and she's so different from river

the princess stayed in the tower and read books about better girls, where their hands learned how to hold swords, where they rode in on horses. i gave her books as often as i could. she devoured them.

her princes saw her and pretended to be scared off by dragons. got too lost in the thicket. didn’t want to handle it.

“tell me what it’s like, out there,” she whispers to me for the millionth time. i take her from The Throne into her bed, tucking her in and making sure her feet are covered. 

“boring without you” i say as always, “but i did bring back a great story.”

i tell her about how the stars change beyond the equator. how there are places it looks like there are twin suns. how the desert crawls into you but so does snow. i talk about the taste of fruit and promise to bring her back some. she falls asleep while i murmur about rivers, and then in the morning i bring her from bed to Throne, even though she can do it on her own. sometimes she likes help, is all, and i’m happy to give it. 

she doesn’t want help getting dressed. the men come for me, blindfold masters i have almost befriended. the path we take away from her is always different, carefully manufactured so i don’t know exactly where she’s located. after all, a lady might get ideas about things.

they let me go in the queen’s room. i report findings, ask for fruit in the next week’s supplies, am told not to spoil the princess, that she must be kind and waifish and wanting when the prince comes. i spend an hour suggesting that fruit might turn the blood sweeter and am allowed six oranges.

in the next week, she marvels over them. turns them in her calloused hands. smells them. holds them until she can’t control her curiosity, devours them. i bring her books about rivers. i bring her books about deserts. 

“when is our birthday?” she asks me tonight. i’m knitting her a scarf for it.

“soon,” i tell her, “i’ll come by.”

she rolls onto one side, looks up at me in the dimming light. “I’m glad they chose you to be mine,” she says, and i drop a stitch. my heart sings against the inside of my wrists. i blow out a candle so she can’t see the blush and i can’t see her lips. i know what she means, i say. i know what she means.

it’s twenty-three for both of us. i bring her a cake we both eat, her on her throne and me on the floor. i am in the middle of laughing when she falls silent in the still night. “nobody else ever comes for me,” she whispers. i say nothing.

we have more cake, we go to sleep. i don’t know if she knows i’m awake, but i hear her crying.

the men come, the men take me. the one that smells like cedar always laughs at my jokes. the queen half-hates me because i remind her of “that nasty thing” they forced on their daughter. 

“the left wheel needs oil,” i mention, “she’s having trouble turning again.”

the queen’s nose goes up. she never reacts when i mention her daughter’s wheelchair by name - doesn’t find it funny we call it a throne, thinks it’s well enough to leave alone.

“well, she’ll have a prince in this next month coming for her,” says the queen, “i’ve arranged it all,” says the queen, “he’s … had the situation explained to him first this time. i thought it would be best,” says the queen. “we’re paying him…. quite a lot for his effort,” says the queen.

situation. she means that her daughter can’t walk very far. she means the situation of towers. i excuse myself. i find my girl books about turning down marriage. i’m not sure why. it’s all she’s ever wanted.

they blindfold me and take me. cedar laughs at my jokes. the sawdust one is here this time, even he chuckles at a few. we ride horses through places i’ll never see clearly. 

“so according to the queen this is the last time i’m needed, huh?” i ask them as they walk me blindly up too many stairs for my girl to make it down, “i’m sorry i never made your acquaintance.”

cedar laughs. he takes off my blindfold and for a second, lets me see his face. “it’s been an honor,” he says, shaking my hand, “you’ve been a perfect lady.”

i spend the day with my princess pretending i am not peeling apart from my bones. i just want her to be happy. to get to come home. 

it’s late. “do you think in a past life i was a mermaid?” she asks.

“almost definitely,” i tell her. 

it’s quiet for a while after. “what if,” she whispers, “i don’t want to leave?”

i sit up and look at her from across the room. 

“it’s just,” she says, “i have you here and all the books i need and nobody makes me walk too long and i don’t feel like… like i’m wrong here.”

i want to tell her she’s never been wrong. that she’s always fit into my heart like a puzzle piece. that, more importantly, the leadership i see in her glows like a fire - that, no matter her body, she’s always been kind and gentle and smart and sweet. a princess that could bring a nation to her feet and do so lovingly.

“it will be okay,” i say, “there’s more fruit to discover.”

she doesn’t say anything. i think i’ve ruined something by accident, but i don’t know what. i don’t really sleep. i don’t say anything when the men come take me.

the world outside without her is boring. no mermaids. i put my hand in a river once a day, just thinking about her. 

two weeks later i am awoken by my name, and a voice i recognize perfectly. cedar stands above me in the darkness. “i know two things in this world,” he says to me, “and one of them is about love.”

this time we make the trip without blindfolds. i see the squalor they keep her in. i see the waste surrounding her castle, the terrible place she’s in. rage fuels my footsteps even when they start flagging. 

the prince is already there. he has dropped her twice, cedar tells me. i am already running up the stairs even though i can barely breathe. i hear her crying through the door and i don’t need to get ready - the fire that starts in me burns so brightly.

i roar inside. turn dragon and beat back prince with girl made rage. the bruises on her body turn me into giant snake. i eat the man alive, or at least i chase him from the place, never to be seen again. later i will hear a rumor about a demon that stole the princess from him.

she cries into my arms. i take her down every single stair. i hear her murmur her thanks into my hair and then i kiss her, because i can’t handle it, because i have places to show her and she has my heart to lead.

my house isn’t much but it’s near a river. she likes putting her hands into it. i take her places when she is able, and otherwise i bring the places back. we read books together. cedar no longer works for the queen, but he’d rather live with the man of sawdust making tiny wooden figurines.

i lie in bed next to her, stroking her soft hair. “do you think i was a centaur in a past life?” she asks.

“definitely,” i tell her, and kiss her, gently. she holds my face and pulls herself closer to me.

“will i be a good queen? i mean, in this life?”

“i’m certain of it,” i reply. i can hear the truth ring in it. the bone-deep certainty.

she’s quiet for a moment. “you saved me,” she whispers, “and usually we’d end up married. but…”

i don’t know how to answer that. i feel ice down my spine suddenly.

“i’m not demanding, is all,” her voice shakes, “i’m asking this time. for you to choose me. for me to be yours, i mean. and for you to be mine. permanently.”

the next birthday we celebrate, we are both queens.

Reggie Mantle x Reader PART ONE: THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

Before the story starts I must say this one is pretty long because I needed to tell you a bit of the backstory I have created, and hopefully you guys like this it’s my first fanfic ever. Also I see very little Reggie Imagines, so one came to mind and I decided to write, please comment what you think about it. I’m thinking of turning into little series so I’m guessing this is Part One.

words: 1974

Summary: The beginning of something b/w the reader and Reggie

Spoilers: Its gonna get good by Part two i promise, hopefully you guys like it

Part Two - Part Three - Part Four -  Part Five - Part Six    

Such a small town Riverdale was. A town where everyone knew each other. By default though, the town you once knew was falling apart. Your parents’ generation was so screwed up and your generation was just trying to make it out alive.

           The next thing you knew this wholesome town had turned into a horror film, and you were not looking forward to the ending. Ms. Grundy was exposed a sexual predator and sent to Jail, and as happy as many people were that she had been put away, you couldn’t help but think how your friend Archie was doing. Not everyone knew that it was Archie who she had been with, as The Coopers decided to keep his identity a secret for his sake and the fact that Betty would not have them humiliate him.

           Then the incident of July 4th, when Jason Blossom was running away with Polly Cooper. Forbidden love, which ended in such a tragic ending with the murder of Jason. Then again does Forbidden love ever get a happy ending?  There you could not help to think of how both Cheryl and Betty were doing. Cheryl had lost her best friend, her confidant, the only one who was there for her unlike the rest of her tragic family dynamic. Betty in a sense lost Polly too since her parents sent her away because “she was not well” and she hasn’t seen Polly since.

           With you though you’re problems weren’t as big as theirs. Growing up in Riverdale was not easy, especially when all of us kids were just trying to make our parents happy, while trying to do the things we loved. You were the neutral ground for all the kids, well you and Betty. You had always hung out with almost every kid in Riverdale, from Betty, Archie, Kevin, Jughead, Cheryl, Chuck, Moose, Ethel, Trev, Josie, Valerie, Melody and Reggie. Now adding the new girl Veronica who seemed quite nice. She had her share of dysfunctional family problems too just like many of us in Riverdale. You’re parents came from nothing and in Riverdale they blossomed, your dad became a doctor and became rich and your mom decided to quit her job to support the household, which was not really her choice, but she would do anything for your father.

           These days though you were all grown up, many from different sides of the high school spectrum. Cheryl had her River Vixens cheerleading squad, Archie found love in music and sports (Such a Troy Bolton), Kevin realized he was gay (which we all accepted), Jughead found comfort in writing, Betty opened up The Blue & Gold newspaper for school again and dragged Jughead with her. Josie made a band with Val and Melody, Reggie/Chuck/Moose/Trev decided to channel their issues in the Jock spectrum. You however loved art, so they’d catch you drawing or painting hanging out with all of these losers on your free time. Oh did I forget to mention where Veronica made you and Betty tryout for the River Vixens. You only did it for the reason you do anything for anyone, to make them happy. Obviously you thought you weren’t going to make it. Proven wrong though when Cheryl accepted you because you were her friend and she knew you had “fire” only when your “fire” is needed. Though since the light of events this summer You and Veronica helped get Betty on the team.


           You were arriving home in your new uniform since you didn’t have time to change, Your mother seemed a little too happy about you joining the vixens, and dad was just happy you weren’t just the “hippie”  artist.  I did say this was a small town right? Well word got around that you were now a vixen. And to avoid your parent’s cheeriness about this whole ensemble you changed and decided to go to Pops.

           As you opened the door to Pops with the delightful smell of burgers and fries, you looked to your right to see Jughead in his usual booth typing away and slip across him in the booth.

“Hey” you stated as he looked up. “What no more uniform?” he retorted.

“Oh c’mon not you too, I am so tired of the comments and looks I have gotten” as you replied back Arch, Kevin, Bets, and Ronnie were coming into Pops

“Oh c’mon (Y/N) you talk to everybody here, you were bound to became a bit of the “in-crowd” Jug signals with his fingers.

“I just don’t want this to take time away from my art” You replied as the gang snuck into the booth.

“You can do both like me, (Y/N)” Archie answered with a smile as you gave a shoulder shrug.

“I only did this, because Ronnie made me, and thinking Cheryl wouldn’t let me in” you exclaimed.

“Oh come on I just recently met you and I can now see you have legs!” Veronica exclaimed after listening into our conversation.

“Yeah (Y/N) we’ve all known you for so long honestly I thought the only part of you that moved were those hands when they’re painting away.” Kevin adds on with a giggle

and so we kept on talking until it was our curfew and we had to go, the only one who ever stays behind is Jug trying to fix up his novel.

“Get some rest” you say to Jug as you are one of the last one there and he just gives you a glare and bids you goodbye.

The next morning as you were getting ready to leave your house, your parents call you.

“(Y/N), we need to talk to you!” Your mom shouted from downstairs.

