckled a little and started to push in.

“You belong to me”, he said as he kept pushing but you had to crawl away from him, the pain getting a little too much to handle.

“Babe, don’t. That’s too much”, you tried but felt scared when you met his scary lustful eyes.

“I’d hold onto something if I were you”, was his response to your plead and he gripped your wrist and pulled you up and pushed your chest against the wall in one swift movement. You waited for him to start pushing in again as your hands were pressed against the wall but a moan of surprise came out as he slipped his fingers inside your pussy. You definitely didn’t expect it and the pleasure was suddenly overwhelming when he started to push against your g-spot and a blinding orgasm rushed over you as you squirted all over his hand. He didn’t give you any time after it as he rubbed his wet fingers against your ass and was already pushing his cock in. Your fingers started to scratch the wall as the pain was coming back but he just pushed in harder until you felt him slip in. A mix of a moan and a scream came from you as he pushed fully in and you couldn’t tell if it was pleasure or pain but you still enjoyed it.

“Fuck, your ass is so much tighter than your ruined pussy. Tell me baby, who ruined it?”, he cooed into your ear with degrading words but you didn’t find them degrading, if anything, there were just making you even hornier if possible.

“You”, you told him a little out of breath as you were trying to relax with his massive cock in your ass and still recovering from your orgasm.

“That’s right, babe. I did and I’m the only one that’s ever gonna fuck you, besides, I don’t think anyone ever would fuck you after you’re such a used little slut”, he chuckled darkly into your ear, knowing how his dirty talk affected you. He started to fuck your ass roughly, his hands gripping your hips hard enough to cause bruises. The pain slowly turned into pleasure and your knees started to give up under you as you tried to keep up with his fast pace. And just as you felt another orgasm forming, he pulled out with a chuckle.

“Let’s see how big of a slut you really are”, Sweet Pea said and pulled you from the wall and dragged you back to the bed. He pushed you on your back as he took a roll of duct tape from the table and tied your hands together over your stomach before you could object.

“Spread your legs for me”, he told you and you did it without question.

“Holy shit babe, you’re actually fucking dripping”, he chuckled as he spread your juices around your pussy with his index finger and you moaned quietly at the contact but needed more so you bucked your hips a little.

“I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t tell me yesterday how rough you actually like it so I’m gonna have to punish you for that”, he told you with a sinister smile on his face. Before he could do anything, your phone started to ring on the table. Sweet Pea got up to get it and you saw him smirking as he showed you the screen that had Archie’s name on it.

“He really doesn’t give up, does he?”, he said and got back to the bed between your legs but took the phone with him. He had the phone in his right hand and reached to spread you pussy lips with his left, revealing your clit and then pressed the phone against it. It kept ringing and the vibration felt good but it wasn’t enough. You felt him remove his fingers and he pulled the phone from you clit and you felt him press it against your entrance.

“No, don’t push it in, please, I want your cock”, you tried, not wanting to get a new phone. Surprisingly, he did what you asked but started to poke your left nipple with the still vibrating phone and you closed your eyes in pleasure but they flew open as he suddenly took your nipple between his fingers and pulled, hard.

“I told you that I’m the one calling the shots, not you”, he lowered himself next to your head and growled into your ear as he gripped your already sore throat. He gave it a hard squeeze before releasing and starting to position himself at your entrance. He gave you a creepy smirk before he pushed himself deep into you at once and you couldn’t stop the scream that came. He gave you no time to adjust and you couldn’t push him away or even slow him down as your hands were tied and you knew telling him would do nothing so you just waited until it would turn into pleasure, and after a while it did. A gasp fell from your mouth when you felt Sweet Pea pushing two fingers inside you along with his cock. The stretching didn’t hurt and when you felt him rubbing against your g-spot, you went wild. He kept pounding into you as his fingers worked on your most sensitive spot and you couldn’t keep still as it all felt so good and to add to the pleasure, his free hand returned to its familiar position around your neck. Only about a minute of the amazing sex, you knew you would cum in a matter of seconds, and so did Sweet Pea as he pulled out and spilled his white liquid all over your face, but he kept rubbing you g-spot until you squirted again and after that, everything went black for a moment.

