and she's so different from river

the princess stayed in the tower and read books about better girls, where their hands learned how to hold swords, where they rode in on horses. i gave her books as often as i could. she devoured them.

her princes saw her and pretended to be scared off by dragons. got too lost in the thicket. didn’t want to handle it.

“tell me what it’s like, out there,” she whispers to me for the millionth time. i take her from The Throne into her bed, tucking her in and making sure her feet are covered. 

“boring without you” i say as always, “but i did bring back a great story.”

i tell her about how the stars change beyond the equator. how there are places it looks like there are twin suns. how the desert crawls into you but so does snow. i talk about the taste of fruit and promise to bring her back some. she falls asleep while i murmur about rivers, and then in the morning i bring her from bed to Throne, even though she can do it on her own. sometimes she likes help, is all, and i’m happy to give it. 

she doesn’t want help getting dressed. the men come for me, blindfold masters i have almost befriended. the path we take away from her is always different, carefully manufactured so i don’t know exactly where she’s located. after all, a lady might get ideas about things.

they let me go in the queen’s room. i report findings, ask for fruit in the next week’s supplies, am told not to spoil the princess, that she must be kind and waifish and wanting when the prince comes. i spend an hour suggesting that fruit might turn the blood sweeter and am allowed six oranges.

in the next week, she marvels over them. turns them in her calloused hands. smells them. holds them until she can’t control her curiosity, devours them. i bring her books about rivers. i bring her books about deserts. 

“when is our birthday?” she asks me tonight. i’m knitting her a scarf for it.

“soon,” i tell her, “i’ll come by.”

she rolls onto one side, looks up at me in the dimming light. “I’m glad they chose you to be mine,” she says, and i drop a stitch. my heart sings against the inside of my wrists. i blow out a candle so she can’t see the blush and i can’t see her lips. i know what she means, i say. i know what she means.

it’s twenty-three for both of us. i bring her a cake we both eat, her on her throne and me on the floor. i am in the middle of laughing when she falls silent in the still night. “nobody else ever comes for me,” she whispers. i say nothing.

we have more cake, we go to sleep. i don’t know if she knows i’m awake, but i hear her crying.

the men come, the men take me. the one that smells like cedar always laughs at my jokes. the queen half-hates me because i remind her of “that nasty thing” they forced on their daughter. 

“the left wheel needs oil,” i mention, “she’s having trouble turning again.”

the queen’s nose goes up. she never reacts when i mention her daughter’s wheelchair by name - doesn’t find it funny we call it a throne, thinks it’s well enough to leave alone.

“well, she’ll have a prince in this next month coming for her,” says the queen, “i’ve arranged it all,” says the queen, “he’s … had the situation explained to him first this time. i thought it would be best,” says the queen. “we’re paying him…. quite a lot for his effort,” says the queen.

situation. she means that her daughter can’t walk very far. she means the situation of towers. i excuse myself. i find my girl books about turning down marriage. i’m not sure why. it’s all she’s ever wanted.

they blindfold me and take me. cedar laughs at my jokes. the sawdust one is here this time, even he chuckles at a few. we ride horses through places i’ll never see clearly. 

“so according to the queen this is the last time i’m needed, huh?” i ask them as they walk me blindly up too many stairs for my girl to make it down, “i’m sorry i never made your acquaintance.”

cedar laughs. he takes off my blindfold and for a second, lets me see his face. “it’s been an honor,” he says, shaking my hand, “you’ve been a perfect lady.”

i spend the day with my princess pretending i am not peeling apart from my bones. i just want her to be happy. to get to come home. 

it’s late. “do you think in a past life i was a mermaid?” she asks.

“almost definitely,” i tell her. 

it’s quiet for a while after. “what if,” she whispers, “i don’t want to leave?”

i sit up and look at her from across the room. 

“it’s just,” she says, “i have you here and all the books i need and nobody makes me walk too long and i don’t feel like… like i’m wrong here.”

i want to tell her she’s never been wrong. that she’s always fit into my heart like a puzzle piece. that, more importantly, the leadership i see in her glows like a fire - that, no matter her body, she’s always been kind and gentle and smart and sweet. a princess that could bring a nation to her feet and do so lovingly.

“it will be okay,” i say, “there’s more fruit to discover.”

she doesn’t say anything. i think i’ve ruined something by accident, but i don’t know what. i don’t really sleep. i don’t say anything when the men come take me.

the world outside without her is boring. no mermaids. i put my hand in a river once a day, just thinking about her. 

two weeks later i am awoken by my name, and a voice i recognize perfectly. cedar stands above me in the darkness. “i know two things in this world,” he says to me, “and one of them is about love.”

this time we make the trip without blindfolds. i see the squalor they keep her in. i see the waste surrounding her castle, the terrible place she’s in. rage fuels my footsteps even when they start flagging. 

the prince is already there. he has dropped her twice, cedar tells me. i am already running up the stairs even though i can barely breathe. i hear her crying through the door and i don’t need to get ready - the fire that starts in me burns so brightly.

i roar inside. turn dragon and beat back prince with girl made rage. the bruises on her body turn me into giant snake. i eat the man alive, or at least i chase him from the place, never to be seen again. later i will hear a rumor about a demon that stole the princess from him.

she cries into my arms. i take her down every single stair. i hear her murmur her thanks into my hair and then i kiss her, because i can’t handle it, because i have places to show her and she has my heart to lead.

my house isn’t much but it’s near a river. she likes putting her hands into it. i take her places when she is able, and otherwise i bring the places back. we read books together. cedar no longer works for the queen, but he’d rather live with the man of sawdust making tiny wooden figurines.

i lie in bed next to her, stroking her soft hair. “do you think i was a centaur in a past life?” she asks.

“definitely,” i tell her, and kiss her, gently. she holds my face and pulls herself closer to me.

“will i be a good queen? i mean, in this life?”

“i’m certain of it,” i reply. i can hear the truth ring in it. the bone-deep certainty.

she’s quiet for a moment. “you saved me,” she whispers, “and usually we’d end up married. but…”

i don’t know how to answer that. i feel ice down my spine suddenly.

“i’m not demanding, is all,” her voice shakes, “i’m asking this time. for you to choose me. for me to be yours, i mean. and for you to be mine. permanently.”

the next birthday we celebrate, we are both queens.