“Coming!” you shouted back, grabbing your stuff for practice later.

“Hey mom, dad what’s up?” you asked as you reached them in the kitchen.

“We are having dinner with The Mantles on Friday night” your father answered

“And we need you home and go buy yourself something nice for the dinner” your mother ordered with a smile as she continued dads sentence.

Confused as to what’s going on since you don’t really mingle with The Mantles anymore you ask “Why?”

Dad just shoots you a look “Its business, and I want you here and that’s final (Y/N).”

You nod and make your way to the door and get the bike to get to school.

As you walk through the hall reaching your locker to shove in your Vixens outfit, he appears with a smug look on his face.

“Hey (Y/N), looking good today, um well you look good all days” Reggie fidgets and continues “but you definitely look good today.”

“I’d like to think so” you retort “but does this by any chance have to do with the fact that our parents are having a dinner on Friday?” you question Reggie

“Well a bit, but I always have to compliment a girl when she looks good” he smirks

“OH MY SAVIOR!” you give a sarcastic comment while motioning your hands to forehead like a damsel in distress, as Betty and Ronnie approach you.

“Hey, Reggie” Veronica speaks up, “um I was wondering if you’d like to do something on Friday?” she asks Reggie

“Sorry Ron, I got plans with my family and (Y/N) family” and he bids farewell by reaching to his forehead with his hand as if he was tipping an imaginary hat and walks off with his Goonies as Jug likes to call them.

“The (Y/L/N) and The Mantles together again, it’s been so long, what’s the occasion?”  Betty questions me.

“Is there something I’m missing here (Y/N)? You said you guys were just childhood friends” Ronnie adds on

“Oh, oh… my god no! We used to be very close when we were smaller, but um… no, you can have him Ron I haven’t changed my mind, and my dad said its purely business related” you retort while closing my locker answering to both Betty and Veronica.

The day goes by and during lunch you head on to ask Cheryl if there is going to be practice on Friday.

“No, I got some things to do at home (Y/N), have a nice dinner with The Mantles” Cheryl answers and gives me devilish smirk

“It is not like that Cheryl, just a business dinner” you answer annoyed.

“I always did think he’d end up with you, before he went full jock king on us and you ended up the tortured artist” she stated with sly smile.

The week went by and you bought yourself a dress that both you and your mom could find middle ground on since you preferred jeans and t-shirt on any occasion. It was Friday during lunch and you were with Jug, Kevin, Arch, Bets, and Ronnie. Talking about your plans for the weekend when Kevin decided to have a movie night tonight.

“Can’t, family dinner, if I skip it they’ll put me on death row” You told Kev

“Seriously? Ok how about Saturday night then?” Kevin asks

“Yeah, I think I can, how about you guys?” you ask the rest of the group

“Yeah sure, Betty and I will stop sleuthing for a night” Jug answers while taking a bit of food from all of us, while Betty nods

“I’m in!” Veronica states “What about you Archiekins?” She says taking away one of Archie’s fries.

“Yeah” the red-haired boy answered.

Reggie made his way to the table

“Hope you’re not making any plans for tonight (Y/N/N) my parents and my little sister would be so sad” Reggie states with a puppy dog expression.

“Oh, God please don’t call me that.” you tell Reggie while making an annoyed face.

“What? You love it when I call you that!” Reggie proclaims

“Yeah when we were eight” you declare as he walks off before Ronnie can get to talk to him.

“Well he’s been awfully sweet to you lately” Betty announces to the group

“It’s probably because he doesn’t want me telling our parents he’s a jerk most of the time” you say, while Ronnie just looks at you with a small smile, before you get to speak again, to re-assure Ronnie, Kevin decides to open his mouth.

“OMG, Sorry Ron, but you and Reggie, can it be? Straight out of a movie plot” he motions his hands together against his heart.

“I promise, he’s yours for the taking Ron” you speak up glaring at Kevin.

At the end of the school day as you’re getting ready to go home Ronnie stops to talk to you.

“Hey (Y/N), look if you like Reggie it’s okay, I mean you guys have history, I’m new and he doesn’t even give me the time of day, I mean…”

You grab her by the shoulder and cut her off by saying “Look Ron, you like him, me and Reg were just friends, I have never thought about him like that, never.”

Ronnie gives you a sad smile “Look I’m just saying the guy is hot, and he doesn’t even look my way, when he looks and talks to you it is like he is not that douchebag everyone thinks he is”

“Ron I… I… look… Look I am not going to let you mope around like this, I admit that Reg is good looking, but that could never happen you like him, and were just polar opposites that could never work out” You reassure her.

She looks at you still a bit sad and so you speak up again “I promise to talk you up during dinner, so he can start crushing on you, I’d invite you, but my parents as I have said would put be on death row if I did”

You bid goodbyes as you headed home to get ready for dinner with The Mantles.

Man it is going to a long night…

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taakitz & blupjeans fall-themed double date (apple picking or some other romanticized autumn activities?)

Silence fell upon the living room where a pair of twins eyed their significant others, dressed warmly and endearingly in fall attire. “You want us to—“ Taako’s voice drifted.

And Lup picked up seamlessly right after, “double date?” They shared a collective look that didn’t seem as pumped as their counterparts. Personally Taako had big plans to …do nothing all day and Lup thought she and Barry were going to kanoodle around in private. “I don’t know I mean, double dates are kinda lame, where would we even go?”

“Well, there is an autumn festival happening in town. We can check it out…” Barry smiled at Lup who’s face went from unsure to completely uninterested, he decided to sweeten the pot a little. “There is a ‘dunk’ game where you toss balls at a target and dunk a person into a vat of port wine.”

Lup’s eyes seemed to gleam with a unsettled fire for mischief. “Ooo~” She purred already quite interested. “And who are we dunking?”

“I believe the person who volunteered was Magnus. Its for charity and…OFT!” Before Barry could finish Lup had bounded over to him and linked arms pulling him towards the door.

“Well come on, babe! I want to get first dibs to sink that meathead into some good sherry~”

Barry chuckled allowed himself to be carted off by his beloved. He gave Kravitz and Taako a small wave and yelled out, “we’ll meet you guys there!” And just like that they were gone. Kravitz bashfully turned his attention to Taako who was still on the couch, sprawled like a model waiting to be painted. He carefully looked over his nails showing the same amount of distant disinterest as before.

“Like I said, I-I-uh had some serious plans to do…nothing, absolutely nothing. Now I have to reschedule for some…outdoorsy, folk thing?” Taako rolled his eyes at Kravitz’s direction. “Plus if I wanted to see Mangus doused in wine I could have done that myself without throwing a thing.”

Gently and with very minimal touching Kravitz sat down on the couch by Taako’s feet. “Actually I was hoping you’d walk around the apple orchard with me. Pick some fresh, seasonal apples.” He spoke with a softness that made Taako’s ears droop and flush at the end of them. Kravitz gently placed his cold hand on Taako’s covered arm. That devilishly handsome face combined with the wholesome sweetness that coated every inch of his expression, it was downright unfair.

“Apple picking might be nice…pie season is among us.” He began to melt a little.

“And I believe there is going to be a pie tasting contest and…” just as Lup had done to Barry, Taako was suddenly on his feet. In one fluid motion of getting up he had also transformed into another outfit. An orange, thick knitted sweater and high waisted shorts, even his hat changed colors and was decorated with pinecones and twigs for a more festive look.

“What are we waiting for, Taako is making a surprise debut~”

The fall faire was pretty much as one would expect it to be. As promised Magnus was shirtlessly displayed, sitting on a geared platform that would drop and dunk him into a vat of old port wine. Somewhere around Lucretia and Davenport were discussing coolly the tragedy of the wasted wine once Magnus’s body tainted it. To everyone’s surprise it was a fairly hard target to hit. Not at all charmed by Angus who Magnus asked politely to help him, a charm that would have been detected and demolished the second Lup stepped up to the plate. Magnus, who was dry at one point was at the mercy of Lup and without fail she managed to dunk him each and every time he took his seat back on the top of the stool.

There were after little stands, mostly food and candles, trinkets that were homemade. Taako and Kravitz enjoyed some quiet apple picking. Taako spoke only to talk about the different traits and qualities of the types of apples. Sampling each one without the intention to pick most of them, a free sample was a free sample. They would have stayed longer around the trees if the two didn’t run into Merle having a very intimate conversation with a Granny Smith. With Kravitz’s hand in his, Taako very slowly retreated out of the orchard with a small basket of goodies.

The day was nice, Taako would admit and having Kravitz on his arm was well, eye candy for miles. But his grasp on his boyfriend was loosened when the sign to a ‘pie bake off’ was put up and just like that, Kravitz found himself partnerless.

“Taako! Oh gosh, TAAKO!” Ren waved from a table where her, Angus and Mavis were setting up prep work.

“Ren, Aggie…Mauve?”

“Close enough.” Both Angus and Mavis adjusted their glasses with a small smile. “Are you gonna be baking here too, sir?” Angus beamed.

“Well i—“

“That would be a tad unfair to the rest of us, Taako baking we might as well pack up shop.” Ren smiled with only a smallest defeat in her eyes. Taako had planned on joining in …but she had a point, it would have been a waste of time for everyone involved if Taako was going to enter. Taako pondered for only a second, tapping a slender finger against his lips.

“Actually” he smiled constructing a natural lie, “I’m here as a celebrity judge~”

“Really?! What an honor!” Ren clapped her hands together, the defeat replaced with unmatched ambition to impress her long time idol and her current mentor and business partner.

“Oh yea, I wasn’t going to join because nat, would have won by a landslide. I figure I could uh-uh use my vast knowledge of the cooking arts to uh-you know, eat some mad rad pie.”

Kravitz didn’t intervene much. He did look over at Lup and Barry, hand in hand constantly as she howled with laughter, tossing flaming baseballs at the target and dunking Magnus before he even had a chance to fully reset himself on his seat. Kravitz noticed, truly, how different the twins were in personality. Lup was raw power, raw emotion, everything she felt and she was clear on the surface like a crystalline raging river constantly moving and powering through. He looked away from the inseparable pair at his boyfriend and saw something different.

If Lup was a raging riptide of glass like translucency then Taako was a misted lake. Taako was still water lake, murky and misted with emotions. He knew Taako had many fronts, the ones he wore so perfectly like a second skin. He wore the part of over the top celebrity, acting as though this was all his original intentions. He spoke, joked, teased and smiled living for the publicity in them moment. Kravitz enjoyed observing him, he had for a while and that hadn’t changed even now while they were together.

Watching Taako, the century old enigma that stole him away from what was supposed to be a pretty bleak eternity.

“Ugh…” Taako groaned leaning against Kravitz. The both had stolen away after Taako had completely destroyed Lucas with criticism over his pie. Of course, Ren and her team managed a pie so good Taako might have taken more than one piece. “I’m stuffed.” He laid back on a bile of hay watching the warm, orange sunset settle by the tops of the tricolored autumn colored trees.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have went in for thirds of Ren’s pie.”

“They roasted the cinnamon themselves, you can taste the difference.” Taako smiled up at Kravtiz, “this was fun.”