“Y/N, wake up!”, you heard his voice echo through your head and you opened your eyes with a loud gasp. Sweet Pea was looking at you with a face that had a shocked and scared expression on it.

“Shit, you scared me”, he took a deep breath as he saw that you were okay.

“Did I just faint?”, you questioned, feeling a little weird.

“Yeah, you made my hand dripping wet so I guess you had a really strong orgasm”, he shyly smirked at you. You had to blink a few times to feel normal again.

“You know you called me your girlfriend earlier, did you really mean that?”, you asked. He replied with a nod and a kiss on your forehead. And just as last time, your phone started to ring again and he picked it up.

“Really Andrews, again with the post-sex call?”, he spoke to the phone as you got up to see yourself from the small mirror. Your face fell when you saw the purple hand marks around your throat, looking like someone had tried to strangle you to death.

“She’s my girl now, get it through your head”, Sweet Pea said from the bed and hung up the phone as you turned to look at him.

“If this doesn’t show that I’m your girl, then I don’t know what does, it looks like you covered me in hickies”, you pointed at your neck as Sweet Pea’s face turned serious for a moment but he couldn’t stop the smile forming on his face and soon it turned to full on laughing.

“Archie’s gonna kill me if he sees these”, you said but laughed as well as you went back to the bed to join your new boyfriend.

I don’t think that Mike officially asked El to the Snowball. It was a little secret between Hop and El; Mike was really only there because Joyce told Will to tell him to go. And honestly, even if he had the guts to, I don’t think Mike would’ve asked her. He thought it was too dangerous and stuff. So when Hopper asked if El could have one night out? That was all him. Obviously she had been gushing about it all year and he knew it would make her happy and live a normal teenage life and he just couldn’t say no. And I don’t think it was like ‘hey kid do you wanna go to the snowball’ I think it was ‘kid, Nancy is waiting to take you dress shopping you’re going to the snowball’ (because of COURSE Nancy took her shopping).


Hey guys! I just got back from Daisho Con, which was my FIRST CONVENTION EVER!! At my first con ever, I also COSPLAYED FOR THE FIRST TIME!! 

I had so much fun and loved it! I think three of my favorite moments were: 

  • Seeing Saitama run up to the area my friends and I were sitting at in a con competition hall, my friend shouting “save us Saitama” and him responding after 5 seconds with “where the f*ck did I sit?”
  • A little girl excitedly running up to me and my friend (who cosplayed as Amethyst and Pearl) and asking to take a picture with us; She was so excited she couldn’t stop shaking and her parents were super happy
  • Accidentally getting hit by luggage of a distressed guy who apologized and said he was late to a panel; my friends and I cracked jokes and helped calm him down a bit, and when we got to the first floor we hear a guy say to him “dad where’s the dog?!” distressed and then I realized it was Zach Callison - the voice of Steven from Steven Universe. I was in an elevator and cracking jokes with his dad while I was wearing a Garnet dress. THAT MAN KNEWWWWW

but I absolutely loved it and I hope to go to more cons! my friend/senpai @avengette and I took some quality steven universe pictures and I’ll post them later once the photos arrive. After that, then I’ll post my extra stuff!! 

but anyway I’m exhausted and imma die so I’m gonna go lie down~

Star vs Marco

so i been reading the comments and searching, you guys are right

i forgot about this mothe******

“you never get rid of me im part of you now”

he will back i can feel it

and remember that one new antagonist that is rooting for Marco

and eclipsa will not happy about how his daughter had to live.

and she know how important is Marco to Star, maybe she will manipulate or more simple, do a spell on him

and when i was seeing my photoshop image

even the colors, Star blue and Marco red

(yeah look awesome)

i was like a skull in “o” for evil or… wait

mexico its so popular with his skulls (i love them)

so the “marco” in the title get more sense (spooky)

and i made this little doodle

“how did all end like this…” 

“you tell me…”

He doesn’t see it at first. She stands to greet him with the others, tall and regal, face like ice. He knew she wouldn’t be happy, so it isn’t a surprise. But when he comes closer, he sees that she is slightly too pale, eyes glassy even in the dim winter light.