Reggie Mantle x Reader PART ONE: THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

Before the story starts I must say this one is pretty long because I needed to tell you a bit of the backstory I have created, and hopefully you guys like this it’s my first fanfic ever. Also I see very little Reggie Imagines, so one came to mind and I decided to write, please comment what you think about it. I’m thinking of turning into little series so I’m guessing this is Part One.

words: 1974

Summary: The beginning of something b/w the reader and Reggie

Spoilers: Its gonna get good by Part two i promise, hopefully you guys like it

Part Two - Part Three - Part Four -  Part Five - Part Six    

Such a small town Riverdale was. A town where everyone knew each other. By default though, the town you once knew was falling apart. Your parents’ generation was so screwed up and your generation was just trying to make it out alive.

           The next thing you knew this wholesome town had turned into a horror film, and you were not looking forward to the ending. Ms. Grundy was exposed a sexual predator and sent to Jail, and as happy as many people were that she had been put away, you couldn’t help but think how your friend Archie was doing. Not everyone knew that it was Archie who she had been with, as The Coopers decided to keep his identity a secret for his sake and the fact that Betty would not have them humiliate him.

           Then the incident of July 4th, when Jason Blossom was running away with Polly Cooper. Forbidden love, which ended in such a tragic ending with the murder of Jason. Then again does Forbidden love ever get a happy ending?  There you could not help to think of how both Cheryl and Betty were doing. Cheryl had lost her best friend, her confidant, the only one who was there for her unlike the rest of her tragic family dynamic. Betty in a sense lost Polly too since her parents sent her away because “she was not well” and she hasn’t seen Polly since.

           With you though you’re problems weren’t as big as theirs. Growing up in Riverdale was not easy, especially when all of us kids were just trying to make our parents happy, while trying to do the things we loved. You were the neutral ground for all the kids, well you and Betty. You had always hung out with almost every kid in Riverdale, from Betty, Archie, Kevin, Jughead, Cheryl, Chuck, Moose, Ethel, Trev, Josie, Valerie, Melody and Reggie. Now adding the new girl Veronica who seemed quite nice. She had her share of dysfunctional family problems too just like many of us in Riverdale. You’re parents came from nothing and in Riverdale they blossomed, your dad became a doctor and became rich and your mom decided to quit her job to support the household, which was not really her choice, but she would do anything for your father.

           These days though you were all grown up, many from different sides of the high school spectrum. Cheryl had her River Vixens cheerleading squad, Archie found love in music and sports (Such a Troy Bolton), Kevin realized he was gay (which we all accepted), Jughead found comfort in writing, Betty opened up The Blue & Gold newspaper for school again and dragged Jughead with her. Josie made a band with Val and Melody, Reggie/Chuck/Moose/Trev decided to channel their issues in the Jock spectrum. You however loved art, so they’d catch you drawing or painting hanging out with all of these losers on your free time. Oh did I forget to mention where Veronica made you and Betty tryout for the River Vixens. You only did it for the reason you do anything for anyone, to make them happy. Obviously you thought you weren’t going to make it. Proven wrong though when Cheryl accepted you because you were her friend and she knew you had “fire” only when your “fire” is needed. Though since the light of events this summer You and Veronica helped get Betty on the team.


           You were arriving home in your new uniform since you didn’t have time to change, Your mother seemed a little too happy about you joining the vixens, and dad was just happy you weren’t just the “hippie”  artist.  I did say this was a small town right? Well word got around that you were now a vixen. And to avoid your parent’s cheeriness about this whole ensemble you changed and decided to go to Pops.

           As you opened the door to Pops with the delightful smell of burgers and fries, you looked to your right to see Jughead in his usual booth typing away and slip across him in the booth.

“Hey” you stated as he looked up. “What no more uniform?” he retorted.

“Oh c’mon not you too, I am so tired of the comments and looks I have gotten” as you replied back Arch, Kevin, Bets, and Ronnie were coming into Pops

“Oh c’mon (Y/N) you talk to everybody here, you were bound to became a bit of the “in-crowd” Jug signals with his fingers.

“I just don’t want this to take time away from my art” You replied as the gang snuck into the booth.

“You can do both like me, (Y/N)” Archie answered with a smile as you gave a shoulder shrug.

“I only did this, because Ronnie made me, and thinking Cheryl wouldn’t let me in” you exclaimed.

“Oh come on I just recently met you and I can now see you have legs!” Veronica exclaimed after listening into our conversation.

“Yeah (Y/N) we’ve all known you for so long honestly I thought the only part of you that moved were those hands when they’re painting away.” Kevin adds on with a giggle

and so we kept on talking until it was our curfew and we had to go, the only one who ever stays behind is Jug trying to fix up his novel.

“Get some rest” you say to Jug as you are one of the last one there and he just gives you a glare and bids you goodbye.

The next morning as you were getting ready to leave your house, your parents call you.

“(Y/N), we need to talk to you!” Your mom shouted from downstairs.

“Coming!” you shouted back, grabbing your stuff for practice later.

“Hey mom, dad what’s up?” you asked as you reached them in the kitchen.

“We are having dinner with The Mantles on Friday night” your father answered

“And we need you home and go buy yourself something nice for the dinner” your mother ordered with a smile as she continued dads sentence.

Confused as to what’s going on since you don’t really mingle with The Mantles anymore you ask “Why?”

Dad just shoots you a look “Its business, and I want you here and that’s final (Y/N).”

You nod and make your way to the door and get the bike to get to school.

As you walk through the hall reaching your locker to shove in your Vixens outfit, he appears with a smug look on his face.

“Hey (Y/N), looking good today, um well you look good all days” Reggie fidgets and continues “but you definitely look good today.”

“I’d like to think so” you retort “but does this by any chance have to do with the fact that our parents are having a dinner on Friday?” you question Reggie

“Well a bit, but I always have to compliment a girl when she looks good” he smirks

“OH MY SAVIOR!” you give a sarcastic comment while motioning your hands to forehead like a damsel in distress, as Betty and Ronnie approach you.