“But?” He gently wrapped his arm around Taako making sure not to touch any bare or exposed skin.

“But nothing, I’m happy.” Taako paused and then chuckled a bit, “huh…you know its weird to say that outloud. Like I’m pretty fucking stoked about life these days.”

Kravitz turned slowly, his head inclining towards Taako who was already semi beginning to coil himself around his reaper. “I wonder why”

“I wonder~”

“TAAKO” Lup pulled Barry around and paused finding her brother with a deadpan expression and his leg half hitched on a now embarrassed to death Kravitz. “Oh…”

“This better be hilarious”

“Magnus is purple.” She answered immediately, then started to bite back tearful laughter. “I dunked him—so much…he’s actually stained purple and-and Merle and Carey and trying to …hose him down in front of everyone—PFT AHHAA” She held her side again and started to laugh.

“Babe…Lup…you’re actually going to laugh yourself to death…” He spoke with some concern that Lup’s physical form would give out.

Taako’s eyes lit up a bit and he unfurled himself from his boyfriend. “I gotta see, this, my god this is great. I’m totally going to transfigure the water into wine again.”

“OH GOD, TAAKO THAT’S HILAROUS” Lup roared in joyful laughter and abandoned her link with Barry to link arms with Taako and take off to cause more mischief.

“…those two are going to terrorize the town if we let them.” Barry watched their happy, retreating figures. A sight everyone would have died to see.

“Its…pretty great.” Kravitz stood by Barry with a smile.

“Yea…yeah it is.”


unpopular opinion

I don’t understand how some people don’t like Steven Moffat’s writing and his DW era. I mean ok everybody has an opinion but why there’re so many people who hates him. Seriously?!

  • he gave us two amazing Doctors - 11 and 12
  • two different from each other Doctors - one young and chilsdish and one old and cared about everything
  • he gave us a few seasons full of emotions
  • he tries to mention things from classic who and this is amazing because the new who fans should watch it. He’s one of the reasons why I have started it
  • how the hell you called him “sexist” when he gave us River Song - amazing sassy female professor who’s also good with guns. She’s the Doctor’s wife. She was smart and strong charatcter. Very smart actually. She had a diary and shows you how it’s still normal to have one. She has so cool story arc and beautiful end. 
  • he gave us Amy Pond - the girl who waited. The girl who waited for her imaginary best friend for years even when it was so hard for her. Just imagine how ridiculous everybody had watched her when she was talking about him. This girl was also independent. She was a writer. She was one of the Doctors closest friends. She was funny and ginger, who was really perfect companion. 
  • he gave us Clara - a girl who wasn’t only “the impossible girl, the woman twice dead and the girl who saves the Doctor”. She was a lot more then this. She was a teacher. She has a life without the Doctor too. She was smart. She was bi. She was amazingly good friend to him. She was sassy. She was control freak. She has amazing style /I wanna steal her wardrobe/. She did everything to save her love Danny Pink. And she was always there when the Doctor needed her. And I will just leave one of her best qoutes:  “This is just a dream, but very clever people can hear dreams. So please, just listen. I know you’re afraid, but being afraid is alright. Because didn’t anybody ever tell you? Fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster and cleverer and stronger. And one day you’re gonna come back to this barn and on that day you’re going to be very afraid indeed. But that’s okay, because if you’re very wise and very strong fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly. Fear can make you kind. It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing under the bed or in the dark so long as you know it’s okay to be afraid of it. So listen. If you listen to anything else, listen to this. You’re always gonna be afraid even if you learn to hide it. Fear is like a companion, a constant companion, always there. But that’s okay because fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home. I’m gonna leave you something just so you’ll always remember. Fear makes companions of us all.”
  • he gave us Ashildr and this qoute -  “I’ve always been different. All my life I’ve known that. The girls all thought I was a boy. The boys all said I was just a girl. My head is always full of stories. I know I’m strange. Everyone knows I’m strange. But here I’m loved. You tell me to run, to save my life. I tell you that leaving this place would be death itself.“ So many important things in just a few sentences
  • he gave us Bill - the girl who serves chips. Who loves girls. Who was the first lesbian companion in dw. Who was funny. Who takes selfies in space. Who has so manny good lines. Who has a perfect end with Heather. Who was just perfect in any single way.
  • he gave us Vastra and Jenny - this cute lesbian couple
  • he gave us Missy - first female version of the Master. She was all sassy, dangerous, classy, funny and everything that a villain should be.Missy was the best. And still in the end she changed. She changed for good. Steven just shows how everybody can change if he really wants it.  
  • he gave us Nardole - a funny, small guy who was smart and sassy. Who is not prince Charming but you just love him. You do, don’t lie.
  • he gave us Rory - the boy who was always funny. Who shows everybody how a girl should be loved. I’d be a really lucky girl if I ever find my Rory Williams. This is boy is just perfect. Give me my Rory now please
  • he gave us Craig Owens - the best noncompanion character ever
  • he gave us the cute little Maebh and Stormageddon
  • he gave us Osgood - the girl who is just us in the dw universe
  • he gave us so amazing characters
  • he gave us Missy and the Master together
  • he gave us a good 50 anniversary movie
  • he gave us The fivish doctors reboot
  • he gave us - Vincent and The Doctor, Blink, Heavent sent, Forrest of the dead, The day of the Doctor, World enough and time, Silence in the library, The girl in the fireplace, The big bang /8 of the top 10 new who episodes in imdb/ and so many others.
  • he gave us all of this and you hate him?!
  • and here’s a gif of the best Doctor:

“We handed out Jesus pamphlets, mainly to young people, to get them off drugs, to get them uncorrupted - that was the main goal. My sister and I both sang. I played guitar. We were a cute duo - I was five and she was three. I would talk over the microphone and say ‘God Loves You!’ in Spanish. ‘Hold my hand and I’ll take you there.’ And I really believed it… I grew up totally cut off from the main world. I was really a different kid. I’ve been around the movie business, so I can play it cool and all that, but when people are different they have that off thing about them. Their whole presence is just a little innocent, I think”

- River Phoenix (on growing up in a cult in South America) 

Secret Santa #75 - First Snow

here it is!!!!! my festive extravaganza!!!!! @dinklebert you were the Chosen One i super hope i lived up to your expectations! merry christizzle all lmao

It was the first time Eren had seen snow.

The world felt strangely quiet that morning, wrapped in a soundproof blanket as Eren shifted under his duvet. The first thing he heard was a gasp from across the room, before someone began to cry out and shake him awake.

Bleary-eyed, Eren came quickly to. Being awoken with such urgency was usually a sign of a Titan invasion, and Eren forced himself to sit up so quickly his head swam.


Armin Arlert was kneeling by his bed, his brow furrowed with concern. “Oh, Eren, are you alright? I’m sorry, it’s just…”


Eren blinked, turning his head to see Connie Springer with his nose pressed up against the window.

“Connie, what are you doing in my room—”

Eren’s peace was thoroughly invaded as his comrades started piling into his bedroom one by one, Eren yelping and pulling up the covers to conceal his bare chest as Sasha skipped in. Armin tossed him a shirt, and Eren murmured his thanks and rubbed his eyes.

“What’s going on?” Eren asked.

Armin’s eyes held a certain starstruck glimmer. “Eren, it snowed very heavily during the night.”

Armin held up a book in his hands to show him, and Eren instantly recognised it as the picture-book on the outside world that they used to flick through together as children. The open page displayed a gallery of illustrations of snow, rain turned white and fluffy with cold, drifting down from the sky in little flurries.

Wordlessly pulling on his shirt, Eren stumbled out of bed and pushed Jean roughly aside, his forehead colliding with the cold glass window.

What he saw was enough to make his jaw drop.

Covering every building, every tree-top, field and mountain as far as he could see was a glistening white blanket, not unlike the decadent icing of a luxurious cupcake in a baker’s window. Snow lay pristine on the ground, untrodden, the grass hidden far beneath, and with a great and heavy sigh a branch of a nearby tree leaned over in exhaustion as gravity lightened some of its heavy burden to the floor. Snow was still falling from the sky in wisps, looking to Eren more like ash than anything else. It was fascinating.

“Let’s go!” shouted Connie, pulling Eren sharply from his thoughts. As quickly as they had arrived, the newly-formed Levi Squad evacuated Eren’s bedroom in a frenzied hurry to get outside, leaving Eren and Armin alone.

Eren’s mouth curled into a grin.

“Get your coat,” he told Armin decisively, bending down to rummage in his drawers for more suitable layers. “Let’s meet outside.”

No less than five minutes later and Eren was standing at the doorway, watching as his comrades tossed hunks of snow at each other and cackled uproariously. A snowflake floated gently down in front of his eyes to land squarely on his nose, and he reached out to touch it tentatively. It turned to water against his finger.

“Come on, Jaeger,” he heard Jean cry ahead of him. “Don’t just stand there like a sissy.”

Eren ignored him for the moment, simply admiring the way the snow coated everything in sight. It seemed somewhat fantastical, as if the puffy summer clouds he was so used to back in Shiganshina had decided to line the ground instead, a blessing from a different world. He looked up and was met with another cold flake on his nose, simple and elegant like a kiss.

It made him think of his mother. His mother liked to dance - ballet, she called it, a kind of dance long forgotten, lifting herself up on her tip-toes and swishing delicately around the kitchen, arms poised above her head. She reminded him of the swans on the river, acutely aware of their grace and tenderness but still somehow humble to it. The snow danced a ballet around Eren too, beautifully bright and pure despite his squad’s best efforts to destroy it.

Eren decided there and then that he liked snow very much.

He took his first few steps out carefully, savouring the way the snow crumpled and squished under his boots to leave a perfect imprint behind. Leaning forward, Eren pressed his gloved hand into the snow in front of him.

The quiet moment of wonder was held for a few seconds before Eren’s patience fizzled to its end. The snow all seemed so endlessly inviting, and he couldn’t help but launch himself into it with a feverish battle-cry.

Eren quickly discovered the many uses of a ‘snowball’ - mainly, of course, to pelt at Jean while simultaneously trying to dodge all of his attacks. The squad split into two teams - Historia, Sasha, Jean and Connie vs. Eren, Mikasa and Armin, and Mikasa was worth her weight in gold. In a mixed game of dodge snowball where the rules seemed to change each time Mikasa took Jean out, Eren’s team won a few very decisive victories.

“Alright,” complained a soaked Jean, pulling snow out of his hair. “Let’s make snowmen.”

Snowmen. That was another thing - when compacted, the snow could be modelled into pretty much any shape at all, and those in the squad who were familiar with snow instantly began rolling it up into large spheres to construct a snow ‘man’.

“Men don’t look like that,” Eren pondered, as he and Mikasa lifted the snowman’s ‘head’ onto its rotund body. “Well, not this kind of man at least.”

Eren grinned, flexing his arm muscles in a boastful gesture that earned him a light slap from Mikasa.

“Hey Jaeger,” called Jean, beckoning him over to observe his and Connie’s mess of a snowman. “Guess who we’re making.”

The snowman was less of a man and more of a lump, sitting at three feet high at the very most. Jean jabs two sticks in either side of its body, crouching down to angle them towards Eren.