She talks to him, but just barely, and her voice is stoic and unused, like all her words have to be pulled out of somewhere deep inside her. She constantly clasps her hands in front of her, as if willing them not to shake.

No one else notices. No one else questions it. He’s too much of a coward to ask.

It isn’t until she faints in front of them, a week after their arrival, that they truly know something is wrong. Jon rushes to carry her to her rooms, sits idly by as Sam examines her, and he takes her hand once she wakes again. Sam rests a hand on her forehead. “She’s burning,” he says, and Sansa turns towards him, lips moving in fevered dreams, trying to talk but no words breaking through the fog of sickness.

He shushes her, tucks pieces of hair sticking to her forehead away, sits with ears sharp until they are told there is nothing to do but wait. Him, Arya and Bran take turns watching over her, Sam always close at hand.

She stays in her fever for a week. Arya feels guilty she didn’t notice it before. “Of course she would ignore it,” she says, frowning. “She’s stupid like that. Doesn’t know when to step back and let others do her work.” Arya looks so sad, and Jon takes her hand, squeezes it. “She works too hard,” he agrees, and Arya sniffles.

They give her medicine by Sam’s instructions, honeyed water for nutrition and milk of the poppy if she grows so restless Sam is worried she’ll wear herself out. Whenever she wakes and he’s with her, she turns to him and tries talking, but either her mouth is too dry or she falls back asleep again. But once, in a moment of clarity, she grabs his hand hard.

“Jon,” she says fiercely, like a ghost with a vengeance, “How could you do this?” She’s breathless even from this, voice raw and hurt. “We don’t deserve this. We don’t.” Her grip on him loosens, and a tear slips over her cheek before she goes limp in sleep again. Jon feels tears of his own burn in his eyes. What has he done?

What if I lose her? he thinks, desperately. What if this is the last memory she has of me? And then, selfishly, What if this is the last memory I’ll have of her?

He won’t let it end like this. She has to live. He has to make things right.

She wakes on the seventh day, and doesn’t fall asleep again for hours. She is still assigned to strict rest by Sam, but the fever has broken, and all that’s left is to heal her weak body. She smiles when they all file in to see her, Arya sitting close and looking over her, Bran smiling from his wheelchair. Jon is last to join them, and he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t fit into the picture in front of him.

“Jon,” Sansa says, looks up at him with hazy eyes, voice only slightly weaker than usual. It hits him like a boulder, the relief that she is fine, won’t leave him just yet, and he knows what he must do. “I’ll make it right, Sansa,” he vows. “To all of you. I’m so sorry. I’ll fix it, I promise.”

And she smiles at him, a weak, sad smile that’s almost enough to break him. “Oh, Jon,” she says fondly, and so sadly. “You can’t fix this. You know you can’t.” The words are like weights, dragging him further down into cold water. But Sansa’s eyes are not hostile. There’s a layer of sympathy there, of love.

She hesitates a second before talking again, something like hope creeping onto her face, making her voice lighter. “I’d rather have you stay here with us, for now. For a moment.” It’s a plea, a request, made to mend things that have been broken.

His mouth goes dry, and he can’t deny her this. He nods, finds a chair and sits next to Bran. They sit like that a while, Sansa asking about the castle and all that’s happened while she’s been gone. Jon holds her hand, stroking his thumb over her knuckles, and vows to himself never to put himself, or any of them, in a situation like this again.

Sam comes in shortly and orders them all out, and Jon knows then, who he needs to hold onto in this world, what he is fighting for when he’s leaving for the North.

The day they leave, Sansa is there to send them off. She stands without help, her eyes heavy but still bright, tears shining in them. “Be careful,” she tells her sister, and Arya promises to be. Jon steps in front of her.