“Hey, Reggie” Veronica speaks up, “um I was wondering if you’d like to do something on Friday?” she asks Reggie

“Sorry Ron, I got plans with my family and (Y/N) family” and he bids farewell by reaching to his forehead with his hand as if he was tipping an imaginary hat and walks off with his Goonies as Jug likes to call them.

“The (Y/L/N) and The Mantles together again, it’s been so long, what’s the occasion?”  Betty questions me.

“Is there something I’m missing here (Y/N)? You said you guys were just childhood friends” Ronnie adds on

“Oh, oh… my god no! We used to be very close when we were smaller, but um… no, you can have him Ron I haven’t changed my mind, and my dad said its purely business related” you retort while closing my locker answering to both Betty and Veronica.

The day goes by and during lunch you head on to ask Cheryl if there is going to be practice on Friday.

“No, I got some things to do at home (Y/N), have a nice dinner with The Mantles” Cheryl answers and gives me devilish smirk

“It is not like that Cheryl, just a business dinner” you answer annoyed.

“I always did think he’d end up with you, before he went full jock king on us and you ended up the tortured artist” she stated with sly smile.

The week went by and you bought yourself a dress that both you and your mom could find middle ground on since you preferred jeans and t-shirt on any occasion. It was Friday during lunch and you were with Jug, Kevin, Arch, Bets, and Ronnie. Talking about your plans for the weekend when Kevin decided to have a movie night tonight.

“Can’t, family dinner, if I skip it they’ll put me on death row” You told Kev

“Seriously? Ok how about Saturday night then?” Kevin asks

“Yeah, I think I can, how about you guys?” you ask the rest of the group

“Yeah sure, Betty and I will stop sleuthing for a night” Jug answers while taking a bit of food from all of us, while Betty nods

“I’m in!” Veronica states “What about you Archiekins?” She says taking away one of Archie’s fries.

“Yeah” the red-haired boy answered.

Reggie made his way to the table

“Hope you’re not making any plans for tonight (Y/N/N) my parents and my little sister would be so sad” Reggie states with a puppy dog expression.

“Oh, God please don’t call me that.” you tell Reggie while making an annoyed face.

“What? You love it when I call you that!” Reggie proclaims

“Yeah when we were eight” you declare as he walks off before Ronnie can get to talk to him.

“Well he’s been awfully sweet to you lately” Betty announces to the group

“It’s probably because he doesn’t want me telling our parents he’s a jerk most of the time” you say, while Ronnie just looks at you with a small smile, before you get to speak again, to re-assure Ronnie, Kevin decides to open his mouth.

“OMG, Sorry Ron, but you and Reggie, can it be? Straight out of a movie plot” he motions his hands together against his heart.

“I promise, he’s yours for the taking Ron” you speak up glaring at Kevin.

At the end of the school day as you’re getting ready to go home Ronnie stops to talk to you.

“Hey (Y/N), look if you like Reggie it’s okay, I mean you guys have history, I’m new and he doesn’t even give me the time of day, I mean…”

You grab her by the shoulder and cut her off by saying “Look Ron, you like him, me and Reg were just friends, I have never thought about him like that, never.”

Ronnie gives you a sad smile “Look I’m just saying the guy is hot, and he doesn’t even look my way, when he looks and talks to you it is like he is not that douchebag everyone thinks he is”

“Ron I… I… look… Look I am not going to let you mope around like this, I admit that Reg is good looking, but that could never happen you like him, and were just polar opposites that could never work out” You reassure her.

She looks at you still a bit sad and so you speak up again “I promise to talk you up during dinner, so he can start crushing on you, I’d invite you, but my parents as I have said would put be on death row if I did”

You bid goodbyes as you headed home to get ready for dinner with The Mantles.

Man it is going to a long night…

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unpopular opinion

I don’t understand how some people don’t like Steven Moffat’s writing and his DW era. I mean ok everybody has an opinion but why there’re so many people who hates him. Seriously?!

  • he gave us two amazing Doctors - 11 and 12
  • two different from each other Doctors - one young and chilsdish and one old and cared about everything
  • he gave us a few seasons full of emotions
  • he tries to mention things from classic who and this is amazing because the new who fans should watch it. He’s one of the reasons why I have started it
  • how the hell you called him “sexist” when he gave us River Song - amazing sassy female professor who’s also good with guns. She’s the Doctor’s wife. She was smart and strong charatcter. Very smart actually. She had a diary and shows you how it’s still normal to have one. She has so cool story arc and beautiful end. 
  • he gave us Amy Pond - the girl who waited. The girl who waited for her imaginary best friend for years even when it was so hard for her. Just imagine how ridiculous everybody had watched her when she was talking about him. This girl was also independent. She was a writer. She was one of the Doctors closest friends. She was funny and ginger, who was really perfect companion. 
  • he gave us Clara - a girl who wasn’t only “the impossible girl, the woman twice dead and the girl who saves the Doctor”. She was a lot more then this. She was a teacher. She has a life without the Doctor too. She was smart. She was bi. She was amazingly good friend to him. She was sassy. She was control freak. She has amazing style /I wanna steal her wardrobe/. She did everything to save her love Danny Pink. And she was always there when the Doctor needed her. And I will just leave one of her best qoutes:  “This is just a dream, but very clever people can hear dreams. So please, just listen. I know you’re afraid, but being afraid is alright. Because didn’t anybody ever tell you? Fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster and cleverer and stronger. And one day you’re gonna come back to this barn and on that day you’re going to be very afraid indeed. But that’s okay, because if you’re very wise and very strong fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly. Fear can make you kind. It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing under the bed or in the dark so long as you know it’s okay to be afraid of it. So listen. If you listen to anything else, listen to this. You’re always gonna be afraid even if you learn to hide it. Fear is like a companion, a constant companion, always there. But that’s okay because fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home. I’m gonna leave you something just so you’ll always remember. Fear makes companions of us all.”
  • he gave us Ashildr and this qoute -  “I’ve always been different. All my life I’ve known that. The girls all thought I was a boy. The boys all said I was just a girl. My head is always full of stories. I know I’m strange. Everyone knows I’m strange. But here I’m loved. You tell me to run, to save my life. I tell you that leaving this place would be death itself.“ So many important things in just a few sentences
  • he gave us Bill - the girl who serves chips. Who loves girls. Who was the first lesbian companion in dw. Who was funny. Who takes selfies in space. Who has so manny good lines. Who has a perfect end with Heather. Who was just perfect in any single way.
  • he gave us Vastra and Jenny - this cute lesbian couple
  • he gave us Missy - first female version of the Master. She was all sassy, dangerous, classy, funny and everything that a villain should be.Missy was the best. And still in the end she changed. She changed for good. Steven just shows how everybody can change if he really wants it.  
  • he gave us Nardole - a funny, small guy who was smart and sassy. Who is not prince Charming but you just love him. You do, don’t lie.
  • he gave us Rory - the boy who was always funny. Who shows everybody how a girl should be loved. I’d be a really lucky girl if I ever find my Rory Williams. This is boy is just perfect. Give me my Rory now please
  • he gave us Craig Owens - the best noncompanion character ever
  • he gave us the cute little Maebh and Stormageddon
  • he gave us Osgood - the girl who is just us in the dw universe
  • he gave us so amazing characters
  • he gave us Missy and the Master together
  • he gave us a good 50 anniversary movie
  • he gave us The fivish doctors reboot
  • he gave us - Vincent and The Doctor, Blink, Heavent sent, Forrest of the dead, The day of the Doctor, World enough and time, Silence in the library, The girl in the fireplace, The big bang /8 of the top 10 new who episodes in imdb/ and so many others.
  • he gave us all of this and you hate him?!
  • and here’s a gif of the best Doctor:
Everyone’s on twitter. Idjit.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen
Word count : 1,710
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 13 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