“Oh Eren, my love, I can’t possibly contain my affection for you even though I’m a grumpy piece of shit to everybody else!”

Eren’s face began to burn. “Shut the fuck up, Jean.”

Jean ignored him. “I’ll slay a thousand Titans for you, Eren! Even though you’re a Titan too, technically.”

“He’d slay him in bed,” Connie snickered, and Jean dissolved into a fit of obnoxious giggles. Eren felt compelled to stride forward and shove him down into the snow.

“Hey, you bastard! Don’t you like the effigy I made for your precious Captain, huh?”

“What’s that?”

Eren immediately whipped his head around at the sound of such a familiar voice. Levi was stood in the snow, arms crossed as he glared his squad down.

“What the hell are you little brats doing out here? Breakfast was an hour ago. You’ve missed it.”

From somewhere behind Eren, Sasha could be heard letting out a pitiful whine of disappointment.

Eren felt compelled to speak. “The… the snow, Captain. It snowed.”

“I can see that,” Levi replied dryly. “I can’t fucking stand snow.”

Eren’s face began to fall. The imaginations he’d conjured of walking hand-in-hand through a snowy forest with Levi suddenly scattered in the wind.

“It’s just… we never had snow where I grew up, sir. This is the first time most of us have seen it.”

Armin nodded eagerly.

“And what is the meaning of this?” Levi asked, cocking a brow at the sight of Jean’s snowman.

Jean swallows. “Eren made it.”

“I did not! You bastard, I didn’t make it! How dare y—”

“Shut up. All of you.”

Levi’s voice was practically a growl, and it was enough to command silence from the entire squad. As much as their rapport with their Captain might have grown, he was still very much their Captain, and very much in control.

Eren wished he didn’t find that so attractive.

“I want the lot of you inside, showered, dressed and fed in the next half an hour, do you understand me? Then you’ll be out in the yard making sure there isn’t a single snowflake left around the stables. The last thing we need is our horses freezing to death.”

“Yes sir!” the squad chimed in unison, shuffling off back towards the main building. Levi held out his arm just in time to stop Eren.

“You,” he murmured, “are staying here.”

Eren swallowed. He nodded, and Armin and Mikasa hesitated for a moment before following the rest of their comrades inside.

“Look at this shit,” Levi groaned, as soon as they were alone. Eren’s mouth curled up into a grin. “They can’t even take the piss out of me right. What the hell is this supposed to be?”

“A half-assed attempt to wind me up, I think?” Eren replied.

Levi turned his head back around to look at Eren skeptically. “Did it work?”


Levi rolled his eyes and clicked his tongue, and in one swift kick the wonky-looking snowman was destroyed. Eren couldn’t help laughing.

“This your one?” Levi asked, moving across to the half-completed snowman he’d been working on with Mikasa. Eren nodded.

“Yeah, we… were just trying to copy the others.”

“Hm. Not bad.”

Eren shrugged.

“Eren, is this… really the first time you’ve seen snow?”

Eren nodded, biting his lip. “Shiganshina was one of the most southerly towns in Wall Maria. It hasn’t had snow in over two hundred years, apparently.”


They stood for a moment in silence, the snow still drifting down to nestle itself in Levi’s hair. Eren smiled, reaching forward to card his fingers through it.

Levi pursed his lips for a moment, looking around as if to scout for any potential peeping toms. Eventually he relaxed enough to let Eren wind his arms around his waist, pulling him close.

The first kiss was tentative, a careful test of the waters. It was rare that they’d ever do this kind of thing out in the open, so Eren didn’t want to push too far - but it was Levi who yearned for another, leaning forward and opening his mouth with a sigh.

The warmth of the kiss against the chill in the air was enough to set Eren’s cheeks ablaze, and he drew Levi in closer still. Their lips moved slowly together, and Eren soon gave permission for Levi’s tongue to meet his own. A ballet.

They pulled apart, and Levi’s lips danced a pattern down Eren’s neck, enough to make him moan. Levi chuckled, his breath hot against Eren’s collar.

“You’re going to melt all the snow,” he commented quietly, wrapping his arms around Eren’s shoulders in a proper embrace. “Look at you. Your cheeks are beetroot red.”

“They’re rosy! Not beetroot!”

Levi chuckled softly, brushing his hand across Eren’s cheek.

“I love you,” he murmured, with such reverence that Eren only blushed harder.

“I love you too. Captain.”

Levi rolled his eyes, and they met for one more kiss.

“Now, let’s finish that damn snowman.”

The rest of Levi’s squad reappeared a decent half an hour later, showered, dressed and fed as Levi had instructed, armed with shovels to take on the snow around the stables.

“What the hell?!” came the first cry, undoubtedly from Jean. “You order us to do all the dirty work so you can stay out here and have your merry winter wonderland with loverboy Jaeger? No fair!”

Eren couldn’t resist the laugh that bubbled up from his throat, linking his arm with Levi’s, teeth chattering from cold.

“Yes, well… I had a special job for Jaeger,” Levi said decisively, “and it’s none of your business. Get back to work.”

The squad exchanged looks, and Eren and Levi barely had time to duck and run before the barrage of snowballs came their way. Interlocking their hands, they sprinted together back towards the main building as their comrades shrieked and chased after them.

Toppling inside, Eren and Levi leaned against the door and gasped for air through uncontrollable laughter.

Life in the Survey Corps was often unbearable. Days were long, and Eren never knew when he might lose another comrade. They had no choice but to find happiness in the smallest, most hopeless of places, and that is what Eren had done.

Looking into Levi’s eyes as they caught their breath, Eren knew clearly where his happiness lay.

“Time for a shower?” Eren asked hopefully, a glimmer in his eye as his hand lingered on Levi’s waist.

“Pushing your luck,” Levi replied, but pulled him towards the bathroom nonetheless.

persephone chose autumn,
shunned spring sun and winter weather
together in the same breath, stole leaves from trees
with careless honey dipped hands.
she chose the night sky. danced with stars instead of flowers
and found life in a different kind of shadow.

she considered her options. picked apple
over pomegranate and followed the footsteps eve carved
out into sandstone and river rock as she made her way
down from the garden, this, another choice, a different kind
of forbidden fruit but the same kind of falling;
from a pedestal someone else sat her on,
one she never claimed for herself.


The lineage of newWho

9. Nine was weird. He was a soldier, still. he wore a leather jacket and walked like a broken man. He had lost everything in the fire, and every day he lived he lost more. He had seen his friends die, his comrades, his family and all those innocent people he never had the time to meet. And he could see them dying. Again. And again. And again. Until he couldn’t do anything else but stare. Knowing he was responsible. He had fixed it now, yes, but for what cost? And he looked around, and he saw planets, still burning from fires he could never put out on his own. 

And rose came. And she brought peace and happiness and for her, he would go to the end of the universe for her. How full of innocence she was, sleeping in a room made of pink, but already understanding how the world seemed to work. And how it didn’t. Full of opinions is a good way to describe the girl he first met. He didn’t like Mickey much, the guy was aggressive and competitive more than that he had brains. So he took her with him and he loved her. And Jack came, admits war and destruction, and he saw a man turn good. So he came along too. And in the end, he loved them more than he hated the Daleks. 

So he turned good too. Love above hate, that is how you could describe him the best, he was a good man, living in a nightmare.

10. Ten was smiles. And laughter. He jumped around like a little puppy trying not to stay still for too long. Ten griefed. A lifetime in war feeling like past. But still pressing on his back. he saved people. Many of them. Took them with him to see the wonder in their eyes. They were happy, so was he. 

But he could get angry too. Angry for those people that still did wrong, a lifetime of war, bigger than they could imagine. And still, it happened. Again and again. But he loved Rose, and he accepted Mickey for the boy loved Rose too. So he accepted his fate with it. he was the man who saved, rarely thanked. Not deserving forgiveness, not deserving praise, but secretly wishing it. And when he feared that he had lost the feeling. The feeling of guilt. He counted. The children of Gallifrey, the people he had to protect. But there were simply too many.

And he lost Rose. Like he had lost Jack. And then came Martha brilliant and clever. She realised her mistakes and realised that the Doctor didn’t fit in her life, so she left him, and he let her go. Sad, because he had no family to put above his companions. And Donna came and she brought Wilfred. Donna was different. She didn’t take any of the bullshit of his grief, she didn’t let him determine her life. And he needed her. Needed her when he almost gave up on time, seeing all events as inevitable. It wasn’t her fault that he took too far.

In the end, you could say that he held onto his grief for too long. Because after grief comes acceptance. And he wasn’t ready for that yet. He wasn’t ready for a life without that guilt weighing on him. He was young in a way. Young and still foolishly in love. Perhaps losing that love was the best thing that happened to him, perhaps the worst. But he found other love in other people, some understanding, some not. But he learned from all. And when he died, he finally accepted that it was all over, even the four knocks faded away. Gallifrey couldn’t be saved, but he could.

11. And now we come to eleven. His supposedly final life. Eleven seemed younger in many ways, trying to hide the wrinkles in his soul with a bowtie and quick feet. he needed Amy Pond and Rory Williams. They taught him that love sometimes means patience, and in turn, he showed them the universe. Gave them a wedding never to forget and fought every planet in the sky to get their child back.

But amidst all that. Amidst all the running and wonders and quick hellos. He waited. He saved planets and he waited. He waited for something he couldn’t really pinpoint until it was said out loud: he wanted to be forgiven. He had saved so many worlds. He had fixed the rough edges of the time war, restarted the universe itself. And now he wanted to retire, find a nice spot and just lie down. But as long as no one told him that he was allowed to do that, he couldn’t now. So he saved some more worlds, some more planets. And still, it wasn’t enough.

People didn’t seem to learn. He’d save them and a hundred years later they needed him again. And again. They were dictators and idiots and hypocrites. So when he saw his friends in pain, when he saw them lose a child. He flipped out. And he exploded. And he couldn’t be stopped anymore. It started when he was ten, but now, he knew how he could break people. He knew what hurt more and pressed on it till they fled when his name was said. 

It’s why he needed River. Of all people. The person he had hunted down the world for, standing in front of him, his wife. His love. Not yet now, but someday. And she didn’t show him patience when he was angry. She didn’t show him hatred either. She showed him a different kind of love, the kind that is appropriate for the way he was acting. A twelve-year-old. 

So, in the end, he needed her the most. The woman who tested his morality but didn’t take any bullshit from him at all. For her, he grew up. 

And when Clara came, so alike Donna but without the armour to protect herself. He could laugh with her and promise protection. He opened his palm for her, but she was the one to grab it. He wasn’t all grown up, still with a liking to bow ties and weird presents. But he needed her now. Someone who could grab control, who didn’t take bullshit and believed in an infinite number of second chances. She didn’t need compliments, she needed achievements, so she strived for greatness, even if greatness was beyond her. I always loved their chemistry. 

12. Now he had lived longer than any timelord. And he had learned not to hide. He didn’t cover up his wrinkles, and instead of a younger face gave himself the right to complain and the mission to give everyone a chance. He had a home, he couldn’t find and when he did, he didn’t need it. He was a learned man, a magician. And in his earlier regeneration years, complicated.