He kisses her cheek. “I will do anything I can to come back to you. And we’ll rule like we were supposed to.” She smiles, nods as she takes his hand in hers. “Yes,” she says, and her voice is strong, like this is the very moment the sickness rips itself from her entirely.

He leaves. But he comes back. She is not ill when he returns, but she holds him to her like he is, and there is something fevered about how his lips move over her when they are alone.

Lifetime (sneak peek):

When Haise Sasaki said goodbye, Yomo finally went out of the counter to walk towards Touka, who used a nearby chair to steady her wobbly legs. It was hard for her, he knew. Never in a million years had he dreamt of a reunion such as this and for him to keep coming back hurt Touka, he figured just as much.

“A part of me always hoped for him to remember,” she said told him, dark blue eyes glazed at the distance in silent reminisce. “How selfish am I that all I wanted was for him to be happy and yet I wanted to be included in that happiness?”

It was the first time that Yomo held his niece like this in his arms, and the first time Touka leaned on it. He didn’t have any words to give, any reassurance that would help. He hoped as well that somehow, even if he didn’t remember and even if he could never do so, they would find each other again.

She did build a home for him to return to, after all.


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Could you write about the paladins finding their s/o lying on the floor. When they ask them what's wrong they just mumble with tears in their eyes that they're just trying to calm down. I do this a lot and usually people think I had passed out

wow what a mood :/ i hope you feel happy soon anon 💚


  • worried from the second he saw you
  • he wants you to talk to him and tell him whats wrong
  • he doesn’t like to see you cry :(
  • so he’ll be quiet for a second and then you hear some rustling
  • and he’s lying on the floor right by you
    • “what are you doing?”
    • “just trying to calm down”
  • wow what a good boyfriend


  • confused because what??
    • “ does this help you calm down?”
  • the confused child wants to learn about you and what makes you sad
    • “is there anything i can do?”
  • she wants you to be happy


  • kind of startled to see you on the floor
  • even more startled because you’re crying
  • wants to help calm you down but doesn’t know how
  • just awkwardly perches by you and wonders if you want to talk or nah


  • worried at first, he wants to know why this calms you but doesn’t want to prod
    • “want to talk about it?”
  • he sits by you and listens while rubbing your back or your hair
  • he just loves you it pains him to see you sad


  • worried for you honestly
    • “babe are you ok?”
    • “why are you crying?”
  • he just wants you to talk to him
  • he wants to understand why you’re sad
  • he sits by you while you calm down and rubs his hand on your back

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Prinxiety your the one I want from grease

*screams YAAAASSSSSS* (lmao re-watching this forgetting how beautiful Oliva NewtonJohn is, my pOOR GAY HEART)

You’re The One That I Want- Grease

  • They’re having another night where they just watch movies. Sometimes both of them will be half-working on assignments, then turn back to the film.
  • (Roman realises it’s somehow become a ‘just the two of them’ thing? Not that he’s complaining but…how…?)
  • This time, their work has been long forgotten, and they’re happy to just make up stupid commentary while Grease plays. 
  • Roman would never usually, but Virgil’s got him into the habit of actually criticising some parts of musicals and it’s surprisingly… fun.
  • “Wait, though,” Roman says, as You’re The One That I Want starts. “So, Danny takes off his cardigan-thing? I thought the whole point was they swapped styles? So she’s got to be left with his style and he’s back to his usual? That doesn’t make sense.”
  • Virgil snorts. “Tell me about it, stud.”
  • Roman suddenly thinks it’s very warm in here. 
  • But then, he’s left laughing at the thought of something else. “Oh, come on, that’s not what an electric shock would look like.”
  • Virgil pauses the film just to smirk. “Are you saying you’re better than John Travolta?”
  • (Somehow, it’s not condescending, Roman thinks. In fact, it sounds like a challenge).
  • “I got chills they’re multiplying–”
  • Virgil scrabbles up from the bed. “Oh, no you don’t-”
  • But he’s giggling already and Roman knows he’s won.
  • “And I’m looosing control. ‘Cause the power you’re supplying-” He points over-dramatically at Virgil. “It’s ELECTRIFYING.”
  • He falls over with so much force that Virgil trips over himself, and then they both fall of the bed, laughing.
  • “You’re unreal,” Virgil says once he’s got his breath back, pressing play again.
  • (Still, they both hum along to the rest of the song and try not to think about why they find it relatable).