The first few days of Jared not seeing you at work, he accepted that. He didn’t expect you to to be around him much for a while after what had happened. When it started to hit a week of him not seeing you at work, or anywhere else, he started to wonder. “Jen?”

“Yeah?” Jensen turned from the screen he was re-watching the last scene they shot on.

“Have you seen Y/N?”

Jensen thought for a second. “No, haven’t heard from her since River’s birthday. Why? You haven’t either?”

Jared shook his head. “Not since…”

“Since Gen took you back?” Jared nodded. Jensen knew everything that happened. “I’m sure she’s around. Probably just keeping some distance for a bit. Give her time.”

“Yeah..” Jared nodded. “Yeah, maybe we just need time..” He scanned the area hoping to get a glimpse of you hurrying off somewhere at least.

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Great Minds Think Alike (Riverdale - Jughead x OC) Part 2

Pairing : Jughead x OC

Synopsis : A new girl arrives in town around the time of Jason Blossom’s accident. That alone makes her suspicious and unlikeable to most people. Jughead has every reason to investigate on her, the timing is too perfect, right? And it has nothing to do with the young girl’s odd yet charming way of always seeming to find her way back to him, no matter the situation.  

Word Count : 2.3k


Part 1 <<< >>> Part 3

When Jughead saw her walking through the door at Pop’s the next day he was torn between two opposite feelings: utter annoyance at being once again disturbed in his writing, and eagerness to share another conversation with this girl whose ability to use sarcasm as a means of communication matched his. It was a surprise to have her walked straight to his booth and sit down like they were old friends and not merely acquaintances who met the day before.

The truth was, he kind of hoped this would happen – it was a lonely life that of writer and High School outcast. Jughead wasn’t going to deny himself a little company a few hours a day if he could, especially since his best friend bailed on him the day they planned their road trip and hasn’t really spoken to him much since then. Can you feel the bitterness?

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Noble Reign

Ch.1 Mytic Messenger Middle Ages AU

|Ch. 2| |Ch. 3|

Author’s Note: It finally happened. I’m so sorry it took me such a long time to finish it, but I’m so proud to present you the Mystic Messenger Middle Ages AU! ^^ I have absolutely no idea if anyone will read this but I had so much fun writing it and I will definitely continue updating it. Keep in mind that English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes. Nevertheless, I hope y’all enjoy it. Please feel free to leave any sort of comments or message me; I would love to write some headcanons for this AU and I like to integrate your ideas as well.

I also want to give special thanks to @promiscuous-jalapeno for giving me advice and encouraging me in my writing. If you should ever read this, I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. <3

Wordcount: 3,247

“A long time ago, there existed a great kingdom that was ruled by two brothers. Their names were Jaehyun and Jaekwang.

The brothers were loved by their people and everyone lived together in harmony. But one day, Jaekwang desired the sole control over the kingdom and rebelled against his brother.

With soldiers at his command, he imprisoned his brother and spread misery across the kingdom. For a long time the kingdom was ruled by bitterness and people were living in fear.

But then, when all hope had died and the hour of doom seemed at hand, a girl appeared as if from nowhere. With fire burning in her soul and magic running through her veins, she defeated Jaekwang and freed his brother.

In anger, she divided the kingdom in half by forcing water and earth between the villages. A grand river and high mountains were now separating Jaekwang and Jaehyun.

Pleased with her work, the girl vanished and was never seen again. Over time, the two brothers created different kingdoms, one ruled by fear and one ruled by strength.

Generations passed and so did the girl’s tale. The kingdoms became enemies and the tale became legend. They say that someday, the girl will come back to reunite the kingdoms in peace and harmony again but until then the kingdoms remain in discord.”

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Camila Mendes

“My version of Veronica is a bit different from the comics, it still maintains the same essence as the character in the comics. In the comics she’s very snobby and confident, and thinks very highly of herself. In this version she’s a lot sweeter, she’s trying to be a better person, she’s trying to reinvent herself [after a scandal that] brought a lot of shame and embarrassment to her family, so she is recovering from that a little bit. She’s humbled.”
Bloomtale - Chapter 15 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 15 is up!!! Even if I’m on break, I keep updating things… Kaito, just go to sleep xD

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Jughead x Reader: Jealousy Is A Killer (Part 1)

Warnings: mentions/descriptions of murder and grotesque descriptions. TW- rape.
Requested: yes
A/N: this is a little different but I really like it and I am very proud of it, I hope you like it too. also, whenever “her” or “she” appears and refers to Jughead’s girlfriend, that is you, reader.

Part 2

*3rd person POV*

It was a Monday morning, 4th period at Riverdale High when Cheryl Blossom was arrested for her brothers murder. Since that day, all of Riverdale were on edge, worrying that the killer would strike again.