He didn’t fit in one category or the other. He was many things but not stupid for not knowing. And he asked his friends. But even his friends couldn’t tell him what his morality was supposed to be. What “right” was. Which viewpoint the ultimate. 

And while Clara decided she wanted a normal life next to the adventures, and Missy just really liked thump wrestling with nuclear weapons and earth on the line too much, he was lost. But he slowly found it again. With River. And with himself. And in impossible heroes and brave soldiers. He learned that love is a promise, you never break. So he promised Missy he would show her the universe if she just turned good.

Clara decided her own fate, as she always had. And he was stubborn enough to interfere and give her a second chance. For her, he wiped his memory. And when Bill arrived, he didn’t do it for the same reason. 

There are many things to tell and to know about twelve, the many decisions he made. He was a madman and a lover and a friend and manual, all in one. You can’t give him one moral when morality was his confusion. Sympathy, not his area. Even when everything in your area, some things are just too hard. And in the end, what will kill him? I personally believe, only he can. When he accepts too, that the time of grief is over. He isn’t a soldier anymore. 

And only then thirteen can take her place and start the new day. At Christmas, the new era begins. I wish Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall the best of luck. And I trust that we as Whovians can do the same. In the end, it’s a show for kids, after all. 

Great Minds Think Alike (Riverdale - Jughead x OC) Part 2

Pairing : Jughead x OC

Synopsis : A new girl arrives in town around the time of Jason Blossom’s accident. That alone makes her suspicious and unlikeable to most people. Jughead has every reason to investigate on her, the timing is too perfect, right? And it has nothing to do with the young girl’s odd yet charming way of always seeming to find her way back to him, no matter the situation.  

Word Count : 2.3k


Part 1 <<< >>> Part 3

When Jughead saw her walking through the door at Pop’s the next day he was torn between two opposite feelings: utter annoyance at being once again disturbed in his writing, and eagerness to share another conversation with this girl whose ability to use sarcasm as a means of communication matched his. It was a surprise to have her walked straight to his booth and sit down like they were old friends and not merely acquaintances who met the day before.

The truth was, he kind of hoped this would happen – it was a lonely life that of writer and High School outcast. Jughead wasn’t going to deny himself a little company a few hours a day if he could, especially since his best friend bailed on him the day they planned their road trip and hasn’t really spoken to him much since then. Can you feel the bitterness?

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Noble Reign

Ch.1 Mytic Messenger Middle Ages AU

|Ch. 2| |Ch. 3|

Author’s Note: It finally happened. I’m so sorry it took me such a long time to finish it, but I’m so proud to present you the Mystic Messenger Middle Ages AU! ^^ I have absolutely no idea if anyone will read this but I had so much fun writing it and I will definitely continue updating it. Keep in mind that English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes. Nevertheless, I hope y’all enjoy it. Please feel free to leave any sort of comments or message me; I would love to write some headcanons for this AU and I like to integrate your ideas as well.

I also want to give special thanks to @promiscuous-jalapeno for giving me advice and encouraging me in my writing. If you should ever read this, I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. <3

Wordcount: 3,247

“A long time ago, there existed a great kingdom that was ruled by two brothers. Their names were Jaehyun and Jaekwang.

The brothers were loved by their people and everyone lived together in harmony. But one day, Jaekwang desired the sole control over the kingdom and rebelled against his brother.

With soldiers at his command, he imprisoned his brother and spread misery across the kingdom. For a long time the kingdom was ruled by bitterness and people were living in fear.

But then, when all hope had died and the hour of doom seemed at hand, a girl appeared as if from nowhere. With fire burning in her soul and magic running through her veins, she defeated Jaekwang and freed his brother.

In anger, she divided the kingdom in half by forcing water and earth between the villages. A grand river and high mountains were now separating Jaekwang and Jaehyun.

Pleased with her work, the girl vanished and was never seen again. Over time, the two brothers created different kingdoms, one ruled by fear and one ruled by strength.

Generations passed and so did the girl’s tale. The kingdoms became enemies and the tale became legend. They say that someday, the girl will come back to reunite the kingdoms in peace and harmony again but until then the kingdoms remain in discord.”

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Sometimes I Imagine Death So Close It Feels More Like a Memory (Jason Todd x Reader)

Alright so this is my first attempt to this kind of story in another language (please forgive me for any misspell, english is my second language) and I’m accepting some good writing advices.

Jason saves the reader by only finding out she didn’t wanna be saved.

A guess there’s angst?

Jason first came cross her when she was 15 at a robbery at the dinner she was on. Though the only contact they had was a deep gaze, it was the first time that her heart skipped a bit as she spent nights thinking about him and creating meetings that could only happen in her head. She went away so she could finish her education in another country while Jason had died and comeback with a lot anger on.

She came back working as an accountant on her uncle’s fancy restaurant living a rountined life HOME-WORK-HOME style for a few months when a guy in a black suit armored with a gun that it was longer than her legs came in the restaurant starting a huge argument. She runned back to her office, calling the GCPD but with no response. Pulling her arms behind her head as she left her office saying that they could take her instead of one of the owners “It’s more appealing to kill a woman than two men. Plus they are stronger than me so there will be no fighting.” she said when she saw her uncles being held by gunpoint. She was taken by one of then whispering in her ear a few curses because she was trying to hide away from them as they were pulling her hair so tight it was starting to give a little headache. Y/N closed her eyes when felt a cold metal in her temple as one of the men yelled so everyone could hear that she was going to die if they didn’t had 10 thousand dollars on their bag. She heard her uncle scream her name begging for her life and the sound of Y/N’s voice came out as a shock to her “It’s okay. I’m not scared”

“Oh, so you’re a little brave bitch?” the guy behind her whispered as he held her tighly “So how’s your little mamma is gonna feel when she sees your little precious brain on the floor of this fancy place?” she hears a noise as he prepares his gun and she gives away her final thoughts before leaving.

Sure she loved her uncles. They were the only ones who actually supported and cared about her as they never had the chance to adopt on their own. They paid for her entire education and when she gotted the schollarship for the Scotland University, they were over the moon and she promised to pay them back when she finally succeded. Her mother lived in another country with a current boyfriend only calling her once a year and her father died before she was born. She only had about three friends her entire life, but they eventually went away after finding their soulmates. Love never smiled to her as she did for it. Never had an actual date in her whole life, only a few guys that she goes out at partys but nothing to be returned.

She always felt sad about feeling like this. About not feeling loved enough, having fun enough, not being smart enough or pretty as the people she knew. But at that moment, she felt good. It was going to over before she knew and she could restart her life as someone else if being reincarnated and forgeting everything and not being an actual dissapointment to her uncles. But before she could relieve her last sigh, there were noises everywhere and the guy that was holding her fell by her side as she felt arms around her holding her so tight. Y/N opened her eyes and was being held by her sobbing uncles telling that it was okay now, she was safe. She nodded lightly her head letting go of them as she sees a red hooded figure talking with the black suited men that was laying on the floor presumed dead

The Red Hood turned to her as she couldn’t stop eyeing the body on the floor “Are you okay? He’s not gonna hurt you anymore” the kinda robotic voice under the helmet told her.
“Y-Yeah. Whatever.” she mumurs as she turns around
“Is this dissapoiment on your voice I sense?” he sounded mockery “Sorry to save you right in time?”
She turned back to him with half shutted eyes in anger “Thank you for saving my uncles restaurant. Free food for your entire life if you wish, just leave a reservation.” and walked back to her office as the GCPD started to appear at the local.

Jason came back late that night, showing up by her window seeing the light was on and Y/N was holding her head on her hands with her eyes shut. He knocked and she jumped a bit and eye rolling as she opened the window “No crazy dudes trying to rob here for the last five hours, thank you for your visit” and she was about to shut the window back as he helded and came in removing his helmet and appearing with the black mask only.

“Did you wanted to die?”

The question hits her in shock. “Excuse me?”

“Back at the robbery. I was watching you. You didn’t flich when the gun was in your head, you didn’t fight back, even after it was over, you weren’t shaking at all as I always see and your eyes were completely different. So did you surrender yourself because you wanted it?” She looks at her own hands with a angry face on. Sure that thought only hitted her when she realised that could happen when the guy activated his gun but it was something always triggering to her.

Y/N never had an actual episode of crisis. Sure she once looked from the rooftop and thought about throwing herself but the other thought thiking about the trauma she would left to her uncles was unspeakble selfish. Then she thought again back in Scotland looking at one of the bridges and the river that cross by. She had the option of never having her body found and it would make it better not traumatizing her family, but she was never able to do it. She just believed her time would come really soon. Even when she was with her friend at the dinner that old day and the guy who was assaulting saying he was going to kill everyone didn’t make her feel threatened or anything, but fortunally Robin stopped by and saved everyone’s asses who didn’t wanna die that day.

She believed she was gonna die soon than other people she ever met cause what other reason a person could be this lonely in her life? Maybe the guy that controls everyone’s fate choose an amount of people to be unhappy in their life so they could ended sooner.

“I wasn’t scared. That’s all.” She says more sharply that she wanted “I don’t fear death.”

Jason was capt by surprise and let a chuckle “Have you seen death? It makes everyone terrifed”

“It does. I would be desperate if I was dying and could not being able to tell everyone I love how I feel. But I don’t have, so death is not that much”

Jason was so angry and curious by this woman. How could she tell that? Have she died before? Because he had and didn’t wanna pass through that again.

The first thing Dick asked when he came back and they recounted was how death felt like. Did he met God? Or was just a plane dimension with a bunch of strange people? He didn’t remembered much, but remembered the agony it was when all he could see was darkness for awhile. He took a deep breath as he continued

“Look, I don’t know you, or how your life is going but I can assure you it’s not the easist way out.” She finally looked up and met his gaze under the mask. He looked so compassioned about her that her heart skipped a bit for the second time. Letting go a breath she relaxed her shoulders a bit 

“It’s not like I’m suicidal or anything. I appreaciate your concern, really” Y/N maked sure she looked deep into his eyes “But I’m not worried. If I had to put my life in front of my uncles, I’m not gonna be terrifed or regreteful. I have nothing to loose, Red” Jason felt his chest clinch a bit as he hears her words. 

The saddest part was he couldn’t even tell her tone was since it was so appatic and thruthful.
He walked a little bit closer to her helding his helmet by side his body and leaned over her desk.

“Look…” He inhales and brushes his hair with his fingers “I’m not the greatest person to talk about, but I felt that way too.”

“You don’t even know my name, Red”

“It’s literaly written on your desk, Y/N” he points to the little card on her desk Y/N L/N. “And you feel like nobody. Actually you feel more like that, you feel numb. Like you could literaly dissapear and no one would miss you through the crowd. You carry the weight on your shoulders but it’s like you’re the only person in the world who does that because everyone else is distracted from other things. You feel mislocated in a room where everyone’s feel complete and have someone to cheer them up but with you, if you don’t crawl out of the hole by yourself you’ll just stay there.”