Taking singing uni!au prompts

My Fair Lady; Hamilton; Legally Blonde; Cinderella; Heathers; Wicked; Dear Evan Hansen; Wicked x2; Les Misérables; Monty Python; Can’t Help Falling In Love; Mary Poppins; Heathers x2; Into The Woods; Dear Evan Hansen x2

Baby Kieran

I think we all need some baby Kieran with his Mama in our lives.

Eilwen knew that as the son of the Unseelie King, Kieran would not have an easy life, but she was a mother and wanted to protect her child as much as she could. Kieran was the sweetest, most loving child a mother could want, even at just two years old, and as his mother all she wanted to do was protect him. Kieran was one of the youngest of the kings fifty sons, meaning that the King himself had very little interest in him.

As a water nixie, she would spend a lot of time in the pools that were all around faerie and she would bring her son to play in them. Much to her delight, her son loved being in the water, splashing and giggling to his little hearts content. And seeing Kieran so happy made Eilwen happy.

But as much as she loved playing in the pools with Kieran, her favourite part of the day was when she got to have cuddles just before Kieran’s bed time. He would wrap himself round his mother, head resting on her chest listening to her heart beat. She would sing him ancient faerie lullabies as she took him to bed, him slowly drifting off to sleep.

Once Kieran had finally fallen asleep, she would tuck him into bed, and brush his blue hair out of his face, and watch her little boy sleep, looking even more beautiful in his slumber than when he was awake. Sometimes she would lie on the bed, facing her son, wanting to spend a few moments more with him. Sometimes Kieran would grab hold of one of her long, elegant fingers whilst he slept, and when he did, Eilwen wouldn’t have the heart to take her finger from him, so would fall asleep on the bed with him.

I really love @therowdyravens‘s Scarlet Manor AU and of course I had to put my Ajina into that setting, too. I explicitly asked if the stage/club was fire-proofed. xD

As in Canon Ajina is a fire dancer/performer, the only difference is that her whole show is a bit more…sensual. Most of the time she is alone on stage, but sometimes she performs together with Asra. 
When Asra got her the job offer she accepted it gladly, happy to be able to follow her passion and be able to work with her best friend together. 

She isn’t Lucio’s biggest fan, most of the time annoyed by him and so she is glad that Nadia is her actual boss, since she has a lot of respect for that woman.
She gets along splendid with the Devorak siblings, always chatting and joking around with Portia in their breaks and doing flirty banter with Julian.
Julian is also the one who provides her with potions and ointments for her burns and dry throat after performances.
Ajina likes to think she has a mutual respect with Muriel, since she helps containing any ruckus in the club, should he be prevented for any reason.

After several months she and Asra learn about the mob. Ajina, always up for more excitement in her life, agrees to join and Asra agrees too, mostly to look after her. She might not be as strong as Muriel, still thanks to her acrobatics and fire abilities she gets the position of a bodyguard, at first only for Asra, but then later also for Lucio and Julian. 

Sketch © Riza23 (dA)
Colors © Me/Ajina-Apprentice

Frye twins Headcanons

Halfway through AC Syndicate and I’m already doing this… might delete this in the near future.

Originally posted by nikashepard

I think…

Evie can actually be brash as much as Jacob can actually be stealthy. They had an unspoken understanding for their own styles after realizing their inclination

As a child, Jacob hated it when he made Evie truly upset. This led him to overcompensate at times like when their dad’s cane-sword went missing and he saw Evie training with it someplace hidden and how she looked really happy so he nicked it from her things and put it in his so she wouldn’t be scolded for being curious and passionate about being an assassin

When they were being trained, Evie would always look out for Jacob whenever he freeruns because he looked so reckless doing it and she know she’ll lose her shit if anything happens to him