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Jughead Jones x Reader: This Isn’t Goodbye


Hi, I love your writing! Can you please do one where the reader have been friends with the group for ages and actually set up Jughead and Betty up together… and then after they’re dating the reader realizes that she’s actually in love with Jughead but it’s too late? Something super fluffy and sad! The ending is up to you whether they get together or not.

A/N: Okay sorry for being gone quite a while. I thought I was going to get to relax and write a bunch and I was sadly mistaken. My mental health took a toll and some of my family decided to move back to my house so it’s not a calm as I would like it to be. Anyways I hope I did the requestors justice and that you guys like this. I know I’m behind on requests sorry babes.

Words: 1623

Summary: Reader sets Jughead and Betty thinking it will help her get over Jug.


Warnings: I don’t think so.

You and Jughead had been two peas in a pod since as long as you could remember. The two of you against the world. Soon you two would meet a ginger and a blonde and the square would be complete. Then the square met Kevin and soon Veronica and the square became a circle and finally met its end. The last pieces completed the puzzle.

It was your sophomore year in High School and all of you were inseparable.

You never realized that the one thing you thought would bring you happiness would utterly destroy you.

You wanted him to be happy and he was, so what was the problem?

She wasn’t you, and you were too late.

You were very different from Betty and Veronica. They rose to occasion becoming River Vixens and the guys drooled at a glimpse of them.

You had seen the stares Jughead starting giving the blonde, he was your best friend you had to do something.

You preferred jeans to cheer skirts any day.

You preferred Quentin Tarantino over Gossip.

You preferred Jughead over loneliness.  


You set Betty and Jughead up and they hit it off.

Why were you being so weird about them?

The more Jughead was with Betty the less he was with you and that didn’t bother you until now.

At first it was all okay, it was the same except for the countless kisses Jughead and Betty would give each other. He tried his best to be there for both of you when Betty got a kiss he’d peck your cheek, you’d roam the halls together his two girls at his side.

The times he was with you one of the most famous topics was now Betty and how he had such an amazing time with her. He realized he was being one of those guys so to compensate you actually got to wear the beanie which was a game-changer not even Bets got to wear it.

He seemed happy, but if it wasn’t for that night then you would probably wouldn’t have acknowledged your feelings.

The anniversary of when you both met came about, you would always separate from the group and celebrate it. The first stop was Pops, second the Drive-In, and lastly a walk near Sweetwater River ending in your special place.

Until you waited at Pops for an hour and a half and he didn’t show. You proceeded to go to the drive-in maybe he just caught up with something. The movie finished. The tears tried to escape your eyes and he wouldn’t even answer his phone.

Ever since Betty things became so different between the two of you. Sure Jughead tried his best to hang with you, but you were tired of the compensations you just wanted him to be there. You never thought that you and Jughead would be the type of friendship that would drift apart.

You started towards your spot at Sweetwater River hoping that maybe he was there. That spot you two cherished so much that nobody knew anything about.

Greatly he was there, but he had a visitor. The tears finally escaped your eyes. No one knew, you both swore you’d never tell anyone about it. You ran away, hoping they didn’t hear or see you.

You heart broke, how could he? He chose his girlfriend over his best friend, he exposed something that at least you held so dear to your heart.

You had gotten some news and maybe they were for the best as you missed the next few days of school. Wishing that your feelings would go away, except after that day what broke you the most was that Jughead didn’t even bother to reach out about missing your special day.

You ignored any messages that came from your circle. Then it hit you it finally hit you. You would be leaving your circle soon and thus there would be a missing piece. All of you were so cheesy about your circle about never leaving, never disconnecting. It wasn’t until Jughead not showing up and completely forgetting about you that made you see that some connections don’t last forever.


“Have any of you guys seen (Y/N)?” Ronnie announced at the cafeteria.

“No, she doesn’t answer my texts” Kevin added.

“Do you think she’s sick? We should go see her” Archie continued as the couple arrived at the table.

“What are you guys talking about?” Betty asked

“(Y/N)” The other three declared in sync.

“Has anyone seen or heard from her?” the raven haired spoke with worry in her eyes.

“Shit” was all Jughead said as he arose from the table and told them he’d report back later.


There was a knock at your door, you ignored it as your father answered the door.

“Oh Juggie” your father pulled him into a hug “I sure am gonna miss you.”

“What’s with the boxes sir?” Jughead questioned your father.

“Didn’t (Y/N/N) tell you? My company is transferring me to California” your father answered Jughead in shock “Well I think you best go talk to her then.”

“Dad I think I’m going to need more tape” you spoke thinking it was your father that entered your room.

“What the hell (Y/N/N)? You’re moving and you didn’t bother to tell any of us!” Jughead was fuming.

“Didn’t think it mattered” you spoke coldly looking him in the eyes.

“Look I’m sorry about missing our special day, I completely forgot” your heart sank.

“Of course you did” you grew angry.

“I really am sorry, I was with Betty, and she needed me” Jughead added.

“I NEEDED YOU!” a single tear escaped your left eye “I knew I was moving, I was hoping that at least we’d have one last celebration as best friends, and you were nowhere, until I found you.”

Jughead froze, he knew exactly what you were talking about.

“You took her to our special spot, you forgot about me, that’s was it Jug, I’m moving; starting new” you closed up one of your boxes.

“We can all still talk” Jughead countered.

“Wow you’re not even sorry for taking her there?” he avoided your gaze.

“It’s just a spot” he challenged.

“Just a spot” you repeated.

“Why are you acting like this (Y/N/N)? You set me and Betty up what the problem?” the beanie loving boy oblivious about your feelings.

“The problem is- The- there is no problem Juggie not anymore” you continued packing up some of your things.

“Obviously there is or you wouldn’t be ignoring all of us” Jughead’s voice was soft.

“I- I am happy for you Jug, I’m happy you got the girl. I just wish you’d remember me” you didn’t tell him you liked him there was no point in doing so you were moving and he was happy.

Jughead went up to you and gave you a tight hug, a hug you wished would fix everything, a hug you wish would’ve lasted longer.

“I like you Jug” you spoke softly “I thought setting you up with a girl you liked would help me get over my best friend, but it just made things worse for me” you pulled away.