Every single word coming from him it was like a sharpen blade through Y/N’s chest. She looked down a bit and let her eyes fill with tears

“Sometimes I think about death so much it feels more like a memory. It’s lonely, agonizing and selfish.”

“For a guy who says he’s not a hero you sure look a lot like a one” He lets a chuckle and knees in front of her whiping away a few tears from her

“And I’m not. You’re just part of a group of a select misfortune people.” he grins as she melts a little smile

“I feel ridiculous talking to a guy in a costume”

“If it makes you feel better I feel ridiculous talking to a pretty girl about feelings. They usually buy me a coffee first”

“I could do that but surely with our luck you’ll probably get bored in the middle of conversation and shoot me”

“Oh God do you really wanna go in there? Okay so the most exciting part of my day is cleaning my guns after patrol. Can you beat the boriness?”

“I imagine situations with people I cross paths just for the feeling of having any friends”

“You mean you’re a grown up woman with a degree with imaginary friends?”

“They’re real… I just never spoken to them in person” She says a bit embarrassed as he lets a smile cross his face

“I dig that. I’m Jason and I’ve got a place where the food is free. Wanna come?”

River Meetings

(A/N): hahaha what am I doing?

Pairings: Cheryl Blossom x Reader

Summary: You meet Cheryl Blossom on the banks of Sweetwater River which sparks a friendship that only grows with each visit.

Warnings: Shitty writing and long af

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @ridingmoxley @mymourningtea

Originally posted by blossom-fairchild

You look at the surrounding unopened boxes scattering your room and you give a groan before dramatically falling back on your bed as you stare at the bland white ceiling. Your family just moved to the new town of Riverdale and you were just moving into your new house. All the moving was making you stressed and you decided to go on a run despite your parent’s protest. 

You had heard of the murders going around in the town but you weren’t too worried, more curious than scared. You promised your parents you’d be back later and you grab your headphones before taking a deep breath as you begin to run. Your mind instantly begins to fumble with thoughts about the move, the new school and new friends you would have to make. 

You shake your head, turning the music up higher as you begin to run faster. The town isn’t too terribly big and you decide to take a detour into the woods. You weren’t familiar with the area but figured you’d stay the path, enjoying the forest scenery around you. The smell of the pine trees and the view of nature was calming as you begin to observe the river off to the side. 

You’re about to avert your eyes back in front of you when you spot someone along the riverbank. You abruptly stop your running as you pull your headphones out as you slowly walk towards the person. As you get closer you notice it’s a redheaded girl, dressed to the nines and you’re confused on why she would be out here alone. 

You cautiously walk behind her as she seems to stare at the river mindlessly. “Um… excuse me. Are you okay?” You ask hesitantly and she quickly turns to you, pulled out of a daze. 

She looks you up and down and you feel yourself become self-conscious and intimidated by her intense stare. “Do I know you?” She responds blandly and you quickly shake your head. 

“No, no, I just moved here.” You rush out in explanation and she only nods but allows a small smile to tug at her perfect lips. 

“What’s your name?” She questions as she searches your face and you sheepishly look at the ground, avoiding her sparkling orbs. 

“Oh, um, I’m (Y/N).”

The beautiful redhead’s smile widens as she holds out her hand and you take it, shaking gently. “I’m Cheryl Blossom. It’s nice to meet you.”

You allow a smile to inch up your face as you let the name settle in you mind and you momentarily scan her face, taking in her perfect features. “You too. So, I’m guessing you’re okay and don’t need my assistance.” You tease as you run a hand through your hair and Cheryl chuckles lightly, shaking her head. 

“No, but thank you for your concern. I’m just trying to find some clarity… I suppose.” Cheryl states quietly, with a hint of sadness, as she turns back to look at the river and you follow her gaze. 

“I totally understand.” You agree in a sigh as you think about your recent move. A small silence fills the air, the only thing heard is the rushing waters and the birds in the air as you both stand in thought. You don’t know how long you’ve been standing in comfortable silence before you glance down at your watch and mentally groan. “I guess I should get back to my house. My parents are probably worried. Are you sure you don’t need anything?”

Cheryl turns to you, her beautiful, long, red hair cascading off her shoulders. “Thank you but I’ll be alright. Will I be seeing you at Riverdale High?” She asks in a proper sounding tone and you smile. 

“I start Monday.” A Cheshire smile is plastered across her face as she gives a small nod.

“I look forward to it.” She smiles out and you return it as you begin to turn back towards your house.  

“Be safe, Cheryl.” You bid as you send her a small wave before disappearing down the path.

Cheryl stares at where you were standing and takes in the conversation between the two of you. It was the first time in a while someone seemed to talk to her like a normal person and not like the bitch everyone saw her to be. If she was being honest, she had a small wish, deep down, that you wouldn’t come to school so then you wouldn’t hear about the person everyone else saw and then maybe you two could be friends. 

You arrived Monday morning to the school and immediately was taken in by Archie’s group. You fit in well with the group but you still searched for the redhead you met at the river. You saw Cheryl at lunch but she was completely different than the Cheryl you met at the river. She sent you a small glance but didn’t stop to talk and you were quite confused. You figured out from the group that Cheryl was the queen of Riverdale and included you in all the horrible gossip about her. 

After school was over, you decide to go on another run down the same path in the woods when you spot Cheryl once again at the riverbank. “Lucky seeing you here.” You announce as you walk towards her and she forces a smile. “I didn’t get to catch you at school today.”

Cheryl purses her lips as she turns to look at the river. “I figured the ‘sad breakfast club’ would fill you in about me. I didn’t think you’d want to be friends to me afterwards.” Cheryl states coldly but you can hear the hurt in her voice.

“Then give me a reason to be your friend.” You declare and Cheryl turns with shocked eyes. 

You can see the gears turning inside her beautiful head as she searches your face for honesty and you give her a genuine smile. In an instant, her façade seems to fall as she averts her eyes to her feet. “If I’m being honest, I don’t have a reason for you to be my friend. Most of what people say are true.”

Your smile falls at her confession and in a single moment of courage, you reach for her hand, taking it in yours causing her to look up with wide eyes. “Well, from what I’ve heard. I think you deserve a friend.” 

You can see tears forming in her eyes and you watch as she tries her hardest to keep herself from breaking down but it doesn’t last long as she tackles you in a hug. “Thank you” You hear her choke out in between sobs and you hush her as you proceed to hug her back not needing to say anything. 

After that moment, Cheryl and you became nearly inseparable. You hung out with her at school, at each other’s houses, at Pop’s, anywhere really but you two always ended up at the riverbank together. It was quiet and a place where you two could talk without all the rumors and chaos around. 

Cheryl would often break down at the sight of the river or of stories she told of Jason but you were always there to comfort and hold her when she did. If you were being honest, you cared significantly for the redhead and you were angry at everyone who spread rumors about her. She was just a broken human being who felt utterly alone and needed to hide behind a mask. She only needed a friend and others seemed to miss that but it was okay because now she had you.

You had been at school for nearly a whole day and hadn’t seen Cheryl. You called her phone multiple times but she didn’t answer and you were getting worried. It wasn’t like her to not answer her phone, especially if they were your calls. 

“Veronica, have you seen Cheryl today?” You asked as you walked up to the dark-haired girl. 

“I haven’t. Is she okay? She’s been acting weird lately.” Veronica admits as concern laces her voice and you tilt your head in confusion.

“How so?”

Veronica looks at you with full honesty. “She gave her spider brooch to Jug and she gave me the Vixens.”

Something in your body drops and you know something is automatically wrong. Those were two of the things Cheryl cherished dearly, she wouldn’t just give them away. “I have to go. Please, see if you can get a hold of Cheryl.” You demand with urgency as you begin to sprint out of the school. 

You hop into your car as you continue to hit Cheryl’s number in your phone but to no avail. Every time it goes straight to voicemail and you drive as fast as you can to the one spot you can only hope she’s there. You arrive at the edge of the woods and you jump out of the car before sprinting down a familiar path. 

You run as fast as your legs can take you and your heart stops when you notice Cheryl in the middle of the frozen river. You see her hitting the ice with something and you know what she’s trying to do. You step on the ice but hear it crack under the weight and you immediately stop. 

“Cheryl!” You scream and you see her stop her motions. You see her turn to you and you heart breaks, seeing her in that damn white dress. “Cheryl, what are you doing!”

“You’re not supposed to be here!” She cries out and you can hear her broken voice even with the distance. You take a deep breath before you begin to walk over towards her and she begins to panic. “No! (Y/N), stop! You’re not supposed to be here!”

You continue to walk and stop about 10 feet away from her with so much concern and worry across your face as she sobs. “Of course, I’m supposed to be here. This is our spot. Come on, talk to be.” 

“I’m all alone. I’ve lost everything.” Cheryl confesses and you shake your head as you take a step forward. 

“You’re not alone, I’m right here. Please, come here.” You beg as you hold out your hand but she shakes her head as she takes a step back and you watch in horror as the ice cracks underneath her feet. 

You hear screams from the bank and you automatically know it’s your friends. “I don’t have a reason.” Cheryl whimpers and that phrase physically hurts your heart.

You take a hesitant step forward as you continue to hold your hand out. “Because I love you. Please, Cheryl, I can’t lose you. I don’t want to feel what it’s like to lose you. You mean too much to me. Please… take my hand.” 

You’re only a couple of feet away from her and you can see more tears cascading down her pale face. She slowly reaches towards you but before you can grab her, the ice breaks beneath her and she disappears. You scream as loud as you can and you hear your friends screaming as well. You drop to your knees, reaching your hand down into the freezing water as you feel around for her but you don’t touch anything. 

You retract your numb hand from the water as you begin to cry out of panic and Archie along with the others, comes sliding up next to you. “The current has her!” Jughead yells as he begins to kick the snow out of the way.

You and the others begin to clear the snow from the ice and seconds later Archie’s voice pops up. “She’s over here!”

You stop and immediately run to Archie’s side but Betty and Jughead hold you back as Archie begins to punch the ice. You’re breathing so hard; the cold air is burning your lungs and Betty grabs you into a hug in attempt to calm you down. Archie finally punches through as he reaches in and pulls Cheryl out and you push your way out of Betty’s arms.

He proceeds CPR and you’re sobbing as Veronica holds you. With a final breath, Cheryl begins to cough up water and everyone seems to sigh in relief before Archie scoops her up in his arms as you all march back towards land.

You took Cheryl home as fast as you could, placing her in a hot shower then in front of a fire as you bundled her up in multiple blankets. You were still in shock from the whole incident and you make some hot chocolate before walking to where Cheryl was. She stares off into nothing before you place the mug in front of her, pulling her from her thoughts.

“Thank you. Sit with me?” She whispers out and you nod before sitting next to her. She uses one of the many blankets, throwing it over you before scooting till your bodies were touching. “I’m really sorry, (Y/N).”

You purse your lips before a small sigh escapes you. “I was so scared…” You return as your mind flashes with memories of the river and Cheryl’s pale body. “Please, don’t do that again.” 

Cheryl sets down her mug as she scoots her body almost on top of yours, laying her head on your shoulder and intertwining her fingers with yours. “I promise. I love you, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N). You’re my hero.”