They’re each other’s human diary. Jacob would make a point to let Evie vent before responding with a bucketload of sass and emotion at the same time, while Evie would make an effort to give her best advice and that’d upset Jacob only because she’s already the best without even trying 

Jacob would be biased whenever Evie and Henry fought unless there was no true way to justify whatever it is Evie did

They’re each other’s pillow as well. Evie lowkey likes to lean on Jacob’s shoulders and Jacob almost immediately gets knocked out once his head hits Evie’s lap

Jacob is Evie’s go-to guy for advice on men whenever she gets confused about something Henry did

Rooks who celebrate their birthdays get a lot of surprises from both of them #lowkeyparents

On their birthday, the Rooks would scatter their gifts all across London for them to find

Evie finds Jacob and Henry’s bonding time annoying endearing

Jacob studied how to speak Indian but didn’t tell Evie or Henry so if the little shits try to insult him he’d understand 

The thought of making her child/ren bilingual excited Evie maybe a bit too much

Evie’s penmanship is beautiful and fabulous that it sometimes makes Jacob salty so he secretly tries to copy her handwriting when he has time

Since finding out his native name, Jacob also nicknamed Henry “JD”

Evie is a giggly drunk, especially when Henry’s around

Jacob’s actually open-minded about feminine things like periods because he was the only one with Evie when she had her first 

5 Happy Things

I was tagged by @lescahiersdesable! This drabble is for you!

***Modern AU

Chizuru let out a long sigh. The question was supposed to be easy. All she had to do was give a quick answer and she’d win tickets to a concert.

“Are you ready?” the radio host asked, voice so chirpy it echoed in her ear.

“Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God,” she repeated to herself, delaying the answers.

So many things made her happy.

She knew how lucky she was, finding a group of guys who loved her in their own way.

Hijikata— he was older than her but treated her as equal as any of his male subordinates. Just thinking about him made her feel like a high school girl with a crush. He was protective of her and that made her happy.

Saito—her purple-haired colleague was quiet and reserved, but whenever he opened up to her, they could talk for hours and not notice the time at all. She could listen to him talk about swords and tofu all day and that made her happy.

Souji— the ever sarcastic Souji was someone special to her, even though he constantly made threats to her. He was all bark and no bite, though, and she knew it was his way of flirting with her. He made her laugh all the time and that made her happy.

Heisuke—the young intern had the brightest smile that was so contagious she couldn’t help smile back at him. When she first started the job, he was the first person to make her feel welcomed at the company. He stayed with her during long hours on projects and that made her happy.

Harada and Shinpachi—the two security guards at Shinsengumi Inc. were two peas in pod and to think of either one without the other would almost feel disrespectful to them. They were both so generous, bringing her lunch and stopping at her desk to chat about the latest gossip. Their water cooler chatters were needed distractions and that made her happy.

Kazama—the rich CEO of the rival company ONI Corporation was arrogant and vain. But his persistence and kindness toward her broke down her guarded walls and she felt like a long lost princess around him. His history lessons and pride of his family made her happy.

Chizuru groaned, scrubbing a hand across her face. She held the cell phone closer to her ear, desperately trying to narrow down her answers to five things.

“Oh!!! Time is up, ma’am,” the disc jockey interrupted Chizuru’s train of thought.

“The answer we were looking for was peanuts and milk. Peanuts and milk are the most common allergens in the world. Better luck next time, thank you for calling K-Rock 106!”

Chizuru groaned again, this time dropping her head against the table.

“I got to get my life together,” she muttered to herself.

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The Johnny modern AU reminded me of those endearing videos where patients who previously struggled to walk decide to work very hard with their specialists. They almost give everyone a panic attack when they suddenly stand up from their seat and everybody starts emotionally crying. Love those beautiful videos. ☺️

whenever i think about modern aus i imagine gyro as johnny’s specialist being upbeat and positive, i love johnny and gyro a lot! my girlfriend has some health issues that mean she uses a wheelchair most of the time so reading fic about johnny makes her happy and she relates to him a lot, whenever i write about johnny i think about her ;n; <3

Never leave my side - Erwin Smith x Reader [Request]

Anon: Okay so, Erwin and the reader are madly in love with each other, but they go on an expedition and she gets badly injured while saving him and falls into a coma. Whether she wakes up after a long period of time or she dies is completely up to you ❤️

I hope you like it ♥

Warning: Mention of sexual acts, Fluff, angst, happy ending


Originally posted by aurieackerman

For the first time of your entire life being in the Survey Corps, you woke up feeling well rested and satisfied.