“You showed her our special spot, I couldn’t do it anymore” you avoided eye contact “moving away was now my perfect escape from the crap that is Riverdale.”

“It’s not all crap” he reached for your hand.

“You’re writing about the death of a kid killed in cold blood by his father Jug” he chuckled at your comment.

“I’m sorry about forgetting our day, and for showing Betty our spot” you let go of his hand.

“Why’d you break that promise? Why’d you show her?” you wanted an answer.

“She found out her parents were getting a divorce. I had nowhere else to take her for us to just be alone” he answered truthfully.

“What?! Jug that’s a cost for celebration! Hal Cooper is the worst I wouldn’t have minded her joining us if I would’ve known” you exulted you never were a fan of her father.

“(Y/N) that’s her father, the man who raised her” Jughead nodded disapprovingly.

“Dude’s shady ass fuck Jug, that’s your father-in-law divorce or not so I guess you have to pretend to like him, anyway a ‘hey can’t make it’ text would’ve gone a long way instead of well this, but then again you said you forgot” you sat in your bed.

“I really am sorry, there aren’t enough words to say I am sorry” he lamented.

“That’s a shock coming from Riverdale’s finest writer” you chuckled.

“I really like her (Y/N)” he assured his feelings.

“I know Jug, you’re my best friend I know you” you sighed “do me a favor though?” you asked.

“What?” he breathed.

“Don’t tell her, I don’t want to make things weird, plus I bet I’m gonna meet somebody in California” you both chuckled at your last comment.

“I promise only if you actually try and keep in touch” he concluded.

“I wouldn’t break our circle even if I tried Jug, all of you mean too much to me. Plus my dad I agreed I can come back on breaks and stay with my grandparents.” You two hugged one more time before you broke the news to your circle.


Your last day was full of tears and laughs as you gave your circle a last hug.

“I’m coming back for breaks you guys let me breath” you giggled.

“I think she said tighter” Archie shouted and they all hugged you tighter and you knew this move was going to be hard, but it was for the best at the moment and you’d keep in contact with the best people in your life.

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Someone please talk to me about the fact that King Butterfly knows what it means for a princess to be evaluated, and that fact that Baby annoys him because she eats all of his food, and why does that sound familiar, oh yeah, because that’s exactly how Baby treated Marco.

It’s all too easy to imagine a young Moon Butterfly, nearly fifteen years old and dreading her first evaluation. She pours over her spellbook, determined to memorize everything, and frowns when Glossaryck says, “You’re not ready for that one” because Glossaryck is always so honest, even when his words cut deep.

“Has a princess ever failed her evaluation?” she asks. Her voice is steady, practiced, and proper, undaunted by disappointment or hardship.

“Yes,” Glossaryck replies. “And even if they hadn’t, who’s to say that you couldn’t be the first?”

She doesn’t blink at that, doesn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing her flinch. She will, later, many years down the line, when Chauncey falls in battle and the whole world is crumbling apart, she’ll show Glossaryck just how deeply things affect her and just how hard she can cry, but for now there’s only one person she shares those things with, and he’s well outside the palace walls.

River is quite something to see in his youth, fearsome and fearless and strong. Most would say he has hair like sunlight but it’s always reminded Moon of the stars, shining yellow and bright alongside her namesake. He’s so different from her own family, so wild and loud; he says exactly what he’s thinking and doesn’t hide it behind guile and double-meanings, false smiles and polite words. He introduces the revolutionary concept that it is alright to express one’s emotions, to shout when one is angry, or declare one’s love in the middle of a tourney, because the princess has bested many monsters and he hopes to one day be as capable as she.

Moon doesn’t admit, at first, how nervous she is or how frightened, but River can tell. River’s learned to read the way she holds her hands, or the way her mouth thins out to silently reflect what she’s feeling, and he pulls her away from the rowdy, rude Johansen clan and wraps his arms around her.

In time, they return to the palace. River likes it here about as much as Moon likes the Johansen’s; he can see it from her point of view, appreciate it in a way, because it’s a symbol of Mewman tradition, steeped in ceremony and significance. These things are as vital and natural to Moon as breathing, but to River it will never quite feel like home.

They lock themselves in the kitchen and delight in roast boar and little pastries that River cannot name but also cannot stop eating. It’s here that Baby finds them, and here that Moon’s evaluation begins; Baby asks her to pass an apple from the counter and Moon hesitates, her hands folded, her mouth thin.

Suddenly, River picks up the apple and tosses it. It flies over Baby’s shoulder and splatters against the wall, and River laughs from deep inside his gut and cries, “Do I pass? Am I a princess?”

The corners of Moon’s mouth curve ever slightly upwards, and all at once her fear is gone, because no matter how poorly she does, it won’t be as bad as that.

The Inquisitve Snake - Jughead x Reader - Part 5

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It was stupid of me. Part of me knew that in the moment - but I didn’t really care.

Betty was mad that I didn’t come back to the dance floor that night - that I instead spent the rest of the time with Y/N until she went home.

Betty was becoming separate from me - no matter how much I tried not to let that happen. Since I took that jacket almost 3 months ago, a shift clouded over us. It was that I didn’t love her - she was still the amazing beauty with gumption that made me fall for her. It was that I was scared she didn’t love me - this “new” me as she kept saying. The problem was - it wasn’t a brand new me. I had always been this person and I had always known the comfort that lied within the Serpents. I just got to be more of myself now - accepted without being seeing “weird” unlike my time at Riverdale High. I wasn’t changing - I was just finally being me - all of me.

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Feysand, feyre and Rhys fishing then feyre falls in the water because of a fish and Rhys comes jumping in and they have fun in the water

“Remind me of why we’re here again?” Feyre pushed her hair out of her eyes. The air was so humid that even sitting still she was sweating. She pulled her shirt away from her body, trying to get some kind of circulation going to cool herself off. Usually, she loved being outdoors. Usually, she didn’t mind how they spent time together. But when Rhys had suggested going fishing, she’d had a much different scenario in mind, one that involved less mud and bugs and sweat.

“You used to do this all the time, Feyre darling. Why so grumpy?”

“I used to hunt. Not fish. This is…” With a sigh, she stood. Holding his shoulders, she tried to maneuver herself around the rocks that littered the shore of the river. 

Suddenly Rhys shouted and jumped up from the log he was sitting on. “I got one!”

