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Demi has Taylor on google alerts it's actually creepy, she always inserts herself somehow into Taylor drama, it's actually sad because she is really obsessed. I think it's a combination of things firstly the Selena/Taylor friendship has always been a sore point for her she obviously got jealous of their closeness, secondly she's so jealous of her success Demi wants everything Taylor has: Grammies, number 1s, multi platinum albums but no matter what she does she remains a 3rd tier star.

Exactly. Jealousy is a disease.

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I just blocked my ex who I no longer felt comfortable around. I feel relieved, but at the same time I also feel guilty and sad because she never really was mean to me or at least not directly or like on purpose. After the breakup we wanted to stay friends but somehow idk. I just have a bad gut feeling about her nowadays and when we talk I feel bad. Did I make the right choice? Is it really okay for me to just block her and stop talking to her just like that? Or do I owe her an explanation?

If you’re feeling uncomfortable and bad when you speak and hangout together, then it’s absolutely okay to block her. I think a lot of the time, not all the time though, people say ‘let’s be friends’ just to avoid further conflict. I’ve blocked a person completely because he was toxic to myself and to my friends and offered no explanation to him as to why I wanted him out of our lives. You don’t have to give your ex an explanation if you don’t want to. However, if you’re going to run into each other a lot, you might need to say something on the lines of you need space and time to recover. 

If anyone has any better advice please comment or send it through



sorry I’m kinda late this time. I would usually not post after 10 but I decided posting a part is more important than that. also I’m so mad the 2nd to last panel is crooked but I’m so tired to change that. anyway, i was out playing pokemon go like the trash I am but I’m only level 8 cause i live nowHERE my nearest stop is like 2 miles away hahaha. I went to a small town and now I’m v tired and my ears hurt. I wish the library was open longer

also like my mom asked if i was happier now that i can drive and I said not really cause I’ve been feeling really sad and awful recently but then she was like that was a rhetorical question of course you’re happy cause i happened to me smiling at the moment and I was just like… .-. ok. I guess the point is, don’t as me rhetorical questions

 Part 44

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I had a dream that I was walking through a farmers market and Bernie and Jane had a granola stand. I hugged Bernie and we took a picture together. Then I said to Jane, “I’m really sad you aren’t going to be our next first lady.” She said “I’m sad too, it really would’ve been great. We have some great ideas.” Then we were just quiet for a minute and I asked “Do you have any granola that doesn’t have nuts?” She said “OH YES!!! I have the PERFECT GRANOLA that I think you will LOVE!!!” She reached into a bin for it…and I woke up.

I woke up and I will never know what life will be like with the perfect granola.

I’m gonna be forced now to pick some half-assed granola while always wondering what could have been.

i just want to say i feel really bad for seiko

she looked so sad when ruruka remembered about her betraying and stuff. I don’t know what she did, but I know she regrets it and she feels so bad it hurts. 

y’all, look at her face. SHE WAS SO SAD. i honestly want to cry. she doesn’t deserve this.

please forgive her. PLEASE.

So apparently people have been offended by Amanda’s tweet and I just wanted to say honestly ?? I always see people practically just looking for reasons to be upset with things Amanda says and it’s really sad. Amanda is sweet to fans and she’s sarcastic and has a fun sense of humor so can we stop trying to look for reasons to be mad at her for every last thing she says???

when you ask cast/crew questions like this (like how when Mark responded “RIP” to a tweet about johnlock becoming canon) they couldn’t answer any questions truthfully even if they wanted to right now so why be upset when they respond with humor. and the constant grudge so many “fans” seem to have at all times geared towards Amanda is really gross

Taylor also nominated Lexa’s demise as the most difficult scene to perform all last season - admitting that she and co-star Alycia Debnam-Carey “just cried the whole day”.

“It was heartbreaking - and it also meant that she was leaving us, which made it really sad.

"It was one of the most challenging [scenes] but one of the most rewarding - I felt like we really acted our butts off that day.”

i honestly don’t think lydia had a lot or basically any real friends in high school before allison (and after that scott, stiles, etc) because she never seems to talk to anyone but jackson and maybe danny and that makes me sad


just imagine lydia only spending time with jackson and his friends and the only person she did her hair with or bought cute clothes with was her mom and when they had to choose a partner for a project in class she usually would do it alone and don’t even get me started on lydia sitting alone during lunchtime when she didn’t want to talk to jackson for a bit but no one would go sit next to her bc she’s lydia martin and she probably doesn’t even want you to sit next to her (but maybe stiles did try sometimes and lydia would act like she wanted him to leave but secretly she kinda enjoyed his company)

and yes i’m really sad about lonely lydia

So this has to do with the alien scene .Peridot is probably upset because she is too short to win it or she can’t really throw or something. Steven is sad too. Amethyst looks pissed and think its bull. So based on this, I think Amethyst tries to win it for her.

So this she probably won or made. She’s probably talking to herself now or something.

Steven and Amethyst comforting Peridot. Mostly Amethyst. Peridot is literally leaning her head against Amethyst’s. 