The warm sensation of your boyfriend’s arms enveloping you into a strong embrace, woke you up from your slumber.

You turned around quietly, not wanting to wake up your Commander for the little time he still has to sleep.

A radiant smile appeared on your face seeing the usually neat Commander Erwin Smith all dishevelled.

Suddenly, his baby blue eyes opened up, meeting yours for the first time in the day.

“Good morning sir” the smile has never left your face, something he noticed right away.

However he didn’t answered, he just stood up on his right arm, landing on top of you.

You started to giggling while he started to peppering your neck with little kisses. 

“What’s got into you Erwin? You didn’t get enough yesterday night?”

“I just don’t want to leave this bed” 

His voice was muffled by the skin of your neck, but you understood  perfectly what he meant.

Today was the day of another expedition outside the walls, and you knew very well that your return wasn’t guarantee.

You or Erwin or both of you could die today, and that thought was enough to making your giggles stop.

Erwin noticed right away your change of behaviour.

He leaned on both of his elbows to look down at you.

You stared at each other with pained expressions, because it doesn’t matter that he was the Commander and you a very skilled veteran; everyone can die at the hands of those men-eating titans.

Erwin’s big hand started to caress your (h/c) strands away from your face,  while you grabbed his wrist gently.

“Nothing is gonna happen to you (Y/n), I promise”

“Erwin, you can’t prom-”

You were interrupted by your lover again:

“I’ll do everything in my power in order to protect you, just…trust me”.

You’ve already seen that look, everytime he had to so a speech to the new recruits, everytime before he lead his men outside the walls.

“I know…I believe you Erwin”.

He had no idea how all of this happened.

He was there, face to face with an abnormal, ready to meet his end.

The titan’s hand never made it to Erwin’s kneeled form because someone pushed him out of the titan’s trajectory.

All happened too fast.

The big hand closing around (Y/n), she cutting away the strong fingers and falling violently on the ground.

In a moment the blond commander was running toward his loved one, while Mike gave the titan the fatal hit.

Blood was coming from (Y/n)’s head, but she was still breathing.

He wanted to stay with her the whole time.

He stayed with her all the way back to the wall, trying to stop the bleeding.

He wanted to stay by her side during the complicated operation to save her life, trying to make his way out from the three soldiers that were keeping him out of the infirmary.

He screamed to let him go, he needed to see her, but they didn’t give up.

They were broken to see their commander like that, but Squad Leader Hanji ordered that no one could enter the room.

After hours and hours, Hanji finally came out from the room, only to tell Erwin that (Y/n) was in a comatose state, and that there was the possibility for her to never wake up again.

Days became weeks, weeks became months, but Erwin didn’t give up.

Everyday, when he wasn’t busy, he stayed with the (h/c) headed soldier, talking to her and waiting for her to come back.

His days were all the same without you: training, paperwork, lunch, study new strategies for the next expedition and then, spending the whole night by your side.

He even has a dark stubble growing on his handsome face.

“That day…I promised that I would’ve keep you safe… but you did that to me instead”

He grabs your hand, kissing it gently.

“Why you did that (Y/n)? You weren’t suppose to sacrifice youself for me”

He buried his tired face onto your hand, while he tried to suffocate his pained sobs.

Suddenly, he felt something gripping at his own hand.

Moving his face to stare at you, he noticed that you were trying to open your eyes.

I no time he went outside the room, calling for Hanji.

Even she couldn’t believe at what she was seeing.

When Hanji and Erwin entered the room again, you were staring at them with your eyes wide open.

When you spotted Erwin. a smile grows onto your face.