Finding herself without her anchor, Feyre’s eyes widened in horror as she slowly fell, back, back, back, and landed with a splash in the water. Rhys dropped his fishing rod and moved to help her out, silently hoping that she wouldn’t be too angry, trying to remind himself not to laugh.

Instead of accepting his help, she grabbed his hand, pulling him after her. When he surfaced, he shook his head and looked at her, questioning. “Why so grumpy, Rhys darling?”

Send me a ship + a theme/object and I’ll write you a paragraph of fic

persephone chose autumn,
shunned spring sun and winter weather
together in the same breath, stole leaves from trees
with careless honey dipped hands.
she chose the night sky. danced with stars instead of flowers
and found life in a different kind of shadow.

she considered her options. picked apple
over pomegranate and followed the footsteps eve carved
out into sandstone and river rock as she made her way
down from the garden, this, another choice, a different kind
of forbidden fruit but the same kind of falling;
from a pedestal someone else sat her on,
one she never claimed for herself.


The Call of the Morrigan

I knew her when I was young. I knew her when i was a little wild thing, running through forests like a hound, following crows, crouching low to spy through trees at fawns and does.

I knew her when I was young. When I was strong and sullen and speaking brave and acting bold, when fear gripped me in both hands like I was a sword to be swung, wringing out in a battle-tongue. I took fists and spat blood, felt the crack of my skull burn against walls. I knew her then, when I went silent, and she knew all.

Years hazed over, like a purple twilight, from the wild wood to the city pressed tight. I learned so many things. I swam in words. I followed streams. I dived into deltas, forded rivers, jumped like a salmon back to the source.  

It was a greening time. A wing-spreading time. I met more spirits, I made more friends, I followed different paths, I divided, and multiplied, and divined. 

But time, and life, as they do, circle back. The wheel turns, and we turn with it. I didn’t know she had perched and roosted close, watching me grow, like an oak, into strength and womanhood. 

She had waited. She had patience. She dropped feathers while I quested, and hesitated. Waited until I too, went to the ford, to wash the ghosts from my clothes, to bash them on the rocks, and send them from me in moving waters, loving waters, released from their bonds.

She has been waiting to show me how to scrub just so against the blood, how to slap the cloth and drown the stain, how to kill it and clean it, and become my own, again. 

And when we’ve done the laundry, she will teach me how to guard my newfound country. She will stand sentinel with me. She will teach me what it is again to be a bird and a sword, a witch and a wild thing, and free.

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did snape go to muggle school

What a good question.  You rarely see it argued that he did, but…well, here we go:

I think Severus Snape went to Muggle school.  

Cokeworth is sufficiently big to demand more than one infant/junior school, so I think Severus probably went to one on the ‘bad side of town’, whilst the Evans girls went to a better school in the richer suburb.  

I believe Tobias was a very traditional man - and I think Eileen wanted to do right by her husband.  I headcanon that their marriage was mostly ok in their early days, and Severus went to school with the right clothes - clean clothes, even - and he was fairly quiet and well behaved.

I don’t think he had the best of everything, but then, neither did the other kids at the school either.  They were all in the poverty trap together, and I think Severus started well, because he was keen to learn.  He enjoyed reading and was desperate to practice at home - but he couldn’t find any books, apart from those weird dusty tomes in his mother’s battered school satchel.

Severus read them over and over again until he’d memorised them, even though he barely understood the words - and the odd time he mentioned them at school, nobody knew what he was talking about.  Apparating, indeed.  

I think about Harry and his magical outbursts as a pre-teen, and I think that was Severus’ downfall.  He was depicted as an emotional man as an adult, so I think he had no chance of keeping his outbursts under wraps as a kid. 

By five, I think Tobias would’ve already known that Severus was magical - and he was just praying that his son wouldn’t display any weird behaviour at the school, because he didn’t want the neighbours to know.

But Severus did.  

He couldn’t help it.  

The other kids soon became wary of him, then terrified - and the teachers weren’t far behind.  The more they disliked him, the more emotional Severus became.  In the end, nobody in his class complained when he skipped an afternoon here and there.  Afternoons became days, which became weeks.

Before Severus knew it, whole terms had gone by.

His attendance was so poor, it was flagged to social services, and one of their youngest - a Durham graduate with a tidy beard and shiny shoes - Jonny Davies, was sent to visit the boy’s family.  

You didn’t often see social workers down Spinner’s End; the adults were too far gone to help, and their reaction wasn’t often welcoming, laced instead with spite and vitriol.

But although Jonny couldn’t remember much of the afternoon, he did remember having a nice chat with Mrs Snape on the doorstep, and she reassured him that it was all a mistake, and of course young Severus was at school; he was there now!  

Sure enough, now that he was back in the office, Jonny couldn’t believe he’d made such a mistake.  His papers clearly showed that Severus had barely missed a day - and that was only due to the poor boy having a stomach ache.  

Tobias was furious when he heard that social services had visited.  He was ashamed of his son, and he laid the blame on Eileen.  In reaction, Eileen scoured her magical books, desperate for a way to help her son.  Eventually, she found the answer:  Occlumency.

But it wasn’t enough.  Severus was too young, too emotional and unable to focus.  He didn’t care about stopping his outbursts at Muggle school because he just didn’t care about Muggle school full stop.  Eileen’s belated efforts to make him attend didn’t work; if she dropped him at the gate, he’d simply leap over the wall at the back.  

A few years into the charade, and Eileen couldn’t pretend to care anymore.  Tobias had all but disowned his family; he wasn’t working, and what money he did have went into propping up the bar across town.  

Eileen stopped bothering to dress Severus in school appropriate clothes; the cost was astronomical, and if Severus was going to scrabble around by the river all day, then he could make do with what cast-offs she could scrimp together.

Not that Eileen really understood the difference.  One set of Muggle clothes was the same as the other.  

But Tobias knew.

And Severus knew.

And the Muggle kids he ran into from time to time…  They all knew.

So Severus spent his days at the playground, dirty-haired, and wearing ill-fitting adult clothes.  He daydreamed about his Hogwarts letter arriving.  Everyone would understand him in his new world, and nobody would laugh when he said the word, “Apparate,” or when he got so annoyed that sparks would fly from his fingertips.