So she goes on Twitter and takes it out on people she doesn’t know.

And Finally this. Maybe they’re trying to stretch her out. Then they finally decide to fuse or something.

Comfort (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Could you do #13 with Murphy or Bellamy (you choose) and like the reader is in a relationship with them and she just really needs their comfort because she’s sad since she lost her brother/sister/best friend during a battle against the Grounders and he’s there to comfort her and I guess just some fluff. Thank you!

A\N: Sure thing, thanks for the request & sorry it took so long to write :\

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It had been two weeks since your best friend had been murdered. Like any normal person, you weren’t coping with the loss of Finn Collins. You felt the weight of death upon your shoulders and it seemed like at the moment you needed your boyfriend the most, he was always far from you off on some important trip or mission. You understood he was the leader of your people but besides your best friend, you missed him. Seeing him walk through the gates snapped someone within you and you began feeling the need to cry as a big lump formed in your throat, “Are you okay?” You hear someone ask you but you’re too in your own mind to even think of responding. You were there when Finn took his last breath on the battlefield. One second he was fighting and the next he was bleeding out. And then, as if time was moving too fast, he was gone, “Y\N?” Someone shook you. 

“I’m alright.” You respond unconvincingly and Raven looks at you suspiciously, “I’ll just be right back.” You excuse yourself, getting up from her work desk and rushing off to your tent. Everything looked so odd. One side of the room was empty and all of Finn’s belongings were either burned or given away. Before you could throw yourself on your bed and begin to weep, you hear someone enter behind you. 

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Bellamys voice calms you as you turn to face him. He notices your slightly red eyes, “Come here.” He orders and you run to his open arms. Feeling your emotions take over, you begin crying as sobs shake you. 

“I miss him so much.” You mumble into his warm chest as he rubs your back lovingly, “I wish it was me instead of him.” Bellamy tenses, pulling back and looking at  you with pity.

“Don’t say that.” He furrows his eyebrows as he shakes his head, “Look,” He inhales slowly, “I know nothing I say will help. Your best friends gone and it hurts but you know I love you and I’m so inlove with you. I will always be here for you, my love.” 

“I love you, Bell.” You whisper back, a tear running down your cheek, “You’re too good for me.” You laugh, wiping at your eyes.

“Nothing’s too good for you. You only deserve the best.” He smiles back, pressing his forehead against yours in a loving manner.

“That’s why I have you. You are the best.” You reply, leaning on the tips of your toes to plant a kiss on his pink lips. 

“Sorry, what was that? I didn’t quite catch that.” He jokes and you roll your eyes playfully, “We’re going to be okay.” He whispers, nodding at you.

“You don’t know that.” You say back, looking down.

“I know you. And you’re not one to lose a battle. No matter how tough this gets, you’re going to be alright. I know it.” You look up as he talks. His voice is soft and genuine and it fills you with hope. You realise something - you’ll always miss Finn, but as long as Bellamy is by your side there’s nothing you can’t do.

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You know what I've learned about Taylor. No matter what she does people will make her out to be the #1 enemy. She knows that & it's really sad & frustrating to see that. All I can hope is she doesn't let it effect her. Haters gonna hate. Move on

All of this yes

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santorini sounds amazing! i hope you have the best time!! :) how about a niall tfln where he tries to cheer up the missus while they're dating bc she's been really sad about something. <3

I’m honestly so bloody excited for Santorini - this time in one week, I’ll be drinking cocktails and meeting lads. ;) ;) x

Niall. Missus.

Hey, baby.


Are you alright?

I haven’t heard from you all day.

I’m a bit worried about you.

I’m okay.

I’ve just been a little bit busy.

Do you need me to come and help you?


Are you sure?

I’m back home now anywhere.

What do you mean ‘back home now’?

Where have you been?

I’ve been at the hospital for most of the day.

Oh, no.

Is it your nan?

We don’t think she’s going to live to the end of the week so we’re trying to spend as much time with her as we can.

I just don’t really want to see anyone right now.

I’m sorry.

No, no.

Don’t you apologise. 

It’s okay.

I understand, and, I’m always just a phone call away if you need me.

Thank you.

I love you.



I know you didn’t want anyone keeping you company, but, I’ve just dropped off some ice-cream and some chocolate and I’ve stuck one of of my hoodies in the bag with everything. It’s outside on your doorstep as I didn’t want to intrude or wake you.

So, I’m there in hoodie-form for you.

I know you have a few of my t-shirts in your wardrobe, but, I always hear you telling people how my hoodies are more comfortable.

Thank you.

God, I knew I was with you for a reason.

You got my favourite ice-cream too.

I’ve been shopping with you before, baby.

I know what you prefer. ;)

Can you come back?

I need a snuggle and you’re the only person I want right now.

Of course.

I was hoping you’d ask me to come in.

I’ve been sat outside in the car for about 15 minutes.

You idiot.

You could have knocked.

You’re my boyfriend. I would have let you in. xx