You rest your head atop of hers as you give her hand a squeeze. “I love you more, Red.”

Camila Mendes

“My version of Veronica is a bit different from the comics, it still maintains the same essence as the character in the comics. In the comics she’s very snobby and confident, and thinks very highly of herself. In this version she’s a lot sweeter, she’s trying to be a better person, she’s trying to reinvent herself [after a scandal that] brought a lot of shame and embarrassment to her family, so she is recovering from that a little bit. She’s humbled.”

blossoms in the dark

part 1

word count: 2400+


“Don’t look!” She giggled, her body overcome with excitement.

“I’m not looking darling.”

“Then why do you keep moving my hands?”

Harry sighed, repositioning her hands once again. “Because your little fingers aren’t doing a good job at covering my eyes completely.”

They were walking to the little garden he had promised Kore.

It was just next to the Acheron River, which he had made completely off limits for the dead. Their new balcony was also overlooking the patch of green, but that was secret for now.

After a couple of days of crying, Persephone received a message from Zeus, who informed her that she needed to stay down in the Underworld for a few more weeks for her mother’s safety. She agreed in a heartbeat, accepting that she would be stuck there for a little while longer. However Zeus was just saying that to make her calm down. He really didn’t know how to get her out of the Underworld as his brother was the most stubborn person ever. He had still yet to figure out a plan. But for now Persephone was okay with staying in hell, and that was all that mattered to everyone.

“Okay stop here.” She ordered him, her hands still blocking his vision.

Kore had wanted the garden to be a surprise to Harry. So as a result he wasn’t allowed outside the balcony or anywhere close to that part of the river.

“Yes petal.”

The goddess blushed at the fitting pet name and slowly uncovered Harry’s eyes.

The man squinted at the sudden shock, not from the light (not like there was any light, it’s the Underworld), but from the abundance of flowers in front of him.

He had made prominent border lines that indicated she wasn’t allowed to go farther. However she clearly disobeyed him as the flowers went as far as his eyes could see.

Kore noticed the stunned look on his face and looked down shyly, grabbing onto his left hand with both of hers.

“I went a little overboard, I couldn’t help it. Sorry.”

Harry didn’t respond but stared straight ahead at the flora. He hadn’t seen flowers like this in so long, and he strictly forbid anything like this down in hell - that is until his love came along.

When he didn’t respond Kore started to become worried.

“I made it a bit long so we could take walks here.” She said, cursing herself for being so straight forward. “I mean, when you aren’t busy.”

Kore looked up at him nervously before continuing. “And not only us… or you and I separately. Anyone here could come here, as long as they don’t touch anything and—”

Harry’s lips curved into a sly smile when she began to ramble. She stopped talking when she caught sight of his amused expression and instead narrowed her eyes in somewhat annoyance.

"Why don’t you show me around?”

The goddess nodded, grabbing onto Harry’s arm which was outstretched for her to hold. Together they strolled, him in somewhat awe and disgust at the sight. However he hid it well, remaining stoic in front of Kore.

There were passing an array of breathtaking flora. There were irises that ranged from shades of blue to purple. The roses and dahlias went on for ages; Harry didn’t know there were so many kinds. Hydrangea and carnations sprung up in loose bundles, there petals fading into different tints. Then there were the white daffodils which seemed to glow in the dark. Harry even spotted a few stumps that grew from the new soil, thin branches stemming from a few of them.

“—and they change into blue!”

He hadn’t even been paying attention to what his soon-to-be wife was saying. Instead he was looking at everything around him, a bit overwhelmed. It was when he felt a small tug on his arm he had to tilt his head a bit downwards to look at her.

“Are you listening?” She said with a little attitude, her eyebrows tugging closer together, forming small wrinkles on her forehead.

“Of course petal.” He replied, not wanting her to feel like she wasted her time.

She smiled in response and stopped walking, leaving them next to the pansies.

“I hoped you liked your surprise.” The sentence was mumbled and Harry figured she was shy and hesitant to show the garden to him considering he hated life.

“I loved it love.” Kore’s smile got wider, getting giddy over his response. “Are you ready for your surprise?”

The girl eagerly nodded. She had been waiting for almost one week, sleeping in the dark room alone.

“Well let’s go then.”

Harry decided to be a gentleman and approached the row of bright pansies. He plucked one off from the stem, not wanting to touch the actual petals as he was scared it would die. However his plan didn’t work and the purple and yellow jewel shriveled up in his palm just as he was about to hand it to her.

He looked at it with an annoyed face and sent mental messages to the plant. Why did you have to do that? Now she’ll think I’m bad.

Kore looked at the wilted flower and then back at Harry’s pout. She giggled at his dumbfounded face and decided to take matters into her own hands.

She carefully placed her gentle hands over his larger ones. Right away the flower sprung back to life and Kore took the chance to quickly grab it back from him before it withered again. She didn’t want to make him feel bad.

“Let’s go then.” Kore said, placing the pansy in her hair.

Harry looked at her in awe and frustration. He was glad she didn’t freak out when the plant died and but wanted to make her happy with it too; unfortunately he couldn’t.

They strolled back inside the temple with the goddess’ hands wrapped around his upper arm. Everyone made way for them while not staring, knowing Harry would fume as Kore didn’t like too much attention.

“What’re you doing!” She squealed quietly.

Harry’s hands enveloped her eyes as she did with his during her unveiling.

“It’s only fair if I get to surprise you like this too,” he mumbled.

Kore’s lips curved upwards into a tiny smile and her cheeks became splashed with a dash of pink because of their close proximity. His chest was pressed up against her back, barely any space in between. She wanted to squirm for a while, not used to this kind of contact. Harry however was feeling smug at the sight of her blush and only pressed closer. His head curved around hers, allowing her to feel his gentle, soothing breath. Kore tried not to seem fazed with the situation and continued to walk while allowed him to lead.

She took a deep breath when he finally came to a stop, feeling excited once again.

“Are you ready?” He questioned.

“Mhm.” She hummed wanting nothing more than to lay down on her new bed.

“Are you sure?” Harry pestered, having the intent to get her bothered.

“Yes!” Kore stomped her foot, tired of waiting.

Harry chuckled to himself, finding her irritation amusing. “Now love. Don’t act like a baby.”

The goddess became timid, not wanting him to find her bratty. “Sorry,” she mumbled.

“It’s okay petal.”

He suddenly left a quick peck on her head. Harry’s eyes widened, not meaning to do that without any warning. He knew she was the most pure goddess out there and didn’t want to do anything to ruin their new relationship. Kore however smiled, finding it ticklish.

After seeing her calm expression, Harry decided to stop being annoying and give her what she’s wanted.

With that, Harry opened the new, polished wooden door. “Here you are.”

The goddess opened her eyes and her mouth was left ajar at the sight. However she wasn’t sure if it was in admiration or hatred.

Everything was still dark. When she meant purple she meant a lighter shade, not the deep plum color that was now stained everywhere. Nonetheless, there were accents of shimmery gold everywhere which she just so happened to adore. Not only that but the balcony door was wider this time. She just hoped that this time there was a better view.

“Do you like it?”

Harry stepped out in front of her, admiring the work he had done for his Queen. He seemed so happy and proud (something she hadn’t really seen until now), that she didn’t want to ruin the moment.

“I love it.”

He turned to face her, his face glowing under the light the balcony was giving off. She was about to walk to him, towards the glass doors until she became confused. Why was his face glowing? And why are there no torches in this room?

Kore shifted her head to the right to see what was behind Harry. He smiled in realization at what she was trying to do.

“Come here darling. I’ve got something to show you.”

Still confused, she grabbed ahold of his hand and allowed him to guide her to the doors. He quickly pulled the curtains apart, Kore having to immediately cover her eyes with her hands at the sudden intrusion of light.

They stepped outside and came face to face with the view.

“Oh Harry.” Kore’s voice cracked, overcome with emotion.

There in front of her was the little garden she had planted for herself (and for him, but that was a secret right now). Her precious flowers and plants looked vibrant and very alive from up where she was.

However, that wasn’t the part she was really crying about. There behind her garden was the Acheron River, free from the dead and waste. On the horizon was a glow. As of now it was pink, but it changed from different shades to different colors every so slowly. It was like her own personal sky.

“I’ve set it up so now you can use your abilities to change it to whatever you’d like. Daytime, sunset, anything.” Harry told her while watching her eyes begin to water.

“Oh Harry.” Kore could barely speak as she leaked tears of happiness. “This is amazing!”

Without thinking, she jumped to hug the man, wrapping her arms around his thick neck.

Harry didn’t know what to do for a moment as he didn’t expect her to become this joyous. However he came back to his senses and gently hugged his girl back. His muscular arms held a strong grip on her waist, which was adorned in periwinkle cotton. He basked in the beautiful scent she was giving off by nestling into her neck, smiling gleefully.

When Kore noticed his overgrown hair brush against her bare shoulder she became nervous and leaned back to look up at him, her arms still hanging on.

Harry looked at the girl, hoping she liked him the way he did her. He found her utterly endearing - as all men did about her - and wanted to make her his.  That’s why he’s been working hard to make her feel as comfortable as possible here.

Kore noticed his stare and looked down to her feet, wondering why he kept gazing at her.

“You’re so beautiful.” Harry mumbled, squeezing her hips to catch her attention.

The goddess gave him a gentle smile and giggled, shaking her head as if she found his statement silly. Her head turned back to face Harry’s, causing her nose to accidentally bump with his. She wasn’t aware that he moved closer when he complimented her.

Harry’s whole body was pulsing with want, the want to be even closer to her. He didn’t know if he should risk it or not. But with Kore looking at him like that, eyes twinkling under the pink lights and plump lips right in front of him, he couldn’t help it.

Before he could change his mind, his lips encased hers.

Kore was momentarily stunned, not knowing what to do as she had never even been close to being in a situation like this. Her eyes were left open as Harry’s were closed, his mouth hesitantly moving against hers. It was a foreign feeling and her heart began to thump harder, like a hammer trying to desperately thumb down a nail.

His forehead was gently pressed up against hers along with his chest. Even with all the contact, Harry began to become a little impatient when she took long to respond. Right when he was about to move away and hit himself for the mistake, he felt the tiniest peck.

He smiled in realization and went back to moving against her lips. Kore took the chance to place small kisses here and there before actually working up the courage to kiss him properly.

It was short and sweet, Kore ultimately backing away when she felt his tongue begin to probe through her soft lips. He knew she probably felt panicked with that but he couldn’t help it. She smelled like rosemary and tasted like honey and he became enchanted by all of it.

The girl appeared bashful. Her body was still heated from the intimacy. She let out a breathy laugh when Harry gave her a goofy smile, finding it adorable. He was still in awe of how a woman like that this was in his arms.

Harry continued to cradle Kore in his arms and turned to face the garden again. There heads were resting upon one another’s as they stared ahead. The “sky” was now illuminating a darker pink, gold shimmers throughout the whole thing.

He felt content with her next to him. Unusually, he wasn’t hot and bothered like he thought he would get. Harry fantasized about Kore for the longest time and figured her swelled chest and pink lips that delivered just the smallest peck would get him worked up. But here he was feeling blissful in a completely different way.