In two strides Erwin was by your side, kneeling down at your face level for giving you the most passionate kiss you two ever shared.

He was kissing you like he never did, showing with action how much he loves you.

You were still weak so you could answer just with little pecks, but he didn’t mind, because the most important thing was that you were finally back to him.

When you finally separated, you noticed that Hanji was crying in happiness, smiling at the both of you.

“(Y/n) you’ve been in coma for three months…you saved your and the commander’s lives, however, when you got yourself out of the titan grip, you’ve hit the ground with your head ending up into a comatose state”

You eard all of what  Hanji said.

You did remember of yourself oushing Erwin away, but after that everything was confused.

You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

“Sweetie, it’s okay, you just woke up from a long time being in a coma, you’ll need time to rest and some therapy to regain all your basilar skills…even talk”

Erwin noticed your distressed expression, that was too much to take after what you’ve been through.

Grabbing one of your hand, he smiled down at you.

His presence and his smile reassured you; with him by your side you feel like you can do everything.

Both of you didn’t notice that Hanji left the room, wanting to give you some privacy.

You move your hand away from his grip, caressing his now bearded face.

You could tell that he was tired with his beautiful blue eyes surrounded by defined dark circles.

However you couldn’t help but thinking he was hot with that stuble.

Noticing the way you were staring and caressing at his stable, made Erwin smile more:

“I didn’t have time to shave you know, I’ll do it later”

You looked at him with an angry expression that could be only be interpreted with a: “Over my dead body”.

Laughing at your cute angry face he stopped your hand, in order to give it a kiss:

“Okay, okay! I’m not gonna shave it”

Satisfied by his choice, you kept staring at each other, until your lover interrupted the silence:

“It’s gonna be a long journey, but I’ll be by your side….and this time, I’ll keep my promise”

Helena and Evan had been walking for about fifteen minutes now, and Evan kept talking about his childhood memories in that town. Helena wasn’t really listening though, something was off with her. “Did I do anything wrong?” he thought. He didn’t think so. Evan actually thought Helena wanted this, but she wasn’t showing any signs of happiness.

It was driving him insane, not knowing what was going on. Was she having any doubts? Second thoughts about all of this? It was true that it was all happening really fast. The marriage, the unplanned - yet very much wanted - kid, moving to a new house,…

His palms were sweating already, going through his head, again and again, thinking about every possible scenario, trying to find an explanation… but he couldn’t find any.

He just dropped it and kept walking. “When she’s ready, she will tell me.

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Team ranger parents. Billy's mom is just so happy he has friends. See Trini didn't even try to hide she's a ranger. I mean she told her parents they found a space ship. And well they put two and two together. I think Trini's parents are like 'honey you make holes in the wall you fix them'. Her brothers don't know she's a ranger. Also Jason's little sister.

Yesss. Billy’s mom is so happy that not only does Billy have friends, but friends that genuinely care and love him. Trini’s parents honestly are probably very lowkey about it because now that she’s a ranger she’s got friends, which was what they always wanted for her (but it doesn’t stop them from worrying about her constantly). I bet sometimes when Jason and Trini are both stuck babysitting their siblings, they team together and tell them stories about the power rangers without revealing their identities.

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How about a headcanon where Touka is the human manager of Re, and maybe half ghoul dove Haise gets a crush, but can't really put himself out there on account of what he is, and then has to show what he is at some point to save her from a ghoul, and after when he's the black reaper, he maybe just comes in once to say goodbye... Then things get heated ☺️

Mod K:

All of that built up tension that had been brewing within them for months explodes. Touka feels overwhelmed when he tries to say goodbye to her. Was this the last time she would see him? When there was so much left unsaid? Was he even happy? He didn’t look it. His eyes seemed hard and filled with pain. It was nothing like when Haise had always bounded into her shop, eager to talk to her about coffee and the books that lined the walls.

She had at least thought that he would be happy in the human world.

And then, she can’t help but give in – and reach for him. She wants him to know – no, she needs him to know.

The reaper blinks, “Kirishima–”

She kisses him.

– And everything falls into place.