Not that sparks would ever fly from his fingertips at Hogwarts, because Hogwarts was full of magical people; full of witches and wizards who couldn’t wait to be his friends…

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Maehb and 12 meet again after the events of Hell Bent. Seeing her causes strong memories about Clara to surface.

This sounds like it could be an episode of Class that would be interesting enough to make me want to watch Class (because, hint: I have absolutely zero interest in Class, as the only DW spinoff that is neither mind-numbing and/or pretentious in tone is SJA, as the last thing you do is “family show, but for an edgier and more mature audience” because that’s rude as all get-out).

3435 words; takes place sometime vaguely s10, though how true to canon it is can vary, especially once the Christmas special rolls around this year (*sobs quietly*); do not read if you are looking for Nardole love, because I am 1000% Nardole Hate and I have no regrets; ugh now I’m feeling nostalgic for s8 this is very dangerous indeed


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apparently because of the era mulan was in she should've spoken cantonese (or at least not mandarin) so why is mandarin the default chinese now?

hoo boy, this is a major misconception that i’ve heard a lot, especially from Cantonese speakers, who somehow believe that all people in pre-1000 AD China would’ve been speaking Cantonese ahahaha. I think this is an urban myth from some pseudo-linguistics rumours making its rounds in Cantonese-speaking communities over the last couple generations, probably stemming from the fact that Cantonese phonology is more conservative than Mandarin in terms of our syllable-final consonants, and the preservation of the voiced/voiceless distinction in Middle Chinese by extending our tonal inventory. A lot of people think that that automatically makes Cantonese the “pure Chinese language”, which makes me cringe really hard tbh, bc that’s not how languages work LOL. 

The problem with the Sinitic languages is that we have no exact way of knowing when and how people spoke back in the day, and the characters give no 100% explicit phonetic clues, so the best we can use as reference are the rime tables that some smart Chinese linguists compiled way back in the day. The most famous one is the book of Qieyun rime tables, which helped modern linguists re-construct Middle Chinese forms. Middle Chinese is said to generally have been spoken around the 6th-11th century, or somewhere around that range, and the Qieyun tables were published sometime in the 6th century, so they would’ve reflected an early Middle Chinese variety that functioned as a standard language in that time period. The problem is that outside of this standard language, people in China were already speaking their own Sinitic languages like they are today, some of which were already mutually unintelligible from one another. Unfortunately, there’s no way to track exactly what languages were spoken because all we have are the rime tables.

The early forms of the modern varieties that we know today as Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Wu, etc all split off from Late Middle Chinese presumably sometime between the 12th and 13th century, some languages later than others ofc (except for Hokkien and the other Min varieties, who had a bit of a special development, but that’s a different story). Mulan (who btw was a legendary character; we’re not even 100% sure if she actually existed) apparently lived during the Southern and Northern Dynasty period, which lasted from 420–589, which would fall into the Middle Chinese period, more specifically in the Early-Mid Middle Chinese period, so she probably would not have spoken anything close to Cantonese OR Mandarin in her time. 

Another problem is that Mulan is said to have been from the Northern Wei Dynasty (北魏), which would’ve taken up the area north of the Yangtze River. Cantonese was historically spoken in southern China, particularly in the general regions of modern-day Guangdong and Guangxi. Guangzhou was always a very successful port city, even 1500 years ago, and became a very important cultural center even in the Southern Song Dynasty (particularly in the 12-13th century). In this time period, an early form of Cantonese had already developed, and it was also around this time that it gained a literary level to read the Chinese Classics. Therefore, it seems highly highly highly improbable that Mulan was a Cantonese speaker, considering that her time period and general geographical location did not even come close to matching the timeline of Cantonese or any other modern Sinitic variety. 

Also to answer your question about why Mandarin is the standard today: it comes from a place of political power. Nanjing and Beijing (lit. Southern Capital and Northern Capital) were always the place of political power, and in courts they would use a standard language so that there could be communication between officials from all over China, hence the formal name for Mandarin: 官話 (lit. ‘official speech’). And that continued throughout history, simply because Beijing was always the source of political power, and made decisions for the country. However, the implementation of Mandarin as the ‘national language’ in all parts of China was a relatively recent event (around the mid-1900′s), in comparison to the entire history of the Chinese languages. Before Mandarin was heavily implemented in almost all parts of China, most people were still speaking local varieties, which would have mainly consisted of developing forms of modern Sinitic varieties. 

TL;DR - Nope, contrary to popular belief, Mulan most likely did not speak Cantonese, and neither did a lot of early famous Chinese figures like Confucius, Mencius, Laozi, etc. 

like the ocean swells (we inhale, exhale)
rated g
word count: 2,136
ship: allura/lance (allurance)
prompt: how allura and lance started the spa date tradition

{link to full allura series collection}

Sometimes the best of friendships could be found in the most unlikely of places. This was a lesson Allura would learn in the most intimate of ways. It all began after yet another hard won battle against the Galra; they had liberated a small star system and were spending time on each of the three habitable planets. After some deliberation, the group had split off into pairs as a way to save time, instead of hopping from planet to planet. Shiro and Keith had left together to stay on the desert planet of Xiantho, while Coran had taken Pidge and Hunk to the tech metropolis of Xikanthu.

Somehow, Allura was left in charge of Lance on the ocean world of Xilintha.

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Into the New World: Unlocked - Hwang Tiffany

I hope you enjoy this chapter! I had to shorten it because there were too many important details that I wanted to leave for the next chapter! Also I wanted to focus more on them! Enjoy!

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Words: 2, 635

Summary: Going out of her life was the only way for your step-mother to get rid of you, so she arranged your marriage with one of the North princess. For you, was as a new expedition into a world you weren’t used to. Her new world, in which she seemed that she didn’t fit either.

Originally posted by gingerfany

Tiffany looked around, trying to get used to the feeling of not being in her room.

Everything was so different from home, that she finally knew why you were always acting like you didn’t belong to the palace. From all the furniture to the humidity in the air, making her skin to start to feel sticky. At home it was always cold, mostly because there was snow for ten months a year, and because the river was near. But there in your homeland, it was hot and the saltpeter was everywhere, sticking to everything, thanks to the beach being at a couple of thousand meters.

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