The man took the moment to keep her close before he had to go resume his godly duties. He promised himself only five more minutes with her until he would leave, but he knew that that five would turn into fifteen, or perhaps even thirty.

At least he knew that she would be more comfortable with residing here, and that was all that mattered at the moment. Now all he had to do was tell the dainty lady that she was the Queen of the Underworld and was soon to become his wife without making her go into a full blown panicked tantrum.

Easy, right?


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it was snowing, and he fell in love

Originally posted by sunkissedhao

pairing: kim mingyu x reader
genre: aNGST but like also fluff so-
word count: 3400+
admin: jun
a/n: this fic has been approved by our resident mingyu stan. i love you, sloth. ♡ i hope you all enjoy~ 

Mingyu hadn’t been in the best mood. Usually, it wouldn’t really bother the other members, since it was completely normal for one of them to have an off day every once in awhile, but this bad mood had been lasting for a couple days now.

Jeonghan and Seungcheol had to have a conversation to see what they should do about it, but they honestly didn’t know what could be bothering him so much, so they asked him, hoping that if he said it out loud it would help him get stuff off his mind.

“Mingyu-ah, can we talk to you?” Jeonghan asked him, walking over and placing a gentle hand on the tall boy’s shoulder. Mingyu looked up and Jeonghan, but he didn’t have that usual sparkle in his eye or that adorable grin on his face that Jeonghan adored so much. It made him sad to see a member this sad.

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anonymous asked:

I just stumbled upon your Feral!Adrien drabbles about two months ago and I'm in love with all of it! How would Adrien adjust to life in Paris after he leaves Africa?

Poorly. Everything is just so different and more than a little terrifying. There are trees, sure, but they’re not at all like the ones he was used to. There are so many people and fast-moving “cars” and you can’t drink from the river! And the “buildings”? They all look the same! How do people know where to go?

(Marinette told him that those buildings were very impressive to people, that there was “artistry” in how they were built. She would get excited talking about them and sometimes she would talk so fast that it would be hard for Adrien to follow what she was saying—at those times he would just silently watch her with a soft smile on his face.)

He has lots of lessons; French and etiquette take the most of his time. He isn’t allowed to go anywhere without the Gorilla driving him around. Nathalie has said, more than a few times, “M. Agreste lost his son once. We are to make sure it will not happen again.”

(…it isn’t like he ever sees his father, anyway.)

His room has so many strange and interesting things in it, at least. He likes using the climbing wall. Nino teaches him how to play foozball (and immediately regrets it after losing many times to Adrien’s “inhuman jungleman reflexes”). A few days a week, Alya comes over to explain the news to him in simpler terms. And his sofa is definitely a nicer place to cuddle with Marinette in, compared to the jungle floor.

Still, his room—and his house and his car—sometimes feels like a cage.

(He misses Plagg, too. He really, really misses Plagg.)

One night, as he lies awake in his bed like a lot of other nights, the long shadows cast by his window becomes too much. He opens his window, waits for the exact moment when the security cameras has a blind spot, and jumps.

He’s going to get lost, he’s sure. But for the moment, he doesn’t care. He just needs to go out and feel the wind on his face, to feel rough earth and rock on his fingers and palms. He climbs fences and walls and buildings, and soon he’s vaulting from one rooftop to the next. And the next. And the next.

“Golden” Part 2/?

Pair: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Prompt: Soulmate AU Follows the courtship of the reader and Tom. As the reader tries to navigate the Soulmate theory.

Word Count: 1151

Warnings: nothing as of now, just fluff

A/N: maybe be spelling/grammatical errors. Pictures used in collage are not mine.

As always gifs are NOT mine. Credit to their owners.


He gave a small reassuring smile, before grabbing my right hand and planting a gentle kiss on it.

My heart felt as if it would beat out of my chest, just his mere presence made me feel special, like I was the only person in the room.

“Please, let me escort you to your chair.” He says, not once letting go of my hand.

As I take a seat in my chair, which so happens to be beside his, I feel his leg brush against mine. It sent shockwaves throughout my body, and tingles in a certain area. I mean him, in general sent waves of pleasure throughout your body.

“So, Thomas how’s things been?” My father says, once everyone has taken a seat at the table.

“They’ve been well.” Tom says, glancing over at you.

“I must ask, how haven’t you been married yet?” My mother asks.

“Well, I hadn’t met the one yet, but I have a feeling things are going to change soon.” He says, placing a hand on your thigh, while looking at you.

“Does he want me to pounce on him right now?” You think. These little subtle moves are driving me insane.

“Sweetheart, are you ok?” My mother asks, on account that I must look a bewildered mess.

“Yes mother, I’m fine.” I say.

Everything seemed to be settled once the plates were brought out. There was light table talk, and occasionally Tom would move his hand higher up my thigh, or brush his leg against mine.

Though now that dinner was finished, and everyone was moving into the common area. It was a less formal than the dining room and more of a cozy feel.

Tom, once again sat right next to me on the sofa. This time though with my parents in the room he didn’t place a hand on your thigh but instead placed a hand over the sofa and practically on your shoulder.

“Thomas, you are staying the night, I hope.” My mother asks, as she hands him a drink, from what I could smell was scotch.

“Yes, Alexander and I have business to discuss and I rather not have to come all the back again tomorrow.” He says with a slight grin.

“Perfect, well we are going to retire to bed, but Y/N can show you your sleeping quarters.” My father says, before he and my mother exit the room.

After they left, there was an uncomfortable silence, for a few minutes until Tom decided to break it.

“I don’t think I have told you tonight, that you look delightful.” He says, turning to face me.

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“Th…thank you.” You say as your breath hitches in your throat, when he caresses your face.

“You have no reason to be nervous, in front of me sweetheart, I am from this day forward yours, and will always be.” He says, taking both of my hands in his and kissing both of my knuckles.

I honestly cannot say, what came over me, but I launched towards him and pulled him into the most passionate kiss. The way his lips moved with mine, were like they were one. Before long, I was straddling his waist and grinding down onto him.

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We had finally broken away, both of us breathless. I felt a million butterflies as I revisited, in my mind, of what just happened.

“I’m sorry.” I say, shying away to the corner of the couch, feeling somewhat embarrassed at my hasty actions.

“There is nothing to be sorry for, my dear.” He says, as he takes his hand and gently pulls me to face him by my chin.

But I needed more, this kiss as amazing as it was…it wasn’t enough. Before I could act on any impetuous impulses, Tabitha walks in.

“Your Highness, Your Majesty.” She greets with her head facing the floor, “Y/N, I was told by your mother that you should retire to your quarters early, because your sister is coming in tomorrow.”

“Tabitha, no titles remember, it’s just Y/N, and I’ll be going up soon.” I say, giving her a reassuring smile.

“Sorry, I’ll work on that, see you in the morning… Y/N” She says, before leaving.

Getting up from his previous position on the sofa, Tom gestures his hand to me and helps me from my position on the sofa.

As we walked up the flights of stairs to the floor in which he was staying, which just so happened to be my floor, there was light conversation.

“So, what do you usually do, when you’re not dressing up for guests?” He asks, as we make our way up the last flight of stairs.

“Well, today I went to the countryside and sat by the river, but every day is different really.” I say, as we finally make it upstairs and to Tom’s door.

“Well, until tomorrow, my love.” He says, kissing knuckles as well as, placing a kiss on my lips.

“Until tomorrow.” I say, before walking to bedroom.

Once inside I immediately let a small squeal, and had the largest smile plastered on my face. There were no words to say, it was so sudden that it just felt perfect.

I honestly couldn’t wait until what would happen tomorrow. Stepping out of my dress, I went into the bathroom, to wash off and redress into suitable attire.

As I lie in the bed, I could still feel the irregularity of my heartbeat every time I thought about the encounter. He was perfect, tall, handsome, amazing kisser, and most of all a gentleman. Before long you had drifted off into a deep sleep.

As I lay basking in the sunlight that was glistening upon my skin, I look to the side of me to find Tom lying there reading a book I could not make out. We were laying on a blanket in the grass, next to the river of the countryside.

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I nuzzled myself up into him, creating more warmness, that radiated from his body as well as the warmth of the sun. I grabbed his hand and laced it with mine, causing him to put down the book and look to me.

“I love you.” He says faintly, before caressing my cheek.

I looked to him with so much love, and just as I was about to reciprocate my love for him. I was interrupted by the sounds of faint and small laughter heading towards us.

I get up from the position, nuzzled into Tom, to sitting up with my legs crossed. Just as I looked for the culprit of this sound, I was greeted by the small figure of a little boy.

“Momma, Daddy!!!” The little boy exclaimed, jumping on Tom.

“What’s wrong, my son?” Tom says, holding the little boy in his arm.

“I love you both so much.” The little boy says, hugging Tom, before coming over to me, doing the same gesture.

“And we love you even more.” I say, before kissing him on the nose.

A Curious Man...

Fandom: Vikings

Characters: Ragnar Lothbrok, female reader

Pairing: Ragar x Reader

Warnings: Bad writing (so sorry), SMUT

Plot: There isn’t much of a plot really… Reader is a Pictish woman warrior from the Kingdom of Alba. Her and her people are enlisted along with the Northmen to fight for the Kingdom of Mercia in alliance with King Ecbert of Wessex. She and Ragnar decide to get to know each other.

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You sat around the small fire beside the river bank with the remainder of your people, scrubbing the blood from your blades and your tattooed skin. You and your people had all fought ferociously alongside the equally ferocious Northmen. Your fighting style was different but not dissimilar to theirs; they relied more on their brute strength and you on your swiftness. Your people often compared you to the great woman warrior Boudicca for your fearless prowess and strength in battle. That is how you came to be the commander of your people’s army.

You glanced across the camp at your allies and caught the piercing pale blue eyes of King Ragnar Lothbrok of the Northmen. He was staring at you a devious smirk playing on his lips. You had caught glimpses of his fighting during the battle; he fought with the same fearless confidence that you yourself display when you fight. You could not deny that you were intrigued by him. And if you were interpreting his behaviour correctly… he was intrigued by you too. This thought sent a shiver down your spine and gave you confidence. The adrenaline of the battle no longer through your veins and you were itching for a different kind of rush. You rose from where you sat, sheathed your swords and strode boldly across the camp towards the King, sporting your own sultry smirk.

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Jughead x Reader: Jealousy Is A Killer (Part 1)

Warnings: mentions/descriptions of murder and grotesque descriptions. TW- rape.
Requested: yes
A/N: this is a little different but I really like it and I am very proud of it, I hope you like it too. also, whenever “her” or “she” appears and refers to Jughead’s girlfriend, that is you, reader.

Part 2

*3rd person POV*

It was a Monday morning, 4th period at Riverdale High when Cheryl Blossom was arrested for her brothers murder. Since that day, all of Riverdale were on edge, worrying that the killer would strike again.

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Bloomtale - Chapter 15 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 15 is up!!! Even if I’m on break, I keep updating things… Kaito, just go to sleep xD

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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